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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 27, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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adise ? antoinette: breaking news overnight. an arrest in the murder of two nuns. new information about the suspect and the charges he's facing this morning. doug: a pickup truck smashes into a cafe on the south shore. the injuries suffered in the crash. antoinette: tracking down the thieves behind a heartless crime. new clues the police are calling in the case of antoinette: good morning to you. we have another round of the eyeopener under way at 8:00, saturday, august 27. i'm antoinette antonio. doug: i'm doug meehan. a.j., we're counting down the weekend. we'll make the best of them, right? a.j.: you want to do that before time runs out, because we don't
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out there. next weekend, of course, the labor day holiday. we managed 12 90-degree days last month and managed our sixth day yesterday in boston as we made it to 90 degrees exactly. that brings the grand total to 19 days so far this year. humidity, oh, you remember that yesterday? it was really uncomfortable. now the humidity is more manageable, back into the sticky to maybe pleasant catery clear skies on average, and it's going to stay nice all day long. there may be a ribbon of cloud cover coming across this afternoon. thin variety decorating the sky a little bit. low pressure to the west means some scattered showers will be in the forecast but not today. plenty of sun out there. coastal sea breezes near 80 at the coast. well into the 80s inland. we'll talk more about the rest of the weekend. this is just the first half. there's more coming. we'll have it for you coming up
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breaking overnight, an arrest is made in the murder of two nuns in mississippi. one with ties to massachusetts. police say rodney sanders was a early person of interest. antoinette: they announced capital murder charges against him overnight. police say sanders stabbed sister margaret held and sister paula merrill in their home. their bodies were found thursday, after they failed to show up at a clinic for work. sister merrill is from stoneham, massachusetts. her family is trying to focus on the good that she brought to those around her. >> paula and margaret had a loved what they did. they had a passion for it. they loved their patients. antoinette: sanders is being held awaiting a court appearance. a wake for the nuns will be held sunday at their mississippi parish. their funeral is set for monday. also breaking overnight,
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morning. boston ems on scene within minutes. we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. doug: more breaking news. police have located a stolen boston ambulance. now they're searching for the thief. it was taken from charlestown just before 5:00 this morning. it was tracked down in everett a half hour later. state, boston and everett police on the scene. nobody was hurt. hurt, two seriously, after a crash at this restaurant in hingham. police say the truck driver veered off north street at did 10:00 last night, crashing into the square cafe. a 59-year-old hingham man and a 52-year-old woman from hull suffering serious injuries. the passenger of the truck also hurt. police arresting the driver, jeffrey mahoney, on several charges but they say he was not compared. -- impaired. antoinette: right now, a man is under arrest after a fiery car crash in peabody.
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before 3:00 this morning on route 128 north. only one car was involved. the driver arrested for oui. nobody was hurt. doug: right now, we're learning new details about a grew son crime in ashby. two people are dead in an apparent murder suicide. newscenter 5's john atwater has the latest on the investigation. >> it's awful, awful, awful. reporter: the aftermath is too graphic to show. a man and woman found dead on the front lawn of this home tucked away in the woods. >> they were a nice, ni they were a nice couple. reporter: neighbors say the couple had recently separated and hadn't been seen together in the neighborhood for some time. >> it's been a while. i used to see them go by the house and wave. but it's been, i don't know, i'd see them occasionally. reporter: police came to the home just after 1:30 in the afternoon. for hours, officers traveled down the dusty dirt road as they investigated the apparent murder suicide. it's left neighbors here unsettled as they try to understand what prompted the
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>> get through it. get through it if we have to. reporter: police are releasing few details about what happened here as they continue the process of notifying family members. in ashby, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: right now, a 22-year-old man is behind bars accused of a violent attack in rockport on a woman who is disabled. angel castro is charged with assault to attempt to rape. rock port police say he's the from a store near the attack. castro is accused of knocking a woman to the ground on pools lane and trying to rip off her clothes. he ran off when she screamed. castro will be arraigned monday. doug: a reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest in connection with a hate crime in salem. you remember the lgbt newspaper box blown up by vandals? jewel july mcdonald has a push for answers.
