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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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try early next week, but the signs of the next on potential are coming in next wednesday. we will break it down for you as the eye-opener continues. >> now on newscenter 5' s eyeopener-- randy: a deadly shooting in randolph. the chaotic scene outside a bar. emily: also breaking, falling parts causing chaos. new details on the cause of the smoke that they' d panicked writers kick out a window. randy: the aftermath of a carjacking. how the victim says she was caught off guard, and what is in store for the suspect today. >> you are watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5' s eyeopener. emily: 5:0 0 a.m. this is mamo the dog, one versatile pat. the costume is making him an instagram sensation. randy: [laughter] mamo'
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emily: [laughter] good morning. randy: real calm this morning. cindy: weather-wise, it has been nuts. take a look at this. these are the winds -- that' s a little better! under 10 miles per hour. that wind dried things out overnight, so a lot of the roads have dried out, but there might be one or two spots where the water from yesterday is trying to freeze. we' re below freezing and worcester, 34 in boston. keep in mind there could be an icy after two. -- an icy patch or two. skies clear to partly cloudy. yesterday to the east, a front often the west comes in with colder air tonight and tomorrow, but in between, we are doing all
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s this afternoon, a high of 44 in boston and 46 downtown. let' s get you out to the roadways. a few icy spots. olessa: good morning. especially the smaller streets. a live look outside at the expressway, and that is the northbound side heading away. so far we are doing fine, just a little bit of overnight construction. in a couple more minutes, it will be gone. south of town, no concerns. good shape along the pike and route 9. 93 south wide open down to the leverett connector. randy: thank you. breaking news overnight -- a deadly shooting in randolph. emily: sera congi is live with what we know.
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sera: investigators are still gathering their information, emily and randy. this is still a very busy seen here at the city limits saloon. we see crime investigators collecting evidence, and we saw a car was towed. the d .a. says they found a man in his mid-20' s shot around 1:00 this morning. his identity has not been released, pending notification of his family. friend of police made an arrest quickly, finding the alleged shooter right across the street. we got an update moments ago >> we do want the community to know, and the chief is very concerned, that this appears to be a contained, single incident. sera: the d.a. would not specify if this was a targeted or random shooting. they believe that the victim was shot just outside the bar just after closing. led up to the shooting.
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the suspect they do have in custody is expected to be arraigned later today. randy: thank you. also breaking overnight, we are getting new information on this scary scene on the orange line of the t. smoke-filled the station and passengers had to kick out train windows to escape. this morning, we do know what caused it. emily: we' re live at state street station with these breaking details. doug? doug: good morning. overnight, massdot revealed it was a panel on the side of one of the train cars that fell off. two trains ran over it, causing it to hit the third rail. the results were pretty scary -- take a look again at the scene inside the state street station. you can see how frantic the passengers were, all of this happening before 9:00 last night. the orange line shut down here for about two hours because of the incident.
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>> we had to kick the windows out to let people out and everything. >> all of a sudden it was a big, brown, yellow of smoke. everybody just ran because it was so thick and dark. we knew it wasn' t safe to be around. doug: there were no reports of any injuries. the mbta has been checking the panels on all the trains overnight to make sure there were no other issues. the station has reopened and we are expecting regular service this morning. randy: thank you. right now, a state prison guard is facing time behind bars. state police arrested him during an undercover sting. a corrections officer was caught buying heroin three times while he was off duty. the 40-year-old will be arraigned later today.
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is accused of targeting a mother and baby and is behind bars. it started in a parking lot at the westgate mall. the woman had just put her infant daughter in the car when a man approached and politely to them to get out. she talked to us on the phone. >> and he is like, i actually am going to take your car. i turned around and i thought he was kidding. he lifted up his jacket, and he had a gun. randy: police chased down the 32-year-old. they say he crashed the stolen car. they also recovered a pellet gun. he will be facing a judge today. emily: right now, police are investigating a homicide after a woman' s body was found in an apartment. officers were back at the scene last night. this morning, there are few answers for those living in the complex. police found the victim in the unit on monday night during a well-being check.
