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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 24, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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clerks winning the country. nevada. his next moves ahead of super second place. randy: falling during a field sobriety test. and that' s not all. what police say this man did behind the wheel, is even more jarring. emily: a gas-station scam, that does not target the pumps. the trap set up by crooks, on the eye for this wednesday morning. >> live from wcvb tv channel 5. this is a news center 5 update. randy: also on the eye this
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erika shows us the boston-based dating app pairing fitness, with romance. good morning, i' m randy price. emily: and i' m emily riemer with cindy fitzgibbon. it is a wet day. cindy: a little bit i see this morning. most of us just dealing with the rain. we have the paint color going up towards new hampshire. out of her we could have a slippery road due to the light ice. we have freezing rain and drizzle persists off and on. we think precipitation is pretty south. i do not expect anything heavy through the morning hours. look at the temperatures. 29 in manchester.
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temperatures will just kind of slowly pick up gradually throughout the day. we are nearing the 50 degree mark in the boston area. i think it gets a little steadier as we head towards the midafternoon. you' ll notice by 6:00 this evening there will be heavy rain to the west. light rain and drizzle off and on throughout the day. overnight, that is where we will see heavy downpours and strong wind that could do damage. we will break down that timeline for you just ahead. wet for some areas. olessa: we can see extra volume heading into boston. let' s check out the rest of your ride.
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eastbound side looks good. 15 minutes. the 93 south has volume picking up here as you traveling to wilmington, we get delays to the leverett connector. randy: breaking overnight, a decisive win for donald trump making it three in a row for the gop frontrunner. emily: but the second place spot is getting just as much attention this morning. the eyeopener' s erika tarantal is following breaking erica donald trump is moving on : to super tuesday with another win this time in the nevada he' s not slowing down. win, now we are winning winning winning. emily: -- erika: right now, ted cruz and marco rubio are still battling it out for second place. rubio jumping over cruz by two points overnight. in the final hours, though, cruz
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that this donald became president, nobody would know what he would do. erika: one more note on this trump victory, entrance polls showed it six out of caucus 10 goers said they were angry with the way the government is working and trump got most of those votes. the real prize now, super tuesday. thirteen states including massachusetts will cast their votes in less than a week. emily? emily: thank you. as for the democrats they' re spread out today. bernie sanders is headed for the super tuesday state of oklahoma along with a stop in missouri. hillary clinton is in south carolina the next stop on the voting map this weekend. her campaign will also be opening another massachusetts office this time in taunton. randy right now this driver is : facing charges. you can see him falling flat on his face during a sobriety test. the eyeopener' s nicole estaphan is live in weymouth with more of that video and the violent crash that started it all. nicole: police say it all a man while drunk and high on drugs. witnesses say 51-year-old thomas mohan swerved into the breakdown
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weymouth yesterday. that' s when he hit a black pickup truck before hitting a man walking on the sidewalk. greg' s it was like a bomb going off. >> it was explosive. the dogs started barking. nicole mohan did have to be : taken to the hospital after falling on his face during that sobriety test. he' s facing a slew of charges including negligent operation. the pedestrian he' s accused of hitting is being treated for life-threatening injuries. if mohan is discharged from the hospital, he will be arraigned later today. wcvb newscenter 5. emily: thank you. new video in overnight as severe weather pounds the gulf coast. heavy rain and whipping winds in pensacola, florida. right now at least three people are dead across that region and dozens more hospitalized. cindy: really a powerful system.
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louisiana. >> there is a tornado warning. take shelter. cindy: it there was a warning. a massive water spout formed. moments later, two more formed on either side. trailers and cars heaped together in a massive pile. businesses litter with sheer metal. 160 trailers were damaged. people are still unaccounted for at this hour. powerful storms heading up the coast. we will talk about the local impact that the storm brings to our area tonight. randy: thank you. this morning a notorious connecticut murder suspect will fight to stay out of prison. a judge ordered a new trial for kennedy cousin michael skakel in 2013 setting him free. he' d been behind bars convicted decades after the 1975 killing
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moxley. today, prosecutors will ask the state supreme court to reinstate his conviction putting him back behind bars as he awaits the second trial. right now a wayland police officer is recovering after being dragged down a busy street by a car. police say sgt. jennifer ordway was talking to a driver at a construction detail. that' s when, for some reason the car moved forward and dragged ordway several feet. ordway was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the driver william prewitt of concord faces several charges. right now police in another town are putting out a warning after more skimmers are discovered at another gas station. emily: the eyeopener' s kelley tuthill is live in walpole with the information everyone needs to know. kelly: this is becoming more and those skimming devices placed right over places you use your credit card designed to steal your information.
