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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  February 23, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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close of the home, we are tracking some snow that is starting to move in right now. it is going to be a one to punch with some heavy rain and some wind. harvey: it has been flaking in many areas. quite light in boston and around the massachusetts turnpike. the best way we can tell you is by looking at the visibility. notice it is down to three miles in providence, two miles in hartford. only slightly restricted from worcester to springfield. although it will drop a little bit between now and 11:00 it will stay above freezing along the coast. it will be very hard for any snow to stick to surfaces there. a change over to rein in boston.
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and especially for 95 you may tomorrow morning. we' ll talk about the wind timeline later in the program. anchor: more video just coming in of the damage in that area. the city' airport, louis damage from the storm tonight. danielle: they do have a tornado watch in effect. as you get into alabama this one was just issued now until after midnight. the other big thing is you see all these heavy red materials. these are tornado warnings. five of them right now. this is a severe weather outbreak and we are watching very carefully.
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the waterspout that actually came up as you can see from parts of overlake potter train . some pretty impressive stuff. we' re going to watch this area very carefully. all this whether you see shifted to the north end to the east so as we go farther into tomorrow, this area is at moderate risk for severe weather tomorrow. even here we have the chance for some thunderstorms. maria: a medicine the hospital with critical injuries after he was struck by a car. the driver of that car was drinking at high on drugs. jorge: the witnesses are stunned. it happened right here.
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the sidewalk with his back to the van that hit him. he didn' t have a chance. the police are now blaming the very serious accident that left a pedestrian with life-threatening injuries on a drunk driver. shortly before 1:00 in the afternoon on washington street police charging thomas mullen with driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. witnesses say his van was swerving into the breakdown lane. striking a pickup truck coming out of a parking lot driveway and then hitting a man walking on the sidewalk. that man is 39 years old and he was rushed to the hospital with
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both the drivers of the van and the black pickup truck were also transported to the hospital. that is where mullen was placed under arrest. police here at this point are unable to confirm the account that she was following that van that driver pulled over. and: dragged by a car. five feet. taken to the hospital with minor the driver is charged with
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maria: they are searching for her. she is a missing mother from holbrook. her family is extremely worried. john: her family is very worried. they have no idea where this woman is. they are hoping that police can help find her quickly. state police came to her home to talk with her husband and her family. as they try to unravel her mysterious disappearance . judy was last seen yesterday afternoon leaving her job at the walgreens pharmacy. she was supposed to pick up her 10-year-old son but she never showed up. investigators say her phone was last pinged in connecticut. they don' t suspect foul play in her disappearance. they still don'
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we are going on about 28 hours now since she disappeared. trying to continue to search for clues. ed: some scary moments for an 11-year-old boy when his hoverboard burst into flames right under his feet. todd: the fire happened inside his home here in chelmsford. the location of the fire inside a home is significant according to the fire chief. he says that hoverboards should never be used indoors. the boy that was writing that hoverboards said the first sign of trouble was when he heard popping noises from the
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olin riga' s says seconds later the smoking hoverboard burst into flames. inside his family' s home. his sister and her friend were home to. they all ran outside and called 911. today the insurance adjuster snap photos. more than half 40 hoverboard makers are under investigation. only now knows firsthand the danger of hoverboards. after school he shared with us the message he delivered to his classmates about not getting a hoverboard. the fire chief warning all parents and kids that have hoverboards that the dangers are real and it can definitely
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no injuries in this case. significant damage inside the house. oh wen says he will never again right hoverboard. read: republicans go to their caucuses in nevada. polls there. ted cruz and marco rubio are fighting it out for second place. the democrats are focused on south carolina. that vote is on saturday. ed: super tuesday' s next week. massachusetts could play a key role. reed: without a win some candidates may be forced to that
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political analyst say this year massachusetts matters. bernie sanders said massachusetts is a must win for his campaign. he made two stops here in massachusetts yesterday rallying support. one of only three super tuesday states that is located in the north. the southern states are seen as belonging to hillary. hillary won the massachusetts primary in 2008 over then senator barack obama. popular here. the relatively liberal voting base may actually swing in sanders favor this time. the democratic will glad artist says sanders would have to win 60% of remaining delegates to even catch clinton. that is a near mathematical
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it will be tough as well for candidates who trailed front runner donald trump. super tuesday is also no to thin out the herd. many candidates drop out if their vote is low. he says ohio governor john kasich could be on the chopping block if he doesn' t score some victories somewhere. here' s another unknown. elizabeth warren the senator has not thrown her support behind anyone yet. if she does she could swing votes both in massachusetts and nationally. they believe senator warren will run a neutral. maria: the landmark boston retailer filed for bankruptcy last year. they just bought the brand name
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they are looking at spots in boston and new york for their first retail location. ed: the stock market and in lower as another drop in commodity prices pull down the market. the nasdaq and giving up 67. the s&p down 24 points. already narrows down. maria: a story of survival for a defenseless puppy. he was shot 18 times. who police just arrested. maria: a van crashing into a house and you see it brings down the whole porch. harvey: the light snow in parts of the area may pick up a little bit.
