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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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courage to see "the revent." the bear. >> that's what's mak randy: good morning. it's monday, february 29. emily: i'm emily riemer. stories we're following on the eyeopener right now. a fallen virginia police officer remembered in her new england hometown. the tribute planned today in new hampshire. randy: arming campus police at a major boston university. the meeting today ahead of a controversial change. emily: a big test for candidates this week. the events here in massachusetts ahead of super tuesday. and where both sides are throwing punches. chris rock: is hollywood racist? you're damned right hollywood is racist. randy: no holds barred for oscars host chris rock. addressing industry racism at the awards show. and the actress hoping for
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emily: we'll get to all those stories. first checking in with cindy and your forecast. a mild morning. cindy: it is the last morning of meteorological winter. it sure doesn't feel like it out there. 43 degrees right now but the wind is active out of the south-southwest. sustained 14 in boston and sustained 15 in worcester. you'll notice the wind kicking up as you head out the dpoor. look at these temperatures. one of the colder spots is worcester at 39. otherwise 40's up on the north shore, beverly. south shore, plymouth we're at 45, hyannis this morning as well. a very mild start with mainly clear skies for now but off to the west you can see there is a frontal boundary. a little strip of showers. this is actually working in our direction so we'll start out with some sunshine this morning. late morning we get into the clouds. for a couple of hours, they will be brief passing showers midday into the early afternoon. notice the temperatures coming up into the 50's before those showers arrive. timeline. by lunchtime right around the worcester area and then they tend to weaken and fall apart a
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not a big deal with these showers. they will be hit or miss but just enough to dampen some of the roadways out there. we'll talk more about the rest of the week and what's coming up in just a few minutes. let's get you out to the row. brennan. kevin: good morning to you. good morning, everybody. we're off to a pretty good start early on. dry roadways to start the morning. we're looking pretty good so far downtown on the leverett down ramp. the zakim bridge are picking up work crews on the lower deck. coming out of the somerville stretch. that is causing some slowdowns early on this morning. let's quickly go to the maps here. you will see those slowdowns coming down on to 93 out of somerville swords the zakim bridge. work crews already in the process of picking up there. lane closure inside the callahan tunnel. good to know if you're heading on toward the airport early on this morning. work crews in the process of picking up on the mass pike. both directions between the airport and the allston/brighton tolls. emily: thank you. this morning flags are at half staff as a community prepares to pay tribute to a police officer, gunned down during her first shift. ashley guindon was killed in
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friends call new england home. the eyeopener's erika tarantal is here with the plans to honor her sacrifice. erika: randy, emily, good morning to you. officer guindon grew up in graduated from high school there. with a moment of silence in her memory. assigned to the pentagon is behind bars on murder charges. police say he shot and killed his wife, then opened fire on officer ashley guindon after she responded to the domestic violence call. in merrimack, guindon's high school principal remembered her yearbook quote-- "live for something rather than die for nothing." >> on her very first day in that field, she a kid who gives her life to community service has her life taken away on the very first day. it's just not right. erika: guindon became a marine after graduation. she was sworn in as a police officer in virginia on friday. two other officers were also injured in the shooting. guindon was born in springfield.
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randy? randy: other stories we're following right now. chelsea police are trying to unravel a deadly mystery. alex perez was found dead on the sidewalk on cottage street sunday morning. police are calling it a suspicious death. they spent several hours inside and outside of 83 cottage street. but they've said little about what they believe caused perez's death. emily: a domestic violence suspect is hospitalized after being shot by police in dartmouth. it happened yesterday afternoon as officers responded to an incident between a mother and a son at a home on dartmouth street. investigators say 23-year-old ryan kuphal charged at police with a knife. when a taser failed to stop him, he was shot. kuphal listed in stable condition this morning. randy: worcester police are on the look-out for a van involved in a violent hit and run. a man and woman are seriously hurt after that van backed over them and then took off. it happened outside a flea market on quinsigamond ave yesterday.
