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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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could be daging. storm team 5 is tracking that and some big issues in our nation's capitol. let's get to harvey leonard. >> we've got fog issues with a visibilities of only a quarter of a mile in worcester and providence. then we have wet weather. above a thousand feet there is still borderline icing going on. >> this is like waves of moisture coming at us, and a lot of heavy-duty moisture down to the south will play its role as we go through tonight. through the first part of the evening commute mostly metro twhaeft has the rain. as we get into the latter part of the it in that's when the heavier rains moving into boston and any of these could contain some damaging wind gusts. warm with a strong southerly wind. during the morning commute it ends from west to east. the winds will really ramp uppal 8:00 or -- ramp up after 8:00 or 9:00. wind advisory in effect until
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the warmth will surge on up into the 50s late tonight and it will start out in the 50s and feeling tropical early tomorrow. but there is another severe weather episode. now it's happening in the carolinas, mid atlantic and danielle has been following that. reporter: i want to show you. we have three tornado watch boxes. that one right there incorporates philly, baltimore, and d.c. those airports right now all underground stops. airport delays will be throughout the night. that tornado watch goes until 11:00. i also want to pint out what's happening right now. closer down to the carolinas, if i can show you this. right here, we'll zoom into some of these but there are some tornado warnings popping up here. this one in north carolina. you can see that one. i also want to talk about the one further up to virginia. you can see this one right here, i highlighted because this actually had a confirmed tornado on the ground at one point. this was reported at 3:35, major damages to homes.
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lynchburg. pretty much between lynchburg and richmond. you notice a couple of tornado reports out there. >> a very unsettled night with couple of hours. i do want to point out that we're under a marginal risk. we're seeing some thunderstorms, that will happen for us overnight but we're not necessarily look for tornados. >> you know how important it is ahead of the weather here in new england. you can track it right from your phone and get the latest storm team 5 forecasts. real-time closings and delays. with the wcvb mobil app. you can download it for free. >> break news out of the cambridge. a police officer has just been cited in a hit-and-run that involved a bicyclist. john atwater has the breaking information from cambridge. what do you know? >> the officer has been cited but because police are treating this as a misdemeanor
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been arrested. >> even though ryan is involved in this we're taking this investigation as seriously as we would any other investigation. >> cambridge police are pledging an unbiased investigation of one of their own. ryan callinan, accused of hitting a william on her bike and then leaving the scene of the crash. it happened sunday night around 8:00 at the intersection of broadway and portland. the officer was off-duty but a witness took down his plate number. >> he's been with the department for four years. his supervisors say he's received numerous awards but now he's on leave cited with leaving the scene of a personal injury accident. as far as we know she was doing everything she was supposed to be doing. she had reflective lights on, reflective clothing and signaling her turn. she was sitting there waiting for traffic to pass when she was rear ended by a black pickup truck. >> that woman is thankfully out of the hospital and doing better. that officer is on leave during this investigation. >> we're live in cambridge tonight, john atwater, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> we also have some breaking
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>> the wynn everett project is on hold. this new legal action is pitting mayor against mayor. sarah, live in wynn everett for us. >> after years of planning a ground breaking was scheduled right here on this site for april but now all of that is going to be delayed. >> enough of the nonsense. lets stop construction. >> union workers anxious to start building the $1.7 billion casino in everett but just weeks before ground breaking an appeal from summerville project on hold. >> it's effectively on hold. >> that also means a hiring jobs. >> i have stacks and stacks of applications down at the union hall of people who not only want a job here, but to start a career in construction. reporter: summerville is state's environmental permit that allows them to develop the waterfront
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the mayor calls this a public health issue. >> no amount of political theater and public harassment will keep me as the mayor, from doing my job in advocating for the health and well-being of the residents of our community. the city. >> the casino is projected to bring in $200 million in tax revenue. $30 million going to the host community of everett. its mayor making a plead. >> to give joe call and say, joe, let's end the b.s. let's move forward. let's put people to work who need the work. >> the city of summerville did sign a surrounding community's agreement. that was all reached via arbitration. however, the mayor says that his issues were not addressed by that agreement, when resort says it would be unfair to reopen those negotiations.
