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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  February 20, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> now on newscenter 5" -- >> spring temperatures are the but i' m tracking two potential pam: and when boston police responded to this crash they got a big surprise. what they did next may have saved a couple' s wedding day. >> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. pam: right now, a deadly fire is under investigation in natick. reid: firefighters rushing in to pull a woman from the flames.
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s sera congi reports, they faced another dangerous obstacle. sera: firefighters rushed to this east central street house in natick around 7:30 this morning, a smoky blaze first spotted and reported by a fire lieutenant on his way to work. >> we saw smoke coming out the roof down the block. reporter: while battling flames firefighters searched the home and found a woman unconsicious in a second-floor bedroom. the challenge firefighters faced when trying to reach the victim, a hole in the floor of the bedroom. >> we were able to get around that hole, found the victim close to the second floor window. reporter crews carried the woman : out with a ladder. but she died shortly after at the hospital. 73-year-old carol mccarthy lived alone. >> it' s horrible whether it' s somebody' s relative. reporter investigators are : working on a cause, the fire s
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working. the state' s fire marshall' s office says this is the 12th fatal fire this year, and the common thread they' re seeing, a lack of working smoke alarms. in natick, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. pam: right now investigators are working to find the cause of an early morning fire that tore through a mill in fall river. the flames broke out at about 3:00 this morning at the sagamore mill. someone passing by called 911. the building collapsed soon after firefighters arrived. firefighters say no one was inside the mill and no one was hurt in the fire. the fire marshal' s office tells newscenter 5 it is too soon to say how the fire started. taunton police say a child hit by a car today is expected to survive. it happened this afternoon on bunker drive. the driver stayed on the scene. police say this appears to have been an accident. reid: let' s call this spring in
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>> look at these temperatures. we will part of may. we hit 60 degrees today great most of the readings are in the upper 50' s. where is the cold air? over the cape. ocean temperatures in the low 40' s right now. a cooling breeze down towards the cape. what else is going on? a weak front coming in from the west. we are seeing a few sprinkles out there right now. the trend over the last hour has in to see it winding down. -- been to see it winding down. overnight tonight even as we drop into the 40' s, those are not cold enough to support freezing precipitation. then tomorrow we warm up, but probably not as warm as it was today.
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then i have to watch a couple of things coming up. one is the system coming in from the west. i will have more on the timeline of that as well as the midweek storm in a few minutes. pam: thousands of people gathered today to say goodbye to supreme court justice antonin scalia. the funeral mass was held in washington, d.c. a week after scalia died suddenly on a trip to texas. as abc' s bazi kanani reports it was scalia' s own son who lead mourners today. reporter into the massive : basilica that has hosted 3 pokes, -- popes, surrounded by the symbols of the faith he held dear justice scalia' s sons , carried his casket up the aisle in a final farewell. >> hope does not disappoint because the love of god has been poured out into our hearts through the holy spirit that has been given to us. reporter: a scripture reading by fellow justice clarence thomas,
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ideologically in the court. >> the deeper he went in his catholic faith, the better a citizen and public servant he became. reporter in his homily, justice : scalia' s son paul, a priest, talked about the importance of his father' s christian faith and his love for his large family. >> sure, he forgot our names at times or makes them up. but there are 9 of us. reporter among the thousands in : attendance, countless dignitaries, vice president joe biden, former vice president dick cheney. following justice scalia' s casket to his final resting place, the most cherished part
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children and 36 grandchildren. after today' s funeral, justice scalia' s family and friends attended a private burial service. another memorial service will be held here in washington on march 1. reporting from the supreme court, bazi kanani, abc news, washington. reid: new at 5:00, celebrating the life of a boy from brockton. charles c.j. thompson died after falling through the ice last month. today friends and family gathered to remember the 12-year-old. wcvb newscenter 5' s juli mcdonald was there and joins us live from brockton. reporter cj' s family just buried : him this week, with his dad who passed away six years ago. today the neighborhood wanted to do something to let cj' s friends and classmates who couldn't be at those services to express themselves and remember him. >> i' m so very proud. i' m proud to say i' m cj' s mom. reporter the brockton community : came together saturday to remember their friend cj thompson. the 12-year-old passed away last week after falling into an icy pond in early january. his mother told newscenter 5 she is overwhelmed by the outpouring
