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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  February 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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pam: breaking news, a plane crash under investigation tonight in plymouth. a pilot injured. what we are learning from the scene. reid: two people are dead after this mangled suv crash on the lynnway. the new information we are tonight. mike: changes in the forecast. . warm weather on the way. m pam: commitment 2016: south carolina democrats voting right now in the state' s primary. the new messages from hillary clinton and bernie sanders tonight. announcer: from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at pam: breaking news a crash five. at the plymouth airport. at least one person hurt tonight. reid: newscenter five' s nicole
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with the breaking details. nikole: faa investigators arriving on scene just moments ago. we are going to give you a live look at this accident. you can see the state police and plymouth police, as well as those investigators trying to figure out exactly what caused this crash. a 911 call was received about a small plane crash. when they arrived they found this plane on its roof. the pilot was the only person in that plane. he was transported for serious but non-life-threatening injuries. this pilot was actually taking off.
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faa investigators on the tarmac. live in plymouth , wcvb newscenter 5. >> police say there were no injuries. the airport was shut down for a short time. >> also concerns about the water in maynard after a warning about elevated chemical levels. but people living there say officials waited too long to tell them about the issue. newscenter five' s juli mcdonald is live in maynard tonight. juli? juli: maynard town leaders say there is no urgent threat to people who live here, but pregnant women, infants, and women of childbearing age are more at risk. one pregnant couple is furious they weren' t notified immediately. we have no control over the situation at this point. juli: nate markley and his wife laura are expecting to welcome their first baby at any moment. but they just learned friday that for at least the past two months, the water they'
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drinking in maynard may not be safe for pregnant women and infants. them we' re very upset. -- >> we' re very upset. we' ve taken infant care classes, we' ve been reading all kinds of literature about how to be the best parents we can be. you have that basic expectation as a tax paying citizen that your town is at least taking care of how clean and safe your water is. according to a release on the town' s website, elevated levels of total trihalomethanes were detected in a december water sample. tthms are a byproduct of chlorine disinfection. the message stated no one is in immediate danger, but exposure over many years can put people at risk of serious health issues. them -- >> there' s been correlations to bladder cancer over long term consumption of water that has elevated levels of tthms. miscarriage in the first trimester.
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some birth defects. juli: nate and his wife are also mad about the way they found out through a facebook group that shared a release from the town' s website. no phone calls, nothing in the mail, nor any posted signs. they feel let down by the town. >> my wife is due on monday. there' s not a lot we can do to change how it affects us. we have to hope for the best and hopefully there won' t be any impact. juli: within the past hour the town of maynard has updated that article to include their plan of action. hear from the assistant town manager next at 6. i am juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. pam: a lot of people enjoying the sunshine. mike: unfortunately it wasn' t quite as warm as we have seen. warmer temperatures coming tomorrow. there will be some clouds moving in tomorrow night. you that westerly wind will push that mild air over the top of us.
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close to our daytime high for today. worcester is at 32. this is one of the cooler days we have seen for a while. we also have the strong wind blasts the last couple of days out of the southwest. tonight it won' t be quite as cold. mainly because we have this cloud cover coming in. we warm things up nicely across the area. keep in mind there will be some clouds early in the morning. i will have a timeline when rain will arrive later this week. reid: a special saturday meeting as focusing on accusations of racism at the prestigious, boston latin high school. newscenter five' s sera congi was there as mayor walsh and community leaders talked about the tensions coming to light. mayor marty walsh meeting with community leaders this morning, about the allegations of racism at boston latin. the closed door discussion held
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lasting about an hour and half. it was a productive, very positive. it was a deep dive in terms of the issues. some students at boston latin revealed alleged acts of racism -- >> some students at boston latin revealed alleged acts of racism within the school, a department investigation found administrators did not properly handle one of several incidents, >> -- incidents >> . >> we also recognize and it was acknowledged in the meeting, the district and bls is ill equipped city. >> the headmaster at boston latin has apologized and pledged to do more, but she vows to keep her post despite continued calls for her resignation. s still paramount the removal of headmaster of boston latin school is still on the table, still being actively advanced. sera: in a letter, some local civil rights leaders have formally asked us attorney carmen ortiz to open an investigation. her office is reportedly reviewing the complaint.
