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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the dangerous condition it can help prevent. >> we begin with breaking news off the top at 5:00. the baby critically hurt after being hit by a car in roxbury has died. >> tonight her mother continues to fight for her life. newscenter 5 has the breaking details live from the scene. >> well, it was last night that the mother was carrying her 5-month-old baby girl in a baby carrier when they were struck right here. this afternoon the twin sisters who desperately tried to save that little girl's life broken hearted by the sad, sad news. the little girl only 5 months old tossed 10 feet in the air after she and her mother were hit by a car while crossing humboldt avenue. police say the driver stayed at the scene and tried to help. but it was twin sisters who live nearby who did the most to save the little girl's life. after hearing screeching tires, they rushed out, saw the baby
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the two frantically administering c.p.r. until the baby's eyes opened and she gasped for air. e.m.t.'s then taking over. this afternoon both sisters who are very religious in tears at the sad news. >> less than five minutes ago i found out she didn't make it. it hurts. everybody is like oh, you're awesome and a hero. because we didn't do it. we didn't help her enough. >> the names of mother and child have not been released. the mom, however, reportedly will pull through. more from the good samaritans at 6:00. live in roxbury, wcvb newscenter 5. >> more breaking news tonight. parole denied for convicted killer christopher barry. two days after christmas in 1987 the now 44-year-old broke into virginia woodward's home and stabbed her eight times. he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.
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after the state judicial court ruled juveniles may not be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. >> a suspect in an assault that triggered campus wide security measures at umass amherst has now surrendered to police. >> newscenter 5 was first with the details and she is live in framingham. >> just moments ago the framingham teenager was put into a sheriff's van and he is now on his way to western mass where he'll answer for the amherst assault. 19-year-old william mccown of framingham is accused in the assault that trillingerd a two-hour lockdown at umass amherst. campus police say armed with a gun mccown and another suspect made their way into a dorm. >> we have looked at the video evidence. clearly, it shows as well as our witness interviews, clearly shows both suspects being led in -- let in by a u mass student that they knew. >> no shots were fired but the
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laceration. over night the investigation led to framingham, where a car was towed and impounded as evidence. local and state police in swat gear searched two locations. then this morning a warrant for mccown was issued and just before 1:00 this afternoon he turned himself in to framingham police. >> he is facing several charges including assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and armed robbery. >> thank you. this is new at 5:00. a new hampshire man is in critical condition tonight after he accidently set himself on fire. the fire chief says the 27-year-old man was actually trying to light two brush piles using gasoline when the piles exploded. the fire spread and the man received second and third-degree burns to his face, chest, hands, and legs. and even more burns internally. neighbors told investigators they heard a loud explosion and
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>> apirntely he was trying to kindle a fire to burn debris with an accelerant type material. when he attempted to ignite the pile the gasoline rapidly ignited. >> right after crews got to him he was flown to boston for treatment. tonight he is in critical condition. >> relief for commuter rail passengers after an amtrak switch problem was finally fixed just as rush hour got under way this morning. trains are now able to get to yesterday's nightmare commute when passengers were forced to stations. amtrak blames a software problem that cut off control between the control center and the switches on the tracks that tell the trains where to go. >> takes multiple switches and signal indications to get a outside the station tunnel to the station. >> it all works out. >> the issue is now fixed and the whole incident is under
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doesn't think nigella is suspicious about the software malfunction. an intersection tops the list of the most danger anonymous massachusetts. according to a report from the national safety council there were more than 100 crashes where west street meets pleasant street over a three-year period. the report also found deadly crashes in the state are up 2% since 2014. largely due to lower gas prices, longer distances being driven, and fall rivers intersection of division street and broadband was ranked 15th over all for number of crashes. >> 39 degrees in needham right now and talking about a warmup for the weekend but in typical new england fashion also may get some snow. >> there could be just a bit of snow at the very start of the weekend and a slight chance at the very end. in between you'll love it. now look at boston's temperature. it hovers around freezing for the first half of the night. around 11:00 it could be a little snow. not much. before we get to the milder air a little warm front has to
