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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  August 5, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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mary: yes, heather and ed, tom brady met with reporters today at camp. he said he's decided to move on, and set an example for his teammates. brady says he's taking one day at a time, trying to get better everyday, and help the team prepare for the new season. with or without him. as you know, last month, a federal appeals court rejected his request that they review his case, that meant the 4 game suspension would stand. brady's only recourse was to appeal to the u.s. supreme court. in the end, he decided not t tom brady: i want to focus on what i need to do to get ready with our team. i will be excited to be back when i'm back. and i will be chairing our team on. i hope we win every game. >> [indiscernible] tom brady: my family means everything to me and obviously
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whole team, all of our fans -- we said the other night we have the best fans in the world, and we do. mary: brady admitted today, it will be tough to sit out those first 4 games, but he says he'll deal with that when the time comes. he said he will be watching an rooting for the pats to win without him. we will have more on tom brady, who says the pats have changed tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. i'm mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: another steamy day out there. mike is tracking potentially severe storms for tomorrow? mike: yes, we got close to 90 degrees. humidity was manageable. that will set us up for thunderstorms. nothing really going on right now, but look at cleveland, the showers and thunderstorms out there.
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you notice the difference. lunchtime, showers and thunderstorms pop up across the area. these will march across the cape this afternoon. we will keep a very close eye on those. there is the potential for severe storms out of this. a marginal risk for much of new england tomorrow, with the possibility of severe thunderstorms. we will talk about the impact, when it moves through, and what your sunday looks like -- all of that in a couple is facing drug charges after police responded to a home for a report of an unresponsive baby who later died. heather: newscenter 5's david bienick is live in concord, new hampshire with the investigation, david? david: heather, good afternoon. police here in, court say it's still a mystery exactly how this two month old baby boy died. on monday, police officers and firefighters came to this camper trailer and found the baby not breathing and unconscious. the baby, whose name has not been released, later died at a hospital.
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before a judge. they're not facing any charges in connection with their son's death. but they are charged with possessing and intending to sell methamphetamine in the camper where the family was living. during today's hearing, kayla austin's mother pleaded for her release. >> her two-month-old sudy arrangements. kayla is a kind and loving person. david: but the judge ordered both austin and ross to be held on $50,000 bail. they're scheduled to be back in court next week. meanwhile, police say there are no obvious signs of foul play. they're waiting for autopsy results to show how the baby died. get this -- there was another child a two-year-old girl, was , also found in the camper.
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ed, back to you. ed: tragedy in danvers. a 2-year-old has died after being pulled from his family's swimming pool. the child was first found unresponsive in the pool just before 8:00 last night. family members did cpr and emergency crews took him to the hospital where he died. police and the district attorney's office are investigating tonight. heather: a former fbi agent charged with lying during whitey bulger's murder trial learns his punishment after pleading guilty. ed: newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich is live outside federal court todd? today. todd? todd: he pleaded guilty to lying on the stand during the bulger trial, and he reached a plea deal with the u.s. attorney's office. robert fitzpatrick is 72 years old and in failing health. that is part of the reason why he will not be incarcerated. he will have two years of bashan
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several faults claims during the trial, such as bulger told informant." >> this was the rightceted sentence. trials bring great risk. you are the judge say accepting the agreed upon recommendation of the parties. todd: prosecutorsoo his image to boost book sales. heather: thank you. yarmouth police asking for your help to solve a violent home invasion. these are pictures of guns similar to those used in yesterday's invasion. it happened around 2:00 in the morning on monroe lane. the two victims say there wear amount of
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hear from anyone who lives in the area who may have a video surveillance system. ed: new at 4:30: a new hampshire woman is charged wr ends up inan penacook, which is near concord. police say ashley gordon failed to make a turn plunging into the water. she got out safely. but it took crews several hours to pull the car out of the river today. heather: sky 5 over haverhill where a large pot hole caused traffic delays earlier today. the hole opened up on 495-south the merrimack river. crews expected to the repairs to -- to make those repairs. it should take up to four hours. commitment 2016. hillary clinton continuing to surge in yet another round of national polling. ed: a new mcclatchy-marist poll taken after both conventions gives clinton a 15-point edge over donald trump. she not only went up trump also went down. the former secretary of state made strong gains with white voters and men two groups
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groups crucial to a republican victory. sources say donald trump will endorse house speaker paul ryan . he will do that tonight ahead of tuesday's primary in wisconsin after shocking republicans by saying he wouldn't. heather: newscenter 5's maria stephanos is tracking the developments for us tonight. maria? maria: an about-face from donald trump, who's expected endorsement of ryan is a move many supporters hope mends an inter-party rift. could come tonight at a trump rally in green bay. trump hesistated at endorsing the ryan in an interview with "the washington post" this week the gop candidate told the post ,, "we need very strong leadership. i'm not quite there yet." tonight's move is just days ahead of ryan's primary match up with challenger paul nehlen. nehlen has continued to play up trump's refusal to back ryan. and as of right now a ryan aide says he hasn't received words of trump's plans.
