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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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randy: a carbon monoxide leak in watertown, the instincts to save the day despite the gas being impossible to detect. emily: and donald trump makes a controversial comparison. key moments from a debate preview. the city of boston. the districts with the promises on the eye for this thursday morning. emily: 6:00 a.m., tony talk abot belt tightening, literally, the smart accessory making it easier to watch your waistline. it's ahead this half-hour. good morning. i'm emily riemer.
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30 inches, and i don't remember the year. there is fog this morning. >> yes, and boston is heading back to school today so there will be a lot of kids walking out there, be very careful, a dense fog advisory is up through 9:00 this morning, and that does include the city of boston, really up and down the coast, so at the bus stop, there will be some areas of fog. it's not everywhere but some patchy mist and drizzle, getting off the bus, it will be brighter temperatures will be jumping up this afternoon. where you see the white, that's where the fog is reducing the visibility, a quarter mile in boston and half a mile in beverly through lawrence, as well, under a mile, so watch out for that fog, and drizzle will not, not really showing up too much, but it is out there. believe it or not we still have hermine, what's left of it, spinning to the south, throwing back that moisture off the ocean but this is going to get out of our hair this afternoon as the front approaches, and out ahead of that front, the temperatures are really going to warm up. but it's going to be a slow
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mid-day, a lot of clouds, and then the skies begin to brighten. and the temperatures will respond, so 60s out the door this morning. 70s this afternoon. the best we do in boston and along the coastline with the wind off the water but 80 to 85 inland. let's see how we are doing on the roads. the fog is slowing people down. >> we are watching the delays. a live look outside here at the pike. this is eastbound heading to the top of the screen, and you can see the brake lights up ahead, let's get to the maps and check your ride. of brockton, and your ride on the expressway now, 20 minutes from braintree into boston, and as you head along the pike, 15 minutes eastbound, 49520128, and 93 south, some volume building out of methuen and then once again approaching the spot pond. trains and buses are on schedule, the c branch of the green line originating at government center today. randy: thank you. breaking overnight, a missing kayaker has been found safe in quincy. the coast guard says that
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to shore after losing his kayak off wollaston beach. his roommate alerted police when he did not return home. and that prompted an hour long search of the area. emily: right now six people are recovering after a carbon monoxide leak in watertown. randy: there was quick thinking that may have saved their lives. john atwater on the scene on riverside street in watertown. >> three adults and children were treated at mass general hospital after the scare here this happened at 8:00 last night here at the riverside condominiums in watertown. firefighters went door-to-door to get people inside out, and they went through windows of people, if they did not respond. firefighters say that the carbon monoxide levels were very high, registering at 90 parts a million. three parts a million is considered normal. now everyone did make it out safely in large part, thanks to their neighbor.
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it smelled really bad. >> of course what he did not smell was that carbon monoxide. it's a deadly gas that has no odor, but he did know enough to call for help, and thankfully this morning everyone is back in their apartment. live in watertown this morning, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. >> we are getting new details after a shooting in boston. it happened last night on ripley road in dorchester. witnesses tell the herald, a hooded gunman openeir group of friends talking on the sidewalk, a man in his 20s was killed, possibly by slowdowns seven gunshots. no word on any arrests. frank salemme heads before a judge today on murder charges. salemme is charged with killing boston nightclub owner steven desarro in 1993. he was a federal witness. his remains were discovered in march, if convicted both could get the death penalty. randy: police are searching for
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robbery of an elderly store owner, and police say thomas ford held a gun to the clerk and attacked him yesterday at han's food mart. police say the suspect was armed with a semi-automatic weapon. the future of the body camera program for boston police department is now in the hands of a judge. the patrolman anticipate union wants to delay the pilot program citing a number of body cameras actually put officers in danger. the police commissioner in boston, william evans wants to move ahead even though no officers volunteered. the judge is expected to announce his decision tomorrow. back to school for kids in the city of boston today, and there are some changes students and parents will notice. newscenter 5's julie mcdonald is in hyde park where the mayor will welcome students this morning. julie? >> good morning, randy.