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tongue of moisture which could produce a little narrow band of or so in boston. also a little moisture after midnight. but if that happens in boston and we have to wait that long, those will probably be rain showers here. but north of the pike and north of route 2 could still be snow. milder air will start working tomorrow. tonight first. could be maybe a coating to an inch roughly from the pike northward. to get into the higher elevations, points north, maybe as much as an inch or two but the story then turns to the warmer temperatures out to our west. 60. st. louis 72 right now. >> commitment 2016 on the eve of south carolina's gop republican candidates are making their final appeals while the democrats target nevada voters in advance of tomorrow's caucuses. newscenter 5's sally kidd is live in our d.c. newsroom tonight. sally? >> well, j.c., attack and
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as they vi for votes ahead of the critical palmetto state primary. if the polls are right south carolina voters are poised to deliver a trump victory on saturday. he repeated a familiar attack line against ted cruz. >> you talk about people that lie. ted cruz is the biggest liar i've ever seen. >> cruz who comes within five points of trump in a new nbc news/"wall street journal" marist poll, fired back at trump. >> if you've lived 50 years of your life without ever doing everything to prove you're a conservative, you ain't. >> fighting for second, marco rubio was hoping governor nikki haley will give him a boost. >> first we win by coming together. we cannot win if we're divided. >> jeb bush battling for third with john kasich took a swipe at rubio and cruz. >> there is anything in their past that says they have the mettle to do this job, the back bone that won't cut and run? >> on the democrats' side hillary clinton picked up a key endorsement from south
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democrat. >> we need a real fighter and i believe hillary clinton is that fighter. >> we are the only advanced country in the world without some kind of paid family leave. >> bernie sanders also campaigning in the silver state. >> obviously we are here to win and we hope to win. >> now, a new poll shows clinton leading sanders by six points in nevada but a pair of earlier polls showed the race in virtually tied. live in washington, sally kidd, wcvb newscenter 5. >> summerville is taking legal action against the planned wind casino for the fifth time. wind now saying the city's latest challenge to the casino will cost the state $55 million every month the project is delayed. summerville's mayor suggests they didn't plan for all possibilities in the plan approval process including appeals. wind hopes to open by 2018.
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this weekend but the real pure true sign of spring is red sox pitchers and catchers taking the field down in ft. myers. spernt 5's mike lynch is there and caught up with the red sox' closer. >> welcome to ft. myers and the first day of red sox pitchers and catchers first official workout. as the winds blow off the gulf, they blow with them all kinds of optimism for the red sox in 2016. >> everybody showing up, meeting new guys. they're in spring training. i think as you go through spring training and get into week two and week three you really get an idea of what the team is made up of and how things will go. i can't wait to get a chance to meet everybody. i just show up myself. you know, i expect everybody to go out there and work hard. and if you're not expecting that of yourself, well, you should be. you should show up and be grateful for the opportunity to be at this level and show up
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you shouldn't hold anything back. so i ask that from the guys around me and it usually works out pretty good. i care about the guys in the bull pen. we don't always know who those guys are going to be yet especially this time of the year. when that bull pen comes together i care about those guys because it's part of the team. i care almost more about how they do than i do. i like to see the guys succeed. >> workouts continue tomorrow morning here in ft. myers. our live coverage begins sunday night at 6:00. with the sox in ft. myers, mike lynch, sports center 5. >> tonight we are hearing from the business partner of the florida teen accused of pretending to be a doctor. >> up next his surprising reaction to his close colleague being taken out of their office in handcuffs. >> a close call for a pass bust in texas. the reason the driver is off the job tonight. >> this entire police force boycotting beyonce. the security they say they will not provide. >> let's take a look at first
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the bunker hill bridge starting to slow down at this hour. let's look at the maps and take a look at the rest of the area. there will be some tough drive times. 23 minutes and building mass avenue to route 3. out west on the pike 12 minutes i-93 to newton corner. 128 looking okay. slowing down southbound. toll to 495. regular commute. once you're on 495 that stretch between the mass pike and 290 looks okay in both directions.
