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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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we will have to watch it. either way, it turns little stormy by the middle of next week, but the warm-ups before them. we will break down the colder temperatures right now, as the eye-opener continues. >> now -- randy: a deadly fire investigation. the struggle for firefighters. emily: a new hampshire teacher accused of assaulting a student. club police say she slept out of a child' s hand. randy: president obama making an historic trip to cuba. >> you' re watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5' s eyeopener. emily: 5:00 a.m. also on the eye, you could say that they may be relieved to see these cylinders. they will be -- we'
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randy: we' ve got cindy fitzgibbon. emily: yesterday was nice. cindy: yeah. 40' s yesterday, 50' s the day before, you think we are in a good pattern. but temperatures are going down today and you want to be dressed for it it' s not all that chili -- 20' s two around the freezing mark. 23 in worcester, 32 in boston. that wind is beginning to stir, coming in from the west. there' s colder air to the west that will feed in over the course of the day. mainly clear skies across a portion of the area, but there are a couple scattered snow showers approaching the berkshires. a cold front back here, the leading-edge of the colder air. it' s only 8 in syracuse, 0 in ottawa. taht' s what -- that' s what' s coming in.
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by noontime, not even in the upper teens. but before that happens, temperatures will top out in the low 30' s in most areas, upper 20' s through the worcester hills. that wind will be gusting, so you want to dress for wind chills. it' s a colder day. let' s get you out to the roads. olessa: good morning. the roads are quiet to start the morning. this is the leverett connector, problems. s check out the rest of your trip -- issue free, construction clearing overbite is a can bridge. the projects should be picking up any minute. route 9, good to go, issue free south of town on the expressway, 10 minutes braintree and boston. emily: thank you. right now, one person is dead after a fire rips through a home in plymouth. you can see how intense these
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victim inside this morning, still a lot of questions about how it started. emily: sarah cut -- randy: sera congi is standing by. sera? sera: a very intense fire. firefighters are still on scene, dealing with hotspots. for much of the night, they were pouring water on the house. investigators say it appears the flames started in a garage. a couple in their 60' s live in the home, and the wife was out when the fire started. a next our neighbor called 911. >> i heard some popping sounds and smelled smoke, and i went to the dining room window and saw that the garage side of the house was on fire. sera: the fire marshal' s office will confirm that one person did die, but the identity of the released. the investigation is ongoing and
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emily: thank you. right now, anew invested -- a new investigation into the agency in charge of protecting children. an office is launching a probe into dcs, which has been under fire in recent years after a series of high-profile deaths. the scope of the audit is still being determined, but the goal is to provide better practices. the last audit revealed the agency wasn' t checking foster homes against the state' s sex offender registry. randy: this teacher is facing assault charges. police say she knocke d a piece of candy out of an unruly student' s hand. the student ended up with a scratch. the aide saw it and reported to the principal. this morning, new inspections are in place after this while the scene. passengers are taking out the windows to get out of the train.
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physically inspect the bolts and rivets that secure panels to the sides of trains. one of them fell off and was run over, caused the smoke to fill the station. in the past, they have only done visual inspections. emily: a new national poll shows hillary clinton barely ahead of bernie sanders, but that is not the case here in massachusetts. sanders leads 49% to 42% among likely democratic voters, according to a public policy polling survey. the massachusetts primaries on super tuesday, which is march 1. republican candidates continue their campaign push into south carolina today, two days after the gop primary, as a new poll shows a slip at the top. "the wall street journal" says donald trump is note two percentage points behind ted cruz.
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over this ad featuring a 1999 interview where tromp admits he is pro-choice. a town hall in south carolina last night had cruz accusing him of hiding from his past. >> i will continue focusing on records. emily: marco rubio received a big endorsement yesterday from south carolina governor nikki haley. he also attended that town hall, as well as dr. ben carson. the others will take part in the second round of the town hall,. tonight -- townhall, tonight. the announcement that president obama will make his first trip to cuba. we' ll get details in a few hours. erika' s here with the criticism already pouring in. erika: the most vocal criticism comes from marco rubio, the son of cuban immigrants, and ted cruz, whose father fled the communist nation. he would become the first sitting president to set foot in cuba in nearly 70 years.
