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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 25, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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threat on monday. >> now on newscenter 5 -- emily: breaking overnight, a raging fire in lawrence. the information just coming in from firefighters, hard at work in one neighborhood. randy: also breaking, a teenager the victim of the latest shooting in boston. the confusion at the scene overnight. emily: and one bright moment, among the devastation in italy. the rescue offering hope as the earthquake death roll rises. it's on the eye for this thursday morning. >> boston's news leader. open tgood morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. randy: also on the eye this morning, a startling before and after in indiana. a starbucks location, literally flattened by a tornado. fortunately no one was hurt. but the remnants of that system, will cause some changes to our weather here. good morning, i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer with
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cindy: today is fine. we have a chance of a shower thunderstorm and we need the rain. we are backed up ahead of that and you will notice the humidity building today, getting a little bit sticky with the uncomfortable humidity in place through tomorrow. right now we have partly cloudy skies over boston and then we see the dew point sneaking up to the lower 60's, which is kept little warmer out the door that it has been, 64 in worcester, some 70's on the cape with a couple spots in the upper 50's back into teen. high-pressure is still anchored to the south and east, putting in more humid air. it will cross the area tomorrow to trigger the showers and storms.
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degrees in boston, low 80's for the lunch hour, mid to upper 80's this afternoon and that gusty southwesterly breeze -- up to 90 in lawrence and cooler on the coast. we will time of the chance of rain coming up at first you want to get you up to the roads. olessa: good morning. a quiet start on the road, this is the place by allston brigh , no problems here or anywhere across the board. let's get to the caps on 93 south by the zakim bridge. it will be gone and same story on the expressway. good shape on the pike and then it will clear construction on 128 by great plain avenue and south bound by route 2. transit buses on schedule. emily: firefighters are on the
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ripping through several apartment buildings overnight. it hit for alarms to bring in more fire fighters. one was taken to the hospital but the injuries are not serious . we have a crew on the scene and we'll you more information as we get it sto -- sera congi is live at police headquarters with what we know. sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. the victim is a 15-year-old suffered life-threatening injuries. take a look at the video -- this happens near blue hill avenue and the cause of the shooting came in at 1:00 this morning. they found the young shooting victim and she was taken to the hospital. police placed phones along the street -- cones along the street. initially there was confusion
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be a dog who we are told was also shot. no information yet about the circumstances of the shooting but we know that a 15-year-old girl was shot with life-threatening injuries. sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: another violent attack taking the life of a teenager in new bedford. the eyeopener's antoinette antonio is there right now with what we've learned overnight. antoinette: this mor w the person who stabbed a 15-year-old boy to death here. this was the scene last night at middle and chauncey streets in the city's west end. two other teenagers were also injured but are expected to survive. one neighbor described the victim as a good kid who hadn't been in trouble. others who live here say this kind of violence is becoming all too common. >> it's not like it's a big
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antoinette: this was the city's second homicide this summer. the victim in this case has not been identified. and it's not clear what started the violence. we will bring you new information as we get it. antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: right now, a young woman is in critical condition a sp sources tell newscenter 5 the woman was shot in the head while sitting in a car on hancock street. it happened around 6:00 last night. police scoured the neighborhood for hours looking for evidence. emily: breaking news this morning, the death toll has nearly doubled overnight from a devastating earthquake in central italy. rescuers are still digging for survivors. late yesterday an 8-year-old girl was pulled from the rubble. her home is in ruins this
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erika joins us now with the overnight developments. erika? erika: right now we are getting -- searchers are holding out hope that they will find more survivors like that little girl but the death toll is still expected to go up. at least 247 people were killed and another 264 are in the hospital with more missing. they continue the painstaking work of moving mounds of and three towns were just leveled by the quakes, which was followed by hundreds of aftershocks. these towns were medieval, built in an area with one of the highest earthquake risks in western europe. tents were set up around the most devastated areas and many lost everything. officials say they are still in the phase where they hope to
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a person was pulled out after 72 hours. randy: right now we are getting a new look at the serious damage after several tornadoes rip through indiana. you can see homes just destroyed there. cindy, it's pretty remarkable that no one was seriously hurt. cindy: we're talking about at least eight funnel clouds reported in the indianapolis area last night. but police say people took these storms seriously and took cover. this is just one of those twisters. in one apartment complex alone at least eight buildings had the dozens of cars were damaged by falling trees and even air conditioners pushed right out of buildings. indiana governor mike pence left the campaign trail after the storms hit he'll tour the damage today. again no serious injuries. 42 tornado report yesterday. we are tracking that front.