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appears to be an issue involving individuals who lived in the unit. >> it' s definitely unusual, out of the ordinary to find someone murdered in your apartment building. i feel pretty safe here. emily: the victim has not been identified. investigators aren' t saying how she died, but confirm it was not random. new this morning, a report focused on claims of racism at one of boston' s most prestigious schools is expected to be released this week. last month, black students at boston latin accused administrators of ignoring the use of racial slurs. community leaders tell "the herald" they hope the review will seriously address the complaints. randy: the man accused of running down a teenager in lowell is due in court today. police say the 21-year-old was when he intentionally hit the boy friday night. the boy is now in stable condition. s charged with attempted
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also this morning, one of the cases involving bill cosby is expected back innate bought -- in a boston courtroom. it' s over financial compensation who sued the comedian overrate claims -- over rape claims. they issued a policy that protects them against personal injury from defamation, libel, or slander.. emily: all six gop candidates will hold events in south carolina today ahead of the primary this weekend, and the attacks are ramping up. erika has the story, and even the president is getting involved. erika: good morning. everyone has something to say, particularly the front runner donald trump. he holds a commanding lead in south carolina ahead of the next primary, according to the latest polls. ted cruz, his closest rival, ridiculed him on foreign policy yesterday, and now even president obama is taking shots.
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trump will not be president, and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people. i think they recognize taht being president is a serious job. erika: trump claims that if he had ran four years ago, mr. obama would have been a one term president. he turned out to the democrats, but today the hillary clinton campaign is in chicago. yesterday she met with african-american leaders in south carolina, saying that racism is behind the threat to block president obama' s supreme court nomination. >> they demonize president obama and encouraged the ugliest impulses of the paranoid fringe. erika: bernie sanders was also in south carolina. both candidates try to win over black voters, expected to make up about 50% of the vote there. >> if we didn' t dream that anybody here inc.'
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had an african-american as president of the united states -- erika: sanders is expected to get a big endorsement in massachusetts today. a coalition of latino voters will endorse him on the steps of the state house in boston. emily: thank you. breaking overnight, apple will fight a federal order to help crack the encryption on the phone of one of the san bernardino shooters. the fbi has been trying to get into his encrypted iphone for two months, and apple claims it can' t help. a judge ordered the company to supply software to bypass a self-destruct feature on the phone. he and his wife killed 14 people and later died in a shootout with police. randy: 10 minutes after 5:00, a new way to get away. emily: a historic deal opening up new travel options for americans. plus, pregnant women can overdo one healthy food. the diet choose that might have repercussions for the baby. randy: wasting money in the winter. three cold-weather pitfalls that
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erika: we are following two breaking stories this morning -- sera congi is on the scene of a deadly shooting in randolph, a man shot and killed outside a bar. and a new panel fell off a subway car last night. two trains ran over it, leading to this smoky scene. luckily, no one was hurt. cindy: a much calmer weather day ahead with a mixture of sun and clouds. we are tracking a big change in store for the weekend, coming up. first, take a look at the are hovering on either side of the freezing mark.
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>> [cheering] emily: that was awesome! randy: shooting to the top of the chart. our own eyeopener themes on. emily: available on itunes! [laughter] randy: thanks to harrison and his wife. emily: that sets the bar really high. you need to get creative with those wake-up calls. if you recorded one, go to our website, fantastic. cindy: we have a chance to exhale today. the weather has been so crazy, from below zero to the 50' s. this was abrupt, and the winds
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we had gusts at 50, 60 miles per hour. it brought tree limbs down, unfortunately onto vehicles, and a lot of power outages. look at these winds. rockport over 60, blue hill at 60. it was pretty mild yesterday, but finally this morning, the winds are dying down. we have been drying out a little bit, but look at these temperatures which are near or even below freezing. nor what is at 32, bedford at 32, you get the idea. one or two icy spots, 34 in boston. over the next 12 hours, we will jump out of the 30' s to around 40 degrees by late morning, and and we are in the 40' s this afternoon, clouds mix with sunshine throughout the day for some pretty quiet weather overall. one batch of clouds moving out,
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a snow shower through to impact us. there is another tower west that will come in tonight, the leading edge of much colder air. s, the high. mid-40' s down south in boston. a a few passing clouds overnight is about it. s -- a cold night in a and a colder day tomorrow. a gusting northerly wind could predict some snow showers but otherwise a sunshine on thursday and clouds increasing on friday as the next storm system is. you will notice the wind tomorrow, so with the temperature only in the lower 30' s in the winds gusting over 20, it will feel a little colder. friday starts quiet with some sunshine, and then we bring in the clouds.