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who loved her son. >> cj was the boy with the million dollar smile. that' s the best way i can describe him. he had a smile that could light up a room. reporter friends from the : neighborhood, teachers, even strangers filled this brockton community center to support cj' s family through prayer and song, and offer their own memories of cj. >> he was like a little brother to me. he' d be at the basketball court a lot too. he' d probably be out here right now. it' s a big part missing. reporter the service ended with : a special balloon release. the group tied messages to cj on balloons and then sent them to their friend in heaven. >> to see all these people and what the community has come together and done for him. this is awesome. i will never forget this. >> next at 6:00, hear more from cj' s mom, including what' s so difficult for the 4 siblings he leaves behind. live in brockton, juli mcdonald,
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pam: new at 5:00, we are hearing a call for help from the el faro made the day before the ship sank in hurricane joaquin. the ship' s captain reached the company' s call center, seemingly frustrated with the response as he tried to get help. [inaudible] during the hearing captain john lawrence of tote services testified. he believed the crew was safe and was going to abandon ship. 33 crew members aboard died, including three people with ties to massachusetts. reid: in boston there is a new effort to help the homeless stay healthy. the boston public health commission is offering vaccinations after they say 3
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meningococcal disease. one person has died from the disease. state officials say the public is not at risk because the disease requires close contact "the boston globe" reports so far 600 homeless people have been innoculated and that the cdc sent 3000 doses of the vaccine to the city. only s big day to a screeching halt. pam: but that close call still ended in wedded bliss thanks to police and firefighters. wcvb newscenter 5' s nicole estaphan talked to the happy couple and is live with the story. reporter: that couple now on to wedded bliss, after escaping the fiery crash. with a little help from the boston police department, they have now found humor in the wedding that almost wasn' t. >> i give you this ring is a symbol -- reporter: by the time most
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s hurdles. >> i didn' t think we were going to make it. reporter after nearly thirty annie strother thought they had seen it all. until saturday, when they were just a few blocks, from the alter. >> all of a sudden the car caught on fire, when the car the -- the flames started coming into the car. reporter: jumping to safety just in time. >> when he told me to jump i jumped so high up. reporter but the symbol of their : union, still inside this now burnt out car. >> the rings are in the car. reporter: firefighters were able to save the rings.
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>> we got here faster than if we we were driving anyway. reporter: a life lesson, marriage will face adversity. , always be a sweet kiss at the end. a long time. s first purchase, you guessed it, a new car. reid: what a way to start your marriage. still ahead, voters making their choice right now. pam: the final moves in two states that could change the race for president. reid: but there is one candidate who' s focus is not on those voters. why he' s spending a critical day
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reid: the battle for the ballots is on in the republican primary in south carolina. pam: while democrats slug it out at caucuses in nevada. abc' s megan hughes is tracking these two tests for candidates still fighting to pull ahead and earn the nomination. reporter: voters in two states choosing who they want to nominate for president. >> today it came down to who you trust. reporter: in nevada, the race
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sanders seemed confident that high turnout would give him another victory. >> with a large turnout, i think we will do just fine. reporter: the gop reported more controversy on the eve of the vote. donald trump retelling a debunked story about an american general rounding up and executing muslims. >> he took 50 bullets and he dipped them in pig' s blood. reporter: rival marco rubio said that donald trump appears to be saying whatever he wants. today will determine whether voters in south carolina agree. the battle to stay in the top three could save or sink several campaigns. >> in south carolina, the important places are win and
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reporter: jeb plans to be in nevada tomorrow. an ohio governor john kasich already left, setting his sights on super tuesday. officials in south carolina are expecting a record turnout. that was set in 2012, with more than 600,000 voters. megan hughes, abc news, columbia, south carolina. reid: today republican john kasich is skipping a visit to south carolina, instead focusing on the states getting ready to vote on super tuesday. he started the day in vermont, then traveled here to massachusetts where he spoke to supporters in worcester this afternoon. kasich will watch the results come in from south carolina from an event in wakefield. his campaign is hoping his strong finish in new hampshire will resondate with gop voters here. hillary clinton increasing her campaign presences in massachusetts. today the clinton campaign opened six new offices in neighborhoods across the state,
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the offices will serve as a base for volunteers going door to door. pam: two new york city police officers are injured following a shootout. it happened overnight around 3:30 in brooklyn when a suspect crashed his car into their police vehicle and exchanged gun fire. one officer was struck in his bulletproof vest and suffered blunt force trauma. the other was shot in the hip. >> this incident certainly underscores the importance of the vests that we invest in for our police officers and how we have to keep them safe in every way we can, the best training, the best technology. these officers pursued their work last night with vigor, with focus. p am: the suspect was shot multiple times. he is in critical condition. both officers are in stable condition and are expected to make a full recovery. reid: new information tonight in the fbi' s attempt to hack into an encrypted iphone used by the gunman in december' s mass shootings in california. the obama administration says it
