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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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past the evening commute snow reaches o region tomorrow. there could be a few hours where the snow is pretty good. and then higher level warm air comes in and turns it over to a mix. eventually to some rain and drizzle in boston by wednesday morning. not that far north and west. it may still be icy due to freezing drizzle on wednesday morning. so the winter weather advisory i'll show you why that has been risen. winter weather advisory along north and west of 495 where it stays cold in the low levels of the atmosphere goes into affect at 4:00 p.m. and lasts until noon on wednesday. that's not the end of the storm either. phil: never is. thank you, harv. a violent robbery at a massachusetts chipotle that was caught on camera. jc: maria is here with the video they hope will track down the suspects. maria? reporter: phil and jc, the whole thing went down late last night when the restaurant
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let's check out the video together. it shows the suspects forcing three employees into the restaurant's cooler. the door shuts. the suspect pulls the gun on two other workers and forces register. those two employees make the decision to fight back. the struggle goes on for a couple of minutes. eventually the two robbers get away with about $300. we can tell you none of the chipotle employees got hurt and now dartmouth police need your help. if you recognize any of the suspects in the video you are asked to call the police department and they say the information will be kept confidential. jc: and there there was a brutal beating that they say was too graphic. he faces several chargeses including attempted second-degree murder after he allegedly tried to rob a maple street store.
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eight full minutes. >> the most brutal assault that i witnessed. the clerk in this case was never given an opportunity to comply with any de mans. he was instantaneously attacked and beat with objects to include fists and a bat. jc: he is being held on $750,000 bail. he was hospitalized with head injuries and is expected to recover. phil: another case of skimming to tell you about. police are warning atm users to keep an eye out on suspicious activity after two skimming devices were found this weekend. they were discovered on citizen bank atm's on the county street and pleasant street. they captured data from thing magnetic strips from bank cards which is then used to draw money from those accounts. jc: a new bill will be introduced today. they want to stop pet stores from selling dogs, cats and
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from the commercial breeders. the vast majority of animals sold in the pet stores come from the large scale breeding facilities and many do not care for the animals properly. jc: a bird strike stopped a flight and went into a do over. the flight took off and the crew reported the plane might have been hit by a bird. the flight returned to baltimore , washington airport. the plane was checked out. it landed in rhode island about 90 minutes later than planned. jc: our commitment 201 sick -- 2016 coverage starts next. phil: how important will it be for our next president to work with those across the aisle. jc: and thecvc says it raises health fears. phil:and the k9 that got in on
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wash the police cruiser. you can see it is backed up heavily in that one direction. let's look at the maps and the rest of the area. we will start south of the city. it is 22 minutes from mass avenue to route 3. 18 minutes from the upper deck to route 128. i-93 to newton corner is 13 minutes. 128 is still backed up southbound. the residual from the crash. once you get on 495 that stretch between the mass pike
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>> you're watching newscenter
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phil: in commitment 2016, the final of eight issues in eight tuesday. the i'd logical divide between democrats and republicans runs deep in the country. jc: it is reflected in congress and the white house. will the next president be able to bring us together? vendetta. >> an outrageous witch unit hunt. >> nothing short of atrocious. that? >> where compromise is rare jie. callus nuss. >> gridlock and dysfunction rule the day. >> what is right is what is right. >> you can't be serious about this. reporter: the partisan warfare is reflecting a deepening red-blue divide in america. >> don't walk in here and tell me -- >> don't go there. reporter: partisan ranker is nothing new. but the political gulf has been widening over the last 20 years. republicans have become more conservative and democrats are more liberal. the center is shrinking.
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president be a unifying force? >> it is a pipe dream. reporter: it is a pledge candidates often make until the realities of the office intrude. >> thinks he can sit in the oval office and write his own laws. >> it will only happen if we fix our policies. >> the only way to fix the u.s. is not a reality. >> sure there have been major bipartisan achievements in decades past, but that is not always the case that the country makes progress when the parties and the people of goodwill come together. >> sometimes big things can get done though the other side does president -- doesn't like it. bush tax cuts, reform and obamacare. they set up a 29-member commission to study polarization in america. among the recommendation the president hold regular monthly meetings with congression
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in washington, i'm sally kidd. jc: a new survey puts congress' approval rating at 13% of the and that is a wrap on our eight issues in eight-week series, but you can catch up on all of the issues on the free wcvb mobile app. phil: in your health at 5:30, your risk for heart disease. jc: the surprising role high cholesterol can play in your odds of developing it. phil: and the research that reminds us all how dangerous distracted driving can be. harvey: in the weather center you can see rain over the southeastern united states. you can also see cold air in can gnaw did -- canada.
