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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> he's el debt. that's what's making news in america this morn emily: good morning,. randy: breaking news right now. 4:30, a deadly shooting under investigation in randolph. we have new details have learned overnight. emily: also breaking, what caused panic on the orange line. the equipment that failed. randy: and the tables turn on a prison guard. the charges that could landed behind bars. emily: first, we want to check in with cindy and the forecast for today. it' s so funny -- perspective, right? it feels almost warm. [laughter] olessa: ye cindy: yeah.
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the wind was so active yesterday but now the skies have cleared. in baltimore, we are just about the freezing mark, but once you get outside the city, it is below freezing. even south of town, we are right around the freezing mark. so just be careful. any of that standing water from yesterday that hasn' t had a chance to dry out maybe icy. skies have been clearing out and we will see a decent amount of sunshine with a mix of clouds. another cold front is going to come in tonight, so we' re in between today, sun next with clouds into the 40' s this afternoon with a westerly wind, looking for a high of about 44. a nice weather day overall. let' s get you out to the roads. olessa: good morning. a look outside to start things off with a quiet ride along the pike in both directions. eastbound moving toward the top of the screen. let' s get the rest of your writer -- no complaints so far.
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construction, and once again making your way across the pike. south of town, problem free start. and then north, no problems to report. 93 south wide-open. buses and trains on schedule. randy: breaking news overnight, a deadly shooting in randolph. emily: police are still on the scene at this hour. the shooting happened after 1:00 this morning. the victim' s body was found outside the city limits. it' s unclear if they were shot inside the bar or outside. we have a crew on the scene getting an update from police information as soon as we get it. randy: also breaking, new information about this scary t. station. train window to escape. this morning, we know what caused it. emily: we are live at state street with the breaking details. doug?
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reports overnight at a panel from the side of one of those train cars actually fell off. two trains ran over it, causing it to hit the third rail. the results are pretty scary. take a look again at that video inside. you can see smoke and how frantic the passengers were. all of this happening before 9:00 last night. the orange line shut down for about two hours because of the incident, passengers describing a harrowing ordeal. >> we had to kick the windows out to let people out, -- >> all of a sudden there was a big, brown bellow of smoke. >> it was so big and so dark we knew it wasn' t safe. doug: there were no reports of injuries. the mbta has been checking the panels on all the orange line
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the station has reopened and is expected to have normal service this morning. emily: doug, thank you. other stories we are following right now -- a prison guard in bridgwater is facing time behind bars for dealing heroin. he' ll go before a judge today after state police say an undercover officer brought heroin from the 40-year-old three times. he was off duty in each of those incidents. randy: the man accused of running down a teenager on a bicycle in lowell. police say the 21-year-old was driving that night pickup truck -- that white pickup truck when he intentionally hit the boy. the boy is now in stable condition. he' s charged with attempted murder. emily: the suspects in the armed carjacking of a mother and her baby is behind bars. police kicked down her is door yesterday after he stole a car
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he crash the car, and is expected to face multiple charges in court today. randy: commitment 2016. a republican blitz in south carolina. all six gop candidates will hold events today ahead of the primary this weekend and the attacks. erica tarantella joins us. even the president is getting involved. erika: good morning. everyone has something to say in this case, particularly donald trump. trump holds a commanding lead in south carolina ahead of the next primary, according to the latest opinion poll. ted cruz, his closest rival, ridiculed trump on terrorism and foreign policy yesterday, and yes, even president obama is not taking shots. >> i continue to believe that mr. trump will not be president. and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people.
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erika: in response, from says if he ran for years ago mr. obama would have been a one term president. meantime, the democratic trail runs through nevada. hillary clinton hits the trail in chicago after meeting with african-american leaders in south carolina. she and her rival bernie sanders are trying to win over black voters. they are expected to make up more than half the democrat vote. as for sanders, he is expected to get a big endorsement in massachusetts today. a coalition of latino community leaders will endorse the senator at a news conference in boston. that is expected to take place today at 11:00. randy: a nightmare trip from paradise is finally over from some delta passengers. emily: the issue that force their plane to diverge again. and a controversial bathroom bill. it moves forward in south dakota. the historic moment for the country if it passes. randy: a mix of sun and clouds.
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the cooldown. emily: two breaking stories overnight -- a deadly shooting under investigation in randolph and a train panel is now blamed for a mess on the orange line. the department of transportation says it fell off a train that was run over and hit a rail. we will continue to follow this
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for regulating wall street. rone says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. vmy plan --
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tand make them pay p then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal twill they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it.