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donald trump is headed to new hampshire. he'll campaign in manchester after firing off some heated words at rival hillary clinton. trump was in mississippi last night where he returned to a new focus of his campaign, that republicans should try harder to win the votes of black americans. he accused democrat hillary clinton of taking black voters for granted, campaigning with -- granted. >> hillary clinton is a big it who sees people of votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future. emily: campaigning with trump last night was nigel farage, the british politician who led brexit campaign to a surprise victory two months ago. hillary clinton fired back that it is donald trump who has courted white supremacists and is, quote, "taking the hate
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a heads up for people in boston this morning, if you see helicopters buzzing overhead don't be alarmed. the low-flying choppers are part of training exercises in the greater boston area. police aren't giving specifics except to say this is a joint exercise between the department of defense and local law enforcement. it will continue through tomorrow. randy: right now the owner of this helicopter is counting himself lucky after crashing right into a reservoir. that reservoir is in the middle of the ashland state park. david diana says he knew he was in trouble and was trying to make it back to the airport. that didn't happen instead the black mosquito ultra light helicopter crashed right into the water. diana clicked off his haes and bailed out boaters nearby helped him get to the shore without a scratch. last night, he took pains to inspect what's left of his $45,000 toy. >> thinking it can be fixed, if my wife will allow me to. >> that will be a long conversation. you intend to get up there again? >> definitely. randy: no environmental damage
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the town's water supply. right now we are getting new details on the sinking of the el faro. the ntsb says audio pulled from the ship's recorder shows the captain ordered his crew to abandon ship after getting caught in hurricane joaquin last october. investigators say the captain sounded the alarm and the recording ended minutes later. all 33 people on board the ship died including seven with ties to new england. unnecessary chemotherapy. the breakthrough affecting some breast cancer patients. decide before you dine. the new grades, revealing what's really going on in boston restaurants. emily: a red sox rookie makes a base-running mistake, and it could cost him. the injury concerns this morning. erika? erika: breaking overnight, lawrence firefighters are on the scene of a fire on summer street. several apartment buildings are involved. we'll be tracking updates all morning. and a teenage girl was shot in boston overnight. it happened on page street in
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we'll bring you new information as we get it. cindy? cindy: humidity returning today. how sticky it gets, and the outlook for thunderstorms tomorrow, ahead. first here's what to expect when you head out the door -- a lot of us in the 60's, a look at the cape.
