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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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ed: a brighton home goes up in flames. mary: the mayday call for two firefighters inside. maria: a teen falls through thin ice in fall river. the state trooper who came to the rescue. ed: armed, dangerous, and on the loose. reid: the new strategy to catch a serial bank robber, growing more dangerous. meteorologist: a quick shot of know. how warm it gets this weekend and how it is looking for next week. maria: 5 investigates, a umass building boom and how much it's costing you. >> i got a mayday. ed: terrifying moments for firefighters in brighton as flames rip through this home. right now, that fire is out and everyone accounted for.
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that call for help. let's get right to newscenter 5's mary saladna, who is live on the scene, mary? mary. i have bane lot worse. at one point, we all thought that two firefighters were trapped in that attic. >> it could be the worst air of your life. mary: as fire swept through, boston firefighters swarmed the upper floor, neighbors held their breath. >> on the roof, the flames are pouring out. water with is shooting everywhere. debris flying everywhere. you know, pretty intense. mary. that is when the mayday call went out. a firefighter who heard the piercing alarm who signaled the colleague may be trapped. >> may day. >> may day. >> our breathing apparatus has a built-in alarm system. heard a couple of alarms went off. he did's was trained because time is of the he is sense. mary. firefighters went to rescue mode but found no firefighter actual lynn distress.
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sound as the firefighters standstill for more than 30 seconds. the device assuming the firefighter maybe in some kind of a trouble. >> that this is initial warning, you no are snow when that guess off, you know, you have to mary. on this night thank in i everyone accounted for. the two who lived here and the firefighter who rushed to the aid. >> everybody is breathing a major sigh of relief. mary. seven people displaced. damage at half million. careless disposal on the second floor rear porch is believed to be the cause. line brighton tonight, mary saladna wcvb newscenter 5. >> take the rope. ed: new tonight, stunning video
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the merrimack river by first responders. a 9-1-1 caller said a woman jumped into the river. firefighters responded, throwing a rope to the woman floating down the frigid river buying time before the rescue boat arrived.. she was pulled in and rushed to the hospital where she's being treated for hypothermia tonight. maria: also new tonight, another dramatic rescue. this one in fall river. a teenager is pulled from an icy creek by a state trooper after falling through the ice. newscenter 5's john atwater with the team effort to save him, john? john: they were trying to keep the 15-year-old's head above the autosy water. the deep kamal made the lateafter noon rescue even more difficult.
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tot left the boy to safety. >> we picked them up over the wall. not them to ground and able to take the clothes off, wrap them in a blanket. the boy was slivering but conscious after five minutes frigid 7-foot deep water and was after the soccer ball which has fall ton the ice. there was sheet of ice in the canal and he thought could walk on the ice and retrieve the billion and hop back over the wall. >> with the fluctuating temperatures cenly, it was dangerous move. now, a valuable lesson for other kids. >> he is definitely very lucky that his friends are there on the scene and keeping them afloat because if they were not. who knows what would have happened. >> really a good lesson. that boy was taken to the hospital but ex peed to be ok. live in fall river tonight, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: taking a live look now. snow is falling. here is a live look. it is not going to last long. harvey is here fou.