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>> war planes have bombed an isis camp in libya. the man you are about to see the target of the attack. investigators say he is believed to be responsible for the twin attacks on a museum and popular beach in tunisia. 38 lives were lost in that attack. the pentagon believes he was killed in the air strike. to iraq where a key isis target has been destroyed. this infrared video shows the strake last weekend near mosul. coalition forces say it destroyed a facility isis used to store cash and collect taxes. the video actually shows paper
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through the air after a round of explosions. the hope is the strike will disrupt the terror group's financial and command and control operations. >> the man in business with that teenager arrested for posing as a doctor in florida is now talking about the strange situation. deputies hald away malachi robinson this week after an under cover operation. perseus wells says love robinson assured him he was a legitimate doctor with a ph.d and board certification and says the teen even got approved to accept medicaid. >> in order to take medicaid and all these insurances you have to show proof and the proof has to be a number. the number had to be valid. how did he get the number? stuff? >> he is also facing cushons that he stole $3,000 from an 86-year-old woman. >> time to check in with harv about what is happening because it's the weekend. really nothing you can say would be bad.
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>> i have a lot of good things to say. >> look at that. a win-win. >> remember when you froze last weekend? you won't freeze this weekend. >> all right. i like that. keep going. >> all right. i don't know if i'll sing your tune. at least i can play it or try to. all right. it was cold early this morning. single digits and teens. boston 20. a respectable recovery today into the 30's. look at the changes in temperature though. i think boston is going to be above 50 for high temperature. both saturday and sunday. won't that feel nice after one weekend ago? milky sky. we've been following an increase in cloud thest this afternoon. the breeze is off the water at this hour in boston. the temperatures are a little above freezing. actually a touch warmer off to the north and west but will drop back a little bit. the air is very dry which means if precipitation starts to fall it will temporarily cool the air. that's why with the cold air still above, if we do get
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tonight it would be a period of snow. so we have to keep that in mind. doppler radar is now starting to show at least on radar it is not reaching the ground out toward the berkeshires a little snow. as we widen out a little bit we see this little band right here. because the air is so dry, it's hard to really know if this is going to make it all the way to the ground or has to wait for another little strip of moisture a little further back. the reason that is important is the longer it takes, eventually we'll start warming up. so if we don't have anything i'd say between now and midnight or 1:00 a.m. around boston and points south and anything after that probably would be snow that couldn't stick or just a few rain showers. but especially north of boston there could be 1 or 2 waves of snow. late tonight and into the wee hours of the morning and then that's a done deal. so the sky should brighten some tomorrow and that should allow the warmer temperatures to start to move in. not much snow accumulation around our area. southern part of the area nothing. maybe boston northward could be a coating to maybe an inch. especially the higher elevations. if there is any accumulation it
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look at these temperatures. right now it is 58 in pittsburgh. 64 in cincinnati. 60 in detroit. just ahead of that there is a front right in here and it's right ahead of that front where a narrow little strip of snow could come in later on tonight. now, as far as the next seven days are concerned, we'll probably undergo a lot of change. the mild weather over the weekend. now, as far as the actual specific temperatures tomorrow, just want to show you one of our computer models here showing low 50's. i've added a few because i think based on how warm it is in the midwest and the fact we should have some sunshine we should do even a little better. sunday is mild by day. come sunday night, a small little wave of low pressure is going to pass south of us. it's questionable whether the northern edge of the precipitation will even make it into our area. but it will be turning somewhat colder. so it could be a little wet snow or rain changing to some snow. if there is a heavier burst of precipitation, a small accumulation could occur. but again, i'm not saying that is going to happen. just something to keep in the back of your mind. it would be over by monday morning and then chillier
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if we do get a little sunday night mix it is over by the monday commute. monday should clear up, be breezy, and somewhat colder. that then sets the stage for a lot of complications that are going to follow thereafter. anywhere really from the tuesday night period on into thursday we have to watch one or two storms. i'm not sure if this is going to get broken into two parts or just be one stronger storm. if it is one stronger storm, it's likely to go to the west of us and draw warm air up in here. if it is a couple storms it will be somewhat colder and the chance of starting snow and having ice involved would increase. so that whole time period, tuesday night into thursday, will follow it. it is starting to look less and less likely it could be an actual straight snowstorm but some mixing is still a possibility. we'll stay on top of it. >> thank you. take a look at this view. it is something you can't actually see. this is a massive black hole about 300 million light years from earth. scientists took their sharpest pictures of it with the hubble space telescope.
