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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener . emily: breaking news, powerful storms sweeping across the state. the damage left behind this morning. randy: back to work at the state house today amid new controversy. the new investigation involving state senator brian joyce. emily: taking a swing at donald trump. the political punches from a former massachusetts governor. and what trump has to say about it. >> you are watching wcvb, boston' s news later. good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. emily: following breaking news, at 6:00 a.m., thunderstorms morning. this is video from cambridge
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randy: and a look at our stormteam 5 radar. you can see where the stormy weather is at this point, mostly moving out. good morning. i am randy price. cindy: emily: and i am emily riemer. cindy: statewide, we have those powerful thunderstorms. we had the bulk of the thunder and lightning offshore. south of boston, that is where the bulk of the activity is, moving through the south shore at this point. these storms are racing to the northeast very quickly. that lightning, thunder around the randolph area, maybe over toward south weymouth, this cell is producing heavy lightning,
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nonetheless, as these cells race north and ease, heading toward salem in the next 25 minutes or so. this whole line getting to shift eastward. by 8:00 this morning, pretty much out of here. we are drying out this morning. when we go through the afternoon, maybe one or two additional showers that pop up, nothing super intense. we are still 60, places like beverly, plymouth. look at the temperatures over the next 12 hours. we are slowly going to trickle down, upper 40' s to near 50 by this evening, so still a mild day. active. southeastern massachusetts. let' s get you out to the roads. those winds causing problems debris in the road, unless good morning. olessa: absolutely cured a live
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northbound side there he slow, a lot of brake lights. -- olessa: absolutely. a live look at the expressway, northbound side very slow, a lot of brake lights. the pike looks good, 93 south slow from 128 down to the leverett connector, a half hour trip. good shape on 24, 95, and route 3. half an hour braintree into boston, emily. emily: all right, olessa, thank you. those severe storms causing damage in some communities this morning. a car just crushed by falling trees. houses not spared either. big branches making a big mess. a lot of cleaning up to do in spots right now. randy: the eye' s juli mcdonald continues our breaking coverage in boston' s dorchester neighborhood this morning. juli: emily and randy, that cleanup is just happened this morning.
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in dorchester this morning. we will get to that in a moment. i want to tell you about a tree that came down in cambridge. we are following these reports all across our area this morning. this was reported to cambridge police a little before 1:00 this morning. fortunately, these cars were parked, no one was hurt, but major damage to these cars. the people who own those cars not going anywhere fast this morning as that mess continues to be cleaned up. we spoke with cambridge police. they did say it affected our in fortunately, no injuries. coming up this morning, i will give you a closer look at the damage here. i am juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. you. tens of thousands of people are of these storms. outages. 11,000 eversource, another
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and if the power goes out, or you' re not at home, keep us with you. download the free wcvb mobile app to watch live and for weather alerts and breaking news. emily: take a look at this -- an 18-wheeler overturns on the george washington bridge in new york city. that is being blamed on strong wind. that storm system spawning tornadoes and leaving a trail of destruction along the east coast. in waverly, virginia, a 2-year-old boy died in a tornado. three other people have now died because of storms in that state. right now, emergency responders are digging through more debris in search of any other victims. >> my truck when up in the air. the glass started caving in on me. i thought, "this is it," but i did not know what to do. emily: the national weather service says the waverly tornado was the only confirmed twister in the state, but several others are suspected tornadoes. randy: right now, state lawmakers are bracing for what could be a day of tough questions. it' s the first full day back at
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the eye' s todd kazakiewich is live at the state house with the new developments in the case. todd: randy, good morning. those new developments may only increase calls here on beacon hill for senator joyce to resign. you recall it was just last week that the fbi and irs agents raided joyce' s canton law offices. he has been under fire for alleged misuse of campaign money and receiving free dry cleaning from a local business. today will be the first formal senate session since that raid. now "the globe" reports federal prosecutors are looking into joyce' s involvement in a massive solar project at stonehill college. joyce recently represented stonehill and the company that installed about 9000 solar panels at the school, and at the same time, he pushed for legislation on clean energy projects. a grand jury has reportedly been convened in the investigation. joyce' s attorney wouldn' t
