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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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antoinette: right now, a community in mourning after a teenager is killed in an oui crash. the friend charged and how others are remembering the victim. doug: an investigation is under way after a woman is struck by a car. what witnesses say the woman was doing when she was hit. antoinette: a local town on alert after a mosquito carrying
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discovered. antoinette: good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. 6:00 on this sunday, august 28. i'm antoinette antonio. doug: i'm doug meehan. mike wankum is coming by. when you said it's going to be a duplicate yesterday as it is today, that's exactly the case, because it's 66 degrees. yesterday, exact same temperature. mike: eat the same meal. antoinette: cheese burgers and hot dogs for everyone. doug: it's summer, you can do that, okay? mike: the satellite picture, crystal clear, beautiful sunrise coming our direction. off to the west, we have a few clouds. maybe the difference being overnight tonight, we may see a scattered shower. most of us won't see anything. most activity will be up here to the north. but there's a slight threat north of the pike, as we talk about, later on tonight. right now, temperatures in the 60s. a few 50s showing up. boston at 67.
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sunset tonight, we keep losing a little more each day. 7:24 for the sunset for tonight. what's going to happen today? today, it's revolving around sunshine, comfortable humidity. about 84 to 88 degrees. however, if you're near the shore line, might be a few degrees cooler because we've got the threat of a sea breeze moving in. then i'm tracking chances for showers overnight and a chance for, tomorrow, very slim chances, but the timeline coming up in a few antoinette: thank you. we're following breaking news right now, a three alarm fire on hud on street on northborough it started just before 4:00 this morning. the flames are out but there's smoke coming from the building. crews are watching for hot spots. no word on injuries at this point. right now, a deadly crash is under investigation. a teenager is dead, another is behind bars and facing charges. a community that had been filled with hope for the future is now mourning the loss of a young life. doug: newscenter 5's juli
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reporter: broken hearts in lunenberg this weekend, as the community mourns the death of a recent high school graduate. his classmates and friends are holding on to their best memories of austin a.j. robbins and to each other. >> we brought flowers, his football helmet, practice jersey. things he was well known for. he has a bucket hat we loved when he wore it. >> he made everyone laugh. no matter what was going on. he's just the nicest guy i've ever come across. >> the one-car crash happened around 3:15 saturday morning. on dark hollis road. the driver, 19-year-old joseph kapp, of gardner wasn't hurt and was arrested on oui charges. another passenger, sean mcniff, is still in the hospital. >> it's not real. like i just want to wake up and, like, i feel like i'm going to wake up and he's going to be back.
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as they huddled together in the last place he was alive, they felt thankful for the precious years they shared. >> i'm so glad to have gotten to know him. i'm so grateful, and i can't believe he's gone. reporter: that driver, joseph kapp, is being held on $10,000 bail. he'll be arraigned in fitchburg district court on monday morning. in lunenberg, juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: right now, police are investigg this was the scene last night on main street in acushnet. a witness says the victim ran into the street after her dog when she was hit. no word on how seriously that woman was injured. the driver did stay at the scene. no charges have been filed. doug: right now, investigators are looking for the cause of this fast moving fire on plum island. this video one of many sent by viewers. everyone managed to make it out of the house safely. investigators say it sparked on
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it quickly spread, engulfing the entire home. firefighters from several communities worked to put out the flames. a person who lived there was leaving the beach when they realized what was happening. >> everything is gone. my car blew up. everything inside is gone. it's upsetting to see something like that happen. doug: one firefighter was treated for heat related issues. antoinette: the suspect arrested in the murder of two nuns in mississippi will face a judge tomorrow. police say he's confessed to the crime. rodney sanders has a criminal and armed robbery. authorities say he was out on probation when he killed sister margaret held and sister paula merrill. sister merrill is from stoneham, massachusetts. police say sanders didn't offer a motive for the crime. sister merrill's family releasing a statement yesterday saying, in part, we pray for mr. sanders and ache for the consequences in his life that drove him to take this terrible
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doug: the tufts university campus is on alert after a student woke up to a stranger standing in their bedroom. campus police were called to the home on college avenue in somerville early saturday morning. the student told police the man ran out of the home and took off in a dark colored sedan. police have increased patrols in that area. mbta police are looking for your help in identifying this man, wanted for questioning in connection to a lewd conduct on the green line trolley. the alleged incident happened earlier this month. contact t police. antoinette: boston police are still looking for the person who stole an ambulance. this was breaking news yesterday morning right here on the eyeopener. the boston ems ambulance was taken from charlestown just before 5:00 yesterday morning. it was found abandoned in everett about a half hour later. state, boston and everett police were all on scene, investigating on drive b off veterans avenue. no word on whether any equipment was stolen.
