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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  February 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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north carolina is found a tornado watch until late tonight. >> that same storm system shedding our way. the driver home tonight that's slow, it's wet. harvey, a lot more rain is on the way. >> it is for us. i just want to show that you line of vicious storms. just about to the nation's capitol. and all of these are tornado watches but there is a whole string of tornado warnings, northernmost one is not that far from washington, d.c. so we'll keep an eye on that for us later tonight into tomorrow morning, the chances of some heavy downpours very high and some gusty to strong if not locally damaging winds is pretty high. thunderstorms, at least a few within our area, medium chance, and a low chance of coastal flooding. we have a wind advisory in morning. right now, the winds are not that strong. starting to pick up in block island where the temperatures are warming but as it moves north it will be accompanied by increasingly gusty to strong downpours, winds could be even a
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by tomorrow, mid to late will have pushed offshore. right now it's wet from boston all the way to worcester as we get into the night we'll see a little low. later tonight into tomorrow morning, in waves, heavy thunderstorms. middle part of the morning commute in boston, and during the latter part of the commute more coming in a few minutes. >> thanks. concerns tonight about thieves devices. >> the latest device found at an a.t.m. in a convenience store. the information we all need to know. >> police say an employee at a cumberland farm on washington street found this skimming device on an a.t.m. machine on saturday. >> they come with double sided tape on both sides and they just stick it on. >> police believe the suspects may have been caught on camera
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track them down. >> in the meantime, the deputy chief showed us how to protect our personal information. >> what is a telltale sign you might have a scamming device? >> this piece right here, that's over the card reader. if you pull on it at all and it wiggles, they should definitely not touch it. >> also look out for the tiny camera thieves put on the machine to capture your pin. >> if you see anything that looks like a pinhole like that, any kind of little dot or pinhole above where you type in your key pad, you should definitely not use that and call the police. >> if good news here, police do not believe any information was actually stolen. that's because the police have both the skimming devices and the information inside. wcvb, newscenter 5. >> swat team called to a new hampshire home after a break-in. police say the suspect was no stranger to the homeowners. ed is here to explain.
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was looking for his father when he broke into his hudson home. this happened yesterday morning. he allegedly broke in wearing a ski mask. police say he held what looked like to be gun to the face of his father's wife, before two managed to run away from the home and that's when the swat team was called in. >> he made an entry into the residence, and they took custody of the defendant. and they also found his personal belongings, electrical tape. bedroom closet and later. prosecutors said he told police he wanted to tie him up. >> concerns about the vikings virus are growing. health officials are investigating the possibility that the virus could be sexually transmitted and now there are hearings on capitol hill. here's the
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reporter: infectious disease experts say evidence linking the zika virus to birth defects is mounting. >> a new syndrome like this can be scary particularly for pregnant women. reporter: the c.d.c. is now investigating 14 transmissions. they involved men who traveled to the outbreak areas and may have infected their sex partners when they returned to the u.s. >> we're learning more every single day. >> so far the cdc says no one in the continental u.s. has contracted the virus through mosquitoes but there are more than 80 travel-related cases. >> we expect many travelers returning to the united states to have virus vire infections. >> researchers scrambling to develop a zika vaccine and trials could begin this summer but the federal agency in charge says money is an issue. >> i will not
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to you without additional money. >> president obama has asked congress for nearly $2 million in emergency funding to combat the disease. >> we're emphasizing the importance of mosquito control, public information, and health professional education. >> the type of mosquito that can carry the virus is found in the southern part of the country and that's why mosquito control effort are being stepped up especially along the gulf coast. in washington, sally kidd, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> a jury reaching a verdict in a health battle involving johnson & johnson. >> still to come, millions awarded to a family that claimed one of their products caused a loved one's ovarian cancer. >> better protection for our troops. the new body system that they will have to soon wear on the front line. >> giving our children a boost in the classroom.