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his client the victim of a quote "media circus." earlier this week, joyce announced he would not see reelection. reporting live from the state house, todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: todd, thanks. right now, a crash that killed a 17-year-old and critically injured. her brother is under investigation. it happened in barre as the teenagers were on their way to school. police say brittany murch of hubbarston lost control of her kia spectra and slammed into a tree on route 62. the impact split the car in two. murch died at the scene. her 15-year-old brother griffin was pulled from the wreckage. school had been delayed for two hours on wednesday because of icy roads. randy: new reports of widespread abuse of handicap placards in boston. the state inspector general' s office watched areas around the city for more than a month. outside the state transportation building, a driver gets caught using a handicap placard belonging to someone else. the inspector general is recommending face-to-face interviews to confirm someone needs one of those placards
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emily: a former massachusetts governor is jumping into the race for the white house, but not in the way that is expected. the eye' s erika tarantal is here. erika: this latest fight coming just hours before another gop showdown. former republican nominee mitt romney saying there might be a "bombshell" somewhere in trump' s tax returns, which have not been released. mitt romney: either he is not he said he is, or he has not would expect him to pay. or perhaps he has not been giving money to the vets or the disabled like he has been telling us he has been doing. erika: four years ago, mitt romney asked for and received trump' president. last night, trump fired back at romney in typical trump fashion, totally blew an election that should have been won and whose tax returns made him look like a
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"when mitt romney asked me for my endorsement last time around, he was so awkward and goofy that we all should have known he could not win." the gop field debates tonight in texas with super tuesday now just days away. randy? randy: right now, a billion-dollar casino project is on hold. the eye' s frank holland is in everett with the fight with thousands of jobs that are at stake here. frank: this morning, that is pitting one city against another in a bitter battle. wynn resorts says the project could be on hold for up to a year because the city of somerville filed an appeal of an environmental permit granted for part of the project. that means no groundbreaking in april and a hiring freeze impacting as many as 4000 people. somerville' s mayor is standing firm, but so is when resorts. mayor curt and ato ne: we are fighting for some of the most vulnerable residents.
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this amazing project done. frank: mayor curtatone says he' s been asking to see a traffic mitigation plan for years. he is very concerned about the impact of 18,000 extra cars a day coming through his roads because of the casino. frank holland, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: this morning, uber is hinting it could leave boston over a proposed crackdown on drivers. this week, boston' s police commissioner said he' d like to see the rideshare company fingerprint its drivers like the city is doing with taxi drivers. massachusetts house speaker robert deleo says he' d consider that as part of legislation in the works on beacon hill. uber' s boston general manager called that process ineffective and told wgbh the company has been forced to exit certain markets because of similar regulations. emily: 6:10 this morning. an fbi investigation prompting changes at apple. randy: how the new moves are making things harder for the government. the winter may have more of an impact on your health than you think. we have got four easy steps
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erika: we' re following breaking news right now, storms ripping down trees across the state. powerful winds taking down one in cambridge, and another in dorchester. in fact, we are getting reports from all over this morning as cindy tracks the storm. cindy: i do indeed. things have improved quite a bit over the last couple of hours, however, we are not totally out of the woods just yet. take a look at the radar with me. still some activity south of boston right now. we can zoom in a little bit tighter. no thunder and lightning now,
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us some props here. emily: is there anything in here, though? yes, actually. that is why i' m keeping them on my side of the desk. randy: i actually got a box for all of us -- olessa: what happened to them, randy? randy: they sat on my desk for a long time. olessa: and then what happened to them? [laughter] emily: we do appreciate it. we would love to see your spirit go to our website and head to the u local section and upload [laughter] people on twitter saying they were woken up. crazy. 60' of the record. the worst of the storms passed past offshore right now. we had wind gusts overnight.
