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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the state senator has faced ethics and campaign investigations in the past. last month, he xwraed to -- month, he agreed to pay $5 for using funds to pay for his son's graduation party. the state ethics commission has also been asked to investigate why he's been getting free dry cleaning from the store for more than 10 years. in the meantime, joyce's attorney has come out and said it's unfortunate that recent stories appear to have sparked an investigation. this is according to his lawyer. senator joyce has been cooperating with each inquiry that's taken place resulting from those stories and believes that he's done absolutely nothing wrong. again, investigators still at that office right now. we'll continue to follow this story. >> thank you. let's take a look at this video. a broken pipe sending water as you can see here pouring
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school library. pam got a look at the mess inside the school, and she's live. she'll be saying it right the problems go well beyond just the water, right? >> yes. it's a good thing, too, that this is school vacation week. because thousands of gallons of water caused nearly half a million in damage. >> the principal walked in, he heard the water running. hallway. in the second floor classroom heating system. one small parts , one big mess. >> by the thousands of gallons it poured through. >> this is what it looked like before they shut off the water. >> the furniture, books, the carpet, the computers, everything in the library really was destroyed. >> he's talking about the library. now wrapped in
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specialist removing asbestos and anything else hazardous. >> when these buildings were built back in the 1960s, they still used asbestos for fireproofing. we have to ensure that it's appropriately handled. >> it looks like it's got an overspray residue on it. >> classes should be open on monday. >> the damage sustained to the liar bray -- to the library won't be able to be fixed for a listening time. >> this is a k through 8. they hope to be back in business on monday. >> an elementary school in seekonk closed early after a water main break that break happening this morning on cole street. the cause remains under investigation. >> it's 43 degrees right now in needham. today felt like that first spring day when you know winter is over but that's not the case. >> did it feel that way. we got the benefit of that lengthening day and the sun
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sky. it felt nice. along the coast, temperatures in the low 40's but chillier off to the north and west. only in the 30's because there are also clouds there. we do see cold air coming down from the north and west. so we do expect it to be a decidedly colder night. boston will drop into the 20's. we'll even have some teens. and tomorrow will be noticeably colder than today by about a dozen degrees. you will feel the difference. you'll be back to a winter coat tomorrow but it won't be anything like what we weekend. >> at 5:00, a corrections officer suspended without pay accused of trafficking heroin. stephen went before a judge. he's live at fall river todd? >> phil, prosecutors say not only was this corrections officer dealing drugs, here in fall river, they say he admits heroin user. tonight he's spending his first
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>> a corrections officer in handcuffs. prosecutors say 40-year-old steven la brew was dealing heroin in fall river. multiple tips came in. a brew took a bait selling heroin to a trooper four nightime less than three weeks. >> governor charlie baker comes out to spoke about the investigation into one of our senators. let's listen to him. >> through the irs and f.b.i., the investigation, with respect to senator joyce, what i would say is that all of us public life take the fact that we have to play by the rules seriously. i was troubled by some of the issues that were raised previously, with respect to the senator's relationship to some of the folks in his district. and obviously, i'm not going to comment specifically on the investigation because i have no information on that. it will take its course and go
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>> the issue with respect to this first broke i was hoping the ethics commission would do an investigation and i still hope they do. >> do you think the senator will continue to be serve? >> look, there is an investigation under way. we'll see what the results of that investigation are. i think the voters ultimately get to make the call with respect to whether someone is allowed to continue to serve or not on election day and i think that's probably as it should be. but as i said, the issues that were raised here, were troubling obviously, there is now a pretty aggressive ongoing investigation, and, to some extent we should wait and see where that goes. support the republican party, but i tend to be careful when it comes to using terms like that. in this particular case, what i would say is that,
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we should see where it goes. >> have you talked to senator joyce? >> i haven't talked to senator joyce for quite a while. >> thanks, everyone. >> you've been listening to governor charlie baker speaking about the investigation happening today into senator brian joyce. we'll have more details coming up later this half-hour. >> commitment 2016, now. mainly development in the south carolina race for the g.o.p. nomination. maria is also following this story for us. >> i am indeed. it's a busy day here at channel 5. south carolina's governor making her preference pretty clear in advance of saturday's primary. the popular governor giving a boost to marco rubio, while top two candidates battle it out over abortion. >> three more days until republicans vote in south carolina and governor hailly hoping her endorsement could give a win to mark rubio. >> i want someone who will
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a difference not just for our party but in south carolina. >> the south carolina governor has enjoyed ratings at 81%. rubio could use the boost. >> the direction we're headed in now is not the direction of greatness but of decline. if we don't win the next president of the united states will be either sanders or clinton. >> cruz is throwing down the gauntlet with trump. >> donald, i would encourage you, if you want to file a lawsuit challenging this add claiming it's a defamation, file a lawsuit. >> he's been threatening legal action, released in the wake of scalea's death. >> i'm pro-choice in every respect. >> we can't trust donald trump decisions. >> cruz is a liar. >> cruz said, he's not pro-life. i said, i'm not? i'm pro-life. that. >> but the ads don't seem to be hurting trump's poll numbers in the first southern mrirm.
