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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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maria: a big night of breaking news. ed: first in boston -- a mother and child run down on the street, rushed to the hospital. the investigation unfolding right now. maria: a campus scare at umass amherst. the attack forcing students to stay indoors. ed: the new plan just revealed for tomorrow after this travel nightmare. the problem making it impossible for trains to reach boston. ed: newscenter 5 crews on all three of those scenes tonight. maria: from boston, all the way to amherst, let's start with jorge quiroga in roxbury,where that mother and child have been hit. jorge? jorge: that happened happened before 9:00. the resident crediting a neighbor for giving that child, that baby girl, a chance to make it. the mother and five year old baby girl were crossing roxbury when they were struck bay car. the neighbor ran out frantically giving the baby cpr, trying to keep her alive.
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if she was making it because she was little. she was very toon ny. i tried to do what i could do, that i knew what to do to try help her. jorge: mother and baby suffering serious injury. the driver, a man remained at the scene. police say he tried to help. >> the operator of the motor vehicle did stop. he made himself known the lis. at this time, the mother and the five-month-old girl at boston medical center and the baby is in serious condition. jorge. yesterday. her car totaled. tonight she heard the screeching tires in stick took over. coat. i tried chest compressions on her and tried to help her. >> our prayers to the mother and this the five-month-old girl in hopes they will be ok. jorge. the accident reconstruction team is still on the scene here trying to determine if speed was factor. police, at this point, don't
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area or were visiting. trauma. live in roxbury, jorge quiroga, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: there is breaking news tonight on a campus attack at umass amherst. this video was taken right when everyone was told to stay and shelter in place. we can tell you tonight, a man did attack a student and he's still on the run. newscenter 5's phil lipof is live in amherst. of questions about how this all happened? phil: right, maria. chief among those questions: how did the two guys get into see core dorm here on campus? assault someone student, yes, witness say they had a gun. >> two guys running done the hallway. phil: no one was closer than the two men than same. he doesn't want to use the last last name. he is a freshman and freaked out tonight. he was heading to the room on the third floor of the dorm. >> how does did the guys get to you when they were running done the into they,ed and touched me.
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right. everyone else had no idea what was ap peng. >> my friend to pull md knee the room moodily and was like, get out of here. she called the cops. ed: the police chief say the two men were not umass student although they were college age. >> minor lacerations to the head. phil: cell phone video shows the miss response. the school sent out tweets and alerts even a siren. >> intrude are alert. telling everyone to shelter in lays. the sophomores were in a yoga class. >> we wanted to come back. i lived here. at the same time, we didn't feel safe because no one knew where the ga was. phil: when it was over, they responded to dozens of text shall it finally hit him. >> are safe tonight. >> yeah. >> that is what is important. >> that is what is important. phil: but of by the time the police ride of are shall those two guys jumped in a carn driven off campus. they are still looking for them tonight.
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the hospital at this hour. the chief tells us, he is certain this one specific assault. still there are extra patrols in this area. this, by the way, the first time there was ever a shelter in place here on the campus. live in ham hearst, phil lipof, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: there is breaking news commute. and it is not good. maria: if you take the mbta, brace for more delays tomorrow. those signal problems are still not fixed! bay station with what riders need to know. john? john. ed, still lungering problems tonight. you look up on the boards here. there are still delays. south station will be a problem again in the morning, so there will be even more headaches tomorrow. finding a train home requires a crowd at back bay station to listen up. >> it is total chaos. john. hundreds jammed the platform
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there tessed a miserable morning commute into a nightmare ride home. >> this is absolutely disgusting. it is grateful. >> there is no, there is no ability to plan, and, you know, it is just really frustrating. john: a flood of frustrated computers packedded overflowing trains desperate to claim any corner on the limited service that did run. dissite the chaos, workers got high praise for trying to smooth the ride. file like everyone on the ground here is trying as hard as they can. john: but another dave crushing delays has shaken the confidence already bee leaguered commuters. >> we have no idea of what is going on. the fact they cannot fix it in a day is just, it is worthless. john. for so many commuters they don't cir who is to blame. they want to get home on time. it looks like they are going to be more problems again tomorrow. live at back bay station
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john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: draw dropping video. that is one car that is ripped in two. jaw-dropping video from leominster tonight. that's one car ripped into two. we're told police were trying to pull the driver over for blowing through a stop sign. but the driver took off and slammed into a utility pole. and get this, he was able to run away from this violent crash. police later caught him at a nearby supermarket. he's hospitalized at u-mass medical center in worcester tonight. it is a cold night in the boston area. twenties in most places. teens in some. harvey leonard is here with what to expect tomorrow. harvey? meteorologist: it will go away t. thewiest out of the north. it is col. that is off the between cape. that is why it picked up a bit of moisture. note it is 25 in boston. already 19 in-wise. 18 orange. these are temperatures to greet you early tomorrow morning. teens in boston.
