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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  February 22, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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in 2014, that detectives had exhumed the woman' s body using federal funds from a grant. the hope, was that a lab in taxes could identify her using -- in texas could identify her using advances in dna analysis and facial reconstruction. the results, providing relief for the woman' s family and the detectives who took a fresh look at the case. >> it is never easy, going to somebody family and telling them their loved one is dead. these folks were under no illusion. after 22 years that millie was still alive, they had been waiting that long for a shoe to drop. we dropped the shoe. karen: i spoke with millie' s daughter, she says this was a relief. she never knew her mother. she says it is a relief knowing
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also, the discovery of those remains -- that it is really, answering the questions. like how she ended up in hyde park. karen anderson, five investigates. >> local restaurant workers in a freezer during a robbery, now we have more from jorge. jorge: that is right, police believe gunmen were waiting in the article out last night -- parking lot last night. when a couple of chipotle employees went to take out the garbage, that is when the gunman went in. surveillance video shows two masked gunmen. this happened after closing, no customers around. the men, shutting the door tight, and taking another employee to the manager' s office .
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shows one gunman summarizing the manager, and one employee pleading with them not to shoot. they manager tussled with the gunman, and managed to run out, calling 911 from a taco bell across the street. the suspects took off with three and a dollars in cash. -- $300 --. >> the most in disconcerting thing was possibility of two firearms being used. the employees affected by this were shaken up. jorge: those employees were in a freezer for two to three minutes. a cash drawer was founded a scene. police say they have another . -- other material evidence anyone that was in the entry -- area around 10:30 last night, as asked to give -- is asked to give police a call. >> a live look at the city can
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harvey, you are tracking a one-two punch that starts tomorrow. harvey way with 34 in boston. look how much colder in bangor, syracuse, and quebec. i love that cold air working in. we have cold air in place as this moisture rides north. around 2:00 we will see snow up to about bridgeport, connecticut. at 6:00 tomorrow evening, the snow is around boston. minute rapidly overspreads the region, we get accumulation. by midnight, we get some changeover boston. wednesday. we are left with icing after the fact. i think we have a coating of two inches to expect along the coast. one to three inches for the rest of the region before freezing rain or drizzle take over in this rain. there is a winter weather advisory here. we will talk you -- talk more about what to follow coming up.
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s take you live to commitment 2016 coverage of the university of massachusetts where bernie sanders is set to hold a rally tonight. earlier today, senator sanders was in boston for the endorsement of national people' s action, a left-wing grassroots route group -- group. he got onto clinton for stealing his line. bernie sanders: i have to say that i am delighted that secretary clinton, months after months after months seems to be adopting more and more of the positions that we have advocated. that is good. and in fact, she is beginning to use a lot of the language --phraseology that we use. i saw a cbi come i thought it was me, but it turns out it was secretary clinton' s picture in the ad. ed: they call it part of super
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>> spending the day at a number of fundraisers. marco rubio, and ted cruz are all in nevada. donald trump is leading the polls there with rubio and ted cruz and a battle for second. ted cruz fired his national spokesperson today because the person posted a video that wrongly accused marco rubio of dismissing the bible. at why some of the other stories where following right now, a teenager is being held without bail, charged with murdering another teenager. the 16-year-old was charged as an adult during the arraignment. he was allowed to hide outside of the view of the camera and courtroom. prosecutors say the trouble started some afternoon when his girlfriend got into an argument with the victim. hope went into his home, allegedly on columbia road, he got a knife, and stabbed hopkins.