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randy: can you believe the kids start going back to school next week? emily: the good news, it's the perfect time to send us your wake up calls. your team, your class even just all the kids at the bus stop can all be on the eyeopener. just record it with your smartphone, then upload it to ulocal by using our wcvb news app. cindy: summer today. we have a week before september begins and it is going to be a warm weekend. this is the time of year that the traffic is very active and that is the case this morning. the wind is now 75 miles per hour here in gaston, up to 45 in some areas but it is not organized and has yet to become
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we are tracking both of these for you. notice like this is headed -- in the atlantic, east of bermuda, back into a hurricane -- we will track that for you that the more immediate can harness the tropical way because look at where that is headed, through the southeast bahamas ended the florida where from here it will impact the u.s.. if that strengthens the next place on the list watch in the days ahead. look at the calendar for the month of august -- all those red squares. right now this is the warmest august on record with an average temperature of about a degree above the hottest august record. looks like we are going on the record books. we have some potential for at least some showers and
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64 in worcester, upper 60's and beverly, and look at this -- average high this time of year 78 and we are already in the lower 70's. that southwesterly wind is going to be active today, and it will scoop up some of this right here, the oppressive humidity levels, beating them in. it's not that humid this morning but it will get more humid as the day wears on. severe weather sent tornadoes -- that front crosses the area tomorrow and it will weaken with the chance of a few showers and thunderstorms. we are moving on through this morning with most clouds of spinning out and that wind is busy out of the south. upper 80's and near 90 in boston in some spots will have the wind
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and storms that should weaken before they get here. but it is going to be a warm night -- look at these low temperatures, low 70's for most of us. the first thing when you wake up, going to be warm at or above 70 degrees and noticed that by lunchtime a couple showers and storms are building north and west of town -- that will likely get into the boston area between 2:00 and 4:00 in the and by 5:00 p.m. they will be shifting into the southeast. they should be exiting in the evening hours and the weekend looks great with sunshine and lower humidity levels -- looking good. that's get you onto the roads. olessa: no problems right now, this is by allston brighton, eastbound heading to the bottom of the screen.
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zakim bridge. routes 3 is quiet, no issues on 95. construction is gone by routes 2 . trains and buses on schedule. emily: you'll soon know if your favorite boston restaurant is making the grade. the city council approved a plan yesterday to issue letter grades to all of the city's restaurants based on health inspections. the first ones come out in the next couple of weeks here's how it works, restaurants start with 100 point they lose 10 for any serious violations involving food and how it is handled. significant violations that don't involve food but could still put customers at risk, cost them seven points. and they lose two points for any small issues. do the math and you get a final score. and 94 points or higher gets a restaurant an a. 81 to 93 earns a b. and 80 or lower is a c. starting in a year restaurants will have to post their grades
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randy: in your health, a new study could help save thousands of breast cancer patients from unnecessary chemotherapy. researchers looked at gene activity in tumors. they found that nearly half of women with early-stage breast cancer have little risk of the cancer returning or spreading based on the gene behavior. that means they would gain little by chemo except the side effects. the study was published yesterday in the new england journal of medicine. massachusetts hospitals are in the black. 80% ended 2015 with a net profit. posting a median of 3% of revenue. that's still down slightly from 2014. the hospitals are nonprofit but must still produce some revenue to maintain operations. the most profitable, mass general and brigham and women's. emily: a boost for uber drivers in boston. the rideshare service is offering them some retirement help.
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give one year of investment advice to drivers here, as well as in seattle, chicago, and new jersey. that's as uber contends with lawsuits claiming the company should treat drivers like employees, not independent contractors. uber plans to expand the retirement service nationally. checking the markets, volatile trading left mixed shares overnight in asia. that's after a bleak day on wall street with declines in health-care stocks yesterday. right now futu randy: that stolen patriots helmet is back where it belongs but the story may not be over. we showed you the security video of a man leaping the bar at skipjacks in foxborough, and taking off with the signed helmet. a few days later he called and promised to return it which he did, mailing the helmet, along with an apology note and the money for his unpaid tab. but that man still could face
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great britain. emily: the kind gesture making baggage claim, very confusing after rio. erika? erika: then new at 5:30, when a coat of paint can keep your home on the market. the new advice for buyers and sellers that might surprise you. and only on 5, video from inside the party bus, involved in a tragic accident in east boston. what people inside that bus are saying. a newspaper box explodes in salem. why police are treating it as a hate crime. and breaking overnight, several apartment buildings are involved in a large fire on summer street in lawrence. we know one firefighter has minor injuries. updates ahead in our next half