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relations, and a deal to store commercial air travel was signed this week. but the president has yet to be able to push through the economic embargo. he says it has failed to bring change.opponents argue that cuba needs to demonstrate a major political shift. >> this is not just a communist dictatorship, it is an anti-american communist dictatorship. >> the cuban government remains as repressive as ever, but now they have access to millions of not billions of dollars in resources. erika: the president' s' s visit is expected to happen next month. white house officials have said it will meet with political dissidents and will not happen until conditions are right. it is not clear what changed in recent weeks to prompt the plan. randy: thank you. concerns over school funding in boston brought hundreds into the streets of the city. students on winter break marched to city hall on wednesday. they are worried about a $50 million deficit, that the superintendent says could lead
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programs in the city. it was part of a national walk-in, and students also delivered petitions to the governor' s office. right now, work is underway to deal with the severe damage to a behavioral school. a burst pipe inside essentially destroyed the library. computers and furniture all gone, damaged to the tune of a half-million dollars. students are on winter break. the school brought in specialists to make sure there is no mold contamination. emily: right now, police are trying to figure out how a person got hit by a bullet at a gas station. this happened on technology drive in bedford. the victim wasn' t seriously hurt. police say the bullet probably came from a good distance away from the business, and they do not believe the victim was targeted. we now know the name of a woman killed in middlesex, identified
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her body was found monday night. so far, no arrests. randy: a coaches facing child sex charges, found on his computer. the "telegram" reports say the investigation was started after lewd images are posted to a chat room, traced back to him. he' s being held on bond. this morning, attorneys for bill cosby have some questions for the comedian' s insurance company. at a hearing yesterday, the attorney asked aig to hand over files that show how the company handled claims over sexual misconduct in the past. aig is trying to avoid paying potential financial rewards to women accusing cosby of rape. his lawyer won a similar lawsuit last year.
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it is not unusual for a prisoner to a death penalty appeal. his lawyers cited the cost of traveling to colorado. his attorneys will step down, lee' s counsel temperate -- leave counsel. comcast customers will see some savings on their next bill. randy: it' s coming from a widespread problem. apple still refusing orders to hack into a terrorist' s smartphone at the risk that outweighs the benefit. emily: starbucks getting blasted for how it makes its drink. the ingredient they are accused of overusing. cindy: and you will notice that wind kicking up today, and it will make you feel colder. a lot colder than yesterday, but there is a warm-up. more on that in the chance for snow, ahead. first, take a look at the temperatures. lots of 20'
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>> good morning, eyeopener! [cheering] randy: and good morning to you! all the kids at the international school of boston and cambridge. those enthusiastic third-graders speak both french and english. emily: very impressive. thank you so much. wake-up call. go to our website and upload it
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how do you say "it will be colder today?" cindy: [speaking russian] we' ve been in the 40' s, but not today. it is below average, but the temperatures climb back up again this weekend. up and down the next few days, starting out at 23. in boston, we are right at the freezing mark. similar all the way down to the cape, but 20' s and the north shore. that wind is beginning to stir, coming out of the west end kicking up a little bit this morning. a cold front coming through. a few passing clouds. on the other side of that front, temperatures below zero in on what, -- in ottawa. by this afternoon, temperatures don' t change.
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s, and the wind will be active out of the northwest, gusting higher. windchills, teens and 20' s. that is what you want to dress for. most of us will see lots of sunshine throughout the day, but those northerly winds will be scooping up moisture off the atlantic and creating some ocean effect snow showers. these are very localized. they come in late this afternoon, not expecting accumulation, that they will be around for the evening. temperatures really drop to single-digit and teens on cape cod, so it is a cold start tomorrow morning. as high pressure slides east, clouds will be coming in through the day. it' s dry into friday if you have plans, but into saturday we will watch a warm front that will bring some light snow across northern new england. we make it a brief burst of rain
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inch. once the war front goes by, it will warm up in the afternoon. we can' t rule out a brief, passing shower, but look at that -- near 50 on sunday. a warmer weekend ahead. next week, the time period we are watching his next week. the question is -- where does it track? if it' s further north, it may produce snow, but if it tracks closer to the coastline it will mostly be rain. still unclear what kind of precipitation we will get. emily: how many days till spring? cindy: 30. emily: so close. olessa: the roads are quiet. this is the leverett connector, looking good. let' s get over to the maps, overnight construction out of the way. road work on 93 southbound done. we had a lane closed for
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as we travel the pike, a 15 minute ride out to 128. south of town, delay free end issue free. trains and buses start on schedule. randy: right now, a major battle brewing, having an impact on all iphone users. as we told you yesterday, apple is refusing to comply with the fbi to create software that will unlock the phone of the bernardino shootings. the phone likely holds key information, but they can' crack the code. apple says the software would put the privacy of all users at risk, internationally. emily: once you have a backdoor key, it doesn' t know whether the person using it is a good guy or bad guy. it would end up undermining the security of all the rest of us. randy: many iphone users showed signs of supporting apple last night. the legal tug-of-war could soon had to the u.s. supreme court.
