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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  February 23, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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dropping colder. this is the timeline, under way. darker purple is a bit heavier, but this moves north. it reaches boston and continues to move north. at the potential is there for one to three inches of snow, up to a slushy inch along the shore. we will talk about ice potentials, big wind, all part of the forecast. heather and ed? heather : don' t forget, you can take the latest weather with you , just download the free wcvb mobile app for iphone and android. and crews have been very busy.
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juli: with the trees near houses and garages, they said it could freeze on the property. they say most of the calls come after the trees fall, and the damage is already done. he said a little pruning really could go a long way in preventing that. experts are trained to notice some areas that homeowners may brushoff, that if a tree is old and decaying, sometimes just its own weight a loan will cause it to tip -- its own weight alone will cause it to tip. i will tell you more what to look for at 6:00. ed? heather: a hoverboard is being blamed for another explosion. ed: we are live with todd in
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todd: it happened behind me, when the 11-year-old was on it when it suddenly ignited last night, owen rega. thankfully, there were no injuries. owen spoke to us when he got home from school and said it was seven and scary. owen: i got off, and it was smoking, and a couple of seconds later, it worst into flames. todd: he grabbed the dog and ran out with his sister and friends. insurance adjusters and cleanup people were here all day owen' s father says he has been told he will take several weeks to repair the damage from the fire. he said he had been wanting a
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for christmas, but he will not for christmas, but he will not be riding it again. ed: a driver was speaking to police through the passenger window, and 20-year-old william prewitt drove forward, tracking the officer at least five feet areas the female officer suffered a leg injury, but she is expected to be all right. heather: driving a camry, by toyota, police need your help in finding this woman, judith sales. and a man disappeared after a night out with his cousins, zachary marr. he was celebrating his birthday, last seen more than a week ago outside the bell in hand tavern. dive teams up already searched
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ed: and new at 4:30, falling at a home that was under construction. we are told the contractor be ok. person suffered minor injuries when a tractor-trailer overturned on north. -- on the ramp 495 north. e d: and a man with a history of rape conditions was spent his life behind bars,essie bil lingslea, listed as a level
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heather: two unh students are in student near campus. both were identified through a bloody photograph posted on social media snapchat. matthew ribbons and e -- gibbons and eric denning. ed: wanting the same thing for rideshare driver' s seat at this point are exempt, a new move in boston to keep passengers safe. heather: a new poll shows the standing for the latest presidential candidates. ed: virginia. they were blasting wall street, with campaign donors saying they have an unfair advantage in the
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to lessen their impact. virginia is one of several states, including massachusetts, holding primaries or caucuses on super tuesday. heather: a federal judge is ordering top aides of hillary clinton, while she was secretary of state, to be questioned under oath, pertaining to the private e-mail server scandal. ed: republicans of the senate judiciary committee say there will be no hearing for an obama supreme court nominee. that statement coming today after a closed-door meeting between senator lindsey graham and majority leader mitch mcconnell. this comes after the death of justice antonin scalia. heather: joining us live from
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mike: david ortiz spoke every single syllable from the heart. whether he was coached, trust me, he was not. he spoke fondly for this series . he says he feels the frustration that red sox fans feel after every loss. he was asked a number of times the chances of changing his mind. no chance. mike: i think i am ready. -- david: i think i am ready. we have had a long season. i' m planning on winning. i know it can be , and i am going
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mike: coming up at 5:00, how big papi plans to handle his season. we will see you then. ed: president obama following through on a 2008 campaign promise, unveiling plans to shut down the u.s. prison at guantanamo bay. prisoners would be moved to a new facility in the united states, but he did not say where. u.s. officials say the facility would cost up to 305 million dollars per year to operate after an initial $290 million to $475 million to construct. heather: a woman was accused of starving and torturing a young boy, and the new hampshire highest court rejects an appeal from her. christina thomas was convicted of first-degree assault, for withholding food from her friend' s son and forcing him to stay in a cage in her eestnet.
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abuse allegations. ed: around 3:00 in the morning, one teenager said he was going to get chocolate. they say he is ok. heather: a teenager aboard this helicopter that crashed in pearl harbor, hawaii, has died. witnesses were pulling the victims to shore, and others are now in stable condition. ed: and investigation into the boston latin school is closed. heather: they reiterated support for the headmaster, lynne mooney teta. a report claims she had all but one incident appropriately.
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seattle suburb in ruins. two people are believed to be homeowners who are still missing. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the explosion and where those people are. heather: in phoenix, arizona, a criminal investigation is underway after four people were found dead in a burned out home, all of them suffering from gunshot wounds. all were adults did a girl is in critical condition. ed: a fire at the rhode island tf green airport is under investigation after flames broke out this morning in garage c. heather: and now, at 5:00 -- reporter: more than a dozen bald eagles found dead. heather: a film crew wanting to create the watertown shootout. the same location of the shooting.
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ed: and new tonight on newscenter 5, this video sweeping the internet tonight. it was recorded in oxford. harvey: and a look at our live doppler radar, it is showing in all of connecticut forget i have an update on the timeline, how
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announcer: you are watching newscenter 5 at 4:30. ed: the traffic, you can see this city in the background, and the traffic is moving. there is a lot of red on the screen, so there is already a lot of slowing of the traffic. it will be a half-hour before you know it. we are talking 16 minutes on the pike. bit, and the sun is not in your way. 495 is moving quite nicely in both directions. and that is what traffic looks like right now at 4:45 p.m. heather: the clouds have moved in, and look at the wind moving. behind us, you can see what is coming at us.