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>> you're watching newscenter 5 at 5:30. >> major verdict in a big house battle, a st. louis jury awarding $72 million in damage to a woman's family after she claimed that using talcum powder distributing to her cancer. >> blaming johnson & johnson for a 62-year-old missouri mom's ovarian cancer. >> johnson & johnson spent a lot of time keeping this information from the public and so this verdict allows other women to make informed choices about the products they buy.
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she used the company's product, containing talcum. the lawsuit links cancer. she died last october after a 2 1/2 year battle. her son stepped in as the plaintiff. >> continuing with the trial was indeed painful. but at the end of the day, you know, it was what she wanted. a.b.c. news, johnson & johnson said the verdict goes against decades of sound science, proving the safety of talc as a cosmetic ingredient in multiple products. the company plans to appeal the verdict while facing 1,200 similar lawsuits around the country. wcvb, newscenter 5. >> the army is rolling out a new improved and lighter body armor system. torso extremity protection, has been in the design stage now for years. it's now ready for testing in limited production. the biggest selling point, its
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the army says it weighs about 26% less than current body armor. it should be ready for widespread military use in five years. >> we yesterday. a toddler sentenced to life in prison in egypt. scratcher. tonight authorities have now called off the arrest but up next, what led to the confusion and the big problem human rights workers say it reminds them of. >> welcome to the future. meet the new robot in town. its special skills developed right here in massachusetts. >> some tornado warnings to our south. i'm talking about a vicious line of storms from washington, d.c. down to raleigh, north carolina. severe thunderstorm warnings for capitol, what all
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. >> pretty alarming image out of beirut. this shows video just how bad the garbage cries they also has gotten. mountains of crash clog the city streets. this has been growing for a year following the government shutdown of a landfill a deal that would have sent thousands of tons of garbage to russia last week. that fell apart. >> a 3-year-old egyptian boy sentenced to life in prison and police finally now admit they got the wrong person. wrong toddler. this boy was charged with killing three people and sabotaging private property during a 2014 anti-government protest. he was just 16 months old at the time. the boy's father insists it's case of mistaken identity. obviously the police are looking for a man in their 50s.
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the toddler was 16 years old, adding, to the confusing case. human rights groups say it's just another example of the flaws in egypt's justice system. >> the troubling -- mistrust. >> a ministry spokesperson did call the boy's father and promised him neither of them would barred. >> so this was caught on camera. explodes. video. the man was buying snacks. the man's pants and skin began to burn. he grabbed a fire extinguisher. tonight the man is recovering from second-degree burns. scary. jersey.
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son. the reunion happened yesterday. the specialist surprised her 3-year-old son at preschool, all the best hug in the world, he had been deployed to afghanistan for almost a year. she said she was nervous about her son's reaction at first, but you can see, there was no problem. he ran right into his mom's arms. what is better than that. >> it never gets old. i love when we show these reunions. >> every single one. >> every time, they are just beautiful. especially a year away from your mom. >> it's great to see that bond is so strong but right now, we're following things in the atmosphere that are a little wild for this time of year. we're talking about a line of very powerful storms. down to the anything's capitol. heavy thunderstorm. thunder in washington. strong winds going on, all the way down to raleigh, north carolina. not everywhere along that line is the weather severe but many
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there has been tornado watches effect. they still are, but there is also a string of tornado warnings extending from south of raleigh, north carolina to southwest of washington, by not that large a distance. so that's the most severe that's going on at this time and it's right in the area that has the greatest risk of severe weather, but we have a slight risk of some overnight tonight. meaning don't be surprised, if you hear lightning. see thunder, and we get some strong winds and a few heavy thunderstorms. in fact, the chances of very heavy rain, at left a few heavy downpours, very high. the chance gust toy to thunder, and we getstrong, not locally damaging winds, is high. medium chance of hartford and a small chance that the south facing coastal areas of new england may have little splashover if not minor coastal flooding. we have a wind advisory in effect for our area right on through the overnight period. it's also a wet evening commute, as you can see. wettest right now heading west on the bike from boston to stwirs, but also, as you head south along route 3 and 24 and
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there is also some pretty decent downpours and it's wet to the north also. visibility is down so you've got fog to deal with. it's only 32. still at worcester. it's reached 56 in plymouth. there is a warm front right in here. it's coming northward during the night. once it comes through, the temperatures will jump but the wind will start to pick up. it will feel very tropical out and stay that way through the night. but along with the winds increasing to strong, if not gusty and damaging, we're also going to have those downpours occasionally moving in from the west. the strongest winds will be moving offshore during the morning commute tomorrow. now, around 7:00 tonight there may actually be a lull in that warm, tropical air over southeastern mass and the cape but then we'll follow downpours coming in from the west. there is a potential for one to two inches of rain overnight tonight, with the heaviest likely in central and western portions of our area. those are some of the real heavy downpours, around 1:00 a.m. but here's some limited good news for you.
