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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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emily: good morning. it's friday, february 26. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price. stories we're following on the eyeopener right now, a convicted murderer facing sentencing today. the emotional moments expected in court from the victim's family. emily: a deadly shooting spree under investigation in kansas. the push for answers after a suspect opens fire at work. randy: fiery moments on stage at the gop debate. the final face-off, before the next big test. emily: we'll get to all of that. first we want to check in with
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much colder this morning. cindy: oh, yes. temperatures mostly in the 30's morning. we are at 29 in worcester. the wind is making all the difference. this is what it feels like outside. 17 in worcester and 25 in boston. so you get the idea. the wind will be with us here pretty much all day long. we still have a lot of clouds across the area. there have been a few flurries but they are waning. we have temperatures to the north in the single digits and teens. temperatures will not change a whole lot today. they are in the 30's and stay that way all day long. the skies will brighten up this afternoon. wind chills no higher than the 20's pretty much all day long. it is a cold friday for sure. let's get out to the roads right now. much easier driving olessa. olessa: of course no rain means
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in place. here is a look at the pike in brighton. the expressway, construction in place. 24 northbound by 128-and-once again here on 128 south by 95. no issues on the pike other at 9. we're expecting trains and buses to be on schedule. emily: in just hours emotions will be running high as the teenager convicted of raping and killing his teacher returns to court. randy: that is where phillip chism will officially learn his punishment. the eyeopener's frank holland is live in salem with the tough day ahead for the victim's family. frank: colleen ritzer's parents and her best friend are among nine loved ones expected to address the courtroom today. they will be talking about the young danvers high teacher's life and the impact of her murder. this is still a complicated case. chism cannot get a mandatory
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because of a landmark supreme court ruling on juvenile sentencing. prosecutors want him to spend at least 50 years in prison before he can seek parole. his lawyers want him to be able to get parole at age 40. filings the judge says he will not limit how many of colleen ritzer's loved ones can testify today. >> i wish all comments be directed to the court. randy: we will have more on this today.
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trying to figure out what sparked a deadly shooting in kansas. four people killed, including the gunman in what started as a random shooting. this morning more than a dozen are hurt. the eye's erika tarantal is tracking new developments. erika: that death toll could rise this morning, as some of those hurt are suffering critical injuries. the suspect has been identified as 38-year-old cedric ford, an employee at the excel industries plant, where the shooting happened. police say he was armed with an assault-style weapon, shooting at people randomly as he drove to work. once he got there, he walked in, targeting co-workers and then shooting at police. >> everybody said there were gunshots. there is a shooter. we heard pop-pop. i went over to a gentleman, adam, he got shot. i tried to help him as much as i could. erika: an officer was finally able to take ford down inside the building and likely save more lives. police say ford doesn't appear to have terrorist ties, but have not revealed a motive. other stories we're following
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firefighter is expected in court today on child rape charges. the case against james macgillivary dates back to 1991. macgillivary was placed on leave earlier this month when the allegations surfaced. he has been a maynard firefighter since 1986. emily: a deadly crash is under investigation in plymouth. a 21-year-old man was killed yesterday when a car crashed into a tree. another person in the car was taken to the hospital. randy: this man accused of robbing knife. police say the man has gone after at least two people near the chinatown t stop in the middle of the day. investigators say the suspect is missing teeth. anyone who recognizes him should contact boston police. emily: commitment 2016: the final five republican candidates hit the campaign trail this morning after a fiery debate.
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candidates focused on bringing down front-runner donald trump. >> you're the only person on the stage that has been fined for having people to work on their projects illegally. getting trump on the defensive last night in houston, about his policies on immigration. when it came to securing the border, trump was asked to respond to comments from the former mexican president, who says mexico will not pay for any wall. >> how are you going to make them pay for the wall? >> i will, and the wall just got 10 feet taller. believe me. emily: john kasich and ben carson were just fighting for stage time. all candidates will now lobby for votes in 13 states, including massachusetts ahead of next tuesday's primaries. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders will campaign in south carolina today.
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voters hit the polls for the democrats in south carolina tomorrow. randy: the nevada governor eyed as a potential nominee for the supreme court says he's not interested. in a statement, republican governor brian sandoval says he does not wish to be considered as the obama administration's nomination, at this time. the nomination has been a hot topic between democrats and republicans following the death of justice antonin scalia. new this morning, the headmaster of boston latin school says she is not resigning, despite calls from black community leaders for her to step down. dr. lynne mooney teta is under fire for her administration's handling of several racially-charged incidents involving students. an investigation found only one was mishandled. teta apologized for the lack of swift response to the issues, but tells the globe that nobody is more committed to improving the racial climate at the school than she.
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a u.s. justice department review of this. emily: 5 investigates exposing elder abuse at the hands of the people paid to care for them. the disturbing cases where many say the punishment doesn't fit the crime. randy: all eyes on batting practice during spring training. a surprise on the field. cindy: a taste of winter returning today. after all of those warm what is going on? today we're going to run a slalom course. r not down the mountain, but up it... that's terrifying. one of these. sweet r the chevy silverado offers a combination of 4wd and an exclusivep"auto-locking rear differential" t let's do this. so, if a rearr wheel starts to slip, p the axle automatically locks
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randy: red sox spring training. the team gets a small break today.