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16-point lead over his nearest competitor ted cruz. even adding together the numbers for rubio, bush, carson and kasich, the total is less than the number lead. >> tomorrow senator mike lee will be campaigning with cruz in the morning and rubio in the evening in what's becoming a rare but increasingly common republican campaign for anyone but trump. were killed and dozens more turkey. the car bomb exploded during rush-hour next to military buses in the country's capitol. the attack which killed 28 and injured 61 is described as well planned. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack yet. >> doctors without borders now says at least 25 people have been killed in an air strike on one of its hospitals in syria. nine hospital workers and 16 other people were killed monday including a child. both the u.s. and russia have denied involvement in that
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here is u.n. ambassador, accused nobel peace prize winning organization of being a branch of french intelligence. >> this time he's making some controversial comments about the zika virus. the unusual way he referred to the mosquito-borne illness and who he blames for bringing to it maine. >> america's newest millionaires revealed. tapping in from last month's record powerball jackpot. >> a warning about what many of us have in our frig. the new information that might have you skipping the sprinkle next time you have some pasta. >> let's take look at first alert traffic. we'll get you on the southeast express way. it's moving pretty nicely in both directions. let's see what the drive times look like. we'll start south of the city. the drive time is 26 minutes. we'll head north. 25 minutes from the upper deck to route 128. out west on the pike, 13 minutes and from i-93 to newton corner.
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almost half an hour from the western tolls to 495. 495 looks okay in both directions in that stretch between mass pike and 290. that's a look at first alert
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>> new hampshire plus need the public's help tonight finding a woman wanted for robbing a bank. >> she's accused of holding up a bank branch in bedford a month ago. she walked in toward the end of the business day and demanded cash. she said she had a weapon but didn't show one. the
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who ran away. >> the governor, known for his bluntness, has sounded off again. this time on the zika virus. he said asylum seekers from other countries are one of the major problems because they allegedly bring disease was them including the zika virus which la page referred to in an unusual way. >> what happens, tb, aids, h.i.v., the -- all of these foreign diseases that find our way to our land. >> zika is transmitted by mosquitoes and has been linked to birth defects, some in the audience shouted shame in response to his comments. >> the frightening moments for both francis. look at this as well-wishers greeted minimum mexico. a fan pulled on his gamble which knocked him over on a child in the wheel share.
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entire crowd to stay calm. today is the pope's last day in mexico. he traveled to juarez and prayed for undocumented immigrants trying to cross into the u.s. >> on the streets of a boarder city plagued by violence, once known as the murder capitol of mexico, today a hopeful contrast. cheering crowds in juarez greeting pope francis in his open air popemobile the pontiff affectionately praying with prisoners. >> before heading here to celebrate a huge open-air mass, the border fence, the back drop, the hot-button issue, immigration, expected to be at the forefront of his message. >> he's here for the right reasons. >> pope francis will use this ramp to approach the border that divides so many families and offer a special blessing to people on the other side in el paso. paso. >> we're going to the river
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>> the vatican brushing off accusations by donald trump that this visit is politically motivated, insisting the pope's visit is continually on the plight of migrants not just here but around the world. >> thousands who want to hear his message are now gathering at a stadium to watch a simultaneous cast of the mass on a screen there. it's the pope's last event before returning to the vatican which will happen tonight. >> several dozen boston institutes and parents march against proposed education budget cuts. the city's education budget is $1,500 short despite a $13 million hike the school spending. marchers started at city hall, walked to the statehouse and this is one of at least 30 similar protests across the country that demanded more education spending. a flood warning expires just moments ago but this video shows downtown augusta this morning,
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to rise 13 feet flooding, as you can see, parking lots, closing several roads, national weather service warns the flooding could continue until that ice jam breaks. >> 42 degrees in the needham area. >> today was incredible. i took my jacket off to drive into work and i was thinking, hey, maybe winter is over. >> could you have done that yesterday also. your jacket probably would have blown away. >> that's not obviously happening. it was great today. >> it was great. >> a great day to enjoy. >> still pretty decent. nice picture around sunrise. winthrop beach coming from james earlier today. that's really pretty. we've had our fair share of nice sunrises and sunsets. closing in on sunset. sunset today, one hour and three minutes later. we've gained a lot in the afternoons. that's why i can show you the sky. i couldn't do that back in
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43 degrees, the temperature in boston. a northwesterly breeze at nine miles per hour. the wind isn't too strong and that added to our relative comfort. a little chilly. just a short distance to the north and west is in the 30's. also cover. this is the difference in 24 hours ago. 21 degrees colder in worcester but it doesn't feel that terrible because we can enjoy that warmth, yesterday, we were getting downpours with horrendous winds accompanying them. you may have seen a couple of stray snowflakes try to show up. generally kind of dissipates as it moves off to the east. it is somewhat colder as we continue north and west. not truly bitter cold by winter standards but noticeable change is what's coming. so tomorrow morning will be a little bit colder than this past morning. starting out below freezing everywhere. seen some teens. tomorrow's temperatures instead of jumping into the mid 40's, will be
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because cold high pressure will be over us tomorrow. and tomorrow night, and early on friday. now, it will give way later friday to allow some clouds to come in from the west. a couple of ways this could play out for overnight friday night and first thing on saturday, we could get a strip of snow that stays to the north. or it could extend far enough south for a brief period to give us a mix but as far as tomorrow is concerned notice some clouds that come down, with a colder, northerly wind and that could pick up moisture over the water. maybe dump a few snow showers particularly around the outer cape around chatham or maybe even the body and then it clearance up again tomorrow night. rest of us should see sunshine. those are the clouds coming in. friday, late in the day, ahead of our next little disturbance. tomorrow, not only colder in temperature but also feeling colder. look at the wind chills, in the teens, even starting out around 10 in worcester. the you'll notice the difference.
