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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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warnings. hour. we also have to talk about severe thunderstorm warnings in effect. you can see the orange area for and even parts we're watching this very carefully. travel right now. we have ground stops in baltimore, d.c., and philadelphia, up to an hour delay, even here at home in boston, weave 41-minute delay. the other thing, obviously, these are tornado reports. we've had 10 so far today. not necessarily confirmed tornados, although visually we've seen about three so far. this whole system shifts north overnight and we're under a marginal risk for thunderstorms overnight. >> breaking news in cambridge. a police officer cited for a hit-and-run. the victim was hit while riding a bike over the weekend. she's recovering but the officer is in very big trouble. let's get you to newscenter 5's john atwater, live in cambridge.
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tonight and he'll soon have date in front of a judge. >> great employee, in a tough situation right now. >> during his four years with the police office, ryan callinan has been a standout officer but sunday night while off-duty he slammed his pick up into a woman riding her bike and, they say, he left. >> he would not have been placed under arrest. >> police cite him with leaving the scene of an accident. the victim couldn't believe an officer was allegedly behind the wheel. >> she was very surprised. >> i think most people would be. >> the 32 year old woman is doing better and police are pledging an unbiased investigation. >> we do not pass on any discretions. we'll follow it through to the very end.
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crash were able to write down the plate number. >> also breaking, the wynn everett has been put on old, because of an appeal by summerville. >> it could last up to a year. they were planning a ground breaking here on this site for april. all of sit canceled. >> on hold just weeks before ground breaking. freeze. >> thousands of construction jobs will have to wait for up to a year. they must stop the project because of an appeal from neighboring summerville. of so much traffic will cause major health problems.
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and well-being of some of the most vulnerable residents. >> it's jeopardizing millions to the region's economy. >> we're going to average over $30 million a year in taxes. what that does for people, it's just -- can't even begin to imagine, when your budget is 90 million and you take in $30 million what you can do. >> despite the setback they are committed to moving forward. >> we're not going anywhere. >> we'll get this project started as soon as possible. >> they did sign an agreement, reached through arbitration. he says, though, his issues were not addressed in that agreement. the resort does not want to reopen associations. >> live. newscenter 5. >> more break news that missing woman from holbrook has been found alive. in connecticut.
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led them to the city of waterford, connecticut. she was inside her car in a mall parking lot. she asked to go to the hospital and she's in good health. >> the driver charged with operating under the influence in weymouth is being held without bail. he was arraigned inse south shore hospital today. he's accused of causing a crash that seriously injured a pedestrian yesterday. you can see him, in video, falling flat on his face. this was during a sobriety test after the crash on washington street. >> a deadly crash involving two teenagers on their way to school. rescuers had to use the jaws of life to free 15-year-old griffin from the wreckage. he was rushed to the hospital but his 17-year-old sister brittany, who was driving that, was killed in the crash. police say it happened just after 9:00 this morning. their school was on a delay because of rain. >> a communities remembering an east boston teenager killed in randolph. laura viera was hit by a car while she was crossing the street.
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the scene with more on the circumstances of the crash. >> it's all very devastating for the victim's family. upsetting also for the driver. a 21-year-old man, teen was at that street. >> in a few days she would have laura viera died last night after she was hit crossing north main street in randolph. >> viera was a boston high school sophomore. her, loved her. >> always came to school happy. >> she was a good person. >> we all decided to put pictures on her locker. >> a woman just got hit by a car at the corner of oak street. >> viera had just gotten off the street and crossed the street against the light. very heavily at the time. the car was traveling southbound on north main street and the victim was hit inside. >> she had multiple injuries. >> indications are the driver had
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we're still interviewing witnesses. >> the students are taking the news hard. >> it's hard to focus. knowing she's not there and she sits right next to me. she wanted to be a nurse. she had a goal set. >> the teenager was here. she's from east boston. at this time, driver was not face any charges. rhondella richardson, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> new at 6:00, two african-american brookline police officers filed complaints against the town for racial discrimination. the officers say the actions of others on the floor created a hostile work environment. in that complaint, which was sent to the massachusetts commission against discrimination, they say they were subjected to racial slurs, differential treatment, town officials refused to investigate. >> man critically injured in a workplace accident. the man was unloading large glass panels and ocean glass when a heavy support frame fell from the forklift. the 52-year-old could not get out of the way. he was struck on the head and suffered a traumatic brain
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>> donald trump is speaking to supporters in virginia, taking a shot at john kerry for the iran nuclear deal. it happened as he was talking to supporters about his book, the art of the deal, comparing that to the bible. >> that's one of the great books, but the bible is much better. so, there are so many, not even close, do we agree? i'll tell you, right? [applause] >> but the art of the deal has been great book. obviously kerry did not read "the art of the deal. "probably didn't read the bible either. >> new endorsement for clinton today. it comes from senate minority leader harry reid. clinton is in south carolina. reid's announcement seen as a sign democrats leaders want to move past the primaries quickly. he believes the party should come together and back clinton.
