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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  August 24, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at noon. we begin with breaking news. the american university of afghanistan and kabul is under attack by militants. emily: the number of students and professors insider unknown. a photographer for the associated press tweeted that he is among those trapped inside. two professors at the university, one american, when australian, were abducted at gunpoint earlier this month. erika: a crash in mendon.
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way to camp emily:. antoinette antonio reports the driver of the car had to be removed with the jaws of life. antoinette: we are still waiting to hear how those people inside that sedan were doing. you can see it is still out here . a mess of twisted metal. across the street is that school bus involved with the crash. you can see the front end damage. terrified parents rushed out all of the kids onboard rok. >> it sounded like metal. i did not hear screeching tires. just a crash. antoinette: april ran out of her home to this horrifying scene on route 140 in the town of mendon. a school bus was about 50 -- with about 15 kids heading to camp that crashed with a sedan. >> worried about how they were going to get to camp. very sweet kids. antoinette: a car seat sitting
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no word if a child was actually in the vehicle. while hodge made sure the children on the bus were ok medics rushed to help two people in them mangled car -- in the mangled car. >> the jaws of life. home field airport about a quarter of a mile from here. antoinette: witnesses say it looked like the car was turning left onto 140 from a side street when it collided with the bus. as for the kids onboard, hodge, schoolteacher, says they were shaken up but otherwise ok. said they landed on top of each other because they were speeding -- they were seated so close to each other. it happens up quickly. antoinette: behind me you can see route 140 is still shut down to traffic. we are still waiting to hear what exactly caused this crash. we got an update from the police officer on the scene during the story and he says the police chief is right about to talk. we will bring you that update as
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emily: boston police investigating a hit and run crash on east street. a pedestrian was hit and has life-threatening injuries. it happened around 5:15. we don't have any details about the victim or the car involved. erika: this is a drone's view of the earthquake damage in central italy. more than 70 people were killed as towns were reduced to rubble. raimondi reports rescuers are trying to determine the scope of the tragedy. ray: it lasted just seconds but the emotional impact will be felt for a lifetime. the shock seen on the faces of those who lived through it. right now, the desperate race against the clock to find people trapped underneath newbury. -- underneath debris.
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breathe before pleading with her to remain calm. people covered with dust from debris, destruction everywhere. this person pulled out alive are stretcher by rescuers. now sharing those horrifying moments. >> more than anything, a terrible sensation of the ground beneath your feet moving. having no clue what to do. ray: the 6.2 magnitude quake struck just after 3:30 in the morning. the u.s. geological survey puts the northeast of rome. the tremors felt across the area of the country. >> we are alive because we escaped from the window. ray: the aftermath seen here. walls ripped from homes. chunks of cement now blanketing roadways. makeshift triage centers to care for those injured. the italian prime minister vowing to rebuild.
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family, no city, no hamlet will be left alone. ray: a second earthquake in seven years to hit this region of italy. in 2009 the 6.3 magnitude quake killed 300 people and demolished towns. erika: breaking in the mr, at least those go people are dead after an earthquake struck there. the 6.8 quake sending people running out of buildings in that country's largest city. emily: a convicted rapist is being held on half $1 million bail after he is accused of raping again. let's get to sera congi who is live from roxbury district court. sera: during the arraignment the prosecutor called this rape violent. she also said the suspect threatened to use a knife against the victim to cut the victim's throat if she did not do everything he asked. 31-year-old eduardo rodriguez accused in what police called a
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approached the woman monday at 1:00 a.m. near clermont street and the south end. >> told her he had a knife and ordered her to follow him. sera: at his arraignment this morning he was allowed to remain behind a door while the prosecutor described how the suspect forced the victim to walk to nearby carter playground . that is where she was violently raped behind the bleachers. a woman who did not want to be identified said she is carrying the suspect's baby truth. >> i'm upset what he did to that lady. what she has to suffer. i'm a woman so, to me, he can go to jail for 30 years, life. sera: police identified rodriguez from his gps monitoring device which puts him at the scene of the crime. a few hours after the attack he allegedly cut the device off. he was wearing that gps device because he was on probation just released from prison in december
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this one on a high school girl back in 2007. he allegedly also threatened to use a knife against her if she did not do everything he asked. according to the police reports at the time, she was raped twice. erika: no jail time for any east -- for an east longmeadow teenager accused of sexually assaulting two classmates. after admitting to sexually assaulting a woman at a house party in april. he denied any contact with the other alleged victim. both women say they will go to becker assaulting them. becker was initially charged with two counts of rape but was allowed to plead guilty to a lesser charge. prosecutors pushed for two years in prison but becker's lawyer argued the team had no -- the teen had no criminal record and
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petition to have a judge in this case removed for handing down a lenient sentence emily:. those comments are sweet hurt after this crash in wellington just after 10:00 last night on lake street. the suv slammed into a utility pole. no other cars believed to be involved. a tractor-trailer rollover is under investigation in charlestown. this crash happened in sullivan square slowing things down for several hours. now. live pictures over boston. a picture-perfect summer day. nice and warm. emily: again. cindy: it's been a nice week overall. we are getting used to this. final week of august. september 1 week from tomorrow. this month has been a warm one. you can see the red squares above average temperatures. typical high this time of year, 79.
