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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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emily: good morning. randy: we are following right n ow -- trouble of the tracks this morning. big problems for commuter rail passengers and many others on the t. what you need to know. emily: a devastating crash in boston. a mother and her baby hit by a car. the quick action to save their lives. randy: a threat leading to a manhunt. the attack inside a dorm room, the search underway right now. emily: but first, we are checking in with cindy and your forecast. tgif!
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a pretty changeable week, weather-wise. the winds are on the later side. we are in the teens right now back towards pittsburgh. at nashua just, 12. some lower 20' s and the cape, and you get to chat them, t here' s some cloud cover. but these have wound down and the clouds will dissipate. we' ll start out with some sunshine, but this system will bring in clouds as we get into the afternoon, and look what it the temperature outward st. louis? t getting to 60 degrees but we should be around 50. afternoon. we jump into the 30' s, wind out of the south. we' ll make a run toward 40, and we may sneak into the 40' s here
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a good-looking week overall. we will timeout the chance for snow in the monday morning commute, just ahead. let' s get you up to the roads. olessa: we will take it from here. right now they are still trying to fix the problem, but it is another slow morning for commuter rail travelers. randy: the eyeopener reporters are on the story for you. emily: we begin with antoinette antonio with the message for commuters. y, certainly expected to be another nightmare commute this morning, all of this being blamed on that broken amtrak. a lot of detours as people try to get into boston this morning. and this is affecting everyone -- the t and the commuter rail' s.
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to the south station this morning, that means all the other commuter rail lines won' t stop. it will funnel all those passengers onto the red and orange lines. that could lead to seems like this -- frustrated crowds enjoying a nightmare trip home after a stalled morning commute. >> this is absolutely disgusting. it is disgraceful. >> no ability to plan. s really frustrating. antoinette: this bite the chaos, workers inside the station got high praise from passengers we talked to for trying to do whatever they could to alleviate the situation. right now, there is no estimated fixed. of course we will be talking to the head of the mbta later this morning, and we will also be baker.
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the rest of your morning commute. let' s check in with olessa. olessa: thank you. we' ll keep you posted on those delays. first, a live look outside. we want to check on the pike. let' s get over to the map and see the rest of your trip. we are watching a bit of construction in both directions. the three left lanes are closed, and that will be out there for another 10-15. the construction is also clearing. problem free. oncve ok, but we will keep you posted. emily: thank you. a mother and her five-year-old daughter are critically injured. they were hit by a driver in boston, and frank holland is an roxbury right now with the efforts to save their lives. frank: police say a witness
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that woman did all she could to give that baby a chance to survive. the mother in her five-month-old were crossing humble avenel around 9:00 last night. they were hit by a car. a woman rushed over to help, frantically getting the baby cpr. >> i just came out, and i didn' t think she would make it. she' s little, very tiny. i tried to do what i could do, what i knew how to do to try and help her. frank: both the mother in the child' s will taken chat -- the mother and child were taken to the hospital. police are trying to figure out if speed was a factor. randy: thank you. other stories we are following -- police searching for this man, accused of murdering a woman. police say he killed her, leaving her body at the cliff side apartments. anyone with information is asked
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emily: police are looking for these two people in connection with a violent confrontation. one tried to stab a police officer with a syringe. the officer wrecked his cruiser but is expected to be ok. randy: right now, the search for two men accused of attacking a umass amherst student inside his dorm room. campus, and erika is tracking new developments. erika: campus police say this does not appear to be a random act, that the victim was targeted. the attack allegedly happened, b with two men rushing in and attacking him with a handgun. the school issue tweets and even the siren, warning everyone to stay in place.