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years of age. ed: after the stabbing, police say that pope changed his and turned himself in. a framingham man charged with armed assault at you -- umass amherst. according to police 19-year-old , william mckeown and a second suspect, neither of whom is a umass student, were let into the drug transaction. during the deal, mckeown allegedly struck the victim in the head with a handgun and ran off with $120. the second suspect is still on the loose. the incident led to a 2-hour campus lockdown. >> warning from police in attleboro tonight. weekend on atms at cumberland farms stores on county street and pleasant street. , police put out this picture saying the devices are green and were stuck on. police say they do have surveillance video of two suspects, a man and a woman they
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we keep hearing all of these reports of skimming. so here are 5 things the fbi says you need to know to avoid becoming a victim. inspect the atm, gas pump, or first, credit card reader before using it. it looks suspicious, if you see anything loose, crooked, or damaged, or if you notice scratches or adhesive tape or residue, do not use it. when entering your pin block the keypad with your other hand to prevent possible hidden cameras from recording your number. if possible, try to use an atm that is inside. less access for criminals to install skimmers. and avoid atms in tourist areas if you can. if your card is not returned after the transaction, or after hitting cancel contact the , financial institution that issued the card right away. ed: breaking news at 7:00, several hours after it started, bill cosby dash cam bill ille
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s deposition is over. grexit we know that they met with attorneys for about seven hours. the actual testimony was only 2.5 hours according to the attorney that spoke to reporters. they started at 10:15 this morning, mrs. cosby, according to the lawyer did not want to be there. they went on and on with questioning until about 5:30 this evening, and they are not done. they say they will continue on the 14th of march. here is part of what he had to say after the meeting today. >> she was somebody that was reserved and i get the sense she did not want to be there. there was a good deal of back and forth between the lawyers on the issue, the nature and the extent of the marital put rich -- marital privilege. we did have to enlist the assistance of the magistrate
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>> so they actually had to call the judge a couple of times on the phone. that was anticipated, that had been set up when they set up the hearing. the attorney' s and mrs. cosby trying to get this thing delayed. the judge said he would be available to deal with these decisions. a long time to accomplish 2.5 hours. he would not talk about what they learned, what are the information they needed. they say it is another step in a long road of the legal process. the next step as far as camille cosby is concerned is when they will disclose her again -- the post-reagan -- ed: crude oil jumped up to $31.48 a barrel. the dow jones finished . the s&p 500 rose 27 in trading today. most active local, boston
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higher. gas prices down for the 11th week in a row, aaa northeast reporting the average price dropped three cents to $1.71. the average price a year ago was $.55 higher at two dollars in court -- $2.25 a gallon. maria: they give doctors a review like no other. ed: tiny scopes. harvey: rain down the coast, but when that rain reaches us -- it will be cold. i will let you know how much. maria: more than 250 pairs of jeans -- that pile is growing. they seem excessive, but this boy, w how do you reimagine "banking"? you start with this... pthen you make it...
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someplace more relaxed. pwith free wi-fi and banking advice... without all the "double talk." pand checking accounts with no minimums... or fees. pthen you design a top-rated mobile app that makes banking as easy as this. that's banking reimagined.
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announcer: you' re watching wcvb newscenter 5 at 7:00. maria: a man told investigators he quote took people' s lives. he was in court today to hear the charges against him. at the hearing, a kalamazoo detective told the judge that he ultimately admitted he was the shooter after his arrest. six people were killed and two were injured in three incidents saturday.
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s health -- maybe your help is on the line you , need to use every tool available. a sturbridge company is helping with a tiny scope that has extraordinary vision. doug meehan shows us in tonight' s "made in mass." >> if you look at this 20, a normally would never see any of these lines. doug getting up close and : personal with andrew jackson is pretty cool, but the technology being developed and the products that are made here is serious business. >> our focus is on optics. our focus is on visualization. doug paul joyce is ceo of optim. : the sturbridge company making products that essentially allows people to see where the human eye can' t go. these precise scopes are used by doctors on the human body to detect disease, and by security professionals all over the world to fight crime. >> we have a shipment of scopes that are going actually to the saudi royal guard. doug: their patented l.e.d.
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spaces with the brightest light possible so that tiny video cameras can detect hidden criminal activity. , so far, optim scopes have help locate hundred of millions of dollars in cash, illegal drugs and other contraband. , and the emails are pouring in from those using the money front lines. >> we just got one last week with a cute picture of a dog him a sitting next to a pile of cocaine that was found in a car with our scope. doug you can find an optim scope : at every u.s. boarder crossing in the country. a facts and a responsibility not lost on those who work here. it has taken its 40 years of experience and developed a third element, they produce precise components for other companies, mostly medical. an example, perhaps you have heard of phillips. they make the tubes for all of the cardiac imaging systems. wcvb newscenter 5. ed: cool. if we had one of those things where we could snake it over the weather, we could show harvey the video.