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hospitalized. a man has been released. witnesses say they saw a brown or gold minivan leaving the scene. emily: right now a controversial move is up for debate at northeastern university. arming campus police with semi-automatic rifles. the eye's doug meehan is live at boston city hall with the steps being taken today. doug: the decision to upgrade officers' weapons came last year. but the boston city council wants to hear from the public today before any changes take effect. the school says it's a move to try and make campus safer for students and staff. but not everybody is happy about the idea. some city council members say northeastern doesn't need the rifles, and boston police officials have said in the past that the weapons are not necessary. northeastern would join more than 60 campuses across the country with police forces that have rifles. the school says the tactical weapons would only be used in case of an emergency like a
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that hearing gets underway right live outside boston city hall, diug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: new this morning. passed his u.s. citizenship test his brother attacked the boston marathon. new records released to" "the boston globe" show the elder tsarnaev swore his allegiance to the united states at the federal building in boston. he also denied any links to terrorism. the released documents also include information about ibragim todashev. he was killed by an f.b.i. agent in florida while being questioned about tsarnaev. the documents show todashev applied for a green card twice and was denied, partly because of missing information about a road rage incident in boston. emily: commitment 2016. the countdown is on to super tuesday. and today, the campaign trail winds through massachusetts. republican john kasich will hold an event in plymouth tonight after a rally in springfield yesterday. democrat bernie sanders will be in milton and hillary clinton will hold an event in
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boston. both sides of the race turning their attention on donald trump, who in an interview yesterday failed to denounce former ku klux klan leader david duke. trump: there is no place in the conservative movement for david duke, the ku klux klan or any sort of hatred or bigotry in america. >> we need to be whole where all of us have a place, where everybody feels like we're all in this together. duke's support. he also received a key endorsement yesterday from senator jeff sessions, the first sitting senator to back trump. randy: the mbta will debate fare hikes at a meeting today ahead of a vote next week. that's as the agency is expected to announce cuts to its massive deficit. the "t" says it has cut its projected deficit by 43-percent. that allows for about $100 million to be put back into repairs and winter preps.
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fares by an average of 10%. a lack of diversity addressed at the oscars. emily: the message to hollywood this morning. the spotlight turns to boston this oscars season. the underdog win for a groundbreaking story. randy: a baby's life spent almost entirely in a hospital. what she needs now for a chance at childhood. cindy: we have warm temperatures to close out the month of february, but we will cool back down later this week. the timeline on that and when we could see some showers this week. it's ahead p it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. z most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics r where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. p my campaign is powered by over
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people like you rwho want to fight back. p the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. r i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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s big, bold, steaks. pthe only way to make em' better was to make em' bigger. our new center cutr 10 ounce filet. our perfectly seasonedr 16 ounce t-bone. and our fire grilledr18 ounce outlaw ribeye. big, bold, steaks. only at longhorn steakhouse. r you can' t fake steak. r for lunch, try our steakhouse burger ror any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. randy: she's been fighting for
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born. emily: now, 10-month-old portia faces her biggest challenge-- staying alive until she can get new lungs. she's already endured eleven surgeries, including procedures to repair her heart, remove her colon, and save her eyesight. but her primary health issue-- pulmonary vein stenosis. the rare condition causes veins carrying blood from the lungs to the heart to narrow, even close. it can be deadly. her parents are moving to boston from denver for specialized care at children's which other hospitals don't offer. >> we don't know fully what her condition is but at the same time we understand there's a lot of hope still. >> she's a fighter. that's all there is to it. emily: the only long-term cure right now is a double-lung transplant, extremely rare for infants under a year old. children's hospital in boston has performed just two in the past six years. still ahead this morning, apple gains big support in its battle against the f.b.i. randy: the moves expected this week from both sides on the privacy debate.
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oscars. the wins for best actor and actress, and the film boasting the most awards this morning. p it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. z most new wealth flows to the top 1%.
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by corrupt politics r where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. p my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you rwho want to fight back. p the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. r i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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randy: got a theme going on here. we're looking at each other going, wait a minute. i thought i had that color exclusively. emily: send a memo to each other. randy: monday morning and here we go. a beautiful weekend. cindy: hard to believe it's february right now. the last day. leap day.
