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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  February 19, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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so i'd say a coating tan inch the most you'd really expect, if that. look at this. it's 60 in detroit right now. and 64 in cincinnati and 58 in pitburg. we're going to be much milder tomorrow. let you know how mild we'll be, how long it lasts and more change is to come next week. that in a little while. anchor: the search for a missing swimmer was narrowed today. the fire chief a short time ago said search crews found an area of interest after recovering luggage at the scene. search boats were seen circling the area near hazard rock. the coast guard, local marine units and rhode island state police dive teams are involved in that search. new hampshire is alerting the public tonight about norovirus outbreaks across the state. new hampshire health and human services sent out a state-wide alert about the virus. saying there have been 20 outbreaks since the beginning of the year. concord christian academy recently closed after an outbreak there. norovirus is highly contagious and typically found in large settings like health care
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>> the best way to prevent these outbreaks is to make sure people who are ill stay home when they're not feeling well. that prevents introduction of the virus into the facility itself. then it's really important to practice good hand washing and then identifying that illness early. so you can stay home if you're not feeling well. anchor: health and human services says they see anywhere from 70 to 100 outbreaks a year. anchor: thousands honoring justice antonin scalia in our nation's capitol today. anchor: final respects being paid as names begin to surface about who could replace him. anchor: and it has happened again. tear gas sprayed, this is inside kosovo's parliament chamber. what triggered the response this time? anchor: new research finding another benefit to drinking that morning coffee. the specific organ that cup of joe could actually be helping. and taking a look at first alert traffic. you're looking life at the zakim bridge where traffic seems to be moving well. let's go to the maps, find out how things are traveling.
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it's a little shorter. we're looking at 23 minutes, upper deck, to route 128. problems in and around the city
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] anchor: paying respects to a long-time justice. today thousands visited the supreme court where the body of anthony scalia lies in repose as you see there. funeral services we're told will be held tomorrow. we're live outside the high court in our nation's capital. reporter: people have been waiting in line throughout the day. they're still here, waiting to pay their respects. president obama and the first lady were among the thousands who paid their respects to supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> may his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed
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in peace. reporter: one of scalia's sons, a catholic priest, prayed during a private ceremony for family, friendses and fellow justices before the public was welcomed inside. >> very solemn. very beautiful. very well appointed on every level. reporter: law clerks who worked under scalia are taking turns standing vigil around the clock until the casket reports -- departs for the funeral saturday morning. >> he was a giant on court. and has left an imprint and a legacy on the law that is unmatched. reporter: scalia served for nearly 30 years. the president reagan appointee was known for his conservative ideology and passionate personality. >> justice scalia's views and opinions are going to be discussed and read in law schools and by lawyers and by judges for decades to come. reporter: a funeral mass will tomorrow. there.
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attending. j.c.: the chamber of kosovo's parliament, you can see tear gas that was fired inside once again by opposition deputies calling for the government to reseen. inside government activists say kosovo's leaders violated the country's constitution in reaching deals with serbia and montenegro, including an agreement to give more power to ethnic serbs in kosovo. a judge is moving a case against the affluenza team to adult court. the ruling means 18-year-old ethan couch could face 120 days in jail and then finish his 10-year probation. couch and his mother disappeared in december as prosecutors investigated whether he had violated his probation. they were later found in mexico and deported. couch was 16 at the time of the 2013 crash that killed four people. phil: a teenager fighting for his life after being trapped under water when the chopper he was in crashed. j.c.: the quick action that brought him to safety.
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beyonce now. the call from them to other departments across the nation. reporter: and all is dry here in eastern new england but at we'll estimate when the going to reach the ground there. that will happen here and then
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phil: we first showed you this dramatic video last night here.