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to retain possession of specialized software it has been ordered to design and later destroy. apple chief tim cook has said the software would be too dangerous to create because it would threaten the privacy of millions of customers. pam: what a day. reporter: look at that sunset behind us. >> i like the temperature too. >> 52 degrees. >> we have sort of one more day of it tomorrow. tonight we have a little issue going on. there' s a little area of sprinkle. i' m checking ground reports, because the air below is very dry right now. it is being picked up by radar, but i' m not getting any reports on the ground yet. if you are out towards the greenfield area, you might be getting sprinkles out of this whole thing. last weekend it was 26 degrees below zero right here, and this
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this will be out there as we had through the evening hours. as far as the sunset is concerned, it happens that 5:22. we are off of our earliest sunset of the year. we are only three weeks away from daylight savings time coming in here. spectacular sunset this evening and it is still 52 degrees with a south wind at 11 miles per hour. check out these current temperatures. a little cooler over the cape, southerly breeze coming off cool ocean waters. it is still almost 60 in springfield. a few evenings sprinkles out there, partly cloudy skies. low temperatures tonight, 34 to 40 degrees. tomorrow a little bit cooler, about 48 to 56 degrees. a few clouds come in during the afternoon and overnight tomorrow night there could be a light
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and more like it will be primarily rain that is talked about. here are the high temperatures tomorrow, generally upper 40' s and low 50' s. 46 for a high tomorrow. monday s once again. south shore could easily be into s. s. what about that threat tomorrow night? at 4:00 sunday afternoon. tomorrow afternoon we have a few clouds sitting around. a bubble of moisture starts to work its way down on the south coastal areas. the temperatures are too warm to support snow. overnight it may cool down just a bit. i put a slight risk of mixing here. for most of us it will be a few rain sprinkles. by the time we talk about the monday morning commute, we don' t have to worry about it read
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than what we have been going through. tomorrow, 52 degrees. monday only about 38, but that is where we are supposed to be this time of year. you stay, looks like we have nice snow coming in. we have a system coming up from the south. notice the first part here moving into some cold air. that is why we start off with a little bit of snow. the second part starts moving its way in. that is why i say snow to mix to rain, that will start coming wednesday and thursday. look at the temperature, 50 degrees. maybe some mix in their wednesday night into thursday. otherwise, you get to enjoy tomorrow with some sunshine during the afternoon, if you cloud covers, but still 52 degrees. pam: breaking news update on
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reid: the feds cracking down on one of the most popular holiday gifts saying there is no , such thing as a safe hoverboard. pam: it' s all because of fire danger.
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s doug meehan explains. reporter: they' ve spontaneously combusted in malls and on park paths. been blamed for house fires and banned on airplanes. tonight the government cracking down. >> it is irresponsible for a company to continue to sell hover boards that they know do not comply with the standard. reporter: safety commission warns, quote consumers risk serious injury or , death if their self-balancing scooters ignite and burn. 52 boards have burned since december. this couple' s nashville home reduced to ashes after a hoverboard caught fire. >> i don' t think it' s worth the risk. reporter: it was the hottest item on many christmas lists -- ebay at one point selling one
5:26 pm
at least one retailer, amazon is offering refunds. quote, we have been actively conducting r&d on our own and are continuing to work on improving our product features including enhanced safety, which remains a top priority for us. doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. reid: coming up at 5:30, edward snowden in new hampshire. pam: more on his virtual appearance today, as a keynote
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>> this is an editorial. of the charlie baker spoke directly -- >> to the taxpayers who may never write the t, but who write a $1 billion check to the system every year, you deserve to know that your support is delivering a reliable, affordable, transparent and efficient service. >> 5 investigates kathy curran has uncovered a scheduling
5:30 pm
drivers to handpick their work schedule. those with the least seniority end up with a shift that conflict with mandatory 10 hour rest intervals. drivers are paid to stay home and rest, while others are paid overtime to cover for them great in 2015 alone, the t pay drivers almost $400,000 to stay home and spent another quarter million in overtime for substitute drivers to pick up those shifts. this antiquated manual shift pick system contributes to the problem here at the t' s chiefs to her says switching to an electronic system will eliminate the waste. he would consent to a trial period to test it. cutting waste and illuminating paid sleep time should not be an it' s in the interest of team management and the union to work right now.