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times newspaper box. the publication is temporarily missing from derby square, but the rainbow times family vows to return stronger than ever. >> we have had such an outcry of community support. people have been contacting us about they'd like to subscribe to the paper, advertise through the paper, offer support in general, offer more distribution locations. reporter: early friday, salem leaders and lgbt advocates unveiled their symbol of solidarity, a rainbow bann waving over washington street. >> we're not going anywhere, we're standing strong. reporter: investigators are calling the incident a hate crime. now the state fire marshall is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to an arrest. >> i think it's only a matter of time before somebody speaks up and says, hey, i saw something or whatnot. we have a lot of people looking for the perpetrators that committed this act of hate. reporter: the rainbow times
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newspaper box and the orange cone. salem police usually sits between this white newspaper box and the orange cone. salem police had to remove it as part of their evidence. there will be a new newspaper box unveiled sunday evening right here, same place, and the public is invited to attend. in salem, juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: maine governor paul lepage is facing new controversy centered around an expletive laced voice mail that he left for a congressman who called him a racist. >> i want you to prove i'm a racist. i've spent my life helping black people. you little son of a -- i want you to record this and make it public, because i am after you. thank you. antoinette: representative drew gattin says he never called him racist but says his comments are not helpful in the fight against
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yesterday, lepage defended his comments that 90% of drug dealers in his state are black and hispanic by showing reporters a binder full of mugshots and newspaper stories. >> you write the stuff. i just keep it. i don't read it unless it gets in my book. but stephanie cuts them out and gets the pictures and i put them in my book. antoinette: state democrats say lepage is, quote, not mentally or emotionally fit to hold office. doug: this morning, the parents of an american woman isis says president obama has broken a promise made to them. that as we see newly released video of the human rights activist. >> my name is kayla mueller. i've been here long. i've been sick. it's terrifying here. doug: kayla mueller was kidnapped and killed by isis. president obama met with the
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donation to a fund set up in her name. still no donation. >> i'm still waiting for the donation, mr. president. doug: the president's chief spokesman says he expects the president and first lady will, at some point, donate to the mueller foundation. antoinette: time is 8:09. new concerns over the safety of the nation's blood supply. doug: the extra testing the fda is ordering across the country. also, problems at the vermont yankee nuclear power plant are prompting a new federal inspection. the latest incident and how it was fixed. antoinette: a new warning for boaters. the hazard blamed after several boats got stuck. a.j.: what a day today, antoinette. sunshine, lower humidity. when we'll see our next chance for much-needed rainfall. doug: we're continuing to follow breaking news. police in mississippi make an arrest in the death of two nuns, one with local ties.
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massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days with more personal attention. we have a proven record of helping students in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. announcer: vote yes on question 2. for stronger public schools. antoinette: welcome back. there's a new warning to boaters in new hampshire as water levels
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two boats ran aground along normal routes in lake winnepesaukee and lake sunapee. doug: this morning, marine patrols are trying to figure out how it happened. divers were using giant air bags to lift a sunapee cruise liner off water intake pipes. that got stuck thursday. yesterday, a boat got stuck on lake winnepesaukee. crew workers say they're ready for the low w >> we're lucky nobody got hurt. that's important. we train for these type of events every year. our training paid off. doug: environmental services says lake sunapee is below full but a half inch higher than the usual time of year. lake winnepesaukee is four inches lower than usual. antoinette: we have drought conditions, issues with water supply, water restrictions, fire danger, everything. a.j.: recreationally, a lot of
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hitting land. that's kind of the reality of the situation right now. it goes beyond the one year. we're in a two-year drought. i'll share those numbers next half hour. we need rain. we need to look toward the tropics as a potential source for us. unfortunately, it doesn't look like anything will have a direct impact on us. this is our first system since a tropical wave, which we've been watching for the past several days, moves through the southern bahamas, northern cuba, dumping heavy rainfall down there. the system is destined to move into south florida, maybe the keys, and then into the gulf of mexico and then begin to hook north. however, the way the atmosphere is set up, the trajectory would take it to our south and not bring us any beneficial rains from it. then we look toward gaston, which is out toward the atlantic right now. spinning freely, still a tropical storm, may become a
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i'll step across the screen and show you this is going to hook well out to sea. there's bermuda right there. so really not even an impact on bermuda, except for increased waves. this is a forecast model which shows you wave heights. so when you're in this shading, about five-foot sea and the darker blues, about a foot to three feet. out here, look at the key here. that's 20-foot seas. so that's around the center of ciat what i want you to take away from this is the seas will be building up toward ten feet, toward our southern coast lines. really, out toward the cape and the islands to potentially toward boston harbor and the gulf of maine as well. so we will have wave action arriving from this system. that would be due in here by early next week. monday, tuesday, and the like. what a gorgeous day out there it is. 75 degrees. loads of sunshine.