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getting a firsthand look at the boat's coast guard crews use to navigate that kind of chopping water. the story from chatham. >> make sure the front of the boat is questionnaire to the wave which is what you're seeing. reporter: the video shows coast guard training in very poor weather. in this case at the tail end of a recent winter storm off nauset beach. >> although it looks like the wave swallows up boat, it does but inside the cabin of this boat, with the seats that are available, it's very calm. reporter: what you can't see in the video is that there are actually two boats getting tossed around in the waves that day. the coast guard always sends out two boats during training exercises. >> we train in that type of condition to keep us proficient. reporter: it's the same trained
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ry depicted in the new movie "the finest hours" about a mission back in 1952. bernie webber and his crew of three from coast guard chatham fought 60-foot seas in the dark of men to survive men. today the mission is the same, but the technology is much better. >> his boat rolled over a couple of times. he lost his compass. if you look around, there's so many different redundant systems. [inaudible] >> everyone's going to pull their weight. phil: those training missions by the way typically last about two hours. and with another storm possibly coming next week, the coast guard is already looking at that as another training opportunity. york. two men killed in these flames, including a father who had just saved his 9-year-old daughter. buffalo firefighters say the man rushed back into the home to look for the rest of his out. the girl has severe burns. the man's wife was able to children. the other man who was killed lived in an upstairs apartment. caught on camera.
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a helicopter on a siteseeing tour over hawaii crashes in pearl harbor. strangers literally jumped into the water to save a young man's life. that incredible story. reporter: the terrifying helicopter crash was captured on camera. >> it was surreal. very scary. reporter: a tourist chopper seen here plunging into the water near pearl harbor's visitor center thursday. just feet from shore. a 15-year-old boy among those onboard remains in critical condition. >> we just turned and ran. didn't have much time before it hit. >> ran over there as most of us did to start jumping in and helping. reporter: you can see witnesses divinging into the murky water to rescue a family of four and the pilot. >> anybody else would have done the same thing. the helicopter's only in about 10 feet of water luckily. reporter: and it had no doors. >> oh, god. iaea! reporter: one by one they all
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himself from his seatbelt. >> got a knife and we were able to slightly cut through and it minutes. reporter: a single engine five-seat aircraft was built in 1979. and the tour company run by genesis aviation is not commenting on the crash. >> we couldn't tell if it was going to hit land or water. reporter: witnesses say they heard the chopper sputtering went down. ntsb investigators will be onscene today. that chopper is still in the water and the navy is helping in the recovery process. j.c.: take a look at this. appears fire is flowing off a cliff but it's actually an optical illusion, as you can imagine. it's called a fire wall. park rangers at yosemite say it's the sun glowing through a water fall. the angle of the sun has to be of course just right, which happens only for a couple of weeks in february. if you take a look at this video out of missouri,
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large grass fire when it started swirling like a tornado. do you see how the rotation there, with the flames going upward? it can be a frightening scene but thankfully no one was hurt. firefighters say a lawn mower by the way started that fire. often called fire-nados when you get that vortex of flames. meteorologist: first of all, fire in and of itself is terrifying. then you see mini tornadoes. gusty winds around there. of course the no storms going on, so it's not that type of a situation. nonetheless, certainly catches your attention and obviously fire's serious in the first place. very serious. you remember late last saturday night, but early last saturday morning, it was nine below in boston. this sunday, i'm forecasting a high of 52. just a little bit of a difference from one weekend to the next. classic new england. but before we get to the warm stuff, we may have to put up with just a little bit of snow. radar's been kind of filling in over western massachusetts. now what's happen something the air is very dry at ground level.
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way down to the ground and saturate the atmosphere. it's probably going to take a little longer to do it. then it's going to start moving eastward and the possibly we'll get a little band of snow to move through here later on tonight. that's how it could be projected. around 10:00. a few more bands. but those additional bands after midnight would be rain showers in boston. because we'll be warming after midnight as the wind picks up. but in the higher terrain, north and west, they could get a couple of brief rounds of snow. maybe an inch or more in the highest elevations of worcester county. look at this, some sunshine for saturday afternoon. that's when we can enjoy the milder temperatures. as for tonight, a coating to an inch of snow is possible. in a quick hour or two burst of snow later on. that if it is does accumulate, it would certainly melt off easily tomorrow. because that's when, instead of this chilly 30's being with us, we're going to jump into the 50's. it's even warmer than that right now in detroit. and cincinnati, it's much warmer than that in st. louis.