5:31 pm
of rate hikes, we should demand the reliable, affordable, transparent and efficient service and vision by governor baker. while cutting this form of waste is a drop in the bucket, optics do matter and may make writing that $1 billion check slightly less infuriating for baystate taxpayers. >> from boston' s news later, this is -- news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. pam: breaking news right now at 5:30, results just in from the democratic caucuses in nevada show hillary clinton edging out rival bernie sanders for the win. it' s a critical victory after her tough loss in new hampshire. voting is still underway in the republican primary in south carolina. reid: other stories we' re following right now. a 73-year-old natick woman is dead after flames sweep through her home. firefighters were able to pull carol mccarthy out of the second floor bedroom on east central street but she died at the hospital. no word yet on a cause. pam: this raging mill fire in fall river is under
5:32 pm
the weaver street mill was vacant at the time. no one was hurt. the fire marshal' s office says the rubble is still smoldering -- making it hard to determine a cause. reid: thousands of people gathered today to say goodbye to supreme court justice antonin scalia in washington, d.c. pam: he was the leading conservative voice on the supreme court, who died suddenly last week. steve nannes reports, scalia' s son led this second day of mourning. reporter: mourners filled the catholic church on saturday to pay their respects to the late justice antonin scalia. bells told for several minutes while the purse carrying the late justice -- hearse carrying the late justice cold up to the shrine of the immaculate conception. pallbearers carried the flag trick coffin into the basilica following a procession of clergyman. longtime
5:33 pm
thomas was among several current and past injustices attending the mass, along with political dignitaries like vice president joe biden and republican presidential candidate ted cruz. >> we humbly implore you for your servant antonin. >> the late scalia' s son delivered liturgy. >> hope does not disappoint, because the love of god has been poured out into our hearts through the holy spirit that has been given to us. reporter: reverend scalia then read the homily where he thanked everyone for the outpouring of support. >> on behalf of our mother and the entire scalia family, i want to thank you for your presence here, for your many words of consolation, and even more, for the many prayers and masses you have offered at the death of our father, antonin scalia a. reporter: immediately
5:34 pm
members headed to the burial site to see their final farewell. >> in the waters of baptism, antonin died with christ and rose with him to . may he now share with him eternal glory. pam: mike walken is looking at some storm systems. mike: amazing. high temperature today of 60 degrees. the normal high temperature for this time of year is 40 degrees. within eight degrees of setting a record high temperature. you know this won' t last forever, but we do get one more day tomorrow. a little cooler tomorrow. we have the leading edge of that cooler air starting to work its way in. a sprinkle here or there, we will see that during the evening hours, then overnight tonight partly cloudy skies across the area. dropping off in the mid-30' s to
5:35 pm
still another day, pushing 50. this system is coming in from the west. there may be a mix. i will have the timeline on that, as well as the second ti ne this week. anchor: the identity of one of two victims killed in a fire in confirmed. 66-year-old douglas palmisano died january 28 when a fire broke out at his home on whiley road. another person was killed their -- killed, there identity has yet to be released. still no word on what caused the fire. an investigation is ongoing. pam: 5 on the opioid crisis a , new report highlights a staggering number of drug overdoses in new hampshire this month. according to american medical response, february has been a record month. in manchester alone, there have been 42 overdoses four of them , happened yesterday within a half hour of each other.