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look at the temps. we began in the 50s through the connecticut valley. 73 in worcester, 75 in boston. 73 in hyannis and plymouth. we've got clear skies, boundively sbountiful sunshine and low humidity today. next system to the west. making for rainfall toward chicago and a good portion of michigan, into the u.p. as well. that system won't arrive until tomorrow night and into monday top of us throughout the course of the day today and into tomorrow. sunny and sunny is the forecast for today and tomorrow. i should say mostly sunny tomorrow afternoon because we'll notice increasing clouds. at night, a cold front comes through with a round of scattered showers, maybe a thunder shower. we could see showers and storms sticking around, especially south of the pike for monday morning. temperatures like this. 75 to 80 degrees along the coast line for today. 80 as well inland. tonight, we drop back into the
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comfortable night and same thing for tomorrow. rinse and repeat with the sunshine. there you go on the seven-day forecast. beautiful weekend. increasing clouds late tomorrow. a few spot storms sunday night into monday morning. mostly south of the pike. tuesday, we're back to sunshine. another system comes in with a threat for showers and storms wednesday. behind that, it looks cool and breezy, almost autumn-like for thursday and antoinette: what did we tell you about slowing down with the small, autumn references. pumpkin spice, this and that. the time is 8:17. stories we're following right now. doug: the fda wants all u.s. blood banks to screen for the zika virus. right now, it's only been done in areas with active transmissions, such as in puerto rico and two counties in florida. the fda wants it's done in all u.s. states and territories. the agency says it's the best way to protect the blood supply. doug: secretary of state john kerry says he's reached a deal
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war. details still need to be worked out following a nearly ten-hour meeting in geneva yesterday. secretary kerry says this is a good step toward improving humanitarian access to areas that have been blocked off. federal nuclear regulators are planning an inspection at vermont's yankee turbine plant after hundreds of thousands of groundwater infiltrated the building. entergy nuclear says the likely thanks to the drought. the company paid more than a million dollars for the water to be removed from the plant and treated. foundation cracks and a sump pump have been sealed. doug: 8:18 right now. it was a very public breakup on a very popular sports radio show. john dennis left the dennis and callahan show after almost a 20-year run. antoinette: so what happened and what's next? maria stephanos caught up with john where he's spending time.
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3:45 wakeup calls for is the and a half years. i'm just tired of being tired. reporter: if you know sports, if you've watched tv or listened to radio in this market for the past 40 years, you know john dennis. former cohost of the dennis and callahan show on weei. the former part is what made headlines and kicked up a lot of speculation about john's relationship with his cohost, jerry callahan, and kirk it seemed like you left abruptly. you're done and i'm retired. now i'm sitting on a golf course. >> yes. i'll say this. kirk and i were never best friends. however, that never prevented us from doing two and a half to three years of very, very good radio. so it has nothing to do with it. it has to do with being tired and waking up every morning. i'm telling you what -- reporter: was there a straw that
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no. reporter: those mornings are over. when he looks back, john dennis pulls no punches. weei -- >> thank you. great place to spend 20 years. reporter: jerry callahan. >> good columnist, should write more. reporter: kirk minihan. >> complicated. reporter: by john's own admission, there had been plenty of what he calls stupid moments. on the list, the met-go controversy. you think i shouldn't have said that? >> well, of course. it was painful. it was like two-week suspension. it was getting bashed. if you do four hours a day of off the top of your head conversation, eventually you're going to say something stupid. reporter: your darkest moment? >> opening day fenway park 2015. reporter: when you said i'm an alcoholic? >> yes. reporter: you are sober? >> yes. reporter: you have not relapsed? >> no. 17 months, clean and sober. reporter: it's something john
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that's what you do. you came out and you thanked people, and included in that thank you, you thanked the management and thanked jerry and kirk as well. you said for standing by me. how did things take a turn? >> let's see. how did things take a turn? like all long-term relationships, eventually there's friction and there's abrasion. i have no hard feelings and i'm sure they'oi reporter: are you going to miss it? >> not in the least. >> come on! it's who you were for 40 years, of course you're going to miss it. >> maria, i woke up this morning and yesterday morning at 7:00 and 7:20 the last two days. i have never done that in 19 years. i said, i have nothing to do today but go hit golf balls at the international. reporter: so golf, corporate speaking engagements, and he's still going to be involved with
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kirk minihan monday and tuesday of next week when the jimmy fund teams up with eei, nesn and the red sox to help strike out cancer. i'm maria stephanos, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: you got to admit it, it is, yes, a big part of you. will you miss it? >> the 3:45 a.m. wakeup call every day, you know. i get what he's saying. a flock of flamingos stolen off a fai doug: they were more than lawn ornaments. the significance and why police are trying so hard to recover all of them. ? welcome to the fourth grade ? ? so happy to meet you ? antoinette: this isn't an mtv music video. doug: that's a teacher welcoming his fourth grade class with a back-to-school rap. the reason behind his youtube release. antoinette: it's a gorgeous start to the day. let's look live.
