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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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s start with the jack harper the courtroom he' s live in salem, jack? >> the family had to go through this terrible tragedy, and then they went to the process of all the terrible testimony. today the impact statements. tonight, another disappointment. >> i lost my beautiful little girl. i lost my daughter come my friend, someone i can go to for anything. >> we were told to be good, kind, and loving people. in a matter of minutes, that evil took it all away. >> she shows the last photo of all of her children. >> it was supposed to be three children in the picture. it was always supposed to be three. there will never be three again. >> nothing from the killer, philip chism, no emotion, no remorse, prosecutors favoring two consecutive life terms.
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>> the judge will impose concurrent sentence of 40 years and 40 years of one day. >> it means chisholm may be eligible for parole 40 years after the murder, 38 years from now. colleen richards father will always be haunted by the evidence video, the killer in the hallway just behind his little girl. >> you could tell she had no idea that anything was wrong. she was not concerned, scared. she did not know anything was wrong. i want to tell her on the video to stop and go back, don' t go into the bathroom. killer. >> thank you. the ritzer family speaking publicly right after the sentencing, saying they are newscenter 5' has their powerful reaction, juli? >> a ruling that was made after chisholm committed these crimes
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they said the sentencing is unacceptable and hope that the law will be changed. >> >> we are disgusted and personally offended. >>the trial is over, but the hardy continues for family and friends of colleen, raped and killed by chisholm. chisholm was sentenced to 40 years in prison, then becoming eligible for parole. >> we are devastated but trade with the inability to give three consecutive life sentences without the eligibility for parole. >> two months after their daughter was killed, the court decided that juveniles who commit heinous crimes cannot be sentenced to life without parole. the district attorney says this decision redefines justice for families like the wristers. -- >> they will sit a parole hearings and relive the most devastating events of their
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>> they said that as they age the burden of those hearings will fall on colleen siblings. the siblings made it clear that their voice and colleen' s voice will be heard every future parole hearing. >> we pledge to apply the same vigor for life the colleen demonstrated every day to writing this moral wrong. -- righting this moral wrong. >> once available, he could appeal for parole every four years. ed: from salem, up in the air. live sky 5 over breaking news traffic is backed up for miles on 93 south after a serious car crash in canton. newscenter 5' s john atwater is live at the scene, john? >> they' re just starting to tell this car. all of the damage, the card with to the guard rail.
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that car not seriously damaged. the driver of this car was taken to the hospital by midflight. -- medflight. boston. one maybe two lanes of traffic getting by, but investigators and a half. it looks like they might be able to open some more lanes of this highway once they get they are putting it on the tow investigation. >> breaking news in the race for the white house. new jersey governor chris christie has endorsed gop frontrunner donald trump. that powerhouse endorsement also a surprise from the former one presidential candidate. it comes hours after trump was the target during last night' s gop fiery debate.
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head-to-head, side-by-side, donald trump getting a surprise endorsement from a former opponent, chris christie. >> there is no question that this is the person who will go to washington dc and be able to absolutely turn the place around. we don' t need any more washington politicians. >> trump defending his decision not to release tax returns and brushing off attacks from marco rubio, who went after the front runner last night. >> you know anything about bankrupting for companies? starting a fake university. >> and continued on the trail today. >> what we are dealing with is a con artist. he is a con artist. >> some political analysts speculate it is too little too late. >> the only thing that can hurt donald trump is some of the allegations they made, the attacks, stick over the next three days. >> days out from super tuesday ,
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focus is on south carolina. the hillary clinton then bernie sanders busy campaigning here ahead of tomorrow' s democratic primary. the schedule is jampacked in south carolina for all the clintons, while sanders started in minnesota, looking ahead to super tuesday. new at 6:00, governor baker reacts to today' s news. ed: the u.s. military is launching a new effort in the fight against isis. officials say they are stepping up cyber attacks against the group. they' re targeting the militants' ability to use social media and the internet to recruit fights -- recruit fighters and inspire followers. it also includes efforts to prevent the group from distributing propaganda and videos. an extremely close call in west bridgewater this morning when an suv crashed into this home. the driver was ejected from the car. no one inside was hurt. newscenter 5' s jorge quiroga is live in west bridgewater tonight . jorge, no charges have been filed?
