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tv   Matter of Fact With Fernando Espuelas  ABC  July 31, 2016 11:30am-12:01pm EDT

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announcer: today on "matter of fact" -- game on! he said -- donald trump: hillary rotten clinton, right? announcer: then she said -- hillary clinton: he offers zero solutions. announcer: what are they both saying to convince you to vote? karen tumulty: that really does sound like a recipe for a slugfest. hillary. can the congressional insider help her up her game? plus, first it was a cold war. now it could be a cyber war. will a hack attack put russia in charge of our election? fernando: an international watergate on steroids.
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hillary clinton can now get down to business as the democratic presidential nominee. hillary clinton: join us! fernando: the party has unified be. bernie sande po stand with her. fernando: but she has her work cut out for her. clinton's high negative marks, the 'appearance' of a rigged system with the release of e-mails hacked from d.n.c. servers, and falling poll numbers have many asking the question: can she win against a candidate waging an unconventional mp joining me now from philadelphia is congresswoman linda sanchez, she is chair of the congressional hispanic caucus, and a supporter of hillary clinton. madam chair, welcome to the program. linda sanchez: thank you for having me, fernando. fernando: thank you. let me ask you, do you think clinton is really qualified and ready to battle what is an unusual candidacy of donald trump?
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run for president. and i think obama said that in his speech last night, she is the most qualified man or woman to run for office of president. i think she is ready. she has got a vision for this country, and she ready to lead us to that vision. fernando: yet as prepared as she is, she is facing a chaotic opponent, who surprises in many ways. how flexible is ca be able to deal with these eruptions that seem to occur on an ongoing basis? linda sanchez: she has a strong team behind her. and no doubt, trump is very unpredictable and he is very erratic. i think as the campaign goes on and you see more of that erratic behavior from donald trump it , underscores that he does not have the temperament to sit in the oval office and run this
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it creates that real contrast between somebody who is thoughtful and has a strong presence versus somebody who is shooting from the hip all the time and off-balance and not accurate with his facts or understanding the fact that what he says has an impact around the world. what he is saying right now frightens some of our strongest allies. i think increas voters will have a clear picture of whether they want a study, competent person at the helm or someone that is temperamentally erratic? fernando: let me ask you about that because you know her. what is one thing that isn't not very well known outside party circles, something that would surprise us to know about her? a quality? a way of being that doesn't come through the television set? linda sanchez: you hear this
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let's step behind that term for a minute and let's look at what she's accomplished. let's look at what she did for the 9/11 first responders. she was tireless in making sure that they got compensation for the injuries they suffered because the air quality was so poor and those were illnesses that didn't show up right away. they manifested over years. she fought and passed legislatio care and compensation that they needed to take care of their health after they responded to the worst disaster in american history. that took years. that wasn't just her standing up and saying, "oh, i fought for this and i went away and forgot about it." she kept in touch with those families. she made a commitment to them to make sure she got this done. she worked in a bipartisan way, and she made it happen.
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she does not give up until she fulfils that promise that she has made. i think a lot of people don't understand that hers has been a quiet but effective fight over the course of her whole entire career to make lives better for people, and she doesn't forget those people. she stays in contact with them, she touches back with them. fernando: madam chair, thank you so much for joining me today. i really appreciate your insights. some of her teammates just don't like her. some of his team just don't like him. if they don't like the candidates, who's going to vote in november? >> i would not be surprised if turnout was actually pretty low. announcer: and both parties brought star power to the arena. but will the music's message get
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fernando: hillary clinton capped off four carefully choreographed days at her convention designed to put her in the best light possible. now, she and donald trump are focused on november. both need to capture the support of key constituents: women, hispanics, and the all important independents. how do they move their campaigns forward? the washington post's national political correspondent karen tumulty joins me now from philadelphia. welcome to the program. karen tumulty: thank you, great to be here. fernando: thank you. let me ask you a question about both candidates. with such high negatives, what do you think each campaign has to do to win over the middle, to win over the swing voters?
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i think this election is about revving up your own supporters, revving up your own base. the playbook is, if you have an opponent who has high negatives, you are going to make the election about your opponent and not about yourself. well, here we have two candidates, both of them in that situation. that really does sound like a recipe for a slugfest for the fall. i would not be surprised if turnout is pretty low, because i think a lot of people are likely to get turned off by the whole thing. fernando: i hear from voters all the time that this is picking between the lesser of two evils, which is sad for our electoral system. do you think that's the decision voters will face? not all of them obviously, but that group of people that will
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karen tumulty: i think these two conventions have been such a contrast. the republicans painted a picture of an almost apocalyptic america, a very dark picture of where the country is. the democrats, while bashing donald trump as temperamentally unsuited to be president and even going so far as to question his sanity, they are also trying to convince peo country is on the upward slope. this does not really comport with what the polls will tell you, which show by 40 or 50 percentage points more people think the country is on wrong track than the right track. so, it does come down to doing your very best to disqualify your opponent. fernando: and now with clinton's reintroduction to the country there has been an attempt to
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far? have they been successful at the democratic convention to do that? karen tumulty: the clinton campaign has been trying to argue that hillary clinton is both famous and unknown at the same time -- that the country has never gotten to know her. i'm skeptical of that. i think the country has had a quarter-century to get to know her. and people have, for better or worse, a strong impression of is. fernando: and how do you read donald trump's position now? certainly after his invitation russians to hack hillary's e-mail, it would seem that he is -- that is what he's doing. are these things that are now going to cost his support? it seems he could do almost anything until this time. what's your point of view? karen tumulty: you know, i think that donald trump has done so many -- i guess the charitable
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he's said so many toxic things. and every single time people in , the pundit business, his political opponents, even people in his political party will say this is the one that does him in. i'm out of that business. i have decided his supporters are with him, and they are going to stick with him until the end. the question is how many of them are in a general election environment. fernando: you know, there has been much said that he doesn't a robust team of people that are creating a campaign across the country. is that true or an exaggeration by the democrats? karen tumulty: i am finding absolutely no evidence of a ground operation. when we were in cleveland i went , out to parma, ohio, a white ethnic community. there are a lot of trump supporters there. what i was finding was that the support for donald trump was sort of organic.