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sharks. calhoon hollow will be closed to swimmers until at least tuesday because of high bacteria levels. wellfleet health officials say recent rain storms have stirred up waste from seals and other wildlife, making the water unsafe. it will be tested again in the next few days. doug: more signs of a dangerous mosquito-borne virus in massachusetts. an insect carrying triple e was trapped in kingston, the fourth to test positive for the virus this year. there have been signs of the virus in middleborough and yarmouth. more than 100 mosquitos have tested positive for west nile. today, an lgbt newspaper will unveil a new box in salem after an explosion destroyed the old one. the editor of the rainbow times says they want to send a message that they are staying in that community. police are investigating last week's explosion as a hate crime. seven people, as you can see there, were seen running away
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the state marshall's office is offering a $5,000 reward for clues in the case. doug: coming up on 6:08. an nfl star suddenly at the center of a national debate. antoinette: the move this quarterback made and the message he's hoping to send. doug: frightening moments on board a southwest airlines flate forced to make an emergency landing. the investigation into why it happened. mike: another near perfect day to finish off the weekend, but i'm through the area overnight tonight. antoinette: the kansas city area cleaning you up after steady and heavy rain moved through the area. the severe flooding and the
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narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice
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rump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of
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antoinette: right now, this frightening scene is under investigation. that is an engine ripped off a southwest airlines plane. it happened 30,000 feet in the air. frightened passengers putting on their oxygen masks as the pilots
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doug: as newscenter 5's dianne cho reports, the search is on for why it happened. reporter: an in-air emergency. this southwest jet losing one of its engines. the pilot breathing heavily. >> lost number one engine. we're descending. reporter: this showed the engine ripped apart is what the 99 passengers on board saw as they looked out their windows. >> we heard a loud boom. sounded like an 18-wheeler tire blow. smelled smoke. reporter: oxygen masks deploying. putting theirs on. >> children were screaming and crying. reporter: flight data shows the plane, 30,000 feet, quickly descending over 20,000 feet in just eight minutes. >> our ears started popping pretty bad. we are going done pretty fast. reporter: the boeing 737 landing safely in pensacola, 30 minutes after taking off. >> the point, this is not just any engine failure. this is an explosive event.
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the engine actually threw a piece of metal into the cabin. it was close to where somebody was sitting. somebody could have easily been killed. reporter: southwest says they're cooperating with federal investigators. passengers are thankful for the pilot who kept them alive. dianne cho, wcvb newscenter 5. mike: my favorite part t we open up the giant window on the side of the building. doug: is it hot in here, or is it me? mike: it's a little warm. antoinette: i'm an angel now. mike: speaking of heat, this month is going to go down as one of the warmest augusts on the record. let me show you what the high
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a couple weeks ago, close to 100. we didn't hit 100 degrees yet this year. i say yet, because every once in a while, you can get some really warm days in september. if you're keeping track of it, we've had 19 days above 90 degrees. typically, we get 14. the record is 30 days in 1933. it's been a warm summer and extremely dry. temperatures right now are comfortable. we've got readings into the upper 50s in a few spots. over the city right now, a a few moments ago. it's 67 degrees. a southeast breeze will keep it cool near the shore line. the dew point is higher than yesterday but still very manageable. yesterday, we were down here in the pleasant range. today, we're in the sticky air. tomorrow, it gets muggy. because the humidity is coming up and there's a ripple through the atmosphere, there's a slight chance of isolated showers or
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that seems to be the trend we're dealing with. we have to wait until the disturbance to the west moves through. all you can see right now are clouds. with enough instability to the atmosphere, later tonight, after midnight, there could be a hit or miss shower. there could be that same thing going on for tomorrow. but today, sunny and comfortable. 84 to 88 degrees. overnight, mostly cloudy skies. a few may be lucky enough to get scattered showers. how confident am i we'll see scattered showers? if i were sleeping toni would sleep with the windows open anyway because i don't think it will be a threat. 64 to 66 degrees. 3k, lots of sunshine. tonight, cloud cover going on. the biggest threat for rain looks like to the north. the best opportunity will be north of the mass pike tonight be. south of the pike, your chances are zero for rain. tomorrow, there are clouds floating around, disturbance floating through.
