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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  February 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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erika: good afternoon, thanks for joining us. i' m erika tarantal. emily: and i' m emily riemer. here' s a look at the stories happening right now. boston police fingerprinting cab drivers to ensure travelers are safe. steps now being taken to do the
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snow and rain coming. emily: you can call this the calm before the storm. timeline. cindy: in just a few hours. morning. as we get afternoon, this evening, we will see conditions go down very noontime tomorrow, we will get just a little bit of snow and then it will turn to sleep, raising rain, and that may make things slippery through tomorrow morning. three to in -- one to three inches of snow away from the coastline. it is not that much. what it is enough to make things slippery. a little bit colder inland.
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creeping into new york city in the form of rain. i expect snow to be breaking out in the connecticut area around 5:00 this afternoon. very slowly, lifting to worcester and boston. by :00 this evening. thereafter, it will move northward. after midnight perhaps some freezing rain lingering through the part of tomorrow in southern new hampshire and worcester county. changes should happen to close to midnight. this particular system is just the first one i am watching. there is another one to the west. this will bring in heavy rain and strong wind late tomorrow and into thursday. emily: new this noon, sky 5 over north station and a new search for a harvard man who vanished after leaving a bar. zachary marr disappeared after a night out in boston with his
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he was last seen outside the bell in hand tavern, while celebrating his 22nd birthday. dive teams have already searched the charles river and boston harbor, finding nothing. erika: right now, the city of boston beginning the process of fingerprinting all cab drivers to keep passengers safe. newscenter 5' s doug meehan is live in boston with reaction from some of those drivers and ride-share companies which, so far, are exempt, doug? doug: they are for now, but that could all change. as far as the taxi drivers, the extensive ground check coming moving fingerprinting of all 6000 cabbies in boston started yesterday. taxi drivers lined up for the latest fair. -- latest faire . but many believe -- the latest fare .
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>> i am an american citizen. why do you have to do this when i have been on the street homeless time. will doug: -- doug: will alfrida lang says being fingerprinted would be excessive. >> i would have to say no. doug: uber says their drivers already go back through a quarry background check. but it only goes back several years and
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emily: new this noon, a leominster cab driver is off the job after police pulled her over for erratic driving and found vodka in her car. witnesses reported seeing autumn mathes driving erratically last month before seeing her slumped behind the wheel. mathes has not been charged because police were unable to determine if she was under the erika: right now, police continue to investigate after a 4-year-old was found wandering alone in dorchester overnight. crews found the boy walking along blue hill avenue around -- 3:00 a.m. he told them he was going to the store to get chocolate. boston ems brought the boy to the hospital to be checked out and is ok. this woman is expected in court today as police search for her alleged partner in crime. police arrested jacqueline murphy yesterday after a stolen car chase led to a crash in saugus. the man with her, michael gouthro, took off. both were already wanted for attacking a revere police officer with a hypodermic needle on thursday, before leading police on a chase there. emily: new this noon, a fire at t.f. green airport in rhode island overnight.
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parking garage shortly before 3:30 a.m., leading to significant issues for travelers. all flights got out on time. but the garage is still closed this noon, leaving only the long-term lot open to vehicles and passengers. right now, a chelmsford family is back home after a hoverboard catches fire in their living room while their son was riding it. newscenter 5' s kelley tuthill is live in chelmsford this noon. kelle: fortunatelyy , the 11-year-old boy is ok for now the family is dealing with smoke and fire damage. this is the hover board that caught fire. >> extensive smoke damage throughout the house. kelley: photos show a
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the consumer product safety commission is investigating more than 40 fires nationwide, all sparked by lithium ion batteries devices . >> supervise the charging of the hover board and keep it away from combustible materials. marshal issued a warning in november, these devices. erika: a woman found murdered two decades ago has finally been identified. her body was found buried at the stony brook reservation. >> it is a big deal.
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years. >> i' ve never had her in my life before. it' s nice to have her now. erika: it is hard to know how she ended up in hyde park and who is responsible. erika: a controversial proposal by a film production company working on a movie about the boston marathon attacks. it wants to recreate the watertown shootout in the actual location of the shooting. managers have been in touch with residents to discuss the filming of patriots day, starring mark wahlberg. the filming would require simulated gunshots late at night and would begin in late april. mla emily: today, president obama is moving forward on a campaign promise. today, he laid out plans to close on time of a he said --
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president harms our partnerships with other partners. when i talk to other world leaders, they bring up the fact that guantanamo is not resolved. emily: the white house is move detainees to the u.s. the president said he may resort to executive action if needed. trail. republicans in nevada caucusing for all democrats court african-american voters in north carolina. >> vote tomorrow. reoprter: riled up after a >> i' d like to punch him in the face.
