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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  February 25, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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want chism held for at least 50 years before he can be eligible for parole. heather, back to you. heather: a close call for officers this morning when this utility pole comes tumbling down. we' re told detail officers were able to run after hearing it crack. ed: newscenter 5' s rhondella richardson is live in canton to begin our storm team coverage. rhondella: and run fast. there is a new poll here. that is the transformer. take a look. the power is out hours after the storm. this is a situation where you can still see the large pine tree that came down. power is still out because a total of three polls crashed down. luckily they saw it crackling. we asked, how close they call was this? >> basically they were right next to where we were standing. rhondella: and there' s a lot more to why these officers are extra lucky. that' s coming up at 6:00. back
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ed: more damage tonight. this is in walpole. a large tree falling on this house on west street early this morning. no one was hurt. heather: sky 5 over worcester where a sidewalk gave way this morning. a sewer main broke and we' re told the weather may be to blame. shrewsbury street is partially closed and drivers are asked to seek alternate routes. ed: downed wires leading to big backups and problems in natick. busy route 9 reopened just before noon after crews spent hours clearing the road. nearby natick mall lost power , albeit briefly. heather: take a look at the damage in lancaster, pennsylvania. the national weather service confirming this afternoon that a tornado touched down here. at least 8 people are dead tonight after storms slammed the mid-atlantic. ed: the rain has cleared out , and that is making way for some spring like temperatures this afternoon. heather: but the cold will return. here is storm team 5' s mike wankum. mike: amazing temperatures, but the price we paid for it -- were you wakened by the thunder and lightning last night?
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reports around our area, damaged trees. it wind advisory until 7:00, although the winds are dying off as you speak. there are sprinkles out there. it' s not much. they are here or there. what that could represent is the beginning of the cool air coming in. we had high temperatures in the 60' s. you know that will not last long. it is all courtesy of these winds. they will go to the west to usher in those cooler temperatures. i will sell you the next opportunity for rain and don' t worry, i have more warm temperatures to talk about as well. ed: on, we' ve posted a slidhow of storm damage in the state. we' d like to see your photos, too. you can upload those online or through our free wcvb mobile app. heather: breaking news, apple is asking a judge to vacate the order from the fbi to unlock the phone of a san bernardino terror suspect. the motion comes hours after it was announced that the fbi director and apple' s senior v.p.
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hearing focused on encryption and privacy. right now boston' s children' s hospital is facing a lawsuit. ed: and it' s coming from the family of a teenage patient who made national headlines. newscenter 5' s sera congi is live in boston tonight. sera they? sera: filed that suit -- they returned your messages is to announce the lawsuit. she was taken to children' s and doctors claimed that her symptoms were psychological. they wanted her to be taken to tufts. the parents were accused of medical child abuse. she was in state custody for a total of 18 months. >> i am very angry and i just don' t understand how this happened, and i really do not
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sera it' s very rare. she is improving. boston children' s north they cannot comment specifically on the case, but they look forward to defending their care of justina. back to you. heather: new at 4:30 -- an officer facing drug charges. he allegedly bought oxycodone. ed: he was off duty and in his personal vehicle when he purchased the pills. right now, this rhode island father faces charges, accused of table. richard lord was arraigned on yesterday. police say the pawtucket father changed his story several times before admitting to throwing the 6-week-old. the child is expected to survive. tonight, a chelsea man is accused of driving drunk with a child in his car. a witness took amadeo reyes' keys and removed the 5-year-old
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pulled into a bar parking lot in s charged with operating under the influence the boy was released to his mother and dcf has been notified. hampshire man is out on bail after allegedly exposing himself inside a supermarket. gilford police say anthony olisky exposed himself to a teenage employee twice inside the hannaford men' s restroom. the 52-year-old is charged with two counts of indecent exposure and lewdness. heather: new at 4:30 -- the mbta has plans to ban hoverboards on buses, trains, and in stations. there is no date as to when a ban would take effect. there have been dozens of cases around the country of the boards bursting into flames. new york city has already banned hoverboards from public transportation. commitment 2016. presidential debate now just these five candidates will ahead of next week' s super tuesday when 12 states, including massachusetts, hold
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helped propel donald trump to the top of the pack. but a new washington post, paul -- also with univision, shows that there is one group that does not approve, saying, oh, well, wait a minute trump . trump scores the highest negative ratings among hispanic voters than any other republican candidate with 8 in 10 saying they have an unfavorable view of him. coming up new at 5:00 tonight on newscenter 5, trump' s growing war of words with mitt romney. heather: an apology from jeb bush. the former florida governor saying sorry to top donors after suspending his campaign. bush joined members of his national finance team last night. he said things did not pan out as planned, adding it was important not to move on after failing to earn enough support in early voting states like new hampshire. ed: on the democratic side -- hillary clinton is in south carolina ahead of saturday' s primary. and polls continue to give her the lead. mrs. clinton tackled several topics, including the supreme
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disappointed congressional republicans have chosen not to support whoever president obama nominates. heather: her husband, former president bill clinton, also stumping in south carolina today. he rallied voters all across the state, holding three get out the vote events hoping to drum up more support for his wife ahead of saturday' s primary. ed: bernie sanders, meantime, has moved on from south carolina. he' s in ohio today which holds its primary march 15. sanders pushed several of his plans including a medicare-like universal health care system, free tuition at public universities, and living wages for all. heather: red sox batters getting a first hand look at the team' s newest ace. ed: david price throwing live batting practice today in fort myers. mike lynch grabbed a bat and stepped in the cage. did anyone come out looking good? lynchie: you would be surprised. it was our first live look at david price. we have seen them in the bullpen.
