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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  February 17, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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joyce has been the subject of ethics and campaign probes in the past. just last month he agreed to pay nearly $5,000 for using campaign money to throw graduation party for his son. a state ethics commission has also been asked to investigate why he has been getting free dry cleaning from a store for more than 10 years. >> a very nice guy, very personable. everyone seemed to like him. >> people know the state senator to be responsive to constituents and his attorney blame stories in the investigation. senator joyce has been cooperating with each inquiry taken place today, resulting from the stories and believes he has done absolutely nothing wrong. no sign of the state senator today and we are told when the fbi agent showed up -- john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: tonight, governor baker is weighing in. newscenter 5' s mary saladna continues our live, team coverage at the state house.
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long been troubled by senator joyce' s relationship with some of the people in his district, but late this afternoon, gov. baker stopped short of saying joyce should resign. >> field voters -- the voters get to make the call ultimately whether some gets to make it on election day. the issues were troubling to begin with. obviously there is no ongoing investigation. to some extent we should wait to see where that goes. >> the state republican party is calling on senator brian joyce to step down but news at the statehouse at the statehouse of this hour, the governor saying it is time to let the investigation run its course. >> east and west of bridgewater, milton randolph, he has
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before that he served in the house for a year. his official bio lists the file -- lists the priorities be it he is married and has five children. >> the victim in an ongoing homicide investigation has just been identified. right at the cliffside comes monday night. now investigators are not saying how she died and still no arrests have been made. a verdict tonight in a case that five investigates has been all over, a jury finding doctors were not negligent when they transplanted a kidney from the body of a homeless alcoholic. the kidney transmitting a rare rodent virus. that killed the recipient, pierre dimanche of everett. the suffolk superior court jury deliberated about seven hours. before delivering verdicts in favor of the doctors from beth israel including transplant doctor scott johnson, as well as the new england organ bank and its assistant medical director, which facilitated the transplant. dimanche'
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been an organ donor. but attorneys on the other side said the man' s kidney was properly classified as high risk, and dimanche was aware of those risks. tonight a corrections officer is in jail, as an inmate, and suspended without pay for allegedly dealing drugs. 40-year-old stephen lebreux who works at mci bridgewater was arraigned this morning and ordered held on $20,000 bail. police say they received multiple tips that lebreux was dealing drugs in fall river. lebreux allegedly sold heroin to an undercover trooper 4 times. with undercover trooper that he was when he was conducting the transactions. >> he reportedly told
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>> a student has been removed from the campus of stonehill college. according to our partners at the patriot ledger, the alleged victim reported the assault to police on monday night. it happened in a dorm room, the accused attacker also a student. that student has not been charged. >> completing that -- a harvard university student has filed a federal lawsuit against the school. she graduated last spring and said during her last two years at harvard she had been sexually assaulted by her former boyfriend, who then allegedly harassed her and retaliated against after she complained to the school. her lawsuit claims she issued more than a dozen complaints,all of which went ignored, leader ultimately obtained a court order for her protection. akyssa leader/filed lawsuit -- >> we are treated as problems
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>> the school still enforced her to live in the same dorm as her accused attacker. harvard has not commented on the pending investigation and litigation. to do people are hurt after a car becomes wedged between a trash compactor. a driver, a woman in her 80' s, lost control of the car and got pinned against that building. the woman and her passenger went to the hospital with minor injuries. maria: sky 5 over the bernie and phyl' s warehouse in norton where police are investigating a deadly workplace accident. we' re told a worker was hit by a delivery truck. he was pronounced dead at the scene. his name has not been released. ed: the t will now change the way it inspect subway cars after frightening incident on the orange line. this was the scene last night inside the state street station. as smoke filled the tunnel, commuters kicked out windows and
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it was caused by a panel falling off a train onto the track. all orange line trains were inspected overnight, panels were secured on thirteen cars. the t says a permanent fix will come in the way of a new fleet expected to be complete in 20-19. ed: a building collapse at bryant university in rhode island last fall was preventable, according to investigators. osha said today that barnes buildings and management group did not build the steel framework for the facility according to plan. the group also failed to install adequate bracing to ensure stability. workers were installing steel beams on a new indoor gym when the beams collapsed. six workers were injured in the septembers 1st incident. blame the weekend' s subfreezing temperatures for a wet mess in haverhill. the library inside the consentino school was destroyed, it could add up to more than a $half million in damage. computers, furniture, books of course all gone. no students present since this is school vacation week.