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first of many stops for mayor marty walsh and also superintendent tommy chang, who will be here to greet the students and wish them luck this school year. three things of note to tell you about. boston public schools does go into the year with a $5 million cut for the fiscal 2017. also boston latin school has a new headmaster after more than 100 reported cases of racially charged incidences. and plus there will be a focus on water fountains at all the schools this year. newscenter 5 about this year, and that new policy for water fountains at 24 schools. >> we will be flushing every morning. we know that the best way to get lead out of water is to just flush the water. >> it was earlier this year that six schools tested positive for high levels of lead in the water supply. rigorous testing took place over the summer. right now bottled water is in supply for students and staff at
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dr. chang says that testing will continue throughout the school year. live in hyde park, juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thank you. commitment 2016, a push on the campaign trail today, after a critical moment in the race for the white house. donald trump is getting some attention for his comments about russian leader vladimir putin. >> i think when he calls me brilliant i will take the compliment. the fact is look it's not going to get him anywhere. certainly in that system he's been a leader far president has been a leader. we have a divided country. >> trump and hillary clinton appeared separately last night at a forum on how they would perform as commander in chief. clinton described her vote to go to war in iraq as a mistake, one that she said she won't make battling isis. >> we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again, and we're not putting ground troops into syria. we're going to defeat isis without committing american
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battleground state. hillary clinton is in north carolina and missouri. donald trump campaigns in ohio, and massachusetts goes to the polls today for a rare thursday primary. a few races to watch here. there is only one competitive congressional primary, two republicans will face off to try and unseat bill keating in the ninth district. state senator brian joyce is retiring after 18 years. he's facing federal investigations into alleged ethical issues. two democra c represent ten communities south of boston. and another big retirement, gloria fox, the longest serving african-american woman in the legislature. three women are vying to replace her in the seventh suffolk district. randy: on the opioid crisis today, a mother is set to stand trial in the death of her 5-month-old poisoned by heroin.
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baby's bottle. a judge sentenced the father, 33-year-old ryan barry to 10 to 12 years behind bars after he pleaded guilty to the charges. 29-year-old ashley cry is due in court this morning. a new hampshire high school student is dead after a drug overdose. the principal of timberlane regional school said the student overdosed yesterday morning. the principal sent a letter home saring this news and the details of the crisis team he has put place. plaistow police will confirm the investigation but not the cause of the student's death. >> new highway signs are supposed to give drive times to commuters, but that hasn't happened yet. you asked olessa what is taking so long, and she has the answer. and the boston city hall plaza will get a makeover. who is footing the bill there. and accessorizing your appetite. how a smart self stops overindulging, and breaking overnight, a kayaker has been
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back to shore after losing his kayak somewhere off wollaston beach. >> and we have a dense fog advisory out there this morning. things brighten up this afternoon. the time line on that and how long the humidity is sticking around. take a look at the visibility, running only a quarter of a mile in town so be careful as you are heading out there. and it's a muggy start.
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narrator: "by almost every measure, public charter schools have been a success." "they are models of inspiration." with "impressive results" and "eye-catching educational gains." it's turned my son's life around.
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question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. vote yes on 2.
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>> good morning from stowe farms. we're open every weekend from 10:00 to 5:00. come on down and join us. good morning eyeopener. randy: good morning. we are our fave our favorite things to do, is picking apples. good morning to our friends at stowe farm. apple picking season almost here. >> hard to believe it, especially since it will be 90 tomorrow, so we'll get to that. but we would love to see your wakeup call so record it for us, and you can upload it to ulocal using our wcvb newscenter 5. >> another less than pleasant start today. >> you know, i mean, we have had these several times this week. >> right. >> sometimes i picture, a picture just does more.
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the sun in boston. the sun is up in boston, you say? >> yes. >> can you see it? >> yeah. well, it is foggy out there this morning. we have got some mist and drizzle, as well, and it is 68 degrees right now. the dewpoint is also 68, so we are saturated, and there is a muggy feel out there, so humidity levels kind of that uncomfortable range right now, and that's where they are going to stay throughout the day, so it's going to be a warm and sticky day. we're starting out in the upper 60's to around n up pretty readily here as we get into the afternoon, but we have to get rid of the fog first, and introducing the visibility to a quarter mile in boston. a bit over a mile now in beverly. and you can see under a mile in lawrence, so the fog is thick. it goes up into the coast of maine, and we do have the dense fog advisory up until 9:00 this morning, so only take a few hours before the fog burns off. you saw the raindrops. and you look at the radar and you are not seeing much. we have low-based drizzle and mist. the radar shooting over top of that.