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less of a threat toward the afternoon. backwards from what we normally expect. headed to the beach today, water temperatures are nice and toasty. but the air temperature, about 80 degrees. still a nice day at the beach. here's the other nice feature. high tide at 8:33 this morning. through the afternoon, plenty of beach space to enjoy with the fellow beach-goers. over the next seven days, today, sunshine, nice showers. tomorrow, sunny, but there's a slight risk we could see a pop-up shower most will stay on the dry side. 88 degrees. we cool things down tuesday, about 82 degrees for a high temperature. another shot of showers wednesday. and it is a long holiday weekend coming up. maybe you're thinking about going to the cape next weekend. saturday and sunday looking fine. labor day itself may have a chance for scattered showers. up to the north, we're looking at temperatures cooler than lately. highs in the 70s. that is the trend. once we get into thursday, cooler temperatures and those morning lows. there's a few spots that may
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forecast by the end of the week. today is a summertime day out there. antoinette? antoinette: stop with the fall mentions. now to some of the other stories we're following. doug: san francisco's backup quarterback is refusing to stand for the national anthem. colin kaepernick made the choice because he says the united states oppresses african-americans and other minorities. the nfl says players are encouraged to stand but it's not required. antoinette: they are cleg flooding. there were ten water rescues after one creek rose ten feet in one hour. that area has gotten three days of steady rain. the flooding was so severe, street car services were suspended in downtown. more than four and a half inches of rain fell in 24 hours. doug: work continues after the dramatic site at the longfellow bridge. steam pipe venting started yesterday morning to get rid of dirt and debris from
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the steam cap rise as high as 200 feet and there is loud rumbling sounds with it. workers say this is a normal part of the process. >> now here's josh brogadir with sportscenter 5. >> how to raise your batting average by 15 points in late august? go 11 for 11. dustin pedroia, the hottest red sox hitter. with this offense, he's not the only one carrying this team. game two against kansas city, zander bogaerts with pedroia on base. all the way out on to lands down street, it's quickly 2-0 red sox in the first. price's only bad inning of the night, the second. perez with a rocket over the monster. now 2-1. david price, six innings pitched. strikes out seven. here he gets morales for the night. pedroia, 11 for his last 11. nearly making the major league record.
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he went 4 for 5. mookie betts stays electric. into the late summer night, his 29th home run. now 100 runs scored. reds sox win it 8-3. the rubber game is tonight. rodriguez against ventura in an 8:00 start. that does it for sports. have a great day. doug: the first horse racing track built in new england will close next week. memorabilia from rockingham park could be yours. the salem staple has been in business for more than a century. the general manager confirming the sale is final and the public auction will be soon. antique photos from the clubhouse and gaming tables, furniture and other items are up for sale. >> there will be catalogue available and online right after labor day, and hopefully people have a great memory of rockingham. we'll have an opportunity to bring a piece of the rock home.
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antoinette: decorate your man cave. antoinette: a big welcome home for needham's golden girl. doug: a crowd of people at the rally for aly. antoinette: a national disaster in new hampshire, the direct result of a severe drought. the declaration allowing farmers to receive federal aid. some say they're wary of loan assistance. doug: no matter where you look, as long as it's to there it is. close the shades for a moment and boom, there they are. wankum is standing by with your
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mike: we're starting your day off on a beautiful side and comfortable temperature-wise. this afternoon, you'll see bee 6:00 tonight, we're still dealing with the north. one or two could try to sneak their way in north of the mass pike. today is all sunshine. tomorrow, there's a slight risk of an isolated shower. tuesday is dry and sunny and beautiful and wednesday, perhaps another pop-up shower with the end of the week being on the cool side. doug? doug: thank you.
