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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 11, 2016 2:37am-4:01am EDT

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horns. >> reporter: he loved it and it showed from the start. >> welcome to espn's tuesday night baseball. [ laughter ] >> reporter: he arrived at espn 30 years ago from baltimore. he was there for the beginning of sports center, and for the past 15 years as host of the sports reporters. >> i'm john saunders, and here are today's sports reporters. >> reporter: had i known that would be the last time i saw you, john. thank you for being an example of excellence for me and countless others. not just your remarkable example of what it means to be a jury room journalist, but what it means to be a remarkable human. she also wrote of his loving family, his wife and two daughters. we are all thinking of them today. >> i saw him last thursday at the national association of broadcast journalist convention in d.c.
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tell. shocking. >> a big loss for the broadcasting community. >> yes. turning to the olympics where katie ledecky is making a difference for the u.s. relay team. >> the americans were running second in the 4x200 medley. she anchored and they won by two seconds. >> the men considered to be the greatest male gymnast picked up another medal. japan's gymnast held someone off with a british gymnast not far behind. he's won the last six world championships. >> thanks to him, japan is third in both gold medals and the overall medal count. china is second in both. the u.s. remains a leader with 11 golds, 11 silvers, 10 bronzes. a total of 32.
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simone biles goes to the overall competition. fe f phelps and lochte go head to head. and golf returns to the olympics for the first time since 1904. >> we've been waiting a long time to see golf back at the olympics. we'll have full coverage of that tomorrow morning here. it's that -- that got you, really? >> carry on. >> really? >> don't mind me. >> it's amazing the lengths that some thieves will go to steal a bicycle. for a moment it appears the heavy chains are securing this to a tree would be enough. >> unable to get rid of the chain, look at the thief. he gets rid of the tree. he decides he knows how to solve the problem. he cuts down the entire tree.
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his vehicle and off he goes. he's a thief. got to give him credit for his problem solving. >> he's creative. >> coming up, athletes displace b ed by war make their mark on the games. here at home, he's a doctor raising eyebrows and a lot more than that by offering an exclusive look at his practice on social media. >> first, let's te today's temperatures. >> "world news now" weather
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we're back with a new team competing in lorio. >> they're known as the refugee
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in a war zone. he was a star athlete in his hometown, a shoe in for the london olympics, but then the war started. he made the trip across the mediterranean to europe where he had the best chance of competing. he went to belgium where he met his current coach. >> before he came to belgium he hadn't been training for six he came to me in february, and he just -- when i asked him to swim 400 meters, he was already dead. >> reporter: the international olympics committee announced it would create the first ever refugee team. for the elite athletes among the record 21 million refugees worldwide. he applied and a few months later he got the call. >> so i said, okay, if you really have aspirations to go, and if we only know it in june
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to the olympics, we have to train as if you are going. and i cannot do anything about that. if it hurts, it hurts. you just have to do it. >> reporter: he's one of two refugees from syria. the others from south sudan, ethiopia and the democratic republic of the congo. >> it's a child's dream to be here, and what makes it special for him is he was supposed to be here. when there was that he is here, even when not everything is optimal, he is here, and he now has something to go on. and he will go on. >> reporter: his number one hope is that by the next summer olympics, the notion of a team for refugees will be obsolete. >> reporter: in addition to his training, he also had to take intensive dutch lessons.
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dutch meant i'm so tired. an understandable sentiment. >> we have no idea what that's like. never at all. good for them. that's a great story. >> it's inspiring. >> and he got a standing ovation making his personal best. >> and he competes tonight. >> thank you so much. and joining us this morning coming up, we visit a guy called dr. miami. >> okay. he's offering behind the scenes visits to his operating ro social media.
