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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: a virginia police officer killed responding to her first call. the tribute today at her new hampshire high school, and the suspect behind bars right now. emily: candidates descend on massachusetts. their moves to sway voters today in the last stretch before super tuesday. >> and the oscar goes to "spotlight." (cheering) randy: "spotlight" takes top honors at the academy awards. the win putting all eyes on boston and making history at the same time. it's on the eye for this monday morning. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: 6:00 a.m. also on the eye this morning. leonardo dicaprio is finally an oscar winner.
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moment. the cause becoming the focal point of his acceptance speech later this half hour. good morning. i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price with cindy fitzgibbon. we're off to a great start. real nice looking out there. bright. cindy: feels like another april day. on this bonus february day. of course it's leap day today. the end of meteorological winter which is december, january, february. there you go. skies are clear this morning. and the sun is up officially at 6:20. getting off to a really nice start. look at these temperatures. 46 right now in hyannis. we're also 46 in marshfield. 44 up in the north shore, beverly. you head out to worcester, a thousand feet up at the airport we're in the upper 30's but boston is 43 right now. average high this time of year is 41. we're already above our average high stepping out the door here this morning. you can see the winds are active out of the south and west. you're going to notice that breeze but it's clear now off to the west though there are clouds and a few showers.
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air. we're going to jump back up into the 50's very quickly this morning but notice by noontime clouds and a couple of showers. brief passing shower here right in the middle of the day. then it's back to sunshine here this evening. today. mid to upper 50's. could close in on 60 degrees in a few spots so it's a warm one for you. have that umbrella with you for that brief passing shower toward the middle of the day. let's get you out to the roads right now. kevin brennan, how are we looking out there. kevin: a busy morning. pretty good downtown although this leverett downramp filling in quickly getting down towards storrow drive. also route 93. the tobin bridge start to go see more company coming out of chelsea. let's go south of town. the expressway normally a tough spot in the morning and it is this morning. now we're picking up reports of a crash down by furnace brook park way. that could be holding things up 93 north coming out out of rand ol. 24 busier through avon and stoughton up to the north 93 has got delays through 495 again
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no troubles on the upper end of 128 just yet. as you make your way out of lynnfield, if you're taking the trains all eyes are operating on randy. this morning flags are at half staff as a community prepares to gunned down during her first shift. ashley guindon was killed in virginia. but many of her family and friends call new england home. emily: the eyeopener's kelley new hampshire, with the plans to honor her sacrifice. kelley: emily and randy, she grew up here and graduated from merrimack high school. today the school day will start with a moment of silence in her memory. right now an army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon is behind bars on murder charges. police say he shot and killed his wife and then opened fire on officer ashley guindon after she responded to the domestic violence call. in merrimack, guindon's high school principal remembered her yearbook quote-- "live for something rather than die for nothing."
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field, a kid who gives her life to community service has her life taken away on that very first day, it's just not right. kelley: guindon became a marine after graduation. she was sworn in as a police officer in virginia on friday. two other officers were also injured in the shooting. guindon was born in springfield. her uncle is on the force there. live in merrimack, new hampshire, kelley tuthill, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: new this morning: we are now learning tamerlan tsarnaev passed his u.s. citizenship test just three months before he and his brother attacked the boston marathon. new records released to "the boston globe" show the elder tsarnaev swore his allegiance to the united states at the federal building in boston. he also denied any links to terrorism. the released documents also include information about ibragim todashev. he was killed by an f.b.i. agent in florida while being questioned about tsarnev. they show todashev applied for a green card twice and was denied partly because of missing
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incident in boston. randy: coming up on five minutes after 6:00. commitment 2016. we are now just about 24 hours from the first polls opening on super tuesday. and today massachusetts will be a political battleground. the eyeopener's erika tarantal is here with a preview of the busy day ahead. erika: super tuesday could not be more important with about a dozen states and a slew of delegates up for grabs. and the bay state is right in the thick of it. republican john kasich will hold an event in plymouth tonight after a rally in springfield yesterday. democrat bernie sanders will be in milton, and hillary clinton will hold an event in springfield before heading to boston for a noon rally. both sides of the race turning their attention on donald trump, who in an interview yesterday failed to denounce former ku klux klan leader david duke. rubio: there is no place in the conservative movement for david duke, the ku klux klan or any sort of hatred or bigotry in america. clinton: we need to be whole where all of us have a place,
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all in this together. erika: trump did later disavow duke's support. he also received a key endorsement yesterday from senator jeff sessions. he's the first sitting senator to back trump. randy: meantime a new poll shows hillary clinton with the edge in massachusetts heading into tomorrow's voting. the suffolk university poll giving clinton 50% of the vote; senator bernie sanders 42%. emily: right now, a domestic violence suspect is in the hospital after being shot by police in dartmouth. it happened when police responded to an incident between a mother and son at a home on dartmouth street yesterday. police say 23-year-old ryan kuphal charged at officers with a knife. when a taser failed to stop him, he was shot. kuphal listed in stable condition. right now chelsea police are trying to unravel a deadly mystery. 34-year-old alex perez was found dead on the sidewalk on cottage street sunday morning. family members tell us perez was a hard worker, a cook at a local restaurant who loved soccer.
