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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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sentencing day for a killer. randy: why a teen will be spared life in prison, and what the judge won' t stop the victim' s family from doing. emily: police name a suspect in another mass shooting. how they say he ambushed co-workers, and the hero emerging from the tragedy. randy: 5 investigates exposing elder abuse at the hands of the people paid to care for them. the disturbing cases where many say the punishment, doesn' t fit the crime.
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s news leader. good morning, this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. >> this guy is a joke artist. this guy is a liar. >> fighting words in the latest republican debate. cindy: the last weekend of february. >> incredible we are almost to march. cindy: we are almost to sunrise. some cloud cover, but some breaks as well. dress for winter today. kids of the bus stop are going to notice the biting wind. the wind will make it feel colder.
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it feels like 26, boston. wind chills in the teens and 20' s across southern new hampshire. it is a colder start this morning. you see the clouds. noticing breaks in the flurries winding down. although we have mid 30' s out there this morning, throughout very little. let' s get you out to the roads. how are we looking? olessa: friday light. a live look at route 1. problems. 24 northbound by harrison northbound.
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a 15 minute ride to 128. light out of methuen from concord street to the leverett connector. emily: in just hours emotions will be running high as the teenager convicted of raping and killing his teacher returns to the courtroom. randy: that is where phillip chism will officially learn his punishment. the eyeopener' s frank holland is in salem with the rough day ahead for the victim' s family. frank: colleen ritzer' s parents and her best friend are among nine loved ones expected to address the courtroom today. talking about the young danvers high teacher' s life and the impact of her murder. this is still a complicated case. chism cannot get a mandatory life sentence for his first degree murder conviction because of a landmark supreme court ruling on juvenile sentencing. prosecutors want him to spend at least 50 years in prison before he can seek parole. chism'
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eligible by age 40. despite a flurry of last minute filings the judge says he will not limit how many of colleen ritzer' s loved ones can testify today. at trial, chism' s lawyers admitted that he killed ritzer. they argued that he is mentally ill. newscenter 5 will be in the courtroom today. you can watch the testimony live on our wcvb mobile news app. randy: right now, investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly shooting in kansas. four people killed, including the gunman in what started as a random shooting. this morning more than a dozen are hurt. the eye' s erika tarantal is tracking new developments. erika: that death toll could rise this morning, as most of the 14 hurt have critical injuries. the suspect has been identified as 38-year-old cedric ford, an
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shootings happened. police say he was armed with an assault-style long gun and targeted people randomly as he drove to work. once he got there, he walked in, opening fire on co-workers then shooting at responding police. >> i walked over, i tried to help him. erika: an officer was finally the building, and likely save more lives. police say ford doesn' t appear to have terrorist ties. a local official says he was known to authorities and the sheriff did say some things triggered ford, but no motive has been released. randy: a maynard firefighter facing child rape charges will go before a judge today. the case against james macgillivary dates back to 1991. macgillivary was placed on leave earlier this month when the allegations surfaced.
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firefighter since 1986. emily: commitment 2016. the final five republican candidates hit the campaign trail this morning after a fiery debate. their last one before super tuesday. candidates focused on bringing down front-runner donald trump. >> you have only been -- you are the only one fine for bringing on workers to -- hired workers illegally. >> i am the only one who haa s hired workers. marco rubio and ted cruz getting emily:marco rubio and ted cruz getting trump on the defensive last night in houston, about his policies on immigration. when it came to securing the border, trump was asked to respond to comments from the former mexican president, who says mexico will not pay for any wall. john kasich and ben carson were just fighting for stage time. all candidates will now lobby for votes in 13 states including massachusetts ahead of next
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s primaries. on the democratic side, a new wbur poll is finding the 2 candidates in a very tight race here at home. hillary clinton ahead of senator bernie sanders by just 4%. both will campaign in south carolina today. voters hit the polls for the democratic primary in that state tomorrow, their final primary before super tuesday. randy: right now, this huge fire under investigation in newport, rhode island. it' s a historic mansion destroyed after flames ripped through the bellevue avenue home. stonor lodge a nine bedroom, 11-bath home was under construction. the mansion is estimated to be worth $3 million. it sits right in the historic section of the city, filled with mansions that are popular with visitors. right now boston police are searching for this man accused of robbing people with a kitchen knife. police say the man has gone after at least two people near the chinatown t stop, in the middle of the day. neither victim was hurt.
