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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  February 19, 2016 4:30pm-4:59pm EST

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right now cambridge police are investigating aaron afternoon shooting on putman avenue in cambridge. we're told the victim was shot in the leg. police say two people involved do know each other. so far there's been no word on an arrest. >> new at 4:30 the f.b.i. doubling the reward for a notorious bank robber. >> we'll go live to boston now with new surveillance video they want you to see. >> the reward is now $20,000 up from $10,000 for the arrest and conviction of a man the f.b.i. says is armed and very dangerous. they have dubbed him the incognito bandit as he covers his face with a mask, wears zast, a hoodie, even wears socks over his boots so as not to leave a trail. he wears sunglasses. you're looking at surveillance video from the five robberies he pulled since last october. he carries a gun, always displays it to bank employees, in some cases bangs the gun on the counter and has left it on top of the counter pointing in the direction of the teller.
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in his 20's. tends to target stand alone bamblgs in suburban neighborhoods. anyone with information is urged to contact the f.b.i. >> all right. thank you. a road rage suspect in court today after allegedly pulling a gun on a driver. >> this case is not cut and dried. newscenter 5's pam cross is explain. >> both of the cars were traveling here along route 9 westbound. there was some construction that forced both cars to merge. ta-year-old ian beegin has admitted to officers he was involved. reportedly he was late to class, made an obscene gesture and then pulled out a glock, pointed it at the car roof and then at the other driver. that is the allegation. his lawyer says he just waved the weapon around. he says he is an army vet, did his tour in afghanistan, and suffers from post traumatic stress. the judge sent him to the va hospital for evaluation. he is due back in court in two weeks. so far he hasn't been charged.
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for vets who get into trouble. his weapons, two hand guns and two rifles, were confiscated by police. he had licenses for all of them. reporting live from wellesley, i'm pam. back to you. >> breaking news. the u.s. justice department is firing back at apple. federal prosecutors have just filed a motion ordering the tech giant to help unlock the phone of one of the gunmen in the san bernadino attack. the d.o.j. says apple would be allowed to retain possession of the phone and the technology. apple c.e.o. tim cook says cracking the encryption of even one phone could put the privacy of every smartphone user at risk. >> i think you'll like this news. a warmup is on the way just in time for the weekend. >> storm team 5's harvey leonard is here. how warm? >> i think 50 plus is very reachable tomorrow for many of us. before we get to that one little potential problem tonight. notice how the clouds have been thickening up? and starting to see some snow of course eastern new york state just west of vermont. here it's very dry but a little later on tonight it's possible the air could moisten up just
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period of snow from boston northward. maybe a little additional coming up north of route 2 or so. it's going to be mild by morning. before that happens, potential for maybe a coating up to an inch. this is just tenth of an inch of snow. slightly more well to the north. then we'll start talking about the warmer temperatures that are on the way. look at detroit right now. 61. cincinnati, 65. see you in a little bit with happy news. back to you guys. >> commitment 2016 now. the vatican is reacting tonight to the comments made by the pope believed to be directed at donald trump. >> newscenter 5 has this story tonight. >> a clarification if you will from the vatican. putting the pope's comments about presidential candidate donald trump into context. a spokesperson for pope francis insisted today that the pontiff was in no way launching an attack on donald trump. went on to say he certainly was not trying to sway voters by saying someone who advocates
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the reverend frederico lombardi said in an interview on vatican radio that the pope often speaks about building bridges not walls and that his remark was not a personal attack on donald trump. as you know donald trump has advocated building a wall between the united states and mexico. after the pope's initial comment trump fired back saying it was, "disgraceful to question a person's faith but the spokesperson went on to say today that the pope has made it very clear he is not going to step into voting issues in the whole campaign in the united states. today trump responded to that saying, well, he now believes the pope's remarks were probably a little bit nicer than originally reported. >> jeb bush campaigning with his mother today. the former first lady barbara bush. the pair held a meet and greet in greenville, south carolina this morning. the former florida governor saying today his opponents are not strong enough to be president of the united states. >> marco rubio back in columbia, south carolina with governor nikki haley by his side.