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tonight aly raisman will take on a different kind of hardware on mtv. antoinette: before that, she got a hero's welcome right here in her hometown. the olympian showing off her three medals at the rally for aly in needham yesterday and thanked everyone for their support. fans of all ages filling the streets to celebrate their very own golden girl. aly says she's very grateful. >> to all the little girls who came out, i hope one day to watch you in the olympics. antoinette: after presenting tonight at the video music awards on mtv, she's going on tour with her teammates. doug: mel brooks once said it's great to be king. in this case, queen. antoinette: drivers across the country are falling victim to tow truck traps. tow truck drivers accused of laying the traps themselves. what you should be watching out for. antoinette: several cars broken into in a local community. how police are asking for your help in finding the suspects. doug: a live look from downtown boston over the inner harbor area. a lovely start to your day.
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yesterday, more of the same. his full forecast when the eye continues. >> this is an editorial by wcvb channel 5 president and general manager, bill fine. blockbuster, xerox, polaroid. these are just three world-class companies that failed to adapt to emerging technology. disruptive technology like the smartphone and innovative competitors like netflix took them down, bankrupting their businesses. you can easily name dozens more suffering similar fates. the taxi industry. it doesn't take a fortune teller to see the end of traditional livery services. uber and lyft are in widespread use, across the world. they're a bargain compared to the cost of regular cabs and extremely consumer friendly, easily hailed from your smartphone. massachusetts just signed into law provisions that will help level the playing field by
6:26 am
driver background checks, inspections and insurance are smart and even endorsed by these new services. the new law also clears the way for uber and lyft to make pick-ups at logan, pending approval from massport, who hopefully won't impede progress. included in the legislation, a 20-cent per ride surcharge, a nickel of which will go towards a fund earmarked for job training and innovation for taxi and livery companies. while the amount is small, it's a troubling fee and a ma o help their competitors become innovative, money that will be coming out of user's pockets. frankly, that's an expense and operating practice the taxi industry should have adopted years ago. state regulation that protects consumers' safety is solid public policy, but we hope lawmakers will resist underwriting entrenched entities in competitive industries at the expense of customers. the public shouldn't be required to fund the complacent, who do not adapt, and only seek to invest and innovate when it may
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doug: a community mourning the loss of a teenager killed in an oui crash. the friend who is now facing charges. antoinette: a natural disaster across several local communities, thanks to a worsening drought. the help on the way making some people wary. doug: a suspect caught on camera breaking into several cars. the string of crimes that prompted police in one town to ask for your help. >> you're watching wcvb boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. antoinette: good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. 6:30 on your sunday morning. i'm antoinette antonio. doug: as we like to call her, cher. go ahead and give the people your thing. antoinette: do you see my hair?
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doug: i'm doug meehan. mike, do you have impressions you'd like to share? mike: zero. doug: no sonny or anything? mike: just bright sunshine. we'll move off and talk about the weather. clear skies right now. look at that. just no clouds to speak of. it's going to be a lot like yesterday. humidity will be up a touch yesterday. notice the area to the west. you see the cloud, the ripple. you get all of this today. tonight, one or two may get an isolated shower. we could use the rain. here are temperatures right now. 67 in boston. outside the city, temperatures in the 60s. then cool spots, orange, jaffrey, keen.