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construction crews have started to repair the extensive damage done to this house. the 73 you' re sleeping early in the rear first floor bedroom when the suv went flying into her house. her son who works for the town heard the call on the police scanners. >> she called me and i was halfway here. >> the living room wall crushed. >> is like the house blew up. that sugar right out of bed. >> the 25-year-old driver with the lengthy driving record ejected the vehicle. >> he was ejected to the driver came down on top of him. the man' the fire department using one of off the driver. a medical transport helicopter
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police believe speed and other factors that play. >> everybody is in a hurry to go nowhere. we have had two houses hit in two days. speed is not a factor in the other crash, but people are not paying attention to doing one thing at a time. jorge: the driver' s name has not been released, but faces serious charges. a few minutes later, and this could been a real tragedy. there is a school bus stop right next to this house. >> a live look at the city of boston. s not. temperatures stuck in the 30' today. announcer: but mike wankum, another warm-up is in our future. then we warm things up. to 20' s and 30'
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you factor in the wind out of the northwest, gusting to 31 miles per hour in boston now, and the windchill index is in the teens and 20' s. temperatures keep dropping, skies are clear. the wind will diminish a little bit. still breezy out there and tomorrow, but not nearly as windy as this afternoon. tonight, boston 20, inland dropping into the teens. then we turn things around tomorrow. cold, warming up close to 40, clouds coming in, but wait until you see sunday. 50' s are not out of the question. ed: a maynard firefighter will have to stay away from children under the age of 16 and wear a gps monitor after he faced a judge on child rape charges today. bail was set at $15,000 for james macgillivary. prosecutors say the incident involving a nine-year-old boy happened in 1991. macgillivary was put on administrative leave from the fire department and a termination hearing is set for
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heather: leaving the job. re calling this and am up goal agreement. he' s accused of breaking into the home of a teenager just florida and was trying to reenroll. guilty because there was no the house. ed: the vermont state senate has given final passage to a bill legalizing recreational marijuana. the bill allows possession of up to one ounce of pot for it' s unclear right now if it will pass. heather: months after a new hampshire prep school graduate was convicted of sexual assault , i knew forum is being planned. he was 18 years old at the time, sentenced to one year, but remains free pending appeal. saint all school is planning a symposium for june on adolescent
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sexuality, and social media. school leaders and experts will take part. next at 5:00, the investigation into that deadly shooting rampage in kansas. ed: what police have learned about the gunman and the one reason investigators say he didn' t claim even more victims. >> incredible video out of guam tonight. the plane that made an emergency landing without all proper equipment. ed: then at a pennsylvania man 5:30 p.m., arrested accused of attending school daily, even making the honor roll. how his scheme was busted. announcer: the 10:00 news on metv boston, the people you know. the reporting you trust. now at 10:00. check your program guide for
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>> back over the scene of a serious car crash, route 93 southbound. backups during the evening rush. you can see that traffic is backed up for miles. this happen at 3:30 p.m. this afternoon. it still looks terrible. i helicopter called in to take one victim to hospital. an active investigation underway. ed: right now the search continues for answers in that deadly shooting spree in kansas. police working to determine what motivated shooter cedric ford. what they do know is he had a long arrest record. >> one day after the latest mass shooting left three dead and 14 injured, the sheriff in kansas says there is one reason why the gunman didn' t claim more victims. >> the only reason he stop
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>> 300 people inside the factory when cedric larry ford armed with an assault rifle and handgun began firing. >> he was ready to go. >> ford had already shot and entering the plan. ford battle. >> that particular officer is a hero. >> the shooting rampage at ranged across three different locations and six miles, sparked after ford was served with a restraining order at work, 90 minutes before the first shooting. >> really quiet, really didn' t say much. he didn' t look happy. >> these sort of mass shootings take place, but we cannot become numb to this. >> this shooting less than a week after a man opened fire in michigan, killing six. investigators have yet to disclose a possible motive in that attack. maria:
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michigan governor , rick snyder, did sign a bill authorizing $30 million in aid, saying people should not be paying for water they cannot drink. the money will cover 65% of people' s water bill. you will still have to pay for sewage. flint switched its water source and 2014, but did not add chemicals to stop that water. check this out, a cargo making a landing without landing gear. it happened in guam. the asia pacific airlines plane was on a training flight when it happened. there are no reports of any injuries. the airport' s executive manager told the media the pilot gets all the credit for the outstanding job landing the plane. ed: he did do an outstanding job. were talking about windchill. >> this is windchill' s right now.
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it' s got a be chilly tonight. the wind will be dying down. that is the good news. that me show you what it looks like, beautiful, but our camera is sitting up there 600 feet in the air. it gets bounced around by this win. -- this window. northwesterly wind at 21, windchill index of 24. a pocket of cold air this weekend, temperatures in the 30' s tomorrow. out to the west, you see warmer air. down to the south, that will come rolling in sunday. it will be a big temperature turnaround from saturday to sunday. saturday will look beautiful, sunday will feel better. temperature change for the past
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some places like lawrence, 20 degrees colder than what it was yesterday at this time. i bake temperature change in the last 24 hours. welcome to spring in new england. the general trend is for warmer temperatures. wind chills, they die off through the overnight, when chills stay down because they temperature is dropping. the wind diminishing tonight, not quite as biting. overnight lows, teens , holding on to 20 degrees. tomorrow, 40' s, some in the upper 30' s. south shore, 40 degree mark. notice what happens sunday into monday, back into the 50' s. temperatures warming up dramatically. as far as the cape, stuck in the
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the next couple of days, 40' s on sunday, 50 on monday, so you get to enjoy the warmth. 50 degree readings, it' s interesting when you look at the statistics. we will warm up over the next couple of days. this year so far, we have had 33 degrees -- 33 days of this winter with temperatures of 50 degrees. last year, we only had nine in boston. only three in worcester. in the average year, we usually only get a dozen. so we are three times above normal on the 50 degree days. let' s see if we can get some more. i think we will. sunday, monday, 50' s. tuesday, march comes in. tomorrow, cold start, 38, windchill index with a bite to it in the morning, then improves towards the afternoon. 50' s on sunday. monday has a straight sharp.