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this is not machine measured gusts of 74 miles an hour, but a about 83 miles an hour, so wildest tough with these storms overnight. blue squares, we have damage reports of the winds, so there are a lot of trees down, debris in the road this morning. this is not just us -- this is our turn. there were several tornadoes yesterday as far north as virginia, south of the deed the area -- d.c. area with this particular storm. you can see the radar, much quieter overall. downpours south of boston. you can see them lined up from marshall thomas get to it, northfield -- marshfield, skip to
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last half an hour. heavy downpours and lightning offshore the outer cape, and we have rain on nantucket right now, so look at how massive it is. the cold side extends all the way with the storm dropping your it we are on the warm side of things right now. 57 degrees in boston currently. southerly winds have brought us to 60 in plymouth, lawrence, 61 degrees. we have got southerly winds for now, but the wind will shift out of the southwest. gusts of 45, 50. wind advisory in southeastern massachusetts throughout the day. they bring in drier, somewhat cooler air. by noon time, lower 50' s. one or two additional showers, but notice the temperatures by 5:00 tonight. upper 40' s, close to 50 degrees for we are slowly falling in the temperatures, but people' s offshore in the next hour or two, and one or two additional showers popping up.
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s and 30' s for low temperatures, but the winds are still active tomorrow. our highs despite signs on getting into the upper 30' will feel colder up-to-date with the wind. these are the wind' s going out through the day, teens and 20' s, so definitely feeling blustery and much colder on friday. a chilly start to the weekend with dry by sunday. so what a roller coaster ride, but so loud with those storms. olessa: a lot of downed trees, down power lines. that is what you are encountering. a live look in natick. normal volume on the northbound side heading away. let' s go to the maps. route 9 still closed in both directions by the natick mall, so heading in that direction, some down power lines are shutting down the road. anticipate some problems. the pike looks good, 15 minutes
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route 2, eastbound side, one lane shutdown. 93 south, about 35 minutes from concord street to the leverett connector purity volume on between for picking up out of avon 95 is out, and rob 3 from weymouth into braintree, almost a half hour. trains and buses doing ok, emily. emily: all right, let' s a thank you to apple is making new moves in its policy battle with the fbi. there are reports that the tech company has already begun the process of upgrading it' s s security to make it impossible for the government, or even apple, to break in to a locked iphone. that is one step beyond the tech giant' s refusal to unlock the iphone of one of the san bernadino terrorists. ceo tim cook speaking exclusively to abc' s david muir. tim cook: the only way we would know is to write a piece of software that we would consider the software equivalent of cancer. we think it is bad news to write, we would never write it, we have never written it.
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emily: apple has until friday to respond to the judges order to comply with the fbi' s request cook says his legal team is preparing. randy: your economy headlines this thursday morning -- asian stocks were mixed overnight thanks to a jump in the price of crude oil. right now, u.s. stock futures are lower after gains on wednesday. wall street will be watching for the weekly snapshot on unemployment today. target is looking to bring a little more gender quality to its toil i' ll -- to its toy aisle. the chain is launching a new line of female superhero characters. dc super hero girls will be based off the dc comics web series and hit store shelves next month. the move comes after outrage over the lack of female characters in other toy collections, like "star wars" and "avengers." emily: focusing on your health this morning, as far as winters go, this one hasn' t been too bad. that said, the short month of february can feel extra long. erika is back with advice from a doctor on how to beat the
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erika: for some, they are truly debilitating. that' s when you hear about seasonal affective disorder. suffer from that clinical condition, but plenty more just feel kind of down. general' say there are key ways to perk go outside even when it' s cold and exercise. s production of melatonin and how it impacts your sleep cycle or circadian rhythm. also, eat right. often describe carb cravings. try not to cave into them. expose yourself to special full spectrum lamps 30 minutes a day. and make time for stress relief. dr. mehta: when you are under chronic stress, that can activate the symptoms. ultimately, it can lead to mitigating symptoms. erika: activities dr. mehta recommends -- things like meditation and yoga. tomorrow, we will introduce you to a special kind of yoga bound to cheer you up. it worked for me. it'
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try it out. i cannot wait for you to see it. emily: sounds like fun. thank you, erika. an entire flight of passengers offered a free flight. randy: the agreement they needed to reach first, though. that is ahead in eyepoppers. then new at 6:30, a device to prevent drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel. the new push to keep the roads safer. >> the 10:00 news on metv boston, the people you know, the reporting you trust, now at 10:00. check your program guide for channel numbers.