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missing teeth. anyone who recognizes him should contact boston police. emily: 5 investigates exposing disturbing cases of elder abuse. the heartbreaking abuse at the hands of caregivers rolls on video obtained by 5 investigates. nurse' s aide, taunting and hitting a patient he was supposed to be helping. 70-year-old william myerson was non-verbal and suffering from dementia. it happened at a framingham nursing home. an elderly woman' s ears, wipes mucus in her mouth and mocks her. >> make her mad. you are so ugly. >> they need to have more compassion. you need to treat them with compassion and care.
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emily: 5 investigates discovered in the past 5 years the state took action against the certifications of hundreds of cna' s for cases of abuse, neglect and misappropriation. but when we checked the state' s public website for the licenses of the 2 cna' s in this case, there' s no disciplinary action noted, even though they' re on probation after reaching deals with prosecutors admitting they assaulted elderly patients. if they complete probation no conviction will show on their records. randy: tom brady is getting ready for another fight over deflated footballs. three federal judges will hear the nfl' s appeal in the case next week. you' ll remember, last year a lower court overturned brady' s four game suspension over the scandal. the appeal hearing is set for thursday in new york city. randy: red sox spring training. the team gets a small break today. that' s after a surprise at batting practice. sporscenter5' s mike lynch is in fort myers to explain.
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>> it will be a short workup. on the field thursday, live batting practice. the first batter to step in and face him was pablo sandoval. >> that caught everybody by surprise. that is what pablo does. he is ready to go. that is my first time facing him and you can tell, everything looked good. >> woes going through your head as you were waiting and you are stepping in and watching? >> nothing. >> workouts continue through the weekend. emily: a medical breakthrough in ohio. randy: the life-changing procedure just performed for the first time ever. plus, ice jams, causing a mess
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why homeowners say the force of the ice, is just as scary as its aftermath. emily: new this morning, laugh your way into a better day. two programs improving your health, and your frame of mind. cindy? cindy: winter has made a comeback. you will notice a nasty wind chill all day long. a warm-up is coming for the weekend. my forecast is ahead. 20' s, 30' s, not so bad.
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>> good morning, eyeopener. we are the watertown readers. -- watertown reade aiders. randy: the watertown raiders of watertown middle school with a very spirited wake up call. emily: we would love to see your video. upload it by clicking ulocal. cindy: 60 yesterday, 20 today.
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brighter skies overall into the afternoon. we had such cold weather for a stretch. the second week of the month or we started out mile. when you average all that is together on the running about a degree and a half above the average so far. a little below that the next couple of days, here we go again, warming up into the 50' s. starting out with readings in the 20' s. otherwise, running close to if not above the freezing mark. 30 three, lawrence down to plymouth as well. temperatures are not cold, but the wind is active. it feels like the teens in worcester county. you want to dress for these windchill' s this morning.
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30, boston. to feed in. the leading edge of it is the frontal boundary associated with flurries overnight. lake effect snow western part of the state. it is not heading our way in clouds will breakup. this guy should sugar brighter deeper into the morning. forecast. long. the windchill' 20' s all day long. whole lot. a cold or friday, but clear skies. teens in most areas by the morning. a cold start, but a bright one to your saturday. as the wind comes up out of the southwest on sunday, that brings back warmer temperatures. day.
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cooler along the south coast and the cape. our next chance for precipitation is limited in moisture with the front coming through. back down to 50 on tuesday. warm enough that our next system coming in should the rain. no rain, no snow, not a lot going on this morning. olessa: route 1, saugus, the southbound side heading away. let' s get to the maps and check out the rest of your trips. one accident 24 northbound by harrison boulevard. besides that, a little bit of a delay. braintree to boston, almost 25. a 15 minute trip, 495 to 128. no issues out of methuen.