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because i live here, and at the same time we didn' t feel safe because no one knew where the guy was. erika: by the time police had arrived, the suspects had driven off campus. either are believed to to be umass students. the campus has been deemed safe as police continue their search for the man. emily: thank you. new this morning, community leaders are not happy with the new report that finds boston latin improperly handled claims of racism. the report from the boston public schools found that administrators did not adequately investigate after a student used a racial slur and made a remark about lynching to a black classmate. that is one of six incidents where students were disciplined in some way. a city council are called the findings unacceptable. still ahead, heartbreak for the parents of a little girl. randy: their daughter was killed by a falling tree limb. >> i was making an appointment,
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randy: the emotional interview you will see only on 5. emily: and boston police officers terminated for wrongdoing are getting their jobs back. we reveal how often this is happening. cindy: skies are clear this morning, but it is cold, with clouds moving in. then warmer air for the weekend, tracking a couple chances of
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they're one of that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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emily: the parents of a little girl killed by a falling tree limb are opening up about their grief. >> she was making a silly noise, and -- emily: the six-year-old was killed two weeks ago, playing in her yard after a snowstorm. the branch, weighted down by heavy snow, broke off, falling on top of her. her parents are obviously heartbroken. >> my life ended on february 6. [indiscernible] appreciate your children, hug them and kiss them. emily: the family says the outpouring of support from the
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emily: tgif, guys. randy: very excited about the weekend. cindy: and you remember back on monday, how warm it was? it' s cold now, but we will get warm again for the weekend. you can see the month so far has been very up and down, but when you average all the highs together, you get pretty average. average high now is up to 40 degrees, around climate illogically the medium. it' s a cold start this morning, temperatures running in the teens from the north shore all the way into lawrence. nashua, 12. 14 in worcester. 21 in boston. s, but look what happens this
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through the early afternoon, and the 30' s to around 40 degrees. clouds will be increasing, and we have more cloud cover. down around the cape, this shield of clouds, the ocean affected batch, with snow showers overnight, in the process of diminishing. gray skies this morning. from this next weather system. it' s the leading edge of much warmer air, and this temperature in st. louis -- 62 degrees there a now. some warm air working in our direction, ours for the weekend. before today, seasonal -- but for today, seasonal. most areas close to 40' s in boston, brightest skies through early afternoon. around 2:00, clouds will come in . if you have plans this evening, i would expect a lot of cloud cover. the deeper we get into the
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that threat is with us through sunrise tomorrow morning. we will be on either side of the freezing mark here. it won' t be particularly called overnight, and any snow will be on the lighter side. i think we are talking to a coating to less than an inch. a the ledges across northern new england. we will be talking about a milder temperature pattern on saturday. this front will cross in the afternoon. even though we are around 50 tomorrow, it is mostly cloudy and quite breezy. as for the other side of this fund, -- this front, there will be a wave of low pressure. it could bring in a little bit of snow. i think we are dry during the day on saturday, but it increases by the evening hours. and look at this -- from west to east, a band of light snow was coming in. i don' t expect a lot of it, but it could impact the monday
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ll get a break in the action on tuesday, still watching the next potential storm threat. a lot of changes. but hey, 50' s. emily: perfect. thank you. for anyone heading out for the commute. olessa: we are still dealing with problems with the amtrak train. only two lines will be going all the way to south station -- all others will be stopping, funneled onto the origin red line.anticipate crowded platforms and lots of problems . antoinette antonio will have more for us throughout the morning and will keep you posted. as far as the roads, no problems. this is the pike, looking good both directions. as you travel north town, construction should be picking up shortly. as well as 93 south of music and bridge. that, too, will be gone. no issues south of town.
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once again, we would keep you posted with problems on the t. emily: commitment 2016. one day away from the next round of early voting. for the democrats, it is nevada. republicans. most of the gop candidates met there today after the second round of the townhall meeting. john kasich, jeb bush, and donald trump all their. down his initial reaction to comments by pope francis, calling him not christian over his mexican border wall plan. >> >> i think you said something much softer than was originally reported by the media. i think he heard one side of the story, which is probably the brexit and government. emily: tropic u.s.-mexico of using pope francis as a "pawn" in the debate. religious leader to question someone' s faith was
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the democrats held their own townhall in nevada. hillary clinton and bernie sanders trying to win over minority voters and women. >> gloria steinem -- everyone knows gloria is one of the leading feminists in america. made me an honorary woman many years ago. emily: he called out clinton for campaign attacks, which painted sanders is not supporting president obama. >> i just don' t know where all this comes from. t really a democrat until he decided to run for president. has an 11 point lead over sanders, down from a 25 point lead just a month ago. randy: 10 minutes before 5:00. we' re teaming up with the northeastern university school of journalism. three out of four cases of homeless are fired for alleged wrongdoing, later cleared by