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most people don't enjoy going to the doctor no matter how great the office is or how nice you one plastic surgeon's popularity is soaring. >> interesting name. he's called dr. miami. he's bringing his viewers behind the scenes. we're up all night with rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: it's inside the operating room like you've never seen before. >> how nice is this booty looking? >> reporter: brought to you by the man known as dr. miami. >> they call me dr. miami. i make people feel better about
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>> reporter: he takes viewers behind the scenes of surgeries. most so graphic we can't even show you. >> we have a brazilian butt lift. she's quite square. we're going to snatch her waist. >> reporter: capturing the before after and inbetween. in the 10 second video clips he posts to social media, snap chat. >> i made my incision. >> reporter: the result, a cult following of millions of snap chat patients than he can handle. >> and then we said we're taking a break from appointments. we have a backlog. i'm going to clean it up and show you the before and after. >> reporter: he insists that all there doesn't distract him in the operating room where life is literally in his hands. god forbid that worst case scenario. somebody dies on your table. >> we're careful. we hope it never happens. >> reporter: it's not the first
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on the show "botched" fans tuned in to see the good, bad, and ugly side of kcosmetic surgery. >> reporter: in his room they get unfiltered video almost instantly. >> this booty is all done. look how nice and round it is. everything she wanted in a booty and a bag of chips. >> reporter: unfocussed in the operating room may have backfired before. after a suffered fatal complications, her daughter sued where the procedure was done claiming that a doctor took photos of joan rivers while under sedation. melissa rivers reaching a settlement for an undisclosed amount.
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did. right here. we have the moment on tape. >> i think all srurgeries shoul be on tape. what's wrong with transparency. it's like saying to a cop why are you wearing a body camera? cameras on police and in schools are a good thing. it keeps everybody focussed. >> reporter: his popularity only seems to be growing. >> here are your finalists for best snap chatter >> reporter: he came in second. while snap chat might have made him famous, his patients say the work speaks for itself. for nightline, i'm rebecca jarvis in miami. >> maybe he should get the first place winner to provide commentary on the surgeries. apparently he tried to do it on instagram but they were too graphic. he got kicked off. his daughter taught him how to use snap chat. >> one-third of his patients say
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? >> i don't think i did very well. it's one two three. men are supposed to be a wider stance. one two three. inra for carnival time of year. it's a daily beat of life in places like rio. >> the city is famous for sites and sounds. >> reporter: vibrant, bursting with energy from the beaches and blue skies, this is rio de janeiro. we wanted to experience rio's heart beat up close. the pulsating culture that
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it makes you dizzy with the clouds moving in front of it. this 90 foot tall statue of jesus is located at the top of a mountain. it was completed in 1941. it gets hits from lightning every year. during the visit the wind was unbelievable. it didn't help my selfie all that climbing worked up an appetite. that's cheese? >> yes. >> reporter: we caught up with the official chef for team brazil who designed 191 recipes to keep the team's 465 athletes fuelled. we hit the kitchen to get the brazilian take on a texas
2:57 am
it's a mix of brazil and america. >> reporter: this is so good. gold medal. >> thank you. >> reporter: an finally no trip to rio is complete without samba lessons. the celebrated dance front and center at a festival that brings nearly 2 million people to town to mark the beginning of lent. >> like this. >> reporter: you have to have taught me some quintessential moves i won't soon forget. >> reporter: samba is hips? >> yes. >> great moves. >> that one looks a lot easier that. >> i love one comment. they said diane, your samba is getting better, kendis, god
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this morning on "world news now" details in a stand off at trump tower. >> the slow chase in the middle of rush hour with police cutting out windows to take the climber down. and the stunt man is actually a trump supporter. >> and a terror takedown. a suspect with ties to isis killed by policef the chance to carry out a suicide bombing. the new information just in. >> as crews in western states work to gain control over wildfires. the cause of one fire is determined to be a faulty hot tub. >> in rio, team usa adding to a collection of medals. some highlights from the biggest events including the incredible endurance of one man not even
3:01 am