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beginning of the morning commutes we've still got downpours around but by 7:00, most of them have moved east of boston and by 9:00, 10:00, they are offshore. so that's the good news, that the timing may actually bail us out of the morning commute. hopefully but that's a close call. there you go. once that ends tomorrow, it will be windy. we'll be going from the 50s to around 50. very mild. cooler tomorrow night. colder on friday, with gusty winds and cold start on saturday m. places in the teens. recovering from 35 to 40 and sunday afternoon, we're back up to around 50 again. while changes are ahead. the most significant weather is tonight and early tomorrow. >> apple's c.e.o. tim cook speaking out force first time exclusive to a.b.c. world news. the interview comes a -- in the midst of the ongoing battle between the federal government and apple. >> the safety of the public is
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family is very important. the protection of people's data important. >> you can watch the full exclusive interview on world news tonight immediately following newscenter 5 at 6:00. >> and the -- oscar viewers are on the edge of their seats every year but the process of determining who wins an academy award -- the vote counting is highly involved and is surrounded by intense security. >> they are the best secret keepners hollywood. martha -- set to carry those famous briefcases again. >> and the oscar goes to -- >> holding the name of this year's oscar winners. >> has there ever been a mistake? >> no, there hasn't. >> for 82 years, is surrounded by they have tallied the oscar ballots. 6,261 voting members this year on paper and online. >> we control everything from
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with security codes, and those come back to us. we then have those in an undisclosed location. >> inside that secret undisclosed location security is tight. there is a specialized alarm system, biometric locks and no internet access, where a small team counts all 24 categories by hand. >> it's up to us to consolidate everything, gow through their piles. we'll stuff the envelope, close it. >> those 24 winning envelopes and a duplicate set are then loaded into two briefcases like this one. both are locked in a vault until oscar sunday, when they enter their codes and take their briefcase. each escorted by los angeles police. >> no matter what happens, at least one of us will get there. >> do you feel a little bit like 007. >> last year they even carried a third briefcase that was used by
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backstage they only hand the envelope to the presenter just seconds before the announcement. >> is this the hardest secret to keep? >> it's a big important secret. the reality is, it's a secret we keep forever. that is, who got second. >> a.b.c. news, los angeles. >> you can watch the 88th annual academy wards this sunday night, red carpet coverage starts at 7:00. >> i never thought about that who gets second. >> special honors from music legend ray charles. president obama will host a tribute to the songwriter at the white house. contemporary artists will also perform his music. the tribute will also be streamed online from the white house website so you can see it. >> here's a question for you. i'm not sure if you've ever wandered this but have you ever wondered how much it would cost you if you want to buy one of everything on amazon. a computer scientists in sure
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the bill would total nearly $12.86 billion. he first determined there would be 479 million different items available on amazon's website back in 2015. then he determined the average price of an item is about $26.80. confirmation from amazon -- no confirmation if he's on the money but apparently he had a lot of time on his hands. >> a company is showcasing the latest version of its human identify robot. boston dynamics designed this new robot to complete tasks both inside and outside, in changing terrain. atlas is electrically powered and uses sensors in its leg to obtain balance and its head to avoid obstacles. >> making it easier for your children to learn. >> the physical changes to the classroom that new research says could really make all the difference. >> coming up new at 6:00, accusations of racial discrimination inside the brookline police force.