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for the driver who hit and killed an east boston teen last night. it happened in randolph. 15-year-old laura -- was in the crosswalk but walking against north main street. police say the 21-year-old dryer had the green light. they are investigating if heavy snow might have played a role. who fell during his sobriety test has been arraigned. they had to do from it his hospital bed. police say moments before the video, this video you're looking at was shot he drove into another car and a pedestrian. jack harper is live tonight. jack, what's the latest? >> we're at the hospital because the suspect couldn't make to it court so the judge came to him. >> thomas mullhan, the day after, still recovering from taking a nasty header during a sobriety test. >> when they were giving him the field sobriety test, he fell
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broke his nose. >> police say that's him after he crashed interest a car and a pedestrian on washington street. >> he proceeded to hit the pedestrian up on his hood. knocked the pedestrian about 35 or 40 feet. >> spinning his truck to a complete 180 degrees, pushing it off to the curbing. the vehicle -- then continued for another distance before striking the pedestrian. >> he's doing better than the pedestrian he allegedly struck, the 35-year-old man thrown into the air still hospitalized in critical condition. he had surgery to repair collapsed diaphragm. he's still in critical condition. >> he's being held without bail. the next court
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jack harper, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> michael skagle before the highest court asking for a new trial, trying to avoid being sent back to jail. here's latest. reporter: prosecutors are trying to restore his murder conviction which was overturned by a judge. skagle was convicted 14 years ago of murdering martha moxley, his teenage, connecticut neighbor in 1975. three years ago, a judge overturned the conviction ruling that his lawyer did a poor job, after today's arguments, victim's mother said the original ruling should stand. >> i would like michael skagle to go back to jail an serve the rest of his sentence. put in 20 years, whatever they require. >> then he's free to go. >> it would have been much he had done that. >> he was originally scheduled 20 years to life. it's unclear when the connecticut supreme court will rule on the skagle case.
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trump. the g.o.p. frontrunner picked up nevada. marco rubio edging out ted cruz for second place. diaz tells us that the candidates are now standing out all across the country. >> we love nevada. the g.o.p. frontrunner won the nevada caucuses with more than 45% of support. >> he's a locomotive that's left the train station and he's steaming down the tracks toward victory. >> we're doing okay. i'm not complaining. >> he made stops in virginia, one of 13 states holding primaries and caucuses next week. >> super tuesday will be the single most important day of this entire presidential leeks. >> ted cruz, who finished third has pick up the endorsement of his home state of texas. >> if ted cruz doesn't win texas how viable is this point on? >> the democrats are gearing up
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on saturday, where polls show hillary clinton is the favorite. >> i hope those who live in south carolina will vote. >> we're fighting here in south carolina as hard as we can. >> bernie sanders is not written out this narrative but hillary clinton will begin to accumulate delegates and the uphill climb for the sanders campaign becomes more steep. >> today senate minorities leader harry reid threw his clinton. >> by now, every member of red sox nation has seen what kind of shape pablo sandoval is in down in spring training. >> i've seen the pictures. those fans will be scratching their heads after they hear what owner john henry has to say about that. mike lynch is live in fort myers. >> >> welcome to red sox spring training 2016. mike lynch henry spoke for more than 25 minutes in his annual spring
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he said he was shocked by the way the red sox played last summer but his most startling comments reserved for the panda bear. >> pablo sandoval's weight has been an issue for many but not within the red sox organization. here's the latest offering from john henry. >> i'm not going to talk about his weight. i'm not, you know, i understand you're focused on that, but i'm more focused on his ability to be able to play third base. >> the main thrust of his offseason program was about agility and conditioning, and the only thing i will say, he came in with a body fat ratio of 17%, substantially down from last year. that's what we were looking for. i don't think you will ever see a thin pablo, and i know the focus is
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focus was on his ability to field the ball and throw the ball, hit the ball. i watched him play third today. he looked good playing third. he carries a lot of weight. that's hopefully, that will be addressed dur spring training. >> as for two straight last place finishes -- >> the push was being in last place. >> that's red sox owner john henry. last year at this time i asked him about the state of the red sox. he said they had never been better. they finished in last. i asked him the same question today, his answer coming up at 6:00. >> we'll take you outside because you know when the weather looks like this you'll have some slow drive times. mass pike. heavy volume coming out of boston. let's take a look at the mapful we'll head south. mass ab to route 3 is about 28 minutes. north of the city, you're
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the upper deck to route 128. 28 southbound looks heavy. further west, it's western tolls to 495. that's a half an hour and building but once you get on 495, that stretch looks okay in both directions. that's a look at first alert traffic. next on newscenter 5 at 5:00, smoke force plane to evacuate. >> this all happened during take-off. still to come, the way they had to get off the plane, that they certainly did >> cleaning up from severe weather down south. at least a dozen tornados much down. the new images captured. >> an e-cigarette explodes in a man's pocket. look at that video.