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on the mound. it was an hour of enfield drills, outfield cut off, and then the moment of the day. this is not the hitters' favorite day because the pictures have the edge. you could hear cameras clicking everywhere and the first batter to step into the box was pablo sandoval. he took a lot of people this week, as everyone knows. his first pitch got everyone' s attention. him, i think that caught everybody by surprise. he is ready to go, too. lynchie: that was sort of a "take that, everybody" who have about his birth, his body fat percentage. that is how you silence people with your actions, not your more at 5:00.
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heather: the body of this virginia woman has been found. police say she was killed by her estranged son-in-law in virginia. he then fled to massachusetts. dana williams shot himself in fitchburg last month when surrounded by police. he died from that gunshot wound days later. police say he killed olene brooks and her husband. ed: t police want to know if you recognize this man. he' s accused of spitting on an mbta bus operator. it allegedly happened just before 6:00 monday night near central square in lynn. if you recognize him, call police. heather: right now, two men are hampshire. five cars were set on fire last month in portsmouth. another three were broken into and one was stolen. adam carlin and michael york face several charges. ed: a coast guard boat overturns in a rescue of a fishing vessel off queens in new york. seven crew members were aboard the carolina queen three this morning when it had to make a the ship taking a beating from strong waves.
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on the overturned boat were able to make it to shore uninjured. heather: new at 4:30 -- a circus company is fighting a 38,000 dollar fine tied to a deadly accident in new hampshire. walker international events is contesting the citations issued by osha early this month. in august, a father and daughter were killed when the circus tent collapsed in lancaster. osha claims the company did not build the tent properly and ignored several weather alerts. ed: new at 4:30 -- the state fire marshal says improper disposal of smoking materials natick. 73-year-old carol mccarthy was rescued by firefighters saturday but later died at the hospital. there were two smoke alarms in . a dead battery and the other had no batteries. heather: time now to flash forward to newscenter 5 at 5:00. ed: donald trump feuding with mitt romney. the attack, and the new comments tonight from the former massachusetts governor.
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-- a new endorsement for hillary clinton here in massachusetts. the group of women backing the democrat days before super tuesday. ed: and new at 7:00 -- the tiny implant paving a new path in overcoming addiction. why some who' ve fought the battle are calling it a game-changer in the opioid crisis. mike: i don' t know. these may qualify as spring showers, it is so mild today. i will tell you when the cold air returns. heather: we are following breaking news, a new move from the legal team of a danvers teenager convicted in the murder of his teacher. they were trying to limit the witness impact statements from colleen ritzer' s family and friends. ed: the judge this afternoon said, no way. sentencing for philip chism is
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 4:30. ed: pretty much exactly a quarter of 5:00. traffic moving -- rain out there. you have to be mindful of that. we want to look at the drive times in the update. and just to make sure we know exactly what we go. you will see where it is red, we are driving slowly. mass avenue to be, 23 minutes drive. upper deck to 128. first leg of the pike, newton corner, you are moving along.
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re slow to be tolls. -- your soul to -- you are slow to the tolls. pre-good on 75 right now. they always said, if you want a bad start to the news, just add water. heather: with all of the lightning and thunder and people were shirtless -- ed: my dog did not want to come inside. a year ago, think what we were doing. and this year -- this is mother nature saying, i am sorry about what happened. heather: but it is raining now. mike: we are getting a few sprinkles. we have a few bands trying to develop across the area. what this is, this is the leading edge of the cool air.
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storm system. now we are left with a few scattered showers. along the north shore right now, looking like pretty light stuff. more sprinkles than anything else. a little more organized in the south of the city. eventually towards mansfield, more steady shower activity going on. check out the temperatures we had today. our warmest temperature was at 3 a.m. this morning. off, bumped up a couple of degrees, made for a nice afternoon, but now the cooler air was coming in. notice the temperature. it started to drop across the area. we are down to 53 degrees in boston. that' s down 10 degrees from this morning. there still gusty.