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idea to protect you from that this morning, and notice through noon, no big improvements. you are going to need patience today but lingering clouds with us through lunchtime, and then during the afternoon the skies do brighten up and the temperatures will respond to that. so by lunch type maybe a few breaks of sunshine. we're in the 70s. and then during the afternoon we're going to jump into the 80s. about 80 to 85 on average. inland, nashua 85, but right along the coastline, in the 70s, with the light we're waiting for are the remnants for hermine to kick out of here, and once they do, this front off to the west, becomes a focus of what we're dealing with. there are showers and storms lined up and that's going to work on in, so tonight it stays very sticky, upper 60's to 70, and if you have evening plans, you are ok. and during the overnight as that front goes through there is a small chance that we get a passing shower or a rumble of thunder. once it crosses the area less
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brighten up, and it's going to heat up. temperatures making that run to 90 degrees coming up on friday, and it is going to be not quite as hard of hearing over the course of the weekend. saturday and sunday there is going to be one more front that crosses the area. so saturday is dry. cooler at the coastline and on sunday this front crosses probably in the more hours, and there might be a spot shower and behind it wow, look at that. less humid air and a little taste of fall settling in next week with sunshine and low humidity, but it is very sticky out there this morning, and t >> lots and lots of delays. thank you, cindy, a live look at the expressway, and there is a check by the gas tank, and you can see the northbound side is very slow heading towards the bottom of the screen and also the travel times. 93 south is heavy out of methuen into andover and we're watching a crash on 93 south by 128 where one lane is closed, and those delays are back into wilmington. and once you get past that heading south side not too bad.
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brockton, traveling northbound, delays up to 128, and route 3 heavy out of way mouth, and then as you travel north of town, go up the expressway, it will be a half-hour trip from braintree into boston. trains and buses on schedule. time for the ask olessa. many asked about the signs up on the major highways, but the digital displays are blank. viewers like maureen want to know when they will show travel times. i went to find out and they told me they are in testing mode. they want to make sure that correctly and including testing the solar panels that power the boards. they are expected to be up and running by the end of november. keep the questions coming. is there a traffic mystery you cannot figure out? tweet me, most or email i will get answers for you and share them right here on the eyeopener. randy. randy: thank you. to your health now, a new belt is being billed as a way to help you stay in shape. it's called the welt.
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track the waist throughout the day. just what you need, right? scary. using the belt's tension to determine when you may overindulge. and you can then check the data in the welt's phone app. it is a kickstarter project right now, and you can donate $90 or more, and reserve your own belt. >> your economy now. a victory for uber at the expense of some drivers here i massachusetts. yesterday a federal appeals court ruled that the drivers have to resolve claims individually with uber instead of through a class action lawsuit. this ruling allows less leverage for drivers in a separate lawsuit accusing uber of exploiting them by categorizing them as independent contractors, not employees. new changes are coming to boston city hall this fall. the city announced plans to open an 11,000 square foot ice skating area, a beer garden and
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after thanksgiving and stay through february, and boston garden development, a subsidiary of delaware north will foot much of that cost. randy: a check of the markets, asian shares were mixed following unexpected, strong trading on wall street. right now stock futures here are higher. the nasdaq coming off the second straight record high close yesterday, 5,283, the close. and a big distraction at a baseball >> and new at 6:30, investigates now know the cause of this massive fire in franklin, but one big question does remain. randy: a mourned and a driver is indicted. the red flags coming before that driver allegedly plowed into a pizza shop. >> and a moment that turns to triumph at the paralympic games.
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cindy: 6:22, this is from 9:00 this morning. take a look. visability is way down, a quarter of a mile right now in the city, but that fog is widespread, so use caution out there this morning. kind of murky through 9:00, 10:00, and then the skies slowly brighten. 70s along the coast, and 80s inland this afternoon. very humid today, as well, and hot tomorrow. we make a run for 90 degrees, and we're still in the 80s heading into the weekend, so warm and you have got allergies, it is ragweed season, pollen levels are heading up into saturday. randy: t lead in the a.l. east, and david price threw seven innings to lead boston past the san diego padres 7-2, and shaw hit the 16th home run in the second, and hanley ramirez hit a long ball in the eighth followed by a pinch hit homer by brock hole in the ninth. sox opened a three-game series at toronto tomorrow night. emily: 6:23, time for the eyepoppers. olessa is back with us now.