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almost summer-like, 72 degrees, so we've got a couple of mild days coming up. where boston should top 50 both days. then temperatures go back to normal early next week and then we start a stormy period with a lot of different types of precipitation probably around the middle of next week. right now in boston, as we check the skies, thicker clouds to the west, 34 degrees. breeze off the water, 10 miles per hour. it's in the 30's but with the air being so dry, there's room for the temperature to drop a little bit, when that snow does come down. then very late tonight and tomorrow, the temperature of course is going to respond upward. so to give you an idea of what really we're talking about here, as we talk about the next bunch of days, tomorrow, milder. getting into the low oose. i'd up this to estimate a 55-degree high in boston. won't that be nice with some sunshine as well? sunday's mild during the day. there will be a small little storm passing south of us sunday night. it might be too far south to give us anything. but if it does clip us, the northern edge of precipitation
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somewhat colder. so rain or a mix could turn over to a period of snow, maybe a small accumulation along the southern new england coast. it's just a possibility. but it may also track too far south to even do that. or it may not get cold enough quick enough. but it will be turning somewhat colder for both monday and tuesday. so we'll keep an eye on a chance of sunday night mix. colder temperatures coming up on monday with highs only in the 30's, so being colder it means the setup as we get into our next storm, if we have a lead storm kind of as early as tuesday night, early wednesday, we would be cold enough most likely to begin as snow, but then we probably wouldn't stay cold enough to be show. it probably would go to rain on the coast and maybe a mix inland. if we get a second strong storm or one that goes west of us, then we'll actually warm up a lot and that would be a milder rain storm. if that happens. so either way, looks like a long duration, starting with some snow, sleet and rain. but right now the odds of it
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storm seem pretty small as it does look like certainly a significant part of the time warmer air's going to come in at higher levels. we'll have to see how much comes in at lower levels especially along the coast. j.c.: thank you. check it out. mcdonald's testing out its own version of a southern classic, chicken and waffles. the sand witch is called chicken mcgriddle. right now by the way, not served here. just in ohio. mcgriddle could go national, depending on customer reviews. phil: actress angelina jolie is back in the spotlight tonight for what she's saying about motherhood. the actress revealing she never thought of herself as a mom until a 2001 trip to cambodia changed her mind. we explain how it changed her life. reporter: angelina jolie's rough and tumble performance in a 2001 movie not only put her on hollywood's hit list,
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these gun-blazing moments also served as a kind of wake-up call. >> she first went to cambodia and fell in love with the country and was inspired to become a u.n. goodwill ambassador while she was there. reporter: causing her maternal instincts do kick in. >> that's when it really came to her that she wanted to become a mom. reporter: she recently told the associated press, it's strange, i never wanted to have a baby. i never wanted to be pregnant. i never baby-sat. i never thought of myself as a mother. now perhaps her most famous role of all is being a mother of six, along with leading man/husband brad pitt. she says her change of heart came in 2001 during a u.n. mission while visiting a school in cambodia, that it was then that, quote, it was suddenly very clear to me that my son was in the country somewhere. >> she knew she was going to find a child to adopt from cambodia. and in 2002 she officially adopted maddox and she's made sure he's stayed close to his cambodian roots. reporter: now jolie is back in cambodia directing and producing a movie.
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life is kind of in line. i feel i'm finally where i should be. >> returning to cambodia to work on this film has become a full circle moment for angelina. this is where she started on her journey to becoming a mother and now she's got them right there with her while she's filming. j.c.: police officers in miami say they will boycott working security at beyonce's upcoming concert in april. the miami chapter of the from a term order of police say beyonce used her super bowl performance to divide americans by promoting the black panthers and an anti-police message. the group is even calling on all law enforcement across the country to boycott her concerts. phil: meantime, rihanna is tour. it was set to kick off next friday in san diego. her rep says the first eight stops will be rescheduled. a production delays are behind the postponement, we're told.