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cape because of the cloud cover they have had. also, i am following some snow in the upper midwest. i do expect at least period of snow tomorrow night. bigger changes coming over the weekend and next week. we will diskits all in a little while. ed and maria? ed: right now, revere police are hunting for two people linked to this cruiser crash. michael gouthro is accused of trying to stab an officer with a syringe during a stop today. he led that officer on a chase into chelsea, where the officer wrecked his cruiser. the officer is expected to be okay. gouthro and a passenger in the car, jaqueline murphy, are now on the run. >> she was making a snow angel. ed: she is an angel. haley was killed two weeks ago. she was playing in the yard after torm. the branch weighed done by heavy snow cracked and fell on her.
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february 5th. my baby was taken. it is heartbreaking. please, hug and kiss them. you just don't know. ed: the family says the outpouring of support from their community has been overwhelming. >> i don't think its. i think said something much softer than originally reported buy the media. it think he heard one side of this story which is probably by the mexican government. maria: that's donald trump in the last hour not backing down from what he's saying about the pope. the republican frontrunner went on the attack after the pontiff questioned his faith because of his views on immigration. >> it is a headline that is surprising even donald trump. >> mr. trump, the pope made a statement but. i said the hope? what did the pope say? i like the pope. was it good or bad? he actually said that maybe i am not a good christian or something.
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a nice thing to say. reporter: trum then turning the volume. >> for religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. am proud to be a christian. no leader, especially a religious leader, should have the right to question another man's religion or faith. >> the billionaire candidate, accuse mexico, of using pope francis as a "pawn" in the debate over immigration and board are see core. i. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis which is everyone knows isis' ultimate trump, i could promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trillionp would have been present. reporter: for good measure, the trum team tweeting this image of the vatican surrounding by walls this. the new controversy is again forcing opponents to stray are from their messages. >> between donald, the pope. i will not get in the middle of that.
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>> we have a rating to control what comes in when they come in, how they come in. i don't question anyone's christian anti. i believe that is a relationship that you have with your creator. reporter: trump went ton say, he is not worried a all about losing voters with the new comments. by the way the south carolina primaries saturday. on the democratic side, bernie sanders has sliced the national polling lead in half. hillary clinton has an 11-point lead nationally, but that's down from a 25-point lead a month ago. polls in nevada show the two neck-and-neck going into that state's caucuses on saturday. ed: this is new at 11:00 boston latin failed to adequately investigate a racial slur. it looked at the racial climate of the school following complains about the way the administrators handled racist behavior them report shows on
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follow the cycle's code of conduct when a white student threatened to the reference of lynching. zoo is new search. this time involving this the brother of the shooter. the fbi is not saying what agents are trying to find sign id of the brother homes. they were there. farooks the brother of syed farook who killed 14 in december. that brother has bt been named a suspect or arrested. ji facebook and twitter are backing apple. apple's ceo tim cook repass toking to cre at the software that would allow the fbi to hack into the iphone of the san bernardino shooters. the tech giants say the fb aye he decision to put consumer riff sy at risk would create chilling precedent to make it difficult for companies to see core the products. ed: next on wcvb newscenter 5. jay an out-of-control helicopter them the tour tists trapped inside. the witnesses who raced to save them.
