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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 21, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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doug: we're following breaking news overnight. pedestrians hit in east boston. the latest in from the deadly scene and antoinette: two children pulled from a swimming pool in lowell. the party that ended with a call to police. mike: a sunny start to your day. i am tracking a threat of thunderstorms tonight. antoinette: good morning. thank you so much for being with us at 6:00 on your sunday morning. i'm antoinette antonio.
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knocking on the door. mike: it's coming fast. tuesday morning, it's going to feel cool enough, you'll start to say ooh, there's fall in the air, isn't there? let's talk about today. high temperatures will be in the mid 80s. near the shore line, pretty much into the upper 70s, a lot like yesterday. yesterday, humidity went down. today, it goes up. we're comfortable this morning, but it's going to get muggy through the afternoon. all of this moisture gets scooped up as we get this ste rain overnight. we do need every drop of moisture we can get. looks like this one will be hit or miss for a lot of places, so hopefully you'll be one of the areas that gets nice downpours. by 4:00, the skies are overcast. here comes the rain at 10:00, 11:00 tonight. eventually moving its way over to the eastern part of the state. but it's going to take most of the night. tomorrow morning's commute could be on the slow side. we'll talk more about the hour by hour breakdown of the rainfall total and the cool air that follows coming up in a few
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one woman is dead, two women are injured after a crash on route 1a southbound. this happened around 2:30 this morning. the highway is shut down near boardman street. state police tell us it may not reopen for several hours. this could have a big impact on anyone heading to logan airport. boston ems tell us that it's not clear exactly what happened here. but we know the crash took place just across from the court yard marriott. boston police have been talking to several witnesses. doug: more breaking news out of boston. people were shot late last night on stratton street in dorchester. the victims, a woman and two men. the woman was taken to boston medical center. the two men were less severely hurt and are expected to recover. two kids are in the hospital being pulled from a swimming pool at a party in lowell. antoinette: this happened last night at a home on frieda lane. neighbors tell us people were at the house all afternoon before the kids,
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one neighbor says he performed cpr on a little girl and that a little boy was also in need of urgent help. we're told one of the children was unresponsive. both kids were flown to boston hospital. it's not clear exactly how they're doing this morning. we'll bring you more information as we get it. doug: right now, boston police are still trying to get information on a deadly shooting that happened saturday morning in dorchester near the corner of wendover street and dudley terrace. a man was killed and a woman hurt. the police commissioner says officers have few clues as they search for the shooter. >> all we had was a black male with a blue hoody seen running on dudley terrace taking a left on dudley and heading towards columbia road. we need the public's help. doug: anyone with information should call boston police. antoinette: boston firefighters
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roxbury. they're making sure the flames did not reignite overnight. nicole estephan was there at the height of the four-alarm fire. reporter: dry brush means plenty of fuel, feeding a fire behind the roxbury latin school saturday. >> extremely difficult to get to because we have no roads and hydrants where the fire is. reporter: firefighters forced to drag these hoses deep into the woods. a labor intensive feat. >> the firefighters have to drag the hose hundreds of feet, uphill, downhill, through the brush. over rocks. reporter: the flames knocked down early. as night fell, the efforts to dispose the fire continued. just 200 feet from the burning brush, a brand new home. >> it was a little nerve wracking. reporter: the family just moved in last month. they returned home saturday night to their house surrounded by red lights. >> we were concerned it was our house here on the end of the street. we could smell the smoke and the
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this is not an area where they typically see brush fires. with the lack of rain this summer, it doesn't take much. >> there's a lot of fuel for the fire to burn. reporter: the good news, there were no injuries and no homes were ever in immediate danger. in west roxbury, nicole estephan, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: to rio, where simone biles will carry the flag in the closing ceremony. she was chosen bam and stealing our hearts. while much of the focus lately has been on swimmer ryan lochte, finally speaking out about the armed robbery hoax, team usa continues dominating in the final day. a historic win in the men's 1500, matthew centrowitz, junior, blazing across the finish line, becoming the first american to medal gold in the event since 1908. in the women's 4x400 relay, the
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allyson felix ran anchor and ran home for her sixth gold medal and six straight u.s. gold in the event. felix now has more gold medals than any other woman in olympic track and field history. in the men's 4x400 relay, the american team again dominant, winning gold. la shawn merritt running anchor. and team usa basketball strikes gold again. the women's team extending their absolute dominance on the court, beating spain in the final game. olympics. this is the american women's sixth consecutive gold medal. gwen jorgensen, overcome with emotion in the women's triathlon. jorgensen swam, biked and ran her way to the gold medal for the u.s. it is the first ever gold for any american athlete, man or woman, in this event. and ryan lochte, on camera for the first time since he told
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international incident at this rio gas station. he talked to nbc news. >> that's why i'm taking full responsibility for it, because i over exaggerated that story. if i'd never done that, we wouldn't be in this mess. antoinette: as the 2016 summer games officially close, host country brazil has something to remember them by. a gold medal in soccer. its first ever. it came with a high drama of this penalty kick, which won the match and set the home crowd into hysterics of joy. the united states has a commanding lead in the medal count with 116 medals, including 43 gold medals. china's in second place with 70 medals, followed by great britain. the u.s. hoping to add to the gold count today as the men's basketball team takes on serbia later this afternoon.