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t they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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olessa: all right, it is 6: 25 now on your thursday morning. what a mild night. we have residual showers across the area. you can see south of boston doing up here right around redbird, pushing up toward plymouth, showers, you can see lightning strikes south of gloucester with that downpour overhead. the activity is right around the city as well, is actually
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quite done with these storms just yet. they will continue to dry out for the next love hours writing through 8:00 this morning, we look for brightening -- next couple of hours. through at 8:00 this morning, we look for brightening skies. emily? emily: all right, it is 6:26. time for i have poppers. olessa, here' s another reason to go out to dinner. olessa: you might just find a free prize. a woman in washington state thought there was something way too hard in her dinner. she was right -- it was a pearl. a little skeptical, she took it to a gemologist. turns out it' s a rare quahog purple pearl. good news -- she didn' t break her teeth, and now she can make herself a new piece of jewelry. emily: a win/win. olessa: that is pretty cool, though. >> 150 random strangers have chosen unanimously to go to costa rica. olessa: these jetblue passengers just scored a free flight to costa rica.
6:27 am
the airline is calling a social experiment. all 150 passengers had to agree on one destination. if the decision was not unanimous, the trip was off. as you heard, the group decided on an international flight to costa rica. randy: recreational marijuana takes a step forward in one new england state. there is a big vote today. we will tell you about that, and the rain continuing to move out.
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in >> now, on newscenter 5 eyeopener. emily: breaking overnight, severe storms in one neighborhoods, a car crushed. erika: and right on this house. randy: and this pup has had a tough life, but now he is going to get a very happy ending on the eye. >> you are watching wcvb -- boston' s news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. randy: 6:30 thursday morning. we are looking at radar right now. we have been following breaking news throughout much of the region, dealing with aftermath
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emily: the good news -- that appears to be moving offshore away from us. maybe a calm her morning? olessa: the lightning was so vivid. cindy: not what you expect in february. emily: no. cindy: that is wildly problems out there with the debris on the roads. look at things blowing up east of nantucket, most of that staying east of you, but we will have lingering showers. not seeing any lightning. south shore, extending to the north shore, you can see this that right here from around canton, right up toward kinsey, it braces here. you might get hit again up toward marlborough and gloucester in the next 30 minutes or so. not quite done with these just yet. 60 right now out the door in bedford. worcester is 56 degrees. you are probably wondering if it
6:32 am
there might be one or two we get into this afternoon. this line this morning as offshore by about it was a yam, and then we dry out for a while. -- by about 8:00 a.m., and then we dry out for a while. the winds stay active, 45, 50 miles an hour, but they bring in that cooler air cured by 6:00 this evening, temperatures will be down into the upper 40' s. let' s get you back out to the roads right now and get you updated on what is happening, olessa. olessa: thank you, cindy. one problem in natick. i will show you in a second. northbound side heading away, slow ride there. route main e 9 still closed to do to down power lines. that is what we are dealing with on secondary roadways. that roadway is closed, so they
6:33 am
495 to 1 28, watching a crash on route 2 eastbound. 93 southbound concord street to the leverett connector, almost 45 minutes. about a half hour braintree to boston, emily. emily: all right, olessa, thank you. breaking overnight, heavy winds causing damage around the state at this hour. this is video from cambridge where trees just crushed a car. randy: quite a mess. the eyeopener' s juli mcdonald is live in boston' s dorchester neighborhood, another spot hit hard. juli: that is right, emily and randy. i think it is safe to say that a lot of people may have had trouble sleeping overnight throughout the storm, but imagine this family who live right here in dorchester. i just spoke with a gentleman who is living in the second-floor front corner bedroom. he said around 1:30, he was awoken, jolted awake by a loud crash. he had no idea what was going on, and he could not believe it
6:34 am
a huge tree in the side yard had snapped in half like a twig, clipped the roof, and then came rushing down across the yard. despite that big mess, he is in good spirits this morning, he says he feels lucky to be alive, and he is so relieved that no one was walking out front on the sidewalk at a time this happened. that really could have been devastating when you consider the weight of some of these branches. even if you' re not dealing with this kind of clean up this morning, there' s a chance you could run into other your commute, like this flooding water up to my ankles. we' [laughs] take it slow, take it your way to work today. the rain is light, but still a lot of of cleanup. live in dorchester, i am juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: ok, julie, thank you. re tracking
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2-year-old boy, after a tornado ripped through waverly, virginia. emergency responders are still digging through debris in search of other victims. randy: a new investigation is underway after an fbi raid at the law offices of state senator brian joyce. "the globe" reports federal prosecutors are looking into joyce' s involvement in a massive solar project at stonehill college. he has been under fire for alleged misuse of campaign money and receiving free dry cleaning from a business. dead and her brother critically injured after a crash in barre. police say brittany murch of hubbarston lost control of her kia spectra on the way to school yesterday, slamming into a tree school had been delayed for two hours on wednesday because of icy roads. right now, a rhode island father is facing charges, accused of throwing his baby 9 feet into a table. richard lord was arraigned on first degree child abuse yesterday. police say the pawtucket father changed his story several times before admitting to throwing the 6-week-old.
