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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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this is wcvb newscente5 the a 5:30. phil: right now at 5:30, plans to honor a police officer from merrimack, new hampshire killed in virginia. funeral services will be happening tomorrow for ashley dlendon from virginia -- glendon. she was shot during her first shift on saturday responding to a domestic violence call. heather:bernie sanders is about to appear in massachusetts. he is holding a rally at milton high school at 7:00. polls show him close to hillary clinton if massachusetts ahead of tomorrow's primary. phil: former president bill clinton will be in massachusetts. the secretary of state had events in downtown boston. heather: it was a lovely spring day. phil: it is still in the 50s right now. heather:don't get used to it, harvey, because it sounds like it will be changing.
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it wasn't a glorious 64 big ones on a leap year in boston and mild and in the 50s. there is colder air coming in late tonight especially and early tomorrow. be prepared for it to be decidedly chillier as we start out in the 20s to the low 30s. and our temperatures won't rise as much tomorrow. topping off around 40 on average during the afternoon hours. it will be dry. we will have a couple of snow showers later tonight around the birkshires. it won't make it too far east of there. sunshine for tomorrow and clouds coming in leat in the day. our next weather change is developing out west, but it will be a quick mover. that will be here late tomorrow night and wednesday. i'll let you know what form the precipitation will take. the precipitation changes coming up in a little while. reassuring parents and promising to continue to monitor a cluster of cases of a rare form of pediatric cancer.
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in five communities, north hampton and new castle. our sister station,wmur, is reacting tonight. reporter: the community is monitoring the seaside town and four nearby communities. the reason? cancer affecting children. >> the type of cancer reported to us is a type of more rare cancer called -- cancer. reporter: the report was launched after a child in town was diagnosed in early 2014. lori flint is the mother of two children here as well as the school nurse. >> it was a scare. there was this case and two other cases and it was not all the same cancers, but once you start seeing cancers pop up within months of each other everybody was quite concerned. reporter: the study found less than five cases in 10 years. still that's more than
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worries are very real here. especially after the discovery of contaminated well water at the nearby port. the study science though is not showing a link. >> we did not find any behavioral or environmental risk factors we thought would have contributed to the small excess number of cases. reporter: the school nurse said the student whose case launched the investigation is dooing dash cash is doing well. >> we found out it is more genetic-based. that's a big relief. not completely relieved because it is a cancer in our community and it is affecting children. >> hopefully the fact that there is a small number of cases certainly could provide some reassurance to the community members that we are not seeing or has not been a connection to any widespread environmental contamination. >> the state will monitor the
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reevaluate the number of cases at the start of next year. wcvb newscenter 5. he het medford police releasing this suspect wanted for breaking into a home. they captured the images on jerome street last tuesday night. anyone with information is asked to contact medford police. phil: right now a domestic violence suspect is in the hospital after being shot by police in dartmouth. police responded to an incident between a mother and son yesterday. police city the 23-year-old charged at officers with a knife. when the taser didn't stop him he was shot. the officers involved are on paid administrative leave while the department investigates. phil: general electric plans to be a big player in the community when they move their world headquarters to boston. ge's ceo plans to focus on communication and community health. that's expected to include assistance to the local high schools. but he won't provide more
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ge plans to layout more events in april. heather:lawmakers in rhode island will vote on a casino project proposed for this site. it is near the border with massachusetts. operator twin rivers says it is trying to compete with the up and coming gambling industry. especially a casino proposal in taunton. phil: sportscaster erin andrews is on the stand right now. heather:very emotional. you will hear her testimony about why a man secretly shot nude videos of her in a hotel. phil: and never wonder if the foot long sand watch -- sandwich is a foot long. heather: and how this baby's life can be saved. phil: and this is the bunker hill bridge. it looks okay in both directions right now. we'll look at the maps and the
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where we look for drive times in red, it is about 20 minutes from mass ave to route 3. it is pretty good from the upper deck to 128. 21 minutes i-93 to newton corner. 30 minutes now from the western tolls to 495. that's starting to slow down. and once you get on 495 that
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>> you're watching newscenter 5 at 5:30. phil: the scottish nurse who contracted ebola has been hospital. this happened yesterday. this is her third time in the hospital since contracting the
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she was diagnosed with the virus when working in sierra leone and later developed meningitis. many suffer side effects. her long-term case is unusual. heather: erin andrews is in tears on the stand as she is testifying in the lawsuit against the man who secretly filmed her naked in the hotel where it happened. these are live pictures in the courtroom. she is describing how she found out about the footage that exploded over the internet. a friend and fellow reporter called her frantically telling her the news. the "dancing with the stars" host is suing michael barrett filming her through a peep hole as she got dressed at a marriott hotel in 2008. >> there is a naked video of you on the internet. i said no there is not. i don't do that. what are you talking about? i grabbed my laptop and flipped it open. you know your body.
