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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  February 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at noon. emily: -- erika: thank you for joining us. i' m erika tarantal. emily: and i' m emily riemer. right now at noon, and suv driver trapped after crashing into a house. the homeowner asleep inside. new information about what may have triggered the deadly mass shooting at a kansas lawnmower parts plant. the shooter was served with a
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opened fire. >> the world is a much darker place without colleen in it. emily: an emotional day in court for family and friends of danvers high school teacher colleen ritzer. her killer being sentenced today. erika: nine of the people closest to her are delivering heart wrenching victim impact statements. newscenter 5' s frank holland was in the courtroom. he joins us now. frank: friends and family sharing their deep pain, wearing pink in honor of colleen, and demanded justice from the judge. >> i hate coleen' s killer and will never forgive him. frank: angry and honest words from the still grieving family of coleen ritzer. >> put this animal behind bars for the max possible sentence. >> you picked the wrong family to mess with, and we will never stop fighting. frank: her parents and siblings sharing their pain at the sentencing for phillip chism. her mother in tears, sharing the final picture of her 3 children
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>> rifle -- life will never have the same joy and happiness. there will always be the empty seat. time does not lessen pain, just strengthens it. frank: the now 17-year-old sitting just feet away. chism, convicted of raping, robbing, and killing the danvers high school math teacher in 2013. >> no one knew what evil sat in her classroom that day. frank: ritzer' s loved ones wearing pink in her memory. >> who could do this? what kind of evil could exist for this life to be taken from us ? frank: during their statements, they refused to mention chism by name. but their minds on justice and their heartbreaking words about a killer who took a bright life too soon. >> watching the person who did this to colleen have nowhere maurice in the slightest is more than any family should have to endure. >> you must imprison this killer for the rest of his life. he must never be free to hurt anyone again. frank: the judge will now decide philip chism'
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life without parole is not an option because of a landmark ruling in juvenile court. on your, online, and on our mobile app. erika: thank you. a startling wakeup call for a west bridgewater homeowner when an suv crashes right into her living room. newscenter 5' s kelley tuthill is live at the matfield street home. kelley, the driver was actually trapped under his suv. injured. damaged. they are working on repairs now. sleeping. fortunately, she was not hurt. bridgewater man was driving too fast on matfield street when he slammed into a house around 6:30 this morning. lt. victor flaherty: went was airborne when he hit the airborne. he was ejected through the driver side window. then the vehicle came down on
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eckstrom was asleep in a rear first floor bedroom. her son heard the call on a police scanner and came right over. john eckstrom: she was in bed , and she was scared to death. got a car that flies 30 feet in the air and into your house i , imagine it makes quite a noise. kelley: the fire department used these airbags to lift the suv off the driver. still, it took more than 20 minutes to free the driver and get him to a medical transport helicopter. he may face charges. lt. victor flaherty: everybody is in a hurry to go nowhere. two days. people are not paying attention to doing one thing at a time. kelley: as you look live at the repairs underway to the home, the man was taken to the brigham hospital. police believe the driver may have been stocking on his -- may have been talking on his phone. emily: thank you.
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cindy: just like we have seen time after time this winter. spring again. this guy is, but temperatures have been the story is the wind. it is sustained north-northwest. it is gusting over 30 miles per hour. an active wind making it feel colder. 28 is the windchill in boston. it feels like the teens through worcester county. cold air has been coming out is from canada all morning. we have a front crossing the area. there has been some lake-effect snow to our west. we have the absence of cloud cover in this hour. i expect sunshine the rest of the afternoon and clear skies this evening. temperatures dropping below the freezing mark in boston with
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tomorrow, another below average day in the 30' s. here is our warm-up coming in. back in the 50' s starting sunday. erika: thanks. right now, the sheriff investigating the deadly shooting rampage in kansas says an order of protection was served on the gunman just 90 minutes before the attack. 3 people were killed and 14 hurt, many with critical injuries. the suspect has been identified as 38-year-old cedric ford, an employee at excel industries, a lawnmower parts plant where the , majority of the shootings happened. police say he was armed with an assault-style long gun and targeted people seemingly at random as he drove to the plant. then, once he got there, he walked in opened fire on , coworkers, and then on responding police. >> everyone was saying there was an opening shooter. a gentleman -- i guess his name was added he got shot.
