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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 afternoon. erika: good afternoon. i' m erika tarantal. several breaking stories right now at noon. a manhunt underway right now. one suspect under arrest, another still on the run. the suspect expected to face a judge today. bill cosby'
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the deposition getting underway in springfield right now. back now to our first breaking story. one suspect wanted for attacking a revere police officer is on the run after a wild crash this morning. newscenter 5' s nicole estaphan is live from the search area along route 1 in saugus. >> that is right. it was here early this morning that police came across a stolen vehicle. they initiated a short chase. after they call off the chase, the vehicle crashed. a man took off on foot. both of these individuals assault of a revere police officer with a hypodermic needle last week. we were there when they arrested a woman. for three hours by foot and air, they searched for the suspect, but he is still on the run. this was a frantic scene. we were told by one woman that
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thankfully her doors were locked in and he was unsuccessful. police suspect him and we will renew any detail as we have them. erika: thank you. new at noon, a bizarre crash at the starbucks on route 1 in norwood. a car slammed into the building just after midnight. the driver then ran off. hours later a 22-year-old brockton woman showed up at the norwood police station and admitted it was her. police say she overcompensated and lost control of her car , alcohol was not involved. the driver will be charged with leaving the scene of an accident and negligent operation. also breaking at noon. a 16-year-old set to face a judge, accused in the deadly stabbing of a dorchester let' s get to doug meehan live outside the court house. >> because he'
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his name is yet to be released. however i did see his rap sheet. it is quite extensive, at least include robbery. the teen will be facing charges of murder for the stabbing death of another 16-year-old. the incident taking place yesterday afternoon in the area of columbia road and devon street. the circumstances around the stabbing are still being withheld. but the suspect has been known to police for sometime. a source close to the case telling me this was an investigation that went well into the early morning hours. once he makes an appearance in juvenile court he will be moved to district court and be charged as an adult. erika: thank you. now to breaking news in springfield where the wife of bill cosby has arrived for a deposition. it' s for a defamation lawsuit brought by seven women who claim the comedian sexually assaulted them decades ago. our frank holland is there live. >> cause they arrived here at the marriott to the short time ago.
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to face some questions under oath about the comedian, extra marital affairs, and what she knew about them. under oath about the comedian, extra marital affairs, and what she knew about them. thanksgiving to a late start, we are not sure when he will officially get underway. the deposition will take place on the sixth floor. also security placing his curtain -- a curtain blocking off the area where the cosby and attorneys will meet sometime today. we saw the attorneys for the wife of the famous comedian arrive first. shortly after attorneys for seven women filing the defamation suit arrived. those women say cosby defamed them by denying their sexual assault allegations. attorneys for cosby tried very hard to stop this deposition from happening. they filed an 11th hour motion over the weekend, saying the public testimony would serve no other purpose than to harass and barrister. the judge denied that motion and here we are. again camille cosby has arrived
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questions about his extramaritial affairs while she is under oath. erika: thank you. frightening carjacking of a baby and her mother. we are live in brockton. >> we are in court as the judge heard evidence against the man accused of carjacking them at gunpoint. he stood on the partition, and prosecutors played an emotional 911 car from a mother strapping her baby into the car. he showed a gun and told her to take the baby out. the defense told the judge that gun turned out to be a bb gun. the judge is still ordered the suspect held without bail. he has a history of similar
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erika: thank you. we turn now to the weather. it is kind of a quiet and seasonal day, rather sunday. and we are in for an up-and-down week? cindy: things will get a little bit more active for the week. it is 12 degrees colder right now in boston. the wind shifting around to the north and the north is coming in off the ocean right now. colder air working down out of canada. area. as we go into the afternoon and evening hours, an area of high pressure rolling down colder temperatures. where we are right now, about as warm as we are going to get. we are keeping with sunshine this afternoon, just a few clouds. they start 30' in the 20'
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we keep clear skies around through tomorrow morning. calls coming in, and then tomorrow evening, snow spread into the area. it will change over to rain and a little bit of ice north and west of the city. it will be slick for the wednesday morning commute. that is one system we are watching for this week. much more ahead. erika: thank you. an attleboro man will face a judge today, accused of running a meth lab out of his home. the bust happened during a well-being check. police arrested robert acheson sunday, after his case worker found him passed out in his apartment on knight avenue. firefighters say fumes from a chemical spill knocked him out. the street was shut down, and two other homes were evacuated as police removed evidence. the man accused of setting off a shelter in place order last week at umass amherst also set to go before a judge today. police say 19-year-old william mckeown attacked a student inside a dorm on thursday night. witnesses reported seeing a gun so police issued the campus-wide alert. mckeown surrendered to police on