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emily: asian stocks were mostly higher overnight but gains were a little muted as oil prices slipped again. right now u.s. stock futures are higher. the dow soared on thursday picking up more than 200 points thanks to a recovery from energy and bank stocks. randy: the company that runs tj maxx, marshalls and home goods stores is beating expectations on wall street. new numbers showing the framingham-based company raked in more than $30 billion last year. that is a 6% jump in annual sales. for 20 years now tjx has seen earnings go up, continuing to out-perform other retailers. a medical breakthrough that will give some women a chance at pregnancy. surgeons in cleveland say they have performed the nation' s first uterus transplant. the cleveland clinic says the 9-hour surgery was performed on a 26-year-old woman, using a uterus from a deceased donor. we' re expecting to hear more
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emily: new this morning in your health, the old adage laughter is the best medicine really is true. especially when it comes to fighting winter woes. randy: erika is back with some unique ways to add a few chuckles to your day. erika: this all means stress relief. there are all kinds of creative ways to tap into that sense of humor and the benefits are big. >> i say i' m funnier because of it. >> amanda hoffman can' t say enough about her improv comedy class. >> they know plenty about laughter at boston' s improv asylum their training center , offers 6 levels of classes. the students benefiting from something very real. >> laughter actually decreases cortisol in our bodies which is a stress hormone. >> and it increases happy endorphins says laura malloy, a certified laughter yoga teacher at mass general hospital'
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benson-henry institute. >> typically taught in a group i got a one on one. >> we' re going to pretend that we' re so stressed out that we want to cry. >> pretend laughter often dissolves into the real thing. and can' t generate a genuine giggle no matter, just going , through the motions helps. >> your body doesn' t know the difference, it will still get those same health benefits. >> i definitely leave happier, more confident and glowing an improv glow. erika: a perk about taking a class you get to go to as many shows at the improv asylum as you want, for free, and they
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emily: and monday morning on the eye, this thermometer does more than track your child' s health it can track their entire school. the new tool that could help your family stay ahead of sickness. randy: bathing in beer. the health benefits promised by a hopping new spa. emily: then new at 6:30. the headmaster of boston latin school speaks, as racial tensions become a growing concern for students. her comments amid calls for her resignation. randy: and a fight over a garden that some consider sacred ground. the expansion plan that has some
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light & fit, 15 delicious flavors, each 80 calories. try to beat that! cindy: the sun coming up over
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it is colder out there. the windchill is just 15. that is what you need to address four. wind chills running in the 20' s. clouds continued to break. we will see sunshine this afternoon. temperatures hold steady in the 30' s. winter is back out there today. it is going to warm up over the weekend. lots of sunshine. randy: right now crews in franconia, new hampshire are cleaning up the mess after a half-mile long ice jam forced evacuations. the ice jam came across plantation road, tearing up most of the surface and flooding peoples' homes. some surrounded by as much as 6 feet of water. one neighbor capturing it all on his drone. residents say they'
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anything like it before. the moving ice destroyed 75% of the road. emily: olessa back with this morning' s eyepoppers. olessa: tom brady taking to facebook with a regal introduction for a new family member. that' s tom brady re-enacting a famous scene from the lion king. playing the role of simba is the newest canine addition to the clan. olessa: if you love beer you may want to consider a trip to the small oregon town of sisters. that' s where you' ll find this america' s very first beer spa. you can literally take a bath in beer. the owner says it' s great for insomnia, relaxation, pains and
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s hopping in europe. get it. we are very clever here. randy: making a wrong, right. the generous way a brockton police officer is helping a man bounce back from an armed robbery. and using dogs to break the law. how lawmakers in maine say people are taking advantage of
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... p much as if it were a man- male... p this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. p but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen.
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to make sure every woman... p in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i
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>> a beloved teacher murdered. the battle colleen ritzer' s family faces. >> the headmaster of a school faces -- space out on the racial tension that could cost her her job. will never forget. the heartwarming tradition leading to a bus load of joy. announcer: you are watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning, this is newscenter
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randy: the weekend is here. february. it looks nice. boston. you step outside, you will notice this. kids need to be bundled up at the bus stop. it will feel colder. the wind chills are going to be with us all day long.