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cleaning of a steam pipe. the process is expected to continue throughout the weekend. keep in mind, if you're heading in that area. doug: no need to be nervous. e to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of
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a.j.: good saturday morning. we've got a beautiful blue sky out there, lots of sunshine. sunglasses and spf, your two
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we've got about 73 degrees, both worcester and hyannis. let's round out the third one, plymouth. nashua hanging back in the upper 60s, but only a matter of time before you're above the 70 degree mark. clear skies right now. cold front offshore. high pressure building in. we've got great weather if you're seeing mr. chesney at gillette stadium. temperatures will fall through the 60s during the concert tonight. doug: thank you. police in new hampshire one step closo crime. antoinette: they tracked down the flamingos that were put up around ware as part of a fundraiser for 12-year-old abbey van dyke, diagnosed with leukemia. the flamingos are orange, the color of leukemia awareness. they were stolen and left in trash bags along the highway. police want to track down whoever is responsible because some of them are still missing. they are glad the ones they found are back in their rightful
8:27 am
doug: maybe somebody didn't know what they were there for. antoinette: you would hope. doug: more money for amtrak. antoinette: the improvements approved and what this means for riders. we're following breaking news in mississippi. police make an arrest in the death of two nuns. the suspect had been a person of
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doug: breaking overnight,
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nuns. the new information about the suspect in the killings. antoinette: new video overnight, a fiery crash on route 128. the driver escaping from the flames. the charges he's facing this morning. doug: the presidential campaign heating up. the new lines of attack both sides are now launching. >> you're watching wcvb boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. doug: good morning. 8:30 on a saturday morning. i'm doug meehan. antoinette: i'm antoinette antonio. we have a.j. with us. 70 degrees, lower humidity. it's perfect. a.j.: after this show, we should get out and enjoy it. what do you think? antoinette: 30 more minutes to go. but stay there for now. a.j.: hang out with us. we'll step you through the day today. it's going to be amazing. temperatures begin the day in the lower 70s.
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this morning. but it is tasty outside right now. down in the cape on vacation, one of the last vacation weekends of the summer. 73 plymouth, falmouth at 75. hyannis at 73. the vineyard at 75 degrees. i would expect that this weather will be the sort of thing where the bridges are going to be busy, probably starting about now. but they're just going to get worse as you head through the day. so i'd plan your trip about no weather-wise, going to be gorgeous. tons of shine. the sunshine down through the eastern seaboard and through toronto. then we start running into a few clouds. cold front offshore means high pressure building in and drier air, lower humidity is moving in. and we eyeball this system to the west. not going to make it in here today. nor tomorrow. it's more into tomorrow night, after dark, when we start getting the risk for a few scattered showers.
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we'll detail everything for you in a few minutes. doug: thank you. we're following breaking news this morning right now. antoinette: a suspect under arrest in the murder of two nuns in mississippi. overnight, police charged this man, rodney sanders, with two counts of capital murder. he's accused of stabbing sister mark rel held and sister paula merrill. police say he was an early person of interest in the murders. doug: police have located a stolen bost now searching for the thief. it was taken from charlestown before 5:00 this morning. it was tracked down in everett about a half hour later. state, boston and everett police all on the scene there on drive b off veterans avenue. nobody was hurt. antoinette: a man is under arrest after a fiery crash in peabody. state police say it happened before 3:00 this morning on state route 128 north. only one car was involved.