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endorsement earlier this week. rubio today called for the candidates to stop fighting each other and he says he is the candidate that can bring conservatives together. >> republican john kasich holding a town hall in columbia this morning. governor kasich said he does not plan on staying in south carolina for primary day, which is tomorrow. he is shifting his focus to super tuesday, which massachusetts is a player in. the ohio governor came in second in the new hampshire primary. >> republican presidential candidate ted cruz campaigning in myrtle beach, south carolina this morning. cruz saying there are ties between his home state of texas and south carolina. he said both states have a whole lot of veterans, a lot of gun owners, and a love of god. cruz won the iowa caucus, came in third in the new hampshire primary. bernie sanders in nevada this afternoon for a campaign rally. a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows sanders closing the gap with hillary clinton nationally. right now she has an 11-point lead over the vermont senator.
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>> today thousands of mourners are gathering at the supreme court as the late justice antonin scalia lies in repose. there was a private ceremony this morning and now the viewing is open to the public. president obama and the first lady paid their respects today. vice president joe biden and his wife will attend scalia's funeral mass tomorrow. >> a boston police officer is on paid leave tonight. >> sources tell 5 investigates that the officer is under investigation in connection with a shoplifting ring focusing on whether he was profiting from the proceeds. >> a former new hampshire sheriff's deputy is behind bars charged with multiple sexual assaults. he is accused of having sex with female inmates while transporting them to correctional facilities. investigators also say he forced inmates to have sex while he watched. he is now facing five separate trials. >> police are looking for these two people in connection with a violent crash involving a police cruiser. he is accused of trying to stab
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during a stop yesterday. he led that officer on a chase into chelsea where the officer wrecked his cruiser. the officer is expected to be okay. the suspect and the passenger are on the run tonight. >> right now police are searching for this man accused of murdering a man in mulleden. police say kenneth manning killed colleen russell leaving her body at his clive side commons amount. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> this is new at 4:30. an american killed in the west bank. the 21-year-old man was an off duty israeli soldier and also an american citizen. >> tonight the state department is condemning the killing. he leaves behind a wife and 4-month-old daughter. >> more than two dozen isis militants are dead after a u.s. air strike in libya. military officials say isis has gained a foothold in libya in recent months. last week president obama directed his national security team to strengthen counterterrorism efforts in that country.
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of north korean leader kim jung uncongratulating scientists who successfully launched a satellite into orbit. yesterday president obama signed legislation enforcing tighter restrictions on the north. both the u.s. and south korea believe north korea is using the technology to test a potential nuclear weapon. new at 4:30 a judge moving the case against affluenza teenager to an adult court. >> the ruling means the 18-year-old could face 120 days in jail then finish his 10-year probation. couch and his mother disappeared back in december as prosecutors investigated whether he had actually violated his probation. then they were later found in mexico and deported. couch was 16 at the time of a 2013 crash that killed four people. >> the trials of the baltimore police officers accused in the death of freddie gray are now on hold. maryland's highest court is determining if one of the officers, whose october trial ended in a mistrial, could be forced to testify against the others. the second trial was expected to start on monday.
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suffered a spinal injury when he was in police custody. >> two women are dead after a shooting episode. this happened near las vegas on the las vegas strip. police say it started at a mall early this morning and ended at the cosmopolitan casino hotel. a man was also hurt. so far at this hour there have been no arrests. >> a deadly fire in buffalo, new york. a father killed after saving his young daughter. huge flames tore through the home earlier this morning. fire investigators say the 8-year-old girl suffered severe burns to 90% of her body. two other children living in the home were also injured. >> tomorrow marks 13 years since 100 people died in the station night club fire in west roark, rhode island. fireworks being used by a band in a concert set fire to flammable foam used inside the club. organizers of the memorial at the site of the fire say they have raised $1.6 million of the $2 million goal. construction has begun on the memorial. they say workers are on track
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>> beloved author harper lee has died. she was 89 years old. lee wrote the 1961 classic "to kill a mockingbird." the novel defined the racial troubles of the deep south. last year after some controversy a second novel by lee was published. lee wrote "go set a watchman" before "to kill a mockingbird." >> right now a driver remains in a hospital after a crash that split his car in two. investigators say it started when they tried to pull 39-year-old reyes over for running a stop sign but he took off. state police say once he is medically cleared he will be taken into custody. >> commuter rail passengers tonight. the amtrak signal problems that caused such major delays all day yesterday have now been fixed. amtrak says the software problem cut off communication between the control center and the switches on the tracks that tell the trains where to go. the incident is being investigated. it's time now to flash forward to 5:00 on newscenter 5.