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temperatures do not change a whole lot. bright sunshine this afternoon. temperatures no higher than the teens or 20' s. olessa: eastbound moving to the top of the screen. one accident, in the final stages of clearing. once you get to the expressway, 25 minutes braintree to boston. west of town, the pike is 15. no issues on 93 southbound. the delay picks up south of spot pond. trains and buses on schedule. emily: some of the stories we' re tracking right now on the eye, sentencing is today for the danvers teenager convicted of raping and killing his high school teacher. philip chism cannot be sentenced
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murdering colleen ritzer because of a change in juvenile sentencing laws. right now a new poll shows hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a very tight race ahead of tuesday' s primary in massachusetts. in the wbur survey, clinton leads sanders by just 4%. right now 3 people are dead after a mass shooting in kansas. police say gunman cedric ford started firing on random people as he drove to work at excel industries. when he arrived they say he killed three co-workers before being killed, himself, by police. randy: new this morning, the embattled leader of one of s top schools is breaking her silence. the eye' s kelley tuthill is at boston latin with the new fallout in the fight over racial tension. kelley: civil rights leaders have been calling on her to resign. some of them will meet with u.s. attorney carmen ortiz as they push for a federal investigation into what happened here. but this morning, headmaster lynne mooney teta says she' ll stay on the job and work to improve the environment at
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there have been calls for her resignation after students claimed she ignored their claims of a number of racist incidents at the prestigious school. teta tells the herald quote, there' s no one more committed to improving the learning environment here at boston latin school than i am. she wouldn' t comment on whether she thinks a justice department said she' d cooperate. a city investigation found the school acted appropriately in the vast majority of the incidents. randy: right now a deadly crash is under investigation in plymouth. a 21-year-old man was killed when a car rolled over on route 3 north yesterday, and crashed into the trees. police say the victim is from providence. another person in the car was taken to the hospital. boston children' s hospital is at the center of an emotional fight to many, it' s considered sacred
6:35 am
the hospital says it has to raze the half acre prouty garden in order to expand. parents and patients argue that' s like ripping out the hospital' s soul. they faced off at the final department of public health hearing last night, arguing that children need to be the focus of the plan. >> many families have spread their ashes there. >> there was a time we would have to wait hours and hours because there was no bed for me to sleep. emily: the hospital has proposed 3 new green spaces, but critics are comparing them to fast-food eating areas. the department of public health will have the final say. randy: right now a salem police officer is on administrative leave after police say he bought drugs in lynn. matthew scialdone is charged with possession of oxycodone. he was one of four people arrested by lynn officers wednesday for involvement in a drug transaction. it is alleged he was off duty at
6:36 am
an internal affairs investigation is also underway while he is on leave. 5 on the opioid crisis. the number of fatal drug overdoses in new hampshire is being revised. and it' s not promising news. the state medical examiner now says 420 people died last year. fentanyl is to blame for 157 of those deaths. 385 of the fatal overdoses were caused by an opiate or opioids. emily: concerns ahead of super tuesday. randy: the group saying they' ve been disenfranchised in salem. and a sweet surprise for an ohio woman. the birthday treat from kids, who love seeing her on their way home from school. emily: and ahead in news to go, new details on the alleged drunk driver accused of
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olessa: a live look outside. traffic does not look too bad. accident-free this morning.
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wind chills. the feel of winter with us the next couple of days. a chilly start to your weekend. by sunday, back into the lower 50' s. we could see rain, not snow, next week. >> a very special birthday surprise. doris vehar waves to the school bus everyday. on her birthday, the kids wanted to do something special. they made cards, and sang happy birthday. doris says she cried, she was so happy. and she plans to continue the tradition as long as she can. emily: brockton police stepping up to lend a helping hand. 42-year-old reyland olid' s bike was stolen when he got robbed at knife-point last week.
6:41 am
to and from work. his story caught the attention of officer rosie vasquez-browne, who stepped in to make sure he had a ride to and from his job in stoughton, on thursday the two met up at wal-mart where the store had agreed to donate a new bike to olid. randy: concerns about fake service dogs. the scam getting the attention of some lawmakers in maine. and a radioactive vault, at the site of a proposed shopping center. why it' s not an issue for the developer. plus, steph curry sets a record. the impressive new stat for the golden state warrior. eyeopener continues.
