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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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strong winds, the potential f perhaps a little bit of flooding and also some thunder with that. the timing for your thursday morning. we're going to break that down for you and step you through the forecast for today right now as the "eyeopener" continues. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." to answer questions in his sex assault scandal. the showdown happening today in a massachusetts courtroom. randy: breaking overnight. a teenager dies violently in boston. the confrontation causing confusion at the crime scene. emily: a medical call becomes a criminal case in attleboro. what police say they found when they revived a man knocked out by chemicals. randy: new details on an accused mass-shooter. the job police say he worked in between killings. on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: 5:00 a.m. on this monday morning. we're kicking off a series on fun new workout ideas.
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shows us the bollywood dance class that's really burning calories. she is doing well. you look good over there. thanks for inning us. good morning. i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer with cindy fitzgibbon. what a treat it was this weekend. cindy: wow. emily: temperatures were amazing. cindy: spring fever i think for a lot of us. pretty incredible. not as warm today. that will make it easier for the kids to go back to school possibly after school vacation week. look at this on the radar this morning. a little bit of rain exiting now out across the cape and the islands. yes, rain certainly not snow with the temperatures we had over the weekend. you can see that storm is exiting. we're watching high pressure nose out of canada. around that more of a northerly wind. it is going to drain down this. single digits through quebec right now. that's the air mass that is working on in. we are starting out above freezing right now. boston down to the cape. 36 right now in town. hovering close to the freezing mark. north shore, beverly, worcester
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thereare clouds across northern worcester county. temperatures come down a little bit. by 8:00 this morning, we should be running near the freezing marks. we'll slowly pick up to around 40 degrees this afternoon. loads of sunshine. light winds out of the north 5-10. pretty seasonal on average. typical high this time of year is 40 degrees. that's about where we're headed this afternoon. not as warm as the weekend but a pretty nice start to the week. let's see how we're doing on the roads. olessa: good morning. we're doing okay. a little bit of overnight construction remains. no problems here in somerville. the southbound side. let's check the rest of your ride. looks good. if you're traveling into boston northbound on the expressway by mass avenue. as you make your way south 24 northbound construction clearing by 128. and then also along 128 in both directions this project by route 2 and only the right lane has been open through the overnight hours. clearing as we speak. heading out to the trains and the buses they're starting the
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randy, emily randy: right now bill cosby's wife is preparing to face some tough questions in massachusetts. emily: that's despite some last-minute moves to stop this appearance. the eyeopener's frank holland is live in springfield with what we can expect today. good morning, frank. frank: good morning. camille cosby is expected to answer questions under oath in the suit that accuses her husband of sexually assaulting seven women decades ago. something her lawyer fought hard to prevent from happening. all weekend, lawyers for the 71-year-old fought to try and postpone this deposition. this is civil lawsuit. the alleged victims claim bill cosby defamed them by denying their sex assault allegations. but his wife's lawyers argue she has had no involvement in the facts or allegations involved in the case. writing in an emergency motion late saturday night, the public testimony would serve, quote, "no purpose other than to harass and embarrass
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the judge denied that motion ruling that the deposition will go forward at 9:30 this morning. we'll be here and bring you information as we get it. live mere in springfield, frank holland, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: breaking overnight, a 16-year-old has died after he was stabbed in dorchester. it happened yesterday afternoon at columbia road and devon street. police responded to a call for a person shot but found the boy had been stabbed. he was taken to boston medical center where he died late sunday night. one person is in custody, but no formal charges have been filed. right now an elementary school in millis is shut down closed for the next two days because of air quality concerns. the superintendent alerted parents test results found concerns in two parts of the clyde brown elementary school building. a safety team will now meet with state officials to determine what happens next. emily: right now an attleboro man is preparing to face a judge today, accused of running a meth lab out of his home. the bust happening during a well-being check. police arrested robert acheson
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his apartment on knight avenue. firefighters say fumes from a chemical spill knocked him out. he was alert and sitting outside when police arrived and allegedly became agitated when they tried to get inside to lock up. that's when officers found the lab. >> it's extremely volatile, the products involved. if the so-called cooker doesn't know what he's doing, it could cause a tumultuous explosion. emily: the street was shut down, and two other homes were evacuated as police spent hours yesterday removing evidence. the man accused of setting off a shelter-in-place order last week at u-mass amherst will go before a judge today. police say 19-year-old william mckeown attacked a student inside a dorm on thursday night. witnesses reported seeing a gun, so police issued the campus-wide alert. mckeown surrendered to police on friday. investigators are still
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learn new details about a man accused of going on a random in just hours that suspect will the eyeopener's erika tarantal is tracking developments including the link to a popular rideshare service. erika: randy, good morning. that's right. in fact, those who know 45-year-old jason dalton describe him as a family man, a father of two, who never showed signs of violence. that hours-long rampage saturday that left six innocent people dead and two hurt. the victims apparently chosen at random, shot in three separate locations. determine whether dalton accepted at least one fare during the rampage. one man says he rode with him before it all began. >> we were kind of driving through medians, driving through lawns, speeding along.