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raisman about what it's like to be friends with the competition. plus, heading west. the local firefighters ready to join the battle against destructive wildfires. mike. mike: it's a nice start to the day. i'm tracking rain moving in overnight and the cooldown behind it. antoinette: we need a break from drought conditions. the dry air stressing out trees, making them vulnerable to disease. doug: also, made centuries. an ingredient that's a baking staple. how it's being produced after all these years. antoinette: staying on top of breaking news out of east boston. these are live pictures from 1a southbound. one woman is dead, two injured in a crash. the highway is shut down near boardman street. that will have a big impact if you're heading to logan airport because it may not reopen for several hours. boston police talking to several witnesses, trying to clarify
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antoinette: firefighters from across new england are headed west right now, off to battle dozens of wildfires just like this one that have burned hundreds of thousands of acres. ten western states dealing with really huge fires. the firefighters will likely be gone for three weeks, working in extreme conditions. >> we get to go see parts of the country that maybe we wouldn't want to go see, but we get to go see them and we get to go help people when they nee valuable lessons here at home as new hampshire deals with drought conditions. doug: rain hasn't been falling on boston this summer, but something else has been. the trees. arborists blame the drought for weakening tree roots and branches. david bienick has what you can do to avoid trouble in your own backyard. reporter: crews sawed up and hauled away what's left of the huge oak tree that came down in
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>> there was no wind, no electrical storm, no anything. it was still as could be. reporter: a few days earlier in reading a tree fell on a house. in salem, new hampshire, this falling tree just missed hitting a woman in her car. >> these branches are so brittle they snap off. reporter: arborist ralph briggs says not just this summer, but four years of dry weather have been starving trees and making them vulnerable to insects and disease. diseases this year that we haven't seen in many years because of the drought. reporter: the state's most recent forest survey shows since last year, the number of acres of damaged trees has more than tripled mainly because of gypsy moths. briggs says, among backyard trees, worry most about vulnerable species like sugar maples, beaches and birches. he says more drought tolerant
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london plain trees. spray a half inch of water not just at the trunk of the tree, but twice as far out as the extent of the leaf canopy to protect trees. and how often? >> right now it's over 80 degrees fahrenheit, three times a week. if it's 90 degrees like it was for three weeks there, it's four times a week. reporter: briggs says don't waste water on grass even if it's yellow and brown. it will bounce back. for trees, the breaking point may be closer than you think. in wellesley, david bienick, wcvb newscenter 5. mike: everybody, looking at the sky, rain, rain, rain. when are we going to get it? antoinette: we need it. mike: we may get some tonight. we need a three-day rain, just a gentle soaking. we're not going to get that. it will be more downpours than anyone else. watching the tropics, i'm surprised fiona is a tropical storm. it didn't look promising
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you look at the satellite picture and go where is it? this is a closer view of it. can you figure out where the center is? probably not. the actual center is over here and you're seeing a lot of activity way off to the east of it. so what's going to be happening is fiona, winds at 45 miles per hour, probably maintain a tropical storm status by the next 48 hours. then looks like it will wind down and become a tropical depression. much-needed rain for ber thursday with the winds. a couple other things we're watching. not only do you have fiona going on, but this disturbed area right here. doesn't have a name yet because the winds aren't strong enough yet. we put computer models in and say which way is it going to go. various computer models hint it's heading towards puerto rico and maybe towards florida. you're talking about seven days
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on. there is a lot of storm activity going on the coast of africa. these come out in the atlantic, blow up into hurricanes that come across the atlantic. this is our breeding ground. this is an interesting one we're keeping a close eye on. i'm going to get weather geeky here. i want to show you computer models that go in the distance. remember that disturbing area right here? computer models track it this way. as more bands go in, this indicates a we're talking about august 30, a week from tuesday. if you look at either of those, the u.s. model or the european model, they start to indicate a major hurricane off the coast. keep a close eye on that. this is a week from tuesday. this is certainly going to change between now and then. it's interesting to see a lot of activity going on in the coast of africa that eventually may mean a hurricane for the east coast.
