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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  February 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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still be 32 degrees or below. one to three inches potentially. there is a slushy coating or up to an inch along the shoreline. remember, that winter weather advisory. inland areas will still be affected. eventually, all of us will be dealing with wind and rain. let' s talk to danielle about that. danielle: it will be steadier tomorrow evening for the ride home from work, and then it becomes steadier overnight, so the ride into work could also be affected. expect up to two which in terms of the total. coming with that range is the wind, and this is wednesday night, but by midnight, it is south and east. especially for that thousand -- thursday morning high tide. it could be some minor coastal flooding.
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we could see wind gusts up to even 50 miles per hour through thursday morning, and that they should start to wind back down as we head through the afternoon. the temperatures warming into the mid to even upper 50' s through thursday morning. heather? heather: and don' t forget, you can take the latest stormteam 5 forecast with you, just download the free wcvb mobile app for iphone and android. ed: embattled state senator brian joyce says he will not run for reelection. the milton democrat is the target of an fbi and irs investigation, and he says he has done nothing wrong. heather: the searches on for a missing holbrook woman, who has not been seen. john atwater is live in holbrook, where he just talked
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john: we talked to her family, and as you can imagine, they are very, very worried. they last saw her yesterday afternoon around 3:00, and investigators are there at the home. >> these actions do not seem to go with your personality or the way things have gone on in her life. it would be inconsistent. john: judy sale s' disappearance is a mystery for her family, and they are desperate to find the mother. she was last seen yesterday afternoon, leaving her job as a pharmacist at walgreens in taunton. >> she called her husband to tell and she was going to pick up their 10-year-old son, but she never showed up. john: they are trying to find clues, and they say her phone
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but they have few other leads. >> we are hoping she gets home tonight and gets home safe. john: ju dy drive a white toyota camry. john atwater. ed: where it is already starting to snow. and it officer is going to be ok after being dragged by a car on route 30 speaking to 20-year-old william prewitt -- speaking to 20-year-old william prewitt through the passenger window when he drove forward, dragging the officer at least five feet. heather: just after a crash on washington street, a suspect is charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. police say he was driving the car that hit the victim, and another car was also involved in
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the boy riding his fire is describing the scary moments after flames erupted in his living room. todd : we certainly did, and he rega, new tonight says he does not want a replacement hoverboard. he says he will never again ride versed into flames. owen: when it started smoking. todd: he said it burst into flames after he heard some popping. he jumped off, and suddenly, it became more dangerous. owen: maybe a couple seconds later, it burst into flames. tom: it happened monday night at the family home in chelmsford. he did not know what happened, but he knew he should act fast. owen: my sister and friend were
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todd: they called 911 and then their father. injuries. there are many of these cases under investigation, sparked by the lithium-ion batteries. owen: i had heard of it, but i never thought it would happen. careful. >> use it outside, and if you are going to charge it, supervise it away from combustible material. todd: he says he got a lot of questions from students at school, so he shared his first-hand experience about the danger of hoverboard. ed: and new video of a fire in chelsea a. this broke out late this
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flames, and there are no reports of any injuries. heather: people rallying the apple issue. rhondella richardson is live tonight. police say they have an issue with apple also. rod dela -- roh hondella: they were gathering and all are against legislating access. what' s the security aspects agree that what the fbi is asking apple to do is actually going to make us all less safe, not more safe. >> i do not think the the fbi should be involved in this. rhondella: the fbi says it is key to the investigation of the terror attack.
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so-called backdoor to the iphone security, with dozens of cases nationwide. the boston police commissioner is siding with the fbi. commissioner: i have one particular case right now where we cannot get access to a phone. rhondella: siding with the fbi is bill gates. >> this is not a special thing. it is no different with if anybody had been able to tell information. bank records, should anybody be able to get a take record. rhondella: protesters created this cartoon, showing once the phone is unlocked and the fbi gets in, hackers will be right behind them, and there are similar protests going on in the country, and the protesters say they are very passionate and
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heather: the weather is changing, and the wind that harvey tells us is on the way comes at the same time with people are worried about the danger of trees and limbs. ed: juli? juli: that is right. we followed a tree removal company around as they were still cleaning up after last week' s storm. it is time to have your area ss. there are no leaves on the branches. >> this is a white ashtray. -- a white ash tree. judi: the rain and wind on the way. fail, and then the trees tipped over for nothing, for no reason at all.
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-- tip over. i see toys and swing sets and things like that all over the yard, and that i looked up and the all of the dead branches and everything right over the play area. judi: so what should property owners look out for? some of the most obvious signs include leaning trunks and cracks. >> in the vicinity of the root system, liquid running out of a tree. if they see liquid pouring down the side of a tree, they should call. judi: he thinks every tree should be pruned, meaning they will hold less snow and the less vulnerable to wind. >> it does not take a big ranch to do damage. judi: so even if it is much
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that could be the sign of declining trees on your property and even bigger problems to come. heather: republicans' final pitch to voters before the caucuses, and the question that has marco rubio taking a dig at tom brady. ed: at the watertown neighborhood at the center of the shoot out with the marathon bombers for us to relive the frightening night for a movie. harvey: it is starting to snow, heavier in some parts. snow, wind, rain. mike: i am mike lynch in fort myers. you will have to see the look on david price' s face.