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"suspicious death" has left residents feeling uneasy. >> we were just working everyday. we wake up in the morning and go to work and we see someone laying in the street s that's like a different type of mind set. emily: police spent several ours inside and outside of 83 cottage street. but they will say little about what they believe caused perez's death. randy: right now worcester police are on the look-out for a van involved in a violent hit and run. a man and woman were seriously hurt after that van backed over them then took off. it happened outside a flea market on quinsigamond ave sunday afternoon. witnesses rushed to help the couple until an ambulance arrived. >> the lady, she looked way worse. she had scratches all over her hands, the back of her hands. her shirt was all ripped in her stomach area because that's where the tire went over. randy: the 58-year-old woman victim is still in the hospital. the man has been released.
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scene. someone is shooting at cars and homes in falmouth, and police need your help identifying who's behind it. the suspect or suspects are damaging the windows of cars and homes across town. police say they're using a bb-gun or airsoft gun to break the windows. emily: a hearing is set for today on a bill that would ban puppy mills in boston. the proposal from city councilor matt o'malley would ban the sale of commercially-bred puppies and kittens at pet shops. it would also prevent the sale of animals in public parks and on city streets. the public hearing is at 11:00 a.m. at boston city hall. randy: this morning 10,000 stop & shop workers may be preparing to walk off the job. the union voted to authorize a strike yesterday. they're at odds with the supermarket chain over health care, pensions, and wages. there is no date set for a strike, and both sides are still negotiating. the mbta will debate fare hikes at a meeting today ahead of a vote next week. that's as the agency is expected
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massive deficit. the "t" says it has cut its projected deficit by 43 percent. that allows for about $100 million to be put back into repairs and winter preps. the additional savings could make it more difficult to persuade critics to raise fares. the "t" has proposed raising fares by an average of 10%. emily: boston in the "spotlight" at the oscars. the movie about the push to expose a scandal in the catholic church pulling off an upset win. and it made a little history in the process. randy: the eyeopener's doug meehan is live in boston with that and the overnight reaction from hollywood. doug: randy, emily, not since 1952 has a movie that picked up so few other academy awards gone on to win best picture. but "spotlight" certainly got the oscar that counts. the deal is it was a party in
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the producers paid tribute to the journalists who inspired the film. it follows "the boston globe"'s investigative team as they work to expose abuse by priests throughout the boston archdiocese. overnight, actor liev schreiber, who plays former "globe" publisher marty baron, said he was immediately drawn to the part. >> when tom sent me the script, i called him immediately. i said this is such an amazing piece and so timely and so important that we remember what an asset this is to our society and our culture and our democracy. doug: in addition to the cast, some of ""the globe"" reporters profiled in the film were on stage for the big moment. "spotlight" also won for best original screenplay. how do you like them apples? we're live in boston. doug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. oscars host chris rock also making headlines this morning. randy: his no-holds-barred takedown of diversity in hollywood. and at 10 months old, she's already a fighter. the issues she survived and the rare procedure she needs right
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scrutiny from the federal government. the suspicions aimed at the luxury car maker. cindy: and we have got another warm day ahead here to round out the month of february. but there will be a few spot showers today. the timeline on that plus the cooldown in the forecast. that's ahead. take a look at the temperatures though heading out the door on this monday morning. lots of 40's out there. cool spot right now is worcester. clear skies. 38 degrees as you head out the door right p new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers.
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and delivers it to you. but that pool is shrinking, to go up and down. across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... p because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you.