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t they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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emily: ready for your news to go. we are tracking overnight developments on the shooting in kansas. randy: cindy tweet did something very interesting. cindy: it has been very warm. it is almost the end of february.
6:45 am
second warmest winter on record. these are the numbers here. the average temperature to date, 37.2. that ties us here is the warmest winter season on record. you know our records go back to the late 1800s. it has been warm. cold and -- cold air stacked up to the north and west. the frontal boundary did bring in clouds. today is going to be a brighter day, but the wind will be active. 35, boston. the wind is gusting over 30 miles per hour.
6:46 am
s on average. clearing out overnight. the wind has settled down and we will be down in the teens to 20' s. this area of high pressure slides down to the south. upper 30' s are our highs. olessa: volume on the southbound side. on the pike, 15 from 495 to 128. volume picks up once again as you approach the leverett connector.
6:47 am
randy: the danvers teen convicted of murdering his teacher at school is about to s frank courthouse, frank an emotional day for the victim' s family. s loved ones, including her parents and best friend, are expected to talk about young danvers high school teacher and how they feel about it. chism cannot get a mandatory life sentence for his conviction because of a landmark supreme court ruling on juvenile sentencing. however prosecutors want him sentenced to at least 50 years in prison before he' s eligible for parole. the defense is asking the now 17-year-old be eligible by 40-years-old. newscenter 5 will be in the courtoom. you can watch live on our wcvb mobile news app. erika: the death toll after another deadly shooting rampage this time in kansas could grow as many of those hurt have
6:48 am
when a gunman, driving through hesston kansas, took shots at people seemingly at random before opening fire on his co-workers at a local lawn mower plant. police identified the shooter, who was killed by responding police, as 38-year-old cedric ford. they say he was armed with an assault style long gun. he doesn' t appear to have terrorist ties. a local official says he was known to authorities and the sheriff says some things triggered ford. no motive has been released. >> civil rights leaders will meet with us attorney carmen ortiz as they push for a federal investigation into what happened here at boston latin there have been calls for the headmaster to resign after students claimed she ignored allegations of racist incidents at the prestigious school. but this morning headmaster lynne mooney teta says she' ll stay on the job and work to improve the culture at boston latin. teta tells the herald there' s no one more committed to improving the learning environment here at
6:49 am
a city investigation found the the vast majority of the incidents. emily: boston police are searching for this man accused of robbing people with a kitchen knife. police say the man has gone after at least two people near the chinatown t stop, in the middle of the day. neither victim was hurt. investigators say the suspect is missing teeth. anyone who recognizes him should contact boston police. the weymouth man charged with drunk driving when he struck a pedestrian had already been asked to surrender his license. he was unable to stand during a sobriety test. randy: a florida-based circus operator is fighting back against a fine over this deadly tent collapse at a new hampshire fair. a 41-year-old man and his
6:50 am
in the collapse in lancaster last august, which happened during a powerful storm. federal safety officials proposed more than $33,000 in fines against walker international events, after finding several safety hazards. emily: state lawmakers in maine are searching for ways to stop people from calling their pets service dogs. maine law identifies a service animal as a dog individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of a person who has a disability. emotional-support animals or companion dogs are not considered service animals under maine law. lawmakers say too many people are trying to skirt the law and that hurts people who have a real need for a service animal. randy: latino voters in salem are voicing their concerns over the upcoming election. voters met with the city council to address recent allegations of harassment during the last two elections. call to action fliers were passed out before the meeting, urging people to show solidarity
6:51 am
city clerk cheryl lapointe says she is committed to ensuring that election day runs smoother. emily: candidates gearing up for the massachusetts primary on super tuesday. a new wbur poll is finding the 2 democratic candidates in a very tight race here at home. hillary clinton ahead of senator bernie sanders by just 4%. both will campaign in south carolina today. voters hit the polls for the democratic primary in that state tomorrow. the u.s. military is launching a new effort in the fight against isis. that includes stepping up cyberattacks against the group. they' re targeting the militants' ability to use social media and the internet to recruit fights ers and inspire followers. other attacks could also include attempts to stop insurgents from conducting financial or logistical transactions online. randy: the pentagon plans to send dozens of special operations advisors to nigeria' s front lines, to combat the terror group boko haram. the deployment would push american troops hundreds of