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more time flaunting than swinging on the field. it was a rough night in cleveland. maybe it was the home team's plan all along? they beat the astros 6-5. how can you play in those conditions? >> they can't. >> they can't, and just imagine if you saw this guy wandering around near a middle school. police wrangled this 11-foot, 450-pound alligator yesterday morning, and he'd been first chance that they got to nab him. fortunately nobody got hurt. and can you imagine that? >> no. >> we're going home. >> we're moving. >> yes. >> looked hungry there. >> and national anthem protest avoided, how one team stopped it, and new this morning, moving without major headaches. hacks to make everything easier
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this morning, as people in boston head back to school this morning. welcome to school and good luck this year. >> the police pro-am's association agreed to test body cameras, as matters between cities and their unions do, this one will be decided in court. review. the agreement 100 officers would be selected from a pool of anticipated volunteers. the result, absolutely no one stepped forward forcing the police commissioner to select 100 from an annually sized membership. there was warnings saying to stay on the sidelines and solidifying their ranks against use of the cameras. how else to explain the lack of one officer's willingness to test the system already in use
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country. the body cameras eliminate disputes between police and citizens on interactions which go south. they protect the police as well as citizens. they resolve the disputes before escalation. in boston where the police have successfully navigated troubled waters affecting other waters, it has improved the version of two shootings and maintained order. boston remains just one heated and disputed incident away from the civil unrest that has afflicted other communities after unwillingness to wear cameras even in a limited test form sends the wrong signal. it is in contrast to the admirable community outreach programs conducted by the police department and is more likely to chip away at favorable relations between boston's residents and a police force that has worked
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randy: students returning to the classroom, the new steps being taken at one school. >> and the message to show all are welcome. >> a driver charged months after an suv crashed into a newton restaurant. >> it has been horrible. >> the mother of one of the victims. >> a carbon monoxide leak sending six people including kids to the hospital. randy: the quick action credited
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>> moving made easy, the simple steps to take to avoid a packing headache. randy: traffic is moving. you can see the haze, the fog there this morning. steamy out there. good morning. thanks for joining us, i'm randy price. emily: i'm emily riemer along with cindy and olessa. it is the first day of scal for day, and be careful. cindy: they are going to be walking the streets so be careful. it will be tough to see them, and we always share these nice pictures with you. there it went. >> good morning. >> he made his way through the fog so there you go. randy: he's still there. cindy: you can see just a real foggy view this morning, and that's the story.
6:31 am
through 9:00 this morning, and visibility is going to be reduced at times, so getting off the bus there afternoon. it is going to be a little brighter, and certainly very muggy as the temperatures jump up. we have the white, that's where the fog is reducing the visibility. and this is the story here, south shore, up through boston, and even into portsmouth, new hampshire, visibility less than a quarter mile. the radar is quiet, there are a few showers here on the cape, otherwise just patches of mist and drizzle, and things really are not going to improve until the front off to the west will kick it out. so you are going to need patience today through late morning. a lot of clouds, and then the skies brighten up. and the temperatures do respond. 70s tobaccosline. we are going to jump up into the 80s farther inland. out there. see how this commute is shaping up with the fog. olessa. olessa: it's slow. we're watching a couple problem spots. first a live look outside at the bridge. here it is the lever connector as well, the southbound side,
6:32 am
visibility. let's get to the maps and check the rest of the ride. north of that shot, 93 slows down out of wilmington, approaching a crash right over by route 129, and another accident on 93 south just cleared so you have the backup. as you travel the pike, almost 25. 495 for 128, and delays on 24 north out of brockton as well as the expressway. almost a half-hour from braintree into boston, trains and buses so far on schedule. emily. >> thank you. and breaking overnight a missing quincy. the coast guard says 30-year-old kyle rager swam back to shore after losing his kayak off wollaston beach. he got home on his own. crews were searching for him for more than four hours. >> and we're getting new details right now after a deadly shooting in the city of boston. this happened last night on ripley road in dorchester. witnesses tell the herald that is a hooded gunman opened fire on a group of friends. they were talking on a sidewalk.