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asian stocks posted mostly strong gains today is the price of oil rebounded. right now stock futures are higher on wall street. yesterday, the dow gained 1.6%. s casino plans are now approved. the city council held a hearing last night on changes aimed at meeting certain concerns for the mgm proposal. to go shaded conditions include plans to add new sidewalks and reimburse companies for awnings and windows if there are lighting issues. amtrak is expanding its pilot program to allow tests on board its trains. the company says it will allow travelers to bring pets of a certain weight on their trains, including those to and from boston. travelers will have to pay $25 and keep their pet in a carrier. randy: comcast is giving customers a break after a massive outage.
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customers $2 on the bill, a day' s worth of video services. cable and on-demand were down for 90 minutes on monday. starbucks is facing heat over your health. goes into the drinks. a british study found 80% of their drinks have more sugar have in one day. some are up to 25 teaspoons. starbucks says it is committed to reducing sugar by 25% by the end of 2020. emily: maine governor paul lepage is sounding off again. at a town hall meeting, he said asylum seekers are a big problem for maine, because they bring diseases with them, which he referred to an unusual way.
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emily: zika is transmitted by mosquitoes, and it has been linked to birth defects. randy: keeping the city clean, and the best move you will see today. emily: we have it all in either opera' s. -- in eyepoppers. erika: the best finds in the boston area for $20. and the fbi descending on the office of the massachusetts aced senator. -- massachusetts ace abs
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t they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions
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how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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cindy: we are starting out in the 20' s, 32 in boston. in ceric it is just a 8 degrees, a cold front coming through. a good amount of sunshine today, but gusting wind is creating windchills in the teens and 20' s all day long. than the lower 30' s today, so you will notice the wind. windchill stuck in the teens, 20' s through the afternoon. we will see clouds increase on your friday, and it does warm up for the weekend. high temperatures on saturday
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randy: ooh, yes, sounds great. times for our -- time for our eyepoppers. emily: call it a unique way to keep sidewalks sanitary. this is the pop-up urinal. a self-cleaning facility that is kept underground. they are pretty popular in europe, and this one is in australia. a fabulous idea. randy: [laughter] emily: and then you have this. this guy is a fisherman, jammin g to alicia keys and going viral. it was shot in a small fishing village in michigan. he says he gets pumped by her music. randy: when it is winter -- [laughter]
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erika: a play so special, it is hard to tell if the timor the crowd was more excited. it is a moment one teenager will never forget. and harvard university is the target of a new lawsuit. the safety concern one student says the school ignored. cindy: take a live look over the city.
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randy: new details overnight after trains went through a home. emily: a mystery investigators are trying to solve.
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emily: germanic video after an ic rescue on the south coast. the desperate efforts to say the driver. >> you are watching wcvb, boston' s newsletter. good morning. this is newscenter 5' s eye-opener. emily: 5:30 on this thursday morning. good morning. randy: we have been on a nice streak. cindy: we have. 30 days. pretty good, 30 more days of winter. you look at the temperatures this morning, it is in the 20' s and 30' s. 23 in worcester, up in the north shore, beverly at 29. we are right around freezing on
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we will dip down by a couple of degrees and then come back this afternoon. the temperatures don' t change a lot today -- i am tracking a cold front and there is very little moisture with this. it is the leading edge of a cold or air mass, so once the front goes by, the air will feed in. still in the upper 20' s to lower 30' s, wind out of the northwest, feeling like the teens and 20' s all day long. a colder one, but dry out there. let' s get you out to the roads. olessa: a quiet start this morning, a live look outside. a little more volume, but trafficking by. let' s get to the maps and see the rest of your ride. overnight construction is gone, no trouble on 128, good shape on 95 and iii. the pike is quiet. you are good to go, 10 minutes from braintree and to boston.