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it is a hit or miss shower. tuesday clears out, drops a couple of degrees. best chance for rain on wednesday. you have to wait until wednesday next week before the rain arise. otherwise those the temperatures heading into march. ed: have you decided what you will wear for the oscars? >> close. heather: ed: hollywood is getting ready for the big night. the 88th annual academy awards is two days away. up next, a former top model criticizing , the harsh word from cheryl takes. ed: on the men, how this out got a second chance at life thanks
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ed: the final countdown underway right now to oscar sunday. maria: brandi hitt is in l.a. she gives us a cheat sheet of everything we need to know before the big night. >> the red carpet is out, final preparations underway for hollywood' s biggest night. the 88th annual academy awards. >> i feel so lucky. >> eight films nominated. the revenant leaks the pack with 12 nominations, including leonardo dicaprio. >> i am a fan of film. >> cate blanchett is competing against brie larson, jennifer lawrence, shards rapidly, and sear sharon in. >> many anticipating what meaning ladies will be wearing. >> it' s a great way to express what' s happening on the inside.
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preparing more than 50 dishes doughnut recipe. >> a little bit of raspberry liquor, and then we flame them. >> final rehearsals underway for chris rock. job. it is anybody' i' diversity controversy. acting nominees are white. the spotlight shining bright on who will be and won' t be walking the red carpet. when it comes to oscar fashion, you can expect some moments from the presenters. heather: you can watch it all right here sunday night. coverage starts at 7:00. >> yeah, let' s sto art building
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ed: men of a certain age can quote every single one of his lines actor tony burton has , died. you know him as duke, apollo creed' s trainer in the rocky series who later joined rocky' s corner for fights against clubber lang and drago. the 78-year-old had been suffering from health problems for about a year. sadly that kept him from seeing the oscar-nominated creed this fall. all the insiders say rocky will win for best supporting actor. maria: i hope so. he was great. new tonight a popular car seat is recalled. ed: the important information for parents new at 5:30 p.m. plus, a former school gym teacher facing charges tonight. the person he posed as online to get inappropriate photos of young girls.
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announcer: this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30 p.m. ed: breaking news at 5:30 -- a judge sentences teen killer philip chism to 40 years in prison, but will be eligible for parole in 40 years. that decision bringing outrage from the family of colleen ritzer. maria: a serious car crash on route 93 south in canton creating a major rush hour traffic nightmare on a a friday. med-flight helicopter was needed, shutting down the
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the backups stretch from boston to milton and beyond. ed: and we' ve just heard from the watertown manager who tells us a movie based on the marathon bombing will not film there. producers of "patriots day" had wanted to re-create the shootout with the bombers in the neighborhood where it happened, but now say they will look for an alternate location. the weekend is getting off to a cold start. it may look good but -- maria: it is not. it is pretty cold. mike: it will get a lot better on the time we get to sunday. tomorrow is a transition day. gorgeous evening going in our direction but the temperatures are in the 20' s to 30' s. that is not bad but then you factor in the wind. it is howling from the west, northwest. 31 mile-per-hour wind gusts in boston. one hour ago, it was 40 miles per hour. it is in the teens and 20' s. tomorrow, the wind will not be
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we warm temperatures up maybe a couple of degrees warmer than today. the big warm-up starts moving in on sunday. it has a price. rain eventually. i will have a timeline on the rain arrival in a few minutes. ed: a former manchester, new hampshire gym teacher faces new charges tonight in connection to a child pornography investigation. maria: kristen carosa from our sister station wmur tells us new documents say this teacher posed online as a girl to solicit pictures from a student. kristen: paul johnson-yarosevich, a former manchester elementary school gym teacher, was arrested in 2015 by manchester police for posing as a girl online to get a student to send him pictures of herself. the young girl' s father reported that his daughter was being contacted by someone online. investigators say the girl did share inappropraite pictures of herself. at the time, johnson-yarosevich, who' s from maine, was charged with a felony count of prohibited use of computer


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