across the american continents to make it to the game. it's thursday, august 11th. >> as you'd expect the tabloids are having fun with the guy who was climbing. you have the new york daily news that says will your wall stop the suction cups, donald? >> and we have the new york post saying he's a sucker for trump. >> i everybody is into cupping these days, i guess. >> a whole new level. and we begin with the details on that stunt here in new york. the man scaled trump tower using suction cups. >> the man identified only as steve. he's from virginia. he told police he was a trump supporter and wanted a private meeting with donald trump. he slowly climbed the 68 story building as emergency crews cut holes in vents and broke windows
3:02 am
witnesses described the moments just before he started the climb. >> there was a gentleman, this man to our right in fa. he was jumping up and down. didn't think much of it. we turned around and he was running across the side of the building. >> after about two and a half hours, two police officers reached through the window on the 21st floor and pulled him to safety. he was hospitalized for evaluation and will be >> donald trump tweeted great job today by the nypd in protecting the people and saving the climber. trump the blasting hillary clinton over a batch of e-mails calling it evidence of a pay for play scheme. >> the e-mails are raising questions about donations to the clinton foundation in exchange for favors. >> trump sold supporters president obama is the found of
3:03 am
co-founder. and he fends off a vewhat some consider a veiled threat to clinton. >> we witnessed the latest in a long line of casual comments from donald trump that cross the line. >> reporter: she's referring to this comment. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, although the second amendment people maybe there is. i don't know. >> casual inciting of violence. >> reporter: it's comments like that from trump that have caused republicans to support clinton. they have a welcomes together for and as trump keeps slamming
3:04 am
both candidates focusing on the economy. clinton touring a company in des moines checking out their supply of t shirts. even getting one made just for her. she used the company as an example of made in america. and slammed trump. >> he makes all these things. none of them in the united states. >> reporter: trump meetingh coal industry leaders. >> reporter: that ad buy is a boost to the trump campaign. they've spent an astonishing $0 on general election tv ads. in comparison, hillary clinton's campaign has spent nearly $56 million. >> all right. our thanks to karen in washington d.c. we have breaking news right now from canada.
3:05 am
plot has been killed in an area that's located just about 50 miles from the michigan border. investigators say a man with known ties to isis was planning to blow himself up in a public place in the southern ontario town but it was killed during a police takedown before he could carry out the plan. officials say he acted alone and there's no current threat to public safety. new details about the florida police officer who shot and killed a 73-year-old civilian during a citizen's training exercise gone wrong. earlier this year he was at the center of a lawsuit after using his k-9 to take down a bicyclist. he's onned a administrative leave. investigatoring as are looking the question of how a live round was in his gun. and a blistering report from the justice department. according to the report investigators found excessive
3:06 am
the investigation began after the death of freddie gray. to arkansas. a sheriff's deputy fatally shot. police say the suspect wanted to cause a ruckus before a court hearing. >> where's he at? >> reporter: this was the panic as sheriff's deputies arkansas were met with deadly force. a man they tell us was firing a semi automatic weapon at police. authorities say they were responding to a fight between the alleged shooter and his family. a deputy was shot and suffered minor injuries. one of his deputies, kill cooper was seriously wounded and later died at the hospital. >> he could have retired years ago. he loved his community so much
3:07 am
sheriff's department serving and protecting. >> reporter: police arrested a petty criminal accused of killing a peace officer. in a statement arkansas's governor says this illustrates the dangers our law enforcement officers face to keep us safe every day. >> investigators in california say faulty wiring in a hot tub is to blame for one of the stat it roared north of san francisco destroying more than 1400 homes. the district attorney is considering criminal charges against the homeowner. >> after cancelling hundreds of additional flights wednesday, the delta hopes to get operations back to normal soon. for some passengers there's no hurry. that's because the airline
3:08 am
on private jets. but delta won't say how the passengers were selected. >> that's an upgrade. >> just a little bit. >> yeah. i wonder if they got peanuts on the flight. >> probably pretzels. to the olympics. u.s. swimmers are moving dominant in the pools winning more gold last night. the u.s. now has 11 golds. 11 silvers and 10 bronze for a total of 32. china is a distant second with 10 golds and 23 engine for the meldals. >> reporter:ed katie ledecky joined the free style relay leading to celebrations. get ready for a faceoff between friends. michael phelps's path to a gold
3:09 am
against lochte. phelps is three time and reigning champion in this event. so much for a grudge match between king and russia's swimmer. king missed a spot in the final of the 200 meter breast stroke. she made headlines for calling out the russian on doping violations. on beach kerry walsh in fencing daryl hol her dueling and making history. he took home is silver. in the diving pool the american men scored a silver medal.