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>> good morning. we are i-cycle 2016. we're standing in solidarity with people living on streets and we are ebbing homelessness together. >> good morning, "eyeopener." randy: the eyeopener team helping out, riding for a great cause, as part of i-cycle 2016. emily: the all-day event is a reminder that spending just one hour in the cold or rain is nothing compared to living without a home. a very mild day. it's fun. they do it every year. people always walking by. it does draw awareness. a great event. emily: it will be mild again today then? cindy: it is indeed. another day to round out an incredible.
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cindy: been such a mild winter. here we go again. take a look outside. skies are clear right now. there. we're headed up over 50 degrees again today. yesterday in boston our high officially 58 degrees and for the month of february, we are nearly two degrees above average in boston per day so it has been another warm month. if you back since the first of december when meteorological winter starts, december, january, february, most 50-degree or higher days than any other on record in boston. 34 through yesterday. we'll tack on another one today. today will be the 28th day in the worcester area that we jump up over 50 degrees so pretty incredible stuff. you can see the wind is active out there this morning. 10-20 miles per hour but that southwesterly wind has kept the temperatures up overnight so mid 40's out the door right now on the cape. same deal up to marshfield. beverly you're 44. 43 in boston right now. and we have upper 30's 1,000 feet up at the airport in worcester but skies are clear for now.
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off to the west you can see the clouds advancing. a narrow little band of showers that is working toward us. as its comes toward us, i think it will be falling apart a little bit. this is associated with a frontal boundary. the leading edge of slightly cooler air. 20's and 30's behind that front. 40's and 50's ahead of it. an indication that tomorrow won't be as warm as today but we've got another nice afternoon. coming up into the 50's most spots. in fact, it could close in on 60 degrees up around the lawrence area. 57 boston. 50 in marshfield. that southwesterly wind keeping it closer to 50 degrees on cape cod. until 10:00 this morning, lots of sunshine. thereafter the clouds quickly fill in. there could be a couple of showers around the worcester area at lunchtime. that line starts to fall apart a little bit as we get toward later this afternoon and into this evening. things are pushing on out. so clearing skies behind this. just enough rain to dampen the roads where you see a shower and overnight we cool down. 20's to near the freezing mark out the door tomorrow morning so it's a colder day tomorrow but dry. next system is racing toward us here by wednesday morning.
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a half an inch to an inch of rainfall before it pulls away on wednesday afternoon. so the timing on this is coming in tuesday night into wednesday morning. and initially it might be just cold enough in northern worcester county that there's a little bit of mixing going quickly on over to rain. the heaviest rain is through about lunchtime and then thereafter we're drying things out on your wednesday. it's a windy, warm day up in 2 the 50's. colder but mainly dry heading into the week until the start of the weekend. let's get you out to the roads. kevin: we have our first trouble spot of the morning not here on the expressway by the gas tank. you're seeing heffee volume here coming up through the gas tank on towards columbia road. then you're moving much better into the o'neill tunnel. let's go to the maps. farther south on the expressway we have a crash blocking two right lanes here at furnace brook parkway. really jamming things up on 93 north all the way back to route 24 in randolph. 95 and 24 itself not too bad headings up to 128. up to the north route 3 busier
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93 has got slowdowns up through 495 and then you're heaviest here at 128 right down to the lower deck take you about 17 minutes. if you're taking the trains all lines running on time this morning. emily: thanks. your health this morning. she's been fighting for her life since the day she was born. now, 10-month-old portia faces her biggest challenge-- staying alive until she can get new lungs. she's already endured eleven surgeries, including procedures to repair her heart, remove her colon, and save her eyesight. but her primary health issue-- pulmonary vein stenosis. the rare condition causes veins carrying blood from the lungs to the heart to narrow, even close. it can be deadly. her parents are moving to boston from denver for specialized care at children's hospital. >> we understand, you know, fully what her condition is. but at the same time we understand there's a lot of hope still. >> she's a fighter. i mean, that's all there is to it.
