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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  February 19, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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or visit >> unmatched political coverage. >> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at noon. >> and arrest warrant for two men accused of attacking a umass student inside his dorm. there is a shelter in place as police scoured the campus. >> the victim was targeted. this car was confirmed
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home seized on water street. it is believed to be connected to the incident here they also search 2 homes and believe 2 framingham residents are connected. the attack happened at pierpont hall. 2 men rushed in with a gun, assaulting the student who severed cuts to his head, but was not seriously hurt. the school warned everyone to stay in place. >> i live here. at the same time, we didn' t feel safe. no one knew where the guy was. >> you are safe tonight, that is what is important. >> neither suspect is believed to be u-mass students. the campus has been deemed safe. >> a boston police officer on paid leave. the officer is under investigation in connection with the shoplifting ring involving whether or not he was profiting
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>> author harper lee has died at the age of 89. she wrote the 1969 classic "to kill a mockingbird." that defined the racial troubles of the deep south. a second novel was published, "go set a watchman" which she wrote before "to kill a mockingbird." >> new video after a mother and her five-month-old daughter were hit by a car in roxbury with the everest to save their lives. frank: dozens try to save the mom and her baby girl. one came from the top floor of her apartment building and raced down to breathe life into the five-month-old. a mother and baby growth badly injured after they were hit by a car. surrounded by people trying to save her life. >> i didn' t even think.
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frank: lavonia neal raced to the street from her apartment to give the baby cpr. >> i lifted her head back. frank: screeching tires and allow to their windows. >> i saw the mother on the ground with her legs twisted. everybody had the baby. >> she was laying down there and her shoes were over there. up there were 2 baby blankets. frank: the crash was at 9:00 on thursday night on humboldt avenue. >> everyone was trying to do it they could for the baby, because they said it wasn' t breathing. she started breathing. she still wasn' t crying. she had a knot on her head and blood coming out of her ears. frank: health suffered serious head injuries. this stretch of humboldt avenue does not have a crosswalk. it leaves many with heavy hearts for the mother and baby girl. >> i'
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frank: the mother and five-month-old are in critical condition and the hospital. the crash is under investigation. the driver remained at the scene. so far, that person is not facing charges. frank holland. emily: really for commuter rail passengers after an amtrak problem was fixed as rush-hour got under way. trains are able to get to south station. unlike yesterday where commuters stations. a computer software problem was between the control center and the switches on the track. >> it takes multiple switches train from outside the back of a tunnel into the station. >> i guess they fixed whatever they had to fix. under investigation.
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software malfunction. way? cindy: it will get warmer. temperatures. the sun is out. look to the west. look at the temperature in st. louis. 72. you get the idea. it is warm. direction. -- that our direction. there are clouds and a strip of snow that we will be watching into the afternoon and evening. clouds will be moving east. look south, even around the freezing mark in worcester county. temperatures will pick up a few near 40 this afternoon with increasing clouds.
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there might be snow showers the west. any time from 8:00 to midnight there could the snowflakes morning. an inch of snow is not out of the question north of the pike tomorrow morning. snow. more, just ahead. erika: a mass bay community college student is in court after a road rage incident. pam cross is in dedham. the driver pointed a gun at another driver? pam: yes, he confirmed with police he had an incident on route 9. he is 25 years old and was going to class at mass bay. the other drivers said ian beagan first pointed at the car roof and then at him when he could not pass. he also made an obscene gesture.
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wellesley. he does have a license for the glock found in the car. he is an army veteran. his lawyer says he has ptsd. >> he been good for 2.5 years in trying to deal with ptsd on his own. you cannot do it alone. this incident probably a rose from the fact he had gotten away of months. pam: ian beagan told authorities about 2 rifles he had in his home. he also had licenses for those. they have been collected. he is going to the va hospital for evaluation. erika: revere police are looking for these people in connection with the violent crash involving a police cruiser. michael gouthro is accused of trying to stab an officer with a syringe during a traffic stop.
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chelsea. michael gouthro and his passenger, jaclyn murphy, are on the run. a car with an half after the driver crashed into a utility pole. the police were trying to pull over taino reyes after he blew through a stop sign. they caught him at a nearby supermarket. medical center. for this man who is accused of murdering a woman involved in. kenneth manning killed coleen russell, leaving her body at the cliffside commons apartments. anyone with information is asked to come forward. >> a big weekend with the republican primary in south carolina and the democratic caucuses in nevada. the candidates are tackling the issue of immigration. donald trump is clarifying his
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megan: donald trump sticking to his stance. >> we have to have the wall. a person christian. the vatican. are backing up drum. >> i thought it was inappropriate for the pope to contested primary. megan: rubio is campaigning with governor haley. ted cruz appears with the "duck dynasty" star in myrtle beach. a citizen is worried that his canadian birth will disqualify him. >> ted cruz could have done something about it. he didn' t lift his finger to do anything about it. megan: on the democratic side, a dead heat. hillary clinton is not going down without a fight.
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m not just making speeches and promising free everything. megan: in south carolina, trump has a double-digit lead with ted cruz and marco rubio following. many believe after tomorrow it could be a three-man race. emily: thousands of mourners are gathering as justice antonin scalia lies in repose at the supreme court. there was a private ceremony this morning and now the viewing is open to the public. president obama and the first lady will pay their respects today. rice president joe biden will attend shkreli' s funeral mass tomorrow. erika: the report from boston public schools found administrators did not adequately investigate
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city counselor tito jackson called the findings unacceptable. emily: u.s. launching airstrikes against isis. erika: the training camp targeted and the extremist likely tilt. helicopter crashes into the ocean. information on that investigation. cindy: more mild temperatures. 2 chances for snow. the impact as we head back to school. emily: it looks like a dramatic waterfall of fire.