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a lot of temperature, right? meteorologist: yeah. some spots a quick little dusting oar quick burst. in some cases making the roads wet. i nice it cold. you he see right here in eastern massachusetts. we have one little package of know t. the air was dry. it took awhile to saturate the air. a little burst in places. now i show you temperatures. you will notice along the coast, a little above freezing. you will see below. so a coating to maybe a quarter half inch. that is happening in some spots real quick. there is a second batch that is going to come along. in boston along the coast. tors going to start warming after midnight. this little patch coming from boston and a gloust, he new bar ry port be a portsmoth laying dawn coating in spots quickly movings off the coach. then it becomes rain in boston. after 1:00 a.m. temperatures rise. the last of the show are show, we pit around 8:00 or 9:00. sunshine takes over. then that opens the gate another warm-up. i see temperatures reaching the 50's after they little coating
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many spots tomorrow could be up to 55 sore. quate day. we'll let lit know about the changes for next week in a little while. maria? >> thanks. maria: sad news from roxbury. that baby girl has died. the girl's mother was carry herring lastnating when they were both hit. two sisters happened to be there and saw this whole thing happened and raced to help. they gave that baby cpr until the emt's glot. news the baby has died is hitting them hard. >> this is where it hurts. oh, you are awesome. you a hero. we didn't do it. we didn't. we didn't help her. maria: the baby's mom is still in the hospital. he she is still fighting for her life tonight. police say the driver did stay at the scene and also tried to help. no charges have been filed. ed: the man accused of sparking a shelter in place order at umass amherst is now in custody. police say 19-year-old william mckeown attacked a student on
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witnesses reported seeing a so police issued a campus-wide alert. a second suspect is still on the run. new at 11, a prisoner at the plymouth county house of corrections sentenced to another five to six years for giving heroin to other inmates. how did he get it inside? prosecutors say john antrim had it hidden inside his body when he was arrested. one of prisoners he gave the drugs to overdosed. maria: right now, they call him the incognito bandit. wcvb newscenter 5's reid lamb bar is live in arlington. reid, a new plea for help in this case. reid. this is one of five who targeted. it was hit on friday afternoon last october according to the fbi. it was the second among the five that was targeted by the same man, they say, who always covers his face, always shows a gun. the fbi has dubbed him in the in
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banks, wearing a mask, sunglass and had dy pulled over the head. the manor in which he employs is e anything but camouflaged. >> he tenners the bank and displays a wet weapon immediately and displays the tellers. the bandit says little willing tow victim pank bank tellers. he chooses harsh action over words. he walked over tow tellers and placed the weapon the table and banked it down making it known there was gun. >> the fbi says this man is behind five area robberies. year. the latest res than three weeks ago. surveillance video shows him causally walking into the bank and immediately showing his gun. he places it on the counter pointing it at the teller as he stuffed cash into a bag. another unique feature, socks. warn over his boots. >> it is believed so he could cover up his boot prints if this would be any left.
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here is what he may look like as described biness withs from arlington bank robbery. the fbi double listening the reward as the suspected ob ber they say doubles down on violence. >> to become more brazen, to become more violent in the action in robbing the banks. and outside of targeting stand alone banks located in suburban neighborhoods. the fbi says the bandit doesn't have a pattern. the reward for his arrest and conviction is $20,000. live in arlington tonight, reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. >> commit. to 2016 now. south carolina holds the republican primary. the democrats will caus can in nevada. the dead heat in that state. a new poll shows hillary conditionton and bernie sanders in a virtualle tie. 48-47%. for the reb caps in south carolina, donald trump leads but ted cruz has ingaed 11 points. he is at 23% to trump's 28%. maria: tonight, it is trump's
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them gop front return is going after apple now that refuses to unlock iphone use by one of the shooters. phil lipof is tracking this latest controversy. phil? >> ma irrhea shall all the candidates on the republican side are not happy with apple. trump once again going the extra step call for a boycott. all of this while apple continues to footing the government's request for help. >> donald trump now going after apple. >> how do you like it? >> i just started. >> boycott apple. a the billionaire angry that the tech giant refuses to help investigators unlock the iphone of one of the terrorists. >> first of all. apple ought to give security to that phone. >> ok. >> what i think you owing to do is boycott apple this they give that security number. phil: telling abc news the company has no sympathy and they left to the door but this case not the terrorists. the justice department doesn't agree calling on federal judge
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into syed farook's iphone. the potential legal threat? a federal court could hold apple in contempt. the issue defined if it does not comply. apple says complying would create a master key that could unlock millions of apple phones and that effect, they a, a numbier bomb for software making customers vulnerable to hacking and if it complies requests from law enforcement could come for another phone and hour later opening a pandora's box. now a battle over. apple says rating after the phone was recovered. someone reset the apple i did d make it more difficult toll retrieve all of that important information. apple says police had the phonep when the id was changed. the government says the change was made by faruq's em lower the hours just after the attacks. >> next on wcvb newscenter 5. 6 ps. maria: umass spending million billions on new buildings. 5 investigates the expensive surprise for taxpayer and
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>> the new safety alert for hoverboards tonight. why they may be even more dangerous than you thought. after bit of snow, a lot of warmth. how mild it gets and how long it
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we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. r we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it vwith a tax on wall street speculation. p the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. r it is time for them to start helping t the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
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ed: new at 11, the government is cracking down on hoverboards. no hoverboards on the market now are officially safe according to new government standards. the consumer product safety commission sent a letter to manufacturers and retailers of the boards warning them to make the product compliant with the new rules.