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emily: thank you. some of the stories we are watching right now, one person is dead after flames ripped through a home on ellisville road in from. police believe it happened in a garage. randy: this new hampshire teachers off the job, accused of assaulting a student. manchester police say she knocked a piece of candy out of an unruly student' s hand. the student ended up with a scratch. emily: we are waiting for new details on president obama' s first trip to cuba. travel plans are due out today, and it will be the first visit by a sitting u.s. president in seven decades. right now, a state senator under fire. federal agents hauling evidence out of his office late into the night. the raid focused on allegations of free services and campaign cash. the eye-opener is live at the statehouse were lawmakers are in session. todd: good morning.
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will we see the senator here at the statehouse? thus far there has been no sign of him at his office, where the raid took place, or at his home. fbi agents methodically combed through his office, collecting bags of evidence, including what appears to be electronics. they loaded boxes and bags into the van, and the irs continues to investigate. last month, he agreed to pay nearly $5,000 for using campaign money to throw a graduation party for his son. the state ethics committee is investigating tens of thousands of dollars in free dry-cleaning the owner of the store says he received over the course of a decade. the state republican party is calling for him to resign, but governor baker is not going quite that far. >> the issues raised here were traveling to begin with. the voters ultimately get to make the call with respect to whether someone is allowed to continue to serve or not.
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the district includes parts of 10 different communities. his attorney says they have been cooperating with the multiple investigations. his attorney says he maintains that he has done nothing wrong. emily: thank you. a harvard grad taking action against her former school after she says they ignored her reports of sexual assault and harassment. she graduated in may. she says she was sexually assaulted by her former boyfriend over her last two years at the school. she reported the incident to the school, but says her ex continued to her rally the tally at. she was even forced to live in the same doormats are accused attacker. >> harvard has an institutional culture of ignoring in silencing people like me. we are treated as if we are problems rather than people. emily: she eventually obtained a
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harvard said yesterday it does not comment on any pending litigation. randy: one man is in critical condition after a crash on the south coast. erika is here now with the dramatic video. erika: that' s right. this all happened in fairhaven. you can see them hold the truck out of the water. this was after two police officers arrived on scene, jumping into the icy water to get the driver out. they had to cut him out of his seat belt, punch out a window, and it is not clear how he ended up driving that truck off that expressway memorial drive. again, the water was 39 degrees, and the man was taken to the hospital. back to you. randy: thank you. a woman accused in a plot to rob people looking for love. emily: she says she was framed.
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yes, it is possible. the cheapest eads in the boston area. randy: and this crowd is going
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olessa:. good morning and welcome back a live look at the expressway. you can already see the delays starting to develop, 20 minutes braintree the boston. no weather today. cindy: steady as she goes,
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we are near the freezing mark in boston, and that is where we stay all day long. temperatures don' t change. a gusty wind will bring in colder air, wind chill getting no higher than the teens and 20' s. it will bounce up coming in this weekend, and we are watching the potential for storminess by the middle of next week. emily: thank you. new this morning, focusing on your economy. eating well on a budget -- it is possible in the boston area. so where can you go and what can you get for $20? three suggestions from the folks at "boston magazine." first thought, kimchee kitchen. run by a mother-daughter team. >> there are about a dozen menu items. they have a couple rotating specials, and it is the and $12. emily: she says it is a good
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next, head to somerville. >> you can get a whole, roasted chicken for $16 with a side and salad. you can feed a family with that. emily: finally, check out sauce on union. it specializes in french fries with 20 creative sauces for dipping. >> my favorite is the cheddar duvall. it is made with ale. emily: you could get a mini chicken and waffle sandwich with a side of fries for four dollars. the owner has a suggestion, maybe pack a breath mint. >> this roasted garlic a only o li is very garlic-y. emily: we tried a little bit while we were there. we have this list on our news app.