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a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. erika: dalton was arrested early sunday when he was spotted by an officer driving out of a bar parking lot a semi-automatic handgun was found in his car. randy: this week prosecutors will ask a court to send a notorious murder suspect back to prison. michael skakel was convicted in the 1975 murder of his greenwich, connecticut, neighbor martha moxley in 2002. but he was set free in 2013 after a judge ordered a new trial saying his lawyer should have argued his brother could have been responsible for the crime. skakel is the nephew of ethel emily: today, governor charlie baker will be at the white house. baker and other governors will have a private meeting with the president this morning. he's in washington taking part national governors' association. today's meeting will be followed by a news conference. commitment 2016. a new poll gives donald trump a commanding lead in
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college poll. that's 34 points ahead of marco rubio, 37 points ahead of john kasich. on the democratic side, a dead heat. hillary clinton and bernie sanders each have 46%. massachusetts votes on super tuesday, march 1. sanders will be headed to massachusetts today. he'll hold a rally at u-mass amherst. sanders arrived in south carolina on sunday appearing at a prominent african-american church. democrats in that state hold their primary on saturday. hillary clinton is scheduled to attend fundraisers in california today. most of the remaining republican field is converging on las vegas today. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, and ben carson will all campaign there. that's ahead of tomorrow's republican caucuses in nevada. the latest polls show trump ahead of rubio and cruz in that state with john kasich and ben carson trailing in the single digits. randy: the red sox are expecting some new arrivals at spring training today. but one sox slugger isn't
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want to see. sportscenter5's mike lynch is in fort myers with the team. mike: hi, everybody. good morning from jet blue park. yesterday was a very eventful morning. the panda bear pablo sandoval arrived in camp. he open a lot of eyes. when last seen last fall, we were all under the impression that he was ordered to lose some weight. when we asked him about that, that kind of surprised him. >> i don't weigh in at all. i just do my work. i do everything i can out there. i don't weigh-in all off season. i just try to get better. being in a better position. like i say, being an athlete. mike: did anybody from the team talk to you about weight or ask you to lose weight? >> no, nobody from the team. mike: folks are still awaiting the arrival of big papi david ortiz not scheduled to be here until tuesday. we may see him today. that's the story from fort myers. i'm mike lynch, sportscenter 5. randy: lynchie will be at spring training through thursday with live reports every night
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p.m. emily: still ahead this morning, pope francis making a plea to other leaders. randy: the practice he wants to see suspended for an entire year. gas prices are at their lowest level in years, but how long will it last? experts weigh in on what drivers should expect. emily: dancing your way to better health. erika shows us the class making fitness fun. cindy? cindy: and it is going to be colder today, but i'm watching two storms ahead this week in the forecast. messy weather is coming midweek. the timing on that just ahead. first take a look at the temperatures if you're getting ready to head out the door this morning. plymouth up into boston, the mid
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>> good morning, "eyeopener"! randy: all right. good morning to everyone at optim in sturbridge. they make a pretty high-tech product that's fighting crime and saving lives. emily: doug meehan has made in mass tonight on newscenter 5 at 7:00. keep those wake-up calls coming. just go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. olessa: can you keep the weather coming that we had this weekend? cindy: that would be april. fast forward. emily: so warm this weekend. what a contrast from the weekend we had before that. cindy: crazy stuff.