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this would be just the hallways and main corridors and some of the classrooms. the damage probably won' t be able to be fixed for a good long time. >> specialists are making sure there is no contamination from us best this. >> refusing to comply with a judge' s order that it helped agents hack into the iphone of a san bernardino shooting suspect. this case could really affect everybody who uses a smart phone. the fbi has had his iphone since the december attack but doesn' t know the pass code. agents haven' t been able to access any information that could be on it. the fbi asked apple for help, but the company refused, that' s when the courts got involved and sided with the government. apple sent a message to customers today saying the court order could undermine the very freedoms and liberty the government is supposed to protect. experts say there' s more than just principal at stake. if apple breaks the code on the
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do it leaks out then hackers could use the information to target anyone with with a smartphone. this battle is likely going to continue playing out in the courts moving up to the ninth circuit court of appeals and potentially the u.s. supreme court. ed: commitment 2016. a new poll casts some doubts on whether michael bloomberg can launch a campaign as an independent candidate that would put him in white house. the usa today/suffolk university poll found that in a hypothetical race with donald trump as the republican nominee and bernie sanders leading the democratic ticket, trump was chosen by 37% of likely voters, sanders by 30%, and bloomberg by 16%. but without bloomberg in the mix, trump and sanders were in a dead heat 44% to 43%, within the poll' s margin of error. bloomberg says he' ll make a decision about running early next month. maria: your economy. stocks up for the third day in a row, led by gains in energy companies following another big rise in the price of crude oil.
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16,453. the nasdaq climbed 98 points the s&p 500 gained 31. the most active local stocks, all closing up today. emc, boston scientific and staples all rising by less than a point. new at 7 nike, dropping a high-profile sports star. >> what he said the cost of his contract with the apparels giant. taking an empty trouble spot and making in viable for the community. moving the vision. >> in the medium-term, turning milder, what it means for the lo with looking at something old, like this... and saying, "really?" pso capital one built something new - caf\s. pwhere you can unwind with free
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nike has dropped boxer manny pacquiao over anti-gay comments. the shoe company severed ties with pacquiao after the filipino fighter was quoted as saying gay nike called the comments abhorrent. pacquiao apologized yesterday for his remarks. he' s running for the phillipine senate and has one more fight coming up in april. ed: soon it could be transformed
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the new vision for this massive piece of property. >> this has been run down. phoebe, a burnt down house. neighbors say drugs and prostitution takeover. eric robertson now lives in dorchester, so does his business partner. both architects and both working to transform this area. >> the overall concept is just knitting it into the neighborhood. >> we walked around the four acres meeting savin hill. >> it is crying for redevelopment. >> sitting in front of a cardboard model , desk oh bought the land in 2012. >> we just knew that four acres, so close to the t, underutilized, in between neighborhoods would be a great
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>> they call it dot block their plan 350 units of housing studios and mostly 1 to 2 bedroom apartments rents , starting at about 2100 and going up from there. 40,000 square feet of retail space as well with most likely a grocery store. just behind me is a restaurant called d bar the owner of this place says he' s been looking at vacant buildings long enough. >> residents will flock to this area it will bring vibrance gentrification so we are excited all around. >> demetri, shawn, eric, and kevin all say dot block will be a large scale project built into dorchester not on it. it' s just a matter of -- >> it' s just a matter of neighborhood pride of having something that' s gonna look great and says something about where dorchester is growing. >> what happens now is the question before it goes before the zoning board for those are the last two kernels. -- last two hurdles.