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jc: today the eight remaining supreme court justices had heard two cases but not before honoring their colleague. the chief justice roberts took time to honor justice scalia saying he was a man for all seasons. and next two roberts in the courtroom, scalia's seat and bench are draped in black. it is a tradition that dates back the to 19th century. flags will remain at half staff until next month. the court heard two oral arguments. one included military veterans and their contracts with the
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evidence should be thrown out because it was discovered as a result of unlawful police practices. the white house says the president does plan to put forth the fume knee. nominee. they will block any nominee. jc? jc: people exposed to some types of laminent flooring were three times as likely to get cancer as originally predicted. there was a flaw in the previous data, but the recommendation people take steps to reduce exposure will remain the same. lumber liquidators say they have strengthened the assure tee quality procedures. phil: and now a headline that could surprise you. eating high cholesterol foods does not increase your risk to heart disease. many doctors are shifting their views on the
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>> we know if you have high cholesterol in your blood, yes, this is a risk factor for heart disease. in terms of what we eat it is about the saturated fat and the carbohydrates that stacks the decks. phil: genetics play a role as well no matter what foods you choose to eat. doctors agree that knowing your numbers is key. phil: hpv rates have dropped after a vaccine in 2006. new numbers show the biggest drop among young women. for 14 to 19% there was a 7% drop and a smaller drop for women 20 to 24 and virtually to changing for women over 25. they recommend the three-dose hpv having seen for girls and boys who are 11 to 12 years old. jc:distracted driving. we know it is not safe and it highlights how dangerous it
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the text, call or instant message, your phone demand your attention. and even though we know we shouldn't we pick up the mobile device while driving. now we see how dangerous a distraction your phone company while driving. virginia tech researchers in stalled video cameras in cars to find out what drivers were doing before they got into an accident. the verdict? in two-thirds of the car crashes, the driver was visibly distracted and cell phones were the biggest culprit. dialing a call is a 12-fold risk. eating lead to double the risk. being angry or crying at the wheel also made a driver more likely to crash. few things are more preventable than a cell phone linked accident. when driving the recommendation is to try to keep it out of sight and out
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have a lot to talk about in the weather center. first, you can't resist this. 102 years old today. harvey: this is great. this is a very, very marvelous lady. sadie turns 102 today. incredible. sadie who is living in millis. a great lady and done a lot through metro west. she taught for many years and she is a great lady. help baiter day to sadie and -- happy birthday to sadie and many, many more. this is not so great getting back to the weather. but we have to shift gears. it will go into affect at 4:00 p.m. tomorrow until noontime on wednesday. it is because of freezing rain and drizzle from they late tonight into the day on wednesday. it may be preceded by a period
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then we will deal eventually, but not until overnight wednesday night into thursday morning with some heavy rain and very strong likelihood of that. during that time period wednesday night into thur morning strong winds out of the south that could create local wind damage. there may be coastal flooding along the south coast of new england and there is even a risk of thunderstorms wednesday night and early thursday. then we will be very warm. so again we will run the full gamut from turning cold enough to have some snow to ice over the interior and then warm, windy rain. another pretty sky. we had so many great sunrises and sunsets around here. incredible stuff. 36 in boston. the wind is off the water right now. do you see how it dropped in key new hampshire and see how cold it is in ottawa and quebec? some of that will come down over the next 12 hours or so. it is setting the stage for us
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boston and teens to the north late tonight and to start the day off tomorrow. now moisture is developing over the southern states. this will be a one-two punch. the first storm that comes our way will give us a period of snow changing to rain on the coast and ice over the interior into tomorrow night. the clouds will be moving in tomorrow morning. starting to see snow break out close to hartford around 2:00 tomorrow. it is around and during the evening commute that from south to north snow is likely to over spread our area. the temperatures will be about 22, 23 and be a wet snow. it will be colder over the anterior. by the time we get to midnight mixing and changing is going on in boston and points south and a transition to freezing drizzle and freezing rain over the anterior and that's the reason for that winter weather advisory. now we get toward wednesday
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downpours that are embedded as the temperature tries to rise along the coast. this pink is freezing pockets of freezing drizzle. with the burst of snow that comes at the end of the day especially the first part of tomorrow night i can see a coating up to a couple inches along the north and west of i-95. there is a lot of change reflected in the next seven days. check it out. we have the snow for tomorrow night and changing to isolater ice later tomorrow night and into wednesday. night. and then colder weather and still windy on friday. a chilly start to the weekend and somewhat milder for the weekend and the start to the week. phil: harv, thanks. they are known for their performing bears. it is an attraction in the summer and the fall.