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passengers are finally in new york after a nightmare trip. emily: it turned into a tourist new england. flight from the dominican republic to jfk got diverted because of weather. the second flight to new york was forced to denver to boston because of turbulence. >> we were being dropped, tossed side to side, babies were crying, people were throwing up, which i had never honestly seen, besides in the movie. emily: some passengers chose to hop on a train once they got to boston. one man who did stay get out on that third leg says he just thinks the captain for keeping him safe.
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emily: take a look at this. some pretty wild weather yesterday, including those strong winds. they snapped a telephone pole in in norfolk. i could feel it, driving home. we were shaking. cindy: it was pretty wild. a lot of power outages across the area. fortunately -- randy: calm this morning! cindy: mother nature has been so worked up lately but is coming down today. the wind is settling down. look at these gusts we had yesterday -- over 60 miles per hour. rock in fairhaven got over 60. worcester was gusting over 50.
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yesterday, but the wind is settling down this morning. the temperatures have been dropping a little bit, from the 50' s where we were yesterday down into the 30' s this morning. but keep in mind we had the rain yesterday, and any standing water has been freezing up. right now in boston up to beverly, we are above the freezing mark. but as you get back into worcester county, it is 30 degrees, 32 northward, right around 31 in orange. a couple ac spots this morning, but look what happens -- a couple ac icy spots this morning but look what happens,. a pretty decent day overall. the clouds continued to break apart. but our storm from yesterday is now offshore, and we are watching a front off to the southwest. this front is the leading edge of colder air with temperatures in the teens and 20' s. that will hold off tonight and tomorrow.
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this time of year. not the 50' s we had yesterday but we should get to the 40' s in most areas. 44 boston, lower 40' s down on cape cod. throughout the day, a blend of sun and clouds. our low temperature tonight falls back into the 20' s, and there will be some freeze up overnight tonight. tomorrow is a fairly quiet day, but we have that northerly wind, and as it blows over the ocean waters, there will be a couple ocean effect snow showers on cape cod. overall, high pressure is settling in, giving us cooler but sunny weather for thursday, and as we go into friday we will be watching this next system. it' s a fairly quiet stretch through the end of the week. you will notice the wind picking up tomorrow. the rain is coming out of the north and could produce a motion effect snow showers. look out gusting they will be. a busy wind, colder temperatures, and we will start
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but as the day wears on, here come the clouds, moving in from west to east. friday night into early saturday, passing rain, but look at the temperatures over the weekend. we are up into the 40' s, and that is where we stay early next week. a fairly decent stretch. quiet. still a lot of weather drama later. emily: we are good to go this morning as far as traffic. olessa: this is brighton, traffic getting by without any concerns. let' s get over to the map and check out the rest of your trip. issue free with some overnight construction that should be gone shortly. approaching the bridge, picking up in a few minutes over on the pike by mass ave. heading south of town, no problems. same along the pike, and as you travel north of town, no complaints. trains and buses should start on
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s a look at your traffic. >> the coast guard some reports of a 55 foot tug taking on water. emily: that is the call for help after three men abandoned a sinking tugboat in freezing water. that call was answered by a friend as the 51-foot emily anne sunk. rescuers came upon the boat as it was fully submerged, three men stranded in the water. rescuers had to jump in to get two of them to a life raft. ok. randy: your economy headlines -- asian stocks are mostly higher overnight as investors consider an agreement that could deal prices so low. after gaining today. wall street will be watching for new housing information and and
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revenue from massachusetts can see no is going up -- casino is going up a bit, $12.5 million from its slot machines in january. but it' s also down from the peak take from when they started in july. united airlines maintenance employees are planning to strike. the union has overwhelmingly rejected a new contract to go on strike, which is a major setback to reach a deal. the union says it is concerned with wages, particularly for the incoming members. emily: a you agreement between the u.s. and cuba brings commercial air travel one step closer to reality. u.s. airlines have 15 days to submit route applications to the transportation department, and the agreement allows up to 20 round-trip flights per day between u.s. cities and havana. right now there are only chartered flights between the
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your trending stories -- south dakota could become the first state to approve a controversial bill that forces transgender students to use the school bathroom corresponding to their sex at birth. the state senate passed a bill yesterday, 20-15, that now heads to the governor. the kids say this bill will protect privacy, but opponents say it discriminates at a vulnerable age. schools would need to provide other options for transgender students, like single occupancy bathrooms. a hollywood star' s photo online could land are behind bars. vanessa hudgins posted this picture of a rock carved with her and her boyfriend' s name -- here' s the problem. that rock is in a national park in arizona, and damaging the rock could be punishable by up to six months in jail and a $5,000 fine. that photo has since been removed from her account. randy: an historic win at the westminster dog show after some rough competition.