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i don' t know if you find a school or not, but listen to this comparison -- 31.2 inches in worcester so far this season. the average would be 46.9. last winter this time, over 108. boston, at 25.4, below average somewhat, almost at the century mark at this point last winter, and 99.9. . we will have a little bit smarter evening. don' t worry, it will not put a dent in it. boston is cooling down at 34. i light easterly wind. temperature back down to 30 in orange. 28 and keen. throughout england we see the cold air to the north. teens in burlington, vermont. also down to 23 in bangor maine. some of the cold air move south overnight, bringing in the temperatures to these readings by early tomorrow. at the same time, the moisture over the southeast against a
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this will be how it breaks down on a timeline. by or during tomorrow morning. probably snowing around bridgeport, connecticut. evening. i expect it to be reaching boston around 6:00. a little bit later to the north. it will not snow for many hours, but for several hours tomorrow night it could snow at a decent clip. on a cake they will be wet snow which will eventually turn to rain. well. not -- wtter over the interior. in boston. with 128, the temperature could be 32 or below, that means drizzle or freezing drizzle. there could be some glazing going on on top of the snow. say along the coast, southeastern mass, coding up to
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and for the first half of tomorrow night. they winter has been posted at 4:00 tomorrow until noon on wednesday. outside of 495. partly because of the freezing drizzle and rain after the snow. when we get to overtime -- overnight wednesday and early of heavy downpours, very strong. south coast. thunderstorm. what change we will be going through over the next seven days. covered tomorrow, and then again to talk about wednesday, we wind up in that warm air wednesday night. heavy downpours. that is what we will be watching. thunder is possible. southerly gust of wins over 50 in some spots. the potential is there for one to two inches of rain. colder, windy weather will
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the first part of the storm looks to be like snow for the first part of tomorrow night. i will check everything out and update you tonight at 11:00. announcer: now, sportscenter 5, one minute drill. >> hi everyone, welcome to the training. the news, the arrival of big papi. especially this year because it is finals season -- it is his final season in the red sox uniform. david ortiz was to seek out price. there had been a risk going between them for more than two seasons. big papi will speak tomorrow. today we spoke to dustin to trial. what has to be different from starting now going forward? >> we have to perform better. that is the thing. in this game if you play well, you and. -- win. that is the only thing i can say.
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lineup that finds ways to score runs. hit home runs, steel bases. mike: i mike lynch with the red sox in fort myers, we will see you tonight 11:00. randall how many genes you have -- maria: how many genes do you have -- jeans do you have? >> two. maria: we are going to talk about this teenager with a him. t they're one of the wall street banks
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just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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ed: new at 7:00, a virginia man' s facebook post is shared thousands of times after sharing a note from a starbucks employee. he is death, the customer with death. he was greeted by the familiar or restart with sign language. she handed him this note, it says, i have been learning asl just the you can have the same experience as everyone else. asl is american filing which. he usually uses -- american sign language. he usually texts his order and. -- in. maria: fight for good will take
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he will not be wearing any of these jeans. his je ans for teens campaign started when he heard about homeless kids that needed them. he went to his own closet, and then to social media. he asked for donations from family, friends, and church. he will be collecting them until the end of the month. we want your 5 for good ideas because we show them every day. ed: of people are making a difference, they can get a hat. e-mail them, use our facebook page. wouldn' t it be cool to walk around with a hat? even in july.
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the third generation nest learning thermostat. even better? if you live in you can get a $100 rebate from get your nest thermostat at best buy today. harvey: let/word to 11:00 tonight. a cold case victim identified, two decades later, the families reaction after questions were answered, and more open up. maria: and making sure you are safe in a taxi. you precautions that are not making people happy. ed: some starbucks customers -- changes to the company' s reward
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rewards a little harder. maria: get ready for stormy weather. harvey: this time tomorrow we have snow falling. by wednesday morning we have i seen us in the valley, maybe northern middlesex. by the way, a big flip-flop, because we get into downpours and the strong winds wednesday night and early thursday. we will run the full gamut.
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announcer: this is "chronicle." crack in the white mountains, it is time for a celebration. quite happy birthday, sweetie. >> a hot sauna, snowmobiling. uphill skiing. >> you are going the wrong way. >> the story of the people who came here 50 years ago from a really far away place. >> our theory, the aliens came for breakfast. that is always of course -- >> one of those special places. >> the main streets and back


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