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the ocean, and that as some moisture to it. we will have snow. easy rain, and it is really just one part of the storm that will affect us. if you take a look at this. you can see the rain and snow moving towards us, and there is really the potential for some strong tornadoes. we are eventually going to get warm and humid, but we have to deal with the first part of the storm first. downpours and strong wind, and maybe even damaging wind. this is reaching the ground through all of connecticut, now
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island, and i just checked the visibility, and they are dropping in connecticut. it is mild in new london. so we are going to have a burst of snow for a few hours this evening as it all moves across our region. in fact, some of the heaviest precipitation near the long island sound area has put the rain to snow. that is temporary, because eventually, warmer air at higher levels will cause a changeover, and you look at these temperatures, and you may think it is a little warm for snow, which it is. with good intensity, we will see the temperature drop a few degrees, so worcester will get down to freezing. it will be a wet snow a lot 95 and the coast. we will start to see the temperature bounce up, but notice how worcester and points west could still be freezing. a winter weather advisory will continue for that area.
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it should reach boston by 6:00 or 7:00 tonight, a little sooner off to the west. this starts moving northward. it gets to boston before or by midnight, but early tomorrow, southern new hampshire, merrimack valley, the connecticut river valley, still below 32. before that happens, i am expecting up to an inch of snow right in boston , and inland, anywhere from one to three inches is possible. keep in mind that when we go into the next part of the storm, tomorrow night and thursday morning, there will be strong gusty wind . downpours and very warm temperatures, jumping into the 50' s overnight and into thursday. and windy and colder, a chilly start for the weekend, and then it looks like a somewhat milder finish. heather?
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new research finds that the sea levels are rising faster now than they have in nearly re-thousand years. nasa reports -- faster than they have in nearly 3000 years. nasa reports the ocean is currently rising at a rate more than doubled between 1900 and 2000. ed: and going into effect today, trying to keep the drug off the street, sentinel -- fen tanyl. it can be deadly at certain doses. heather: governors looking to boost drug monitoring programs, and it would limit the supply of president obama has expressed
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your health, 14 cases of the zika virus possibly being spread through sex, and all involved men easily traversed to the areas where it is spreading rapidly, and two of the cases involved women who were pregnant, and arming first responders in three communities with a drug that can make a difference in life and death situations. ed: it slows bleeding in trauma patients and is being used by emergency medical services in new bedford, fairhaven, and acu shnet, called "txa." it could save 42 lives a year in massachusetts. heather: a senate committee approved a bill that is holding for a vote in the full senate, allowing up to an ounce of marijuana, and also it would create a control system for
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ed: a promising new development in the fight against superbugs. researchers have discovered how the bacteria build barriers against drugs and antibiotics. in recent decades, the drug-resistant bugs have become a global health threat. heather: a traumatic increase in the number of mastectomies. the u.s. department of health and human services reports a 36% increase from 2005 to 23rd team. the number -- 22013. some are using it to be a preventive measure. ed: fare hikes. heather: and bill gates getting into the situation with the fbi and apple. let'
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without all the mumbo jumbo. pfree checking accounts. no minimums, fees or gimmicks. pand a top-rated banking app that lets you handle pyour financial needs... right here. that's banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? fire right now, and you can see the response. they are on the roof. no word of any injuries. we will keep you posted, but there is a strong response. heather tonight, microsoft
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in on the apple encryption debate, and he is siding with the fbi. when asked if apple should help the government had into the phone of the san bernardino gunman, bill gates says this is a specific case where the government is asking for access to information. facebook, twitter, and googled are all siding with apple. eed: protests are scheduled all across the country tonight , with plans to gather at 5:30 at the apple location on boylston street. heather: a proposal that would raise there' s anywhere from 6.7% to 9.7%. -- would raise fares. ed: and they will launch daily flights starting in june, a company helping to tap into the
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well as providing routes elsewhere in europe. heather: and turning to selfies. mastercard is launching technology so you can use a photograph as well as a fingerprint. they say that passwords are just deal easy for scammers to guess. ed: a recall it because cumin may contain peanuts, the deer brand cumin. there have been no reports of illness tied to the product, and tasty burger has a location at the roxbury dudley square. tasty burger got a headstock -- headstart in the fenway. heather: still ahead on
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a ceremony .
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ed: secretary of state john kerry will be giving a new address, delivering remarks at the may 6 ceremony, -- heather: a violinist using heard talents, a video posted on facebook. the violinist , vivian luo, played the drake song "hotline bling. ed: newscenter 5 at 5:00 starts right now. harvey: we go to snow. anchor: a burning hoverboard. what he did when it burst into flames. 2 anchor: apple refusing to
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anchor: and talk to a therapist on your cell phone. announcer: from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. ed: winter weather this week, and we had team coverage for you, and there is a little bit of everything in it. harvey: temperatures are above freezing. there is room for the temperature to drop a couple of degrees. but it would be a wet snow a lot because, where temperatures will stay above freezing. it will get to around freezing in places like worcester. speaking of the snow, we just got a report of the first flakes see them, and on radar, you can see it. there are some signs that this first surge may struggle to get to boston. it may take a few hours.


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