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trump in weeks. >> have you spoken to donald trump at all this we? speaker ryan: no. >> do you have plans to? ryan: i don't have plans to go and we have not spoken since the convention. heather: tonight's rally kicks off at 8:00. trump heads to new england next. he'll be in windham, new hampshire and on nantucket and cape cs occasions over the past months that what i told the fbi, which he said was truthful, is consistent with what i have said publicly. heather: meanwhile, clinton defending herself today against more allegations related to her private emails. clinton telling journalists at a conference in washington, d.c. that she never sent or received classified information. many media outlets have found inconsistencies with that statement and comey's testitmoney on capitol hill. ed: investigators in connecticut
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blast yesterday afternoon. four had to be rescued in the rubble. none of the injuries are life-threatening. but the impact sent debris flying into neighbors' yards. heather: this is just a horrible story. a georgia father is under arrest after his twin girls died after being left in a hot car. neighbors rescued the 15-month-old girls and tried to save them using ice packs and by putting them in a baby pool to cool off. autopsies are being performed. their father is charged with the mayor of fairfax, virginia busted in an alleged meth-for-sex sting overnight. police say they got a tip that mayor scott silverthorne was involved in a dating website where he was exchanging drugs for sex. ed: detectives say they had been tracking silverthorne for a while. they eventually met up with him at a hotel. they arrested him as he met up with his alleged suppliers.
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new at 4:30, video released today from the fatal shooting of of an 18-year-old car theft suspect in chicago. body cam footage showing officers firing towards a car , then handcuffing paul o'neal. police say the unnamed officer's body camera did not record the shots that killed him last thursday. his family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. the family's attorney says the video shows an execution. >> these police officers decided to play judge, jury, and executioner. heather: the chicago police department has stripped three officers of their police powers. the agency that investigates chicago police misconduct says the video is shocking and disturbing. ed: the black lives matter campaign creating big problems in london overnight. protesters blocked roads leading to heathrow airport, chaining themselves together, bringing traffic to a standstill. 10 people were arrested. it's all part of u.k. wide protests marking five years since a black man was shot and killed by police in london.
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average after a serial shooter strikes again. ed: police had thought the crime spree had ended in mid-june with a deadly triple shooting. but they now believe the man is behind the near-fatal shooting of a man and boy last month. at least nine people have been injured of killed since march. in each case, the victims have been attacked near their car or home at night or in the very early morning hours. heather: the man who tried to kill president ronald reagan could be a free man as early as today. more than 35 years in a psychiatric hospital. but last month a federal judge ruled he was no longer a danger to himself or others. the 61-year-old will be allowed to live with his mother in a gated community in virginia. time now to flash forward to newscenter 5 at 5:00. ed: changes in security and policy after 5 investigates exposed what exactly happened on the night of this young man's
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one all -- without all of the traffic? ed: and at 7:00, how one local company is turning our desperate search for an outlet into a cutting-edge business. mike: thunderstorms are in the forecast. i have an hour-by-hour breakdown of when they move through your neighborhood. heather and we continue to : follow breaking news in truro. noons landing, beach point and cold storage beaches all closed until sunday after as many as six great white sh w swimmers are being told not to
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hood new england creamery. so good, it's hard to believe they're real. ? bobby. you're doing it again.
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>> you're are watching newscenter 5 at 4:30 p.m. ed: the traffic on the bike is not bad in either direction. going to newton pretty quickly what that looks like right now. wow. that's horrible. yeesh. about a half hour from the upper deck to rpououte 128. obviously if you are headed to the cape, you have a good time. 495 -- look at that, 495 south
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friday afternoon. heather: this is stunning video from iowa where a photographer caught this tornado on camera. this is known as a rope twister. by itself, it did not cause any damage but it was part of a , larger storm system that injured a few people and damaged some homes. ed: a rope twister? mike: it's kind of at the last stage. this is a funnel cloud - spotted in new orleans yesterday, and ef0 twister. the storm toppled trees and power lines and injured two people. heather: you hear ef0 twister and you think it's not going to do any damage. ed: no. mike: it may not do damage in any one specific area, but your neighborhood --
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mike: that stuff you saw in iowa? ed: yeah, yeah, yeah. mike: that's coming this way. let's talk about what he marginal risk is. there is a lot of the east coast that is in this. it goes from washington, d.c. up in two main. a lot of times when we talk about a marginal risk am a people ask him a what does that mean? this has winds running 40 to 60 miles per hour, hail scale before you talk about a tornado risk. tomorrow, what we will see from the storms, tomorrow, the heavy winds and down for. remember, this will happen in the afternoon area a lot of people will be outside doing the activities they do on the weekend. that is why a one to give you heads up. lightning is a big threat. a lot of people outside doing activities during the afternoon.
