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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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we warm temperatures up maybe a couple of degrees warmer than today. the big warm-up starts moving in on sunday. it has a price. rain eventually. i will have a timeline on the rain arrival in a few minutes. ed: a former manchester, new hampshire gym teacher faces new charges tonight in connection to a child pornography investigation. maria: kristen carosa from our sister station wmur tells us new documents say this teacher posed online as a girl to solicit pictures from a student. kristen: paul johnson-yarosevich, a former manchester elementary school gym teacher, was arrested in 2015 by manchester police for posing as a girl online to get a student to send him pictures of herself. the young girl' s father reported that his daughter was being contacted by someone online. investigators say the girl did share inappropraite pictures of herself. at the time, johnson-yarosevich, who' s from maine, was charged with a felony count of prohibited use of computer
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to attempt to seduce, solicit, lure or entice a person. parents at the school were notified and the district cooperated in the investigation. now, nearly a year later, johnson-yarosevich is facing more than a dozen charges, including distribution of child sex abuse images. according to court documents, johnson-yarosevich knowingly sold, exchanged, or otherwise transferred visual representations of a minor engaging or being engaged in sexually explicit conduct. court documents say the pictures were sent out through facebook in december of 2014. school officials placed johnson-yarosevich on unpaid leave last year and now no longer employed. ed: that was kristen carosa reporting. the teacher will be back in court in may. maria: right now, boston police are searching for this man, accused of robbing people with a kitchen knife. police say the man has gone after at least two people near the chinatown t stop in the middle of the day.
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investigators say the suspect is described as missing teeth. if you recognize that person, you are asked to contact boston police. investigators are still on scene tonight after this massive fire mansion. no word yet on what caused the flames on bellevue avenue last night. it is stonor lodge -- a nine-bedroom, 11-bath home -- and was under construction. the mansion, estimated to be worth $3 million, is now destroyed. ed: brockton police stepping up to lend a helping hand. 42-year-old reyland olid' s bike was stolen when he got robbed at knife-point last week, losing is only form of transportation to and from work. his story caught the attention of officer rosie vasquez-browne who stepped in to make sure he had a ride to and from his job in stoughton. on thursday, the two met up at walmart where the store had agreed to donate a new bike to olid. that is getting it done. maria: nice job. a high school student in pennsylvania arrested.
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being a high school student. the story behind one adult' s efforts to pass as a teen, going as far as making the honor roll. maria: rescuers work to save a woman stuck in a chimney at a texas home. the crime she was committing that she will now face charges for. ed: a former top model blasting "sports illustrated" tonight. why she says using a plus-sized model on the cover is inappropriate. taking a live look at traffic right now. the sun is going down and the traffic is at a snails pace. we can look through the areas. virtually red everywhere. down south, major drive times. upper deck to 128 will take you half an hour. 92 is 21 minutes. slow to the tolls that up 495.
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95 looks pretty good in both directions.
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ed: in new jersey hospitals reaching out to 200 patients who may have been exposed to hiv, hepatitis b or c. it is the south shore medical center. a former employee tempered with drugs between june 2013 and september 2014. letters have been sent out to 213 people. the former employee has been charged. dow chemical now says it will
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class-action lawsuit over price fixing, all because of the death of supreme court justice antonin of supreme court justice antonin scalia. dow petitioned the supreme court to reconsider the judgement, but the company says the now equal split between conservative and liberal justices increases the chance for an unfavorable outcome. maria: a 23-year-old man is now behind bars, accused of posing as a high school student to stay in the united states. police in pennsylvania say a ukrainian man name artur samarin was posing as a high schooler that he called asher potts. they say samarin enrolled as a freshman four years ago using a social security card. parents say they are were five by the discovery. >> i mean, you have beautiful schools in this school that are under age. you have basically a grown man in here misrepresenting himself. maria: he has a 4.1 gpa, was inducted in the national honor society active in student , government, represented his
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board and volunteered at the food bank. a woman is now facing charges after she was pulled from a chimney in texas. food bank. that is when she called 911 in a home near houston. it took rescuers a few hours to reach her. she had some scrapes and bruises. she told deputies she was trying to get inside the vacant home because she was cold. trying to get inside the vacant home because she was cold. ed: tonight, proof that laughter really is the best medicine. maria: laughing your way into a better day. two programs improving your health and your frame of mind. ed: land' s end apologizing to customers tonight. the item in the spring catalog that has the retailer caught up in controversy. mike: it is cold now, but as the weather pattern changes heading back to the 50' s, i will show
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike t they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] v all come to look for america v all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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maria: macy' s is changing its coupon policy. the retailer will no longer accept coupons for clearance items. they will alley -- only apply to full price and sale items. clearance items will still be discounted, but the store will cut costs on the price tag, not at the register. macy' s says the change is an effort to make shopping easier for customers. a popular car seat recalled tonight because of a potential hazard. evenflo is recalling 56,000 transitions three-in-one combination booster seats. they were made from december 2014 through january 2016.