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ed: to commitment 2016 come republicans in nevada. heather: and going into tonight, donald trump is leading in the polls, followed by marco rubio, ted cruz, and ben carson. ed: today on the campaign trail in las vegas, marco rubio talking about tom brady, saying he does not like the water back. remember, he is from florida. it happened as rubio was complaining about fantasy football strategy questions on the campaign trail. mr. rubio: i do not like him. i like him personally, but he eats the dolphins all of the time. ed: his wife is a former dolphins cheerleader. marco rubio, his number one wish
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could not do that. he wanted to play in the football league. and people preparing to relive the shootout. heather: in th t they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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heather: new at 6:00, re-creating the shootout in watertown, the producers of the mark wahlberg movie wanting residents to be prepared. ed: jack? jack: a lot of people are still traumatized by the events years ago, and most of the people we talked to on laurel street are ok with the movie, provided there are some conditions, that the bad guys are vilified and not the good guys. >> maybe explosions and gunshots. it is a little much to relive
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jack: you are ok with it? >> i am ok with it. we will see what happens. jack: the producers want to re-create the laurel street shootout here, where it happened. >> it shows the police doing their job, you' re happy with it? police. they were fantastic. tsarnaev brothers. who is a big name that will drive too much attention to the characters. it should be about the neighborhood and the police. jack: he says they can make them movie if they want to but not at his house. he has had enough. >> to hear the gunshots again, i am a big guy, but it was traumatizing. jack: obviously, most people are starstruck by the notion of a movie. when i asked commissioner evans
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>> well, who knows? jack: commissioner evans, one of the coolest people i have ever met, but we have to tell you though is that one of the reasons he was laughing is it lieutenant said tom cruise. probably not. they are wanting them to respect the families, the victims, and the neighborhoods as they move forward with this project. wcvb newscenter 5. heather: only mark wahlberg could pull that off. and some of the flakes. ed: you saw the snow falling where john is, where jack is, and you can see it starting to move in. harvey: it is, and it is close to austin -- boston , and the
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worcester is 31, and there is room for the temperature to drop a few degrees come but with the wind coming out of the east, it will stay above freezing. it will have to come down with some strength in the coast and would be, of course, very wet and slushy. inland, different. here is the first one for the night. this is nasty. we are going to get some wind and heavy rain, but this is a severe producer with lots of watches and warnings. there have been touchdowns of far out of new orleans. notice the northern pike. eastern island, trying to get into southeastern mass. more to the south. this has come up a bit in harford, so we will have to wait for this to build and, because
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to be breaking up, and there is more down to the south. here is the heaviest. this is around new london, connecticut, where they have some slush. warm air aloft is going to come in near midnight and make the change. tomorrow though, if you are outside 495, the service temperature may be 32 or a little bit below. this is on top of the potential of one to three inches, and whatever snow accumulates, this would be more on the roads, all right. we continue the winter weather advisory, and this is because of a freezing rain or freezing drizzle that could continue. drop off a little bit. tomorrow night, a rapid warm-up. this is north of our area. temperatures tomorrow night soaring into the 50' s.
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will be tropical like downpours, the heaviest of which will be later wednesday night into thursday morning. it could be some strong to damaging wind gusts, even a thunderstorm possible. and speaking of the wind gusts, not much wind during the day tomorrow, but look at that rapid spike out of the south. that is another aspect of the storm we will have to follow. all of this will be over by midmorning or so, and windy the rest of the day. windy and cold friday and early saturday, and then a milder finish. a lot is changing, and i will see you next hour. ibm meteorologist harvey leonard. and nasa: now, sportscenter 5
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announcer: now, sportscenter 5 with mike lynch. mike: how much it reminded him of playing in the dominican republic, and he will be honored in every that he, and that could create a problem, but he says he will not let it eat a problem. he will protect his teammates and will not let it be a distraction. when asked if he would reconsider retirement, he said that is not an option. david: that is why i announced it. we have had a long season. hopefully, it will not cause any distraction. series stands out above the others? david: they all mean something, of you. you have to put a lot of things
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but, like i say, in 2004, it was expected for so long that it kind of made it seem special. i would say so. mike: i think it is knows the prize that he picked 2004 as his favorite world series. he also said never 24 this season, david price. he has been having a running feud with david price, and you have to take a look at his face today. big papi, david price, they are going to send this out. >> some apprehension leading up to it? >> it is something i' ve thought about, waking up and driving into the field. is he going to be in the clubhouse? when i go into the food room,
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when i am working out -- i do not know what to do. for it to go the way it went, and him are reaching out to me, that is all good. david: even going through whatever we went through, i know he is a good person. everyone has got their moment, and we are playing together now. they brought him in to try to win a championship here, and in my case, i' m going to be the number one supporter. mk ike: was in that classic? price looked like he was afraid of david ortiz if he showed up, and obviously, ortiz broke the tension by shaking his hand and walking right up. and tomorrow, john henry will give his annual state of the red sox.
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heather: playing on the same team. it goes a long way. ed: price was honest. heather: at 7:00, one week away from super tuesday, and massachusetts, a battleground, and then on newscenter 5 at 11:00, check out this video. a plane crashing on the road. witnesses just feet away, and why the violet is being called a
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harvey: light, wet snow has broken out, and the potential is there for one to three inches. and then warmth eventually in the storm.
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? breaking news tonight. the state of emergency this hour. multiple tornadoes reported already. the devastating damage. we're on the scene. about to power right up the east coast, 45 million in the path. also breaking, the new surveillance images of the alleged uber gunman. where he was in the hours before the rampage. the race for the white house, and tonight, the showdown in nevada. donald trump lashing out at ted cruz. and what trump said when asked why he's not taking on marco rube roe. breaking news on the zika outbreak, right here in the u.s. tonight. authorities now confirming more than a dozen new cases of the disease sexually transmitted. late details coming in now. and the reporter on the field, the "dancing with the


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