6:36 am
survive. randy: a bedside arraignment for the weymouth man charged with hitting a pedestrian while driving drunk. thomas mohan is in the hospital and was held without bail. charges. cell phone video caught mohan falling flat on his face after his arrest tuesday. police say he struck a car. the pedestrian is still in the hospital in critical condition. revealing startling new information about the thousands of drunk drivers stopped from getting back on the roads in massachusetts. this little device has been used in massachusetts for a decade now by drivers with two or more convictions for operating under the influence. their vehicles won' t start if there' s any alcohol on their breath. a new report from mothers against drunk driving shows the ignition interlock devices have prevented drivers considered legally drunk from starting their cars nearly 38,000 times.
6:37 am
they absolutely have. there is no doubt about it. emily: madd is now pushing for a new law, which would increase the use of the devices for everyone convicted of drunk driving. a briefing for lawmakers is scheduled on beacon hill this morning. randy: the vermont senate as taking a step forward and legalizing marijuana. yesterday, lawmakers preliminarily approved a measure allowing adults to possess up to an ounce of the drug. supporters say a system of regulating and taxing it would provide more control, but opponents say the state should not legalize a drug at a time when opioid abuse is a major concern. the senate is expected to take a final vote today. emily: 6:37 right now. the president' s health care act under attack. randy: the lawsuit the obama administration is now facing. and ahead in news to go, harvard university gets a name change on campus. the latest announcement to improve race relations.
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overnight drama has moved off.
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welcome back to the eyeopener. natick, route 9, both through actions, the road is closed because of a downed power line problem, so cruiser on the scene working on that. traffic being detoured onto route 30 in said. watch for downed power lines, trees. winds gusting as high as 80 miles an hour. you can see the severe storms off shore. cindy: we are quieting things down, however, the wind are still active, south of boston until 7:00 this evening. temperatures near 60 now, falling to the upper 40' s by day ' s end. randy? randy: thanks. new this morning, six states are now suing over president obama' s health care overhaul. they are taking issue with the fee that health insurers have to pay to cover federal subsidies. the suit claims the fee would allow the federal government to collect between $13 billion and $15 billion over the next decade.