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loosen the internal harness, increasing the risk of injury in a crash. the company says the problem only affects the seats when they' re used as forward-facing harnessed boosters. evenflo is notifying owners and will send a kit with a new seat pad and front adjuster assembly. ed: a medical breakthrough that will give some women a chance at pregnancy. surgeons in cleveland say they have performed the nation' s first uterus transplant. the cleveland clinic says the nine-hour surgery was performed on a 26-year-old woman, using a uterus from a deceased donor. we' re expecting to hear more about the procedure next week. a warning for parents -- an outbreak of so-called super lice is now in 25 states including massachusetts. super lice is resistant to the chemicals used in most over the counter treatments. health officials say you really do have to get in there and pick the lice out of your child' s hair. the best advice is to teach your children to avoid sharing hats and hairbrushes with their friends.
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memory loss. researchers say obesity has a negative effect on part of the brain involved in memory, learning and decision making. how vividly a meal is remembered can make a difference in how hungry a person feels and how likely they are to reach for a treat later in the day. [laughter] maria: the old adage "laughter is the best medicine" really is true, especially when it comes to fighting winter woes. newscenter 5' s erika tarantal shares with us some unique ways to add a few chuckles to your day and get some stress relief. >> i say i' m funnier. erika: amanda cannot say enough about her improv comedy class. >> it is incredible. erika: they know plenty about laughter here. the training center offers six levels of classes. the students benefiting from
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>> it decreases cortisol in our body which is a stress former. erika: did it increases happy endorphins, according to this teacher at the benson henry institute. >> very good. erika: typically taught in a group, i increases happy got a one-on-one. >> you will want to cry. now laugh. erika: pretend laughter often turns into the real thing. can' t generate a genuine giggle, no matter. going through the motions helps. >> your body does not know the difference. erika: amanda has coined the feeling. >> happier and glowing. erika: you get to go to as many improv asylum shows as you want. they have shows every night. ed: erika is my new hero.
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here during commercial break and listen to ed. mike: is it gentlemanly to say happy birthday to a lady? happy birthday. mari sing. ed: here is mike with the weather. mike: you will not sing for us, ed? on with the weather. not a cloud in the sky. a year ago, we had snow, but now there is no snow to speak of. this is kind of payback for what we went through last year. the wi has been going out of the northwestnd and across the great lakes. typically, we see this earlier in the winter. why now? it is because the great lakes have not gotten much ice. it has been too mild. as of today, the great lakes has 11.8% of ice covering them. last year, 85% were covered and
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was low. that is why it has been incredibly mild winter for us. for boston, we are now at number two, the second warmest january -- december, january, february we have every had. we could go to number one with some of the temperatures we have towards sunday. 35 degrees tonight. northwesterly winds -- 21 miles per hour. you step outside and it is cold. we have the cold air in here for today, tonight, tomorrow and then you will see warmer air sneaking around the edges. that will come in as we talk about the sunday forecast. tonight, clear and cold. the wind will diminish a little bit. tomorrow, sunny but a little bit of a chilly breeze. not as that is today. 36 to 40 degrees for the high temperature.
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high pressure drifts its way eastward and you get return flow. that means mild air moving in. there are no big storms. all we are going to be talking about is warmer air moving in. maybe some more clouds but overall it will be nice. the next seven days -- there will be a breeze tomorrow. a bit of the windchill. here' s how it looks in the early morning and then the afternoon. windchill index improves a little bit -- in the. 20' s the winds not as gusty as this afternoon. sunday will be mild, 52 degrees on average. some places possibly getting more. maybe just a few degrees cooler with a southwesterly breeze. monday, a chance of showers, spotty showers. there might be a sprinkle with it which pushes the mild air kind of out of the way because it is not that cold behind the front. tuesday, 50 degrees and sunshine. we will do even better on
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on wednesday, i have rain coming in. this has more rain than monday. it will drop some rain anywhere between half an inch to one inch is possible. wednesday is a wet day. behind the system is a shot of colder air. that is what we finish off thursday and friday cool and breezy. 42 will be the high temperatures and then 38 on friday. that may seem cold, especially when the days in front are in the 50' s, but for this time of year it is normal weather. we are not supposed to be in the s so enjoy what we are not supposed to be having this february compared to last year. maria: thank you. it' s a west coast trend come east. high school senior portraits with a fashion forward edge. "chronicle' s" shayna seymour says photographer mallory parkington is bringing the glam to portsmouth, new hampshire. shayna: there is a huge market right now for this age group.