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right now is a double-lung transplant, extremely rare for infants under a year old. children's hospital in boston has performed just two in the past six years. randy: 18 after 6:00. your economy headline for this morning. asian markets droop, despite assurances from finance officials at the g-20 summit in china. right now, stock futures on wall street are lower. wall street will be watching for the february jobs report due out on friday. mercedes-benz is under scrutiny from the environmental protection agency. the e.p.a. is requesting more information about emissions levels in some cars. that's in response to a class-action lawsuit filed earlier this month, accusing mercedes of deceiving customers and allowing vehicles to emit illegal amounts of nitrogen oxide. mercedes owner daimler says all cars meet regulations. chris rock: is hollywood racist? you damn right hollywood's racist! emily: chris rock not pulling any punches and not wasting any
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of oscar night. erika is back with some of the big moments that will have people talking today. erika: chris rock isn't known for holding back. and with the hashtag "oscars so white" dogging this year's ceremony, he wanted to know why there were protests this year. chris rock: '62 or '63, black people did not protest. why? because we had real things to protest at the time. erika: rock referring to the sixties where he said, "surely there were no black nominees." he also said it's not just about awards but about making sure minority actors get the opportunity to play the great parts in the first place. leonardo dicaprio: climate change is real. it is happening right now. erika: rock not the only one taking on issues. winning his first oscar, best actor leonardo dicaprio used much of his speech to talk about the impact of climate change. best actress went to first-time nominee brie larson for "the room." and a big night for "mad max: fury road."
6:21 am
costume design, film editing, makeup and hairstyling, production design, sound editing, and sound mixing. it was nominated for 10 awards total. emily: the other big show on oscar night, of course, is the red carpet. hollywood's biggest stars turning heads with their fashion statements. you can check out the hottest looks right now on our wcvb mobile news app. randy: we're keeping the oscars theme going in eyepoppers. emily: the genius way chris rock helped his daughter earn some cash ahead. erika? erika: then new at 6:30, a thermometer that does much more than take your child's temperature. how it tracks the whole school's health so parents know what's going around. and a controversial proposal at northeastern university is up for discussion today. the security plan that some fear will make campus less safe. we're coming right back. >> the 10:00 news on me tv boston. the people you know. >> following some breaking news right now. >> the reporting you trust. now at 10:00. check your program guide for
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morning: look at these temperatures temperatures. above our average high for this time of year so it is a mild end to the month of february. we've got sunshine now. but look what happens. we bring in clouds through the morning hours. right around lunchtime a few passing showers moving on through. before we clear back out as we head into this evening. look at the temperatures today though. up into the 50's. not as warm but dry tomorrow with sunshine. and then more rain coming in on wednesday as we head back into the 50's. emily. emily: cindy, thank you. 6:25. time for your monday eyepoppers. the oscars edition. of course. erika: everybody rides to the red carpet in style. but when you're only nine, you need a little help. jacob tremblay from "the room" hitched a ride with mom and dad. he looks so cute in the back seat. they all look great. emily: beautiful. erika: thinks he likes the attention of awards season.
6:26 am
chris rock: reach into your millionaire pockets, and i want you to buy some of my daughter's girl scout cookies. erika: chris rock held a fundraiser of his own at the oscars last night. maybe he's running for dad of the year? he helped his daughter's girl scout troop sell cookies. and they were popular with the celebrity crowd. the girls sold more than $65,000 worth. emily: a feel a merit badge coming on. for both of them. randy: lady gaga with an emotional performance at the oscars. the powerful moment with a poignant message. and new details on general electric's plans for boston. the big way the company wants to boost the community. morning. water. we built our factories here pbecause of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it'
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american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. pbecause making something in america means so much, to so many. pweathertech.
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p i'm hillary clinton and i her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. pwhich is why, for every american
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what they're worth... pwho's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- p and there are far too many of you- she understands that our rcountry can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: a young officer gunned down. new england communities in mourning. kelley: the tributes planned here today to honor her sacrifice. doug: arming campus police. the debate set for today over a boston school's controversial plans. >> and the oscar goes to "spotlight." emily: an oscars upset puts boston in the spotlight. the overnight reaction from hollywood. randy: and a thermometer designed to do much more than take your child's temperature. how it may help your whole
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on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: 6:30 on this monday morning as we take a live look here at the boston skyline. things brightening up. the water looks nice. a little too early for a swim though. i know you were thinking about it. kevin: i'm going. emily: good morning. i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price. cindy fitzgibbon. kevin in for olessa this morning. cindy: it was 60 yesterday. we're going to do that again today. emily: yes! cindy: incredible. some things you need to know heading out the door. the wind is active out of the southwest so it is breezy out there this morning but that wind kept the temperatures up overnight. lots of 40's out the door right now. cooler at the airport in worcester a thousand feet up. it's 38 degrees. look at boston 43. beverly 44. 48 out the door right now in marshfield so kids at the bus
6:31 am
a lighter jacket or just a sweat shirt this morning. it is breezy and mild. but getting off the bus this afternoon, there could be a few spot showers around with temperatures in the 50's. you can see on the satellite this morning, a few clouds beginning to enter the berkshires right now. behind these clouds a little narrow ribbon of showers coming out ahead of a cold front. it's going to bring in colder temperatures for tomorrow but today we're going to bump up into those 50's pretty quickly here by late morning. notice at lunchtime into the early afternoon that's kind of the window where we could see a few showers but they're going to be hit or miss. notice it will take until about lunchtime that they get into the worcester area. from here on, they're really falling apart. so i would say hit or miss with these showers. best window of seeing them between 11:00 this morning to 3:00 this afternoon. really just enough moisture to kind of dampen the roads. low impact overall but they'll be out there. maybe grab an umbrella out the door. let's get you out there right now. dry roads, sunshine. you need your sunglasses this morning snerch you do. we have a little trouble spot not here though if you're following sky 5 here.
