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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  September 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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pats suspension. why he is devastated. and a tiny device that could make a difference for millions. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. ben: off the top of 5:00, we are tracking tropical storm hermine. it right now the system is moving north up the east coast. i'm ben simmoneau. jc: i'm jc monahan. tonight nearly a million americans are without power as hermine passes through georgia to the carolinas. she made landfall overnight in florida the first hurricane to hit the state in more than a decade. flooding roads knocking down , trees. ben: right now in south carolina the tropical storm has brought rough surf and flooding but a state of emergency has not been issued.
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has been tracking hermine. harvey starts us off. harvey: we have tropical storm warnings in a tropical storm watch in effect for new york city and long island. so, our area is not involve yet. it remains to be seen as we get closer whether these -- whether the south goes of massachusetts and the cape in the islands will be involved. that is still to come. we will see. even the winds are gets into the water again, which it will, it will re-intensify some. maybe back to a hurricane. this is probably the closest position it will be while it is fairly strong to us. thereafter, it may be a little closer, but will slowly degrade at that time. here is an idea of how the rain could be.
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sunday afternoon. sunday night, early monday, it may backup closer to boston. the cape will get the most significant rain as well as the most significant went. sunday morning, the winds are starting to develop around the cape and nantucket. this is a computer projection. more boston. could be some gusts getting close to 50 miles per hour. with more on this, let's check in with mike. mike: harvey, you mentioned are those of wins. we will have a slow ramp up over the weekend. as you go through the day, you will notice, and saturday from 6 p.m. to monday 6:00 a.m., it circles around a little bit. it will continue that upward
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as we look at other locations. you can see as far as the wind impact is concerned, worcester, inland locations, there probably will be a pretty gust of wind there. boston, the same type of situation going on. monitoring those winds, they will be turning vc city. there's also the possibility of rip currents. a lot of people at the beaches. rip currents can be very dangerous. ben ben: all right, mike. when hermine makes her way closer to us the storm will bring strong wind and rough surf. jc: preparations are already underway on cape cod. newscenter 5's david bienick is live in falmouth tonight with that part of the story, david? david: thank you. it's a picture-perfect start to the holiday weekend here on cape cod. but the storm threat is already forcing some changes. the island queen ferry between falmouth and martha's vineyard is still running tonight. but with tropical storm hermine expected to generate rough seas
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already telling passengers they've decided to cancel service on sunday and monday. three other ferries to the -- >> if they want to make alternative arrangements, they want to make those now. david: three other ferries to the vineyard are still available. still, some passengers said they're thinking about cutting short their labor day weekend getaways. >> now it looks like i'm going home tomorrow. davin could generate dangerous currents and bring another danger as well. >> jellyfish will be coming in. david: i head of a storm you get jellyfish? >> yeah, and especially with the current changing and warm water. david: despite the threat of labor day wash-out, few people on the cape are eager to complain about the summer so far. >> the summer so far has been
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days since i have lived here for 30 years. david: if it finishes windy and rainy? >> i don't mind. david: lifeguards have one more warning and that's not to count on them. with schools returning to sessions, many of the lifeguard chairs will be empty this weekend. live in falmouth, david bienick, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: hermine has already left her mark in florida. and has her sights set right now on the carolinas. lana zak takes us to the heart of the storm right now. reporter: hermine fast across the southern u.s. happen million americans are already without power is this tropical storm wars through georgia and on through the carolinas. early this morning, hermine made landfall as a hurricane in florida, the first in more than a decade. it ripped through houses along the panhandle. >> we have to go to higher ground. >> there's going to be a lot of debris, including uprooted trees
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they are clear and safe to do so. reporter: the threat reaching all the way north to rhode island. governors in georgia, new york, and virginia declared a state of emergency. >> we are now operating under and we are being informed we are having a life-threatening storm surge or strong possibility that will go all the way up to just and cause major disruptions. reporter: and while the massive waves, for others it is a disaster. entire towns underwater. the footage and are howling and wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour are projected. we are on the watch for tornadoes. lana zak, abc news.
5:07 pm ben: breaking news involving the patriots tonight. defensive end rob ninkovich suspended. sportscenter 5's josh brogadir has the breaking details from the newsroom, josh? josh: rob ninkovich's greatest contribution to the patriots over the past 7 seasons may well be his consistency and his reliability. he'll be neither for the first four games after he admitted to testing positive for a banned substance. our nfl analyst field yates of espn, along with mike reiss, is among those reporting that ninkovich will miss the first four games of the season. he says he is devastated and shocked, and would never knowingly take an illegal substance. nink said it was an over the counter supplement with an ingredient that was not listed. a defensive captain of the team, ninkovich hasn't played in any of the 4 pre-season games after tearing his triceps muscle in joint practice against the saints on august 9. his timetable to return to game action was not known, though i saw him practicing earlier this week in foxboro. so he'd now be eligible to return on october 9 in cleveland, same as tom brady.