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s office would also launch a review, after the meeting, mayor walsh deferred comment to the urban league leaders. do we have issues, yes we have issues but i think that what we' re showing in leadership and spiritual and moral guidance that we' re going to get this thing fixed. sera: the group plans to meet again in another two to three weeks. in roxbury, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. pam: right now, we are learning more about this deadly crash on the lynnway. state police say it happened near blossom street in lynn around 2:30 this morning. investigators say this mangled suv hit a dunkin donuts and then spun back out into the street. 26-year-old salvador quinones and 25-year-old silvia rodas-dugal were thrown from the vehicle. no word tonight on what caused the crash. pam: right now, police are searching for a missing man in waltham. 66-year-old leonard quirk was last seen leaving his home on moody street the night of february 16, authorities say he was walking toward the charles river. quirk is around 5-6 and was last seen wearing jeans, a green
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to call police. reid: commitment 2016 now hillary clinton and bernie sanders going head to head in the south carolina democratic primary today. s top 3 contenders. abc' s marci gonzalez reports tonight from south carolina. marci: primary nights for the democrats in south carolina. >> some good options. ballots today. the candidates are looking ahead to super tuesday, campaigning in texas, minnesota and alabama, confident they are moving forward. >> if all of you come out to and your neighbors and your
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>> and watching the republican race closely, donald trump campaigning with gop rival governor chris christie who endorsed the front runner yesterday. >> the only person creating jobs is the person standing right there. >> the pair focusing their attacks on marco rubio. >> i actually thought ted cruz was a liar that rubio is worse. >> donald trump will never be the nominee of the party of lincoln and reagan. >> just behaving like schoolchildren. >> and clinton went after trump today. he spent half his time insulting people. she is pulling ahead by dibble did -- by double digits. marci gonzales, columbia south carolina. reid: and here in massachusetts, senator ed markey stumping for hillary clinton this weekend. markey and the american federation of teachers led a group of volunteers and supporters in lynn today. they knocked on doors and talked to voters about why they believe
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both clinton and sanders will be in massachusetts this monday. she has stops planned in springfield and boston. sanders has an evening rally also in boston. pam: a tractor trailer bursts into flames after the driver loses control. reid: the deadly crash under investigation tonight. and why police say the victims were all innocent people too close to an illegal activity. pam: and coming up at 5:30, a mountain lion setting up for a lazy afternoon in one family' s backyard. the predator too close for comfort. reid: and we are on top of breaking news a small plane crash in plymouth. it happened this afternoon. the pilot flown to brigham and women' s hospital with serious injuries. stay with newscenter five for updates and get them anytime
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pam: as the funerals begin for the victims of the deadly shooting spree in kansas, we are now learning more about the crime and the suspect. newscenter five' s doug meehan reports on a possible motive and new information on the officer who stopped the rampage. doug: almost 30 minutes of pure terror ending with a gunman marching into a kansas lawnmower factory. an off duty paramedic was one of the first ones inside. >> it was chaos. i mean there were people screaming and yelling. there was people laying on the ground. doug: the shooter? 38-year-old cedric ford? an employee at the factory, excel industries.
5:14 pm
the first shot ford fired inside his workplace. it took just two minutes for cops to arrive. hesston police chief doug racing inside to confront ford in a one-on-one gun battle. >> the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooting. doug: ford and 3 three of his coworkers are dead, identified on friday as renee benjamin, brian sadowsky, and josh higbee. at least 14 people wounded. now we are learning that just 90 minutes before the rampage, ford was served at work with a restraining order to stay away from his ex-girlfriend who alleges he is an alcoholic, violent, depressed, it' s my belief he is in desperate need of medical and psychological help. another former girlfriend now behind bars, accused of giving the ak-47 and glock pistol used in the shooting spree to ford. in court documents, federal agents say when the couple broke up, 28-year-old sarah hopkins had police escort her to pick up
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advising the officers ford was a convicted felon and could not lawfully possess them. then in august, admitting she returned both guns, because ford had threatened her. just one month later, ford posting this video to his facebook page, firing an ak-47. and posting pictures with the guns saying just doing my thing . reid: right now, a street race is being blamed for a deadly crash on a california highway. the california highway patrol says one of the cars involved in the race tried to get around a slower vehicle. but it hit a ups big rig, which lost control and hit another car. the ups driver and the two people in the other car were killed. one of the accused street race drivers was arrested, a second got away. three middle school girls in florida are now charged with trying to poison their teacher. police say the girls put crushed red pepper in the teachers soda. after taking a drink the teacher began choking and experienced shortness of breath. she later discovered the pepper flakes. police say the 12-year-old girls
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was disciplined by that teacher. s on castle sullivan' s which is a staple on castle island has been serving hot dogs, burgers, and ice cream for more than 60 years. this is a change from last year when they opened while there was still snow on the ground. today lots of sunshine. good. not that i' ve ever been there. a beautiful day. the only thing is today was a bit cooler than we have seen lately. if you want to get out and near the water, tomorrow maybe your day to do it. high temperature was 39 degrees, we average only one for a high temperature this time of year. we are pretty close to normal. we have been so warm. we are going to warm things back up again. you can see in bedford it is 37 degrees.