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inside this cumberland farms. and in this case police have these pictures of two men they believe were involved. take a look. police want to track them down to try and solve this case. skimming devices capture the data stored on credit cards magnetic strips. that data can then be used to make unauthorized bank withdrawals. over the weekend, devices were found at two attleboro locations as well. so how do you protect yourself? , most skimmers are no bigger than a deck of cards. look for anything unusual about the atm or card-reader including a different color or material or if the keyboard doesn' t feel right. if you' re worried don' t use it. -- if you' re worried, do not use it. randy: eight minutes after 6:00. red sox spring training. it' s a big week for big papi. but fans will be focused on team management today. sportscenter5' s mike lynch is in sunny fort myers, with what to expect. mike: good morning. later on today the red sox
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on tuesday, it was david ortiz day. he spoke for 34 minutes. he has never been better. he was passionate candidate and appreciative. >> i think i am ready. will be that way. without a long season, hopefully that does not cause any distractions. i plan on winning. i know this can be a distraction. personally, i will do my best to focus on doing what i do. mike: john henry will speak more and we will be here. randy: thank you. mike will be at spring training through tomorrow. don' t miss his reports every night on newscenter 5 starting at 4:30 and each morning right here on the eyeopener. emily: 6:09. a legal battle over talcum powder. randy: the health crisis one family is blaming on johnson and johnson. and a big announcement from the politician, whose law office was
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what the future holds for one state senator. emily: new this morning, get an active social life. the dating app getting singles moving. erika? erika: breaking overnight, donald trump is the winner of the republican caucuses in nevada. the businessman had a wide lead over second, and-third-place this is trump' s third victory in a row. cindy? cindy: rain persists all day. freezing rain. the exam day ahead. we can expect heavy rain and downpours. take a look at the radar. can see the pink showing up. be careful. temperatures hovered near the
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>> good morning. randy: and good morning to all the smiling faces at conley school in whitman. danielle vollmar had an awesome time teaching them all about the weather. emily: all of them. a lot of them. the more the merrier. show us your school spirit with an eyeopener wake up call. just go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. cindy: do you know what day it
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emily: that is the new thing. randy: check out our facebook page. one of our technicians brought in a cake. it is celebrating that it is almost the weekend. cindy: we just have thursday and friday. good to me. you might as well each cake. we have some mild weather changes coming up. a lot of us saw some snow last night. westborough. you look out the window. it. the snow changed to rain overnight. dealing with the wintry site of the storm. outside of 495, we have changed snow on over to rain. temperatures so hovering near the freezing mark. their worcester county the western half of the state opened the southern new hampshire as
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is on the lighter side this morning you will see these temperatures under the freezing mark freezing up by manchester. you get closer to the coastline we are already in the upper 30' s post a 40 degrees. and also some lower 40' s here on cape cod. we except through the day and the temperatures only slowly,. by days and at 6:00, upper 40' s to near 50 degrees in boston. finally in the 40' s north and west of town. southerly winds will push the temperatures. while we' re sleeping tonight, we are climb into the 50' s and out the door first thing tomorrow morning. it is a needed 50' s across the area. bringing in all the warmth is this storm. the wintry side brings the storm to st. louis. severe weather from yesterday. as the storm list towards us, where of the potential for a rumble of thunder.
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during the morning hours, everything on the light side. be cautious of the potential for freezing drizzle. mid to late afternoon is when we start to see sims that he heavy rain coming here. it is during the overnight hours. look at the band toward albany. this is coming in. this will give heavy downpours and the rumble of thunder coming through. we still have downpours across the area. talking about a widespread want to maybe two inches of rain across the area. it will pull by strong southerly wind. it concern that we could see wind gust potentially at 60 miles per hour. there is a hide windows watch up from midnight tonight through 8:00 tomorrow.