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million tons combined but it cannot be seen because black holes of course pull light in with their gravity. astronomers can still figure out their size by looking at the stars around them. a heart warming story tonight out of texas. >> a group of high school students made sure their teacher would have a birthday he would never forget. the kids found out their beloved english teacher hasn't gotten a birthday cake in almost a decade. they surprised him and gave him some gifts too. you can see the teacher was moved here as they gathered to sing happy birthday for him. students described his reaction as perfect. >> that is so great. love it. they're appreciating. they listened. >> it is really nice to see them. obviously making an impact. >> we go back to texas on newscenter 5 at 5:00 for terrifying moments on a school bus. >> a speeding train misses that bus full of kids. why the bus driver says it was
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>> at 5:30 another reason to grab that extra cup of coffee. new research that says it could actually reverse some damage already done to your body. >> then coming up at 6:00 caught on camera water seriously damaging a local va hospital. we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. r we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it vwith a tax on wall street speculation. p the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. r
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to start helping t the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. usaa. we know what it means
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get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. >> there will no longer be ebola screening for people arriving in the u.s. from west africa. the c.d.c. has declared the outbreak in liberia, sierra leone, and guinea over. extra screening began back in october of 2014 after a man died from the disease that happened in dallas. just after arriving from liberia. two health care workers who treated the victim in texas also contracted ebola but survived it. >> a terrifying ride to school
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the high school students watched helplessly as their bus was nearly hit by a speeding train. newscenter 5 has the story. >> a frightening, near miss caught on tape. a school bus filled with students getting past railroad tracks just in time as the train barrels by. >> stops in the middle of the railroad track as the train was coming and she pulled ahead a little bit more. >> that was kind of scary. >> frightened students recording the whole incident postting to social media sites where it caught the eye of administrators. >> oh, my. >> the driver telling the school the students were too loud for the bus to be driven safely. but on thursday, the school releasing a statement saying their investigation into the incident revealed the driver did not follow standard procedures when crossing the railroad track with the train coming in the distance. adding that the driver had been terminated.
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wcvb, newscenter 5. >> an auto safety advocate has asked the government to reopen an investigation into jeep's fire risk. there have been more than at least 11 deaths since the s.u.v.'s were recalled. the center for auto and safety says the deaths show the recall repair has not been effective. recalled s.u.v.'s include 1993 to 1998 grand cherokees in 2002 to 2007 liberties. >> new tonight on newscenter 5 guard. >> the tool they are now using to help make rescues no matter the conditions. >> a health alert at a new hampshire school. the health alert forceting to shut down early ahead of next week's february break.
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women...
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...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i
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anchor: breaking at 5:30, a 5-month-old girl has now died after she and her mother were hit by a car in roxbury last night. the driver did stay at the scene. police are now trying to determine if speed was a factor. anchor: one suspect under arrest. 19-year-old william mckeown surrendering to police today after allegedly pulling a gun and attacking a student on campus before taking off. anchor: the f.b.i. doubling the reward to find so the called
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the man behind brazen bank robberies in boston. agents now offering $20,000 for information leading to his arrest. anchor: 38 degrees but tomorrow i'm hearing 50's. i heard it. meteorologist: this is good news. this is good news. but what's behind me, not quite as good news. actually, radar's picking up snow now western mass. not reaching the ground based on reports we've seen but that might change in the next hour or two. there's one little narrow strip and another one behind it. so one or both of those could make an appearance here. possibly from boston northwood around 10:00 at night, could be a little very brief period of snow. maybe another one to follow. that one, if it happens after midnight, would be rain in boston. because we'll be going warmer with a south wind developing. but could be a bit of snow in the higher elevations north and west. all this will be gone by tomorrow. then the skies can brighten. in terms of accumulation, temperatures around 32 while this is happening.
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so i'd say a coating tan inch the most you'd really expect, if that. look at this. it's 60 in detroit right now. and 64 in cincinnati and 58 in pitburg. we're going to be much milder tomorrow. let you know how mild we'll be, how long it lasts and more change is to come next week. that in a little while. anchor: the search for a missing swimmer was narrowed today. the fire chief a short time ago said search crews found an area of interest after recovering luggage at the scene. search boats were seen circling the area near hazard rock. the coast guard, local marine units and rhode island state police dive teams are involved in that search. new hampshire is alerting the public tonight about norovirus outbreaks across the state. new hampshire health and human services sent out a state-wide alert about the virus. saying there have been 20 outbreaks since the beginning of the year. concord christian academy recently closed after an outbreak there. norovirus is highly contagious and typically found in large settings like health care


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