6:42 am
nothing specific in the affordable care act that would mandate states footing the bill for the fee. emily: 6:41. powerful wind and heavy rains, communities. plus, why a casino project is now on hold in everett. florida. a fed-ex driver out of control. why inve your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like stop & shop's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. r
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randy: good morning. you' re eyeopener team ready with news to go from everett at the state house, tracking a new fight for donald trump and breaking news on damaging storms. emily: this is video in overnight from cambridge. trees just crushing a car on callendar street. no one was inside at time time , but certainly a big mess there. the coast guard boat send to rescue them overturned. the rescue is underway right now as we speak. cindy: it tells you it is not just us locally. up and down the east coast, it started more than a day at go along the coast. of the storms continue to shift offshore, so we are not out of the woods just yet. while overnight with the wind and the lightning. this lightning strike capture by
6:46 am
amazing the amount of lightning. pretty impressive to see this sort of thing at the end of the month of february. look at the wind gusts atop blue hill your it over 80 miles an hour. 70. fall river, over 60 miles an hour. many had gusts over 50, so these blue squares. that is where we have reported damage due to the strong wind across the area. the storms responsible for it all our offshore now. looking at lingering showers. no lightning, but downpours around the boston area stretching down to eastern raynham, randolph as well . the bulk of the activity is gone and offshore by 8:00 this morning. we dry off for a while, but notice clouds bubbling, one or two additional showers. 3:00 this afternoon into this evening. winds are still active out of
6:47 am
temperature starting out near 60 now. they fall by day' s end. do make sure you are dressed for it. colder air working on in tomorrow and into the start of the weekend. let' s see you back onto the roads right now. olessa, we have trouble on the secondary roads. olessa: yes, and we' ve a problem on natick right now. no big concerns, but let' s go to the maps. route 9 this morning, still closed in both directions right by the mall because of some downed power lines. utility crews are on the scene working to get that fixed. meantime, traffic is being detour onto route 30. eastbound on the pike, half an hour from 495 to 128.east of their , 128 south of the height, one lane is closed. 93 south, concord street to the leverett connector, almost 45 minutes or south of town, normal
6:48 am
sharon, and route the bank, stop and go to the braintree splintered from there, a half-hour into boston. minor delays to the blue line. everything else is running on schedule. commuter delays for the worcester line as well. randy? randy: breaking overnight, wild winds causing trees and large limbs to fall throughout the area. emily: the eyeopener' s juli mcdonald is live in dorchester where a tree has smashed into a home. juli? juli: that is right, emily and randy. a big mess to clean up in dorchester today after a huge tree snapped in half like a twig and came crashing across the front roof of this home and onto the yard. fortunately, no one was hurt. amazingly, no injuries reported in cambridge overnight either when trees fell onto parked cars near callender street. that' s happened just before 1:00 this morning. you can see the frame of that car and windows just crushed
6:49 am
fortunately, no one was inside. cambridge police did say this affected power in that neighborhood for a while overnight. back here in dorchester, also dealing with a lot of street flooding here, getting blasted , something to keep in mind as you head out the door this morning. live in dorchester, juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. todd: a new investigation into embattled state senator brian joyce could lead to louder calls for him to resign just two days after he announced he is not seeking reelection. you recall it was last week that the fbi and the irs raided joyce' s law offices as part of finance. now "the globe" is reporting that federal prosecutors are looking into a possible conflict of interest through legislation and joyce' s involvement in a massive solar power project. reporting live from the state health, talk is even wcvb --
6:50 am
newscenter 5. erika: former massachusetts governor and gop nominee mitt romney challenging donald trump to release his tax returns. he thinks they contain, quote, "a bombshell." mitt romney: either he is not as wealthy as he says he is, or he has not been paying the right kind of taxes. emily: the two formerly friendly trump endorsed romney when he ran for the white house. but the current frontrunner didn' t hesitate to fire back , tweeting when romney asked for his support four years ago, quote, "he was so awkward and goofy that we all should have known he could not win." the republican hopefuls debate tonight with super tuesday just days away. frank, out to you. frank: plans by wynn resorts to build a billion dollar casino at this site in everett are on hold for up to a year. that is because the city of somerville filed an appeal of a key environmental permit. that means no dice for the ground breaking planned for april and a hiring freeze that impacts as many as 4000 people. the mayor of somerville says he is looking out for the
6:51 am
he is very concerned about 18,000 additional cars passing through that community because of the casino. wynn says this is only a delay and plans are moving forward. frank holland, wcvb newscenter 5 . emily: frank, thank you. a fishing boat ran aground at rockaway beach this morning. the coast guard' s bo at sent to rescue them overturned. randy: four people are dead after severe weather tears though parts of virginia. in waverly, a tornado is being blamed for killing at least three people, including a toddler. it is said that several buildings suffered severe damage. emily: police are investigating a crash that killed a 17-year-old and critically injured her brother. this happened in barre as the teenagers were on their way to school. police say brittany murch of hubbarston lost control of her kia spectra and slammed into a tree on route 62. murch died at the scene. her 15-year-old brother griffin was pulled from the wreckage. school had been delayed for two
6:52 am
icy roads. randy: the danvers teenager convicted of murdering his high school teacher is due back in court tomorrow. that is when phillip chism will be sentenced for the 2013 murder of colleen ritzer. chism can' t be sentenced to life without parole because he was a juvenile at the time of the killing. right now hingham police are harvard university is replacing a long-standing title on campus. house masters will now be known as faculty deans. critics say the word master is often associated with slavery. the title is actually a centuries old european word for teacher or head of household. emily: watch this -- and e-cigarettes explodes inside a man' s pocket. the man was buying snacks when it caught fire in his pocket. the store owner says the man' s pants and skin began to burn. he quickly grabbed the fire extinguisher and sprayed the man. that man is now recovering from second degree burns.