3:10 am
the gold. the 43 mother of five shared the victory with her son. the women's basketball team beat serbia. and the u.s. men's team won. the americans couldn't maneuver onto the podium coming in 7th and 14th in men's gymnastics. many of the athletes worked hard to get to the olympics. so did at least one of the spectars his rick shaw to rio from canada. >> it's his third epic journey to the olympics starting with beijing eight years ago. he was supported along the way by the generosity of people he met. many alerted by social media. brazilians treated him like a celebrity when he arrived. >> he says it to show support for the olympics.
3:11 am
pounds worth of belongings in the rick shaw. >> why? >> because he needs stuff. he's traveling all over the place and all he has is the rick shaw. he has his industrial sized blow-dryer, and he can't live without it. >> that's a beautiful thing. it took him two years and almost 40,000 miles to get to the london olympics in 2012. the beijing games, only 500 miles from his hometown. >> he says he plans to make his adventure with the tokyo games. >> carry on. >> he says he doesn't have to money to watch the games in person, but he's happy to be there. >> coming up later in the mix, he just might be the luckiest man alive. >> first he survives a plane crash. we'll tell you what happened next. >> a growing risk on the road. what's causing injuries every year and what you can do to avoid the danger.
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zblanchts new report this morning about a growing danger for drivers. triple a finds tens of thousands
3:16 am
caused by debris on roadways. 39,000 injuries have been reported in recent years. experts say one way to protect yourself is to avoid tailgating and properly maintain your tires. to a new technology. a home surveillance camera that is -- >> a problem. the video from the internet for anyone to see. we have the details. >> reporter: a wakeup call for families using home surveillance cameras. a houston mother discovered her camera was giving people around the world a live view of her daughter's every move. >> we have security cameras to protect them. i'm not protecting them. they're in my house. >> reporter: the images were
3:17 am
who saw the footage and immediately posted it on a houston mom's facebook page. >> people are watching my kids in their home, dressing, sleeping, playing. it's a worst nightmare. >> reporter: all over the internet, people caught on live cameras q r walking their dogs, sleeping, even baby monitors. >> if the system is connected to the internet, it's vulnerable to attack. most of the systems aren't designed to be secure. people to break into them. >> reporter: she changed her password, but thinks hackers accessed it through a video game her kids were playing. apparently this thing is common. if you don't change the default password on the settings, which most people don't think about doing. it's actually very easy for this to happen. >> i have one of those cameras at home, and i just use it. i never use the -- change my password on it. >> i wonder how many people are
3:18 am
that down. that's a scary one. coming up in the next half hour, another all star all female cast for a new hollywood feature. the hope is to avoid what happened to the "ghost busters" movie. >> first anne hathaway having her say about women's bodies.
3:19 am
test text1 italics test text1 italics an hathaway got a reaction to her recent posting picking up more than 163,000 likes for a picture of a pair of jean shorts. >> it's her words that were next to that picture that are proving so powerful.
3:20 am
assista assistant to a busy mom in the intern. anne hathaway, the actress and new mom admitting she's feeling the struggles of mother hood in real life and encouraging women everywhere to feel pride about their post baby bodies. posting this simple photo of jean shorts with a message saying there's no shame in finally bre your own jean shorts because last summer's are just too short for this year's thighs. also writing there's no shame if it takes longer than you think it will to lose the weight if you want to lose it at all. >> she's a hollywood star. she struggles with the body issues, and it makes women everywhere understand, okay, so i'm not perfect. but nobody is perfect. >> reporter: it's not the first
3:21 am
shaming. just two months after giving birth she recounted an incident with a trainer at her gym. >> i see this guy. i had a baby seven weeks ago, and he goes oh. trying to lose the baby weight? i say no. it's a little bit too soon to worry about weight. i'm just trying to regain my strength. >> reporter: not the only celebrity mom speaking out. blake lively on monday while promoting her movie on sun rise australia fought back against post baby >> you don't need to be victoria secret ready right away. you just did the most incredible miracle life has to offer. >> reporter: hathaway ended her post, bodies change, bodies grow, bodies shrink. it's all love. don't let anyone tell you otherwise. hash tag, love what you've been given. >> positive message. >> yeah. >> some of the comments, wonderful words from some people
3:22 am
probably the luckiest man in the world. >> not once but twice.