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and thunderstorms into the forecast. we'll keep an eye on that today. stepping outside, 50s and 60s. before the day is over, most temperatures will climb to the 80s. if you're at the coast, temperatures in the 70s. as far as the rain is concerned for tonight, the timeline. we head for 9:00 tonight. see where the showers and thunderstorms are. this marches its way across the state. may get extra juice to it about that would be the best opportunity for seeing rain out of this. tomorrow morning's compute could be on the slow side because of the water. in terms of total rainfall, quarter to a half inch. you know what happens, you get an isolated downpour, easily over an inch of rain. hopefully, you'll get that at your place but not too fast and furious. you could have strong winds and a lot of lightning going on. you may be awakened by thunderstorms in the middle of the night.
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80s. beautiful tuesday, wednesday, thursday. antoinette: 6:17, stories we're following right now on the eyeopener. doug: turkey's president is blaming isis for a terror attack that killed 50 people. police say a wedding was bombed in the southeastern part of that country. near the border with syria. dozens more are hurt on top of the deaths. turkey has been hit by a wave of terror attacks over the past year. most have been claimed by kurdish militants or blamed on isis. antoinette: police in alabama it's not clear how the people were killed but a suspect is behind bars after turning himself in. police say the suspect, derek deerman, knew at least one of the victims. they think he kidnapped a woman and child from the scene and drove to mississippi. police say that woman escaped and went to police, alerting them to what had happened in alabama. doug: right now, people in watertown are being urged to take precautions after mosquitos tested positive for west nile. the town's health department
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warm, dry weather. one woman in middlesex county is the first human case of the virus this season. antoinette: a soggy start couldn't stop the sox in detroit. rain delayed the start of the game but things picked up quickly after that. james mccann hit one out in the bottom of the third to tie things up, 1-1. then in the top of the fifth, big papi casually stopping to take a selfie with a fan before crushing a two-run blast out to right. and that turned out to be the difference for the sox. they'd go on to win, 3-2 is the final score. needham native aly raisman is talking about the rio games. she won three new medals while competing against her friend and teammate, simone biles. >> though we're competing, what people think is against each other, we don't really take it that way. obviously, i knew going in, the
6:20 am
for me, it felt like i had won the gold medal with the silver. antoinette: she's gold in our hearts. she won the silver all around and the silver for her floor routine and gold for the team final. the 22-year-old says she credits her parents and her late grandmother for giving her the extra push of confidence to win. doug: it's almost hard to believe. a mill that's centuries old turning out the same product all these years. let's go on a journey through time in this morning's made in mass. just past the headwaters of the west branch of the westport river, you'll find an example of one of the very first places to make anything in massachusetts. >> to me, this is a very special place. doug: george whitley is the latest caretaker of gray's grist mill in westport. for almost 300 years, they've been grinding out a new england staple, fresh cornmeal. >> by deed, there was a mill
6:21 am
doug: like dating back to the revolutionary wartime, rotating stones grind down a special corn grown just over the border. >> it's a large, hard kernel of corn. this is narragansett or rhode island whitecaped corn. doug: once ground, it's simply bagged as is and sold fresh. >> i like to make a joke about the farm to table movement. everyone's heard of it. we have the farm, you have the table. nice to meet you. to internet sales, a centuries old ingredient used in things like corn bread is now enjoyed around the world. >> my breakfast. doug: as the gears of time continue to spin and technology evolves at a rapid rate, at gray's they believe that taking things at a slower pace is key to keeping this important tradition alive. >> i feel i've really been given
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doug: if you'd like to see gray's grist mill in action for yourself, find george grinding cornmeal on any given saturday. for more information, he has a facebook page dedicated to the mill. it's a nice little take. antoinette: were you doing that for the camera, looking like you were working hard? doug: i was trying to turn that so the stones would come together to the right level. there's some work involved. antoinette: you're almost a professional now. doug: i d too. worked up a sweat. from coast to coast, a 93-year-old world war ii vet jogged across the country. antoinette: his inspiring mission to raise much-needed money. doug: the next step in virtual reality now being developed over at m.i.t. ahead in this morning's cutting edge, what this new technology
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doug: we continue to look live at route 1a in boston as folks are dealing with a deadly accident there. if you have travel plans to the airport or anywhere in east boston, you may want to take note.