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, because the winds are not that strong out there. we are seeing winds along the coast that are to be 5, 30, even nantucket. it is a breezy day. a more southwesterly breeze. last night there were impressive totals. look at gardner. picking up almost four inches of rain. beverly picking up an inch and a quarter of rain. there were big downpours. a clock tonight, the threat is still out there. remember the 50' s? then we go deeper into the night. the showers move on out. then we' re back in the 30' s, which is where we are supposed to be this time of year. then we have a few clouds. we have the sunshine, but look
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maybe one ortiz up of us might hit the 40 degree mark, but it will be closer to where we are supposed to be this time of year. we will call it 38 on saturday, but keep in mind -- it is going to be chilly out there. sunday -- look at this. here comes some mild air. we rebound into the 50' s. out of the two weekend days you will enjoy sunday more than saturday. maybe a stray shower, but the next chance for rain does not show up until wednesday. s. kind of a cold rain. ed? ed: a nurse admitting tonight he was drunk while assisting in a surgery at a virginia v.a. hospital. that man acknowledges he had 4 or five beers at a casino in the hours before the procedure. heather: he tells authorities he had forgotten he was on call until his pager went off. police say his role included prepping the patient and
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ed: 5 on the opioid crisis, senator elizabeth warren is proposing a bill to help fight opioid abuse. right now, when a patient receives a prescription, it' s filled with the exact amount of medication prescribed. that means there could be pills left over. senator warren' s bill allows for the partial filling of opioid prescriptions in an effort to make sure no leftover pills are available for abuse. a grim picture tonight of the nation' s highways. heather: a new aaa report found that 90 people die in car crashes every single day. 90% think that texting or e-mailing while driving is dangerous, but 42% say they have done it the last month. 70% admitted they have talked on the phone, even though they were concerned about distracted driving. and most hate behavior of running red lights, even though
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ed: a new study on quality of life giving boston the number two spot in the u.s. the hub ranks 34th in the world. 39 factors were taken into account including political and social environment, schools and education, and housing. san francisco took the number one spot in the united states. the study was conducted by mercer. heather: maybe consider -- ed: san francisco has had a few the century, too. heather: boston police detectives are getting a raise but not without a warning. ed: the concern from the city council tonight. new legal trouble for a cruise line after a nightmare at sea. the lawsuit just filed. as we go to break, let' s look at
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i feel too young to be this old. r i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. r has masshealth, t about senior care options.
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ed: a big pay hike for boston police detectives is on the way. heather: but it does come with a warning. it will cost to the city an estimated 28 $.8 million. similar raises could threaten the city financial stability. ed: changes at harvard university. the school reacting to criticism of the term "house masters." the 24 employees will now be called faculty deans. last year, some students criticized the term associating it with slavery. heather: uber is hinting it could leave boston over a proposed crackdown on drivers. this week, boston' s police commissioner said he' d like to see the rideshare company fingerprint its drivers like the city is doing with taxi drivers.
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d consider that as part of a new bill in the works. uber' s boston general manager called the process ineffective , saying the company has been forced to exit certain markets because of similar regulations. ed: a lawsuit tonight tied to that cruise ship that ran into trouble earlier this month. heather: a passenger has now filed a lawsuit against the royal caribbean. you can see the pictures after it ran into a massive storm. that man was knocked unconscious. ed: sweet green is expanding to boston. they have five locations in massachusetts, including chestnut hill and boils and street -- boylston street. mcdonald' s is hoping to attract more customers.
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bowls. they did not note the sodium content. the golden arches will also smoothies. heather: and target is looking for more gender equality in the toy aisle. the toy hits shelves next month. it comes after public outcry for more female characters in the collections like "star wars" and "avengers." ed: in a new book, pope francis is answering some of the questions sent to him in letters from children around the world. 30 letters are featured along with responses from the pontiff. the pope met with the children this week. the book is called "dear pope francis" and it is out now. heather: still ahead a relaxing day at the beach interrupted. ed: the wave hitting a group of seals pretty hard and the one
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heather: take a look at these incredible images of a feeding frenzy in cape cod bay. the center for coastal studies captured these aerial snapshots of nine right whales. the organization shared the images on its facebook page. just gorgeous, aren' t they? the director of the whale program says the rare marine mammals tend to feed close enough to see from shore. ed: a group of seals were just
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hit by a big wave. look at the side of the screen. one guy holds on. how cool is that? you' re not going to get me. i' m staying right here. this video out of california was released by u.s. fish and wildlife. that is one tough customer right there. look at him wrap around the rocks, too. breaking news -- a last-minute push by lawyers for the danvers teen who is in jail. newscenter 5 starts right now. >> now on newscenter 5 -- >> convicted of murdering his teacher. >> against her parents will -- why justina pelletier and her family are suing children' s hospital. mike: after a touch of spring day, get ready for a dramatic cool down. >> trump versus romney. >> from boston' s news leader,
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5:00. ed: breaking news, a last-minute teen who murdered his teacher. maria: philip chism' s defense asking to limit victim impact tomorrow. the judge just weighed in. let' s jack harper live in salem. jack? jack: we are outside the courthouse. of course philip chism ' s crimes are punishable by life. when would he be eligible for parole? the prosecution is looking for 50 years, the defense looking for 26. he would be less than 40 years old. judge david lally was asked by the defense to limit the victim impact cases at citizens tomorrow. he did not do it. >> the impact for family,


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