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olessa: we are getting off to a warm start, 68 degrees in boston, a warm day southwesterly winds bringing in more humidity. 85-90 degrees this afternoon, temperatures running warmest for metrowest and the merrimack valley. if you want to cool off, head out to the beaches -- a moderate risk of recurrence on the north shore beach. humid tomorrow with some thunderstorms coming through bringing relief from the humidity is he had into your weekend and we are hoping for a
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storms, they should be gone in time for tomorrow evening. emily: some concern for promising red sox rookie andrew benintendi after this stumble in last night's game. he admits he made a base-running mistake here. it looks like he rolls his ankle. but really it's the knee that was injured. he'll have an mri at some point today. the sox lost to the rays 4-3. u.s. soccer star hope solo is kicked off the team for something she said during the olympics. solo will serve a six-month suspension for calling the swedish team cowards in rio earlier this month. it happened after sweden eliminated the u.s. the president of u.s. soccer calls solo's comments unacceptable. randy: time for your thursday eyepoppers. and olessa you've got quite a find. olessa: you are looking at what could be the largest pearl in the world. it was discovered in the philippines inside a giant clam. the pearl weighs 75 pounds and
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it still needs verification from gemologists but it easily surpasses the current record holder, that pearl weighs 14 pounds. team great britain took home a boat-load of medals from the rio olympics and 900 identical bags. athletes were issued team luggage and that proved to be a problem in the baggage claim. several british olympians tweeted about the mess but they seemed to have a good time with it. what are the guys took a selfie and said "the red one is mine." emily: a boy found walking down the highway in new hampshire, in the middle of the night. what he told police he was trying to do. and sailors surprise a navy veteran. the kind gesture, brightening the day of a pearl harbor survivor. we continue following breaking news this morning, a teenage girl is hurt after being shot in
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it happened on page street in dorchester. we have a crew on the scene and we'll bring you new information
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four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool,
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of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few. vote no on question 2. randy: breaking news at 5:30, firefighters are on the scene of -- a teenage girl shot in boston. sera: the confusion at the
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soaring, but there are signs of hope in the rubble. the concerns of an explosion in salem that could be a hate crime. randy: and a veteran gets the surprise of a lifetime. the story behind this moving display on the eye. breaking news at 5:30, firefighters are on the scene of a 4-alarm fire in lawrence. we know several apartment buildings are involved in the fire on summer street. todd kazakiewich is there now and we'll bring us an update in a minute. good morning, i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer with cindy and olessa. not a bad start the day. cindy: not at all. we have had such crisp, cool mornings. it is still summertime out there, but we have a beautiful start the day with some patchy
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68 in boston and notice that wind coming out of the south and west -- that will bring in more humid air and the dew point will be climbing as the day wears on. we have low 70's on the cape, upper 60's on the north shore, a couple spots running in the 50's. the clouds have been triggering in the overnight hours but they are exiting today with increased this front will bring in the chance of showers and thunderstorms tomorrow and thursday. sunshine coming up over the horizon, and by late morning we are in the lower 80's and in fact we could touch 90 today, lawrence in middleton up till exeter. mid to upper 80's through most of worcester county and south of boston as well from brockton to
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temperatures should be closer to 80 degrees here, but certainly more humid today. right now we want to get you out to the roots to see how we are looking. olessa: no problems to report. this is a check of the pike where traffic is getting by without any problems both ways. your ride is much of the same into boston, no problems with the overnight construction. and braintree getting by at the speed limit. looking good as you travel along route 2, and no problems on 93 south. randy: we're following breaking news right now on the eye, a huge fire burning overnight in lawrence. emily: the eyeopener's todd kazakiewich is live on the scene
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todd: this is a four alarm fire here on summer street in lawrence and firefighters have been battling the essence 2:00 this morning. i want to take it to the video from earlier today and you can see how intense the flames were. at this point the fire has been contained and the good news is that all resident escaped. the fire started in an abandoned building and spread to three others and that is where those 25 people lived. the aband damage to the others. >> the actual fire building is a complete loss and these ones -- multiple triple-decker is in the back,. todd: 25 people have been displaced as a result of the