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crash. the van hitting a home. the driver was taken to the as a precaution. the driver suffered some sort of medical issue and that is why ed: president obama has unveiled a long-awaited plan to close the prison at guantanamo bay in 13 locations are being prisons in colorado kansas and south carolina. it could be a tough sell in congress. they have repeatedly passed legislation banning any efforts to move detainees to the united states. maria: they have charged two teenagers they say actually charge shot a puppy 18 times. the dog is now named brody. the bbs are still inside brody. the other a 14-year-old boy. this puppy is on pain medication
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here' s something you don' t see every day. a goat in the drivers seat. the goat was waiting patiently in the front seat of a car outside a home depot. he posted the video online. by the time she returned to that car that day the ghost had entertained itself by eating a plastic cup a candy bar and its wrapper and then it turned on the cars hazard lights and the windshield wipers. harvey: let' s show you what is happening outside the region. the wind is coming off the water.
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this allows the dew point to jump up as the temperature drops down a little bit. it will get to freezing below. it could get into range if we get some precipitation. 34 with steady snow. the services there. the slightly heavier bands of sn. moving into southeastern mass. should start to reach the ground a little bit of visibility reduction. here' s a wider look. this is rain. eventually this will turn to
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between now and midnight. eventually we' re going to get heavy rains and strong winds. weather. they' re still tornado watches in effect in the south. heavy rains and strong winds for us. let' s back up to tonight. it is a wet snow along the coast for sure. midnight. and that it is rain for tomorrow morning. southern the new hampshire and northern mass. parts of them could be near 32 tomorrow it could be dicey near certain surfaces. after this perhaps one to three inches of snow. code-2 an inch of slush on some
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the wind will shift to the south. temperatures will go up all night long. the wind will be a factor. possible downpours. windy and cold on friday. it should be mild for the weekend.
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>> welcome back to fort myers. david ortiz on his farewell tour kicking off here. he told us that playing at fenway park is very similar to playing in his home country of the dominican republic. he said that with the red sox lost he suffered and felt the pain of red sox fans. he was asked repeatedly if he would ever change his mind about retirement. he said it is time to go. david ortiz: i think i am ready. that is why i announced it. we had a long season. >> i often wondered how different life would'
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maria: a teenager schedule is usually jampacked. want to introduce you to a young man who is making time for the
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we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. r we should be making
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tuition-free. we're going to pay for it vwith a tax on wall street speculation. p the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. r it is time for them to start helping t the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
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maria: he helps take care of his ailing 92-year-old grandfather. he also plays the guitar for him. he plays into bands as well. the hard rock cafe in boston. he will help raise money to prevent animal cruelty. he also enjoys volunteering and is devoted to his faith serving as an altar server at all saints church. a good kid, philip. you can win a channel 5 hat by sending us your idea on five for good.
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singer carrie underwood is in town tonight. a big surprise for a local veteran and his family. another round of wintry weather is moving through. we will be tracking the storm all night. tonight will be tricky. harvey: between now and midnight is when we will get the snow. for most of us it will be
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>> this is chronicle. modest. modern. make it. just under $12 million. this spectacular piece of cape cod could be as. a muscle car hits the market. the citgo sign, is its future dark? the building the sign sits on is


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