6:32 am
degrees. that thermometer is in a sandy area. you'll see where it gets cold on martha's vineyard. but it's more where the thermometer is at. norwood checking in at 59 degrees. today, looks like this. lots of sunshine should be around 70 this morning, 80 toward the beaches today. we'll talk about the shower threat tomorrow. antoinette? antoinette: thank you. breaking news right now. a three-alarm fire on hudson street in northborough the crews are looking for hot spots, but the flames are out. no word on any injuries this morning. doug: in other news right now, family and friends are mourning the loss of a recent high school graduate in lunenberg. austin a.j. robbins was killed in a crash on hollis road
6:33 am
antoinette: a woman is in the hospital after being hit by a car in acushnet. a witness says the victim ran out into main street after her dog when she was hit. no word on her injuries. the driver stayed at the scene. no charges have been filed. doug: this fast moving fire is under investigation on plum island. flames tearing through a home on 20th street yesterday. the fire started on the top floor but it's not exactly clear how. heat related issues. antoinette: right now, police are working to solve two deadly shootings in boston. there have been five homicides in the city just this month. newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich has the response and the shock from friends. >> when i saw everything that happened on tv, i was in disbelief, because i'd just seen him before. reporter: jade ortiz is mourning the loss of his friend, shot around 3:30 saturday morning outside 7-11 on center street in
6:34 am
jade is desperate for answers as to why anyone would shoot and kill a man using a wheelchair. >> though his situation wasn't the best, he always had a smile on his face and seemed to make people laugh a lot. people liked him for his personalty. reporter: police responded to several shootings, including one in dorchester. the shootings just hours before the caribbean festival. >> i think at least three parties in the neighborhood. reporter: the shootings are part of a spike in gun violence in the city over the past ten days. boston police are making progress, saturday announcing the arrest of a hyde park man for a homicide last weekend in roxbury. and the arrest of dorchester man for a shooting in march in roxbury. police are searching for two other suspects. mayor walsh says there's reason for optimism. >> we've seen a lot of great
6:35 am
the effort of everyone, the community working with us, activism in the community, peace walks by the clergy and police officers, building relationships. reporter: for the year, shootings and homicides are trending down in boston. but that doesn't mean much for the loved ones of victims of gun violence. reporting in jp, todd kazakiewich, wcvb newcenter 5. doug: investigators have determined the cause of an overnight fire in manchester by the sea. authorities say a malfunction of the basement dehumidifier unit started a fire in the vine street home about 1:30 yesterday morning. smoke detectors alerted residents to the danger and they were able to get out of the building in time. the fire was knocked down within an hour and nobody was hurt. antoinette: right now, police are hoping video will help them stop a rash of car break-ins. take a look. acushnet police releasing this surveillance video yesterday from the air of james and john streets. they say it shows the suspect checking the door handles for
6:36 am
if you see this person or if you recognize the person, please give police a call. doug: the driver charged after crashing into a restaurant in hingham is due in court tomorrow. jeffrey mahoney is facing several charges, including drug possession. three people were injured, two seriously, after friday night's crash of the square cafe. the passenger of the truck also hurt. today, gun owners hold a rolling rally to protest an increased crackdown in massachusetts. the gun owners action league is upset about new enforcement of an assault weapons ban by including so-called copycat weapons. they'll start at the minuteman sportsmen's club in burlington with vehicles flying american flags and signs against attorney general maura healey. the rally ends in hanson. antoinette: commitment 2016 this morning. donald trump returning to controversial immigration plans as he campaigns in iowa. >> on day one, i'm going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country. the first thing i'm going to do, the first piece of paper that
6:37 am
antoinette: trump didn't offer any specifics as to how illegal immigrants would be removed. only saying law enforcement knows who they are. meantime, democrat tim kaine again accused the gop nominee of having ties to extremist groups. >> he's got guys connected with the ku klux klan who are out there claiming him. and his record of, you know, sometimes he doesn't disabuse that, and sometimes he seems to want to take advantage that. and i find that very troubling. antoinette: hillary clinton, meanwhile, had her first fbi intelligence briefing yesterday since becoming the democratic nominee. doug: he sits on the homeland security committee in congress. that means massachusetts congressman bill keating is playing a role in assessing the u.s. fight against isis. >> we're doing well on the
6:38 am