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-- investigators are on scene working to determine the cause of higher that started in abandoned building. talk to new -- talk to emily: we're following several other breaking stories right now on the eye. randy: erika tarantal is tracking new information as it comes in. erika: a teenager as life injuries after being shot in video as a 10-year-old girl is pulled alive from the rubble after that massive earthquake. sadly that is just one bright spot. randy: right now, police are searching for the vandals behind this explosion in salem. the target a newspaper box for a gay-friendly publication. police are investigating this as a hate crime. and they're asking for help in finding those suspects. a group of 7 was captured on
5:35 am
explosive in the box for the rainbow times. the editor says it's not the first time the boxes were targeted since going up three months ago. they've been urinated in, filled with trash, and now this. but the message from the paper is clear. >> we are going to stay here. this gives us more incentive to promote the message of the paper . randy: salem's mayor who was on >> i remember someone saying stop the bus, stop the bus. emily: only on 5, we're hearing from a passenger on the party bus involved in a deadly accident in east boston. this morning that passenger is telling a different story than the bus company. this is our first look at the party early sunday morning on that bus before it took a tragic turn. tristian leach says tracy paniagua and another woman were leaning on the window when the
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route 1a, where paniagua was killed. >> that window shouldn't have opened that easily. >> if somebody had pulled that lever up, -- emily: the bus company is convinced someone lifted the latches. that second victim is expected to recover. randy: no charges will be filed against police officers who shot and killed a terror suspect in roslindale. prosecutors released new video showing usaamah rahim entering a drug store moments before he was shot by police in june of 2015. police say he threatened them with a knife. rahim was allegedly planning a large-scale attack on other officers. rahim's family says police should have tried to de-escalate the situation first. randy: a 7-year-old boy is safe after he was found wandering down the highway in new hampshire. the boy says he was not lost. , he told police he was on his way to wal mart to buy matchbox cars.
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morning. his parents were asleep at home, and police say there's no reason to believe they did anything wrong. one big mistake, when it comes to sprucing up a room. randy: the paint colors to avoid, if you're trying to sell your house. and hope solo, suspended from the u.s. soccer team. the comment causing outrage after the olympics. emily: breaking news overnight in lawrence, a raging fire in an abandoned building damaging three apartment buildings. two firefighters were huut kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. i'm kelly ayotte.: and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads...
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that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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olessa: this is a live look at the gas tank, northbound side with brake lights, a 20 minute ride braintree to boston, but overall quiet with no accidents to report -- and it looks like a beautiful day. cindy: the sunrise is a colorful one with just a touch of clouds 68 degrees in boston with a southwesterly wind bringing in more humid air as the day wears on. it should touch the 90 degree mark tomorrow but there will be some showers and thunderstorms that will bring in something cooler but humid air. randy: new this morning, if you're thinking of selling your home, a fresh coat of paint can seem like an obvious refresh. but a new survey finds you'd better pick carefully. first color to skip, dark brown.
5:41 am
nearly $500 less than expected. another one to watch, terracotta. even a muted shade could make a difference. that same survey found that color knocked nearly $800 off the estimated price. and finally, gray is hot but watch out. lighter versions can be a hit but the survey found a dark grey dining room could cost you more than $1,000. emily: updates on breaking news in news to go. the large fire burning in lawrence right now. and the investigation underway after a teenager was shot in boston. plus, new information on an exciting discovery in space. the planet that has similarities to earth. take a live look at the expressway -- things moving
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ray: boston and from the earthquake in italy. emily: plus antoinette is following the killing of a teenager in new bedford. but first cindy has your forecast. for us it is not so bad. cindy: not bad at all and we are tracking our forecast because there is a hurricane out there -- this is the tropical wave we
5:45 am
but look where it is having. , right for florida -- where it is heading, right for florida. we are watching you, that tropical wave and the other is hurricane gaston. overnight it developed into one in right now it is out in the atlantic and by the weekend is going to the east of it doesn't look like it will interact with any problem areas. beautiful over boston as the sun gets ready to pop over the horizon. 68 degrees with a southwesterly wind, so the dewpoint temperatures are now in the lower six coming up over the course of the day and tomorrow with that uncomfortable humidity before it drops off -- this frontal boundary right here, it
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thunderstorms coming up tomorrow. right now just some patchy cloud cover with things in the lower 70's, 59 altidore. 85 to 90 around the country -- the cape, and some clouds have produced one or two showers and thunderstorms but there's a slight chance of a shower overnight although i think that threat is going tomorrow. boston by 2:00 in the afternoon, not everyone will see them, and notice how they drop by 5:00 south of austin and exiting by 8:00 in the evening full of your 90 tomorrow, and cooling-off for the weekend, a beautiful start of saturday. we are getting busy out there with volume starting to build. olessa: overall, we're still getting by at a good pace.