6:52 am
take part in combat. the plan needs approval by the defense and state departments. emily: the nevada governor eyed as a potential nominee for the supreme court says he' s not interested. in a statement, republican governor brian sandoval says he does not wish to be considered as the obama administration' s nominee, at this time. the nomination has been a hot topic between democrats and republicans following the death of justice antonin scalia. randy: a tractor-trailer speeding down a missouri highway side-swipes a police car during a traffic stop. you can see the trooper walks to his car. the truck slams into it just seconds later. if he had still been outside he would have been hit. but, the trooper was not hurt. the truck driver was issued a citation for violating the law requiring drivers to move over when they see an officer stopped on the side of the road. the vermont state senate has given final passage to a bill
6:53 am
marijuana. the bill allows possession of up to one ounce of pot for residents of the state. it now goes to the house, but it' s unclear right now if it will pass. emily: apple is asking a judge to vacate the order from the fbi to unlock the phone of one of the san bernardino terror suspects. in court documents, apple says the fbi is seeking dangerous power that could have disastrous consequences for digital privacy. last week, the government ordered apple to help unlock the phone. randy: the city of manchester, new hampshire is preliminarily signing off on a plan to build a shopping center on land once used by a light bulb factory. but there is some concern because a vault packed with radioactive material is buried on the site. the developer disclosed the issue to the planning board saying he planned to put a parking lot over the area where the vault was buried. emily: the celtics show off some fancy moves at the garden against the bucks. they looked more like the harlem globetrotters last night. up by 18 at one point in the third but milwaukee got it back
6:54 am
the celtics hit some clutch -- had some key shots and the celtics hold on to win, 112-107. warriors guard steph curry tops an nba record. curry finished the game last night with this impressive half-court shot, and set a record by scoring a three pointer in 128 straight games. he had 51 points in the win over the magic. that is his third 50-point game this season. he' s the first player to do that since lebron james and dwayne wade in the 08-09 season. randy: check out this photo from the international space station. this is an aurora over earth. nasa tweeted the photo after the space station passed over the green lights. emily: a first for the northeast' s tallest peak. professional cyclist and native new englander tim johnson has become the first person ever to ride a bicycle up mt. washington in new hampshire during winter. and he made great time. johnson completed the 7.6 mile
6:55 am
minutes and 48 seconds. randy: he is the first do it, but a lot of us have thought about it. olessa: friday light. this is what we like to see. cleared an accident by harrison boulevard. expressway 25 from braintree to boston. one disabled car here 93 southbound. once we get past it, the volume is nonexistent until you get to spot pond. trains and buses running on schedule. cindy: look at how pretty it is out there this morning. a few clouds out there. temperatures in the mid-30' s. look at the wind out of the west.
6:56 am
per hour over boston. 20' s elsewhere. this is what you want to dress for. temperatures, 27, worcester. at freezing and plymouth. the air is cold or to our north and west. even though we have the sunshine, temperatures do not change much at all. sun and clouds through lunchtime. wind chill no higher than the teens and 20' s. a cold start your weekend. lots of sunshine on saturday. more cloud cover with milder temperatures on sunday. mid-50' s by monday.
6:57 am
no snow insight here as we round out february. tied for the second warmest winter on record. emily: i am ok how do you reimagine "banking"? you start with this... pthen you make it...
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someplace more relaxed. pwith free wi-fi and banking advice... without all the "double talk." pand checking accounts with no minimums... or fees. pthen you design a top-rated mobile app that makes banking as easy as this. that's banking reimagined.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, deadly shooting. >> the gun was strapped to him. he was ready to go. >> the chase to stop the rampage. four killed. more than a dozen injured. what we're learning this morning about the gunman and the hero cop who brought him down. fireworks at the gop debate. >> this guy's a choke artist. >> donald trump targeted from all sides. >> if he builds the wall the way he belt trump tower he'll be using ill immigrant labor to do it. >> rubio rune looking to make it a two-man race overnight. is it too little too late with super tuesdays away? marco rubio joins us this morning. a bombshell in court. the shocking video that erin andrews never wanted anyone to see played in court for the jury. the "dancing with the stars"


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