concerns people. here. what's happening here. >> here, we have investigations into all 50 states. here we're doing -- we're safer here than probably any country. doug: watch congressman bill keating "on the record," this morning at 11:00 a.m. followed by "matter of fact" with fernando espuelas. then catch city line and the fight for tech equality coming up at noon. antoinette: this morning, parts of new hampshire officially of the worsening drought and that means more help will be available. it is a sea of dead crops at farms like white cedar in kingston. peppers, eggplant, beets, carrots are all dead. the disaster declaration allows farmers to apply for emergency loans, something they're always wary of. >> we'll consider any kind of disaster relief assistance, but the program that they offered last year was a loan, and i'm
6:39 am
we'd have had difficulty this year paying back that loan. antoinette: hillsboro, merrimack and rockingham counties are all covered by the disaster declaration. a tow truck trap set up by drivers themselves. doug: drivers' cars being towed and it's not their fault. what you should be watching for. also, the red sox bouncing back in game two against the royals. the big swings that led to a big win. mike? mike: coming up, i'll check on the tropics and we are tracking
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antoinette: it's an awful feeling, finding out your car has been towed, but what if it wasn't your fault? doug: it's a rare case, but it does happen. as gio benitez shows us, more and more drivers falling prey to traps allegedly set by the tow truck drivers themselves. reporter: new video from philadelphia shows car after car towed from the same spot. katie otto parked her car there this week. it appears to show the no parking sign was knocked down. katie never saw it. moments later, the sign has been
6:43 am
>> there were other cars parked there. there was no sign in the lot. there was no indication where i was parking was illegal. it strikes me as dishonest. reporter: she's not alone. from coast to coast, drivers complain of alleged tow traps. in virginia, this driver thought it was a legal parking spot. but experts believe some tow truck drivers lie in wait, using a spotter to alert them when someone parks in a specific spot. that's when theye we went out with a tow truck driver for some tips. first red flag, hard to see no parking signs. second, unmarked tow trucks. third tip, look at the other cars in the lot. >> those cars have parking stickers in the window? could be on private property. reporter: as for the philadelphia towing company, we reached out to them. their reply? no comment. antoinette: the owl saved by green line employees is facing
6:44 am
the screech owl's wing was broken when it hit a trolley at brookline village. vets at tufts university say surgery is challenging because owl blood won't flow properly. this condition is linked to rat poison and is common in predators like owls and hawks. two sea turtles were rescued in cape cod bay. the two leather back turtles they suffered only minor injuries. mike: do you remember five years ago today, irene was coming through. it ended up being the seventh most costly hurricane to hit the east coast. around here, we had winds in rhode island over 70 miles an
6:45 am
the big story was all the rain, heavy rains in western mass, parts of vermont. i remember watching the rain gauge in greenfield. we thought it was broken. the river levels rose so quickly. this hurricane started as a tropical storm, became a hurricane. as it moved closer to us, became a tropical storm. it always bring up the point, even a tropical storm can cause tremendous amounts of damage. in this particular case, it wasn't so much the wind b rain. we saw very heavy rainfalls falling just to the left-hand side of the track. what are the tropics doing right now? we've got three systems we're watching. only one is a hurricane. this one we're calling invest 99. we're investigating it. it's not organized. looks like it's headed to the gulf of mexico. that's a place they don't need rain. more moisture aggravates the situation there. gaston is back up to a hurricane.
6:46 am
at 90 miles an hour moving off the northwest at 6 miles per hour. you can see where it's tracking, moving its way up into the north atlantic. no threat at all for the east coast and the united states. then one other little disturbance we're watching. only a 30% chances it moves into a tropical storm. this is pushing toward the north carolina coast. then its' going to push this thing and move it out to sea. unfortunately, we'll get no moisture out of that. sometimes when we get tropical systems, you can get nice soakers out of them. today, upper 50s to the west. upper 60s in downtown boston. a little cloud cover and patchy fog in a few spots burning off
6:47 am
dew point is up a little bit from yesterday. muggier today than yesterday. still lots of sunshine. you'll enjoy the day today. overnight tonight, there may be a few scattered showers that develop after midnight. best opportunity, looks like it will be across parts of vermont, new hampshire. maybe getting down to the mass pike. but don't count on much rain out of this one. tomorrow, there's also a chance of seeing scattered showers. best chance is in the morning. but it's not much of a chance. it's going to be more humid, warmer. that's why it will feel like there could be something that could give. wednesday, also looks like w over the next seven days, monday and wednesday, your best opportunities. that's only about a 20% chance. after that, we cool things down headed into labor day weekend. high temperatures in the 70s. that's not really fall, but it will be feeling cooler than what we have going on today. doug? doug: thanks. 6:47 is your time. the red sox came roaring back against the royals last night. after a rough outing friday, the offense was on fire last night, including a nearly historic home run for dustin pedroia.