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it was 60 degrees officially in boston. 53 yesterday. we had extremes this month both up and down. the month as a whole we are running about a degree above average. temperatures starting out on the mild side this morning. from boston where it's 36 all the way down to the cape where it's closer to 40 degrees. but north and west of the city, look at beverly at 32. worcester at 32 and there are some 20's here across northern worcester county. and notice how the side skies are beginning to clear out around the worcester area now. we're going to hover in the upper 20's until 8:00 this morning. we'll start to climb again but only close to that 40-degree mark as we head into the afternoon. we have a couple things happening. first of all, the winds have shifted around to the north. as you look to the north, you see how much colder it is across quebec. that's the air mass that is trying to drain on down. as we watch one storm system head out to sea and high pressure nose on in. we're clearing out today with sunshine. this storm came close enough to kind of just brush south eastern most massachusetts with a little bit of light rain through the
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you can see how the clouds are beginning to break apart. to trend continues here through the morning hours and i expect bright sunshine through the afternoon as temperatures come back up to around the 40-degree mark boston out to worcester. may sneak into the lower 40's from nashua down to taunton this afternoon. average high this time of year is 40. certainly more seasonal today. the night skies mainly clear. we'll fall back into the teens and the 20's. it's colder out the door tomorrow morning but still pretty quiet. the midweek period though things change in a big way. we're watching not one but two systems that are going to work in our direction so the weather really starts to go downhill after tomorrow morning's sunshine. let me step you through it. we're in the mid 30's for highs on tuesday. morning sunshine and then clouds come at us from the south and in off the ocean. during the evening hours, we're going to watch a little bit of snow work up from the south. initially this starts out as snow with an easterly wind. it changes to rain pretty quickly so it the wednesday morning commute will be a little bit messy with rain near the coast but some lingering
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north and west especially outside of 495. that is that first system coming on in. the second one is the one that is going to have a lot more moisture with it. this is a storm that is going to track to our west and pull up a lot of warm air. so wednesday night into thursday, we're talking about another slug of potentially very heavy rain with embedded downpours. can't even rule out some thunder. that could lead to poor drainage flooding and strong southerly wind gusts as well are going to push those temperatures on thursday up into the mid 50's. both the wednesday morning commute and the thursday morning commute are going to feature some welt weather. by friday though we're clearing things out. look at the temperatures trending back down a bit into the 30's by next weekend. so a little bit more up and down the way it's gone once again this week. olessa: what else can we expect? a quiet start on the roads this morning. a live look outside. here is the expressway. that's by the gas tank northbound side moves to the top of the screen. let's get to the maps and check the rest of your ride. so far not seeing any volume. no real issues and all that overnight construction we had
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93 south at the zakim also at the expressway by mass avenue and roadwork on 128. that project too is gone. the pike looks good. route 9 no issues right now. cleared away. 39 south also nice and quiet. trains and buses running on schedule. randy. randy: thank you. 18 people are now confirmed dead after a cyclone strikes fiji. this is aftermath of that deadly storm this weekend. trouble communicating with some islands, one of which suffered the worst damage. more than 6,000 people across fiji are now staying in emergency shelters. pope francis issuing a call to all catholic leaders asking them to place a one-year moratorium on the death penalty. during his sunday audience in st. peter's square, the pontiff proposed they suspend the practice during the holy year of mercy. that push for forgiveness runs through november. pope francis also appealed to all world leaders asking them to
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the death penalty. emily: your economy headlines this monday. asian stocks were mostly higher overnight as investors keep an eye on meetings this week on the global economy. right now u.s. stock futures are higher. this week investors will be watching for new data on home sales. gas prices are now at their lowest level in more than seven years. a new lundberg survey finds a gallon of regular is now selling on average for $1.77. that's the lowest price since december 19, 2008, when it was roughly $1.66 per gallon. but the survey also says prices should start heading back up soon. new this morning. not much rivals the joy of a bollywood dance number. but it may also bring some energy and fun into your fitness routine. randy: erika is back with how you can learn some moves and get fit at the same time. erika: i am prepared to be embarrassed by showing you all this. the music gets you moving. the choreography just makes you