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>> also new, information just coming in on a deadly crash involving teenagers driving to school in berry. >> a missing mom from holbrook found alive. her first request from police
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>> online fantasy sports games should not be offered to kids according to twoen in profit groups. the games could lead children to gamble more, possibly become addicted. this past season, a game was offered to kids between the ages of six and 12 with an eventual prize of $5,000 with the league labeled a "scholarship." agree. what do kids prefer, running around at recess or math class. i was just having this son. a new study suggests they could get the best of both worlds in the classroom. >> sometimes kids have a hard time sitting still in school. that's not new but some new research suggests with a with a different teaching method they may not have to.
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half of the students sat in their chirs as usual. the other half had physically active lessons bullpen . the findings jumping around during lessons did make a difference. after two years, students in the physically active classes tested better in both math and spelling. their progress was four months ahead of their less active peers in both subjects. however, bouncing with books apparently didn't pay off. the active students were not leaps and bounds ahead in reading. >> so aside from the academic potential physical activity is also great way to maintain a healthy weight, healthy mood disease in the >> for sure. >> newscenter 5 right now. >> weight and wild night ahead. as temperature increases, winds increase and torrential >> the casino on hold again. the new legal action pitting one city against another. >> a missing holbrook woman found
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her request when police arrived. >> the red sox owners -- >> the body to fat ratio --. >> a star player's weighty problem. >> rain continuing to soak the area. strong winds aren't too far behind. plus, the mid-atlantic region is under a trend threat. >> it's a very busy night in the weather center. let's get you right over to chief meteorologist harvey leonard. >> on top of all of that making the evening commute tougher, very poor viblts along the pike. only half a mile from boston. quarter mile in lawrence. >> we find the heaviest rain right in our area now, it's really running right along i-95 and route one from foxborough and mansfield up to canton. this is all headed up towards quincey and boston. very wet for the next hour or so. this is the heavy-duty wet weather we're talking about for a little later on. so a time lime will show after the evening commute, a little
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mass and the cape but the heavy downpours will already be in western new england starting to make their way east. most torrential most often from worcester westward but we'll certainly get some into the boston area later on tonight around midnight into the wee hours of the morning. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow lined up in eastern mass, by 7:00 a.m., south shore to the cape and then offshore by 10:00 a.m. the other thing is that temperatures have gotten very warm for plymouth south. that warmth will surge into boston a few hours from now and when it does the winds will start to pick up. wind advisory in effect until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. once those winds pick up, gusts of 30 to 40 and some 40 to 50 or a little more, there is the potential for some pockets of damaging winds, especially if they coincide with the heavy downpours at that time. another severe weather outbreak. today around the mid atlantic and danielle has been following it closely. reporter: tornado watches in effect for all of these areas. that one until 11:00, does
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warnings. hour. we also have to talk about severe thunderstorm warnings in effect. you can see the orange area for and even parts we're watching this very carefully. travel right now. we have ground stops in baltimore, d.c., and philadelphia, up to an hour delay, even here at home in boston, weave 41-minute delay. the other thing, obviously, these are tornado reports. we've had 10 so far today. not necessarily confirmed tornados, although visually we've seen about three so far. this whole system shifts north overnight and we're under a marginal risk for thunderstorms overnight. >> breaking news in cambridge. a police officer cited for a hit-and-run. the victim was hit while riding a bike over the weekend. she's recovering but the officer is in very big trouble. let's get you to newscenter 5's john atwater, live in cambridge.


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