6:32 am
stretch pretty much wide open. but let's go to the maps. we had an earlier problem on the expressway here at furnace brook parkway. accident had two lanes blocked. that crash has been cleared away. in fact they're in the cut-out but traffic still quite heavy along the expressway. now 25, maybe 30 minutes out of the split up to the o'neill tunnel. putting extra pressure on that lower end of 93 out of randolph heading towards the expressway as well as route 3. mass pike on the brakes of route 9. heavier pockets on towards west newton. up to the north 128 southbound we have a crash on the breakdown lane at washington street. medical emergency has at least one lane blocked there northbound by wynn street. 93 he have heaviest from 125 down to the city. that will take 39 minutes to get down to the lower deck. if you're taking the trains this morning all lines have been operating on time all morning long. emily: thank you. now to stories we are following right now on the eye. randy: erika tarantal is tracking information as it comes in. erika: tributes today to the virginia police officer killed on her first shift. ashley guindon was born in springfield and grew up in
6:33 am
a moment of silence will be held today at merrimack high school in her memory. the final push to super tuesday will bring both bernie sanders and hillary clinton to massachusetts today. sanders will be in milton. clinton has stops in springfield and boston. and "spotlight" pulls off an upset at the oscars. the film about "the boston globe"'s push to expose pedophile priests nabbed the best picture spot beating out the favorite "the revenant." randy, emily? emily: right now a controversial move is up for debate at northeastern university. semi-automatic rifles. randy: the eye's doug meehan is live at boston city hall with the steps being taken today. the decision to upgrade officers' weapons came last but the boston city council wants to hear from the public today before any changes take effect. the school says it's a move to try and make campus safer for students and staff. but not everybody is happy about the idea. northeastern doesn't need the rifles, and boston police
6:34 am
necessary. northeastern would join more than 60 campuses across the country with police forces that have rifles. the school says the tactical weapons would only be used in case of an emergency like a shooting attack. that hearing gets underway right here at 5:00 tonight. live outside boston city hall, doug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: new this morning. general electric plans to be a big player in the community when the company moves its world headquarters to boston. g.e. c.e.o. jeff immelt tells "the globe" they plan to focus their philanthropy on education and community health. that is also expected to include assistance to local high schools. but he wouldn't provide specifics. g.e. is expected to lay out many of its plans at an event in april. right now a new hampshire road is closed after a huge sinkhole opened up. this is at the intersection of
6:35 am
mill roads in new durham. the state department of transportation says the sinkhole was likely caused by a water main break. maintenance crews will be out this morning, working to fix the road. emily: investigators are trying to figure out why this small plane crashed at a plymouth airport. the pilot was the only person on board at the time of saturday's crash. he was seriously injured. no word on his condition. he was practicing a training exercise called a "touch and go landing" when he crashed on the grass just feet from the runway. a smoke detector and a father's fast response may have saved a family from a burning home in marblehead. that father was woken up by the sound of blaring smoke detectors in the willow road home on sunday. he was able to get his wife and two kids out of the house as flames shot from the upper floors. no one was hurt. the cause is under investigation. randy: a thermometer that can let you know what's coming. emily: the smart device giving parents a heads-up at a local school. plus a pilot lands in a tree and survives.