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and 20's during the course of the day tomorrow. friday, although we're fine during the day it's overnight friday night that this warm this particular everything is staying to the north, but i wouldn't be surprised if we do get a few hours of a mix down here later maybe north of the pike. a coating an inch, a chance. saturday looks mild before this slightly chillier on sunday. the seven day is going to get into next week. first of all, later on sunday night, there also could be appeared of mix coming in and then it will turn somewhat colder during the first half of next week. probably cold enough to start a storm around tuesday night and wednesday, as a snow or mix. whether it will stay that way remains to be seen but it looks like some active weather around the middle of next week. >> thank you. you're going to want to take a look. what about a sea lion.
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isn't it so good? video from the san diego aquarium. obviously this is the type of video that would go viral. one of the trainers gave milo an old training pole with a go pro camera attached and milo took it, shot his area. >> does this mean they are really smart or the rest of us who take selfies are not? >> you really want me to answer that? i'm not so sure. >> i do not own a selfie stick and i will never. for him, adorable. >> still ahead, a warning about a prescription drug used to treat adhd. >> young patients abusing the stimulant. the information, that parents taking adderall need to know. >> a near deaf accident. a father rescued his son from a tree. a warning about the danger. >> a moment on the court a loyal boy will never forget.
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t they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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>> waiting to have kids, but a new clue could have some people to think twice. >> a career, and more and more women are putting a tough milestone. women waiting until their 40's could be increasing their risk for a specific health issue. researchers at the university of minnesota looked at more than 70,000 women finding that those who waited until 40 or later to get pregnant for the first time have a 60% increase in the risk of a brain bleed. researchers also found hints of
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nonbleeding strokes, though this correlation was weaker and may be due to chance. potential, the overall risk of blaine breeds is low and more information is needed before we can say the issues are related. for now, best thing a woman can do is talk to her doctor about all the considerations that go along with pregnancy and then decide if waiting the best thing. >> there are concerns about over the abuse of the adhd drug adderall by a growing number of young adults. a new study finds a spike in people who mix adderall with alcohol or another drug. the doctor talked about the consequences of doing that on gma this morning. >> under a doctor's soup vision, sleep problems can be managed
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soup sprinkles supervision, things that can be scary. like seizures. >> even though the number of increase nonmedical use jumped by more than 67%. >> you might want to think twice about sprinkling parmesan close on your meal. a new report finds it may not be what you think it is the f.d.a. has found that what you thought was 100% parmesan cheese may be wood. the research discovered lower quality cheeses and cellulose made from wood pulp in castle cheese, incorporated products. that wood pulp is legal in small amounts but bloomberg found many other super market brands had it in levels that exceeded legal amounts. >> coming up next on newscenter 5 at 5:30, a warning about charging your cell phones when you go to sleep. >> the key reminder to millions, the one spot where you should
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>> have you heard about this. the fight between the f.b.i. and apple. national security or government overreach.
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the f.b.i. and irs are taking a look at state senator brian joyce. investigators have been in and out of his canton office all afternoon. >> the state senator from milton has faced ethics and campaign investigations in the past. just last month he agreed to pay almost $5,000 for using campaign funds to pay for his son's add immigration party. the governor has also called for an ethics investigation into why he's been getting free dry cleaning from a store for a decade. his lawyer says joyce has done nothing wrong. >> harvey joining us. milder today. as a matter of fact, it felt fantastic. >> for sure milder. a 50-degree swing from the other day. >> it's just been amazing. >> we've certainly run the gamut. after what we went through over the weekend. we had fair amount of sun in boston. we did see a lot of cloudness from the -- cloudiness from the west. it's been chillier in the west, only in the 30's. colder air is coming in from the great lakes and from southern canada overnight tonight, tomorrow, tomorrow night and
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you will feel the difference in temperature. just to get it started, boston will coast through the low 40's into the 30's. then at least into the upper 20's by tomorrow morning and there won't be too much of a temperature rise tomorrow. instead of mid 40's. our highs may only be in the low 30's. more changes coming for the weekend and especially next week. we'll be talking about that more in a little while. >> a homeowner in southern new hampshire learns the hard way not to -- how not to thaw fro zen pipes. he took a blow torch and torched his entire house. it ignited a piece of insulation which started the fire that spread upward through the house. >> there are safer ways. >> takes a little longer, but at least you still have your house standing when you get the pipes thawed. >> despite the fire department's best efforts, the house is a total loss. >>


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