5:36 pm
surpassed the record set last march. emergency crews say the main culprit is still fentanyl, followed by heroin. >> i don' t like being on television every week telling people about the numbers, we need help, i don' t know what that help is but we need to work harder than we are to solve this problem because it is not getting any better. pam: the record number of overdoses is taking its toll on emergency staff that are dealing with the problem. amr says it impacts ever facet of the system. reid: hundreds of people turn out in manchester, new hampshire to hear a speaker who gained world-wide notoriety. edward snowden. while some call the government was so blower a traitor. to some libertarians he' s a , hero. adam sexton from our sister station wmur explains. reporter: edward snowden, the man who has been praised for bringing shut away surveillance systems to light and criticized for harming american national security. at the new hampshire liberty forum, he'
5:37 pm
>> the government was spying on billions of people around the world and millions of people in america, and he let people know. reporter: snowden appeared via skype from russia. wmur was not allowed to record his marks. we were allowed to watch and listen. in a q&a session, snowden revealed that while some of his former colleagues at the cia and nsa were sympathetic to his values, there were others who said, quote, the constitution really doesn' t matter, who would say literally, who cares. >> you would hear him say, in his own department they said the fourth amendment is irrelevant. we have to catch the bad guys. reporter: snowden also said he would accept extradition to the united states, saying quote, i have told the government i would return if they would guarantee a fair trial where i can make a public interest defense of why this was done and allow a jury to decide. >> he remains an active patriot,
5:38 pm
reporter: snowden also address the awkward fact of his existence as a celebrated sheltered from u.s. law enforcement by authoritarian he told the liberty forum he never intended to go saying quote, the united states criticizes me for being in russia but at the same time, they won' t let me leave. adam sexton, wcvb newscenter 5. reid: celebrating black history month here on channel 5. pam: a boston landmark with a
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pam: tonight we' re celebrating black history month with a trip into the past right here in boston. reid: newscenter 5' s frank holland shows us it' s a landmark and a lesson. frank: it' s the oldest black church in the u.s. and so much more. the african meeting house opened in 1806. it' s now a national landmark on beacon hill. marito rivero is the executive director of the museum of african american history. >> this was the center of the black community in boston. frank: the african meeting house has been restored to exactly
5:42 pm
>> these people wanted a sense of beauty, they understood beauty and they bent themselves to create it. frank from this podium, : important issues discussed, great ideas born. reporter: -- >> this is the unique place the abolitionist movement began and grew. frank today, it' s a museum and a : reminder, america is better when we work together. that point emphasized to students here to learn about the abolishment of slavery. >> our lesson to young people is that black people and white people came together and changed a bad law. frank for more information on : tours of the african meeting house and exhibits at the museum of african american history go to our website, pam: warm weather giving us a taste of spring in february. reid: but mike wankum is tracking two storm threats
5:43 pm
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the greatest library of oscar moments, simply by using your voice. live oscar sunday, february 28th on abc." >> typically this time of year it' s easier to go into work on the weekend. >> not today, mike. mike: last weekend the high temperature was 12 on sunday. what is amazing about this month , today we had 60. to have two days in the month of
5:46 pm
degrees is really unusual. a year ago we were shoveling out 2.4 inches of snow. on our way to 100 10 inches. to what we had last year. there. there might be a sprinkle out there as we had through the evening hours. once we get to the overnight hours, it is partly cloudy skies. thanks for sharing your pictures. no windchill index to work about -- worry about. 56 in bedford. rutland at 54. 57 in milford. most of the temperatures nicely into the 50' s.
5:47 pm
ocean water temperatures are still into the 40' s. a breeze off of the water. tonight a few evening sprinkles out there, mainly to the west. tomorrow sunshine in the morning, if you afternoon clouds and late tomorrow night, could be a little bit of light overnight mix. i would not be surprised if a snowflake or two is mixed and with it. here are the temperatures and the timeline. a few clouds out there, upper 40' s. we had towards the evening hours. there is a little bit of rain showers breaking out. they are warm enough that we are talking about rain showers, not snow showers at this point. if you are an early riser you might run into sprinkles out there. temperatures pretty close to that marginal mark. as we get later into the commute, this moves on out of here. temperatures are not as warm as we start to talk about the temperatures on monday.