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tomorrow morning in the middle 50' s. as we go through the day, they will not stay that mile. slowly during the day, the temperatures step down. we' ll be in the upper 40' s by 5:00. the cold air comes in on friday. blustery and windy. thursdays on friday. we will climb back into the lower 50' s by sunday. emily: we will take it. so far, a little busy on the roads this morning. we have a live look outside. give yourself some extra time. olessa: so far, as you travel south of town family have those delays on 24. we also have volume on 95. also, as you travel from her three. when you get there, it will be 30 to 35. the pike is about 15 minutes heading down towards 128. then, north of town we will see volume 93. then, concord street down to the
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randy: you will not see brian s name on the next ballot. the embattled state senator says he is not running for the milton democrat is the target of an fbi and irs investigation. agents raided his office last week. he' s been under fire for alleged misuse of campaign money and receiving free dry cleaning from a local business. joyce has said he did nothing wrong. apple supporters out in force as the company' s standoff with the fbi continues. this is a rally outside the apple store in boston and there were similar events outside other apple stores across the country. the fbi wants access to the i-phone used by the san bernardino gunman. apple is refusing claiming it of all its phones. s police commissioner
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>> i have one particular homicide where we cannot get access to a phone. it randy: apple plans to tell a judge this week that its fight with the fbi should be settled by congress rather than in the courts. emily: in your health this wednesday. the family of an alabama woman who died of ovarian cancer is getting from johnson and $72 million johnson. the civil suit claimed jackie fox' s cancer was caused by using the company' s baby powder and other products containing talcum. a spokeswoman for johnson and johnson says the jury award goes against quote decades of sound science proving the safety of talc. your economy headlines this morning, the massachusetts lottery is seeing more green. thanks to more than 130% increase in powerball ticket sales lottery revenue is up six% -- 6% in the first half of the fiscal year. you' ll remember, powerball had a run of historic jackpots last month until that $1.5 billion drawing. asian stocks mostly higher
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losses. the dow lost 1.1% to 16,431. right now, stock future are lower. randy: coming up new this , morning, fighting those winter blues with red hot romance. that' s the goal of a new boston-based dating app. emily: erika' s back with their mission to help singles find love through fitness. erika: great idea. it' s called meet me outside, it promises to get that heart pounding in more ways than one, -- one. a little romance happening here. collin and andrea met at community rowing on the banks of the charles thinks to meet me outside. this dating app is for those with an appreciation for all things active. a nice filter. quarks you' ll see someone give you your studios nearby.
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such an app did not exist. >> we give you seven potential matches every day. offering ideas they get you and the relationship moving. >> they could be at an outdoor studio. for collin and randall, it was as drop-in rowing class. before they strapped in, things were looking good. >> he is very cute. >> we are rooting for them. meet me outside found so much success they just want national. tomorrow morning, however the like can be a big help when staying positive.
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still ahead. small but mighty. did ask about player whose stature can barely contain his spirit. emily: calling for the feds. the government probe some people want to see at a boston school. randy: and a holbrook mother disappears. the clues causing some confusion
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it will be a camp day here. we' re looking at some light ice. we of the freezing rain and drizzle. that may hang on through noontime. otherwise, rain getting steady later in the day. temperatures creep up through the 40' s. by 6:00 this evening, it is 48 in boston. it is in the middle 50' s. the strong wind overnight. we have gas up 60 miles per hour. we have damaging wind.
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emily: time for ipod offers. olessa: first up a violinist bringing a little fun to the red line commute. vivian luo was recorded playing drake' s hotline bling at the park street stop complete with a light show. since then, the video has gotten thousands of views on facebook. emily: and you might just call this guy, mr. cheeseburger. many of us like a good burger. but simon smith is so in love with them he legally changed his name to bacon double cheeseburger. smith admits this choice might be the result of too many drinks
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randy back to you. randy: country star carrie underwood is giving a family the surprise of a lifetime. and there' s a new robot in town.
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randy: breaking overnight the , fight for nevada decided. but this man has a message for what happens next. emily: the other crime he is accused of committing it has a man fighting for his life. >> a call for the feds to move in. randy: do not let the players size fool you. meet the hoops hero who is larger-than-life. on the eye. >> live from wcvb tv channel 5. this is a news center 5 update. newsline -- 6:30 wednesday morning as we look at traffic over the south expressway. we have some water on the roadways. good morning, i' m randy price. emily: and i'
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rain is the story of the day. long. temperatures that are wild and windy. that is what it looks like out we will see rain gear at the bus stop today. we are watching for some icing is to the north and west. really, it is north and west of 495 yard rain falling. it is falling where temperatures are new the freezing mark. freezing rain and drizzle out this way and you can see it up round the time today. we can see pink showing up with like precipitation. it is the temperatures at right around freezing. orange s 32 degrees. we could be slippery out this way. once you get to beverly and boston we' re at about 39. the temperatures slowly meander
6:32 am
we will be warmest i the late day in the evening. posted temperatures ramp up later in the day. it is overnight that we get heavy downpours and gusty wind. we will have the full on that coming up. we will get you at the damp roads this morning. olessa: thank you. as far as accidents and incidents go, we' re watching a damp roadway and a lot of delays. you can see the northbound side has a slow ride. will check out the rest of your trip. as we go south to 24 where it three out of weymouth. braintree into boston. eastbound on the pike is still at 20. 93 south does not look too bad.