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him on television what they had , heard at his rallies. no, i am not seeing much evidence of a real organization. they have a very short time to build one. now, your organization doesn't win big for you or lose big for you. but if the election is close, they are your field goal team. they can give you those last three points. fernando: karen, thank you so much for joining me today. i really appreciate your insights. world as a superpower. why is america failing to lead in our nation's schools? then, celebrities know how to amp up a convention crowd. but will star-power wattage get you to the polls?
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fernando: one common message from both the republican and democratic conventions -- education is vital to our nation. but while the united states leads the world in many categories like our economy, technology, and the military -- in education we're not even close. according to a global study released last year, america ranks 29th in the world when it comes to math and science educational results. can the united states continue to be the world's superpower with an educational system that has failed millions of kids? lily eskelsen garcia heads the country's biggest union, the national education association, representing teachers across the nation. she joins me now from philadelphia. welcome to the program. lily garcia: thank you, i'm thrilled to be here. fernando: thank you. as you know, across the country we have uneven public school systems.
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that are failing the lives of many children. what is a cogent strategy to fix those broken systems? lily garcia: we have the every student succeeds act. that calls for a dashboard of better indicators of success and finally indicators of services and support for those kids. what we are calling for at the national education association is -- why not go into thoset knows where those are in your state. you drive through the mcmansions and you can find some of the finest public schools in the world. take an inventory of what's in those schools, the programs and supports in those schools and , make that your state standard for services and support for all kids. fernando: and let me ask you something. obviously this is not uniform across the country, but the
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and in some places, the school boards are not necessarily focused on the students. they are focused on the business of running a school system. from the teacher's point of view, do you find that that heavy-handed control gets in the way of innovation by teachers, especially young teachers? lily garcia: we know how to move that needle. and when you talk about the heavy hand, think about the heavy hand of the federal government. federal law it's saying the only thing that matters is how many kids hit a cut score. did you hit a quota of kids who hit a cut score? now we have taken that national cloud of 'test and punish' off, but what are we going to replace it with? what we are calling for is looking at amazing schools that are doing innovative things in some of the poorest communities. community schools inviting social services to come in. i've been in schools that have
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a dentist comes in once a month. there are english language programs for the parents, job training for parents. there is parent centers in those schools. they are the schools saying the only way we are going to succeed is bringing the community together, making the school the hub of the community. fernando: do you have concerns regarding what seems to be a wave of privatization of public schools? lily garcia: we have seen the pillars of a corporate model, a factory model of school reform that had its chief push in 'no child left untested' where you standardize, you privatize, you hit your number, you de-professionalize, and you stop teachers from making professional decisions in the best interest of their students. every one of those pillars has crumbled under 14
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conventions, top speakers and hollywood celebrities lit up the stage with star power. some with higher wattage than others. but does a celebrity's stamp of approval make a difference? the republican convention in cleveland showcased praise from tv stars and other big shots. ivanka trump: he has been the people's champion, and tonight he is the people's nominee. fernando: but it was the democrats who brought out their
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eva longoria: hello, philadelphia! boyz ii men: philadelphia, what's happening?! fernando: between actors like lena dunham and america ferrera, senator al franken and sarah silverman, and performances including paul simon and lenny kravitz -- >> ? what the world needs now is love ? ? fernando: the d.n.c. rocked an even bigger playlist of top stars. celebrities can rev up convention crowds, but can they change your mindset or vote? send me your thoughts. tweet me @matteroffacttv. check in on facebook or connect with our video site to view and share videos from all our programs.
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cyber war with russia? donald trump: russia, if you're
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plus a $250 prepaid card. comcast business. built for business. fernando: the apparent russian hack of the democratic national committee's e-mail servers is like an international watergate on steroids. many u.s. intelligence agencies agree that this was an attack on the united states by two russian spy agencies. the violation of the democratic party's e-mail servers echoes the 1972 watergate burglaries of the d.n.c.'s offices, stealing information to help win an election. evidence points to vladimir putin's deep animosity against hillary clinton. embarrassing her would give him satisfaction. it seems that putin, a former kgb agent, has weaponized the hacked e-mails. through wikileaks, the e-mails were published the day before the start of the democrats' convention.
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and it did. but perhaps the russians could not imagine how quickly democrats would eject party chair debbie wasserman-schultz and cauterize the story. republican party nominee donald trump then called on russia to continue its attacks. donald trump: russia, if you're listening, i hope you're able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. fernando: saying that if they foundi rewarded mightily by the press." the f.b.i. is investigating the e-mail hack. in the meantime, we must recognize that america is under attack. cyber war is upon us. and if our government does not quickly improve our country's cyber security, our whole nation is at risk. i'm fernando espuelas. have a great week. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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karen: today on "cityline," how popular media has shaped images of ladies of color. and michelle obama's role in reshaping the image of black women. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] karen:oo welcome to "cityline." later in the program we will look at media images of african-americans dating back 100 years, leaving lasting impressions that shape the sum of today's attitudes towards the black community could michelle obama wowed the opening night of the democratic national convention with a speech that earned praise and admiration from all. michelle obama: don't let anyone


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