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there are girls that really want to have this supermodel experience. shayna: we are talking hair, makeup and, of course, -- >> i love this look together. this came from the warehouse downstairs. with these shoes and look at this -- this is gorgeous. team, on hair, makeup, are working to bring this concept to the east coast. she is thrilled to step up her senior pictures. >> i think this is amazing. i have never had full makeup and hair done before. getting to pick up clothing is fun. shayna: mallory believes everyone should feel beautiful at least for a day. >> it was not until i had my daughter that i realized that yes, i am beautiful. looking beautiful and feeling
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different people. for the girls that i' m photographing, they really are looking for that beauty moment. everyone has an inner model. sometimes it takes the hair and makeup to bring it out and show them. this is you, you are beautiful. maria: also tonight, meet an instagram superstar, a local woman with a gift for getting celebrity selfies and go inside the millennium tower project. it happened yesterday in hawaii. 23-year-old john florence was the winner and the youngest champion ever. conditions are so specific for t been held in six years. the rules say waves must be 40
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and the swells have the power to last all day. they did yesterday. this next story starts out like a bad joke, but it' s real. you know the one about the unicorn on the loose in california. it happened. this is juliette. the pony and her fake horn help make a few dreams come true. her job is to pose for pictures with small children. five-year-old tatum says juliette got spooked and ran off wednesday, prompting some pretty odd calls to police. it took them four hours and a helicopter with heat-seeking radar to track her down and bring her home. >> she got in a timeout because she was being a bad pony. ed: she is a cutie. even with the timeout it was a , happy ending for all. maria: it was not a long timeout. an apology tonight from clothing company land' s end. ed: the controversy involving
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the retailer on the defensive tonight. heather: then at 6:00 -- we continue to follow breaking news. colleen ritzer' s family outraged over the sentence handed down to her daughter' s teenaged killer. why they say it' s a betrayal to all victims and their families. also new tonight, the feds raid one of best-known seafood wholesalers in the northeast. they survived a wild ride to the church on their wedding day, and now, they' re being rewarded.
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world. -- ed: rescue at the bottom of the world. dozens on board a grounded icebreaker off antarctica are safe tonight. the ship broke free of its moorings and got caught up on some rocks during a blizzard. 68 passengers and crew were taking part in an expedition out of australia. about half were taken to land, the rest remained on board. the ship is now floating again and undergoing a complete inspection. maria: this year' s historic "sports illustrated" cover featuring a plus-sized model
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former top model. two-time "sports illustrated" model cheryl tiegs says, "i don' t think it' s healthy." she is talking about ashley graham, the plus-sized model who made history by making the cover of the swimsuit edition earlier this month. tiegs also says it' s wrong to glamourize full-figured women and a healthy ways, she says should be smaller than 35 , inches. ed: a catalog controversy tonight involving retailer lands end and feminist gloria steinem. tonight, the company hit with customer backlash after featuring the political activist in its spring catalog. newscenter 5' s emily riemer tells us right now land' s end is apologizing. emily: popular outerwear and clothing company lands and at its wits and. the retailer known for glossy catalogs like this one apologizing for what is inside the new issue. an interview with feminist, journalist and political activist gloria steinem.
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ebook in outrage. they say it was never their intention to raise a divisive or political issue so when some of the customer saw the recent promotion that way, they heard them. they sincerely apologize for any offense. >> it is very clear the it backfired. it is not a stance they really want associated with their brand. emily: angry customers writing you are not family friendly, i feel betrayed. after pulling the interview from its website, they are facing new backlash on social media. a spokesperson for gloria steinman declined to comment. >> what she represents more broadly is women' s rights and feminism. they want to back away from that to avoid controversy. ed: a big change for the producers of a movie based on the marathon bombing. maria: newscenter 5 at 6:00 starts right now.
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ed: outrage after the sentencing of appealing -- teenage killer. heather: the legal controversy and the problem from the victims family. ed: how donald trump picks up the endorsement of a former rival. it is a cool day today, but wait into you see the warm up for sunday. heather: a car fire almost stopped their wedding. now these newlyweds are getting a special gift. announcer: this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. >> i wish i could' ve helped colleen, but nobody knew what evil sat in her classroom that day. heather: powerful words from the mother of colleen ritzer as philip chism is sentenced. the danvers teen who raped and killed his high school math teacher when he was 14 years old getting at least 40 years behind bars. ed: that is when he will be eligible for parole and ritzer' s family says that means their journey for justice is far from over. our team coverage begins with
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at the courthouse in salem. jack: another disappointing day for the family. they have been through a long and terrible ordeal. today, they get the disappointment of the decision they did not like after spending hours of trying to re-create a wonderful life. >> her killer new exactly what he was doing. he never showed any remorse. he is evil and must be punished. >> our lives will never be the same. we will never get a second chance to be with colleen. >> no amount of prison time will be enough. jack: no chance of parole would have helped. instead, the killer who chose and has no remorse, could have a chance of parole in 38 years. she said nothing is the same, even family photos hurt because
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children in the picture. three. jack: tom ritzer remembers feeling different -- desperate going to look for at the high school. months later in court, the evidence -- the video. >> i was walking the halls the killer had used. it makes me sick to know that. it makes me sick to know how and did not help her. it makes me sick. jack: hours later, the call from police. in salem, i' m jack harper. ed: tonight, we are looking at why he has a shot at parole. karen anderson has the explanation. karen: it is because of a ruling from the states highest court just two months after colleen


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