6:33 am
that is that about 45 minutes. emily: thank you. breaking overnight, donald trump is now 3 for 3 taking a decisive win in the nevada caucuses. the race for second was tight with marco rubio jumping over ted cruz in just the past few hours. randy: new video in overnight as severe storms slam the gulf coast. trees toppled and homes seriously damaged in pensacola, florida. at least three people were killed by the same storms in louisiana and mississippi. emily: and right now this driver is facing charges. you can see him falling flat on his face during a sobriety test in weymouth. police say thomas mohan was drunk and on drugs when he hit a pick-up truck and seriously injured a man on a sidewalk on washington street yesterday. randy: right now parents and community leaders are calling on the feds to investigate one of boston' s top schools. emily: the eyeopener' s doug meehan is live at boston latin with the new plan of attack. doug: good morning. just one day after boston' s superintendent declared the investigation here over local
6:34 am
for the feds top step in. several civil rights groups including the local naacp met with boston latin students and parents last night over the handling of racial slurs at the school. a recent report found the school handled most of those incidents properly. the groups disagree and the ll ask the justice department to conduct a civil rights probe. that decision comes in the wake school' s headmaster. lynne mooney teta writing in part, i deeply regret that there was not more urgency in our initial response to these concerns. i acknowledge my responsibility in that lapse. the boston naacp has called on teta to step down. live in boston. wcvb newscenter 5. emily: thank you. right now, a mystery in
6:35 am
a mother disappearing before she was supposed to pick up her son. this morning police say they do not suspect foul play. the family still searching for answers. judy sales had just returned from a family trip in california last seen yesterday, leaving her job as a walgreen' s pharmacist. she called her husband to say she' d pick up their 10-year-old son but she never showed. her brother-in-law says it doesn' t add up. police say they received a ping from her phone in connecticut but no clues since. right now police in brookline are issuing a community alert after a string of burglaries, randy: investigators say the 6 break-ins and one attempted break in followed a similar
6:36 am
in each case, the thief got into the home through a rear door or window in the evening. the thief stole items including jewelry and small electronics. police say homeowners may want to keep outside lights on at night. a new hampshire man is behind bars after police say he prompted a swat response in hudson. matthew felton is accused of breaking into a home on woodcrest drive while armed with a gun yesterday morning. the homeowner managed to escape, and call for help. two hours later, swat entered the home, and took felton into custody. he' s facing burglary and criminal threatening charges. emily: a wayland firefighter 6:36. saves the day, even when he' s not on duty. randy: the resourceful way he used snow to save a mother and son. and a small player, with big ambition. the new hampshire hoops star whose size, isn' t stopping his drive. emily: and ahead in news to go, a wallet returned, 71 years later. how it went unnoticed in a movie
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cindy: good morning karen take a live look at the expressway. braintree into boston is that half an hour. live an accident to describe today. we have a deal start for sure.
6:40 am
this first of winter is lifting out. the next one is down the coast. this will bring heavy downpours of rumble and thunder. we have damaging wind overnight. all the while, temperatures climb into the mid-50' s. we will cool down behind of this system. it looks like a dry weekend on the way. emily: thank you. a new hampshire hoops hero is the pride and joy of hillsboro. at just 3-foot-5. and 42 pounds 14-year-old tristan wilmott is a towering presence on his high school junior varsity basketball team. tristan was born with an extremely rare genetic disorder his is just one of two cases in the entire country. but the tiny teenager is larger than life on the hard court and his passion is contagious. >> i like running. i like storing points and stuff. emily: tristan says his dream is to go pro but he' s got a backup plan. if he doesn' t make it to the nba.