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ben? ben: breaking news out of east boston tonight, another new arrest in connection with a murder in east boston. newscenter 5's john atwater is live in the city with the latest on this story. john? john: there have been two arrests. the second suspect appeared before the judge this afternoon. his name is angel from us. investigators have timeline, watching his every move from cameras on the street, leaving his home, allegedly walking with the victim, and then disappearing for 22 minutes when prosecutors say the murder happened. he is been seen running back to his house. the other suspect, jose hernandez, also seen on video. both of their fingerprints are
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tonight. john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. ben: thank you. former new england mob boss frank salemme indicted for a murder more than two decades ago. another man also charged in the case tonight. salemme, also known as cadillac frank, was arrested last month for the 1993 murder of steven disarro. the indictment alleges he murdered disarro to prevent him from talking with law enforcement about violations of federal laws by salemme and others. his weadick, was arrested today. he too is charged with murder. jc: another arrest tonight of an uber driver. the brockton man is accused of sexually assaulting a passenger. newscenter 5's nicole estaphan is live in dorchester with that story. nicole? nicole: the victim says it happened wednesday. the driver says that sexual contact was consensual. >> do you have any comment? nicole: choosing to remian silent as he left court friday.
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judge on two counts of rape and 2 counts assualt and battery. >> began to rub the victim over her clothing. the victim stated he grabbed her breast. nicole: according to the police report a victim says she was taking an uber service wednesday, when the driver she alleges, vedrine, pulled over on ross road, assualted her in the >> the victim began to walk away , he unbuttoned her pants and reached into her underwear. nicole: the victim says she broke free, later reporting the incident at milton hospital. police questioned vedrine, he told then they had intercourse but it was consensual. >> the detectives seized the defendant's cell phone. nicole: it was after his cell phone was seized that the
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custody. >> i asked the court to consider -- [indiscernible] nicole: nicholas tavon, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: 5:00, boston police arrested two men after recovering this stash of guns and drugs near the public gardens. early last night officers approached the pair as they sat on a bench near the swan boats smoking pot. at that point, mohamed soltani and adnan tahlil gotan a confrontation the men were arrested. police recovered several items including a loaded handgun, hundreds of xanax pills, pot and cocaine. both men face gun and drug charges. ben: students at boston latin head back to school next week under new leadership. the new interim leader michael contompasis was a headmaster at the prestigious exam school for 21 years. but he left in 1998.
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resignation of two top school leaders after racially charged incidents rocked the school. contompasis said today they've worked throughout the summer to make sure the environment this fall is different than last spring. >> i want you to remember that i did this 22 years. that one of the most tumultuous times in the history of the city. i think there are some things i have my toolkit. but there are also things i know have to happen and i'm always ben: the school will incorporate coursework that is reflective of the diversity within the school. contimpasis also says they'll include the entire community as the school moves forward. jc: nba superstar dwyane wade talking about his family's personal tragedy. ben: his cousin shot and killed while walking with her children on a chicago street. still to come, what he's now saying about how the community can come together to stop the violence. jc: as tropical storm hermine continues to move up the east coast, the government is keeping a close watch. the plans being put in place in our nation's capital to be ready for clean-up.
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rip currents to our area beaches this holiday weekend.
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jc: and live look from charleston, south carolina where the center of tropical storm hermine is passing by. we have our entire storm team looking at the impacts for new england in just a bit. ben: nba superstar dwyane wade is opening up about the murder of his cousin amid violence in chicago. nykea aldridge was walking her newborn when she was shot and killed by stray gunfire. the 32-year-old mother of four
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wade spoke at a town hall about the city's violence. he says his family is devastated by his cousin's murder. >> it was shocking. it was shocking to hear, not only that she was murdered, but shocking to hear how. a mother -- the family is torah. -- the family is torn up. chicago is bigger than basketball. he hopes to bring the community together saying the one thing that's missing is mentorship. jc: former subway pitchman, jared fogle, is taking legal action against the parents of a victim who is suing him. fogle is in jail right now, convicted on child porn and sex abuse charges. in march, a girl sued him , claiming abuse. now, fogle is asking a judge to add the girl's parents to the lawsuit as defendants. he says they are to blame for many of the girl's claims of emotional distress because they fought and abused alcohol in
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ben: right now, tropical storm hermine making her way up the coast. leaving behind flood damage in florida. hermine may landfall there last night. sally kidd is live in our washington bureau with more on that. hi, sally. sally: fema continues to monitor the storm. hermine may landfall in florida overnight, the first hurricane to hit the state in over a decade. it brought heavy rains, strong religion, and a storm surge -- strong winds, and a storm surge.