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investigators are still searching for a second suspect. right now an elementary school in millis is shut down closed for the next two days because of air quality concerns. the superintendent alerted parents that test results found concerns in two parts of the clyde brown elementary school building. a safety team will now meet with state officials to determine what happens next. boston naacp leaders want the boston latin school headmaster fired. they say lynne mooney teta did not do enough to protect students in a series of racially-charged incidents. the group held a five-hour meeting yesterday to review a new report that found the administration handled all incidents appropriately, with the exception of a 2014 threat. one student called another a racial slur, and referenced lynching. the superintendent plans to meet with the naacp. dozens of people are facing charges, accused in an underage drinking party that got out of control. 41 people arrested in total. the party happened overnight
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avenue, just a few blocks from bridgewater state university. officers arrived, and immediately called campus police for backup as people started climbing out first floor windows. inside, officers found a large amount of alcohol, and several safety hazards. >> the place is always a mess. beer cans, ball. what you are looking at is the normal situation. erika: those involved will start making court appearances tomorrow. charges include underage drinking, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace. now to a new twist in that fight between apple and the fbi apple ceo tim cook fighting the agency' s court order to help unlock the san bernardino shooter' s iphone as apple supporters plan to rally today in dozens of cities across the world. abc' s bazi kanani has the latest. >> a new clean in the iphone
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the fbi loose on the land. director james comey defense the demand they open the iphone belonging to the shooter. it might have critical additional clues in the investigation, including whether others were involved. we cannot look for survivors in our eye or ourselves in the mirror if we do not follow this lead says james comey. apple is also working to rally public opinion, taking to the airwaves. >> there is no limit to what the government could require apple to do if it is successful in this way. >> helping apple fight a court order to unlock the phone.
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override a pass code would put the privacy and security of all apple customers at risk. s box. we cannot surrender our civil liberties and give the terrorists a victory. their attorney says they will court. the red sox have perfect attendance at spring training two days before the first official full squad workout. mike lynch just sent us this video of the final and most ortiz. big papi already in the batting cage, getting ready for what he says will be his final season. dustin pedroia also reported to camp this morning. and its what pedroia was driving when he showed up that has fans buzzing. what makes this special jeep so
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today when lynchie joins us live from fort myers beginning at 4:30. >> a mass murder mystery in michigan. the suspect who went on a shooting rampage expected to face a judge today. the search for a motive right now. also, president obama set to speak with russert president vladimir putin. the two expected to announce a new deal that could mean a cease-fire in syria. >> today is the brightest day of the week. tracking of a wintry mix and heavy downpours for midweek that will impact to communities. erika: the car burst into flames on a tennessee highway. the dramatic rescue and
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at noon. erika: the uber driver accused in a deadly shooting spree in michigan is set to face a judge today. investigators not saying what set him off but we are hearing from the passengers he picked up between attacks. abc' s elizabeth hur has more on this intense investigation. >> six people are dead. two are injured, .
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in michigan started just before 7:00 p.m. in the evening. in this cardio partnership, a father and son were shot and killed. minutes later, a scientist carvel restaurant, five people were shot, or of them died in including a retired teacher. the victims, apparently selected at random. >> this is your worst nightmare. >> hours later the driver was taken into custody without incident. police are now looking into reports that he was working between shootings. this man, who asked to remain anonymous, says he was one of the customers during the rampage. >> i looked at him and said you are not the shooter, are you? and i said are you sure? and he said i' m just tired. >> he spoke with him about an
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>> we were speeding along, and once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> there was nothing to indicate he was a problem. >> police have new hope for the youngest victim. initially believed to be brain-dead muppet gave doctors to thumbs-up -- brain-dead, but gave doctors two thumbs up. erika: new at noon, u.s. officials say the united states and russia have agreed on a plan that would create a cease-fire in syria starting saturday. that truce excludes attacks on the islamic state group and al-qaeda' s local affiliate. an announcement is expected after presidents barack obama and vladimir putin discuss it over the phone. commitment 2016, a new poll gives donald trump a commanding lead in massachusetts. trump has 50% in the new emerson college poll. that' rubio, 37 points ahead of john on the democratic side, a dead heat.