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this guy is pretty lucky. remember that plane crash or rough landing that took place in dubai not too long ago? it was a crash. this guy was on board. take a look at him. you see him right there. he's a car dealer. he survived the crash. >> the and laughing is paubecause he's laughing and smiling all the way to the bank. six days later, he assumed i'm going to try my luck. and voila. he won the lottery. $1 million later. >> wow. >> yeah. congratulations. he really is enjoying it. >> not even the $5 i won the lottery. >> he won $1 million. >> good for him. >> congrats.
3:26 am
this is a popular discount store, especially in england. someone went shopping for cucumbers and found a who were. he wrote a letter to the store. he framed it as they thought they found a bonus pet in the cu cucumber. the kids got excited. then they found the worm was he says i now have three upset children, a worm funeral to plan and i've lost my taste for cucumber. the store responded saying they can't make it to the funeral, but they wrote an entire poem dedicated to the worm which to the which he responded noochher
3:27 am
willie, rest in pieceace. >> back to new york city. new york city and subways and many subways across the country, they often have night work. well, here you have the m line which was having night work. somebody took some editorial license here with that making it m night this is at west fourth in lower manhattan stop. it makes us look at other funny subway signs like this one. please do not smile at strangers. >> not in new york. that's not a good idea. >> riding the unicorn is prohibited. >> and always offer your seat to a pregnant woman unless she's wearing a red sox hat. >> now to a bird with an identity crisis.
3:28 am
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3:30 am
this hour on "world news now," new comments from donald trump. stirring up reaction calling president obama the founder of isis. and new this morning, the controversial scene behind trump at his rally. monsoon rains across the southwest. the waters are forcing rescuers and the curious and colorful case of ryan lochte's hair. >> they were calling him the silver fox, but now he's looking more like the jolly green giant. was it on purpose? >> we will have an exclusive investigation into it. plus big news out of hollywood. an a-lister set to star in a new
3:31 am
>> from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to you all. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. let's get started with the explosive new claim from donald trump saying paul is the founder of isis. >> he levelled the same allegation against hillary clinton. he's now calling her the co-founder. he's using the pre >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder of isis. he's the founder of isis. he's the founder. >> at that same rally a trump slammed the clinton campaign for enabling the father of the orlando nightclub shooter to attend a rally. >> while trump was saying that he didn't realize that a
3:32 am
him as he was saying guests need to know the campaign to get the seats. foley resigned ten years ago. amid allegations that he sent sexually explicit messages to male teenage congressional pages. >> trump is under fire after encouraging violence against hillary clinton. tom llamas is on the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump feeling the heat after this comment on the cam threat to hillary clinton. >> hillary wants to abolish, essentially, abolish the second amendment. if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people maybe there is. i don't know. >> reporter: donald trump seeming to blame the press for the backlash over the comment. >> they can take a little story and turn it into a big deal. we have to protect our second amendment which is under siege.
3:33 am
it's under siege. >> reporter: prominent trump supporters say he was joking. not inciting violence. trump himself explaining it this way. >> we're talking about political power. there's tremendous political power to save the second amendment. you look at the power they have in terms of votes and that's what i was referring to, obviously. >> reporter: trump refuting a service had reached out to his campaign to discuss his comment. tweeting no such meeting or conversation ever happened. a made up story by low ratings cnn. even speaker paul ryan who endorsed trump telling supporters this. >> it's simple to prey on people's fears. that stuff sells, but it doesn't stick. >> reporter: in a scathing op ed in the new york times, thomas freeman writing trump knows what
3:34 am
writing about lone wolves, he writes they hear the signal in the noise. even joe scarborough writing in the washington post, quote, a bloody line has been crossed. donald trump has left the republican party new options but to act decisively and get this political train wreck off the tracks before something terrible happens. >> reporter: the nra made a $3 million ad buy. this is the single largest tv ad buy in favor of donald trump this campaign season. in that advertisement they argue hillary clinton is a hypocrite for living with 30 years of armed guard protection by trying to restrict gun rights. a man who scaled the trump tower using suction cups is in police custody. armed with just a suction cups and stirups he went up the building for two hours.
