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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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-- taken down on herirst day is unimaginable. reporter: she was born here and her uncle was the detective on the police department. >> we are going have a ceremony at the same time as church. she will be buried at the same time as cemetery. we have about 5,000 officers coming up. >> saint thomas cemetery is down the street. ashley will be buried next to her father, dave. an iraq war veteran who suffered great stress on tour there and then committed suicide the day after he got home. an army sergeant at the pentagon formally charged with killing his wife and ashley gwendon. >> you hear about if a lot. when it is someone in town and from relatives in town it hits closer to home. reporter: final arrangements are being worked out as to the exact times of the service honoring this young police officer.
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5. heather: a man wanted in several crimes has turned himself in. he is being held without bail because he is considered a flight risk. prosecutors say he tried to attack a revere officer with a high per deer mick -- and a chase ended with a crash. his passenger jacqueline murphy, was taken into custody at the scene. ed: counting down the hours to super tuesday. both the democratic presidents are making appearances today. rhondella richardson is live where hillary clinton held a rally. rhondella? reporter: an upbeat hillary clinton received a rousing welcome and looking forward to super tuesday. she is hitting hard at donald trump and appearing ready for a general election.
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and first lead has the role of a presidential candidate. >> our roads and infrastructures and ports and airports. reporter: hillary clinton says she will increase gun control and decrease student loan debt. >> if you can refinance your house or car, don't you think you should be able to refinance your student debt? reporter: donald trump proposes free tuition. >> i am not going to ask you to pay taxes to send donald trump's youngest kid free to college. we are not gonna do that. reporter: she defends obamacare. >> i don't think we will be dumping pharmaceuticals in boston harbor, but i will tell you that i will use every tool at my business pose sal to go -- disposal to go after companies. >> i respect the hell out of that woman, but it is hard for me. >> and giving bernie sanders a hard look. >> we are going to defend marriage equality and move against all discrimination. >> i want every child to have
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go as far as your hard work and talent will take you. join with me! let's make it happen, boston! reporter: we heard hillary clinton talking about getting out the vote. by super tuesday-eve she will be in florida. wcvb newscenter 5. ed: bernie sanders will be in massachusetts as well. >> senator sanders heads into super tuesday with a 26-delegate deficit to hillary clinton. that is why it is crucial for sanders to win. before he heads home he will beholding the one and only rally at milton high school. here is something else to keep in mind. sanders' campaign has raised almost $40 million this month alone, in the month of february.
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tomorrow's super tuesday he can stay in the race as long as he wants regardless of the results. the senator will be here in less than an hour to speak. >> we can win the democratic nomination. [applause]. and if that happens there is nothing more that i would love to do than run against donald trump. >> something else to keep in mind that will make it difficult for sanders to challenge, the delicate lead. they can allocate delegates by finding a way to win a series of big states in a row he is race.
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he said he is in the race until the end. wcvb newscenter 5. >> look at this. this is a "time" magazine reporter in a scuffle. he is at a donald trump rally. ed: the secret service is looking into the scuffle at the trump rally between an agent and a photographer. reporter: a donald trump rally ended in chaos, protests and a body slam. that's a secret service member taking out a reporter. they were taking pictures. protestor chant "black lives matter" outside and inside dozens escorted out after interruptiing his speech on illegal immigration. >> get him out.
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a shouting match with trump appearing to mock one protestor. it comes as trump tries to clarify statements about the kkk. opponents ted cruz and marco rubio pounced on the front runner for failing to condemn racists. they say his cod lig of repugnant pig got tree is not -- bigotry is not the threads of america. >> wcvb newscenter 5. heather:thank you. ted cruz and marco rubio are fighting for a chance to beat trump in tomorrow's super tuesday. rubio is getting local enforcements today ahead of the massachusetts primary. the bo is -- the boston primary is endorsing him. cruz is saying if trump is the republican nominee the gop can
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the next president. >> there is a large group of officials there to discuss security on the rail sis -- system. phil: we look e ed we took a look. reporter: a closed door summit. representatives from the fbi and ohm land security and the nsa and top rail security experts inside. the topic is how to make rail travel in this country more secure. >> we have catching up to do. reporter: steven lynch hosted the summit. >> like with the aviation security everybody in the world was ahead of us until 9/11 and then we caught up quickly fnlt we fnlt -- quickly. we are trying to avoid that process. >> 5 investigates put a spotlight on rail security. we showed you armed homeland security on patrol. we also showed you the
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train stations and intentionally wide open and no checkpoint and no security lines. with the rail attacks in madrid, london, russia and other countries it is quite likely to happen here too. >> if you look around the world there is an attack on rail. we would be advised to take heed of that. >> there are a lot of federal transportation grant money up for grabs and he is hopeful that a good portion can beef up rail security. karen anderson, 5 investigates. ed: the mbta is talking fare hikes as it prepares to axe the late night service. heather:and the suspect busted with packets of dwrugs -- drugs in his underwear. harvey: and in the battleground between the cold and the warm.