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worcester -- 32 in worcester. whole is at 37. and the cape is close to the freezing mark. at least the wind was down and the sun was up. we are on track to have the second warmest winter ever recorded in boston. and with some warm temperatures coming in, with e-mail flirt with that number one position. it is very warm out there. a few clouds on the horizon, they are going to start moving in tonight. that cloud cover will keep us from keep -- keep us from getting so cold. a windchill index of 29 degrees. speaking of the sunset, tonight the sunset is at 5:31. we are gaining three minutes of daylight right now. two weeks we move forward on the clock. daylight saving time again, that is when the sunset kobe at 6:49.
5:18 pm
starting to see a few thin clouds way off in the horizon. that will act like a blanket and keep us from getting too cold overnight tonight. then we talk about warm temperatures coming in. temperatures into the 30' s, cloud cover out there. they are going to be a lot of clouds around and then the cloud cover goes away. tonight, mostly cloudy skies. not as cold as last night, 28 through 32 degrees. really enjoying that sunshine in the afternoon, 54 degrees. a little breezy conditions, southwest wind at 20 mile per hour. we have the mild air in place for tomorrow. here is a cold front coming at us. looks like it is going to give us a few stray showers. let me break it down in the seven day forecast and show you what is going to be happening.
5:19 pm
talk about that cold front coming through. it is not very organized and most of that rain will be to the north of us. during the afternoon or around lunchtime we will have some scattered showers breaking out. this one doesn' t have much with it. wednesday, this has more moisture with it. at this point it is looking mostly like a rain event. it is possible the system will go by and we may end with a little bit of a mix on the western part of the state. 54 degrees. for friday and saturday i have a chance for some snow. place. however it could sneak its way up to the north a little bit. at this point i would say if we are going to be talking about snow, it is more snow in the cape than of the mountains. reid: 5 investigates exposing elder abuse at the hands of the
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reid: 5 investigates tonight, some are accused of horrible pam: newscenter 5' s kathy curran uncovering the extent of the problem and the questionable punishment. >> he was boxing and hitting
5:23 pm
hear the physical slap. mumbling. >> a heartbreaking case of elder abuse as five investigates, showing a' showing a nurses supposed to be helping. william myerson was nonverbal and suffering from dementia. it all happened inside the walls of a farm framing him back in 2014. his daughter trusted the people here to take care of her dad. that trust was broken by coworker -- too -- who recorded the abuse on her cell phone. >> i will never forgive them. my dad struggled a long time after that. >> here that two
5:24 pm
she flicks the woman' wipes mucus in her mouth. again. to speak with to say. >> don' t you think the elderly deserves compassion and respect? >> it is a lack of awareness by caregivers how to protect and respect elderly. >> this attorney specializes abuse cases. five investigates have discovered in the past five against the certifications of hundreds of cna' abuse, neglect, and misappropriation. but when we checked the public website for the licenses, there is no disciplinary action noted, no evidence they committed any
5:25 pm
they both reached deals with prosecutors admitting they had assaulted elderly patients, but if they complete probation without problem, no conviction will show on their records. according to the civil case, another cna raped a 85-year-old victim. the staff did not bring her to the hospital until the next day. the suspect was fired but never criminally charged. henry hayes turned to a home care agency for around the clock help for his elderly parents. caregiver kristen gonzalez stole more than $30,000 in cash and jewelry. she even stole the family safe after admitting to the crime. >>
5:26 pm
11 days after this happened my father had a heart attack and he died. >> the companies that employed egypt these caregivers tell us they all passed background checks and have proper training. they are prevented from working with the elderly as long as they are on probation, but there is nothing preventing them from retraining to become nurses aids in massachusetts again. pam: there are a few things you can do to protect your loved ones from abuse. take a look at how experienced the staff is at the facility. check the staffing levels and the state inspection reports, which are available online. if the care is in your home, you could consider a surveillance camera, as long as you follow state laws. right now, on the wcvb app, you' ll find a link to check inspections and caregiver licenses. we aren' t top of breaking news. reid: we are live at the scene where investigators learn how
5:27 pm
view. next in the cutting edge.