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friday night, there may be a few passing rain or snow showers. not a big deal. then watch the cold front on saturday. look at the temperature trend -- 40' s to near 50 degrees. we' re starting out next week in the 40' s as well. calmer. emily: way better. thank you. olessa: also quiet on the road. a couple icy spots but the major roads look great. that' s eastbound moving toward the bottom of the screen. here is the rest of the ride. the construction is now out of the way. that' s all gone. south of town getting by at the speed limit. no issues a long road ute 3. north of town, 93 south wide-open. no issues along route 3, trains and buses on schedule. emily: thank you.
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stocks mostly higher as investors weigh an agreement that could deal with the supply surge keeping oil well. u.s. stock futures are higher. wall street will be waiting for housing data and the minutes meeting. first casino is climbing. it cold and $12.5 billion from slot machines in january, up from $11 million in december. it is also down from the peak take of $18 million. randy: a green in between the u.s. and cuba brings commercial air' s travel one step closer to reality. airlines have 15 days to submit routes between the continental u.s. and havana. right now, there are only chartered lights between the two countries -- chartered flights between the two countries. if you aren'
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melt your savings -- experts say the biggest money wasters when the weather turns cold is online shopping. it is easier to click then wander the aisles. more take out as well, namely the comfort food and not using the gym membership because of messy roads. there are some things you can do to save. >> if you turn the thermostat 10-15 degrees at night, you will save about 10% on your heating bill, potentially, every single year. randy: consider online workouts at home. that is, until you have the motivation to get out again. emily: new research is backing advice to pregnant women not to overdo it on fish. the result of a long-term study saw that eating fish more than three times a week during pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of childhood obesity. the findings are in line with recommendations from the fda.
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pregnant women should eat fish no more than 2-3 times per week. randy: roadblock, courtesy of the prehistoric airline. randy: emily: it is ahead and i poppers. erika: a dog using its keen senses to protect the family. how it safe its family -- how would save his family from a silent killer. and a witness describing the chaos on board a flight when severe turbulence hit. and we continue to follow breaking news. a man shot to death outside the city limits. one person is in custody.
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emily: 5:24. i want to point out that temperatures are hovering on either side of the freezing ice. otherwise, a much quieter weather day coming up. reasonably mild for this time of year, average height in the upper 50' s. a westerly wind today, winds gusting tomorrow and it is going to be colder, in the lower 30' s. sunshine to start the friday, thing clouds increasing throughout the day. randy: it' s time for wednesday i poppers. olessa is here with a traffic hazard we haven' t seen before. olessa: not a couple million years at least.
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ok, it' s not a real triceratops. it' s a statue courtesy of some pranksters in england. drivers were understandably caught off guard. others just drove around -- just a dinosaur, whatever. and oh, the things that owners do for and to their dogs. emily: [laughter] olessa: animal costumes for your animals. this pooch is a monkey. now a bunny. in fairness, he is probably looking for his doggie self-respect. i do this to my dog, too. randy: i can' t believe you. olessa: for a treat they will be happy to do it! emily: that dog looks like he wants to take someone. [laughter] emily: a teenager accused of being a con artist.
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and guns of stolen from a store. houthi' s got their hands on the web and, i had this morning -- on the weapons, ahead this morning. a call morning, pretty nice after it -- a calm morning, p the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. r let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, p and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot
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oh-oh, oh-oh t oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. r spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' t cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> now on newscenter 5' s eyeopener -- randy: two stories breaking overnight, with new details just coming in. emily: a deadly shooting turns a street into a crime scene. what we know right now. emily: and chaos on the orange line. >> we had to kick the windows at. doug: breaking details on the scary situation. randy: and there is a new top dog. what everyone was thinking about it. it' s all on the eye. >> you are watching wcvb,
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good morning. eyeopener. looking at traffic. a pretty nice start to this day compared to yesterday. good morning. emily: thank you for joining us. things are calming down a bit in the weather department. 50 yesterday, 0 the day before. cindy: -30 the day before that, it has been wild. things are settling down. not in the 40' s, which is about average. a little colder tomorrow but we are trending closer to average through the is the week. winds have comes down from over 60 miles per hour. things are settling down, but keep in mind we are hovering very close to the freezing mark, so any standing water on their is trying to freeze. there might be some black ice.