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was like, oh my god. i shut it down and i said i have to call you back. i called my parents. heather: the man who shot it said the motive for shooting it was the money he would earn. phil: subway foot long sandwich will actually be a foot long. a lawsuit was filed after an australian teenager posted teenager showed it to only be 11 inches. they agreed to change the size of the sandwich. taking steps to ensure everyone is actually -- every one is 12 inches long. heather:it is february 29th. it is a leap year. this day only happens once every four years. phil: we'll introduce you to some of the leap babies, as they are called, born today in massachusetts. also in your economy, changes are coming to card holders at cost-co. when citibank is set to take over.
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and brita are offering to keep you drinking fresh water. harvey: still mild left over from the warmth of today. it is going to turn colder and then warmer and then colder. it will be a rollercoaster.
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phil: microsoft is preparing to jump into the virtual reality headset game. they will ship it out on march 30th. right now will only be the
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the device will cost about $3,000. by the way facebook will start to ship its headset for $600. american express is sharing its relationship to cost-co. if you have a cost-co credit card citibank will take over in june and you will get a new card. this was supposed to april in april, but the new deal was delayed. card holders enrolled in the membership reward program can maintain their reward if they have a separate american express account. phil: amazon is partnering up with water filtration giant brita for a new, smarter water filtration. this picture is wi-fi enabled and it has a built in feature to monitor the amount of water that passes through the jug's filter. when the filter approaches the end of its life a new fill area arrives -- filter arrives courtesey of amazon. it will keep your water fresh
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to replace the filter. heather:dill knee -- disney world and disneyland will now charge three prices depending on the time of year. a single day park ticket, it will be put in value, demand and peak. the peak time was december, spring break week and july weekends. they hope the pricing will help spread out visitation. heather:star -- starbucks is entering the fiercest market yet. they plan to open their first store in milan in early 2017. starbucks has about 2400 locations across europe and the middle east and africa. the move is expected to be a big challenge since italy is money for espresso and cappucino shops. phil: trying to get wine going there too, a difficult thing to do.
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it is leap day. heather:february 29th. and many don't know why leap years exist. in a leap year it is all about the gregorian calendar's disparity with the solar system. a complete orbit around the earth with the sun takes just more than 365.2 days to complete. the gregorian calendar which, my goodness, is a mouthful uses dlee 65 -- 365 days. so leap seconds and leap years are added to keep us in sync with the earth and the seasons. >> that's why we only talk about it every tour years. >> i won't have to spit that out for long. >> the chances of having a leap birthday is 1 in 1,461. many were welcomed today. >> this is eden and she was 1:00. isn't she pretty? she is one of 11 leap babies born so far today.
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allison with her mom, mavis. simone was born at 1:11 this morning. she has compo twited -- two excited big brothers. heather:beautiful names on these babies. will they celebrate in nonleap years? it is up to them. either february 28th or march 1st. phil: which would you pick? heather: i don't know. i am not a leap baby. phil: i think i would pick the first day. the sooner you can celebrate your birthday the better. heather:whatever the better forecast day would be. maybe it is march. harvey: i have to share something. leap year and this is also dick albert's birthday. heather: how old is dickie? harvey: he is still very much a teenager. heather:at heart. harvey: literally he is a teenager. and at heart of course, always. today record breaking. 57 broke the record of 56. boston tied the record of 64
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if you look at the number of days that boston has eclipsed 60 or reached 60 or better this winter nine times and the average is three. that's impressive stuff. how about that? and five times the average is only one. perhaps even more impressive is look at the number of days that were 50 or higher. 35 in boston and the average is 12. that is a new record. worcester is 28. last year was three. all and a of that is indicative of warmer weather. we have had so many nice sunrises and sunsets recently. even more than recently. 54 in boston. it is a bit windy. 20 miles an hour. when the temperature is over 50 there is not much of a windchill associated with it. i did want to show you the colder air that is coming to the north.
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sue saint marie is 14. it will get into northern new england especially northern maine and northern new hampshire. most of maine and northern new hampshire and northern vermont. they will all have a snow and mixed storm coming up. we will have a rain storm late tomorrow night and on into the day on wednesday. we only get a glancing blow of the colder air, and then the warmer air will take over as the storm moves in. that's why it will be a rain storm for us. this will be a real rollercoaster week. we drop to around freezing. 20s north and west and tomorrow's temperatures will be noticeably chillier than today. talking about some storminess. well this is not really a big storm, but as that reinforced cold air comes in late tonight it could touch off a few flurries. i think the punch of that will be lost by the time it reaches us.