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5:30 pm
new information. nicole: some scary moments here afternoon. scene. right now. in the grassy area. out what happened here. he was just after 2:30 today. a call by police about a plane crash. when they arrived they found this plane on this roof you the pilot was the only person in that plane. he was transported to brigham with serious but nonlife threatening injuries. we did speak with a witness who describes the moment before this plane crashed. >> the plane was coming in for a go around. he was five feet off the ground. and he was starting to climb really high.
5:31 pm
he gunned the engine' s and it got really loud. one engine had more power than the other, so he flipped. >> one person transported to the hospital, the pilot is the only person on board this plane. investigators are trying to get to what exactly caused this crash. live in plymouth, wcvb newscenter 5. pam: other stories we' re on top of right now, two people are dead after this suv crash on the lynnway. state police say the mangled suv crashed into a dunkin donuts just before 2-30 this morning. it then spun back out into the street. the victims, a 26-year-old man and 25-year-old woman. reid: a drinking water warning tonight in maynard. town officials say a test shows the town' s water exceeds the standards for tthms. the byproduct could cause problems in the liver, kidneys or central nervous system. town officials say the water is
5:32 pm
bathing. pam: boston mayor marty walsh meeting today with community leaders concerned over racism allegations at the boston latin school. a report by the school found all but one incident was handled appropriately. today' s meeting with the urban league was a closed door discussion. the group plans to meet again next month. mike: when that wind was hallowing -- was howling away -- the sky, beautiful clear skies. we have a sunset coming. still a nice night and evening we have going on. if you clouds showing up on the satellite picture. -- a few clouds showing up on the satellite picture. then the mild air come surging in here as we start to talk about tomorrow' s forecast. we still have that southwesterly wind. we had winds of 40, 50. we had wind gusts of over 60
5:33 pm
with a southwestern direction it helps us warm up a bit. ocean water and 40 degrees. tomorrow the wind is going to be from the southwest. if you are in the coastal area it could be colder. what will happen tonight? temperature won' t drop as dramatically as it has the last couple of nights. then we get ready for this warming trend. along with it is some rain. all that coming up in just a few moments. pam: commitment 2016 coverage now, all eyes are on south carolina today where the democratic primary is now underway. hillary clinton is expected to win tonight and wants to use the momentum to pull ahead of bernie sanders on super tuesday. john lornic reports from south carolina. john: democratic voters head to polling stations to cast their ballots saturday. >> i'
5:34 pm
hillary, so we are very excited about her. madam president sounds very good. >> it sounds like this was an easy decision. >> i like that if she is -- that' s why i' m voting for hillary. john: both hillary' s and -- both hill or clinton and bernie sanders try to swing last-minute -- both hillary clinton and bernie sanders tried to swing last-minute voters. >> i voted for hillary, mostly because of her experience and her background. >> sanders is looking to close the gap. >> i' m voting for bernie sanders because of mass in charge -- mass incarceration. with him bringing new energy , i' m voting for him.
5:35 pm
and tennessee have a large percentage of the voters. pam: new hampshire issuing a health alert today. this in response to an outbreak of mumps at st. anselm college in manchester. two cases have been confirmed. three other probable cases have been identified. all are members of the college hockey team and had received prior vaccinations. reid: a cease-fire now in effect in syria seems to be working. there have been several reported violations since it began yesterday, but overall violence is down, according to officials. the u.n. envoy for syria calls the situation quite reassuring. attacks on isis will continue in the country as the terrorist group continues it with a new offensive on a northern town. reid: mexican drug lord el chapo says he' s ready to plead guilty to charges in the united states, but he has conditions. he wants to be extradited and moved to a medium security prison in the u.s. the notorious drug lord has escaped twice from maxium security prisons in mexico. he faces a long list of charges in the u.s., and could be tried
5:36 pm
hampshire. still ahead at 5:30, an arrest tied to a murder for hire plot in florida. pam: investigators revealing how they put the victim' s husband behind bars for the crime months after it happened. reid: plus a close encounter with a mountain lion in a spot better known for the beach. reid: we are on top of breaking r introducing longhorn' s big, bold, steaks. p the only way to make em' better was to make em' bigger. our new center cutr 10 ounce filet. our perfectly seasonedr 16 ounce t-bone. and our fire grilledr18 ounce outlaw ribeye. big, bold, steaks. only at longhorn steakhouse. r you can' t fake steak.