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re for making the most of $20. randy: that food looked great. new accusations against the department of veterans affairs. how they are running down people in urgent need. and new information on the schools breaking into a student' s home. plus, what goes down can come up. the tool that freed this dog after today' s underground. thanks for being with us this
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us,
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bring me a higher love
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randy: good morning. 5:44. we are ready with your news to go. a deadly fire in plymouth. we have new details. obama emily: the first, we want to check in -- but first, we want to check in on your forecast. it was extreme yesterday. cindy: a little pothole, we will call this. the next couple days will be colder and that the weekend is milder. but you know it has been lacking the last couple days? it is unbelievable when you look at the difference compared to last year. so far' s winter, just over two feet -- so far this winter, just over two feet.
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a typical winter is still under 30, but coming off last winter, it seems so different. we have a cold frontal boundary little bit of snow shower out to the west, but it is a dry front with moisture. temperatures. 32 in boston, but look at syracuse and ottawa. s through worcester county. the temperatures will change a whole lot today. when you get down, hovered near the freezing mark through the afternoon, the wind kicks up. wind chill' s this afternoon, that is what you want to dress for. we' re down in the single digits. some 20' s on cape cod, and as we head toward friday night, a warm front will push through. widespread snow across northern new england, with light rain
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on saturday, warmer air with a southerly wind, a spotty rain shower as the cold front comes in. look at those temperatures. sunshine tomorrow and then clouds in the afternoon. let' s get you out to the roads -- how are we looking? olessa: still in good shape. we start out with route 1, heading to the bottom of the screen. lets see the rest of your ride -- no major issues, just some volume starting to pick up. as you travel the pike, you are still about 15 minutes out to 128, and if you have south, still doing well. 24 out of avon to braintree, expressway about 20 to boston. surrounding a deadly fire in plymouth. emily: sera congi is following the investigation. sera? sera: firefighters are still here on scene. the house is gutted. they have been looking for hotspots and pouring water all
5:47 am
completely out. investigators say it appears the flames started in garage. home. when the fire started. at this point, the fire marshall confirms that one person is dead, but their identity has not been released and the cause is under investigation. randy: this morning we are waiting to see if one senator comes to work here at the statehouse one day after his law office was raided by the feds. on wednesday, fbi agents collected bags of evidence from his office in canton. the irs is also investing the senator. last month you great to -- he agreed to pay $5,000 for paying for -- he believes he has done nothing wrong, according to his attorney.
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today to announce an historic visit to cuba being met with harsh criticism. two of the most vocal opponents -- marco rubio and ted cruz. president obama will be the first sitting president to visit the communist nation in 70 years. he has been working to normalize relations and would like to left the u.s. economic embargo. critics say the government is still terribly repressive, and should demonstrate major change. white house officials have said his visit would include meeting with political dissidents, and would not happen until conditions are right. randy: a new investigation to the department of veterans affairs. the inspector general found some calls to the department suicide how tline went to voicemail. some calls are said to a backup center, when some of those calls and it up in the voicemail system. unaware that there was
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emily: police questioned a 19-year-old woman from worcester in connection with a series of assaults. several men say they were assaulted after setting up dates on an online website. one man claims he was beaten and his phone stolen by two men. t a 19-year-old claims she allowed a friend staying with her to use her phone, and it was her friend that set her up. randy: a massachusetts superintendent is cleared of charges after he broke into a student' s home. he was charged with breaking and entering after he went inside the home of a high school student who had spent several months in florida and was trying to reenroll. it is the second day of testimony; the judge directed a not guilty verdict, ruling that there was no evidence he was barred from the home. emily: a murder suspect held without bail, accused of shooting a man in the head. gregory wright pleaded not
5:50 am
police say he killed a man who was performing at the city limits saloon tuesday night. he is accused of assaulting a police officer. randy: one of two man charged with stealing bones from this graveyard is expected to be arraigned in court. police arrested him earlier this month in a drug investigation. they say they found skeletal remains there that he and another suspect are accused of stealing. emily: dive teams come up empty-handed as they search the charles river for a harbor massachusetts man. he disappeared after a night out in boston with his cousins last weekend. he was last seen outside the tavern while celebrating his 22nd birthday. randy: sky5 over norton here, where police are investigating a deadly accident. police say that an employee was hit and killed by a delivery truck in the warehouse parking lot.