6:36 am
in trouble. randy: and ahead in news to go, a navy seal gets the medal of honor today. the heroic action earning the attention of the president, r let's celebrate gold on the inside r
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kevin: good morning, everybody. kevin brennan checking your traffic in for olessa this morning. big delays on the expressway this morning. earlier crash cleared aaway by furnace brook parkway. 30 minutes from the braintree split up to the o'neill tunnel. dry roadways this morning. could be wet during the midday. cindy, what we expect. cindy: we have a lot of sunshine now that it is up. the temperatures run inning the 40's in most spots already. we jump into the mid and even upper 50's today but at 11:00 this morning and 3:00 this afternoon a brief passing shower. behind that, it won't be as warm tomorrow. we're back down in the 40's. more rain coming in on wednesday. emily. emily: cindy, thank you. new this morning in your health. from sniffles to sore throats, a local school is using new technology to keep track of kids' health. wood end elementary in reading is one of only 100 schools in the country chosen to test out thermometers that do more than take temperatures. principal joanne king/wood end elementary: our goal is to help keep families in our community-- to keep kids healthy so they can
6:40 am
emily: and that's why this is so important to about half the families at wood end elementary-- the kinsa smart thermometer. it lets parents share information with each other about what's going around the school. caitlin koehler/wood end parent: there's no battery involved so it can run off the battery of your phone. emily: caitlin koehler uses the thermometer on her kids, ryan and hailey. it works just like a traditional thermometer-- on the tongue, ear or armpit-- but connects to a smart phone. a free app records temperatures compared to those of other sick kids. that happens through the anonymous group function. in this case, that group is participating families at wood end. caitlin koehler: you're starting to track trends, especially if there's a lot of sore throats running around or nausea or vomiting. you start to know, uh-oh, there's something flying around. you talk to your kids about really being careful and hand washing. emily: the hope is that will keep kids out of the nurse's and doctor's office and in school.
6:41 am
heard about the thermometers and submitted wood end to the kinsa fluency pilot program. it's completely free for the school and the parents involved. outside of the program, the thermometers cost about $20. randy: a tribute planned this morning for a police officer killed on her first shift. the tribute this morning from her alma mater in new hampshire. and a startling health trend on the seacoast. the rare condition occuring with unusual frequency. plus lady gaga sings on behalf of sex assault survivors. her moving performance, next. the people you know-- news right now. now at 10:00. check your program guide for channel number.
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randy: good morning. your news to go. kelly with today's special tribute for a fallen officer. emily: erika has the candidates campaigning here today, and doug with "spotlight""'s big win at the oscars. but first cindy has your forecast. yesterday was so nice. we were outside pretty much all day. it feels like today may be the same. cindy: we're starting out at 43 degrees. the sun is out.
6:45 am
good. it's mostly good. we may see just a couple showers this winter. it's been so mild. 34 times we've hit or passed 50 degrees in boston since december 1. that is the most number on record. worcester has had 27. we're going to do it again today in both cities. though. not as warm. we're back up into the 50's here on wednesday. up and down, the temperatures. you can see 40's and 50's up and down the east coast right now. notice back toward the great lakes, 20's and 30's. there's a frontal boundary here. ahead of it, we have some showers that are moving our way. we're starting out clear with a lot of sunshine this morning. late morning. lunchtime. 38 right now the lawrence. beverly, 44. we have mid 40's from plymouth, well. we'll jump up into the 50's by 10:00 this morning. that is from 12:00 to 2:00. that's the window we're watching for a couple of showers. you can see them advancing eastward around the worcester
6:46 am
they do tend to fall apart a little bit as they work toward the coast. that threat for a brief passing showers with us through about mid afternoon or so. we clear it on out tonight. cooler behind this front tomorrow but dry. here is our next storm system coming in. it looks to bring a half an inch to an inch of rain overnight tuesday night into the first half of wednesday. look at that. stronger winds pushing us back. into the 50's on wednesday. let's get you back out to the roads right now. solar glare. kevin: you're going to need the sunglasses. we're seeing a live shot of the expressway jammed solid split through columbia road. 30 minutes. we're right on par now. earlier crash by furnace brook has been cleared away. let's go to the maps. things are solid here on 93 north coming through that route 37 stretch. it was back into randolph. looks like we've cleared out quite a bit. route 3 a little slow coming up out of the weymouth stretch. 24 brake lights approaching 128 and 93 as well as 95. up to the north, 93 heaviest 125. heavy pockets right down to the
6:47 am