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plymouth. it happened this afternoon, the pilot was the only person on board, and was rushed by helicopter to brigham and women' s hospital with serious injuries. the pilot is expected to survive. stay with newscenter five for updates or you can get them anytime with the wcvb app. reid: the husband of a doctor brutally murdered inside the couple' s florida home has now been arrested in her killing. pam: newscenter five' s doug meehan explains what led to his arrest. doug: a shackled mark sievers, expressionless. >> mark, did you do this? doug: as he was taken to a south florida jail for allegedly planning the murder of his wife teresa last june. >> no emotion there. not 100% sure he has blood in his veins. i think it might be ice. doug: in court documents, investigators say mark hired two men to break into the couple' s florida home and kill the beloved doctor? one of the men arrested just after the murder, curtis wayne right, now changing his plea to guilty and cooperating with the investigation, accepting a sentence of 25 years just days
5:40 pm
home. >> we were after mark sievers, we got our man, and we' re happy for that. doug: according to police, for months, investigators have been poring through conversations between seviers and wright, often using code words on disposable cell phones. >> these folks went to great lengths to cover their tracks. we had investigators in multiple states. doug: mark seviers attorney declining to comment, but lawyers for curtis wayne wright telling abc news the alleged accomplice is deeply sorry for the pain and lifetime of suffering that he has caused? and his decision to plead guilty will hopefully begin to answer many questions and bring closure to the family of teresa sievers. reid: abercrombie and fitch is on top of a list of the most hated retailers in america. the company scored the lowest on the american customer satisfaction index for the retail industry. it is the first time abercrombie and fitch has appeared on the list. walmart scored just one point
5:41 pm
ranked low among department stores for nearly 10 years. pam: a close encounter with a mountain lion, for a photographer in malibu. this video was actually shot on super bowl sunday. the lion was hanging out in the photographer' s back yard for a while, looking right at him several times. the lion has a tracking collar and state officials say it spends most of its time in the santa monica mountains east of malibu. another place to stay. pam: after a cool day today, we' re looking to warm up again for the rest of the weekend. mike wankum has his forecast next. >> the celtics hoping to extend
5:42 pm
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micha: 37 degrees but it doesn' t feel that cold. pam: look at that sunset. mike: we are adding three minutes of sunlight each and every day. a gorgeous sunlight. winds out of the southwest at 70 miles per hour makes it feel like it is 29 degrees when you step outside. boston, very close to the high for today. everyone got above zinc, but not very far. and as we look down the road, we have warm air coming in.
5:45 pm
70' s out there. next four days. speaking of 50 degree weather, this year we had three degrees -- we had 33 days this winter where we were above this mark. it was so cold and snowy last winter. in worcester we averaged about degrees. and already this year 26 times above that. we are way above. it looks like we will add a couple more. a few clouds trying to build in here. overnight tonight there will be a blanket of clouds moving in. and that helps keep our temperatures from dropping real fast. tonight it won' t be nearly as cold. you see what happens, here' s is
5:46 pm
as a get later in the morning, cloud cover starts to break up and eventually we are back in sunshine and temperatures warming nice into the 50' s. a few upper 20' s, low 30' s, and tomorrow we rebound and get the temperatures warming up, we are going to see high temperatures like this. you are going to stay that way for the next three days. there may be a few showers. tomorrow, about 52 degrees for a high temperature, sting pretty to the 50 degree mark. maybe cooler with the slight there. the next three days stay really nicely into the 50' s and there are those showers showing up again. what happens around the cape when you are surrounded by water? you don' t get to the 50' s but still upper 40' s, nobody can be complaining about that.
5:47 pm
s in most spots. coming through. this is a week cold front. a few showers. heavy rain by any means. the temperature is just too warm. wednesday we have more rain coming in. this one has more punch to it. we will tap into some cold air on the back side. we may see some wet mix in the western part of the state. temperatures start to cool down. then we start to talk about a system up along the coast. this will be moving its way on friday. snow. a lot of questions we have to worry about on this one, how far it will stay to the south and
5:48 pm
we may have a bit of wintry weather toward the end of the week. you are going to enjoy springtime cap -- springtime temperatures with readings into the 50' s. >> now sportscenter 5. bob: big game at the garden celtics and heat in a battle for , third place in the east. , celtics beginning the day with a 1-game lead over miami and a -- and this one was played with some intensity. the celtics off to a slow start. they go to a 9-0 run. turner with a big game off the bench with 14 points. celtics trailed by three at the break. the celtics gradually took control of the game. that was underhanded in a good way. the game was 82-82.