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t they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million and millions
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get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington we can't build an economy sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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>> a fire forcing a japanese airlines domestic flight to abort take-off right in the middle of a snowstorm, more than 160 passengers and crew had to slide down those emergency chutes after engine smoke filled the cabin. after snucking in snow causing an explosive sound when the pilot restarted. at least four passengers were injured during that evacuation. this drone footage of the damage left behind by deadly tornados in florida. these shots were
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pensacola, where dozens of homes were destroyed. here's more. danielle, that system is certainly coming our way. >> it is. it won't be as severe when it gets here. when it hit the south at least three people were killed in the storm. >> a monster storm system is on the move up the east coast. >> holy cow! >> along the way, leaving a path of destruction. >> >> this area obliterated. >> i immediately took off people. >> entire neighborhoods in pensacola, florida, decimated. 27 reported tornados in 24 hours. across five states. like a train coming through. >> people were inside this gold louisiana, when a twister ripped the wall building. working out. daycare. a scary situation.
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seriously hurt. but elsewhere the heavy wind and rain, powerful enough to sleep this a tractor-trailer over, proved to be deadly, with dozens injured. >> the search continues for anyone who may be the in the debris. >> we hope we can get down there and try to find people. >> harvey, you can see, that same system now impacting parts of d.c., philly, you know, you see that. >> that's large area of tornado watch but the thing is, there already have been some tornados. look at the warnings that exist right now. if we go to our graphic, we'll be able to show you. look at the warnings. there are a whole bunch of them from the carolinas close to the nation's capitol. the northernmost one, not that far south and west. that one has to be followed. >> we'll be affected by the same system the chance of heavy rain later on tonight. very high. the chance
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gusty and maybe localized damaging winds are also fairly high. medium chance of getting a few thunderstorms in this, and that's when you can get the very strongest winds and heavy thunderstorm. even a chance of some minor coastal flooding along south facing coastal areas. you might say is this graphically a mistake. it's city cam, can't see anything because of the dense fog in boston where the air is cool and moist. look at the visibility. only a half mile at logan. quarter mile at lawrence. quarter mile at worcester. half a mile in providence, making the commute even tougher. but the visibility has spiked up around plymouth because the temperatures just jumped nine degrees, from 47 to 56. notice it's now in the 50s here, while it's only 32 at worcester airport. >> we have a warm front and it will lift northward. once it does the wind shifts south and it starts to pick up and the temperature goes up. in terms of the winds, not much in boston until that warm front comes through around 8:00 or so tonight.