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low 80's on the north shore. even on the cape we touched the lower 80's as well. it has been a pleasant day. humidity is still comfortable and we have a lot of sunshine. the next 12 hours and the sun is going to continue. temperatures bob up even more. mid-80's in the next couple of hours. if a sea breeze kicks and it will happen thereafter. it may knock temperatures down a bit. a warmft we may nudge to 90 degrees. staying in the lower 80's on cape cod. high pressure sitting to our south. humidity still comfortable. watching some rain back to the chicago area. thunderstorms ahead of a front. we will time this out for friday with showers and thunderstorms about the area. you can see the humidity really climbing back to our west. that gets in here, not today,
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not tonight but the humidity picks up tomorrow. a full timeline on that shower threat coming up. emily: they have been talking about it for months and today the first boston police officers will start training to wear body cameras. officers in five police districts will be -- will have the cameras were today training session. the union has been fighting the assigning of the cameras saying participation must be voluntary. which begins at september includes 87 male officers and 13 female officers. 55 of them are white. they will be paid $500 each to take part in the program and the full program is set to begin next month. the pure crisis which may be fueling a new problem in massachusetts and pushing dcf to
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. the herald reports nearly 9500 children are now in foster care, a 10% spike since last year. advocates say that is due in part to the large number of people addicted to opioids. dcf started tracking the impact of the crisis on children this year but has not released a report yet. erika: the show alarming spike in medical errors in massachusetts. the number of errors in state hospitals jumping 60% according to the globe. much of that is because of an issue at baystate medical center in springfield where 575 patients were notified. they may have been exposed to new protections from massachusetts pats. governor charlie baker signing into law a bill that would ban owners from leaving a pet locked in a car and extreme weather. it would allow people to break into cars if an animal is in immediate danger. a strange new twist in a story you first saw on 5. a foxboro bar seems to have some stolen property back. the apparent thief making good on a promise to return a signed
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skipjack's and grabbing the helmet. that day he called the restaurant to apologize saying he would send it back. today, helmet sized box did arrive at skipjack's. they did not open it, instead calling police. sources tell newscenter 5 the patriots are watching closely. if this man is a season ticket holder he could lose his seat. a new presidential poll. how clinton and trunk are faring in a nationwide head-to-head. sores a drug company ceo is defending a huge raise. cindy: humidity is picking up but i'm also tracking the tropics. two systems. the latest is ahead. erika: target is refunding customers for bogus betting. why some pricey sheets were not as advertised. >> the 10:00 news on metv boston with maria stephanos and ben simoneau, on comcast channel 942, verizon 461 and over the
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over donald trump is growing. 45 percent in a new reuters poll. trunk with 33%. the survey shows about 22% of likely voters would not take either candidate. clinton had a nine point lead in the same poll two weeks ago. >> if our secretary of state can be bought or bribed or sold, what is happening right now with government favors emily: donald trump is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton's dealings with charity donors. and it's accused clinton of granting special access to people who give money to the clinton foundation. maggie rulli has the story. maggie: donald trump making it clear he is changing his hard-line stance on illegal immigration. >> we're going to let people in but they will come in legally.
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remove 11 million undocumented workers. if you think this means no wall, trump cystic again. -- trump says think again. >> it's easy. we are building the wall. maggie: most republicans did not approve of his hard-line stance of the primaries. the majority of republicans support mass deportation in mississippi. his campaign is jumping on an investigation by the associated dress that reports half the people outside of government who met with clinton will she was secretary of state also gave money to the clinton foundation. as much as $156 million. chief strategist for the clinton campaign tell cnn the ap report relies on flawed data. >> 185 meetings and tried to draw conclusion from that. maggie: trump calling it a pay to play criminal enterprise.