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rihanna canceled her grammy performance because of bronchitis. coming up next in health, new research that says it could actually reverse some damage already done to your body. j.c.: then tonight at 6:00, we continue to follow breaking news. the baby critically hurt after being hit by a car in roxbury has died. tonight, her mom is fighting for survival. reporter: a verdict in a cold case murder of a young woman more than four decades old. and the f.b.i. asks for help in finding a serial bank raasch. they're doubling the rewards in
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j.c.: new zika virus concerns tonight. two cases in the u.s. linking the virus to a paralysis disorder. the condition known as g.b.s. cauth causes the immune system to attack the body's nerves. the paralysis is temporary but in some cases the disorder can interfere with breathing. identified a strong link of the brain. phil: also in your health at 5:30, a treatment that has been in recent years.
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finally in on testosterone. what researchers found, though, may surprise you. reporter: testosterone. for low-t, it's a treatment we've all heard about by now, through tv commercials, on the internet and in magazine ads. doctors have prescribed testosterone based on the fact that it's a hormone known to naturally decline as men age. now a new study, the first to look into the actual benefits of testosterone treatment in men with low levels. it shows that for older men, it delivers on some promises but not on others. researchers studied nearly 800 men over the age of 65 who had naturally occurring low testosterone and were receiving treatment for it. they found those on testosterone noticed moderate improvement in sexual function and even some improvement in mood and exercise ability. but testosterone fell short in terms of fatigue and vitality improvement.
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borne out in different age groups or if there are any hidden risks of testosterone treatment that are not yet clear. phil: for now men who are interested in testosterone treatments obviously should talk with your doctors about the pros and the cons. new research finds coffee could help fight liver disease from too much alcohol and food. researchers in england looked at data from more than 430,000 people they found drinking two extra cups of coffee a day led to a significant drop in the risk of developing cirrohosis. they're also looking for the specific link between coffee and liver disease. mike checks in from fort myers for our first report from red sox training camp. j.c.: that starts right now. accused of triggering a campus-wide panic at umass. the teenager now under arrest and the evidence police say led right to him. >> the manhunt for the incognito bandit heating up. the bank robber's new tactic that has the f.b.i. even more concerned.
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warmup but both the beginning and the end of the weekend may be just a little bit different. j.c.: the new move to force apple to unlock a terrorist's iphone and the candidate calling for a boycott until it does. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] phil: we begin with breaking news. that baby girl hit by a car in roxbury last night has died. the little girl's mother was carrying her across the street when they were both struck. j.c.: she's still fighting for her life tonight. we're live in roxbury with where we just talked to the two women who tried to save that baby girl. reporter: the little baby girl was in a baby carrier against her mother's chest when both were struck down right here. nobody more upset that the little baby girl didn't make it and she has died than the twin sisters who made sure the baby was alive when she was rushed from the -- to the hospital. rushed to the hospital last
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the 5-month-old baby girl suffering severe head trauma. badly injured but alive. >> we were all praying last night. >> very much so. that was the goal. to just lift up as much prayers as we could and as much positive thoughts and just have as much love as we could for that little girl. reporter: hurled 10 neat if the air after she and her mother were struck while crossing humbolt avenue. laticia and her twin sister and a friend rushed out and administered c.p.r. >> after i put my head to her chest to see if she had any -- to see if her chest was moving, her heart was beating, anything. we continued c.p.r. until the little girl gasped three times for air. reporter: the twins learning today that despite everybody's best efforts, the little girl died from her injuries. >> it gets very personal when you put in such an effort. >> in that moment when everybody else was emotional in and -- and in shock, we stepped
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for her and her mom. we tried to give that little girl love. reporter: it wasn't the miracle they prayed for but the sisters know they did the best they could the little girl's mother is expected to survive. anchor: just heartbreaking. right now police are still searching for one of the suspects accused in a violent attack in a umass-amherst dorm. this is the second suspect. a teenager from framingham turned himself in. we were the first with the story on the wcvb app. reporter: umass-amherst police called this framingham teenager their main suspect and earlier this afternoon, he turned himself in to the police. 19-year-old william mckeown leaving framingham court in handcuffs, about to be transmitted to western mass.


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