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mike: plenty of sunshine starting the morning. the cloud cover will chick thingen up. along with the cloud cover
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thunderstorms in the forecast. the threat will carry early tomorrow morning, clearing by tomorrow afternoon. tuesday will be chilly and dry across the area. highs into the upper 70s. antoinette: a 93-year-old veteran is inspiring people across the country with a major achievement. he ran from coast to coast. doug: he did it all for his fellow veterans. this is ernie andrus, 93 years old. it took him three years, running three days a week, to make it from california to georgia. he just finished the journey yesterday, surrounded by 200 of his newest friends. his mission, to raise money to send a world war ii era ship in indiana to normandy, france, for the 75th anniversary of the d-day landing. he was a medic on a similar ship during the war. he says those are the people who deserve admiration, not him. >> give some people credit that built them and that sailed on them. almost every serviceman has been on one between world war ii and vietnam.
6:27 am
he raised more than $16,000 to get that ship across the atlantic. antoinette: you do deserve admiration. doug: donald trump reaching out ? with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, payment, withdrawal or transfer each month to waive the monthly fee.
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mike: we have a shot at rain to end the weekend. the timeline of when it could move through and what comes after that. antoinette: we're following breaking news overnight. a deadly pedestrian crash under investigation right now in east boston. the search for clues this morning. doug: a local teacher under arrest. the allegations that have
6:31 am
doug: good morning. 6:30 on a sunday morning. going fast. antoinette: it is going fast. august is going fast. my goodness. mike: i know what you mean. doug: kids are back to school. grab your pens and pencils. mike: on those happy notes for those going back too school, weech got a beautiful day going. starts off with lots of sunshine. clouds come in this afternoon. the day is going to be if you're in the water, it's going to be upper 70s. inland, temperatures in the 70s. where's the cloud cover? out here. also look at the rain out here as well. that's what's going to be tracking this direction. as we head through the afternoon, you'll see around 4:00, more clouds and sunshine. there may be a spot shower that could develop out in the western part of the state. but the real main event doesn't happen until after midnight tonight. by 10:00, you're seeing a line of showers. even a rumble of thunder to the west. cuts into the central part of
6:32 am
through the boston area. the nature, one or two will get downpours, some not more than sprinkles. cloudy skies this afternoon. cloudy skies by 6:00. rain moves in later tonight. what happens after the rain moves through. that includes cooler temperatures. doug: thank you. we're following several breaking stories overnight. antoinette: first, out of east bo women injured after a crash on route 1a southbound. it happened around 2:30 this morning. the highway there shut down near boardman street. state police tell us this may not reopen for several hours. boston ems says it's not clear at this point what exactly happened. the crash took place near the court yard marriott there. boston police have been talking to several witnesses. doug: more breaking news in dorchester, a section of boston
6:33 am
boston ems telling us the woman was taken to boston medical center with serious injuries. the two men, less seriously hurt. antoinette: two kids are in the hospital after being pulled from a swimming pool during a party in lowell. the kids, preschool age, were flown to boston hospitals. it's not clear how they're doing this morning. doug: boston firefighters are making sure a brush fire doesn't reignite in west roxbury. they spent the night watching for flare-ups after the four-alarm fire broke out yesterday. this happening off of eagle street. we're hearing nobody was hurt. antoinette: a teacher is in trouble, accused of having inappropriate conduct with a student. police in gardner stay it happened at narragansett regional high school. the eyeopener's juli mcdonald has the response from the superintendent. >> everybody liked him. a lot of people said he was their favorite. reporter: a trusted teacher behind bars as police investigate inappropriate contact with a student at
6:34 am
arraigned friday in charges of giving obscene images to a minor. and trafficking of a person under 18 for sexual servitude. >> he seemed like a nice guy, but that's why it comes as such a shock. reporter: the investigation began earlier this month, when the school resource officer received information pertaining to the history teacher. investigators immediately interviewed a former student with whom kacavich had a relationship after graduation. that interview led pol with a current student, a minor, during this past school year. early friday morning, templeton and worcester police executed a search warrant of kacavich's home and he was arrested. >> knowing the people, very unsettling, thinking one of these teachers was like this, sending my kids there eventually some day. reporter: the superintendent of