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freezing in boston, but south of town from norwood, we are running close to that freezing mark. skies have been trying to clear out, patchy clouds rolling through. yesterday' s storm to the east had a cold front to the west. this comes through tonight, bringing in colder air for tomorrow. a westerly wind about 10-15 miles per hour, gusting up to around 40 at noon time. average high this time of year is 39, so we are doing ok. 44 in boston, 46 down in taunton. let' s get you back out to the roadways. a little black ice. olessa: you might find some, but the main roads are looking good. here is a live look, traffic slowing in both directions. let' s get over to the maps as you travel into town. that construction is gone, and south of that you are doing five. a quiet trip into braintree, same along the pike.
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93 southbound looking good, route 1 nice and light. trains and buses on schedule. randy: thank you. now to breaking news here following in randolph. emily: sera congi is live on the scene of a deadly shooting. sera, what do we know? sera: emily and randy, there is still a lot of activity going on here outside the city limits alone, just after closing this morning, a deadly shooting took place just outside the bar. police found the victim around 1:00, a man in his mid-20' s shot dead. his identity has not yet been released. the suspect was caught very quickly, right after the shooting. police took him into custody right across north street. it is still early in the investigation, so no information yet about what led to the shooting, what the circumstances were, but randolph police have a suspect in custody, and that person' s identity has not yet
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emily: thank you. more breaking news now -- the state house says a large panel that fell off the side of an orange line train caused this chaos last night. two trains were in over the panel, knocking it into the third rail in filling the station with smoke. sums passengers -- some passengers kicked out a window to get out. no one was hurt. all trains were inspected overnight. doug will have a live report just ahead. other stories we are following -- a prison guard at bridgwater is due in court today after he was arrested in an undercover drug sting. police say an undercover officer brought here when -- bought heroin three times. the man accused of running down the a a to teacher is getting ready -- he' s in stable condition. randy: dozens of passengers are
5:32 am
york after a nightmare trip. the plane had to turn around to new england on a flight from the dominican republic to jfk, which got diverted to manchester because of the weather. then, their second flight to new york was forced to boston because of severe turbulence. >> we were being dropped, tossed side to side, babies were crying, people were throwing up, which i had never honestly seen the sides in the movie. randy: some passengers chose to hop on the train once they got to boston. one man who' s stuck it out on the third leg of the direct flight says he thanks the captain for giving everybody safe. new this morning, there will be more cameras trained on downtown lowell. police say they plan to extend their surveillance system, adding dozens of new cameras, expected to cost about $350,000.
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for a gunshot detection system, but they decided the cameras of the more useful. emily: police are trying to figure out if they guns stolen could be connected to a similar crime across the border. the thieves got through a sealed door and smashed the display case, and the break-in is similar to a robbery in new hampshire that happened two weeks ago. right now, an investigation is underway after a merrimack robbed at gunpoint. that happened monday night in north andover. the victim says he was robbed by five people in ski masks, who took several items. t hurt, and police believe he may have been targeted. randy: bernie sanders is about emily: and ad of a mother and her kids.
5:34 am
killed all of them and how the pets give a warning. randy: breaking news -- the state says a train panel sell off a car last night in state street station. two trains ran over it, creating
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olessa: good morning and welcome back. a live look outside. traffic is getting by without
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district. accidents free, and clearly the weather conditions are much better. cindy: a whole lot calmer. temperatures dropped overnight into the 30' s so there could be a few icy spots. but we will recover it to the 40' s this afternoon. plenty of sun and clouds today, gusting wind will make it feel colder tomorrow, wind chills in the 20' s through the day. the trend is for temperatures to pick up once again this weekend. randy: thank you. everyone' s favorite bruin s fist bumper is helping out again. he made good on his wish we told you about yesterday. instead of presents for his birthday, he asked for pajamas for kids who don' t have any, as part of the bruins pj drive. he has received 50 pairs so far. emily: well done.
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s best friend coming through free wisconsin family. mother admits the family was having an off day -- she and her five-year-old twins weren' t feeling well, so she went upstairs to lay down after a dizzy spell, when all of a sudden there are call he became very clingy, pushing her out of bed and down to the basement, where she found the carbon monoxide monitor going off. now she has a new nickname. >> we love her a lot and she' s really amazing. emily: really amazing! they credit the dog with saving their lives. randy: updates ahead, including a deadly shooting and the cause of a panic on the scene. and the accident of some online photos -- the post that got the attention of the federal government. plus, there is more to these cabs that beats the eye.