3:35 am
to intercept him until he was grabbed and pulled through a window on the 21st floor. he will face charges. he says he wanted a private meeting with trump. secret service agents protecting hillary clinton tackled an animal rights protester at her rally in des moines, iowa. the man was apprehended. clinton never stopped talking. her remarks were largely aimed at donald trump for his comments which she referred to as a casual inciting of violence. >> if you are running to be president or you are president of the united states, words can have tremendous consequences. we witnessed the latest in a long line of casual comments from donald trump that cross the line. >> clinton is delivering a speech on the economy near detroit today, three days after trump laid out his economic
3:36 am
up to 25 people including firefighters injured. natural gas from broken pipes fed the flames now to be said under control. >> the grim sleeper has been given the death penalty. he was sentenced for the murder of ten women. the families gave heart wrenching testimony. one mother demanded he face her and explain why he killed her daughter. >> how could one individual take so many lives? are you serious? >> the only woman who survived an attack by franklin also spoke yesterday calling him a representative of satan. monsoon rain showers and thunderstorms are in southwest. the storms are causing problems in parts of southern utah turning streets into rivers and
3:37 am
tourists were trapped in the park as a boulder blocked the entrance. in other areas cars were submerged. the girl scouts celebrated national s'mores day by introducing the new girl scouts s'mores cookies. as a nod to the different ways people s'more -- is that a thing? >> i didn't know. >> there are two versions. one features a cookie double dipped in a cream icing with a chocolate coating. the other is a cookie with the chocolate and marshmallow filling. the cookies debut next year. >> s'more is a verb, huh? >> yeah. >> i thought it was i want s'more. >> there is that, yeah. >> how do you s'more? >> how do i s'more? >> do you dip it? >> yes. i like when the cookie gets all crumbly. >> and icky.
3:38 am
>> most extreme baseball fans like nothing better than -- everyone wanted to know about s'mores. when you go to a baseball game everyone's goal is to come away with a home run ball or a foul ball if that's the best they can do. >> absolutely. and many will go to almost any length except maybe put down the beer and nachos. this is a pirates fan. he jumped to catch it, but ended up with wearing the nachos and dropping his $11 beer. >> that cheese wasted. >> and the beer. >> and the effort was for nothing. he got nowhere near the ball. >> i hope he licked it off. >> the pirates did give him a t shirt which is good. he probably ruined the one he was wearing.
3:39 am
in slow-mo, just to make it more torturous for the guys. >> the pirates tweeted a message. we got you, dude, good effort. >> that's it? how about a ball in how about another beer? >> just a t shirt. >> coming up, being green may not be easy, but in rio, apparently it's easy to turn green. we'll explore the theories behind swimmer ryan lochte's colorful locks. and later in the skinny, jackie chan takes his moves to new heights. first, a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your medicare options until you're sixty-five,
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? ? >> it's party music. i looked up how to samba. it didn't go very well. apparently your upper body moves differently than your lower body. >> like when your hips are going one way. >> or is that any dance move? >> that was not a demonstration. >> that was beautiful. that was great. time to samba. more news in rio. team usa's dominance in swimming continues. >> katie ledecky has now collected three gold medals and one silver from the rio games. >> in beach volleyball they celebrated after beating switzerland. although april ross and kerry walsh jennings did lose a set, a first for them in rio.
3:44 am
jennings once before in three olympics. the next match is friday in the round of 16. >> not bad, still. >> and the u.s. women's basketball team had to work for their win. >> diana taurasi scored 22 of her 25 points in the first half to help the u.s. beat serbia. serbia was leading midway through the first quarter until they went on a 15-point tear. taurasi beat her own record. skoers scoring six three-pointers in one game. >> the u.s. men's basketball got a test after easy preliminary games. >> 98 to 88. many knicks fans were like where has this guy been to anthony.