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talking about the wild video off the coast of chatham. the training mission going viral tonight. >> on newscenter 5 at 6:00, caught on camera. surveillance video of damaging flooding at a local va hospital that is still keeping that facility shut down. >> and new at 7:00 on newscenter 5 tonight testing d.n.a. without the crime lab and the big, expensive equipment. the local invention op on the cutting edge of changing d.n.a. analysis. >> after the cold start today temperatures a little more respective. boy it is going to get milder over the weekend but we have to get through a little snow tonight. first i got a timeline and more action for next week as well. >> we're following breaking news. a baby critically injured after being hit by a car in roxbury has died. the child's mom is in critical
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>> let's take a live look at the bridge. it's a little slow getting out of town this friday. the traffic on the right is trying to leave town and is much slower. let me hit the update button and see what we got going. we'll check your drive times. driving to the southern part, both directions, coming in and leaving out of the city. mass transit route 3 a half hour. easily the same coming back in. you just saw the traffic leaving. i'll get this closer to a half hour right now. the first leg 93, newton corner
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the toll will slow you down a bit. the reason why sun glare because it is cloudy out. talking about a half hour and 495 in both directions looks pretty good. >> a pretty cool sight. take a look. it appears that fire is flowing off of this cliff. this is an optical illusion called a fire wall. park rangers at yosemite say it is actually the sun glowing through a water fall. the angle of the sun has to be just right. it happens only a couple weeks in february. >> let's go from that striking sight to this. this is video out of missouri. first of all you can hear how strong the wind is. then firefighters are battling large grass fires when it started swirling like a tornado. a frightening scene. thankfully no one was hurt. a lawn mower started the whole thing. harvey, that's not unusual is it? i've lived in indiana and i've seen it. >> no. that that can happen. with a fire smoke will start rising and then turbulent winds might be changing direction as it goes up. it looks just like it could be a tornado.
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without any storminess in the area. >> right. so a whole different thing. look behind us s look at detroit. 61 degrees. it would be great to be like detroit's temperature tomorrow but even if we only make it to 53, would you take it? >> cleveland or detroit or boston? >> i have to think about that for a minute. >> oh, okay. >> when you go for your walk or your run -- it's perfect. >> a look at this. this is unbelievable. one weekend to the next. >> oh, boy. i'm sure you'd remember. you'd like to forget. early last sunday morning 9 below in boston. the temperature was 57. this sunday forecasting high of about 52 in boston. what a difference a weekend makes. boy, is it going to feel different this weekend compared to last. it was cold early this morning. we had single digits and teens, 20 degrees -- right now in boston milky skies. clouds increasing. 34 degrees the temperature in boston.
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now 13 miles per hour. readings are in the 30's. still just cold enough. especially above us to support snow if we were to get some precipitation during the first half of tonight. even though the winds are coming from the south. eventually we'll warm up tomorrow. but before that warmup, one narrow little strip of snow could just make it to the ground a little bit later on so something like this around 10:00 and a couple other bands north of the pike could follow. but eventually it's going to become mild by tomorrow morning or milder and then with breaks of sun tomorrow, i'd like to say the sky is the limit. but certainly in the 50's i think is a good bet for many of us unless there is an area where just is socked in with clouds. how much snow could we get in the little burst tonight? a coating to an inch is possible. in some areas, might not stick to roads and the temperatures will actually be rising some toward tomorrow morning. if we do reach these low temperatures, it would be
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quick little burst of snow. as i mentioned the temperatures will start to inch up, you know, hey, good thing. worth seeing twice, right? like detroit 61, cincinnati 65. it's really mild out there. st. louis is 73 degrees right now. chicago is 54. so it's that tongue of warmth that comes in here for us tomorrow is a projected high temperature but i think we can add a few in most cases. sunday. let's break down the seven-day forecast a little bit. there's tomorrow. about 55 degrees. that's what i'm forecasting for boston. breaks of sun. now on sunday, although the day will be mild, a little disturbance, you might catch the northern edge of it overnight sunday night. it could mean rain changing to wet snow or a little mix changing to snow. maybe even a small accumulation by early monday before it quits but i'm not sure if we'll get enough precipitation or if it will come down hard enough or get cold enough quick enough but it is something to keep in mind for a sunday night mix
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of bigger significance is what happens down the road. we turn colder on monday and then anywhere from tuesday night to thursday we're going to have to be on our toes for what is probably going to be a big mix of a lot of different types of precipitation. which would likely start as snow. right now i'd say sometime overnight perhaps tuesday night and then go to either icy mix or rain depending on location. sometime on wednesday. there may be a second part of this that continues things going in one form or another into thursday. we may have a long, drawn out situation. we'll certainly be staying on top of that. meantime, the weekend, you got to love that. >> absolutely. okay. we're focusing on your health now. the new zika virus concern tonight. >> the c.d.c. confirmed two cases in the united states linking the virus to a paralysis disorder. the condition known as g.b.s. causes the immune system to attack the body's nerves. the paralysis is temporary. in some cases the disorder can interfere with breathing. researchers have already