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at noon. emily: 40 people are dead after the u.s. launches airstrikes in libya. it targeted and isis training camp and a extremist that is a senior facilitator of the terrorist group. obama told his security team to beef up counterterrorism efforts in libya and pursue diplomatic capabilities for solving the political crisis. the strike was done in coordination with libyan
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erika: brief video out of hawaii. a helicopter crashed into the water. it hit the water and rolled over, landing upside down as it approached the shore near the uss arizona mom oriole. -- arizona memorial . five people were on board. one was critically hurt. >> someone yelled to get down. we tried to take cover. emily: the faa and ntsb are investigating. the pilot should be able to tell investigators what happened. erika: the trial of the baltimore police officers accused of the death of freddie gray is on hold. one of the officers whose october trial ended in a mistrial could be forced to testify against the others. the court will hear arguments in march before making a decision. freddie gray died last april
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controversy involving the brother of one of the san bernardino shooters. they will not a what they were looking for inside the home of raheel farook, the brother of sayed farook who killed 14 people with his wife in april. raheel farook has not been named a suspect. emily: apple is refusing to create software that would allow the fbi to hack into the iphone of the san bernardino shooter. they say that it would set a precedent and make it difficult for companies to secure their products. erika: one million walmart workers will see more in their paychecks. they will boost minimum wage from nine dollars an hour to $10 an hour. it will include all hourly workers and some supervisors. it will cost the company $1.5
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if you have been outside it is nice. it is on the chilly side, but it is sunny. cindy: you remember last friday when we were talking about the cold? this weekend will be such a treat. emily: we went from the depths of wonder to almost a spring preview. cindy: we were 9 below last sunday. the coldest temperature in boston in six years. we will be in the lower 50' s this afternoon. it is pleasant now. we started in the teens and 20' s, but we have had sunshine all day. we are over the freezing mark, that air is dry, the wind is turning south -- that will bring up more mild air. middle 30' s out of worcester county. beverly, 34. middle 30'
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worcester temperature is with sunshine. the clouds are coming in. by midnight, there will be snow flying. it will be light, but things are changing dramatically varied we have sunshine now, but to the advancing. they will get the car this afternoon. snow out of new york state. at band of snow is ahead of the warm frontal boundary. it is the leading edge of a warmer air mass. toward cincinnati, it is 61. 71 in st. louis. that will try to work in as the warm front crosses the area. the wind will continue out of the south all night. they will not come up much, but with the clouds in the wind out of the south, the temperatures tonight are not far from where they are now. upper 20' s and lower 30' s. i 10:00 this evening, there is
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we will see this makes with a coast line before the sun comes up tomorrow. it is not a big deal, but may be enough to coat the ground. into northern new england, there could be a few inches of snow. frontal boundary. when that gets north, we will have a gusty southwesterly breeze tomorrow and mostly cloudy, 50 on saturday. when the front crosses the area there could be a spot shower in the western half of the state. we are still up around 50. around the front-row boundary there is low pressure developing . sunday night it will go to the south. we will catch the northern average. during sunday day, lower 50' s
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look after midnight, a little area of snow sneaking in that may impacthe monday morning commute. heading back to work on monday morning, school vacation, a couple of inches. not looking good for the morning commute. all eyes next week are focused on wednesday. another storm that will be loaded with moisture. the track is still uncertain. if it heads further offshore there will be more snow and ice. closer to the shore, more rain. i would plan on stormy weather for the middle of the week after a mild weekend. erika: it appears fire is flowing off of a cliff, but that is an optical illusion called a firefall. park rangers at yosemite say it is the sun glowing through a waterfall. the angle has to be just right, which is only for a couple of
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emily: lio ns are back where they belong after walking out of a park in nairobi. nairobi national park is six miles from the downtown area. it is unclear how the lions got out of the park, much of which is surrounded by an electric fence. erika: i' m glad that they are where they belong. s car hits the auction block.
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emily: some james bond fans have scooped up collectibles. including one of the sports cars used in "spectre." parking the aston martin db10 is all the new owner can do. it can go 190 miles per hour, features or certifications street legal.
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nosed changes -- to have no changes made to the car to make it street legal. >> he will be driving it on his property, which is probably immense. cindy: clouds this afternoon with light snow tonight. morning, a few inches. t great for the morning commute. >> thank you for joining us. >> enjoy the warm weekend. thank you for joining us. >> this is an editorial by wcvb channel five president and general manager bill fine. >> governor charlie baker spoke directly about the tea. >> for taxpayers who would never ride the t but write a check, you deserve to know your support is delivering a reliable,
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>> a scheduling nightmare at the t allowing drivers to handpick their work schedule. those with the least annuity end up with shifts conflict with mandatory rest intervals. the result is drivers are paid to stay home to rest while others are paid to cover for them. in 2015, they paid drivers thousands to stay home and another quarter million in overtime for substitute drivers to pick up the shifts. this manual system contributes to the problem. the administrator says switching to an electronic system would eliminate waste. the head of the cartman' s union says it is at issue of safety, but he would consent to a trial to test electronic roster and if management would consider a four-day work week.
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