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>> these are some of the drugs police found in suspects' under wear. there was cocaine, heroin and crack in inned wear. heather: julie mcdonald said the men were under surveillance for weeks. reporter: that's right, heather and ed, wayne clark was out on bail this weengd for -- this weekend or other drug dealing charges. this is now his fourth open drug case. >> in his groin there was the sound of plastic. reporter: police had their eye on clark for weeks. when they arrested the man they found what they were looking for in his underwear. more than 80 baggies of drugs. >> the defendant was on the streets of chelsea selling both heroin and crack. reporter: police watched clark meet a man outside the family dollar and then walk into the store together. that man left minutes later
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officers approached clark as he was about to leave and that's when he was boys truss. >> at that point they retrieved a baggie which contained a substance consistent with crystal methamphetamine. reporter: that was the beginning of what they would find in there. officers took clark back to the station for a search. >> the officers noticed he was sweating profusely as he was being disrobed. officers felt the sound of plastic in his briefs. reporter: inside his underwear 18 packets of heroin and 27 packets of cocaine and 37 of crack cocaine. charges include possession with intent to distribute, school zone violation and resisting arrest. and because of these new charges clark's bail on the other case was revoked. he was held today and will be back in court three times over the neck week for his various cases. live outside chelsea district court, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: good news. gas prices are dropping.
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for the third month in a row. and it was a gorgeous day. a few sprinkles at times, but a beauty. harvey is tracking the tim we're about to show you an incredibly low fare. like all our fares, you get two free bags and zero change fees. because what's the point of an incredibly low fare if you're just going to stack fees on top of it? our sale fares have nothing up
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book them now at low fares. nothing to hide. that's transfarency. sfx: clap, clap, ding . new at 6:00 they are putting the brakes at ways to cut a multimillion-dollar deficit. nicole is live in newton. nicole? reporter: yeah, what this cancellation means is in a couple weeks there will be no trains after 12:30 on fridays and saturdays. it is going to impact 13,000 people and it is not the first cost saving measure riders will see. between delays and aging equipment it is a point that every t rider will agree on, but that's where the consensus ends. there was heavy opposition on
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proposed fare hike at the mbta con trowel board -- control board meeting. >> the burden of that should not be placed on order working people. reporter: they will consider fare hikes ranging from 5 to 10%. >> that's a hardship. reporter: for the average daily rider it means shelling out more than $100 extra a year. if you are on a fixed income. >> in terms of flexible, disposable income it would be down. reporter: and for students who tell us every dollar counts. >> it is a huge burden for students. college is already expensive. tuition is rising rap wut a $7 -- rupt with a $7 billion maibt nens backlog it has reached a tipping point. >> if the t breaks down isn't that a worst scenario for people of all incomes? we have to take one step forward. reporter: the board is now making what many believe is a tough decision that will play
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what they decide. reporter: the cancellation of the late night service march 19th. the fare hike vote next month. wcvb, newscenter 5. phil: triple-a says gas is down 2 cents. massachusetts prices are 7 cents below the national average of $1.75. a year ago at this time the average price was 69 cents higher. we are paying under $2.40 a gallon for gas. >> it is leap year and happy birthday to you leap babies. did we break a record? harvey: tied one in boston and broke one in worcester. we were not the only places. check this out. portland, maine shattering their record high at 59. bangor at 53. augusta, maine tied it at 50
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and burlington, vermont tied it at 50 as well. the meteorological winter is ending today. boston, number two, second warmest we have had on record and worcester checks in at number three. aided by today, but aided by the incredibly warm december. remember that one? it was way, way above average. it is 52 in boston. the wind is picking up out of the west and you can tell because city cam is shaking in the breeze. factor. we are dropping in the low 40s in worcester it will be chillier tomorrow morning. we get a glancing blow of cold long. the warmth stays close and starts to rush in. that's going to be mainly a rain one for us. today.