6:41 am
ll focus on snowboarding. re following breaking news this morning on the nevada caucuses. how the results are shaping the race ahead of super tuesday. and a double dose of disaster in connecticut. the chaos after a car hit a house. plus, carrie underwood takes time to meet a bay state family. s thanking
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randy: the eyeopener team ready with your news to go. erika is following breaking news in the nevada caucuses. emily: we' re also following stories in weymouth, walpole and boston. but first cindy has your forecast. it is the call before the storm. we had a slight touch of wintry weather overnight. it is tonight and tomorrow morning where things get heavy. just he wind in thunder. it will be wild. we will be on the lighter side. we can see some light rain and drizzle. the concern is outside of 495 were was raining with drizzle. temperature still there freezing. that could create wintry conditions with a light brady. 32 at orange. you' ll notice manchester is right around freezing. a careful.
6:45 am
s to the south shore. we will slowly pushed s and 50. look at what happens overnight. s across the area. temperatures come up dramatically overnight. we have lighter precipitation. as we get into the afternoon and evening, you' ll notice we start rain to push in. the heaviest rain comes in tonight as this storm is coming through tennessee and will likely bring more weather. that storm will lift towards us. by 11:00 tonight through 9:00 tomorrow morning. that is where we' heaviest rain come through with some downpours. rain and flooding is a concern. winds will really be strong coming out of the south into early tomorrow morning. could see some gusts at 60 miles
6:46 am
we' re back down into the 30' s. olessa: this is a very slow ride. we have rain making it slow. lucky, no act is to report. we' ll see travel times as we go south 24 out of avon. room three from route eight between -- 18 up to the split. now is a half an hour. 93 south does not look to bed. the volume picks up new wilmington. the heaviest delays stand at 15 minutes. emily: breaking overnight, but second place has been a real s erika coming in this morning erika? erika: it is now 3 straight wins for donald trump after this commanding victory in nevada but
6:47 am
giving an inch reminding supporters of his win in iowa. >> if you listen to the pundits, we are not expected to win too much. winning. >> the only campaign that has beaten donald trump, and the is this campaign. emily: cruz and marco rubio battling it out for second place inching ahead but both far they all now look ahead to super tuesday march 1. when thirteen states including massachusetts vote. emily hillary clinton picking up : an emotional endorsement from a group of mothers, all of whom have lost children to gun violence or alleged police brutality. the group, mothers of the movement, includes the mothers of trayvon martin and eric garner. the women say clinton stood up for them when others did not. they first met last november. and they will campaign for her in south carolina ahead of this weekend'
6:48 am
erika: a weymouth man fighting for his life this morning. after he was hit while walking on a sidewalk here. police say the driver that hit him-was so drunk he couldn' t even stand. in the video-you can see the driver fall flat on his face. despite that 51-year-old thomas mohan was behind the wheel last night. witnesses say he swerved into the breakdown lane on washington street-he hit a black pickup truck before hitting the pedestrian. mohan, facing a slew of charges, including negligent operation, will be arraigned today pending his own release from the hospital. wcvb newscenter 5. more skimming devices found. this time, there found inside in atm of cumberland farms. police have these pictures of two men they believe were involved. police are tracking them down in
6:49 am
skimming devices capture the data stored on a devices magnetic strip. it can then be used to make an honor authorized bank withdrawal. how do you protect yourself? we will take a look at that card' s wiper before you use it. if anything looks unusual, you may want to think twice before swiping your card. wcvb newscenter five. >> the headmaster here at boston latin is apologizing for not handling racial problems at the school fast enough. but that is not enough for they are calling in the feds. the letter of apology from issued last night. it stems from a racial incident at the school in 2014. now the naacp boston' is filing a complaint with the attorney' they' re demanding a more school' s racial climate and the administration' s response to
6:50 am
we are live in boston. wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you. breaking overnight, the wreckage of a small plane missing in nepal has been found. all 23 people on board were killed. the plane lost contact this morning while flying through the mountains. the flight was hopping from one city to another, and only scheduled to last 18 minutes. emily: new video in overnight as severe weather pounds the gulf coast. this heavy rain and whipping wind is in pensacola, florida. right now at least three people are dead and dozens more hospitalized across the region. louisiana was the hardest hit with dozens of mobile homes damaged in just one community. randy: today, a notorious connecticut murder suspect will a judge ordered a new trial for kennedy cousin michael skakel in he' d been behind bars convicted decades after the 1975 killing of his greenwich neighbor martha moxley. today, prosecutors will ask the state supreme court to reinstate his conviction putting him back
6:51 am
second trial. emily: portsmouth' s assistant mayor says he will push for all police personnel to have car and body cameras. in an interview with seacoast online, jim splain says the cameras will protect both officers and the public by increasing transparency. he plans to make the proposal as the city council starts reviewing the police department' s budget. randy a new search for a missing : man from harvard. boston police say surveillance video shows zachary marr falling into the charles river. crews searched that area yesterday. marr disappeared after leaving his cousins at the bell in hand tavern in boston, more than a week ago. emily the plan to create a : rattlesnake colony on an island in the quabbin reservoir is not a done deal. two hundred people packed a
6:52 am
about the idea. the division of fisheries and wildlife says the goal of the project is to protect the endangered snakes. but according to the telegram, some residents are concerned about the idea. it would be at least a year before any snakes were introduced to the island if the plan moves forward. randy: it appears the driver may have blacked out before the accident. police say the medical condition could be to blame. emily: a firefighter prove that heroes are on the job. he was driving to her west roxbury when he saw smoke billowing from the back of a home. he ran inside and saved an elderly woman and her developmentally challenged son. then he used snow to try and put the fire out until more help arrived. boston' s fire chief called over to wayland to thank firefighter tyree for a job well done. randy: history resurfacing. a lost wallet is returned seventy-one years later. a construction crew found the wallet while renovating an old movie theater in iowa. it had been buried in the floorboards since 1944.