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records obtained by us show that since 2007, arbitrators have overturned 72% of discipline handed out by the independence. that includes six officers the department tried to fire for a variety of reasons, from an officer who took off after an off-duty assault in a parking garage to an officer accused of holding a gun to someone' s head who owed him money. >> i' m all for the officers and their rights, but put officers back to work. that could endanger the public and i' m not comfortable with that. randy: the union that represents boston police officers told us the reason officers got their jobs back through arbitration was because the facts did not support the firing of the officer. emily: i check on the economy -- asian stocks dipped today over concerns of oil prices. right now, stock futures on wall
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yesterday, a three-day rally ran out of steam as the dow dropped. taking a look at your trending stories -- check out this video out of missouri. grass fire when it started to swirl. pretty frightening. thankfully, no one was hurt. firefighters say lawnmower started the fire. randy: harry potter going on tour. they' re teaming up for the rerelease of the original films. an orchestra will perform the music. the plan is to roll out all eight films within the next seven years in venues across the country. the first joe weisenthal adelphia. emily: an nfl star announces his retirement in interesting way. >> i just want to say thank you for an amazing, 12 your career. -- 12th year career. this is the part where i would write off into the sunset, but
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just ride off. emily: there you go. jared allen posted this to twitter yesterday. his final game was the panthers super bowl loss to the broncos. a close call for a packed bus in texas. randy: video you need to see to believe, and wife has a bus driver off the job. and later, a new york lawmaker wants to put restrictions on food stamps.
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emily: your early news to go -- a danish railroad signal is going to be a problem for commuters. randy: and that means another round of detours and delays for many thousands trying to get to work in boston. the lions will be able to get all the way into south station this morning. that created scenes like this last night. most commuter lines will stop before. passengers will be funneled onto the red and orange lines, and there is no timeline on when this issue will be fixed. emily: a wild scene -- a car ripped in half after the driver crashed into it utility pole. police say they were trying to pull over after he blew a stop sign. he crashed, but was still able to run away from the rack. police later caught him at a supermarket. he will face a judge would see is out of the hospital. randy: stunning video out of hawaii showing a helicopter crashing into pearl harbor.
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taking a tour yesterday. one of them is a teenager in critical condition. the faa and ntsb are at the crash scene. the surviving pilot should be able to tell them what happened. emily: an endangered baby dolphin has died after he was pulled from the water and argentina and tossed around on the beach. activists say he had been left in the mud. video and images has sparked outrage. there are less than 30,000 of those dolphins left in the world. randy: terrifying moments on a school bus in texas. the driver got too close to a train. this is cellphone video that was taken from the back of the bus as the train whizzes by. the bus driver says the bus had some kind of problem, too loud, and couldn' t be driven safely. the driver has been fired. emily: the bruins are on the road in nashville, scoring less
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they would need, but they added some insurance. they had for powerpoint opportunities but couldn' t capitalize. randy: a woman goes to extreme lengths to get her coffee in the middle of a snowstorm. she strapped her border collie to this led -- to this sled. she says she often take them on trail hikes. she got her coffee, and the dogs got some bite-size donuts. so everybody was happy with the trip! emily: we can relate with that moment. we need coffee. randy: don' t stand in our way. emily: [laughter] cindy: arriving in style, too. look at the minus signs this morning. these are not the temperatures, these are the differences.
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skies are clear, teens and 20' s, but a lot of sunshine through the first half of the day. temperatures are syncing up close to 40 this afternoon as the wind turns to the south. high-pressure shipped out and a warm front in the afternoon which will bring in the cloud cover and eventually some warmer temperatures for the weekend. you can say them out there now -- and this afternoon in boston it is making a run for 40 degrees. not a lot of cold air across the lower 48, but there is this little storm system racing toward us. the bulk of the snow will be across northern new england and we will see the clouds -- this coating of snow not out of the question. a few inches of snow across northern new england, but that is all associated with the warm front. despite a fair amount of clouds
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on sunday, and as we head towards sunday night here we will see a little bit more snow. high temperatures coming up to near 50 degrees and a little bit into monday. much more on that as the eyeopener continues. >> now on newscenter 5' s eyeopener -- randy: another nightmare for passengers this morning. the only train getting through the south station, and some praise for the scene. emily: a mother and baby hit by a car. hear the reaction from the witness desperate to save the baby. randy: an attack at on a student at umass amherst. the message for everyone on campus. >> you are watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5' s eyeopener. emily: 5:00 a.m.


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