8:33 am
nobody was hurt. doug: boston police ramping up protection for today's caribbean carnival parade to avoid what happened two years ago. you may remember 26-year-old dawn jeffer was killed in what police say was a gang crossfire during the 2014 festival. festivities kick off today about 7:00 with the parade beginning at 1:00. this year, police are increasing their visibility to deter anything similar from that happening again. >> we'll be calling officers from across the city and we've put on a lot of extra officers. again, not to show that we're we just want to make sure nobody gets hurt. doug: two suspects are awaiting trial for the 2014 murder. antoinette: the battle over body cameras for boston police officers is now heading to court. the police union has filed an injunction to stop the pilot program. the city is trying to force 100 officers to begin wearing the devices next week. none of the officers volunteered for the program. so far, no response from the
8:34 am
marty walsh is defending secrecy behind planned military flyovers in the city. the herald reports the city hall hotline received about 100 calls as the black hawk helicoptering performed exercises with boston police. the department posted on august 21 about the planned exercise, which ran through friday. many were upset that it wasn't made more public. doug: commitment 2016. nominees taking a break from the campaign trail. as abc's lana zack reports, that's not stopping them from escalating attacks on each other. reporter: tim kaine, the democratic vp pick, warned against the nasty tone on the trail. >> you start dividing people up against one another, blame games, name calling, you find you can't solve your problems because you're not letting the talent pool be all that it can be. reporter: in the last few days, hillary clinton and donald trump have been competing for minority
8:35 am
doug: she's too busy raking in cash from people and rigging the system and taking the african-american vote and the hispanic vote and saying we're going to do a great job. and right after the election, it's bye-bye, i'll see you in four years. >> this is someone who re-tweets white supremacists online, like the user who goes by the name white genocide. reporter: trump has been trying to fight back against the xenophobic narrative, changing his language around immigration. >> you can't take 11 at one time and just say, boom, you're gone. reporter: he even proposed a path to legalization for undocumented immigrants. at the same time, they added a build the wall t-shirt to their online store. in just 73 days, one of these
8:36 am
obama will be campaigning for clinton in pennsylvania and vice president biden will be campaigning for her in ohio. both major swing states. both states that were won by obama and biden in the last two elections. lana zack, abc news, washington. doug: meantime, republicans are outraged as they learn the state department won't be able to produce clinton's daily schedules during her time as secretary of state until after the election. the schedules show who clinton met with w president obama's top diplomat and, so far, about half of her schedules have been released, some showing she met with those who donated to her health foundation. antoinette: today, libertarian candidate gary johnson and runningmate, former massachusetts governor bill wells, will hold a rally in boston. yesterday, they took the campaign to maine. they held an event in portland a rally in lewiston. johnson tells our sister
8:37 am
>> we might be able to reach out to both sides and actually bring them together, republicans and democrats, on issues that are facing the country. antoinette: johnson and weld hope to break the 15% in the polls in order to get into the next presidential debate. right now, they stand at 10%. doug: the death toll from a devastating earthquake in italy is rising. 290 people are confirmed dead. funerals are under way attending some of those today. he also met with rescue workers and toured the damage this morning, following overnight aftershocks. the hilltop town was hit hardest with 230 deaths. antoinette: five on the opioid crisis this morning. local mothers grieving after losing their children to addiction. sadly, they know their story is becoming all too common. newscenter 5's mary saladna spoke to some of the mothers reaching out to others to spark awareness and action.