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campaign trail in missouri today. sanders has said he'll return to vermont next week to vote in the super tuesday primary there. >> new efforts today to restorer murder conviction against michael skagle as the victim's mother weighs in on the long court process. >> a cowl for justice after racially charged incidents, but the community and the city have different ideas about who should lead the effort. >> a wet evening commute. wettest across -- a vicious line of storms coming through nation's capitol. what's left of that will be impacting us with high wind, wind advisories, i'll got the full forecast straight ahead. >> welcome to fort myers. you think you may have heard it all regarding pablo sand 0ville's 0ville oval's
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>> michael skagle stood before connecticut's highest court. he was convicted in 2002 of murdering his teenage neighbor martha moxley in 1975. he was sentenced 20 years to life but three years ago, skagle he was not give an good legal defense and a judge agreed. a judge overturned the conviction. martha moxley's mother said today she does not blame the system. >> this is just because this person had all of this money behind him. and the name behind him. and, it's a free country. we have to live with those things. >> it's unclear when the kohn con supreme court will rule on the case. >> the
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against the new head of the f.d.a. because of the way the agency handles opioids. the senator put out a statement saying, the f.d.a. is prescribing dangerous painkillers without limits, without supervision and without consequence. calling for changes. >> more needs to be done about several racially charged incidents and now they are
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>> community leaders calling for more action after accusations. >> they want a civil rights investigation, but today, boston's mayor said the city can handle it. todd is live in boston. conducting its own investigation, so there is no need for an outside probe. but community leaders, civil rights leaders, disagree.
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and they want the feds in, to conduct an independent investigation. >> so we were unable to bring that you report, but the bottom line is, community leaders and civil rights leaders are again renewing their call for the head master to be ousted. we'll see if we have that report. >> reporting live for us. we'll shift gears and focus on the weather while we work on todd's report and it's nasty. >> you can see some reporters out in the field. it's raining heavily in many places. the winds are starting to pick up. >> especially in parts of the area. there are so many different aspects. the visibility is only half a mile in boston. it jumps up to the south because the air has become warm and tropical. once that happens the visibility
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north with time but for the moment, there is city cam, can't see too much in boston. it's 40 degrees, wind is north. only three miles per hour. and so from boston north and west it in the 30's to around 40. but look at plymouth. look at new bedford. 56. providence, the warm front is right in here. it's slowly creeping northward and once it comes through, temperatures will spike. actually still 32 at a thousand foot high worcester airport but it's not just that the temperatures will spike. it's the wind will start to pick up. these are steady winds. down 20 in block island. 17 in nantucket. so we have a wind advisory in effect until 7:00 tomorrow morning. as that warm humid tropical air gets established, those wind gusts will really start to spike. in gusts they could be as high as 40 to 50 miles per hour, late tonight and first thing tomorrow morning. that's why the wind advisory is in effect. it will get windy no matter what
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could get even heavier winds. it will stay windy all day tomorrow but the very strongest winds will be what happens late tonight into tomorrow morning. here's some steady rains. moving westward up to hull put now we see all the severe weather to the south with quite a lane of storms, tornado watches are in effect over a wide area and these are all tornado warnings from parts of virginia down into the carolinas at this time. washington has had a very nasty thunderstorm. a severe thunderstorm warning as this line has been moving through there. now, for us, we may see a little bit of a lull in the rain area over southeastern mass and the cape where it's now warm and tropical but then we'll be watching them approach from the west later on tonight. these could be really torrential, as well as containing some thunder and lightning and possibly stronger, damaging winds. right along the coast, 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, 7:00 a.m. over southeastern mass, offshore everywhere, by 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning. we may catch a little bit of break in the timing but remember, the wind is really a
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overnight into tomorrow morning. very high chance of heavy downpours. high chance of gusty if not locally damage winds. medium chance of hartford and a low chance of some coastal flooding along the south coast. there go the temperatures. spiking into the 50s. it's still going to feel warm and tropical to start out tomorrow. check the next seven days. it will turn chilly ever tomorrow night and friday, bright but windy and mump colder. highs only in the 30's, and then it's down into the teens on average early saturday. 35 to 40 saturday afternoon and sunday afternoon. we're back up to around 50. so for the weekend itself, it looks dry with a cold start and a mild finish. see you next hour with the latest. harvey leonard. >> community leaders are calling for more action after accusations of racial slurs at boston latin. >> here's todd's report. >> the investigation that the city conducted was incomplete. >> kevin peterson, executive director of the new democracy
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community leaders in boston calling for justice. specifically the department of justice to investigate how boston latin addressed racially charged incidents. today the mayor says he feels there is no need for an outside probe. >> we're going to have an internal view in the mayor's offer, separate and independent from the school department. we'll have that conversation today and see what the next steps will be. >> there needs to be an external outside investigation around what happened or what continues to happen. >> boston latin schools head master has said she regrets the lack of urgency in her initial response. >> civil rights groups including the ncaa tournament met with boston latin students and parents. they are now calling for the ouster of the head master. >> we accept the apology from the head master. that's fine. and we appreciate that. >> but there are also needs to justice. >> i don't actually think we need a united states attorney but certainly my office will get more involved in this conversation now. a conversation that's been going on.