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inspired by the movie industry in india comes a fitness class called bolly-x. if you've ever seen a bollywood movie, you know a requirement is a scene like this-- well, minus one uncoordinated news reporter. i'm so bad. the shame. luckily this is a "no judgment" zone. >> i started off feeling really inhibited. i just started coming out having more fun with it, and with bolly-x that's the whole aspect of it. erika: yes, the whole point is that it's so much fun, you don't realize this is an exercise class. >> i love that dance has brought people who would never go to the gym into the gym. they don't even realize they're burning all these calories. erika: long-time bolly-xers report results. >> now i feel i can go through
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my stamina is really built up. erika: offering classes in and around boston, slots that used to draw five people now draw up to 40. that's a legitimate dance party. >> towards the end everyone is singing and shouting the songs. it literally just clears your mind. it's amazing. erika: i was really bad. i'm just like lucy in "i love lucy." that is me but it was fun. that class was at the dance complex in cambridge. classes are also offered in a host of other spots including somerville, boston, braintree, brookline and more. emily: you really work up a sweat. erika: you totally. i was so focused on where my feet were supposed to go. randy: i thought you looked great. erika: they pay him to say that. randy: erika will be checking out a class to jump-start your winter running routine. emily: the president and first lady have had a lot of special guests but never any like this woman. the 106-year-old who got them
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randy: then new at 5:30. a house party near bridgewater state university ends in dozens of arrests. the bust that had people diving out of windows. emily: left with no time to react. the mishap landing one woman in the path of a speeding train. doug? doug: the naacp getting involved in the racial tensions at boston latin school. the demand they're making this
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cindy: 5:23 on your monday morning always we head back to work and school. a little bit of rain down across southeastern massachusetts but that is now exiting off shore. we also have some clouds blanketing that. take a look at the temperatures out door right now. it's 36 in boston. closer to 40 south of town. but starting to drop north and west of the city as the clouds are breaking up. so there are going to be more seasonal today, becoming sunny and a lot of sunshine in the forecast today. the temperatures up around 40 enjoy today. the sun will be fading tomorrow. we've got some messy weather coming in tuesday night into wednesday morning. a little burst of snow changing to ice and rain. temperatures in low 40's here on wednesday. emily. emily: cindy, thank you. emily: a pair of twins beat the odds. they're now millions after following unusual advice from their mom. lisa took the yellow bug as a sign.
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for her and her twin sister. they've been buying them together for years carefully following their mother's advice to find a store with a light out. they found one. they bought a hit. they hit a $6 million jackpot. >> you think like angels will be singing and all that cool stuff will be happen. emily: so good. the twins are going to split the winnings 60-40. the twin who bought the ticket gets 60%. randy: all right. time for your monday eyepoppers. olessa: and this one really speaks to me for a couple of reasons. you want a snack but you just can't make it happen. this dog certainly gets an "a" for effort spinning that chair as he tries to snag the delicious items just out of his reach. but the spinning chair just keeps foiling his plans. i'm sure he got a treat afterwards.
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the table. president: are we dancing together? olessa: busting a move with the president. mr. obama and first lady michelle hosted 106-year-old virginia mclauren yesterday. and she taught them a few things about moving. mclauren has always wanted to visit the white house. she was invited to take part in black history month celebrations. randy: what enthusiasm. olessa: 106 years old. her moves are way better than mine. a little embarrassing. emily: all right. getting married at 35,000 feet. how the midair wedding made dreams come true for more than just the bride and groom. and new this morning. the feds ordering a cleanup of the charles river. the concern that could complicate the clean-up efforts. and take a live look outside here at this early hour.