8:38 am
them, fill the front lawn of the walker building in marlborough, each representing a life lost to opioid overdose last year in massachusetts. >> when you look at it and see there's a life there, that was somebody's child, that was somebody's brother, somebody's sister, somebody's mother. reporter: this sad but powerful tribute is the brain child of kathy lenard, who lost her son, jonathan, to heroin two years ago. >> he was very talented in school. he was a great artist, musician, national honor society student. we're losing over four people a day in massachusetts, up to about 129 a day in this country. reporter: the idea is to keep people talking about the opioid crisis. massachusetts is leading the way to erasing the stigma of addiction. when cheryl lost her son five years ago, it was a very lonely place. >> i suffered alone. there were no support groups. there was nothing on facebook. it wasn't spoke of because it
8:39 am
reporter: now, both women head up family support groups. the flags will remain on the walker building lawn until next wednesday, international overdose awareness day. a vigil is planned for that evening and a big turnout is expected. >> the idea is to get the message across that there shouldn't be a stigma. people can come here, look at the flags, come to the vigil and not feel shame over what happened, because it's a disease. reporter: in marlborough, i'm mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. doug: charges upgraded for the framingham team who stabbed hism the metrowest daily news reporting that 16-year-old gus ramgren is facing two counts of attempted first degree murder as an adult. he was arrested in siesta key, florida, after the attack last week. antoinette: an army veteran going the extra mile, several of them, to raise awareness for a wounded vet. this week, he's taking his message to new england. 25-year-old kevin kincaid of
8:40 am
he wants to raise awareness for the number of veterans who struggle or commit suicide after they return home. yesterday, kincaid marched through concord, new hampshire. he says veterans can get the help they deserve. >> it's personal. i know a lot of people, most people in the veteran community know at least one person who has taken their own lives. so i'm trying to just make sure that, you know, the future veteran communities and people now don't have the same experiences. antoinette: kincaid expects his journey to take about two years. doug: unbelievable. may the wind always be at his back as he moves forward. antoinette: on the way this morning, new funding for an aging transit system. doug: more money for amtrak and how it will be used. also, the impact of this drought that doesn't seem to end. the strain on water supplies in a part of the state that's suffering the most. a.j.: no meaningful rain in sight. i'll show you incredible numbers as we put the drought into context and talk about the best
8:41 am
showers. antoinette: we are following the breaking news this morning out of mississippi. police have made an arrest in the murder of two nuns there. one of the sisters is from stoneham, massachusetts. that suspect had been a person of interest in this case. we're following the breaking story for you all morning on
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doug: welcome back. it's 8:44. checking on economy. boston and the rest of the northeast could lose amtrak service because of a maintenance dispute. amtrak is threatening to end service along the northeast corridor in response to the t's lawsuit over $30 million in maintenance fees demanded by amtrak. an mbta spokesman says it's just a threat. yesterday, the federal government announced it's lending $2.5 billion to amtrak for more trains and other improvements along the northeast corridor. a new hint that interest rates could go up. federal reserve chair janet yellen saying that the fed is moving toward raising interest rates in light of a solid job market and an improved outlook for the u.s. economy and inflation. yellen is stopping short of signaling a timetable for the
8:45 am
continues, the state wide drought is getting worse. three quarters of massachusetts is officially in a drought condition. in ipswitch, water that should be knee-deep this time of year is nonexistent. that means a severe strain on the water supply and a real possibility of a water shortage. >> when it's dry, all of the water we are taking out for the neets of people exceed the amount of water that physically exists in antoinette: the ipswitch river has recorded record low levels every day since the middle of may. doug: that's what the frogs like when it's knee-deep. a.j.: it's a serious situation. the river is not flowing. it's just a bunch of low spots it's becoming puddles. many communities are pulling
8:46 am
point. we hope rain finally makes it in here. i want to show you staggering numbers. we talked about the fact we're running eight inches below normal for 2016, the month to date. let's go back a year and add it together. we're between 15 and 17 inches below average for the past two years. if we don't get a little over four inches of rainfall by the end of this year -- i know it dot if we cont get that amount of rain, 2015 and 2016 will go down in history as the driest two-year period on record. also, looking back at tropical storm irene that came up the eastern seaboard five years ago. it started to have an impact on us tomorrow, actually, the track of the storm as it moved up the hudson valley. who can forget the rainfall as well where we were dealing with
8:47 am