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any issues, good on 24, route three on weymouth, no delays through 128. 12 minutes braintree in the boston, the high cheese found good from 125 to 495. then a little stop and go through the leverett connector. emily: we are following several breaking stories right now. randy: first to lawrence where the eye's todd kazakiewi morning, we are on the scene of a four alarm fire on summer street which is now contained but i want to show you video from earlier when it was raging. it broke out around 2:00 this morning in an abandoned building and spread to three others. the fire is now contained in all resident escaped.
5:48 am
injuries, but she's telling us that the fire started in the bandit building but it is not clear how it started but it did spread to three others. the abandoned building was destroyed and there was heavy damage to other buildings and approximately 25 people lived there and are now homeless. we will keep you posted. talk to sera: a shooting overnight in dorchester leaves a teenage girl with life threatening injuries. this happened around one this morning on page street. a 15-year-old girl shot taken to the hospital by boston ems again with serious injuries. also a dog at the scene was shot one of its legs was bandaged up and the dog carried into a police cruiser. no information yet from boston police about the circumstances around the shooting. a 15-year-old girl shot with life-threatening injuries.
5:49 am
victim of a violent attack. this morning police are looking for the person stabbed a 15-year-old boy to death here in new bedford. this was the scene last night at middle and chancery streets in the city's west end. two other teenagers were also injured but are expected to survive. this was the city's second homicide this summer. the victim in this case has not been identified. and it's not clear what started the violence. but one neighbor described the victim as a good kid who hadn't been in trouble. antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. erika: the death call -- the death toll in italy has nearly doubled, at least 247 people killed. a miraculous rescue for this 10-year-old girl pulled from the rubble ok. they are moving mounds of debris as they continue their desperate
5:50 am
victims the be found that they are hopeful that survivors will be found to. one person was found alive after 72 hours years ago. there have been some 460 aftershocks. emily: right now, about a-dozen people are hurt after a series of tornadoes strikes indiana. as many as eight twisters touched down north of indianapolis yesterday. tens of thousands lost power. thankfully there are no reports of any serious injuries, but damage is believed to be substantial. randy: a young w i critical condition a suspect on the loose after a shooting in lawrence. sources tell newscenter5 the woman was shot in the head while sitting in a car on hancock street. it happened around 6:00 last night. police scoured the neighborhood for hours looking for evidence. emily: at least 10 people are dead after a nine-hour siege at the american university in kabul, afghanistan. a government spokesperson says seven students were killed, as well as two police officers and a security guard during yesterday's attack.