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you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. r so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store, all beds on sale right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed, know better sleep with sleep number. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: under fire over her husband's sex scandal. bill cosby's wife faces critical questioning. frank: the last-ditch efforts that couldn't stop this high-profile proceeding. kelley: alcohol, stolen highway signs, and safety hazards. the wild party that will land dozens of people in court. emily: an uber driver due in court charged in a deadly and
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still need to answer. on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: good morning. 5:30 monday morning as you look at the southeast expressway here. things jamming up at this very early hour. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer along with cindy and olessa. what a gorgeous weekend, right? olessa: we can dream. cindy: by april we'll get another one like this. olessa: fair enough. cindy: so warm over the week jefned. not going to be as warm today. still seasonal. we've had cloud cover through the overnight. still hanging on to clouds in many areas this morning. you can see some rain that came through south eastern most massachusetts. that is exiting. the storm coming by to our south. we have high pressure building in. that is going to give us the
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high we're also going to have a northerly wind draining down colder temperatures. single digits right now up in quebec. no, it will not be as warm out there today. we're starting out though right around freezing in worcester, lawrence, beverly. some 20's to northern worcester county. look at boston at 36. plymouth to hyannis running about 39 degrees. temperatures starting out a little bit up due to some cloud cover. we will see the clouds hanging with us for a while this morning and then clearing on out. the temperatures will trickle down a bit. settling back to the upper 30's around lunchtime and holding pretty steady under the sunshine with that northerly wind. right around 40 degrees this afternoon. that is actually seasonal for this time of year. average high is about 40. may sneak into the low 40's around taunton. not a bad start to the week. we have some changes coming. we'll talk more about stormy weather for the midweek just ahead. how are the roads. olessa: a little bit busy on the expressway. here's a live look. this is by the gas tank. this portion of your ride 20 minutes braintree to boston. let's go to the maps and see the rest of your trip. not too bad. all the overnight construction
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the pike looking good as well always south of town on 24, 95 and route 3. by. the speed limit same story out of framingham. north of town, no delays just yet. trains and buses also on schedule. randy: breaking overnight, a 16-year-old found stabbed on a boston street is dead. it happened sunday afternoon at columbia road and devon street in dorchester. police say one person is custody, but no formal charges have been filed. right now bill cosby's wife is preparing to answer tough questions in massachusetts. seven women are suing the comedian for defamation claiming he sexually assaulted them decades ago. lawyers for camille cosby have been fighting to prevent her from being deposed in the civil
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emily: this morning dozens of people are facing charges accused in an underage drinking party that got out of control. the eye's kelley tuthill is live outside brockton district court where some of them will go before a judge today. kelley: 41 people arrested in total. with that many involved, we're only expecting to see a handful here in court this morning. the party took place overnight saturday at this home on maple ave. it's just a few blocks from bridgewater state university. officers arrived and immediately called campus police for backup as people started climbing out first-story windows. inside, officers found a large amount of alcohol and several safety hazards. >> the place is always a mess. there's beer cans and bottles. what you're looking at right there right now is the norm. they actually cleaned it up a little bit. kelley: the building commissioner deemed the house unsafe to live in because of the lack of smoke and carbon charges stemming from the party disorderly conduct, and disturbing the peace.
5:34 am
tuthill, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: right now investigators are trying to figure out exactly how this car wound up in the path of an amtrak train in andover. the driver walking away without a scratch. but she says there was no warning. cora harder was midway across the tracks yesterday morning when she says the gate in front of her suddenly came down. the train barreling toward her at 60 miles per hour. that left her no time to react. >> i looked at the signals. they were not flashing. i didn't even have time to get out of the car. the train just, boom! emily: the mbta is now investigating if there was a malfunction on the tracks. randy: new this morning there are new calls for the head of a prestigious boston school to step down. the eyeopener's doug meehan is live at boston latin with how the naacp is now getting involved. doug: in fact, the civil rights group wants the headmaster here fired over how the school handled a series of racially
5:35 am
the local chapter of the naacp held a five-hour meeting yesterday to review a new report that found the administration handled all incidents appropriately with the exception of a 2014 threat. one student called another a racial slur and referenced lynching. speaking about lynne mooney teta, boston naacp president michael curry tells "the globe," "we no longer have faith that she can act in a way that is in the best interest of the students at boston latin particularly when it comes to safety." a spokesman for boston public schools says the superintendent plans to meet with the naacp to discuss their concerns. live in boston this morning, doug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: new this morning. the federal government is ordering a cleanup of the charles river. new regulations this year will require the 260 communities that feed into the charles river watershed to help remove some of
5:36 am
it every year. environmental advocates say it will help reduce flooding, droughts, and pollution. but taxpayers are concerned they will foot much of the bill. a troubling new report on diversity in entertainment. emily: the findings that could add to public outcry ahead of the oscars. and a wedding celebrates more than the love of a couple. the mid-air ceremony celebrating the bond between mother and daughter. randy: and ahead in news to go, espn reporter erin andrews goes to court today. how she says a hotel made her
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luna. olessa: good morning. welcome back to the "eyeopener." a live look outside here at the expressway near morrisey boulevard. northbound side heading to the top of the screen. already seeing brake lights lighting up. for the most part we're getting by at the speed limit. no accidents to report. all the overnight construction picked up nice and early. cindy, quiet in the weather. cindy: pretty quiet start to the week. we had a little bit 6 of rain cut through parts of the south shore and the islands over yiet. that is exiting. clouds breaking for sunshine today. it will be more seasonal so i hope you didn't get used to the 50's to around 60 degrees from weekend. not as warm today. near 40 degrees. we are going to end the day tomorrow with clouds. it looks like a little bit of snow and ice coming tuesday night into the wednesday morning commute. and then heavy rain by the thursday morning commute. we're going to break that down for you just ahead.