5:49 pm
s smart, sending the ball up ahead to jae crowder. that' ll give the celtics and 11 point lead with two minutes to go. the c' s win their 10th straight at home. it felt like i broke my knee, is what 1 -- what young red sox lefty ed wardle rodriguez said today and he admitted to being scared when he fell down fielding fly balls. but, after i got up again it felt normal, are also words he said. a lot of guys back from last year with a mix of newcomers, so camp tranquility is camp get to know each other. so far the clubhouse by his professional and relaxed. >> it is a better five in the clubhouse. we have a lot of goodbyes -- lot of good guys in here. the new additions we are able to
5:50 pm
and keeping the guys we already had impact. it is a good mesh and we are already pretty deep. >> you like to go with a squad that you feel like is really trying to make moves and really have the opportunity to get out there and win. i feel like they put the pieces in place to where it is really on the players now to go out there and perform. the sky is the limit. >> the competition committee has had the sentience about it. all the owners have to do is put player safety ahead of making money, which they may be finally willing to do. they certainly tried at a brazil open. these are rescue dogs. you have for basketball'
5:51 pm
have for redox chasing -- you have furry dogs chasing tennis balls. >> thank you, bob. it looks like a child' s toy but is actually cutting edge imaging technology. pam: mike wankum introduces us to the local invention helping first responders searching
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developed out of a tragedy. reid: a local company has created a unique camera the size of a ball that can give first responders a look inside places mike wankum has tonight' s cutting edge. it may look like a childs toy, explorer. it' s a throwable camera. the original idea came out of the haiti earthquake in 2010. rescuers were trying to find survivors. but there was no easy or safe way to get inside the collapsed buildings. robots were expensive and unavailable so bounce imaging was founded. >> my brother, who is the ceo was frustrated by that and thought there should be a easier way to find out if someone was down there. mike: carolina aguilar, still a graduate student at mit, and her brother, working with engineers in costa rico and norway thought explorer would be used for disaster response urban search and rescue, but police soon came calling. >> we were surprised, the vast majority of those people were police departments. and not just swat teams. regular
5:55 pm
do really high level operations. >> potentially there' s a hostage situation down here. i could throw it down the hallway. what' s behind the corner. rich breault' s lightspeed manufacturing builds the throwable camera in haverhill. it has 6 cameras inside. it streams a live 360-degree video feed.the unique part is that it stitches the video from all those cameras together sending back a seemless image, no matter which position the ball ends up. so the pictures coming from this ball can be sent to virtual reality goggles. first responders can look around the room and see exactly where everything is located. down the road the team hopes to develop tactical throwable cameras for very specific needs. >> for fire departments we' ll have a fireproof one. for nuclear clean up we' ll have radiation sensors. mike: it costs about $1500 and
5:56 pm
it is really neat because you can look around and see where everything is. we are hearing a lot from that company for years to come. you' re going to enjoy getting out on this one, tossing the ball a written -- the ball around a bit. we have a few spotty showers. tuesday' s cooler a little bit. most of the rain is going to be on wednesday. i know you' re seeing snow in the forecast. right now there are still a lot of question marks. we will see if that happens, but something to keep in mind as we had friday and saturday. read: parents can spy on their teenagers. thanks. still much more news to come tonight. pam: we are on top of breaking
5:57 pm
that plane on its top tonight. newscenter 5 at 6 starts in two minutes.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
reid: breaking news, a pilot injured in a plymouth plane crash this afternoon. what we are learning from the scene tonight. mike: warm air is set to make a comeback. the mild temperatures on the way. pam: a water warning in one massachusetts town. the concern centered around a chemical byproduct and who is most at risk. announcer: this is wcvb newscenter 5 at six. pam: we continue to follow breaking news at 6:00, a small plane crashing at plymouth airport. emergency crews rushing to the scene. the pilot, hospitalized in boston at this hour. good evening i' m pam cross. reid: and i' m reid lamberty. the investigation already underway. and our nicole estaphan is live in plymouth with breaking developments.
6:00 pm
: -- nicole: i' m going to step out of the shot here and show you what is going on. you can still see state police, plymouth police, and the investigators write off the runway here, right behind those vehicles is where that plane is on this roof top at that hour. it was just after 2:30 that a 911 call was made about a small fixed wing plane crash. when they arrived they found this plane on its roof. according to police the pilot was the only person in that plane. he was transported via helicopter for what they call serious but nonlife threatening injuries. witnesses we spoke with described moment before the plane crashed. >> the plane was coming in for a go around. he was about five feet off the ground. he was starting to


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