6:33 am
possibly by as many as seven gunshots. >> former new england mob boss frank salemme will be back in court. salemme is charged with killing boston nightclub owner steven disarro in 1993. disarro was a federal witness, and his remains were discovered in march. >> i just -- it has been horrible ever since. randy: a family anguished as we learn details about a man indicted for plowing into a on five investigates first to break the news. emily: loved ones have questions and the eyeopener's antoinette antonio is in newton right now. antoinette: this morning that sweet tomatoes' restaurant is closed. in fact, several months later you can see it is boarded up. that crash back in march killed two people and injured seven more. the driver now facing two counts of motor vehicle homicide. five investigates has learned
6:34 am
brad casler was cited for failing to stop. his driving record includes three surchargable crashes. eleanor miele was one of two customers killed instantly when casler's suv slammed into the restaurant. she was on her way to church to prepare easter baskets for the poor. her brother is demanding answers and her mother is still heartbroken. >> it's been horrible ever since. the only thing that keeps me going is reply my faith in god. >> it drives me nuts his license was not taken away before that permanently. >> he says he is also upset that he had to learn the news about the indictment on tv. his sister would have been 59 on sunday. a court date has not yet been set for casler and prosecutors haven't said what constantly they think happened out here. we, of course, will keep you posted on any new developments.
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morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thank you, and right now a bank robbery suspect called armed and dangerous is off the streets and in jail. and police say that they caught matthew alden sleeping in his car. he was outside of a gas station yesterday morning when they found him. the 22 year-old was wanted for robbing a bank last month. we are len police say they got, that he got away from them after they were chasing him on sunday. preparing to start a new school year, and this year there is a change in leadership at one of the city's most prestigious schools. juli is live with the new but familiar leader at boston latin. >> that's right, it was last year that two leaders at boston latin stepped down after racially charged incidents. in a new report released earlier, it showed that there were 115 complaints. 17 of which were found to have
6:36 am
contompasis had previously been the head master for 21 years. he left in 1998 and is back. the school has been working hard to be sure it is a positive learning environment. >> i want you to remember that i did this for 22 years at one of the most tumultuous times in the history of the city so i think that there are some things that i have in my tool kit, but there are also some things that i know have to willing to meet people half way. >> the school will incorporate course work reflective of that diversity of the student body, and he also said the school will have open communication with the entire community as boston latin moves forward. there is a federal civil rights' case that still is underway at the school. live in boston, i'm juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thank you. republican mitt romney wants to see a big change in the upcoming
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and new this morning, make moving easier. expert tips on making the process cheaper and faster. randy: ahead, ryan lochte learning his punishment for
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olessa: good morning, welcome back, a live look at the lever connector. you can see the volume is not too bad, but we are starting to see more of those delays this morning, and a couple of accidents north of the camera shot. i will show you those details coming up. very foggy out there. not the best visibility. >> we have got a dense fog advisory until 9:00, and it is muggy, as well, and the temperatures mostly in the 60s and going into the 80s, the skies brighten this afternoon inland but 70s along the coast. how about 90 tomorrow? a hot end to the week, and a summer-like week with temperatures in the 80s. emily. emily: you might be among the thousands of people who just moved in boston either for college or because your lease was up. if it was not the best experience, here are some ways to make it easier next time. first purge your stuff. the pros say it does not make any sense to pack and move
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and towels can replace bubble wrap that, will save you money on packing supplies, and plan ahead when it comes to booking movers. >> if you can book a move in the middle of the month or a week, they are more available, and the prices tend to be lower. >> another kit, use color labels on the boxes. each one should get a corresponding color so you and your movers know what goes where. >> and we're following breaking news this morning, how a kayaker survives scary moments on the water, and a paralympic athlete shows the true spirit of the games. the inspiring moments that started with a stumble, and plus an am them protest avoided. how a soccer team managed to
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>> 6:44, the eyeopener team ready with your news to go in watertown, in newton, and in boston where students are returning to the classroom this morning. randy: we have a dense fog advisory this morning. cindy: up and down the coastline into the state of maine. the kids will be out and about heading to the bugs stop this morning. it might be tough to see them a little foggy. tough to see much of anything. you can see wherever there is
6:45 am