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at batting practice. sporscenter5's mike lynch explains. >> good morning from fort myers, florida. it will be a short workout for the red sox this morning as they are slated to play in their charity tournament this afternoon. on the field thursday, live batting practice thrown by david price after he completed his warm-ups tos, the first batter to step in and face him was pablo sandoval. >> i think i caught him by surprise. that is what pablo does too. >> what is it like stepping in against david price in live b.p.? >> it is not my first time facing him. everything looked good. >> what was going through your head as you were waiting and waiting to step in and watching him? >> nothing. he is a guy same way everyone else is. >> first game right here monday against boston college and northeastern.
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lynch. emily: thanks, mike. the nba has a new record. launched steph curry to the kids. special for her. the birthday surprise that
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cindy: i cannot believe march is here. cindy: we even get an extra day this month. we're up and down temperature-wise.
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it is going to be down today. in fact, we are going to be running below the average, feeling more like winter the next couple of days. look, by the end of the weekend, we're headed back into the 50's again, which is above normal for this time of year. the temperature roller coaster ride continues. 29 in worcester. boston is in the mid 30's. upper 30's in the cape. you look at these numbers and you're thinking, not so bad out there. the winds are blowing. gusting over 20 and 30 miles per hour. so it feels much colder outside. the wind chills in the teens and 20's. the actual temperatures to our north and west are running in the single digits and answer to. that is -- and teens. that is the rebound from headed towards us. we will hold on to cloud cover this morning before the skies do brighten up. brighter skies lunchtime into the afternoon.
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but those winds stay active all day long. the wind chill value holding pretty much in the 20's throughout the day. looking for 37 in boston. similar to where we are now but that wind is going to make it feel colder all day long. sunshine this afternoon. any plans friday evening, skies are clear and stay clear all night long. so we'll wake up to bright sunshine on saturday morning. it is going to be cold. overnight low temperatures in the teens in most areas. holding on to 20 in town. it is a cold start on your saturday. high pressure way down here to our south is going to keep us on the chillier side of things on saturday but by sunday a southwesterly wind builds in bringing more cloud cover. i think only partial sunshine on sunday. saturday is the brighter weekend day but it is a little bit colder. in 30's tomorrow. by sunday that, southwesterly wind pushing temperatures back up, looking for highs in the 50's.
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across western new england. showers coming through monday. it is a cold front coming on in. ahead of it, we're mild. a few rain showers possible with this front. behind it, cooling it back down on tuesday. still near 50. the more significant system coming in wednesday. that too is looking like rain toward the middle of next week. olessa: so far a quiet start on your friday morning. we're hoping for friday lite. the zakim looks great. i'll show you where the construction is. 39 southbound approaching the zakim bridge will be picked up shortly. south of there some more overnight road work. once again by columbia road. construction still in place 24 knot side, 128 and once again here at 128 south. pike looks good.
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so far we're expecting the trains and buses to start the morning on schedule. emily? emily: thank you. 5 investigates exposing disturbing cases of elder abuse where many say the punishment doesn't fit the crime. the heartbreaking abuse at the hands of caregivers rolls on video obtained by 5 investigates. it shows a licensed certified nurse's aide, taunting and hitting a patient he was supposed to be helping. 70-year-old william myerson was non-verbal and suffering from dementia. it happened at a framingham nursing home. here, another cna flicks an elderly woman's ears, wipes mucus in her mouth and mocks her. >> they need to have more compassion, you know? think of it as your mom and dad. your grandfather or grandmother. your brother, sister, that is in there. you need to treat them with compassion and care and love them like your own. emily: 5 investigates discovered in the past 5 years the state took action against the certifications of hundreds of cna's for cases of abuse,
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misappropriation. but when we checked the state's public website for the licenses of the 2 cna's in this case, there's no disciplinary action noted, even though they're on probation after reaching deals with prosecutors admitting they assaulted elderly patients. if they complete probation no conviction will show on their records. randy: it is 4: 49. a new jersey hospital is reaching out to patient who is may have been exposed to h.i.v. it claims a former employee tampered with drugs and could have caused patients to get infected. letters have been sent to 213 people. the former employee has been charged now. the vermont state senate has given final passage to a bill legalizing recreational marijuana. the bill allows possession of up to one ounce of pot for residents of the state. it now goes to the house, but
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will pass. emily: this beloved garden at boston children's hospital is at the center of an emotional fight. to many, it's considered sacred gone. the hospital says it has to raze the half acre prouty garden in order to expand. parents and patients argue that's like ripping out the hospital's soul. they faced off at the final department of public health that children need to be the focus of the plan. >> many, many families have spread their ashes there. we love children. children are a part of my family. >> there was a time when my mom would have to wait hours and hours in the emergency room because there was no bed for me. >> the hospital has proposed three new green spaces, but critics are comparing them to fast-food eating areas. the department of public health will have the final say. randy: your economy this friday morning, asian stocks were mostly higher overnight but gains were muted as oil prices