6:53 am
a fedex driver swerving all over the road, even crossing onto the other side. another driver recorded the delivery driver slowing down to 5 miles an hour before speeding up completely out of control. he then pulled up to the truck, got the driver to pull over, and s not clear if the fedex driver was nodding off or impaired, but he will not face charges in part because when taken the keys out of the ignition. emily: gillette stadium is stepping up its security plan to include other events at the venue. starting march 12, all spectators entering the foxborough stadium will undergo the same security that patriots fans do. only clear, plastic bags will be allowed and small clutches. no backpacks or large pocketbooks. the b' s put an end to their at home losing streak. david pastrnak had two goals, including his first career made penalty shot. jimmy hayes, landon ferraro, and brad marchand also scored for the bruins. they top the pittsburgh penguins 5-1. the b' s head to north carolina
6:54 am
tomorrow night. randy: a great story of recovery here. a golden retriever dog got dumped in the trash after someone chopped her paws will start a new life in arizona. the 2-year-old was rescued in south korea. she was treated and given physical therapy. you can see with a little difficulty she is walking again, and she will be better off when she is fitted for prosthetic legs and will soon arrive with her new family in phoenix. i am sure she will be spoiled like crazy there. a feeding frenzy in cape cod bay. the center for coastal studies captured these aerial snapshots bay. they shared the images on their facebook page. the director of the whale program says the rare marine mammals tend to feed close enough to see from shore. quite a sight. emily: interesting. up close and personal. olessa, we have trouble. olessa: yes, lots of delays.
6:55 am
or secondary roadways will be the problem this morning. i will show you why -- lots of downed power lines, downed tree limbs. route 9 in natick, the road is still closed in both ructions because of some power lines that came down a couple of hours ago. crews are on the scene , diverging traffic onto route 30 in the meantime. 495 to 128, making your way east, a crash 128 by the pike as well as and ask them on route 2 has the right lanes concord street to the leverett connector, 45 minutes, and south out of avon. 95 route reaping heading into s lit from. -- braintree split. blue line. cindy? cindy: look at the wind from overnight. severe thunderstorms, over 80 miles an hour at top. obviously, that is doing a lot
6:56 am
you can see the rain coming to an end over boston. it is warm out there -- 57 degrees with a southerly wind. you can see the steadier, heavy rain shifting offshore. you are seeing a letup in the rain in the past 20 minutes, looking at a few stragglers showers from quincy to rent up to boston. -- from quincy to randolph to boston. colder air on the backside. that will be working in the gradually over the next few hours. mid to low 50' s by lunchtime, s. do make sure your dress for that. winds could still got 40, 50. maybe one or two additional showers pop up late this we will clear it out overnight. it is back to bright sunshine tomorrow, but a blustery feeling s all day long.
6:57 am
saturday is the milder day of the weekend. back up into the 50' s as we begin march. emily: march! incredible that we have the thunderstorms overnight here in the month of february. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] emily: thank you so much for watching. make sure you have that wcvb mobile app where you can track any of this stuff.
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good morning, america. state of emergency. 53 tornadoes touch down from texas to virginia. at least eight dead as the outbreak rips apart homes. winds hit 83 miles an hour and a coast guard ship overturns trying to rescue a fishing boat. last chance, marco rubio and ted cruz fighting to stop donald trump's momentum ahead of tonight's big debate. >> if the donald wins the general election, who the heck knows what he'd do as president. >> as mitt romney goes after coming. abc news exclusive, david muir one-on-one with tim cook, the apple ceo answers questions for the first time about why he won't help the fbi break into


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