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states of emergency. live in washington, sally kidd, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: let's turn it over to the man, harvey. tracking hermine, which frankly -- harvey: mm-hmm? jc: seems to us more of a nuisance than a thing else. harvey: i think that's probably true, but for , it will be a more significant situation. it may last quite a long time. once it gets to a certain point it will sit for a while. that is the thing. we are only on the edge, but we are in it potentially for a while. here's the holiday weekend forecast at a glance. we do have a very, very pleasant saturday and a rain free sunday.
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pretty decent. tomorrow is ok. monday is our best chance of getting wind and rain combined, especially the south coast and the tape. that is your holiday weekend in a nutshell. the impacts really begin sunday night. tomorrow is relatively tranquil. some extent tuesday into wednesday because it will be slow moving, particularly down to the south coast of the cape. rip currents are the most solid situation we can tell you about this and rain and wind, at least some of that for the south coast and the cape. beautiful. pleasant sea breeze. temperatures in the 70's, a few low 80's. the air has become pretty comfortable and will stay that way tonight.
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temperatures. the beach and voting interest tomorrow, a sea breeze that will not be that strong. it will get more active on sunday. your uv index -- in general, the forecast rip current risk is low, but that will change sunday. you will have sunshine tomorrow. at times, especially south and especially in the afternoon, high, thin clouds. then we will start to watch -- the islands or the cape first sunday night. the boston area with some bands on monday.
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there will be some reintensify. tropical storm warnings all over the coast to new jersey and a tropical storm watch for new jersey, long island as well. we look at all of our computer models. they are pretty much bunched, taking it off the coast. then you see a lot of crazy lines. the storm may loop a few times, and slowly move out by midweek. probably not making a super close pass to enough for the cape to feel some effects of the storm. sunday into monday, that is what i expect some of the bands of rain and the wind gusts, sunday morning picks up around the island and sunday evening the cape and the island, overnight we could see gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour. gusty in boston, but not as gusty as the south coast and the cape.
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for rain and wind. moderate chance for the south coast and the cape. very low when you get north of boston. all right, check it out. your next seven days -- remember , sunday is the day vcs build and monday into tuesday is the potential impact for our area. we will stay on top of this. ben and jc? jc: not a washout. up next, easing back to school make both parents and kids feel better. jc: and your health at 5:30 p.m. -- a new treatment for sleep apnea. the device that could bring relief to sufferers. ben: new at 6:00: a baby, left alone in a running car. the charges the mother is now
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kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. i'm kelly ayotte.: and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what
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tropical storm hermine. lots of heavy rain bands. harvey is tracking this. that's all coming up. ben: all right, it's that time of year. if your kids of not started, chances are they dark soon. back to school jitters can affect even the most confident kids. but there's a simple way to melt that stress away. jc: introduces us to one beacon hill instructor who says you could reap the benefits, too. >> everything, tight, tight, tight. little ball. emily: kids and parents releasing tension at yoga life. one of four poses that the studio teaches in his mindful monkeys class. >> kids learn everyday skills they can do really quickly. it doesn't have to be a big
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suggests setting aside five minutes a day. >> you exhale and push away negative feelings and bring in good feelings. emily: next, a tree pose. stand on one leg and then 20. >> you calm and find peace. emily: and rock pose, a time to rest. it is daughter autumn's favored some of. >> we do not have a time to rest and clear our minds. autumn is benefiting from that. emily: have everyone in the family put their devices in a box like this for a set amount of time and just focus on each other, maybe doing things together or spending time with the family without the technology. emily reamer, wcvb newscenter 5. ben: yeah, as i was --
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eimer, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: he was texting. ben: coming up, 5 investigates learning new details about that fatal hit and run in milford. the action taken against the driver of the tractor trailer involved. jc: a once-in-a-lifetime bond
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>> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. ben: here are the stories happening right now -- pats defensive end rob ninkovich is suspended for 4 games. the 32-year-old defensive end telling espn that he tested positive for a banned substance. he says any supplement he's ever used has been bought in a store, but it's possible something not listed as an ingredient could have caused the positive test. jc: police in quincy says a man ran over his wife and killed her this afton police say the man was rushed to the hospital in distress. ben: preparing for the impact of hermine on cape cod. the island queen ferry has canceled service to martha's vineyard for sunday and monday. on the beaches lifeguards are warning about rip currents as the storm approaches and that jellyfish coming north with the warmer water. jc: but harvey is tracking it


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