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we have a southwesterly wind. humidity is not invot humidity t up. there is the dividing line, that is where we see the thunderstorms. we see this moving across lake erie and moving towards us. the timing is perfect for the afternoon, maximum heating time. the dew point is still way, way down. up. what happens is, there is a lot of humidity all around us. this will lift toward all of this muggy air that you see. you notice the dry air will start flowing back in here. we talk about sunday. completely different forecast. no heat, no humidity, no thunderstorms. dry air sitting out there. only the 60's and 70's -- we have a muggy night out there tonight, even though it is comfortable right now.
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tomorrow will be humid. watch for this afternoon thunderstorms. 88 tomorrow morning. a lot of sunshine -- a little sunshine, not a lot. let's give you an hour-by-hour breakdown of what is going to happen. tomorrow, this is 6:00 a.m.. a little sunshine, a little muggy. most of this happens noon, 1:00. thunderstorms. this will march southward. this is not a washout. you get this one line, 3:00, pushing through the south shore. then eventually, this all kicks on out of here. tomorrow night, it is all over with. tomorrow, we are indicating this is a high-impact weather day because of thunderstorms.
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it's going to be very muggy tomorrow, but look at monday and tuesday. we are talking about very low due when spirit they ramp up wednesday. why? a chance of thunderstorms. you will notice the chance of thunderstorms wednesday and then friday. it looks like the chance of thunderstorms wednesday, then it will clear away thursday and friday we could have another chance of scattered thunderstorms. do keep an eye on strong thunderstorms. ed: thank you. turning now to your health -- scientists reiterating tonight sunscreen may not prevent most skin cancers. heather: experts reviewed results from several studies on sunscreen. they say there's just not enough evidence to suggest it definitively prevents cancer. but that doesn't mean we shouldn't use it. researchers stress it is an important line of defense along with other measures like wearing hats or staying in the shade. ed: new data shows half of
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50% of women were overweight or obese at pregnancy. those women were more likely to be over 40, less likely to have a college degree and more likely to rely on medicaid to pay for their delivery. heather: coming up a dentist , attacked by a shark. the whole thing captured on camera. ed: what he thinks attracted the shark before he was able to free himself. capital one believes your bank should work for you, not the other way around. so capital one reimagined banking... ? with a place that feels nothing like a bank. and helpful people that talk to you...not sell to you.
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heather: a terrifying close encounter with a shark captured on camera in the bahamas. ed: this guy's name is steve, and he was spearfishing saturday when a 6-foot bull shark attacked him. this is video captured by his son-in-law's go pro camera. he and his guide had just speared fish, and were swimming back to their boat, when the shark pounced. >> boomer. middle of the ocean. it ripped my mask off. you can see, this is where it got me right in the nose. perfect claw marks on both sides of the mask. ed: that's amazing. heather: that's horrible. ed: the bytes in the mask match the face. the shark bit his face.
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again, it's going to be too soon. ed: your economy news now. a big boost on the jobs front. heather employers added 255,000 : jobs last month more than , expected. the unemployment rate is still 4.9%. but experts say the hiring flux is a sign of confidence in the u.s. economy. ll bean is getting ready to open its first store in rhode island. ed: the store will open next friday at the garden city center in cranston. the maine-based retailer takes over a 17,000-square foot space previously occupied by officemax. and the music says it is tease time. all right -- heather: what happened to a dell
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20 oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 30 songs, and jan can upload 120 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online.
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heather caitlyn jenner is firing : back at the paparazzi saying they contributed to a fatal ca jenner was involved in a chain-reaction crash in february 2015, which killed a driver. the woman's family accuses jenner of driving negligently, carelessly, and recklessly causing the crash. but jenner claims paparazzi were chasing and tailgating her so they should be responsible for some of the monetary damages. ed: so, here is that adele story. she may have one of the most famous names and voices on the planet and one of the biggest bank accounts in the world. but even adele gets turned down
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admitted on stage in california this week that her credit card was declined at clothing store h&m. adele says nobody recognized her . she was mortified. here is the question -- why was the card declined? heather: and if no one recognized her, why did she come out and admit it? ed: exactly. heather and david on newscenter 5 at 5:00. >> tom brady after ending the deflate-gate appeal. >> an emergency call in's with a baby's death. >> what else lead to an arrest. >> five investigates finding changes -- new safety measures in place right now.
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this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. >> breaking news at 5:00 -- three beaches in truro closed until sunday after as many as six great white sharks were spotted around a whale carcass. this is video of some of those sharks taken by the center of coastal studies. heather as a result, noons : landing, beach point, and cold storage beaches are all closed to swimming. swimmers at other nearby beaches are advised to use caution and report any shark sightings to >> breaking news in fall river. emergency crews at battleship cove after reports of a suspicious package. sky 5 over the scene. you can see personnel in a bomb safety suit. the people in the area right around the package have been evacuated. we have a crew on the way to fall river and will bring you additional information as it becomes available. for the first time since dropping his deflategate appeal, tom brady addressed it publicly today. heather telling reporters it was : his decision to end it. newscenter 5's mary saladna is


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