5:51 am
emily: a state prison guard is behind bars this morning. he' s suspended without pay for officer. he is charged with stealing drugs. prosecutors say he sold heroin four times to an undercover state trooper. police say he also had drugs on him during his arrest. randy: starting next year, guns will be allowed in classrooms at the university of texas-austin. the new guidelines were approved yesterday by the reluctant university president. a new law allows concealed carry holders carry their guns in public universities . emily: pope francis is back in the vatican after wrapping up a trip to mexico. he spoke at a mass yesterday, 800 yards from the border with texas. he called on governments worldwide to open their hearts of migrants and refugees, but he stopped short of calling on the
5:52 am
randy: the world health organization is asking for $56 million to help combat the growing zika virus, the disease linked to severe birth defects, which has spread to 30 countries. the organization says he would help fast-track a vaccine, and researchers are looking to stop the mosquito-borne virus. tumbleweed take over. this is a video from australia. it is summer there right now, and they have been having dry conditions fueling these tumbleweeds. in some places they are as high as the roof, but there is no help from the city. they say it is not a fire risk so you are on your own. emily: a missing pennsylvania dog trapped underground for two days has been rescued. she was found in this narrow hold. you can watch as she is pulled to the surface when rescuers. they sent their chief down that whole. -- that hole.
5:53 am
>> you want going to believe this, but i have a carry your being attacked by wild turkeys delivering the mail. randy: who says nothing stops the mail carrier? this new jersey mail carrier is surrounded by wild turkeys. that was his boss calling 911 to get him help. the carrier says the turkeys crowded his car. he couldn' t get out to do his job and eventually got the turkeys to move on, but says he will be proceeding with extra caution should it happen again. emily: we are dreaming of warmer weather. the red sox get to experience it, pitchers and catchers report for spring training. most of them are already there. and we will be there. like lynch -- mike lynch will head down with live reports starting on sunday. randy: this was the last game of the season, and definitely one to remember.
5:54 am
needs makes a pretty big play. >> [cheering] emily: great, right? he' s a 15-year-old, and he is a member of the freshman basketball team. he finally got a chance to play as the season wrapped up. he took a pass, nailed a jumper. the teammates went wild. a job well done! cindy: oh, my gosh. i love the screens. weather-wise, 30 degrees in boston. but we are only going up a tiny bit, with colder air sitting off to the west-northwest. that will be feeding in over the course of the day, with passing clouds this morning. , we will see a lot of sunshine s to lower 30' s is the best we are doing.
5:55 am
you do want to dress for it. that wind is also going to be moving over the water, through parts of the cape. it will generate some ocean effect snow showers. the wind is holding things from the outer cape, late this afternoon into this evening, and we will see these. i don' t expect any accumulation, but if you are on the outer cape showers developing. high-pressure nosing in, the friday. it could produce some rain and snow showers, but they are weekend. sunshine, and temperatures near 50. we are watching the middle of next week, where there will be a storm loaded with moisture coming up the coast. it track?
5:56 am
by this attracts more on top of us are farther inland, it will likely be rain. , it is still not clear where it will go but plan on some storminess either way. but between now and then, pretty quiet. let' s see how we are doing on the roads. olessa: much the same here. a live look outside, some of the delays starting to pick up on the southbound side, but traffic getting by without any problems. all the overnight construction is gone, no accidents to report. we did have some early warning construction on 93 southbound, but all the roadwork is gone and all liens are open. north of here down to andover, we have a little bit of volume. as you travel the pike, 495 to 128, 15-20 minutes at most. wide open after the tolls.
5:57 am
95 free. 24 is also nice and light up toward 128. near braintree, no volume or delays. the expressway into boston on schedule. emily: thank you. students rally in boston. randy: the concern that pulled away from their winter break. and the teacher accused of attacking a student. whether teachers made claims to have witnessed. emily: and take a live look across the city. i think i see the sky brightening just a little, or is that wishful thinking?
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announcer: now on newscenter 5 -- randy: a deadly fire under investigation in plymouth. the struggle for firefighters as flames trapped the victim. emily: a new hampshire teacher, accused of assaulting a student. what police say she slapped out of a child' s hand. randy: president barack obama, making a historic trip to cuba. the resistance to that diplomatic plan on the eye thursday morning. announcer: good morning. this is newscenter 5 "eyeopener."


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