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into the rest of the region so there is your chance. overnight tonight, into tomorrow morning's commute, of getting some locally damage wind gusts. it will stay windy throughout the rest of the day tomorrow. we have a wind advisory in effect until 7:00 a.m. for our area. now, those downpours, which, of course, you saw, associated with severe weather. so it will come at us in waves tonight. right now, we're seeing it just to the west of boston. around 128 west of worcester good. deal of rain falling there about to the misery of a tough commute. later on this even, there will be a little bit of break from boston south but then very late tonight those downpours will start to shift in. the very heaviest rain totals will likely be central and western mass, which could be up to two inches in those downpours. this would be torrential. as we get to about the beginning of the morning commute, the early part, the heaviest right along the coast, by the middle or latter part of the commute it's confined to the cape and exiting. when that exits the very strongest winds should exit along with it.
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boston around 7:00 or 8:00 tonight. then we're all in the 50s. stay that way into tomorrow morning. cool just a little tomorrow afternoon. but then it starts to turn somewhat colder tomorrow night and friday, a much different day. not a big temperature rise. strong northwest winds, colder air taking over at that time. so that's the way it all shapes up. let's give you the whole thing for the next seven days and show you how it plays out. stormy conditions overnight. into early tomorrow. winner and mild tomorrow. colder and windy on friday. saturday starts cold. little milder in the afternoon. quite a bit milder, sunday, into monday. after that. so we'll get through this storm and then it will be a roller coaster temperature ride for a while. >> harvey, thank you. tom brady household has a new addition. a really cute face. small dog that they adopted, from a pet shelter in l.a. he joins a family that has two
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posting the picture on instagram, kids are "over the moon" with their new family member. >> i tell you, you just show me your dog, that's a cute dog. >> i get feeling they would be friends, rosy has a brady jersey. >> i can't wait to see that coming up next at 5:00, how about this. finding love. >> different take on getting an active social life. >> the skinny on the new dating app getting singles moving. >> coming up at 5:30, life in prison, punishment against a toddler. we're talking about a toddler. life in prison. is dropped. the bizarre case of the mistaken identity. coming up at 6:00, concerns about racial slurs. now calling for a federal investigation. walsh is weighing in.
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>> how about this one. fighting those winter blues with some red-hot romance. that's the goal of a new boston-based dating app. the mission here, to help singles find love through fitness. >> it's called what else? meet me outside. it promises to get that heart pounding in more ways than one. >> a little romance happening here. >> the two met up at community rowing on the banks of the outside. >> i think it's all about saying hello. >> this dating app is for those with an appreciation for all things active. a nice filter. >> i'm interested in yoga. you will see someone else who has that same interest and they will -- >> creator rob was surprised such an app didn't exist. meet me outside finds prospects.
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matches every single day. >> it also takes the pressure off in planning the date, offering ideas that get you and moving. >> either they are outdoors or they could be at a fitness rentals. >> it was this drop-in rowing class, before they strapped in, things were looking good. >> i'm hoping andrea is a nice girl. >> he's definitely cute. >> and he seems like a nice guy. >> a little flirting. thumbs up. >> it's great. >> meet me outside has had so much success they just went national about two weeks ago. tomorrow morning, how a little light can be a big help when i comes to staying this time of year. next on newscenter 5 at 5:30, an arrest in a new hampshire home invasion. >> the suspect police say was very familiar with the house he targeted. >> caught on camera. an explosion inside a convenience store. there it is, the item inside
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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>> this is newscenter 5 at 35:30. >> breaking news. at least two people are dead in this severe weather outbreak. look at the damage. some parts of the state are under tornado warnings
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north carolina is found a tornado watch until late tonight. >> that same storm system shedding our way. the driver home tonight that's slow, it's wet. harvey, a lot more rain is on the way. >> it is for us. i just want to show that you line of vicious storms. just about to the nation's capitol. and all of these are tornado watches but there is a whole string of tornado warnings, northernmost one is not that far from washington, d.c. so we'll keep an eye on that for us later tonight into tomorrow morning, the chances of some heavy downpours very high and some gusty to strong if not locally damaging winds is pretty high. thunderstorms, at least a few within our area, medium chance, and a low chance of coastal flooding. we have a wind advisory in morning. right now, the winds are not that strong. starting to pick up in block island where the temperatures are warming but as it moves north it will be accompanied by increasingly gusty to strong downpours, winds could be even a


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