6:35 am
staff return to school. please know as a district there is nothing more important than the emotional and physical safety of our children. he added that the teacher was placed on paid administrative leave and must have no contact with students. he was held on $2500 cash bail and if post the must be monitored by gps. in templeton, juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: saugus police investigating a stabbing that left one person with serious injuries. police responded to 74 broadway around 9:00 last night where they found the victim. police do have a suspect in custody right now, though it's not clear what led up to the stabbing. the coast guard coming to the rescue off the coast of gloucester. a cape ann harbor tour boat was reported that it was taking on water just after 4:30 in the afternoon yesterday. a nearby charter fishing vessel offering some assistance as the coast guard got to the area to help pump out the water. all of the passengers were
6:36 am
doug: to commitment 2016. donald trump is headed to ohio tomorrow. he spent last night trying to win over hispanic and african-american voters at a rally in fred riggs burg, virginia. trump says the gop was and still is the party of abraham lincoln. he stuck to the teleprompter and told the crowd, republicans have not done well enough in appealing to minority groups. hernandez >> i want a totally inclusive country. and i want an inclusive party. hillary clinton is a throwback from yesterday. our campaign is about creating a new american future. doug: earlier, trump convened the first meeting of his hispanic advisory board in new york. he's trying to change his image with hispanic voters. some of who have been put off by
6:37 am
today after spending last night in nantucket. that was also a fundraiser held at the home of former ambassador to portugal. today's event will feature singer and actress cher. antoinette: on the record this morning, one of the most provocative ballot questions on the november ballot is the effort to legalize recreational marijuana in massachusetts. right now, four states, colorado, washington, oregon and alaska, have all decriminalized pot use. the district of columbia has done the same. question 4 would allow adults 21 and older to use and cultivate marijuana. the drug would be regulated and taxed by the commonwealth. yes on 4 advocates dispute claims that pot is a gateway drug. >> i would like to see a scientific study that shows that because we haven't seen a single credible scientific study that shows that marijuana is a gateway to anything. if there's a gateway at all, it's two things. tobacco and alcohol. we have seen that early use of
6:38 am
tobacco is a gateway to other substances. antoinette: watch on the record this morning at 11:00 a.m. we examine the question of legalizing marijuana in massachusetts. that's followed by "matter of fact" at 11:30. then grammy winning artist, darlene love, is on cityline at noon. doug: the second anniversary of boston's my brother's keeper initiative, the city is offering a new $100,000 grant. nonprofits can apply for money for programs for young men of color. mayor marty walsh says it will help expand the city's commitment to closing the achievement gap. achievement gap. >> we need to make sure we have programs, but they have to be substantial programs and it can't be just talk. when they graduate high school, we've got to put them on a path to something. we need to ensure that our youth successfully enter the work force. we need to reduce violence and provide second chances. doug: the mayor is sharing a progress report for my brother's keeper. walsh says findings show a need to coordinate programs across
6:39 am
antoinette: a consumer alert for college students and their parents already strapped with high tuition bills. doug: also, the new warning from the irs. an amazing rescue, a toddler trapped under a boat. the air pocket that saved her life. antoinette: making virtual reality even more real. the cutting edge research that's bringing real life and virtual characters together, like never before. mike: showers and thunderstorms in your forecast for today. when the wet weather moves in doug: we continue to follow breaking news on itself eye. live pictures from route 1a in boston where one woman is dead and two injured in a crash. right now, the highway is shut down near boardman street. state police telling us it may not reopen for several hours. if you have travel plans to logan, heads up. boston police are talking to witnesses, trying to clarify
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with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. antoinette: welcome back. a warning this morning on a scam targeting college students and their families. the irs says that people are calling up victims, pretending to be agents and demanding