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sanders each have 46%. massachusetts votes on super tuesday, march first. sanders is in massachusetts he will appear in boston this afternoon before a 7:00 p.m. rally at u-mass amherst. sanders was in south carolina sunday appearing at a prominent african-american church. democrats in that state hold their primary on saturday. hillary clinton is scheduled to attend fundraisers in california today. most of the remaining republican field is converging on las vegas today. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio and ben carson all campaigning there. that' s ahead of tomorrow' s republican caucuses in nevada. the latest polls show trump ahead of rubio and cruz in that state with john kasich and ben carson trailing in the single digits. a new bill targeting puppy mills in boston being introduced today. city councilor matt o' mally wants to stop pet stores from selling dogs, cats and other animals purchased from commercial breeders. o' mally says the vast majority of animals sold in pet stores come from large scale breeding
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for the animals properly. the federal government is ordering a cleanup of the charles river. new regulations this year will require the 260 communities that feed into the charles river watershed to help remove some of the phosphorous that washes into it every year. environmental advocates say it will help reduce flooding, droughts, and pollution. but taxpayers are concerned they will foot much of the bill. we want to check back in with cindy. cindy: this is what february supposed to be like, one of the brightest days this week. we have a couple of areas circled on the map, stormy weather coming our way. look at these temperatures this month. we have been so up and down. the average high is about 40 in boston. look at that wind.
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the temperature is similar to the water temperature in boston. as you go to the north and west we are only in the upper 30' s on the north shore it is a little bit warmer south of town. you can see 40' s down to new bedford. some lower 40' s on the cake. we have some colder air working through right now. there are a few clouds right now moving southward along the pike. this is on the leading edge of that colder air that is working canada. you can see the difference, it now. be working down. temperatures drop tonight under we' s for overnight lows. look at these highs tomorrow. not as warm as today. ll start up-to-date with some sunshine. come in off the ocean. by days end, there are clouds
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this is snow spreading across connecticut as we approach the evening commute. that will be lifting into boston in the evening hours. by midnight we had snow trying to sneak into southern new hampshire. a burst of snow that will change over to rain. after that, for the morning commute on wednesday, there' s likely going to be some sleet and lingering freezing rain and freezing drizzle. not a lot of snow, just a coaching, -- coating, to an inch. this is just the first system coming in. this is the weaker of the two. it is the second one back to the west that we are watching. timing on that is once the night into thursday morning. with a lot oyster. because it will be -- a lot of moisture. this level be traveling to our west. we are talking about in front of
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first half of thursday. there could be some thunder with this poor drainage flooding as a possibility. the wind will be strong out of the south. gus close to 50 miles per hour with this. take a look at the rainfall totals. anywhere from an inch to two inches of rain. it wind swept, soaking rain. it just turned colder climate system as we settle back into the 30' s once again. >> once he hits the hole, he went up in flames. erika: a car bursts into flames in tennessee. that jeep was sideswiped by another car, pushing it down a hill and into a pole. the car burst into flames. bystanders rushed over to save the man behind the wheel and carried him to safety in a then moments later a sight witnesses say they will never forget. the only thing left in that charred car was a bible sitting in the front seat, all in one
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>> that is god. if you don' t believe , i don' t know what to say. erika: the sight of that bible brought many to tears. the driver is expected to be ok. the president and first lady guests, but never any like this woman. the 106-year-old, who got them moving. and a couple getting married on a flight. how the ceremony made dreams come true, for more than just the bride and groom. the world a president has to imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven
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...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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erika: check this out. viral for a washington state couple after they get married 35,000 feet up in the air. alaska airlines flight attendant kristy larsen planned the wedding to fulfill her dying s three wishes all at once. see where kristy works. see where she lives. and watch her marry the man she really nice. [laughter] years old. erika: busting a move with the president. president obama and first lady michelle hosted 106-year-old virginia mclauren yesterday. she taught them a few things about moving.
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visit the white house. she was invited to take part in black history month celebrations. cindy: that is fantastic. erika: if only we could all be moving that well. cindy: that is incredible. enjoy the sunshine out there today. the closeted -- clouds come in tomorrow. some heavy downpours. erika: thank you. thank you for joining us. we'
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>> hey, everybody. you are in for a treat today, because we' ve scoured the country to find the biggest film buffs alive and brought them here to play a special all-movie version of our game. that' s right. it' s movie week here on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] hello, everybody. i' m chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready for movie week? [cheers and applause] this is gonna be a lot of fun. our first contestant says his religion is movies and having been to the movie theater 250 times in the past year alone, he needs the million just so he can keep worshipping the art. from coventry, rhode island,


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