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erika: an officer was finally able to take ford down inside the building. police say ford doesn' t appear to have terrorist ties. he has a number of past convictions in kansas and in florida. the details of the order of protection that may have triggered ford have not been released. emily: a maynard firefighter is facing child rape charges. the case against james macgillivary dates back to 1991. macgillivary was placed on leave earlier this month when the allegations surfaced. he has been a maynard firefighter since 1986. right now, this massive fire is under investigation in newport, rhode island. an historic mansion destroyed after flames ripped through the bellevue avenue home. stonor lodge, a nine bedroom, 11-bath home, was under some construction. that mansion estimated to be worth $3 million. it sits right in the historic section of the city, filled with mansions that are popular with visitors. erika: a weymouth man charged with drunk driving when he allegedly struck a pedestrian had already been ordered to surrender his license. that is according to our
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thomas mohan was arraigned from his hospital bed wednesday. he was unable to stand during a sobriety test following tuesday' s crash. the registry of motor vehicles says mohan was ordered to surrender his license by march 4 for another crash in weymouth earlier in the month. right now, boston police are searching for this man, accused of robbing people with a kitchen knife. police say the man has gone after at least two people near the chinatown t stop in the middle of the day. luckily neither victim was hurt. , investigators say the suspect is missing teeth. anyone who recognizes him should contact boston police. emily: producers of the mark wahlberg project focused on the boston marathon bombings want to film at umass dartmouth. location scouts for the mark -- university for permission. tsarnaev was a sophomore when he and his brother set off two explosions at the race finish line, killing three and injuring more than 260 people. after.
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leaders and u.s. attorney carmen ortiz is being rescheduled. the group is pushing for a federal investigation into racial tension at boston latin. headmaster lynne mooney teta says she' ll stay on the job and work to improve the environment at the school. there have been calls for her resignation after students said she ignored their claims of a number of racist incidents at the prestigious school. teta tells the "herald," quote, "there' s no one more committed to improving the learning environment here at boston latin school than i am." a city investigation found the school acted appropriately in the vast majority of the incidents. commitment 2016 now. democrats in a very tight just days before super tuesday. hillary clinton ahead of senator bernie sanders by just 4% in massachusetts. in south tomorrow. but -- marci: on the debate stage in
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cruz pouncing on republican front-runner donald trump. marco rubio: you' re only person on this stage that' s ever been fined for hiring people to work on your projects illegally. you hired some workers from poland. donald trump: no, no, i' m the only one at this stage that' s hired people. you haven' t hired anybody. ted cruz: marco is exactly right, that a federal court found donald guilty of being part of a conspiracy. to hire people illegally. and entered a $1 million judgment against him. marco rubio: if he builds the wall the way he built trump towers, he' ll be using illegal immigrant labor to do it. donald trump: so cute. such a cute sound bite. marci: today, the jabs continuing. rubio on "good morning america." marco rubio: he' s a con artist. he consistently tells people that he' s out there fighting on their behalf. but he spent 40 years sticking it to the people he now claims to be fighting for. marci: trump firing back on twitter, calling rubio "mr. meltdown." but political analysts say the attacks aren' t likely to impact trump' s lead.
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could hurt donald trump is if in the aftermath of the debate some , of the allegations that they made and attacks they made stick over the next 3 days. marci: hillary clinton on msnbc' s "morning joe today" saying it appears trump will be the republican nominee. but that she is focused on her own message. hillary clinton: break down the barriers so americans and potential. s what i care about. marci: clinton leading in the polls here in south carolina as bernie sanders travels here today, trying to rally last minute support ahead of tomorrow' s democratic primary. sanders started today in minnesota already looking ahead , to super tuesday. marci gonzalez, abc news. columbia, south carolina. >> major supermarket chain. shoppers. and ice jams causing a major mess.
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cindy: the winter chill with us soon. [laughter] >> and laugh your way into a better day. fun activities to improve your
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at noon. erika: a tractor-trailer speeding down a missouri highway side-swipes a police car during a traffic stop. watch as the trooper walks to his car. the truck slams into it just seconds later. he walks from the car. if he had still been outside, he would have been hit. but, the trooper was not hurt. the truck driver was issued a citation for violating the law requiring drivers to move over when they see an officer stopped on the side of the road. emily: the u.s. effort in the fight against isis. that includes stepping up re targeting the militants' ability to use social media and the internet to recruit fights -- recruit fighters and inspire followers. other attacks could also include attempts to stop insurgents from conducting financial or logistical transactions online. apple is now asking a judge to company to help the fbi unlock the phone of one of the san
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in court documents, apple says the fbi is seeking dangerous power that could have disastrous consequences for digital privacy. the company says code to unlock the phone is a form of protected speech, and that is protected by the constitution. erika: unions covering stop and shop workers say their contract with the supermarket chain expires on saturday at midnight. the united food and commercial workers say the two sides are still very far apart on some key issues. the unions are expected to vote on new contracts this weekend, with strikes possible as early as sunday if they are rejected. tom brady getting ready for another fight over deflated footballs. three federal judges will hear the nfl' s appeal in the case next week. you' ll remember, last year, a lower court overturned brady' s four game suspension over the scandal. the appeal hearing is set for thursday in new york city. emily: crews in franconia, new hampshire are cleaning up the mess after a half-mile long ice jam forced evacuations. that ice jam came across plantation road, tearing up most
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homes, some surrounded by as much as 6 feet of water. a neighbor captured this video on his drone. residents say they' ve never seen anything like it before. >> the power in what was happening was crazy. you could feel it. you could feel your feet shaking, the ground shaking, the house shaking. emily: officials say the moving ice destroyed 75% of the road. >> ice jams are usually a march-april thing. think about our weather t hough. that will change this weekend. >> another warm weekend. >> the last weekend of february. >> i like it, but it is weird. cindy: up and down this month. yesterday was 60, so certainly we are a degree in half above february.