5:40 am
up before we even landed. emily: a washington couple's wedding photos going viral this morning. love was in the air for the newlyweds as they said "i do," 35,000 feet up. kristy and jim larsen wanted to make the ceremony memorable for kristy's mother who is dying of cancer. kristy is a flight attendant for alaska airlines, and her mother has always wanted to see where she works. she also wanted to travel to see where kristy lived. her third wish, to see kristy marry the man she loves. so the couple made all three wishes come true, all at once. >> my mother is the world to me. anything to make my mom happy. emily: the couple said the mid-flight wedding is something many people, including them, will never forget. randy: bill cosby's wife under oath in her husband's sex scandal. the questions headed her way today after a failed move from her attorneys. and a new bill could protect animals and pet owners. the new idea hitting the state house.
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t they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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emily: it is 5:43 this morning. the eyeopener team ready with your news to go in springfield, brockton, boston, and following developments from that shooting spree in michigan. randy: but first cindy with the forecast for this monday morning of after an awesome weekend. cindy: like springtime, right? 60 degrees on saturday. emily: amazing. cindy: it was. it's not happening today. sorry about that.
5:44 am
head back to work or school on a monday morning. average high this time of year is 40. that's about where we're going to be this afternoon. more seasonal today. a little colder tomorrow. and then look what happens to the temperatures again. we're headed back up into the mid 50's here by thursday but that is going to come in with a wind-swept soaking rain so it turns stormy for the middle of the week. 32 right now in worcester. some 20's north of there. we've got readings around the freezing mark from lawrence to beverly. 36 in boston. upper 0's closer to 40 from plymouth to the cape. we did have a little touch of rain overnight. that is now gone. clouds will be breaking for sunshine as this storm moves out and high pressure builds in. it will give us a light northerly wind. despite the temperatures in the upper 30's to near 40's in some areas this morning look at no higher than the lower 40's today with the skies clearing out, sunny. temperatures and the northerly wind about 5-10 miles per hour. overnight we're mainly clear. teens and 20's for overnight lows. we're going to start tomorrow with some sunshine. more of a northeastly wind. we have clouds coming in off the ocean and then more clouds
5:45 am
look at this overnight tuesday night. we may get a little bit of snow here that is going to mix with and change to rain as this first system works in our direction tuesday night into wednesday. and then there's a second more potent one that will come in behind it. that comes in wednesday night into thursday morning. with that one, heavy rain, strong winds and the potential for a little bit of thunder as well. so big impact with this storm wednesday night into thursday morning. i think the thursday morning commute is going to be big puddles out there. the temperatures in the mid 30's tomorrow. low 40's with icing in the morning changing to rain by mid to late morning. let's get you tout the roads. how are we looking out there? olessa: okay. that volume is picking up on the expressway. let's get over to the maps and check out the rest of your ride as you head south of town. we're watching an accident. there's a car fire on 95 northbound mechanic street in sharon. if you're heading that way one lane is closed. volume starting to build on the expressway. right now about 20 minutes braintree to boston. the pike still looks good.