widespread throughout western sections of new england up into vermont. you saw the pictures. if you kind of want to take a look back in time, go to our website. we have a page devoted to looking back at the impact of irene, five years ago tomorrow. right now, 75 degrees, a northwesterly breeze and a low level of humidity as well. barometer still shooting up there. that means high pressure still coming in. 75 right now in boston.7 64 as of the top of the hour in orange. you'll be flirting with 70 degrees easily by the top of the next hour. clear skies right now. the clear skies extend all the way back toward western new york and pennsylvania. then you run into this. showers. thank goodness, right? we'll get some rain, right? by the time that system gets here, it looks like most of its moisture will fall in northern new england and sort of dry up before it gets here. that's not to say we don't pick up on some showers, but not a
8:48 am
drier air for today. high pressure building overhead today and tomorrow. at least the weather's looking nice from a recreational standpoint. outdoors, you have no problems weather-wise. later tomorrow afternoon, you'll notice increasing clouds. tomorrow night, a cold front starts getting nigh into the area and will spread scattered showers and maybe a thunder shower or two sunday night into monday morning as the front slows down over the cape and the islands. so it's southeastern massachusettat gun for showers and storms bleeding into monday. how about humidity? what you see is what you get. i don't expect a lot of change in terms of humidity over the next couple of days. high temperatures today, 80s inland. 70s to near 80 at the coast line. you're heading to kenny chesney tonight, great day. great evening, i should say, with plenty of sunshine. 60s tonight and let's rinse and repeat and do it all again tomorrow. it's going to look at seven-day forecast as we check the
8:49 am
impact on new england. plenty of bright sunshine all weekend long and hit or miss showers on monday. another shot for showers, perhaps, on wednesday. doug, to you. doug: thanks. it's 8:49. after a week full of questions surrounding the patriots, tom brady hits the field to answer the question everybody wants to know. how is he going to play. pretty well. he has a 39-yard pass to aaron dobs dobson. thne everybody talking. this one to chris hoguen with the 33-yard touchdown pass. thank you very much. it's preseason. we'll see tom in about a month. patriots hold on to win this one, 19-17. antoinette: i guess his finger's okay. doug: sox, not so much. they were hoping stephen wright would pick up where he left off, looking for his 14th win of the season. that wasn't the case, starting off with a three-run dinger for the royals. sox get on the board in the bot
8:50 am
mookie betts with his 92nd rbi, driving in dustin pedroia. sox end the royals' 42 consecutive innings scoreless for the bull pen, but they lost 6-3. antoinette: these back home after getting the gold in rio. doug: aly raceman continues her home tour in massachusetts. she met the young gymnasts at the gym where she earned gold and two silver medals the summer games in braz brazil. look at the eyes taking it in. needham honors her with a rally for aly. it gets under way at 11:00. twps the signs and the poster are going up around needham. needham's own aly raisman, 2012 and 2016 gold medal winner. doug: it makes everybody feel
8:51 am
we're following several breaking stories. including an ambulance stolen in boston. doug: also, we're following
8:52 am
four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't
8:53 am
four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
8:54 am
antoinette: welcome back. a suspect is under arrest in the murder of two nuns in mississippi. overnight, police charged this man, rodney sanders, with two counts of capital murder. he's accused in the stabbing deaths of sister margaret held and sister paula merrill. he was an early person of interest in those murders. doug: boston police are investigating deadly shootings in two neighborhoods. a man was shot and killed at 7-11 on center street in jamaica plain at 3:30 this morning. hours before, a man was shot and killed in dorchester. police are looking for suspects in both incidents. antoinette: police have tracked down a stolen boston ambulance and are searching for the thief. it was taken from the charlestown district at 5:00 this morning and was found in everett a half hour later. state, boston and everett police
8:55 am
doug: three people are hurt, two seriously, after a crash at a restaurant in hingham. police say the driver veered off north street at 10:00 last night, crashing into the square cafe. two people suffered serious injuries. the passenger also hurt. police arresting the driver, jeffrey mahoney, on several charges but say he was not impaired. antoinette: a man is under arrest after this fiery crash in peabody. this is new video in overnight. state police say it happened just before 3:00 this morning on route 128 north. the driver was arrested for oui. nobody was hurt. doug: an investigation is under way after an overnight fire in manchester by the sea. the two alarm fire started in the basement of a vine street home about 1:30 this morning. flames were knocked down in an hour. everyone made it out safely after the smoke detectors woke them up. antoinette: it's already getttig to be back-to-school time.
8:56 am
? hello, i'm your teacher ? ? my name's mr. reed ? ? it's very nice to meet you ? ? i'm from chicago ? doug: how about that? instead of a welcome back newsletter, first-year chicago teacher, mr. reed, wrote up a song for his fourth grade students and posted it on social media. he says school can be hard work, but it should also be fun. how is he going to top it for on out. antoinette: setting the bar high. a.j.: i'll take a smaller class if everybody wants you. fine. weather-wise, what an awesome weekend. not just today but tomorrow. tonight's comfortable for sleeping. you might want to have the air conditioner, a gentle hum
8:57 am
plenty of sunshine today, tomorrow. increasing clouds tomorrow afternoon and there may be scattered showers and storms tomorrow night into monday. nothing is going to help the drought. antoinette: if we're not going to get rain, at least it's really nice out there. doug: enjoy the day.
8:58 am
narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of
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