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happened when the bears hibernate what does he do? >> my family had always been in snow travel. originally with eskimo snow dogs. reporter: indeed before bears the calling card was a team of 150 sled dogs. >> my grandmother took a team up mount washington. she was the first woman to do that. snow travel has been in our blood. reporter: it is no surprise that murray reved up on snow machines, but not your garden variety sleds. >> we look for the weird one. the out of the ordinary, the interesting. reporter: murray clark is not alone. vintage snowmobiles are all the rage in the northwoods. these crack pot contraptions are not exactly built for speed and that's part of the appeal. >> you can see a lot more. you enjoy it. this is a type of thing where
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mechanical break downs are constant. that's part of the fun. reporter: it can sure build up an appetite. luckily clark snowmobiles have it with a model t cooker. >> it is heating up our hot dog or whatever else you want to put if here. >> now you're talking. ted has breakfast at the polly pancake parlor and tried uphill skiing. that's 7:30 on "chronicle." jc: what do you think of celebrating your 106th birthday showing off your dance moves at the white house. the president and first lady mclauren yesterday. and she taught them a few
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she always wanted to visit the white house and she took part in black history month. jc: max was having fun as cruisers. they got plenty of exercise. now everybody knows what they can do with their dogs. persistent. that dog will get the hose no matter what. jc: we are introducing you to a boston woman who is making a big difference. phil: up next, harding's heros. the rerecoverring addict has a chance to it keep them clean. >> i have a dog that can one up that one. he loves chasing the hose. more questions about how they
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the officer claims he struck a deal with the city. we are learning more about a mom and a bead's frightening ordeal. what life is like after being carjacked at gunpoint. look at this. the disturbing find they made on a
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they are known as recovery coaches. they are former addicts helping those still struggling
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jc: ed harding caught up with one of them as harding's heros. ed: she was easy to find too. she was on the third floor. take a look. reporter: the e-mail just came in. >> i have an e-mail from a parent. reporter: her son was in jail. >> i had to make the tough love choice of leaving him in jail rather than bail him out. reporter: and shannon sheeped in. >> the transformation is a miracle. reporter: he will soon celebrate one year of sobriety. >> and that makes you feel? >> unbelievable. reporter: shannon is the community out reach coordinator for charlestown sub stns abuse -- substance abusing coalition. >> situations and case like this make it worth it for me and continue to motivate me to do the work i do. . ed: the title is a mouthful. >> heroin brought me to my knees. ed: she turned her own life around. >> and to be able to give back in the community i grew up in
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and the community i over dosed in. ed: the community she recovered in. >> it is not just a job for me, but my purpose. ed: she surrounds herself -- >> your office is decorated nicely. >> affirmations. ed: with positive affirmations. >> you can't let fear tell you what to do. >> i am fairly certain that given a cape and a nice tiara i can save the world. ed: to fight addiction on the front lines. >> i over dosed multiple times myself and i want to be remembered for how i lived and not how i died. ed: shannon joins our growing wall for harding's heros. we have a spot for her. she is so community or yepted she was elected as the unofficial mayor of charlestown. i think you can see why. jc: absolutely. what an amazing thing she is doing. and a fantastic role model. you can turn it around. newscenter 5 at 6:00 starts
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>> next on newscenter 5. harvey: cold air and then a snow-sleet mix. ed: a family's fear after a violent car jking. >> every time she puts lucy in the back of the car she has to remember that day. court. >> a local police officer accused of sexual misconduct charmed. 5 investigates an alleged cover up. >> if i don't show up i will wear shorts. >> the spring training speech sure to fire up red sox fans. >> from boston's news leader this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. ed: under oath bill cosby's wife forced to testify in a deposition. heather:and facing uncomfortable questions about the comedian in a df pho mages suit -- defamation suit linked to 6 assault claims. jack harper is live outside the hotel. reporter: we have no idea how many questions have been answered or what the questions are.
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hoped would never happen. but it did. she was married to bill cosby for 52 years. she married him at 19 years old and supported him through these accusations. at one point in 2014 she said he is the man you thought you knew and she has always been behind him. right now she is talking to an attorney representing the women accusing him. they got her into a deposition this morning after the efforts by her attorney collapsed and fell through. we know this is happening up on the 6th floor and the corridor is blocked with black bunting. they have you are curtains up so no one can see or even go down there. it started midmorning and we believe it is still going on right now. we anticipate an update from the attorneys involved if it ends today. wcvb newscenter 5. ed: right now that woman wanted in connection with an attempted attack on a revere
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bars. police are searchi for a second suspect who got away. nicole estefan is live in saugus. reporter: for several hours now police were hunting for wanted man. they have been concentrating on the woods in this area. they are asking area residents to be vigilant. >> wanted. the search is on from the air and on the ground in saugus. >> i was in bed and heard a large impact and got up and went outside and saw the car in the middle of the street banged up. reporter: it began early monday morning on route one when the state police spotted a stolen eke have. a brief chase ensued and was called off. and then minutes later the suspect's car crashed into this suv. the driver shaken, but no idea who was inside. >> are you okay? car? >> no, i don't know that.


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