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>> we are putting officers back to work. that could end dan gr the public. >> 5 investigates how it is happening and why. meteorologist: the time lynne on a weekend warm-up. how warm and for how long? ed: breaking tonight. a 5-year-old girl critically hurt hit by a car while crossing the street with her mother in roxbury. neighbors gave the girl cpr. the driver did try help. the investigation is ongoing
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t the wall street banks meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street
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millions in campaign contributions our economy works because it's riggedt by wall street. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. ed: actually almost dunn look real. it looks lake scene out of the movie. real. it is stunning video out of hawaii tonight catches a helicopter crashing into the water. watch while the chopper hits the
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upside down as it approaches the shore near the uss arizona memorial. the navy says the five people aboard were on a tour at the time. one person was critically injured. >> tried to get cover. ed: right now, faa and ntsb investigators are at the crash scene. the surviving pilot should be able to tell investigators exactly what happened. 5 investigates teaming up with northeastern university school of journalism and making a disturbing discovery about boston police officers the department wants to suspend or fire. maria: investigative reporter mike beaudet reveals the
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to arbitration ends up being overturned which the police commissioner says is putting problem officers back on the force. >> reporter: is includes six officers the department tried to fire for variety of reasons are. from an officer who tookoff after off-duty assault in a park fay rage to the ster accused of holding a gun to someone's head who owed him money. >> you are right. they are putting officers back to work. that could end dangr the public and i am not comfortable with that. >> one of those back to work officers is this man who was fired in 2010. it steps from a 2005 murder at nightclub in randolph where he was accused of driving the getaway car. he was cleared in a criminal trial but boston police investigators still believe he knew that his cuss sin shot and killed the victim before he drove the cousin home. the arbitrator disagreed in 2012
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and he was reinstated. >> not only do they come back. we have to give him a settlement from the time they missed. the arbitration process works. that is why he is back on the force and doing well in his job today. >> it doesn't surprise me. >> that reaction from michael o'brian, to the findings of our investigation showing discipline is usually overturned. >> williams came from around him and grabbed the. o'brian won $1.4 million settle respect the city after a encounter with officer in the north end in 2009 in which he was recording video of williams in the partner after they responded to a car accident. >> you know. the arm were a my neck. cannot breath. i can feel the wind pipes closing in. boston police fired williams in 2012 but rein stated the next year after the arbitrator ruled was gnat credible witnessness with and it was not the first time being fired by the boston police. he was terminated for his role
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of plainclothes officer michael cox who was mistaken for suss ect. an arbitrator ordered williams back to work in the case, too. >> a lot of people people don't change behavior. that is why we make decision to accept freight the department. it troubles me. >> dave williams is a good officer. dave williams did not doe serve to be fired. >> pat rose is the president of the boston police patrolmans association. >> do you want bad cop on thereat not at all. not at all. will not support a bad police officer on the street. >> row says the numbers done include the dozens of officers facing discipline who choose to retire. the union only takes cases through arbitration when it believes the officer has been wrongly disciplined. >> any officer that got the jaw back, going to through arbitration was because the fact didn't support firing the officer to begin with. >> the departments appealing the latest decision sew remains off the force for now. >> what do you think about the idea of him being back on the streets terrifying? >> terrify.
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>> of the six officers who were rein stated. two eventually lost their jobs and two more are out on leave. 5 investigates. ed: a live look now. the area is movingshoot smoothly at this hour. maria: yeah. it is 11:19. what do you think it is going to do? ed: i had not noticed. maria: yes. meteorologist: you never know. the way we are going. rush hour is 24 hours a day. you can never be sure. anyway. it is a cold fight. 25 degrees. breeze out of the northwest. feels like 15 in boston. then teens in jaffrey and nashua. not out of the question that there will be a few single digit. notice it is not as cold on the cape but because the northerly wind brought cloud and maybe a few snowflakes. if a big deal and that will be by the boards in a couple of how hours. there three chilly temperatures to start the day tomorrow. it will mo ef up to the 3's in. that is not that warm. then tomorrow night. first half of the night. the other temperature hangs around freezing. that is important.
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to warm as you can see on saturday. before that warm air gets here. during friday night and a period of snow is likely. not a major storm or anything resembling it. rating here in the upper midwest. that is going to start moving eastward that is going to reason ahead of the mold are air. we start out with sunshine tomorrow. still midday, early afternoon. then the clouds advance from west to east. we get to tomorrow evening around 7:00. the snow could be breaking out. not going to snow for more than an you are or two or throw at the most. as it moves to worcester county by 9:00 and the boston area by 11:00 then moves away. maybe additional shower. see the cloud break on saturday. that lice us to be mild. that little window of a couple of hours friday night. is possible this a coating to inch of snow could accumulate or maybe even a little bit more this ready no. that is going to pelt away even if that happens on saturday. obviously in the milder a ir. that takes care of tomorrow for you.