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emily: does that mean anything for us? no? cindy: no. randy: reaching. emily: i was. cindy: but it felt like spring for a while-hasn't it? my goodness. the past week or so we've had a lot of days above the average. for the month of february going down in the books nearly two degrees above average. and you look at all the 50-degree days we've had just this winter. it's been record-setting. typically we get 12. last year we only had nine. look how many days we've had at or above 50 degrees since december 1 in boston. 34 is the record. 27 in worcester. we're going to add on one more of those today. we're going to be up in the 50's once again. not as warm tomorrow. we're down in the 40's. look at this on wednesday. we're headed up into the 50's again. a little up and down the next few days. temperatures very mild out the door. a lot of 40's showing up right now. it is 43 degrees in boston. we've got mid 40's on the cape right now. same deal up in beverly. over the next 12 hours, we'll quickly jump out of the 40's
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late morning but notice bringing around 1:00 or 2:00 i think there is the chance of just a couple of showers popping up across the area. they're going to be few and far between. we're starting out with clear skies. sunshine for a while this morning. the sun is up just before 6:30 cold front. out ahead of it it's a fairly narrow ribbon of showers. crosses our area. behind the front, we go from 40's and 50's back down into the 30's so that's why tomorrow is today. but we'll manage to jump up well into the 50's. in fact, nearing 60 in a few spots around taunton and up through the merrimack valley. lawrence, 58. about 56 in boston. and close to the 50 degrees with a gusty southwesterly breeze for you on the south coast and the cape today. through about 10:00 this morning it's dry out toward the berkshires we'll start to see those showers reaching the worcester area by about lunchtime. and then as this whole area of showers presses toward the coast, it does fall apart a
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this afternoon, especially down along the south coast and the cape you could catch a brief passing shower. those will be moving on out and the skies clear back out tonight. we'll fall back into the 20's to near the freezing mark by tomorrow morning. still colder out the door tomorrow. high pressure briefly settling on in. then we watch this next storm system. this will approach as we get into wednesday morning. and that's when we are going to see more widespread showers coming in across the area on wednesday. you can break things down for you here on your search-day forecast. tomorrow not as warm in the 40's but a good amount of sunshine. it's tuesday night into wednesday that we watch that next slug of moisture coming on in. notice around midnight, this is first thing on wednesday. there could be just cold enough for a little bit of freezing rain to develop here through northern worcester county. i expect that to quickly go over to rain. look at the heavy downpours before the sun comes up on wednesday morning. lingering for the morning commute on wednesday. and then as we get toward lunchtime and into the afternoon we'll dry things out.
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middle of the week. behind this system, that is when we start to cool it back down. thursday. only in the mid 30's, near 30 on friday. watching a storm that looks like it will be passing by to our south. but some of the computer models have been trying to bring that closer to us. we'll watch it. right now looks like we'll miss out on that storm. temperatures. kevin: looking pretty good. dry roadways to start. a little rain. cindy: a couple showers. no big deal. kevin: a live shot of the mass pike in heading towards the allston/brighton tolls. we picked autopsy over the overnight work crews between the allston/brighton tolls and the airport. we picked up some of those ramps as well. downtown, 93 those work crews have picked up heading into downtown as well as inside the callahan tunnel. south of town the expressway is wide open this time of the morning. you're looking pretty good. take you 11 minutes or so braintree to boston.
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routes 3, 24, 95 okay. picked up that work crew here. 24 north approaching 93. no other troubles out to the west. routes, 3, 93, 95, a great ride for you early on coming out of new hampshire heading down towards 128 and beyond. if you're taking the trains all lines are starting the morning on schedule. emily: thank you. technology companies are backing apple against the f.b.i.'s push for the company to unlock a terror suspect's iphone. more than 25 major tech companies, including google and verizon, are filing briefs this week to block the u.s. government's demand. families of victims are filing briefs in support of the government. randy: your economy headlines. this morning 10,000 stop & shop workers may be preparing to walk the union voted to authorize a strike yesterday. they're at odds with the supermarket chain over health care, pensions, and wages. there is no date set for a strike, and both sides are still negotiating. emily: a check of the markets
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officials at the g-20 summit in china. right now, stock futures on wall street are lower. that's after closing a strong the dow down 57 points to randy: china is set to undergo major layoffs. lay off 1.8 million coal and steel workers. that's about 15 percent of the country's workforce. china's premier tells u.s. treasury secretary jacob lew that the reforms are an effort to shrink the bloated industries. no timetable has been released of when the layoffs would happen. chris rock: is hollywood racist? you're damned right hollywood is racist. emily: controversy at the oscars. host chris rock not wasting any time before addressing a lack of diversity in the nominations. the comedian took shots at everybody-- hollywood, the academy, and even a group of nearby protesters led by reverend al sharpton. but the issue is no joke to many actors, including boston's xiomara pique hart. she admits most of her audition calls are based off of her
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but she's hopeful for something more. >> i think because of the changes, we're going to see other things happening. i'm actually very optimistic. emily: rock's monologue ended with a message of inclusion. he says actors of color just want the same opportunities as white actors. randy: trending this morning, the big oscar wins. it was an underdog victory for "spotlight" in the best picture category. the movie focuses on the pulitzer prize-winning "boston globe" investigation into the clergy sex abuse scandal in the catholic church. emily: after years of anticipation, leonardo dicaprio finally takes home an oscar for best actor. he won for his performance in "the revenant." dicaprio has been nominated in the category five times since 1993. brie larson took home the award for best actress for her role in "room."