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fires are responsible for $2 million dollars in property damage and the death of two dogs. reporter: new buildings on all five university of massachusetts campuss and more on the way. >> new student center in lowell, $95 million. the university home in boston, $131 million. the new seven building honors college am hears, $192 and this gleaming research center in worcester, $400 million. >> my vision for umass is to be world class public research university. the umass president says the building boom is helping them rises in national rankingance bring in millions in research scholars but the coition high. so far $6.5 quadrillion. how do you justify that spending. >> we are in the bus neves supply and demand. >> students require in demand, world class facilities. >> but behind these, this is another story that is not so
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>> well, big problems and big problems because of umass. >> former inspector general greg sullivan now research director has been digging into the numbers. a you autos spends $3.2 billion on new buildings since 2006 and approved $3.3 billion more. boom. umass has accumulated a huge $3.2 billion back log of maintenance needed but not done many oller buildings. deteriorating structures outdated heating and electrical ap mum! plug systems. >> if you have a problem with your house whether it is a roof or a boiler or your foundation, what you should not do is expand your house with addition. and put a pool in. >> in its plan. you mass described the maintenance as daunting. umass is working with a team of outside experts to tackle the backlog of repair.
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that they built in the 1960's, the 197 that he were never kept up. >> the deferred maintenance problem with tow mbta. they expanded dramatically while ignoring the main nbc one that with make a comparisons into idea what the university of massachusetts is all about. >> umass is, is producing high-quality graduates. a who is going to pay for this $3 billion in the maintenance foo hopefully the state is going to pay for some of it. some will be paid for by the university. >> the state means tax payers who have already paid more than $640 million for the first phase of the building boom. >> it is not right that umass would go through this proses ses of efrmous expansion, and then, at the end of that, turn around, to the legislature and say, we have a huge deferred maintenance problem. we got give us money. the folks will pay for that are the taxpayer and people intuition.
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thing that the university. they should not have the same quality pa shrill tyes to private institutions have. i reject that notion. >> all new umass buildings have the cost of deferred maintenance night the financing plans. karen anderson, 5 investigates. >> all right. so harvey told me when i was sitting. >> he told me. >> told me to go outside and a look and it would be snow because by the time we get out the air. >> did you do it? >> ask harvey. >> did she do it. >> of course not. not going to listen to me. i didn't do. >> it was hard. >> she is one. we don't lon to you either harv. meteorologist: if it was snowstorm, would you have plenty of time. it is like a passing flurry. it was not a big deal. anyway single digits this morning. teens else are, and 20 in boston. then we did move up today to the 30's to around 40 and drop back
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it is down a little bit in boston. a brief burst of snow is going through. it is 33 degrees. here's the key. thewiest out of the south. the temperatures will start rising in the wee hours of the morning. then rise a lot more tomorrow. right around freezing to the north and west. it is a little bit below. note it has moved up to mid to upper 30 across the south yews the southerly wind is a little more active. that is a sign that temperatures will be rising overnight. everybody has a south lir wind at this time. but just before the atmosphere can warm up enough. we got the brief little patch of snow that's now right looping the coastline at this time. look at how it is flying eastward. then another little area of light snow behind thand may get the worst hills and the region of new hampshire, add a little something up there. this is not much of a snow situation. report a quick dusting with it. still snowing in bits of gloucester. all of this on thep capes going to push offshore. then the second batch getting areas like aimers as well as
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with additional little dusting. that flies of the coast. next little path. look at what happens. turns to rain showers in boston because we're rising temperatures overnight. you campaign gin the milder air mass. if we get rid of the clouds that happens by late morning. out comes the sun and up goes the temperature. a real pleasant saturday. noid late morning. midday to afternoon. a weak cold front comes through. that front is going to be very, very weak. so even sunday is going to be mild during the daylight showers. many of us should be low to mid 50's for tomorrow. that is really good news. now let's break done the 7-day forecast for you. i am thinking about 55 for that. high temperature tomorrow in boston. a great day to enjoy. sunday's mild as well. average high temperature at 52 but notice, i put at night. there may be a mix. especially to the south. let me give you the idea of what is going won that. a little wave of low pressure going to pass to the south. part of the area, the southern part of the area may catch the northern edge of it as it is