6:48 am
extended his streak to 11 straight at-bats. mookie betts and hanley ramirez blew the game wide open in the fifth with back-to-back dingers. 8-3 is the final for the sox. they wrap up the series against kansas city tonight. in this morning's 5 for good, a sisterhood of sorts where women with vision help each other. antoinette: erika tarantal introduces us to a community called dreamers and doers and its boston chapter. reporter: these business women give new m lunch. at this table, trail blazers. >> women starting companies, women working at startups. reporter: brought together by gesche haas in what she calls her collaboration and co-mentorship community, dreamers and doers. >> it started by accident from a personal need. when i was starting my first company, it was hardest for me to find other women that were in similar paths. reporter: she created a space for women to find each other, connecting female entrepreneurs
6:49 am
>> we have people post offers and post jobs. everyone gives but ends up getting more than they gave. >> right away, i was like this is what i needed. reporter: liz long helps people turn ideas into products. >> you have an idea for a line of children's clothing or a piece of furniture, medical device, whatever it is. i help people through the actual making process. reporter: the waltham mom runs her company from home, even with the experience of founding two companies before, she had worries until dreamers and doers. >> you can go and ask questions like i need a graphic designer. i need help with an investor and get information from women who are so experienced, so kind. you can also show up and say i'm having trouble balancing my different roles in life. >> i'm gina. i'm an interior designer. reporter: key to the group's success beyond the online component, local gatherings like this boston brunch. >> anything we can do for women to get to know each other on a personal level. reporter: haas says her ultimate
6:50 am
want the best for yourself and for others is equally important. >> we're showing you can be extremely happy and extremely successful and support people along the journey. reporter: any woman can join dreamers and doers to share information or learn about jobs, housing and the local gatherings for free, it also has a more curated, paid component where members must apply. find out more at erika tarantal, wcvb newscenter 5. so often you see a lot of women pitted against each other. we need to uplift each other and help each other out. doug: great job for those ladies. antoinette: a big welcome home for needham's golden girl. a crowd of people showing their support for aly raisman at the rally for aly. doug: hear from the olympic champion coming up next. also, a local town in mourning.
6:51 am
narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of
6:52 am
6:53 am
antoinette: it's 6:53. stories we're following right now. friends and family are mourning the loss of a recent high school graduate in lunenberg. austin a.j. robbins killed in a crash on hollis road early saturday morning. the driver, 19-year-old joseph kapp, is now behind bars and
6:54 am
he'll be arraigned tomorrow. doug: right now, police are investigating a crash that left a woman in the hospital. this was the scene last night on main street in acushnet. a quitness says the victim ran into the street after her dog when she was hit. no word on how seriously the woman was injured. no charges have been filed. antoinette: investigators are looking for the cause of this raging fire on plum island. the flames are devouring that home on 20th street. crews struck five surrounding communities. everyone inside of the homemade it out okay, but a firefighter suffered a heat related issue. doug: more signs of a dangerous mosquito virus. in massachusetts. a mosquito carrying triple e was in kingston. more than 100 mosquitos have tested positive for west nile virus.
6:55 am
of new hampshire are natural disaster areas because of the worsening drought. that means more help will be available. farmers can now apply for emergency loans but some are worried about that, since that's money that they will have to pay back. doug: 6:55. she's a gold medal winner. tonight, aly raisman will take on a different kind of hardware on mtv. antoinette: first, she got a hero's welcome in her hometown. the olympian showing off her three medalst aly in needham. she thanked everyone for their support. fans of all ages filling up the streets to celebrate their very own golden girl. aly was very gristle. >> to all the little girls that came out today, i hope one day to watch you guys in the olympics. antoinette: after presenting tonight at the mtv video music awards, she'lli ibe going on to with her team maids.
6:56 am
tickets. antoinette: november 13, td garden. there are not very many good seats left. mike: you can start asking, anyone got good seats? a lot of folks finishing off the weekend in grand style. it's been a dry summer. we have had some spectacular weekends going on. today will finish off with beautiful sunshine, about 86 degrees. muggier than a chance to see showers late tonight and tomorrow. for most, you'll not see anything. into labor day weekend, cool for summer. 70s, sunshine. doug: i fear the payback. everything is cyclical. mike: perhaps it's payback from two winters ago. doug: mike, thank you very much. thank you for watching us here on a sunday morning. antoinette: good morning america
6:57 am
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good morning, america. air scare. the on-board emergency. a catastrophic engine failure at 30,000 feet. >> engine failure. lost number one engine. we're descending. >> the shocking sight out the airplane window. the cabin lg for air masks. >> children were screaming and crying. >> what wept wrong? could it happen again? a shooting investigation this morning. three people interviewed in the death of superstar dwyane wade's cousin. >> we do have a gang and gun issue in chicago. we're doing our very best to fight this. >> this morning, the new calls to stop the violence.


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