6:53 am
85-year-old clare mcintosh, who remembers losing his wallet as a teenager. it still had a boy scout card, and world war 2 era stamps. emily: a waltham-based company is showcasing the latest version of its humanoid robot atlas. boston dynamics designed this new robot to complete tasks both inside and outside in changing terrain. atlas is electrically-powered, and uses sensors in its legs to find balance, and in its head to avoid obstacles. a special reunion in new jersey. randy: army specialist amanda rodriguez surprised her 3-year-old son zayden yesterday. rodriguez has been deployed to afghanistan for nearly a year. she says she was nervous about her son' s reaction at first, but you can see he ran right into her arms. emily: the surprise of a lifetime for a military family from mashpee. a special meeting with carrie underwood, before her show in boston. while on tour, underwood is
6:54 am
randy: and she' s giving back to them for their service. the 7-time grammy winner is teaming up with carnival cruise line to honor families like the van huysens, raising money for operation homefront. it' s a non-profit, dedicated to helping military families and wounded warriors. >> it is about giving back. while i' m out there doing what i do, i might as well go help out. >> experiences of our life. especially there. randy: they will be on board. carrie underwood concert, put on for just military families. emily: that is great. look at those smiles. not a lot of smiles on the roads. alexa: with these delays. lots of volume out there. there is the southbound side. you can see the have a backup
6:55 am
check out some travel times. we have this activity on the northbound side. that is going to get some keep going volume. 50 minutes at 93 south. so, almost an hour. also coming eastbound on the pike is 30 minutes from 495. we' re still seeing those delays 95 north of sharon. and, room three along the expressway. trains and buses running on schedule. cindy: not a very pleasant day out there. we have rain and fog. it' ll just be a damp day. 39 degrees in boston with that wind coming off the water. fog is the thickest out in the sister area. this is also where we have a winter weather advisory. we have light freezing rain that could make things slippery. not a lot of precipitation. temperatures still near the
6:56 am
until they come up, the concern is for light ice. 46 south. by 6:00 this evening we are 40' s near 50 degrees. overnight, we climb through the mid-50' s and that is where we start tomorrow. temperatures go up as this powerful storm tracks to our west. we are getting warm air and downpours. along the lighter side through noontime, we will see this pick up the afternoon. look at the line of downpours tonight. crossing the area with a rumble of thunder. by tomorrow morning, it is shifting offshore and we try out by 8:00. one or two inches with this system. the wind will be strong. i' m land in southeast massachusetts. we could just to 60 miles per hour from the south. temperatures in the mid-50' s tomorrow. we feel little more blustery on friday. only in the 30' s this weekend looking pretty nice. we should be back up by 50 degrees.
6:57 am
emily: maybe you will think that when you walk out, but it will be nice. thank you. thank you for staying with us. you contract the storms on our mobile app. randy: thank you for joining us.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, donald trump's huge win in nevada. >> now we're winning, winning, winning the country. >> record turnout. trump relishes his victory. >> we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> marco rubio second and less than a week from the super tuesday showdown, donald trump and marco rubio are here this morning. oh, my goodness. holy cow. deadly storms tear through the south. 27 reported tornadoes across the gulf states ripping roofs off buildings, destroying hundreds of homes, flipping over trucks. now new warnings are out this morning as severe storms move east. erin andrews' emotional day in court, the reporter and "dancing with the stars" favorite takes on a hotel and a


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