5:48 pm
38 degrees for a high temperature on monday. and tuesday as well. looks like we will start to introduce some light snow into wednesday. one system will work its way up into this cold air. snow. the second part of the system tracks to our west, drag some warm air in here. the brain on thursday looks like it will be wind driven. right up around 50 degrees. now, we looking at primarily a rain event. >> now, halloran. bob: crowder' s father corey played sparingly in just 51 games with the utah jazz 24 years ago yet for some reason, the jazz still
5:49 pm
sneakers and they gave them to jae crowder before last night' s game. a strangely beautiful gesture, right before the jazz crushed the celtics. hi-lites from late last night begin with crowder stealing the ball push -- ball pushing it up , to amir johnson who goes for the high shot. the celtics had their last lead of the game at second quarter, 10-9. isaiah thomas, he led all scores -- scores with 25 points celtics still in it early in the jared sullinger to avery bradley third,. by 15. and then it' s the number one star of the game for the jazz -- derrick favors, another slam -- with authority jazz go on to there' s got to be a darn good reason we'
5:50 pm
grizzlies and timberwolves. and here it is -- vince carter from 73 feet away got it. that' s a three. the hard way carter just grabs the rebound then with a hop, skip and a launch. he knocks it right down. closers are weird. and you know that' s true, because they take that as a compliment. take mark malan' s in. -- mark melancon. two years ago he was a terrible red sox reliever era over 6, then he goes to pittsburgh and saves a big league best 51 games . that' s weird but the red sox have themselves a normal one who normally dominates but right now , is just getting to know his teammates. >> just getting to know our teammates before heading out for game one of 162. you got to know each other, you got to get along, you got to be able to work with each other. bob: kimbrel is coming off one of his worst years and it'
5:51 pm
still pretty great. his 2.58 era was a career high and nearly a run more than his career average. and his 39 saves were a career low since he became a closer in but he still was among the 2011. leaders in saves and in strikeouts per nine innings. we' re taking a quick look back at the bruins road trip so far . high points including wins against the jets, wild and blue in their last outing at nashville so, as it stands the bruins are on their longest road 3-2 trip of the year with one more to go. and that' s at dallas tonight . another re-union with tyler s been doing just fine since leaving the bruins in -- bruins. in the last 3-plus years, seguin' s 105 goals rank second in the nhl and his 226 points are third-best.
5:52 pm
flourished as much if he stayed in boston, but trading seguin may not have been the best move for the bruins. we will see him again tonight. we will have highlights at 11:00 in sports. pam: testing dna without the crime lab and the big, expensive equipment. reid: the local invention on the cutting edge of changing dna
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
pam: we hear about the analysis of dna in tv crime shows. it'
5:55 pm
global outbreaks of disease. reid: but dna testing typically has to be done in a lab and takes time. in tonight' s cutting edge, mike wankum shows us how some local inventors are changing that. mike: sebatian and zeke have been friends since they were teenagers in their native argentina. both came to boston to study biology. mit. together they invented this. it' s beauty is in it' s simplicity. >> this replaces a high end instrument that is probably 10 times the size and 10 times the cost. >> we want everyone that needs to do dna analysis to be able to do it. dna analysis can save lives. mike that became clear during : the 2014 ebola outbreak in sierra leone. scientists and researches needed quick reliable dna analysis. conventional equipment broke down in the heat and unreliable power grid. minipcr worked and cost thousands less. >> you can do everything from copying dna to analyzing to interpreting the results,
5:56 pm
under $1000. mike at that price it is quickly : coming into schools. a dream of the inventors. >> it was a real frustrating for me going through high school not , being able to explore my passion and we don' t want that , to happen to any other kids. mike it works by heating a : sample and then cooling it. this cycling produces millions of copies and when placed under a patented bluegel light you can see the dna strands. these are the building blocks of all cells and unique to each individual. >> you can extract enough dna to match to a person. : and a map on the wall shows where the minipcr has been shipped to. soon space. nasa is scheduled to send a kit station. >> we live in the genome era. so everyone should have access to the tools we use to study our genome. mike in addition to inventing : the minipcr, sebatian and zeke often go into schools to lecture they' ve both had since they were
5:57 pm
pam: how interesting. reid: we continue to follow breaking news, the winner announced in the democratic caucuses in nevada. pam: only on 5, when boston police responded to this crash they got a big surprise. what they did may have saved a couple'
5:58 pm
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6:00 pm
, democratic caucuses in nevada show hillary clinton edging out rivabernie sande for the win. this is a live look from nevada -- where clinton is set to make her victory speech any moment now. this was a critical victory after her tough loss in new hampshire. voting is still underway in the republican primary in south carolina. reid: right now, we' re learning new details about an early morning fire in natick that took a deadly turn. fire investigators say there is evidence tonight that smoke detectors were not working in this home. good evening, i' m reid lamberty. pam: and i' m pam cross. tonight, newscenter 5' s sera congi has the big challenges for firefighters who tried to save the victim. sera: firefighters rushed to this east central street house in natick around 7:30 this morning, a smoky blaze first spotted and reported by a fire lieutenant on his way to work. >> we came outside and we seen, some smoke coming out the roof down the block. >> there was a lot of smoke, we didn' t see a lot of flames, but the fire department reacted


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