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40. i'm .ing that out -- i'm pointing that out because we will get some precipitation. and from worcester north and west it may be cold enough for a period of freezing rain or sleet before the warmer air will take over by the time you wake up on wednesday morning. when we start to get another strong southerly wind. there are more downpours and a slight chance of a thunderstorm. and then look what happens. look at that dropoff to the west. this will be genuinely cold air that comes rushing in later on wednesday and for the rest of the week and this upcoming weekend. it will be a lot different than the temperatures of today. want to show you what will happen with our next storm. it travels to the west of us. counter clockwise flow draws up the southerly wind and that's why it is mainly a rain situation for us. following that, that's when
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check it out. late night rain tomorrow night with a little mix well north and west for a short period of time. a wet start on wednesday. a windy, colder finish. look at these temperatures for the rest of the week. we have to keep an eye on friday. that's a tricky day. there will be a storm developing in the ocean. most indicators will track it to fringe or miss us, meaning the cape will be closest to us. we have to watch it. then it would be a different ballgame. it stays cold over the weekend and a few flakes on sunday. that doesn't look like much of a big deal. we'll check it out for you. i'm meteorologist harvey leonard. >> now, sport center 5 with mike lynch. mike -- >> hi, everybody. tom brady and the patriots agreed to a deal through 2019 when brady will be 42 years old. brady said he plans to play into the 40s and there is no
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there is a deal in place to make it happen. he signed a five-year $60 million deal in 2013. that was the year maybe he thought the extra money saving the team they could sign wes welker? brady has another one of these deals and is believed to have taken a pay cut. there are a number of players the patriots would like to lock up. he is due for $9 million this year and $10 million next year. it will tie him for most years played as a member of the new england patriots. last week the red sox assembled for their workout. they will have a double header in fort myers with boston college and northeastern. a better not lose to the college kids game for the red sox.
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that say the freight train. manny ramirez. ha 234 dl -- handily with the glove and the stick. he had this double off the monsta. the red sox had it their way with the eagles. a guy who i think will have a great year. he hit a homerun and a three-run shot as boston college falls to the red sox 6-0 the final. the second game of the double header. take a good look at him. he is from westwood. high is -- he is a freshman. i will never have to pay for anything the rest of my four years in college. do you see that clock? that's the clock they have. when you visit the mound to talk to the pitcher, 30 seconds. take care of your business, state your business and you're out of there. 8-3 the final.
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erickson is a member of the bruins. he said although they did pick up a couple of players erickson is an unrestricted free agent a end of -- at the end of the season. this is your squad for the next six weeks of the regular season. >> for me the deal didn't work. my preference was to continue to score and to sign luis and indicating to him he is an important part of our team and hopefully going toward. >> when we are done we can go forward knowing we will make a relieved. excited to getting back to playing hockey and that being the only focus. tomorrow night. >> that would be cool. >> and going back to campus? >> the bragging rights. campus? >> oh yeah. >> first time you wore a tie
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that's what i thought. >> long pants? not really comfortable right now. i am not really comfortable. heather:that was pretty cool. good for him. ed: now newscenter 5 at7:00 and 11:00. >> five investigates some disturbing information about the explosive growth of cheap and deadly fentanyl. then on noose center 5 at 11:00, an armed robbery at a local store. the plea to help find the attacker. first "world news tonight." >> the school shooting in a cafeteria. images from the scene. super tuesday hours away. the donald trump rally and the photographer thrown to the ground. erin andrews on the stand right now. the hotel video seen by 17 million. we're next.
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t it doesn't mean more money for us. it means that the market price p of the energy we buy for you has changed. p so we're working with partners across the region t to increase our natural gas supply p and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. r we're leading the way toward the solution... p because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you. r ever new england. eversource. harvey: so we may have to send lynchy into town to anchor down city cams. that's because the winds are picking up and that will bring in the chilly air overnight
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normal day. ed: i can see the flashing lights. quite cold. keep an eye on friday. ocean storm. if it comes closer it could get interesting. heather:you don't seem worried about it. harvey: not at the moment.
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p i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. pwhich is why, for every american who's not being paid
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or a system tilted against them- p and there are far too many of you- she understands that our rcountry can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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several breaking stories tonight. hours away now until super tuesday. the showdown and, tonight, donald trump and the staggering new poll. and the trump rally turning ugly today. the photographer thrown to the ground. plus, the new numbers tonight on hillary clinton. is there a path for bernie sanders? also breaking, the school shooting inside a cafeteria. the 14-year-old opening fire, then running from the scene. breaking down on the stand. erin andrews late today, testifying in the case of her stalker, and a famous hotel. making a statement.


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