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a three-year-old dog became the third german shorthair pointer to win since 1987. one of the contenders was not so focused on the competition. dario, was more interested in treats. he is continuously here, picking the handlers pockets during the show. but he managed to win fan favorite, charming the audience. as a handler, you know you are getting too many treats if you have drool marks on your park ocket. emily: [laughter] randy: a popular event comes to boston this year. emily: why you will need to soar above the competition to win. new at 5:00, throwing away your money in the winter.
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emily: 4:53. we now know what caused smoke on the orange line of the t. randy: passengers had to get through the windows. they revealed overnight that the panel from the side of the train car fell off. two trains ran over the panel, and it hit the third rail, which is electrified. it happened before 9:00 last night in passengers were in a panic. the line was shut down for two hours, regular service resuming this morning. emily: one person is dead after a shooting in randolph. this happened at the city limits saloon around 1:00 this morning. police believe the victim, in his mid-20' s, was shot outside the bar after closing. one suspect is in custody and is expected to be arraigned later today. sera is live at the scene and
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randy: police are reviewing surveillance video after a woman' s body was found in an apartment. police are calling this a homicide. they found the woman, who has not been identified, at the cliffside commons apartments monday during a well-being check. management says it appears to be an issue involving individuals who lived in that unit. investigators aren' t saying how she died, but they confirm it was not random. emily: one of the cases involving bill cosby is expected back in a courtroom today. lawyers are looking to set a trial date for the lawsuit over potential financial compensation to the women suing the comedian overrate claims. the -- over rape claims. randy: police are trying to track down the thieves who stole guns from a store in tyngsboro. they believe it could be connected to a similar theft a couple weeks ago in new hampshire.
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firearms after the thieves got through a steel door here and smashing display case. emily: breaking overnight, apple will fight a federal order to help crack the encryption on the phone of the san bernardino shooter. the fbi has been trying to get into his encrypted iphonefor two -- iphone for two months that apple, claims it cannot help. -- but apple claims it cannot help. he and his wife killed 14 people and later died in a shootout with police. the american band on stage during the deadly paris terror attacks returns to that city. they performed last night in paris at the olympia hall. they were in the middle of a set when terrorists stormed the bataclan, killing 89 people in a synchronized attack. randy: new steps to stop the spread of the zika virus. people who traveled to the affected countries are urged to
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blood. the fda is recommending that blood banks refused of nations from anyone who has been to high risk areas. emily: an exciting overtime win for the bruins in columbus. they kept in the game last night against the blue jackets with an outstanding performance. they allowed just one goal , 33 seconds into overtime. 2-1 is the final. everyone' s favorite brew in uin is helping others again. he made good on his wish we told you about yesterday. instead of presents for his birthday, he asked for pajamas for kids didn' t have any, and he already has 50 pairs. randy: all right. every year we laugh about this. sponsored by red bull, this year it is coming to boston. this could be us up there. emily: pairs.
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randy: competitors build a device and attempt to slide off the platform over the water. you can see how it usually ends. interested? plans are due by may 13. emily: we had better get cracking, you guys. randy: something floatable, hopefully. emily: you go first. cindy: wild temperature swings the past few days. we were well below zero on sunday. -16 in orange, -17' s in springfield, than the 50' s yesterday. that is a difference of more than 70 degrees in a 36 hour time period, really just incredible. we' ve been running below average for more than a week, and yesterday we were above
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right now we are sitting near or above the freezing mark, so you may want to watch out for icy patches. the cold air, as , we go into the afternoon will jump up into the 40' s. not bad, a mixture of sun and clouds. as we look at the country overall, there are no big storms developing. a quieter stretch through the end of the week. we will see the frontal boundary crossed the the area tonight. tomorrow will be a cooler day, but with high-pressure nosing in from the west. there is a northerly wind that could produce some snow showers. clouds will increase on friday as it moves through friday night and into saturday. no big storms here in the next seven days, temperatures dipped down to and the week -- to end the week.
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try early next week, but the signs of the next on potential are coming in next wednesday. we will break it down for you as the eye-opener continues. >> now on newscenter 5' s eyeopener-- randy: a deadly shooting in randolph. the chaotic scene outside a bar. emily: also breaking, falling parts causing chaos. new details on the cause of the smoke that they' d panicked writers kick out a window. randy: the aftermath of a carjacking. how the victim says she was caught off guard, and what is in store for the suspect today. >> you are watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5' s eyeopener. emily: 5:0 0 a.m. this is mamo the dog, one versatile pat. the costume is making him an instagram sensation. randy: [laughter] mamo'


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