3:45 am
than any other male player in history. and at the end of the day, team usa now has 32 medals, 11 gold, 11 silver, 10 bronze. then china and japan. portugal has only one bronze. >> what do you mean only one? >> one more than belize. the grandmother of simone biles is from belize. we're claiming her. >> you are not allowed. she is competing for team usa. that is not how to olympics or medals work. >> we're claiming it. we're desperate. >> michael phelps and ryan lochte will be in adjacent lanes for the 200 meter. they say racing each other
3:46 am
victim of some weird pool chemistry at the rio games. last week he dyed his hair silver or silver blue. it appears the chlorine changed it to green. almost matching the algae in the diving pool. >> a new look for him. when we come back, time for the skinny. >> a major studio firming up an all female cast. "world news now" continues
3:47 am
text1 plain
3:48 am
? ? ? ? >> welcome back. we start with buzz about ocean's 8. it's a spin off of a franchise we know and love. the upcoming film will have an all female cast. >> the word is anne hathaway and rihanna. already announced as part of the cast sandra bullock and cate blanchett. the film will begin shooting in october. >> there's word of the ensemble cast making cameos in the new
3:49 am
nothing confirmed on it. >> let's hope julia roberts is part of it. they hope it isn't like the fate of the new ghost busters. they say there will be a $50 million loss on the film. and a sequel is unlikely. next up, the movie "hook" the fantasy film, you might remember hit theaters in the u.s. before christmas in 1991. it then went onto earn more than $300 million at the box office. >> part of the plot involved williams peter meeting a group called the lost boys. that's them as they appeared in the film. age between 6 and 17. >> they recently reunited for the first time and posed for a throwback photo 25 years in the making.
3:50 am
>> moving onto jackie chan. he found himself in a rather unique film shoot. >> that's the 62-year-old chan high atop the opera house in sydney australia. he was filming a fight scene for a chinese movie called "bleeding steel". >> the movie is the biggest budget chinese production ever to shoot in australia. hollywood reporter. it's the first time chan has shot a movie in australia since "mr. nice guy". >> he either does all of or most of his own stunts.
3:51 am
look. some good fight scenes. >> i love how the chopper. can you imagine you're the news chopper operator. you happen to fly past. what? what in the world? >> what is going on? >> if you have an extra 75 million laying around, we have an estate to sell you, actually, tom ford does. >> the property sits on 20,000 acres near santa fe. the main house was designed by a leading japanese architect. >> it has its own landing strip and horse riding facilities including indoor and outdoor arenas. and it features what's called silverado movie town. most come with a theater. this one comes with an entire town. >> by the way, the amazing movie "mr. nice guy" made $12 million. adjusted for recession, that's like $2. >> good knowledge.
3:52 am
time to bronx new york. see how hip hop was born. in time to bronx new york.
3:53 am
3:54 am
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limited time offer in stores now. ? ? >> i'm looking off to the side and allie is knocking. she's bopping to the groove. that is a message by gram master flash. an associate producer in the new netflix series about the birth of hip hop. >> reporter: grand master pin points the tempo. >> "the get down". netflix's latest binge worthy offering about the rise of hip hop following a group of teens creating one of the most
3:56 am
>> reporter: all set in 1977, south bronx. >> as you can see, there was only one color used in the 70s. green. >> reporter: heading up the get down, baz luhrmann. what drew to you that so strongly? >> how did such a pure and new idea get born, particularly in a moment in which the question. >> reporter: enlisting help from nelson george and living legend, grand master flash. >> i want to be able to change that beat without you missing a beat. >> reporter: a pioneer of mixing and scratching records, the foundation for hip hop. you created something out of nothing. >> we were just having fun. we had no other motive.
3:57 am
most expensive shows made. >> not the most, but it's close. it's music and everything, dance. >> reporter: the young cast is almost entirely newcomers who much like their characters may be on the verge of something big. >> it's about young people coming together and making something that the world doesn't understand but they understand. >> by the way, it premiers, the debut the first six episodes tomorrow. >> the music from the show will be released. >> the music will be awesome. >> is that the dance move? >> that was the dance move. not very good at it. >> she's rocking out. oh.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, a massive explosion rocking an apartment building. dozens are injured including firefighters and new pictures just in. debris scattered everywhere. >> donald trump draws new controversy after claiming president obama is the founder of isis. this as newly has hillary clinton on defense after allegations of an inappropriate relationship between the state department and clinton foundation. live in washington. the cause behind the delta computer outage. the company's ceo blaming a fire. and katie ledecky does it again, stunning everyone, even her teammates. we have the latest from the olympics.


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