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nomination. randy: a big night for-- you heard it-- "mad max: fury road." the movie took home six awards-- costume design, film editing, makeup and hairstyling, production design, sound editing, and sound mixing. it was nominated for 10 awards total. the celebrities accepted more than than just awards last night. emily: the prize they received for giving back. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00. overnight reaction from hollywood on "spotlight"'s upset win at the oscars. the response just in on the
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randy: good mor ning. it is 4:54. time for your early "news to go." emily: sentencing is expected today against the new york man convicted of murdering an ipswich restaurant owner. cheng sun was found guilty of first-degree murder in the 2011 death of tony woo. woo was found beaten and stabbed at his restaurant. his family is expected to give impact statements in court today. a quincy woman will stand trial on wednesday, facing the same charges. randy: iraqi officials say the death toll has risen to 73 people after two suicide bombings in baghdad. isis has claimed responsibility for yesterday's attack. at least 112 people are still in the hospital this morning. 5 more are missing. emily: falmouth police are looking for a vandal accused of shooting at cars and homes. the suspect or suspects are damaging property across the town. police say they're using a bb-gun or airsoft gun to break windows. if you have any information,
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department. randy: a smoke detector and a father's fast response may have saved a family from a burning home in marblehead. that father was woken up yesterday morning by the sound of blaring smoke detectors inside the willow road home. he was able to get his wife and two kids out as flames shot from the upper floors. no one was hurt. the cause is under investigation. emily: the investigation continues into this small plane crash at plymouth airport. the pilot was the only person on board at the time of the crash on saturday. he was seriously hurt, but his condition is unclear this morning. he was practicing a training exercise called a "touch and go landing" when he crashed on the grass just feet from the runway. randy: an elderly pennsylvania man lands his plane into a tree and survives. 87-year-old herbert bartell reported trouble just after takeoff. the engine began to sputter, and he lost control. he tried to do a u-turn but plunged into a tree. bartell managed to call 9-1-1 and waited four hours while rescuers figured out how to get
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he suffered minor injuries. emily: the bruins get on the board first against tampa bay at the garden. but the lightning struck after that. they take the next four goals all unanswered. 4-1 the final. the win snaps a tie between the b's and the lightning for second place in the atlantic division. randy: and the red carpet rolls for oscar night in boston. the ellie fund's 20th annual red carpet gala at the fairmont copley plaza. our own doug meehan and danielle volmar served as emcees. it was put on by our kelley tuthill and former anchor newscenter 5's susan wornick. the proceeds go to the ellie fund which provides support to hundreds of patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer. chris rock: reach into your millionaire pockets and i want you to buy some of my daughter's girl scout cookies. randy: it happens here at newscenter 5.
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deep pockets there. chris rock held a fundraiser of his own at the oscars last night. he helped his daughter's girl scout troop sell cookies. and they were popular with the celebrity crowd. the girls sold more than $65,000 worth. emily: incredible. randy: i'll have thin mints to get me through. cindy: all the other girls in her troop are like it's awesome. so not fair. that is fantastic. we are closing out meteorological winter which runs december, january, and february. today of course is the last day of the month. it is leap day. and right now we are in second place for the warmest winter on record in terms of the average temperature for boston. so pretty incredible how warm it has been this winter. despite that, we have managed some snow. we're below average. 25.4 is what we've seen so far. we've come at it in pieces. we haven't had a real big storm across the area. on average we typically have 34
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look where we were last year. 102 inches so what a sharp contrast here from last year. the skies are clear out the door on this monday morning. but i do want you to notice what's off to the west. there's a little strip of showers coming out ahead of a frontal boundary. this front is the leading edge of a little bit of a cooldown so it's a very mild start. we're in the 40's now headed back into the 50's today but on the other side of the front, it is cooler. only in the 30's. and so that's the cooler air that is going to come on in tomorrow. 50's today. a little dip down tomorrow. we're back up on wednesday. that still comes with some rain. behind that, we are turning colder for the second half of the week. but notice mainly some dry weather headed in here thursday, friday and into the upcoming weekend but it looks like tuesday night into wednesday that's our next chance of more significant rain. it could start out as a little bit of a mix. notice the downpours in the predawn hours of wednesday. lingering rain for the wednesday morning commute. we're clearing things on out. it looks dry and chillier here as we head into the first weekend here of march. we do have the risk of a couple
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we're starting the dayith sunshine. a mid-day spot shower. we're going to have the timeline on that right now as the "eyeopener" continues. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: a virginia police officer killed responding to her first call. the tribute today at her new hampshire high school, and the suspect behind bars right now. emily: candidates descend on massachusetts. their moves to sway voters today in the last stretch before super tuesday. >> and the oscar goes to "spotlight." (cheering) randy: "spotlight" takes top honors at the academy awards. the win putting all eyes on boston and making history at the same time. it's on the eye for this monday morning. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: 5:00 a.m. also on the eye this morning, leonardo decap pre-owe is finally an oscar winner. he made sure to seize this moment. the cause becoming the focal point at his acceptance speech.


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