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it could be a period of rain that may try to turn over a little bit of snow and before it ends buy early monday morning. so this is just a chance that connecticut,red island, southeastern mass gets cold enough could pick up a coating to inch wor of snow before you get to early monday morning. that is what we're talking about there. now that is certainly not the main event for next week and turns colder monday. then either late night tuesday or wednesday. of storm. that is going to be complicated how this is going to workout. we may actually wind up with two storms. the first one might skirt our area on monday with maybe some snow kagging to a mix of rain. then, there could be a second storm for thursday. that track is a little uncertain. some that will come over us or to the west which would bring warmer wear it. it is possible some cold air will be trapped in the lower part. that could still mean an icy mix. what i am telling you is that you got to watch the forecast for wednesday and thursday. because it is far from a done deal as to how that is going to
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it does look come lex. by the time that period of time is over. say the of thursday. probably a significant amount of precipitation and one form or another form or many forms will have probably passed looing the area. you got two great day tonsy during the daylight hours of saturday and sunday. have a greats weekend. >> don't worry about it. >> we will enjoy. >> we will indeed. >> you, too. >> a special honor for special retiree state police rolling out the red carpet as one of their
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>> the state police honoring a special man. maria: guess how old he is? 100. >> a great deal of respect for those who come before us and laid the foundation for what we're today.
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ed: yeah. maria: he got a tour before the special ser pony and remember of the mbc. the metropolitan district police that menned with the state police in 1992. congrats to him. >> d.c. >> i met a lot of nbc on the which to hockey. won't get into that. maria: oh. ed: i won't get into that now. ji yes. reporter: yes, sir. when women back shall well talk about the red sox ap spring training and get a report from mike lich to tell us how greg kim bills lo find fantasy shows. r when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv
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bob: if you get up in the morning, lay back down, and then decide you really should get up again, that activity is equivalent to a spring training baseball workout. red sox pitchers and catchers are in camp and so is mike lynch. >> everybody is going out and meeting new guys in spring training, i think. i think as you go through spring training and get into week two and week three. you really get the idea of what the team is made up of and how the team will go. i can't wait to get a chance to meet everybody. >> yeah. i show up. you know? i expect everybody to go out there and work hard. if you are not expecting that of yourself. well, you should be. you should show up and be grateful for the opportunity and to be a that level and show up to put the uniform on every day and you should not hold anything back. so from the guys around me and
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i think, you know, i care about the guys. we don't always know who those guys are going to be yet. he is push think time of year. i care abouts the guys. you know, as far as them a. >> i care almost more about how they do than i do. because i like to see the guys succeed. workouts continue tomorrow morning. the live coverage continues at 6:00. with the sox at fort myer, mike lynch, sportscenter 5. bob: the celtics waived forward david lee today buying him out of his $15.4 million dollar contract, so he can be picked up by another team and fit under their salary cap. threaten second queer, utah lead it by ten. i jay thom whats five points to lead the celtics there in the first quarter. all right. annapolis, maryland, in honor of his father during the 62nd
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banquet. >> it gives me great pleasure to be here. you know. it gives me so much pride and pleas thour be able to personally be here. >> it honors coaches who make a major impact beyond the football field. very nice he was able to be there and now time to get back to work on the patriots. that is sports. i will never forget in jacksonville. is with on kneeled when they won and beat the eagleles to see them dumb the got to raid on >> yeah. i remember that. they dumped it on both. that is special moment this year. a. >> that is great. you remember that. gra is great. did is stop snowing?
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that is gnat big dag f. believe me. common day when you look back. you won't say, there were flakes are i day night. it is so nice and mild saturday ap sunday. all right. then you can forget that by thursday night week. >> i know you can after. >> i will ask it anyway. >> do you think we'll see any more big storms? i think there is going to be significant amount of precipitation maybe opp that
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t they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- bill maher. from "the danish girl," oscar nominee alicia vikander. jake byrd at a donald trump rally. and music from nothing but thieves. with cleto and the cletones. and now, as luck would have it,


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