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and december -- that is meteorological winter -- typically get around 31.3 degrees as an average temperature. these are the warmest winters on record. we are in the number two spot with an average temperature of 37.2 degrees in boston. going down in the record books as the record snowiest year last year. you touch all the days we have touched or surpassed 50, we have had 33 of them in boston since december 31. last year, we only had nine. this year, most number of 50 degree days in boston. 31 is all we are sitting at in worcester. 39 in boston. a cooler day. it looks really nice out there. blue sky. loads of sunshine.
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even though we have 39, it does not feel like it. the wind sustained at or above 20 miles per hour. gusts above 30 miles per hour from boston until plymouth on the coast. what it feels like out there is still just the teens in the worcester area. it feels like seven in pittsfield. towards lawrence, 20 seven is what it feels like. it feels like the 30' s on the cape with temperatures closer to to the west, there has been lake-effect snow -- that will not bother us. we have really quiet weather with mainly clear skies. cold air is still pouring in. temperatures will top out where they are now. if you' re going to head out this evening, look at the windchill. it feels like be 20' s now. by 6:00 this evening, it will feel like the teens, even in boston. we are looking at lowe' s in the
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s on cape cod. pressure is in control. saturday. sunday, a more southwesterly wind will take hold so that the temperatures will take up again. saturday is brighter but colder. highs again in the 30' s to around 40 degrees. similar to today. not as much wind overall. the southwest wind will a bus out more sunday. s. sun and clouds with partial sunshine overall. the southwesterly wind will even chew a bring in a couple of showers per the bulk of the moisture is in northern new england. we are looking at a spot shower. that is about it. mid-50' s ahead of the front. around 50 degrees behind it. not much of a cool down. i the time our next more
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in, it will likely bring rain s. headed towards the end of february and still no snow insight -- in sight. >> thank you. antibiotic-free chicken to its menu. the company claims it beat out its fast-food rivals to become the first major chain to make the change in all stores. the antibiotic-free sandwich will be available next s announced a similar move a year ago but is still working on implementation. many fast food companies have committed, in recent years, to selling cleaner ingredients. [laughter] emily: the old adage laughter is the best medicine really is true. especially when it comes to fighting winter woes. erika: yes. there are all kinds of different ways to tap into that kind of humor. and the health benefits are baked. amanda hoffman: i say i' m funnier because of it. >> amanda hoffman can' t say enough about her improv comedy class.
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>> they know plenty about laughter at boston' s improv asylum. their training center offers 6 levels of classes. i was told paisley is my thing. >> on your wedding day? >> the students benefiting from something very real. laura malloy: laughter actually decreases cortisol in our bodies, which is a stress hormone. >> and it increases happy endorphins says laura malloy, a certified laughter yoga teacher at massachusetts general s benson-henry institute. laura malloy: very good, very good. yay. >> typically taught in a group, i got a one on one. laura malloy: we' re going to re so stressed out that we want to cry. [sobbing] [laughter] >> pretend laughter often can' t generate a genuine giggle. no matter. laura malloy: your body doesn' t know the difference. health benefits. >> our student amanda has going amanda hoffman: i definitely
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, and glowing. an improv glow. erika: a perk about taking a class at the improv asylum? you get to go free to their shows. and they have shows every night. coming up, could a unicorn really exist? it might look like it. we will tell you what happened when this path and creature escaped. t the wall street banks meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. is bought and paid for,
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that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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erika: a tiny unicorn on the loose in california. emily: this was no fairytale. take a look. this is juliette. the pony and her fake horn help make a few dreams come true. pictures with small children. five-year-old tatum says juliette got spooked and ran off wednesday, prompting some in testing -- prompting some interesting calls to police. helicopter with heat seeking radar, to track her down and bring her home. tatum boos: she got a timeout because she was being a bad pony. >> even with a time out, it was a happy ending for all. reunited.
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i lost a unicorn. >> i spotted a unicorn. >>ma' am, stop thanking us. >> here we are rounding out february. march begins tuesday. temperatures coming up into the 50' s. we are going down in the record books this winter, one of the warmest. >> thank you and thank you for
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>> welcome to movie week. in honor of the oscars, we' re playing our game today with some of the biggest movie fans in the country, and it' s showtime. let' s play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] hello, everybody. i' m chris harrison, welcome to the show. are you guys ready to keep playing millionaire movie week? [audience cheering] this has been an absolute blast. our returning contestant is a high school teacher who' s inspiring a new generation of movie buffs. from watertown, massachusetts, give it up for dave weintraub. hey, dave, welcome back. >> hey, great to see you again. >> good to see you, as well. >> all right. >> well, you' re doing great, and by the way, we' re gonna jump ahead, ' cause you have three lifelines remaining. >> yeah.


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