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50 and sunday's going to be near 50 far hey during the daylight hourses a well. we have to keep a little eye on later sunday night and early monday. small little storm we might catch the northern edge of the precipitation as we start to early monday. it is pos will be could be a period of snow even a small chance of a small accumulation early on monday. then moves way. we turn a little bit colder then we turn our attention to the middle of next week. it looks complicated. i certainly don't have it all figured out yet. the idea is we are colder. the storm comes up the coast. if it stays offshore. we stay cold. then we get either snow or let. if the storm hugs the coast. more like rain or sleet listening the cast and mix over the interior. probably take awhile to sort that one out so there are several opportunities. a little bit of snow tomorrow night. some chance late sunday night early monday then the big question mark another middle of next week.
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a very mild weekend saturday and sunday. >> wonderful. this will warm your heart. red sox announcer jerry remy is
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maria: changes coming to red sox this season. ed: heather unruh talked one-on-one with jerry remy about the upcoming season. rem sy is hap ha! pi that don landed on his feet in san diego. he had special relationship. then his style won't change. he hopes it clicks with the newcomer dave o'brien. remy's take on the on field changes this season. he is optimistic and with good reason. >> the way the kids played the
11:26 pm
year gives us reason for encourage. >> they are kids. i like the way he said kids. 63. >> 63. any surprises this season, remy says nothing surprises him any more. look that tem picture. >> he looks terrific. he really does. ed: there you go. maria: very good. ed: jerry did. all right. dan economy not go to aruba. he didn't go anywhere today. he didn't answer any calls.
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>> nashville is the music city
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playing out of tune all night long. not a lot to tull tonight. they were shut out. 2-love the final. the only goal nashville would lead. less than three minutes the thing. one-null. 12 minutes later thisment they would score again. we don't mean to pick ob the captain. he is jim on the ice. hes with on the ice for the last nine goals. opponents scored against the bruins going back to sunday afternoon when they lost in detroit. best chance the bruins had here. whistled off. no goal. three power plays in the third period. 0-3 on the night. 0-19 on the power play. they go to dallas to ply the stars. nba trading deadline passed at 3 this afternoon and the celtics stood still, they are playing great basketball, don't have a shot to contend for a title this year, so this appears to be the correct move by danny ainge.
11:31 pm
that was what he has to offer people going to the nba draft in june. so that is the pretty, pretty hefty arsenal. a lot of trump cards. so the next time the celtics can make a move to improve is through the draft or free agency this summer. as for kelly olynyk, he will not require surgery on his injured shoulder, but will be out of the lineup for at least a couple of weeks during rehab. tomorrow if the first official workout for red sox pitchers and catchers, many other position players are already in camp until next week mike lynch live from fort myers beginning february 21st. they think they are pretty solid throughout defensively. >> i try go throughout and make plays for the team. for the guys on the mound. i would like to have fun with it. you know, i think, you know,
11:32 pm
i am just enjoying myself. traim trying to do the best i can. >> what are the expectation for the year ahead? >> obsly to within the world series. you know, the number one goal going in. after that, you no he, no plan b. you want to go in. execute the plan. that is to win. all right. here's the outfield plan a and b. there are the spaces to watch that. you got bets jackie bradley jr. and castillele low. you can play every place by the way. chris young acquired by the ang kiss in the outfield as well. we gen the live coverage from fort myers coming up sunday night beginning at 6:00 when the regulars come in this. the rest of the squad workout is next wednesday the 24th. tweakerring what down there, harvey? 80 sir? >> you got to look this way. we all love lynch. he go going to florida this week. around. >> both days. yeah. 50 here. >> yeah. ite will be 85 down there. >> 8 a. anyway, don't let the saturday
11:33 pm
he we may get an inch snowtom night. late sunday into early monday. may be a little bit of snow. then the mild of this ex with a ek. looks complicated probably mixed precipitation and going to take awhile. >> i will lit fool me. i will love every minute of those 50-degree temperatures. are you kidding? ed: that is something to enjoy. maria: thanks for being with us everybody.
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we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. r we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it vwith a tax on wall street speculation. p the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. r it is time for them to start helping t the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kerry washington, nikolaj coster-waldau, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from jason derulo with cleto and the cletones. and now, nobody move, here's jimmy kimmel!


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