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there is also a disruptive nature for the students in the school. >> reporting for community leaders, announcing to us that they will be meeting on friday with the u.s. attorney to present their case for a federal investigation. >> here's sports. >> sports center 5 with mike lynch. >> hi, everybody. welcome back to fort myers. on several fields beyond the green monster which is behind me, the red sox held their first annual full squad workout this morning. usually, that's an event itself. but after the workout, john henry settled in for his annual address. and among the points that he strongly emphasized, number one, even if the red sox had signed jon lester to a free agent contract it would have made no difference. the red sox still would have finished in last place the thing that put henry over the edge was the performance of the starting pitchers and he admitted they had been relying analytics.
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pablo sandoval. >> the main thrust of his offseason program was about agility and conditioning, and, the only thing i'll say, he came in with a body fat ratio of 17%. substantially down from last year. that's what we were looking for, i don't think you will ever see a thin pablo and i know the focus is on his weight, but our focus was on his ability to field the ball and throw the ball. hit the ball. >> i watched him play third today. he looked good. playing third. he doesn't -- he carries a lot of weight. so that's hopefully that will be addressed dur spring training. >> now, a year ago at this time, i asked john henry if he would give us the state of the boston
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he immediately responded, never better. the red sox finished in last place so i thought this morning i would pose the same question. here's his response. >> even better? >> do you regret characterizing it that way a year ago, john, given that there have been three last place finishes in four years? >> yeah, it was really -- it turned out -- i mean, i was shocked at how bad we were last year. and -- to me, it was shocking. maybe it wasn't to people on the outside, but -- you can't have the kind of shocking. maybe it wasn't talent we have on the field and, or at least attempt to put, the kind of talent we thought we had on the field, get those kind of results and not be looking for answers. >> the only problem is, major league baseball contracts are
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really strike a lot of fear into his players. as for the goals this year, he didn't set them too lofty. he said our goal right now is to win the division. the american league east. and go from there. it's been quite a week for pablo sandoval. maybe tomorrow we can start talking about baseball. isn't that why we're down here? [laughter] >> 17% down. >> 17%. >> time now to flash forward. hello, maria. >> hi, guys. new tonight at 7:00, boston focusing tonight on the changing face of north station. the transformation taking place above an below the ground thanks -- at 11:00, the dangerous moves by the driver of this fedex truck. police believe he was impaired so why isn't he being charged? that's tonight at 11:00. we'll see you then. but first, "abc world news tonight." >> breaking news tonight, my exclusive one-on-one with apple c.e.o.'s tim cook.
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with the f.b.i. why they will not break into that terrorist iphone and we're on the scene, multiple tornados, deadly outbreak. >> catch a game, vacation in kipling's house but don't attempt the local ski jump. tom leaves the light on for us. >> the main streets and back roads in vermont on "chronicles." p i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. pwhich is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... pwho's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- p and there are far too many of you- she understands that our rcountry can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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>> actually moving okay. >> it's been a pretty tough evening commute. it's wet. everything is wet. it's raining, drizzling, fog has been restricting visibility. we have heavier rain yet to go through during the overnight period and then the strong winds later tonight into tomorrow morning. >> the winds i'm really concerned about because the branchs are already so stressed on the trees. >> we still have the tornado watches down to the south of our area and there is a wind advisory for us. >> it's so unusual to see tornados, watches around warnings -- >> we're in a major el nino, which really activates the southern jet stream and gives it a better chance of these things happening. >> for everybody that's just put on the television, will those tornado watches around nd warnings reach massachusetts? >> we could have some localized wind damage. >> riskiest period for thunderstorms?
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probably from midnight to about 7:00 a.m. in there. >> so the dogs will be crawling into bed with us. >> so the morning -- >> the morning commute will be a little wet -- >> and followed by more wind. >> we have stuff we have to pay attention to. >> the early part of the commute sxhoout the wettest. >> that
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breaking news tonight. we're on the scene of a deadly tornado outbreak. several states, homes destroyed. a dangerous night ahead from south carolina all the way up through new york. also breaking tonight, the race for president, and donald trump, now marching to super tuesday. his landslide win in nevada. and the major republican now predicting a trump surprise. the abc news exclusive tonight. my one-on-one interview with apple's ceo, tim cook. for the first time, cook on why apple is refusing to help the fbi break into the iphone used by the san bernardino killer. new details tonight on the pilot in that deadly chopper crash. what he was trying to do. and the famous sports reporter, the "dancing with the


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