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t they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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randy: good morning. two breaking stories as we kick off news to go. sera congi is at the scene of the deadly shooting in randolph, and doug is getting breaking details on what caused the chaotic evacuation on the orange line of the t. emily: but first, take a look at this. pretty wild weather. it snapped a telephone: pole in norfolk. cindy: a lot of people didn'
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have power yesterday, and it was pretty wild. fortunately, the winds are much calm her this morning. take a look at the peak gusts. over 50 and 60 miles per hour around the fairhaven area. we are running in the 30' s, and even though the wind has settled down, and has been trying to dry things out. many of the main roads are dry, but be careful with temperatures near the freezing mark -- there could be some freezing patches. we have patchy clouds out there this morning. today features a mixture of sun and clouds, temperatures in the low to mid 40' s with a westerly wind at 10-50 miles per hour. there is no colder air waiting here off to the north and west, end of leading edges this cold front that will pass through.
5:43 am
but that is the extent of it. it ushers in colder air. tonight, we are down to the teens and 20' s, and tomorrow at the door, windchills are out the teams. -- are at the teens. otherwise, quiet through the end of the week. this next storm brings increasing clouds, and by friday, temperatures are in the upper 30' s. but overall, a pretty nice weekend. . at the teens. let' s get you out of the roads how are we doing? olessa: pretty well. a live look outside, southbound moving to the top of the screen. let' s see the rest of your ride -- no complaints traveling into boston. no volume or accidents to report. the pike looks good, a 15 minute trip, then 93 southbound is wide open. trains and buses on schedule. randy: thank you. now to breaking news we are
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emily: sera congi is on the scene of a deadly shooting. sera? sera: a very active scene in this parking lot. take a look behind me -- the medical examiner just arrived to the city limits saloon. just after closing, a deadly bar. police found the victim around mid-20' s shot dead, his identity not yet released. the suspect was caught quickly. police took him into custody right across north main street. it is still early in the investigation, so we don' t have information as to what the circumstances were, but police do have that suspect in custody, a n nd he will be arraigned later today. randy: breaking details overnight on a smoky situation on the t, causing passengers to panic, and the inspection of all orange line trains.
5:45 am
inbound train fell off and landed on the track. as the trains ran over it, smoke started to fill the area. a' s train from behind also hit the panel, which cost additional smoke. some passengers started to panic, braking train windows to escape. overnight and into this morning, all trains were inspected for loose panels. any trains not inspected will not be put in service. emily: president obama weighing in on the race to replace him, reiterating he doesn' t think donald trump will win. >> i have a lot of faith in the american people, and i think they recognize that being president is a serious job. emily: trump called that a complement, saying if he had run against obama four years ago, he would have won. the republicans are focused on south carolina.
5:46 am
minority vote. clinton campaigns in chicago today. meantime, bernie sanders is picking up a big endorsement. randy: a coalition of latino community leaders will be of the state house this morning. that coalition to endorse him and the event kicks off the latino for bernie campaign at 11:00 this morning. emily: a prison guard is now facing time behind bars for dealing heroin. he will go before a judge today after state police say an undercover officer bought heroine from him three times. he was off duty in each instance. randy: the mother of a woman killed by a dislodged man hole cover says she was born to be a teacher. she was an art teacher in milton
5:47 am
her windshield, going through on interstate 93. emily: one of the cases involving bill cosby is expected back in a boston courtroom today. lawyers are looking to set a trial date for the lawsuit over potential financial compensation to the women suing the comedian over rape claims. cosby' s insurance company issued him a policy of 2014 protects against personal injury from defamation, libel, or slander. randy: apple will fight a federal order to help crack the encryption on the phone of the san bernardino shooter. the fbi has been trying to get into his encrypted iphone for two months, and apple claims it cannot help. but a judge ordered the company to supply software to bypass a self-destruct feature on the phone. he and his wife killed 14 people and later died in a shootout with police. emily: the american band on stage during the deadly paris
5:48 am