4:50 pm
of the brain. >> a new study from the c.d.c. suggesting that more than a third of americans are not getting enough sleep. hundreds of thousands of people surveyed nationwide reported getting less than the recommended seven hours or more of sleep a day. lack of sleep is associated with several health issues including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and mental illness. >> a new report shows more americans are over dosing on anxiety drugs like valium and xanax. the study finds in 2013 nearly one-third of the 23,000 people who died from prescription drugs overdoses were taking these anxiety pills. this same report found the prescriptions for the drugs had tripled and over doses have quadrupled in that time frame. >> a local practitioner is offering preservices to recover drug addicts on the south shore. >> the program starts next month and the treatment can provide a sense of calm and
4:51 pm
involve a needle only being inserted into the outer ear. >> walmart is giving millions of employees a raise. >> the move that is helping many dig out of poverty is ahead. also the federal government now cracking down on hoverboards. the stern, new message from regulators tonight. first, though, as we head to break, take a look at how the -- how wall street ended the week. these little guys? they
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>> new numbers tonight showing a big demand in massachusetts for charter schools. >> 34,000 students are on a wait list for charter schools across the state. that is according to the state education officials. supporters say the numbers prove that there is a high demand for more schools. critics are arguing the wait list numbers are significantly over stated. thveragets is harvard university who appointed the first african-american dean. michelle a. williams will lead the school of public health. williams a a scientist and professor is also the first female dean for the school and takes over in july. the u.s. government is cracking down on hoverboards. federal regulators say they will seize any boards that do not meet federal safety standards. as you can see many do catch on fire. many of them were bought online from foreign manufacturers. there are more than 50 reports of the boards catching fire the last few months. the fires are blamed on the lithium y on batteries used in the boards.
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oregon tonight making the state minimum wage the highest in the united states. the minimum wage passed by lawmakers is between 12.50 and 14.75 depending on where you live in the state. the state's governor says she will sign it into law. over the last two years, 15 states including massachusetts, have given a boost to minimum wage. >> walmart says starting tomorrow it will boost its minimum wage from $9 an hour to $13.38 an hour for full-time workers. of course in massachusetts the minimum wage is $10 an hour as of january 1. this all applies to walmart to more than 1.2 million workers including some supervisors but the changes do not come cheap. walmart says it'll cost the company an additional $1.5 billion this year. >> still ahead on newscenter 5 at 4:30 a new experience for harry potter fans kicking off this summer. >> scratching your head?
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>> six lions are back where they belong after walking out of the national park in nairobi. the lions roamed around the city for a few hours before heading back to the park on their own. the park is just six miles from downtown nairobi so it could have been very different. it is unclear how the lions got out of the park. >> harry potter is going on
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warner brothers has teamed up to re-release the original films with live scores and an orchestra will perform the film's music while you watch and enjoy and listen. the plan is to roll out all eight films within the next seven years and classic venues all across the country. the first show is in june in philadelphia. >> i love it. they're stepping it up. >> that's the way films used to be. used to have a live orchestra during films. what goes around comes around. phil and j.c. are ready to bring you newscenter 5 right now. >> now on newscenter 5 --. >> an infant hit by a car in boston has died. the people who tried to help. >> accused of triggering a campus wide panic at umass. the teenager now under arrest. >> the man hunt for the incognito bandit is heating up. the bank robber's new tactic that has the f.b.i. even more concerned. get set for a weekend warmup. both the beginning and the end of the weekend may be a little different. >> a nu reason to reach for
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the dangerous condition it can help prevent. >> we begin with breaking news off the top at 5:00. the baby critically hurt after being hit by a car in roxbury has died. >> tonight her mother continues to fight for her life. newscenter 5 has the breaking details live from the scene. >> well, it was last night that the mother was carrying her 5-month-old baby girl in a baby carrier when they were struck right here. this afternoon the twin sisters who desperately tried to save that little girl's life broken hearted by the sad, sad news. the little girl only 5 months old tossed 10 feet in the air after she and her mother were hit by a car while crossing humboldt avenue. police say the driver stayed at the scene and tried to help. but it was twin sisters who live nearby who did the most to save the little girl's life. after hearing screeching tires, they rushed out, saw the baby


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