5:46 am
and then 93 south still in good shape out of methuen of there's a little bit of volume starting to pick up approaching spot pond. trains and buses running on schedule. emily: the wife of bill cosby heads to court today to testify under oath. randy: the eyeopener's frank holland is live in springfield with what to expect. frank? frank: camille cosby is expected to answer questions under oath related to a civil suit against her famous comedian husband. at the springfield marriott. her attorneys fought all weekend to postpone the deposition for this defamation case. the alleged victims claim bill cosby defamed them by denying he sexually assaulted them. his wife's lawyers say she had no involvement in the facts or allegations. they wrote an emergency motion on saturday night saying the deposition would serve, quote, "no purpose other than to harrass and embarrass her". the judge denied that motion. camille cosby's deposition is expected to start at 9:30. we're here live and will bring
5:47 am
in springfield, frank holland, wcvb, newscenter 5. kelley: 41 people arrested in total. with that many involved, we're only expected to see a handful here in court this morning. the party took place overnight saturday at this home on maple ave. it's just a few blocks from bridgewater state university. called campus police for backup as people started climbing out inside, officers found a large amount of alcohol and several safety hazards. include underage drinking, disorderly conduct, and disturbing the peace. some of the suspects due here in brockton district court a little later this morning. live in brockton, kelley tuthill, wcvb, newscenter 5. doug: boston leaders of the naacp want the head master here at boston latin school fired. after holding a five-hour meeting yesterday the board decided that lynne moony teta did not do enough to protect students in a series of racially charged incidents. they did find that the administration handled other incidents appropriately, that is
5:48 am
in that case one student called another a racial slur and referenced a lynching. the superintendent plans to meet with the civil rights group. we're live here in boston, doug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: the uber driver accused in the shooting rampage in kalamazoo michigan over the weekend set to face a judge this morning. six people were killed and two others hurt in the hours-long spree. police say 45-year-old jason dalton opened fire at random in three locations. they say prior to this, he had no criminal history. neighbors describing the father of two as a family man who loved cars. investigators are now trying to determine whether dalton picked up uber fares during the rampage. he was arrested when police spotted him pulling out of a bar parking lot. a semi-automatic handgun was found in his car. emily: breaking overnight a 16-year old is dead after he was stabbed in the chest in dorchester. right now, police say they have one person in custody, but that person has not been formally charged. the stabbing happened yesterday afternoon on columbia ave and devon street.
5:49 am
sunday night. randy: the man accused of setting off a shelter-in-place order last week at u-mass amherst will go before a judge today. police say 19-year-old william mckeown attacked a student inside a dorm on thursday night. witnesses reported seeing a gun, so police issued the campus-wide alert. mckeown surrendered on friday. investigators are still searching for a second suspect. emily: the cause of this raging fire in new hampshire is under investigation. flames destroyed the old abandoned building in goffstown yesterday. twelve towns responded to the three-alarm fire. there were several explosions inside. a neighboring restaurant was evacuated it suffered smoke damage. randy: a sixteen-year-old is facing sexual assault and robbery charges in lawrence. police say he attacked the victim on rowe street early yesterday morning. he is now in custody. emily: a new bill targeting puppy mills in boston will be introduced today. city councilor matt o'mally wants to stop pet stores from
5:50 am
animals that they purchase from commercial breeders. o'mally says the vast majority of animals sold in pet stores come from large-scale breeding facilities, and many do not care for the animals properly. randy: two people are expected in court today in connection with the discovery of a gun in a baby's bassinet. boston police officers, executing a search warrant, found the semi-automatic tucked under a pink blanket saturday. they also found heroin and cocaine in the dorchester home. pedro valdez and lasonia gathers are facing gun and drug charges. emily: a judge will decide today if a lawsuit stemming from the sandy hook school massacre moves forward. lawyers for the company that made the rifle used to kill 20 students and six staff members are asking the judge to dismiss the suit. the parent company of bushmaster firearms says it's protected by a 2005 federal law that shields gun manufacturers from most lawsuits over criminal use of products. families of victims say they're
5:51 am
law. randy: some of the victims of the san bernardino shooting are taking action against apple for refusing to unlock the shooter's cellphone. those victims are expected to file a legal brief in support of the government's demand for apple to create a so-called "back-door" to hack its own devices. a lawyer for those victims tells reuters that they have a right to the information in the phone if it helps them learn why they were targeted. emily: a megabus explodes on a highway in illinois. just outside chicago. it was carrying 40 passengers just minutes before it erupted in flames yesterday. but everyone managed to get off the bus before the explosion. the cause of the fire is unknown. randy: sports reporter and "dancing with the stars" host erin andrews heads to the courtroom today. andrews is suing a nashville hotel for negligence in a 2008
5:52 am
vanderbilt university allowed another guest to rig peepholes to her room and film her changing. the man involved was arrested in 2009 and pleaded guilty. emily: a new study set to be released today is finding a significant lack of diversity in hollywood. researchers at the university of southern california say their findings show that films and t.v. shows produced by major media companies are, quote, "whitewashed." the study points out that women, minorities, and lgbt people are essentially "invisible." ten major media companies including disney and netflix get a failing grade. randy: a new play is set to premiere in boston this week, based on the tragic fire at the coconut grove nightclub. nearly 500 people died and hundreds of others suffered serious injuries during the inferno in 1942, marking one of the most traumatic events boston's history.