they performance last night in paris at the olympia hall. they were in the middle of a set when terrorist storms the concert hall in november, killing 89 people there in a synchronized attack that claimed 130 lives across paris. randy: south dakota could become the first state to approve a controversial bill that forces transgender students to use the school restroom corresponding to their sex at birth. the state senate passed the bill yesterday. it now heads to the governor. advocates say it will protect privacy, but opponents say it discriminates at a vulnerable age. schools would need to provide other options for transgender student, like single occupancy bathrooms. emily: an 18-year-old is under arrest, accused of pretending to be a doctor. he was running a clinic out of west palm beach. they arrested him yesterday after examining his" "holistic
5:49 am
the clinic had been open or at least three months. randy: a hollywood star instagram post could land her behind bars. this is s actress vanessa hudgins post, a rock carved with her name and her boyfriend' s name. the problem is that the rock is in a national park in arizona. damaging the rock could be punishable by up to six months in jail and a $5,000 fine. the image has been removed. airline maintenance employees are planning to strike. the union has overwhelmingly rejected a new contract offer, and will plan to go on strike. it is a major setback in a long battle to reach a deal with technicians. the union says it is concerned with wages, particularly those for new members. emily: new steps to stop the spread of the zika virus. people who traveled to affected
5:50 am
wait before donating bloos. -- donating blood. the patriots are saying that i to trot -- saying goodbye to gerard mayo. his impacts off the field will be missed the most. he was named captain after just two years. chandler jones tweeted that he was is his mentor. an exciting overtime win for the bruins against the blue jackets. they allowed just one goal before they ended the game 33 seconds into overtime. 2-1 the final. randy: every year we laugh about this event -- the annual flu toss. this year it is coming to boston. emily: [laughter] randy: we' re going up and into
5:51 am
competitors build a device and over the water. you can see how it usually ends. interested? plans for the in august 20 event are due in emily: get going. morning? cold stone creamery is trying to inspire you with the ice cream. they are calling it random acts of cold stone. they want to say thank you to their customers and help a passive along. you can get the free ice cream at the military location. randy: taxi makeover. the iconic black and yellow cabs mail look the same, but inside, they couldn' t be more different. one start up company creates these colorful works in mumbai. a feature everything from faces to medication symbols. that his eyes were even featured
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emily: the historical win at the rough competition. third german shepherd pointer to win the top prize, and the first since 1987. randy: a lot at stake, but some focused. dario, here, was more interested pockets. emily: [laughter] randy: he was continuously picking at his handler' s pocket. he was certainly a fan favorite, charming the audience. chewing a hole in the pocket. emily: it is about priorities. cindy: when you are hungry, you are hungry! give it to me and i will do what you want. yesterday we jumped up into the 50' s, the warmest day we have had in a while. we will be above the average again today, but then trend colder here through the end
5:53 am
temperatures near the freezing mark, with a clear sky, wind under 10 miles per hour. i do want you to be aware of the lot of spot and there is likely some black eyes. bedford. well. clouds, a mixture of sun and clouds. by noontime, 40 degrees. in the 40' s this afternoon, highs of 44 in boston, upper 30' s through the worcester hills, mid-forties and the south shore. fairly comfortable today, but there is a cold front off to the west. tonight we will fall back into the teens and there will be a gusting wind making it feel colder. that wind will be blowing over the ocean and could generate a few ocean effect snow showers, especially on the net debtor kate. other than that, a pretty quiet week.
5:54 am
the highs will be in the teens in the morning, no higher than the 20' s over the course of the day. friday starts with sunshine, and then we will bring you some clouds as we watch the next system approach. there could be a passing rain or snow shower through the overnight hours, and then we will watch the cold front come through in the afternoon. not a big system oval erall. let' s get you back out to the roads. olessa: so far we are in pretty decent shape. there might still be some patches of ice, so be careful. and we are watching one rib accident early this morning. exit ramps might still be slick. 95 southbound, be careful. the pike right now looks great -- no issue south of town. still getting by at the speed limit on route 3, a little bit
5:55 am
trains and buses still on schedule. randy: 5:58 6. emily: we are live at a deadly shooting at nd on a nightmare ride on the t. plus, the pitfalls that will make you waste money this season. that is ahead. and taking a live look at five the city. -- look outside the city. a calm day, a nice change.
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now on newscenter 5 eyeopener impaired randy: breaking overnight, a deadly shooting in randolph. the chaotic scene unfolding emily: also breaking, falling parts causing chaos on the t. new details on the cause of the smoke that made panicked riders, kick out the train windows. randy: police say this is the aftermath of a carjacking. how the victim says she was caught off guard, and what' s in store for the suspect today. on the eye. >> you are watching wcvb news and this is newscenter 5
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