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set up a business to profit. maggie: trump donated more than $100,000 to clinton's charities although his campaign says he never profited from a pay to play situation. erika: in the middle east, turkey sending tanks and special forces into syria. us-led airstrikes. turkey working to repair strained diplomatic relationships. severe weather is no longer the driving force behind airline delays. computer glitches and mechanical breakdowns like this delta meltdown earlier this month, now the leading cause. aviation experts point out delays are far less severe now than they were between 2006 in
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is defending recent price hikes despite a pay raise for the ceo. the press of the allergy shot has soared from $100 a pair in 2007. proctor prevents or driven up the costs. or he met same time the ceos pay went from $2.4 million to nearly 19 million and congress is demandin it's happening. erika: the government is creating a massive stockpile of cheese. the department of agriculture plans to buy $30 million worth of surplus cheese from suppliers. 11 million pounds will be donated to food banks and pantries across the country. dairy producers have had difficulty selling cheese since losing overseas buyers amid more milk production in europe. emily: cheese and crackers, nice for a picnic today.
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comfortable. this is where you are watching. this is the time of the year that we always pay a little bit more attention to tropics because we're approaching the peak of hurricane season. things have gotten busy in the past week. watching two systems and here they are. this is still a strong tropical storm on the four miles per hour away from becoming a hurricane and it is forecast to do that today. we also have this tropical but it is moving west at 60 miles per hour. strengthening into a category one hurricane. they encounter some stronger wind in the upper atmosphere that may tear this apart before it strengthens again. it is staying out in the atlantic, so not really bothering anyone in the short-term. we focus our attention on this
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computer models directing this toward the bahamas and perhaps florida as we get to the weekend and early next week. from here there are a lot of different possibilities but we will be watching it for you and it looks like you strengthening. the next name on the net -- on the list is what could become hermes. in the meantime, gorgeous day. really a cloud out there now. made in high-altitude floating by. the dewpoint temperatures in the upper 50's. it is still feeling very comfortable across southern new england. you can see the higher humidity is often where west. you get into this orange and red and that is the oppressive humidity. that is going to start to work in our direction. pulling ahead of this model boundary. this front will be our next chance to see showers and thunderstorms. this has not crossed our area until friday.
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in the meantime, high-pressure torso. gorgeous across new england. barely a cloud in the sky. that breeze coming out of the southwest. so far it has been strong enough to keep the seabreeze away so temperatures have been climbing. lower 80's from falmouth to hyannis. marshfield, 84. boston in the lower 80's. 82 and beverly. as you get into the higher -- topic is in the mid to upper 70's. notice sunshine throughout the rest of your day. evening plans of the low 80's at 6:00 this evening falling back into the 70's thereafter. overnight into the 70's and tomorrow is another warm day with a lot of sunshine. temperatures in the upper 80's near 90 once again but the difference tomorrow, humidity levels are picking up so it's going to feel warmer. tomorrow should be a dry day are
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higher humidity. showers and storms across western new england tomorrow as we get to tomorrow night and friday morning there will be a few more clouds around. as we approach lunchtime on friday and into the afternoon, there will likely be some showers maybe a couple of thunderstorms rolling through. the possibility of picking up rainfall from these as we had to work friday. once the front clears the coast friday night we dry out again. humidity drops at looks at we are setting up for a nice weekd. customers millions of dollars after discovering it sold fake egyptian cotton sheets area saying they remain of egyptian cotton when they were not so target is reaching out to customers who bought the sheets for as much as $175 22,014 and this year and they have terminated their partnership
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narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence
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narrator: funded by kelly ayotte's special interests backers, the ads attacking maggie hassan on the heroin crisis have been called "despicable," "a vile smear," and "trash." the truth... david dubois: maggie hassan has been hands-on working with local police and community organizations. narrator: working across the aisle to secure millions in emergency funding for treatment and recovery. susan mckeown: maggie hassan. mark mitchell: to governor hassan, i know this is about people and families.
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sage. emily: a monkey and a cap with a special relationship. this monkey makes its home on the back of the cap in russia. the cats owner works at a zoo and was afraid the baby squirrel monkey would not survive after its mother refused to carry it on her back.
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rosinka the cat. emily: the monkey is biting and pinching the cap. erika: that is a happens in tyler years. [laughter] emily: thank you forha at's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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