route 3 your normal delays. 495 down towards concord road. 128 southbound delays out of lynnfield down to a crash on the breakdown lane by washington street. more delays down at route 3. out to the west, mass pike beginning at route 9. slowdowns 30 minutes all the way into the allston/brighton tolls. randy, emily. randy: k.b., thank you. a tribute today for a new england native killed in the line of duty on her first day. emily: the eyeopener's kelley tuthill is live in merrimack, new hampshire, with the tribute planned for the officer today. kelley: randy and emily, officer guindon grew up here, graduated from merrimack high. a moment of silence in her memory. >> a kid who gives her life to community service has her life taken away on that very first day, it's just not right. kelley: right now an army staff sergeant assigned to the pentagon is behind bars on murder charges. police say he shot and killed his wife and then opened fire on officer ashley guindon after she
6:48 am
violence call. guindon became a marine after graduation. she was sworn in as a police officer in virginia on friday. two other officers were also injured in the shooting. guindon was born in springfield. her uncle is on the force there. kelley tuthill, wcvb, newscenter 5. erika: the race for the white house comes to massachusetts on this day before super tuesday. more than a dozen states, including the bay state, vote tomorrow. the democrats both have events here. bernie sanders will be in milton. hillary clinton appears in springfield before holding a rally at noon in boston. republican john kasich has an event in plymouth. meantime candidates from both sides attacking donald trump after the g.o.p. frontrunner initially failed to denounce an endorsement by david duke, the former leader of the ku klux klan. he later did disavow duke's support. doug: "spotlight" takes center stage at the oscars. the movie about the boston globe's investigation into the clergy sex abuse scandal in the catholic church won best overnight, actor liev schreiber
6:49 am
inspired the film. >> marty baron said in an article that he wrote to the "washington post" that it's hard to walk out of that film and not feel reinvigorated about the potential of journalism. doug: and "spotlight" made not since 1952 has a movie won best picture that won so few other oscars. "spotlight" also won for best original screenplay. we're live in boston this morning, doug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. anticipation, leonardo dicaprio finally takes home an oscar for he won for his performance in "the revenant." dicaprio has been nominated in the category five times since brie larson took home the award for best actress for her role in this was her first academy award nomination. emily: an emotional performance at the oscars by lady gaga.
6:50 am
you," a song she co-wrote for the documentary "the hunting ground," which details the battle facing survivors of sexual assault. vice president joe biden introduced lady gaga and called for an end to rape culture. gaga was joined on stage by several assault survivors. randy: 10 minutes before 7:00. the mbta will debate fare hikes at a meeting today ahead of a vote next week. that's as the agency is expected to have its massive deficit reduced. the "t" says it has cut its projected deficit by 43%. that allows for about $100 million to be put back into the additional savings could make it more difficult to persuade critics to raise fares. the "t" has proposed raising fares by an average of 10%. emily: sentencing is expected today against the new york man convicted of murdering an ipswich restaurant owner. cheng sun was found guilty last week of first-degree murder in the 2011 death of tony woo. woo was found beaten and stabbed at his restaurant, the majestic
6:51 am
his family is expected to give impact statements in court today. a quincy woman will stand trial on wednesday, facing the same charges. randy: worcester police are on the look-out for a van involved in a violent hit and run. a man and woman are seriously hurt after that van backed over them and then took off. it happened outside a flea market on quinsigamond ave yesterday. a 58-year-old woman is still in the hospital. a man has been released. witnesses say they saw a brown or gold minivan leaving the scene. emily: chelsea police are trying to unravel a deadly mystery. alex perez was found dead on the sidewalk on cottage street sunday morning. police are calling it a suspicious death. they spent several hours inside and outside of 83 cottage street. but they've said little about what they believe caused perez's death. randy: a health alert in new hampshire. state officials are monitoring what they say is a cancer cluster involving two rare types of pediatric cancers on the seacoast. over the last two years,
6:52 am
cases in five different towns. health officials say they don't know why children are being diagnosed but stress that the cases are rare. emily: a promising new treatment for alzheimer's disease is being tested in quincy. "the herald" reports the alzheimer disease center is one of the sites involved in the final trial for rvt-101. the medication has been shown to postpone the decline of patients by an average of six months over a year of taking it. it's on track to become the first approved treatment for alzheimer's in 13 years. randy: iraqi officials say the death toll has risen to 73 people after two suicide bombings in baghdad. isis has claimed responsibility for yesterday's attack. at least 112 people are still in the hospital this morning. five more are missing. emily: a navy seal will receive the nation's highest military honor today. president obama will award the medal of honor to edward byers, jr. byers helped saved an american doctor held hostage by the taliban in afghanistan in 2012. another seal, nicholas check,