5:53 am
for the arts plaza theatre. emily: the celtics playing out in denver last night, dominating over the nuggets. isaiah thomas taking the lead with a team high 22 points. denver at halftime rallied in the third, but that fizzled out quickly. marcus smart coming off the bench with a steal. jae crowder takes it in for the dunk. celtics beat denver 121-101. they're in minnesota tonight. the red sox are expecting some new arrivals at spring training today, and sportscenter 5's mike lynch is right there with them. look for his live reports every at 4:30 p.m. and right here on the eyeopener. he's in fort myers through thursday. tough assignment. randy: enjoying that warmth. reign. it earned an estimated $55 million in sales this weekend. last weekend it pulled in an impressive dollars 152 million. the faith-based drama risen
5:54 am
$12 million in ticket sales. the witch came in at the number three spot with $8.7 million. emily: i haven't heard of any of those. i've got to get to the movies. cindy: maybe the movies on wednesday or thursday this week. that's an indication of what's coming. 36 in boston. lingering clouds from the overnight. look at that wind. it is now coming in from the north. as you look to the north, yes, it's colder. that means it won't be nearly as warm today as it was over the weekend as high pressure noses in. taking this storm out to sea to our south delivering rain overnight to the south coast, the cape and the islands. it is drying out. clouds will be breaking for sunshine. starting out near the freezing mark. worcester on up to the north shore. 20's. fitchburg to bedford, upper 30's closer to 40 degrees on the south shore and the cape right now. pretty close to 40 degrees this afternoon which is seasonal for this time of year despite the sunshine thanks to that
5:55 am
tonight under mainly clear skies, we'll fall back into the teens and 20's. both colder tonight. high pressure moving across new england. but we're going to be watching one system to our south for tomorrow night into wednesday morning. and then another one behind it. this second one comes in wednesday night and thursday with very heavy rain. now initially this first system coming in tomorrow night is going to start out as a little burst of snow and then change to a little bit of ice and rain. not expecting much more than a coating of snow before that changeover to rain. outside of 495, there could be a coating to an inch or two of snow before we see that change over to ice but it could be slippery for the wednesday morning commute. i want to step you through though what happens wednesday because this next storm coming up at us tracking to our west. it is loaded with moisture and a strong southerly wind. going to bring in very heavy rainfall wednesday night into thursday morning. at that time we're looking at downpours and likely some poor drainage flooding so the thursday morning commute is going to feature a lot of wet weather and also strong southerly winds with gusts over
5:56 am
lots to watch with this system on thursday. it exits though. we are drying it out friday and cooling down a bit into next weekend as well. pretty active weather week ahead. let's get you out to the roads headed back to work and schools. olessa: we're seeing the delays picking up early. a live yookout i'd at the expressway by the gas tank. the northbound side building that volume. let's get to the maps. you can see the rest of your ride as you travel south of town. we're watching one issue early this morning by mechanic street, a car fire just clearing on the northbound side of 95. if you're heading through this stretch, should be cleared shortly in sharon. those delays should go with it as well. braintree to boston. and the pike about 15. 495 to 128, 93 south a little bit of volume out of methuen. and then some more as you travel connector. trains and buses still running randy, emily. emily: olessa, thank you. republicans feel about the randy: their pick for the white primary. new this morning,
5:57 am
of the gym. erika kicks off a fitness series with this dance class that's a real workout. emily: we want to know your good news. email them to u-local as we will share them here each night on newscenter 5 at 7:00. and if we use a story you send us, we'll send you a channel 5 hat. randy: great idea. beautiful sight here as we look out from city cam across the charles river. and it's almost maybe a full moon or pretty close to it. nice start. it is full. all right. thank you, cindy.
5:58 am
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"eyeopener." emily: bill cosby's wife forced to answer questions in his sex assault scandal. the showdown happening today in a massachusetts courtroom. a teenager dies violently in the confrontation causing confusion at the crime scene. criminal case in attleboro. what police say they found when they revived a man knocked out by chemicals. randy: new details on an accused mass-shooter. the job police say he worked in between killings. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's


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