6:43 am
they know the victim's names and they know other information as well. but the irs says they will never, never ask for payment over the phone. doug: pokemon go has become hottest game of the summer. searching for virtual objects hidden in the real world. however, on a different note, researchers at m.i.t. are working to take that idea a step further, bringing the real world into the game. antoinette: mike wankum shows us how in this morning's "cutting edge." mike: to win at pokemon go, you try to find pick chu and friends hidden all over the world. lots of fun, but the characters are just there, floating in space. what if the characters were really part of the scene in your phone? meaning that objects in the real world reacted to their presence and movement. abe davis, a 28-year-old researcher at m.i.t., is making that happen. >> we've developed algorithms that are good at recovering
6:44 am
motion that's so small or so subtle that you or i wouldn't notice it. mike: everything has vibration, whether it's the grass in the background, this sign or even this building. here at m.i.t., they're studying those tiny vibrations and by doing that, they're trying to bring the real world into the virtual world. here's how it works. as abe pounds his fist on the table, look carefully and you might be able to see the wire figure vibrate. just a little. >> what does that motion tell you about the object itself? mike: he takes just a few seconds of video, capturing that motion. loads it into his interactive dynamic video program, and those algorithms show us how the figure behaves. if you grab an elbow or push or prod it in a variety of ways. >> because different objects will prefer to vibrate at different frequencies and in different shapes.
6:45 am
information, then it tells you a lot about how the object would respond to new forces. mike: what are the possibilities? better interaction with gaming. better engineering of bridges and building and hollywood is already taking notice. the system could create more life-like special effects for a lot less money. abe's youtube video of the process got hundreds of thousands of views in just three weeks. >> since then, i've gotten a lot of emails. i haven't actually been through all of them, but people seem to be interested, which is exciting. you remember, oh, yeah, this is why i spent all of that time, because this is cool. mike: abe and his two other team members, along with m.i.t., already have six patents on their work. and what they are doing in the research lab some day may show up on your smart phone or on the big screen. antoinette: more people walking around for pokemon go. mike: if you ran into coming, it would react. it's amazing what he's doing.
6:46 am
what will the runners face? mike: beautiful, but muggy. nice conditions. we could use some rain, but it looks like it will hold off. crystal clear skies, beautiful morning. humidity is coming up. as it comes up, the cloud cover to the west comes in. we still have a few 50s. yesterday, keen was in the 50s at this hour. now they're in the 70s. springfield, 70s as well. that shows you the heat and humidity moving in this direction. hartford, 74 degrees. taunton, 20 degrees cooler. high temperatures look like this. mid to upper 80s as you look
6:47 am
as you move to attleboro, most of the cape in the 70s. we're fairly comfortable right now. we'll go to the uncomfortable range this afternoon. tomorrow, by afternoon, it's really dropping for tuesday into wednesday. timeline on this rain. through now between now and lunch time, not much going on. we'll start to see clouds coming in we could see a pop-up shower in the western part of the state. it's more in the form of sprinkles than anything else. 6:00, the line moves in. by midnight, it goes through the orange area. then towards early morning, moving through the boston area. but the nature of this again is going to be a downpour here, a downpour there and in between, you might miss out on most of the rain. i wish this was a slow, three-day soaker we're taking about, but that's not in the
6:48 am
humidity drops. today, 70 through the coast, 82 to 86 degrees. tonight, thunderstorms, the occasional downpour. 66 to 70 for the overnight low. thinking about making it a beach day? water temperatures are nice. if you go early, you have plenty of sunshine. as the day goes on, the cloud cover will thicken up. high tide comes in at 2:11. think about the cloud cover around the same time as high tide. the seas are churnd up so a moderate risk of rip currents. until the cloud cover comes in, the you'll need sunscreen as well. so the humid air is in place. behind those fronts, all kinds of dry air. high pressure settles in. here's the forecast for today. night rain, surn shine. 84 for the average. tomorrow, 82 early. then you'll notice the humidity dropping in the afternoon. the morning commute could be slow because of the showers and the occasional downpour.