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attacking ted cruz after his campaign shakeup. >> i have made clear in this campaign that we will conduct it integrity. reporter: cruz hope stupid the latest controversy behind him. marco rubio showed a strong showing in south carolina. >> if we are still battling against each other in september and october, we are going to lose. reporter: bernie sanders and hillary clinton bring star power to their campaigns. >> she says their names. hillary clinton: trayvon martin,
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reporter: sanders and clinton will appear separately tonight in a televised town hall in south carolina. in nevada, a long day for the candidates. the polls close at midnight. emily: david ortiz made what may be his final spring training address. ortiz is excited to have price as a teammate and says, no matter how well he right -- he plays this year, he is ready to pass the torch. >> based on everything i want to do and what i have done plus, i look around me and everybody is 20. [laughter] so i think i am ready . that is why i announced it. until now, it is going to be
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ily: mike myers will have more 4:30. erika: coming up, more on the kalamazoo shooting spree. bill gates siding with the f ei. cindy: round two brings win and downpours. the full-time line is ahead. and a new look at some of saturn'
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potential... unless we all do. together.
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erika: cameras were rolling when flames broke out 10 stories up, causing a crane to give way and investigators believe an electrical fire that started inside the crane'
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emily: outrage in egypt this noon as a 3-year-old is sentenced to life in prison for a crime he allegedly committed when he was just 16-months-old. a military court found the boy, and 115 others, guilty of killing three people and sabotaging public and private s a case of mistaken identity as the boy shares the same name as another man reportedly connected to the crimes. erika: new details about the alleged gunman in the deadly kalamazoo shootings. jason dalton reportedly admitted to gunning down six people over but elizabeth hur reports he' s still refusing to explain why he did it. elizabeth: charged with six murders and facing life in prison -- >> you understand the charges? >> yes, sir. elizabeth: he showed no emotion and revealed no new details during his arraignment. prosecutors say he admitted to lives.
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>> he was very quiet -- dalton' s friends say they are in disbelief. >> he was very quiet, reserved, never causing anybody trouble in . elizabeth: we are learning from a local gun shop owner that dalton stopped in once a month and bought a tactical jacket just hours before. uber confirms getting reports driving during the attacks, but says those are the first calls about him. a 14-year-old girl in critical condition initially believed to be brain-dead. >> she is strong.
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elizabeth: dalton is due back in court next thursday. erika: in an interview, bill gates rejected the idea that the government demanding a backdoor into the phone when set a precedent that would jeopardize the privacy of other set -- other smartphone users. >> no different than anybody being able to tell the phone company to get information. bank records. there is no difference between information. the government comes asking for a specific set of information. erika: spectacular images from space. nasa capturing these photos of tropical storm winston the strongest recorded tropical storm to ever make landfall in fiji. the government there has declared a state of disaster
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knocked out power and destroyed entire villages leaving dozens dead. this one shows three of saturn' s 64 moons taken by the cassini spacecraft. each has unique characteristics. one is the size of arizona. another is one of the brightest objects in the entire solar system. cindy: it' was in science class. we had the full moon this morning. the fact that we could see the indication that the skies were still clear. but we have changes. you see the red area along the gulf coast? that is where there could be
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first, you will see the wintry side of things. we may be making up a little bit of lost time personnel. we have had -- lost time first snow. we are no where we had been at this time last year. there will be a quick little bursts of that could produce one to three inches of snow away from the coastline. once you get closer to the coast, the coating may be an h. it will -- maybe an inch. it will wash away by morning. it will be slippery overnight. especially once you get outside of 495. that is where it can be the most slippery tomorrow morning. we have a winter advisory going through noon tomorrow. you can see a lot of cloud cover out there. the sunshine we had earlier this
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we are 38 degrees in boston. the dew point is only 34 so we still have some space out there. easterly wind will continue to do that. temperatures are pretty uniform. it is a little bit colder over the interior. we are watching that moisture come up from the south. in boston, around 6:00 this evening, we are dry. in. city and points south. and will continue to do that. rhode island. by 8:00, that is closing in on the boston area, south word along the pike and through the worcester area -- southward along the pike and through the worcester area.
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snowing through a good portion of the area. that movement along the coastline will shift northern and westward. that pink is indicating semi-sing. -- some icing. so this is freezing rain potential tomorrow morning. worcester up into southern hampshire. those temperatures may linger toward midday before they come up just a bit. here comes the next 1, 8 :00 on south and west. this will have a strong thunder potential, and may lead to some p oor drainage as well. look at this.
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the second punch of this storm downpours. icing potential in the morning and then a bit of a lull at midday. morning. that could produce some rainfall, close to two inches. then temperatures pushing us into the 50' s. dry on friday. then we are clearing things out, setting up what appears to be a pretty decent weekend. ; looking forward to it already.
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they're one of that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works because it's riggedt by wall street. as long as washington we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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emily: things getting interesting on the international space station. astronaut scott kelly posted this video on twitter monday. bursting out of a bag and chasing other crew members. no explanation for this one but kelly did tweet, i thought you said you had things under control up there.
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>> hey, everybody. we' re going to have even more fun that usual today, because we' ve rolled out the red carpet for some of the biggest movie fans in the country. get ready. it' s movie week on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] hello, everybody. i' m chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready for more movie week? [cheers and applause] good, good. because our returning contestant is a shopping cart clerk who has spent almost every dime having the ultimate movie experience. please welcome back, from redding, california, sean zink. [cheers and applause] you again, buddy. >> good to see you. >> all right. welcome back to the show.


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