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and chilly a sunshine for a good chunk of the day. in terms of getting out and voting tomorrow, no real weather headaches whatsoever. notice the pink color. there could be a bit of sleet or freezing rain at the onset well north and west of boston later tomorrow night. but then as we work toward wednesday morning it will be raining. expect a wet morning commute and then the rain will move offshore by midday and we'll get partial clearing. then windy and colder air is coming in after that. that much i can tell you. as we check the next seven days 52 on wednesday morning and it drops later in the day. look at thursday. starting in the teens. one thing we have to watch carefully. there is going to be a storm out in the ocean around friday. if it comes close enough it will be in the form of snow. the cape has the best chance of getting some and the rest of the storm could have ocean flurries. then it stays cold through the weekend before we warm it up
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heather and phil? phil: harv, thanks. how many times do you say i just need to be on a beach somewhere? heather:especially this one. phil: topping the lists of best beaches, the turks and caicos. heather:add the convenience and the crystal blue waters, and the family-friendly atmosphere, especially on thursday. reporter: water sports, sun bathing and eating conk are popular island activities to be sure. >> welcome you to the island fish fry. reporter: as is the island fish fry held every thursday evening. >> tonight will be the third anniversary of the fish fry. the fish fry is all local restaurants. you get fresh lobster and fresh fish and fresh conk. reporter: the fish fry promotes local food, local
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here you can eat, drink and shop everything turks and caicos. >> we have all of the top local crafts hand made. we take the conch shell and we can make jewelry and ring or whatever. >> if you're from boston make some noise! reporter: and every pie land has -- island has great music uh tracting natives and tourists alike. >> most music in turks and caicos is caw calypso. calypso is more dancing and sokar. party until the break of dawn heather:ted meets a fashion forward lizard one go hua gnaw island. and he discovers the definition of luxury. it is the palms resort on
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that's coming up at 7:30 on "chronicle." and a little girl who has been fighting for her life since the day she was born. phil:and the one thing doctors are hoping they can provide for her. harvey: rail safety. 5 investigates is there as top officials meet in boston about the challenges of protecting trains and travel from terror attacks. service. and a dorchester man facing police say he was caught with nearly a hundred packets of
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mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold. that's why at xfinity we're hard at work, building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone ringing] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. heather:your health, she has
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since the day she was born. phil: and now she is facing her biggest challenge yet. >> this is porsche and she is quite the miracle. reporter: born premature at a denver hospital. she is the first baby for todd and jenna. their family memories, their photos all have the same backdrop. >> we are always in the hospital. reporter: porsche's battle tested body has endured 11 surgeries including procedures to repair her heart and remove her colon and save her eyesight. and now her lungs are in trouble. >> her primary health issues pulmonary vein stenosis and it is deadly. reporter: it causes veins carrying blood from the hoppings to -- from the hungs -- lun gs to the heart to close. >> it gives her respiratory distress and can be life-threatening. reporter: they offer
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specialized treatments here not available at other hospitals. jenna discovered it when they google eld the disease. >> you have to do what you have to do. if she is gonna have a chance she has to get to boston. >> it has worked well so far, but it is not a long-term solution. >> the ultimate cure is a lung transplant. >> lung transplants are rare at any age, but never done on those under a year old. >> there aren't enough donor. >> in the past six years 27 have been performed around the world and two at children's. a significant challenge keeping the child alive until a donor is found. >> we understand fully what her condition is, but at the same time, we understand that there is a lot of hope still. >> she's a fighter. that's all there is to it. >> sheols -- she's a sweet little girl and she is their
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they left behind jobs, cars, their dogs to bring porsche to boston. they are currently looking for hospital. this is a struggle and they are raising funds on-line to help them stay close to their baby. find more on phil:fortunately they found that program. newscenter 5 the a 6:00 starts right now. ed: an officer killed on the first day of the job. the massive tribute planned in massachusetts. and the confrontation between a reporter and secret service agent. and the t service going uh what i in days. harvey: lots of temperature swings this week and the time line on our next bout with rain. ed: and tom brady's new deal. the milestone he hopes to reach in a patriot uniform. >> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. heather:her yearbook said and
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something rather than die for nothing. officer ashley gwendon killed on the first day of her job on a domestic violence call. ed: she is being remembered and jack harper is live in west springfield where her uncle is on the force. jack? reporter: he sed. he is ed. family members are already there for the funeral, but she will be honored here next week. >> we have three three officers that have been shot. reporter: ashley gwendon died on her first day of the job. >> she was a member of the class 2005. >> an announcement at mary -- merrimack high, her old school. >> to see a young person go off and commit a life to
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-- taken down on herirst day is unimaginable. reporter: she was born here and her uncle was the detective on the police department. >> we are going have a ceremony at the same time as church. she will be buried at the same time as cemetery. we have about 5,000 officers coming up. >> saint thomas cemetery is down the street. ashley will be buried next to her father, dave. an iraq war veteran who suffered great stress on tour there and then committed suicide the day after he got home. an army sergeant at the pentagon formally charged with killing his wife and ashley gwendon. >> you hear about if a lot. when it is someone in town and from relatives in town it hits closer to home. reporter: final arrangements are being worked out as to the exact times of the service honoring this young police officer.


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