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break ground as early as the fall. >> can you imagine the traffic? >> don' t worry about traffic. but traffic. >> it is a valid concern. it is something the architects and everyone has been dealing with. we are sharing it will be ok. >> good stuff. >> harvey is looking at the weather patterns. >> i see lots of change, which we see than last couple of days. it hit 46. kind of pleasant outside. we had all those downpours. it did not make it 40. we went quite through a stretch now we have seen the temperatures bounceback. what do we do? go back down again. we are running at 15 degrees
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37 in boston but the wind is out at the northwest. of course it is a little bit colder. already dropping. it is now down to 16 in ottawa. check it out, we will generally be in the low to mid 30' s for the high temperatures with a chilly northwesterly wind. should be nice and sunny in worcester. some coastal clouds on that northerly wind and chilly. on the cape there could be a few flurries. you could see a few flakes but don' t expect anything too much. one of the things we want to point out is it is going to actually feel chilly out there tomorrow. what can you do? sometimes if you wait and have
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we are going to show you the wind chill. about 18 in boston, so not cold as it was today but colder feeling then today by quite a wide margin. then the windchill will be in the teens and 20' s during the afternoon hours. that day looks to be a little bit milder after a very cold start. the clouds later friday night and early saturday, there could be a few rain or snow showers. i don' t expect much. by the way, saturday is the data could be near 50 degrees. a cold front comes through, but it doesn' t turn sharply colder. it only turns a little bit colder on saturday. near the south of us, could be a great. of mix or snow. a great period of mix -- could be a great period of mix or snow. following that, it will turn
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our next storm could begin as early as tuesday night. it could even last -- could even last into thursday. if the storm stays off the coast we will stay cold and we could get significant snow or mix. warmer ocean air particularly on the coast would mean more in the way of rain mix. we will see how it pans out. it is too early to get into anything resembling specifics. look likely that the middle of next week. in the meantime it is colder weather and i will see you tonight at 11. >> now sportscenter 5, one minute drill. >> as long as lebron james is in the eastern conference the road to the nba finals goes through him. bron bron has been to the finals
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with the heat and last year with the cavs so before danny ainge makes a trade, he needs to believe it makes the celtics good enough to get past king james and the cavaliers. the celtics are already good enough to get to the eastern conference finals and lose they need to be capable of getting to the conference finals and win. now right now the celtics are only 6 games behind cleveland , but aren' t they really light years behind them? and is al horford good enough to not only close the gap, but push the celtics ahead? how about demarcus cousins, or any of the other names being kicked around they might be but ainge needs to believe they are otherwise, why bother? if ainge can' t make the celtics as good or better than cleveland this year, he should wait keep this thoroughly entertaining team together and see how far they can go they just might i' m not even talking about winning the finals because there t win if you don' get there. everyone said carolina can'
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carolina would win a super bowl >> they have to get better than cleveland. that is where it starts. >> it' s getting a little warmer. >> it'
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t the wall street banks meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? campaign contributions our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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>> he is 15 years old, he has down syndrome, he goes to the regional high, he is a member of the freshman basketball team and he finally got a chance to play as the season wraps up. his father caught it on video. kyle took that pass, caught it with all the confidence in the world and just nailed a jump shot. going wild. today' we are deep into winter. have them. walsh at the out 150 coats to needy children. it was part of a statewide program that will distribute
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kids in cities across the state. kids can choose their favorite color coat, which are all made in the usa. ed: the patriots including pat taking part in national random acts of kindness day. the mascott, handing out flowers and coffee to people. and former star joe andruzzi, paying for groceries and delivering water and snacks. maria: he' s a great guy. i didn' t know it was rent a max of kindness day. we even learn with you. it is an education. a look at the stories we' ll be following for you all night when we come back. ed: and remember, send us your 5 for good ideas. we' ll send you a channel 5 hat if we use your story on the air. tell us about someone making a difference in your community. you can share video and pictures on the wcvb facebook page or email them to ulocal at
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ed: flash forward to what we' re working on for newscenter 5 at 11: the fbi and irs are at the office of state senator brian joyce right now. our john atwater is there tracking the developments. maria: this local teacher is charged with assaulting a student. the classroom confrontation that has her under arrest. ed: comcast customers listen up, a refund may be on your way. it' s the company' s way of saying sorry from a big-time outage earlier this week. maria: take a look at that little face down that big hole
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underground. how he got in and out. them at me 10 seconds to find him but i found him. >> you say he got out? >> that is 3.5 hours of worry. >> we can do it.
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