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right now u.s. stock futures are higher. the dow soared yesterday in trading picking up more than 200 points thanks to a recovery from energy and bank stocks. emily: trending stories, warriors guard steph curry tops an nba record. curry finished the game last night with this impressive half-court shot, and set a record by scoring a three pointer in 128 straight games. his had 51 points in the win over the magic his third 50-point game this season. he's the first player to do that since lebron james and dwyane wade in the twoit-2009 season. randy: check out this photo from the international space station. this is an aurora over earth. nasa tweeted the photo yesterday, after the space station passed over the green lights. >> happy birthday to you emily: a birthday surprise for an elderly woman in ohio. doris vehar waves to the school
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wanted to do something special. they made cards, and sang happy birthday. doris says she cried, she was so happy. and she plans to continue the tradition as long as she can. really sweet. randy: that's great. emily: how about this one? burning off steam with a beer. randy: but you don't drink this one. the unique new approach to relaxation. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00: laughing your way to better health. two programs that are delivering results, through
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randy: good morning. it is 4: 54. emily: the danvers teen, convicted of raping and murdering his teacher, heads back to court today for the sentencing phase. philip chism cannot get a mandatory life sentence for his first degree murder conviction because of a supreme court ruling on juvenile sentencing. prosecutors want him to spend at least 50 years in prison before he can seek parole, for the murder of colleen ritzer. ritzer's loved ones are expected to give impact statements today. randy: a salem police officer is facing charges after a drug bust in lynn. he was charged with possession of oxycotin . he was off duty at the time. scialdone is facing a possesion charge. he's been placed on
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investigation. investigation in newport, rhode island. a historic mansion was destroyed after flames ripped home. stonor lodge was under construction. the mansion is estimated to be worth $3 million. randy: the mbta is looking to ban hoverboards. the agency is working to keep them off of buses, trains, and out of stations. there is no date as to when a ban would take effect. there have been dozens of cases around the country of the boards bursting into flames. a florida-based circus operator is fighting back against a fine over this deadly tent collapse at a new hampshire fair. a 41-year-old man and his 6-year-old daughter were killed in the collapse in lancaster last august, which happened during a powerful storm. federal safety officials proposed more than $33,000 in fines against walker international events, after finding several safety hazards. emily: the pentagon plans to send dozens of special ops advisors to nigeria's front lines, to combat the terror group boko haram. the deployment would push
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miles closer to the battle. but they would not take part in combat. the move is the latest effort from military leaders to fight isis and its allies. randy: apple is asking a judge to vacate the order from the fbi to unlock the phone of one of the san bernardino terror suspects. in court documents, apple says the fbi is seeking dangerous power that could have disastrous consequences for digital privacy. last week, the government ordered apple to help unlock the phone. emily: tom brady is getting ready for another fight over deflated footballs. three federal judges will hear the nfl's appeal in the case next week. you'll remember, last year a lower court overturned brady's four game suspension over the scandal. the appeal hearing is set for thursday in new york city. the celtics showed off some fancy moves against the bucks. they looked more like the harlem globetrotters.
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five. the celtics hold on to win 112-107. randy: a whole new way to unwind with a beer. in a beer spa. an oregon town has created the country's very first beer bath the owner says it's great for insomnia, relaxation, pains and aches. all you have to do is hop in. emily: oh, get it. there you go. [laughter] i'm not so sure about that. bathing in beer. randy: leaves you with a bit of an aroma. cindy: lingers. we are nearing the on the other hand february. snow. not just for the month but for the entire season. 25.4 inches in boston. below average by more than seven and look where we are compared to last year at this time.
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very different winter season this go around. colder air is pouring in on a westerly wind. you can see that lake-effect snow going on to our west. there is a reinforcing shot of colder air working in with this cold front keeping a lot of cloud cover in place this morning. there have been a couple of flurries. these clouds will dissipate and we'll turn brighter today. look at the air behind that front. colder than it is now. start fought in the mid 30's this morning with the winds making you feel colder. we're going hold in the mid 30's. we will see developing sunshine. in philly or d.c., it is going to be in the lower 40's. over all the country is on the cold side. no big systems on the map. after a pretty active week weather-wise, a quieter weekend setting up but colder today. high pressure shifts further east saturday. southwesterly wind also bring back warmer temperatures.
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start out chilly on saturday. in fact, early tomorrow morning only going to be in the seens. lower 50's sunday and 50's with us to start next week. we're going to break things with you now as the eyeopener continues. randy: sentencing day for a killer. why a teen will be spared life in prison, and what the judge won't limit for the victim's family from doing. emily: police name a suspect in another mass shooting. how they say he ambushed co-workers, as a hero emerges from the tragedy. randy: 5 investigates exposing elder abuse at the hands of the people paid to care for them. the disturbing cases where many say the punishment, doesn't fit the crime. >> this guy's a choke artist and this guy's a liar. emily: also on the eye for this friday morning, donald trump gives it, but can he take it? fighting words in the latest


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