5:51 am
entrance. police killed two other attackers, putting a stop to the violence. randy: the owner of this helicopter says he's lucky to be alive after crashing into a reservoir in the middle of the ashland state park. david diana says he knew he was in trouble and was trying to make it back to the airport, before he crashed. diana clicked off his harness and bailed boaters nearby helped him get to the shore without a scratch. no environmental damage was done by the csh emily: a new plan to educate the public about the dangers of concussion. former soccer star taylor twellman and the director of the massachusetts interscholastic athletic association will announce today the second annual concussion awareness week. it's a weeklong initiative in september to educate people particularly those involved in youth sports about traumatic brain injuries that can result from concussions. randy: u.s. soccer star hope solo is kicked off the team for something she said during the
5:52 am
suspension for calling the swedish team cowards in rio earlier this month. it happened after sweden eliminated the u.s. the president of u.s. soccer calls solo's comments unacceptable. emily: a botched play costs the red sox in saint pete. tied up with the rays, two out in the bottom of the 11th. the throw to first is no good and the ball is dropped at home. the umpire initially called the runner out but sandy leon couldn't hang onto it. and some concern for promising rookie andrew benintendi earlier in the game. he admits he made a base-running mistake here. it looks like he rolls his ankle. but really it's the knee that was injured. he'll have an mri at some point today. randy: olympic swimming phenom katie ledecky tries her hand at baseball. she handed off her five medals four of them gold, mind you to outfielder bryce harper before throwing out the first pitch at
5:53 am
d.c. emily: two massachusetts olympians are back home this morning. judo stars kayla harrison and travis stevens arrived at logan airport yesterday to the cheers of young athletes from the wakefield center where the two medal winners train. harrison brought home a gold from rio, while stevens took silver. harrison plans to retire from judo but is thinking about a move to mixed martial arts. randy: an exciting discovery in space. researchers announced yesterdayh closest star. the planet has the same mass as earth and could possibly sustain life. the discovery could lead to finding more planets in the universe that can hold life. emily: a touching display of respect for a world war two veteran in california. sailors in training marched to the home of 98-year-old ernest
5:54 am
pearl harbor, and would frequently visit a ship that had been commissioned during his time as a sailor. because of health reasons, he can't travel anymore. so the sailors came to him to thank him for his service. randy: honoring the greatest generation. cindy: 98, amazing. we have got one week left in the month of august, september 1 is coming up a week from today. yesterday -- and right now the average temperature is the warmest on record in boston, a degree higher than 1988 so it has been a warm one and there will be no exception tomorrow stop we start out in the lower 70's, cooler spots through orange, worcester 64, and keep in mind that the average high
5:55 am
morning, and they will be bringing in more humid areas, building to the south and west. at the same time we are watching the front off to the west which triggered multiple tornadoes yesterday across indiana and ohio. i think the storm threat is weakening but we could see a few showers tomorrow. with a high of 88 today in boston. one or two showers and storms across western new england but otherwise we should try heading into the overnight. it could be tough for sleeping if you don't have air conditioning with overtures in the most 70's. tomorrow morning it is thinking, and you can see what happens by lunchtime.
5:56 am
into the evening hours as well, especially south of boston. things should clear out for later evening hours and that will set us up for what looks to be a pretty nice weekend with sunshine and lower humidity as we had to saturday. let's get you back out to the roads -- any trouble? olessa: not just yet. volume is building up as normal across the zakim bridge but as far as accidents, we are quiet. let's check out the travel and you are seeing the expressway braintree and allston. you can see the delay is starting to pick up out of methuen down into wilmington and then stop and go approaching the leverett connector. trains and buses on schedule. randy: breaking news in lawrence. the situation as summer street as a huge fire burns apartments. and a new way to gauge boston restaurants.
5:57 am
really going on in the kitchen. and to take a lot of luck here as the sun is just about up this morning. it is getting later and later.
5:58 am
z237yz zknz
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6:00 am
emily: breaking overnight a fire in lawrence. the information coming in from firefighters hard at work. >> also breaking a teenager, the victim of the latest shooting in the city of boston, the confusion at the scene overnight. >> and one bright moment among the devastation in italy, the that's on the eye for this thursday morning. randy: also on the eye, a starbucks location here literally flattened by a tornado, fortunately no one was hurt but the rumors of that system will cause some changes to our weather here in new england. good morning, and thank you for joining us, i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer along with cindy fitzgibbon.


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