6:53 am
byers will be the 11th living service member to receive the medal of honor for actions in afghanistan. randy: an elderly pennsylvania man lands his plane into a tree and survives. 87-year-old herbert bartell reported trouble just after takeoff. the engine began to sputter, and he lost control. he tried to do a u-turn but plunged into a tree. bartell managed to call 9-1-1 and waited four hours while rescuers figured out how to get him down. emily: the bruins get on the board first against tampa bay at but the lightning struck after that. they take the next four goals all unanswered. 4-1 the final. the win snaps a tie between the b's and the lightning for second place in the atlantic division. randy: rolling out the red carpet in boston for oscar night. the ellie fund's 20th annual red carpet gala was held last night at the fairmont copley plaza. the eyeopener's doug meehan and danielle vollmar served as emcees of the event, put on by our kelley tuthill and former newscenter 5 anchor susan wornick. the proceeds go to the ellie
6:54 am
hundreds of patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer. emily: in case you missed it, there is a new member of the newscenter 5 family. meet baby greyson. the eyeopener's antoinette antonio gave birth to this beautiful boy saturday morning. she says everyone is healthy and feeling amazing. congratulations to her and husband jeremy. thier up watching right now. good morning, grey. randy: they'll be up quite a bit. emily: i guess so. kevin: they haven't slept at all. congratulations to you, antoinette. looking good on area roadways. our crashes have been minimal. we're looking pretty good with just the volume on monday morning commute. route 1 southbound here in saugus. you are seeing those normal delays coming down through saugus and on towards route 99. let's go to the maps though. 93 brake lights 125 andover down into wilmington. heaviest 128 right down to the lower deck. 128 south we have delays out of lynnfield down to a crash in the breakdown lane by washington street. now out to the west, the mass
6:55 am
framingham and natick and then again from the westin tolls most of the way until it's the allston/brighton tolls. south of town the expressway is jammed out of the split up to columbia road about a 30-minute ride for you there. earlier crash cleared away. if you're taking the trains all lines are operating on schedule. now we have dry roads this morning but during the midday things could get a little bit wet out there, cindy. cindy: they could indeed. quite a change from what we have now which is bright sunshine in boston. it is a mild start to your monday. 43 degrees right now. the wind is busy out of the south-southwest. we're looking at mid 40's down on the cape. 49 out the door right now in taunton. upper 30's in the worcester area right now. those temperatures do sneak back up into the 50's pretty quickly this morning. notice the clouds coming in. between noontime and about 4:00, might see a brief passing shower roll on through. you can see what's happening off to the west right now. here is that shower coming out of a cold front. colder air will start to settle on in. it's mild this afternoon. we're watch those showers approaching the worcester area
6:56 am
they do fend to fall apart as they get closer to the coastline. not everybody is going to see one. they'll be hit or miss. the skies clear out tonight. colder too. 20's to near the freezing mark by tomorrow morning. tomorrow is a colder day. we'll jamp back up into the 40's. it is dry. the next system comes in tuesday night and on into wednesday. initially it may be just cold enough as we head into tuesday night for a little touch of freezing rain in nosh worcester county. it goes over to all rain. heaviest during the morning commute. it's clearing on out after lunchtime. behind that colder but dry. we're keeping it dry in the er forecast through the end of the week. on friday pretty big coastal storm. right now it looks like it will stay to our south and head out to sea but if that track changes we'll keep you posted. there's a shot that comes closer to bring us some snow but right now we're keeping it dry. with chillier temperatures to end the week. what a day out there today. one more over 50 degrees. emily: not only is it february
6:57 am
in your household as well. erika: happy birthday, jakey. he's four, not one. years. love you, kiddo. emily: thank you so much for watching. we do appreciate it. have our app with you if you're
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i'm bernie sanders. approve this msage. join us for real change. good morning, america. chris rock stealing the spotlight at the oscars. >> well, i'm here at the academy awards otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> facing the diversity backlash head on. >> you're damn right hollywood's racist. >> leonardo dicaprio finally breaking through with a win. >> i do not take tonight for granted. >> lady gaga with a show-stopping performance. happens to you happens to you happens to you >> the moment that brought everyone to their feet. a rock star reception for donald trump. >> wow, wow, this is amazing. >> commanding a massive crowd in


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