6:49 am
morning lows, into the 50s. we're talking about in the city. it's possible, in some of the western areas, we could see lows in the upper 40s tuesday morning. we warm things back up to close to 90 degrees by the end of the week and a chance for thunderstorms by friday's forecast. antoinette: i love fall, but not ready for it yet. antoinette: it's ice cream season. chronicle's shayna seymour says go big or go home. doug: she's diving into a freak frappe in cambridge. >> ice cream, nutella, chocolate sauce, brownies, marshmallows, vanilla wafers, coconut, whipped cream. it's going to be outstanding. reporter: your eyes are not deceiving you, this mound of goodness is real and i can't
6:50 am
it's called a freak frappe. >> it's from australia, coming across the country. big in new york right now. we started jumping on it, wanted to be the first ones in boston to start the milk shake craze or frappe craze. we don't have milk shakes in boston. we have frappes. reporter: want to take one down, head to boston burger company, also known for outrageous burgers. owners chuck and paul say conquer if you dare. >> you're looking at a 16-ounce frappe with all the amenities. it goes a long way. reporter: each frappe is made with tender loving care and patrons give them two thumbs up. >> they come in, we want a frappe. we have burgers. no, no, we want a frappe. that's fine. whatever you want, we'll serve you. it's been great. reporter: social media, they say, has created a following.
6:51 am
of somebody, here comes the camera. it goes to instagram, facebook, twitter, snap chat. reporter: some freak frappes, like the mass ave mudslide, come with a kick. >> we have kahlua and bailey's. a few cookies for decoration and whipped cream. reporter: the good news, it's bathing suit season and the freak frappes are calorie-free. yeah, right. aside. baystate cheese makers are picking up awards. goat cheese, mozzarella and more, fresh as can be from massachusetts dairy farms. one request, cheese, please. tomorrow at 7:30 on "chronicle". antoinette: i made the huge mistake of going to boston burger company's website. then i saw burgers. now i want a freak frappe, i want burgers and fries. doug: we're wrapped up in seven minutes. get somebody on the horn.
6:52 am
boston. antoinette: we'll tell you more about one woman who was killed and two hurt after an overnight crash near the highway. the key factor this morning for investigators who are trying to figure out what exactly
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
doug: we have breaking news in east boston. one woman is dead, two others injured after a crash on route 1a southbound. boston ems tell us it's not clear what happened here. the crash took place near the courtyard marriott. boston police have been talking to several witnesses. the road, which was closed earlier this morning, has now reopened. antoinette: we have more breaking news out of boston. ems tell us three street in dorchester. the victims, a woman and two men. first responders tell us the woman had serious injuries and was taken to boston medical center. the two men were less severely hurt and are expected to recover. doug: other stories. two children are in the hospital after being pulled from a swimming pool during a party in lowell. it happened last night at a home on frieda lane. people were at the house all afternoon before the kids,
6:56 am
an above-ground pool. both were flown to boston hospitals. antoinette: a toddler is alive thanks to an air pocket and a life jacket. little kennedy was on the water with her family in central florida when their boat hit something and capsized. her parents could hear her crying but couldn't find her. it turned out she was under the boat, floating with her head above the water. kennedy was under that boat for about an hour but is doing fine this morning. doug: gymnast simone biles will carry the u.s. flag in the closing ceremony. she was chosen by team usa after winning four gold medals. the united states has a commanding lead in the medal count with 116 medals, including 43 gold. antoinette: i love seeing simone. the smile, i love it. mike: a very talented group. falmouth road race.
6:57 am
sure. temperature 70, 75 degrees. mostly sunny, humid with a southeasterly breeze. as we head towards later this afternoon, cloud cover thickens and tonight we'll see rain. for boston, not until the morning commute. antoinette: would love a soaker,
6:58 am
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four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, ryan lochte's apology. >> i am sorry. >> taking responsibility for what turned into an international incident. admitting he exaggerated his story about being robbed in ree crowe. this morning, a new account. >> they were saying no police, no police please. gutman what he says really happened that night. extreme weather. flash flooding overnight in texas. and tornadoes tear through michigan and ohio. >> it's right there! >> cars overturned. roofs ripped to pieces. trees shredded. the huge cleanup ahead this morning. miracle survivor. the tiny toddler trapped under a capsized boat sflp she's got a baby in the water.


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