visibility is down the most here right along the coastline. you can see to port timeout and southern rain. so there is a lot of fog out there this morning. a lot of moisture in the air, and some patches of mist and drizzle just kind of flying underneath the radar here, but they are out there. also a couple of showers. we have the remnants of hermine, are you kidding me? it has been a week since this thing moved on in, and sti these are going to drift out later this morning as the front approaches, and it kicks things out but along this frontal boundary, a couple of showers, and we could see one of those coming through but out ahead of the front there is warm air just waiting to move in here, and you are really going to feel it coming up tomorrow, and in fact, the temperatures tomorrow making a run towards 90 degrees. we've been there 20 times in boston this summer. we may have another 90-degree day coming tomorrow. 60s to near 70 this morning,
6:46 am
lunchtime, and getting brighter into the afternoon, and 80 to 85 inland but 70s along the coastline but you are going to need patience. notice all the clouds here through late morning, and during the afternoon, it's only partial sunshine coming out. the front comes through overnight with a couple of showers and thunderstorms. most areas won't see anything and we're going to see clouds break for bright sunshine on your friday. it is going to heat up. there is the run towards 90 tomorrow, a hot day, and 80s as we start the weekend on saturday. a little cooler at the it's tough to see. olessa: we're watching the fog, and you can see the southbound side with those delays now in place. let's get to the maps and check out some issues we're watching north of town along 93 south. volume builds just south of 495. it will be a slow ride as you approach 129 where there is a crash and also another accident by route 128, also southbound as you travel the pike, almost 25 minutes now. 495 to 128, and delays on then
6:47 am
braintree into boston. the 658 train out of middleborough is canceled, the 720 train will be the next one to leave so plan accordingly but everything else is running on schedule. olessa: breaking news from the overnight hours, a missing kayaker has been found safe in quincy. the coast guard says that 30-year-old kyle rager swam back to shore after losing his kayak. he was somewhere off of wollaston beach. his roommate alerted police he had that cost an hour's long search of the area. >> breaking news, a live picture from delaware now, where a tractor trailer hauling pennies crashed on 95. the tractor trailer was taking the blank pennies to the u.s. mint in philadelphia when it crashed in new castle. the driver suffered minor injuries there. randy: several are recovering after a carbon monoxide leak in watertown. emily: several rushed to the hospital and some of them were
6:48 am
live with quick thinking that may have saved lives. >> it was, and a man who lives here helped others get out of the building, and when they got here they found elevated levels of carbon monoxide. three adults and three children were given oxygen, and they were taken to the hospital. firefighters had to use fans to air out this building. thankfully everyone will be ok, and all those people are back in their apartments this morning. live in watertown, john atwater, wcvb newscenter >> the driver involved in a deadly crash at this newton sweet tomatoes has now been charged. >> i don't feel anger. i don't know what it is. >> eleanor miele was one of two customers killed when brad casler's suv slammed into the
6:49 am
two counts of motor vehicle homicide, and we have learned just a month earlier that he was cited for failing to stop. his driving record includes three surchargable crashes, and a court date for him has not yet been set. live in newton, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> when the students return here to new mission high they will be greeted by t chang who will join the teachers to welcome them back. boston public schools heads into the school year with a $5 million cut for fiscal year 2017, and other changes include a new head master at boston latin, following more than 100 reported cases of racially charged incidents. plus a new focus on water fountains in all schools. >> we will be flushing every morning. we know that the best way to get lead out of water is to just
6:50 am
>> earlier this year six schools tested positive for high levels of lead in the water supply. rigorous testing took place over the summer, and dr. chang says that testing will continue throughout the school year. live in hyde park, i'm juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: also police are investigating a deadly shooting in dorchester. this happened last night on ripley road. witnesses tell the herald that a hooded gunman opened fire on a group of friends talking on sidewalk. a man in his 20s, possibly hit by as many as seven gunshots. no word on any arrests. emily: police in new hampshire are investigating this crash. a car slammed into a home on fremont road yesterday morning. a 30-year-old man was behind the wheel when the car sheered off the entryway. and anyone with information is asked to call police. randy: investigates are following up on 1,000 tips now,
6:51 am
murdered in princeton. vanessa marcotte's killer is on the loose more than a month after she was found dead. the 27-year-old google employee lived in new york city and was here visiting her family when she was killed. a state police source told 5 investigates her body was found naked and that she had burns on her hands, feet, and head. emily: a fire that killed a married couple in franklin was caused by a propane leak. that's the result of the state fire marshal the report says that propane leaked from the condo's heating system and ignited. investigates couldn't determine what caused the spark. nancy and richard brown, who had moved into the condo a few weeks earlier were killed. randy: a dog rescued after trying to chew off part of his foot is recovering in his new home with his new owners. maverick made that move, chewing on his foot while trying to escape the tether in middleborough. the german shepherd is receiving treatment for his paw but he's
6:52 am
facing animal cruelty charges. and mitt romney is supporting gary johnson's fight to get into the debates this fall. romney tweeted yesterday that he hopes voters get to see johnson and his running mate, former massachusetts governor bill well debate. bone johnson and the green party's jill stein need to hit 15% in several polls to qualify for the debates. emily: the holden doctor who survived the ebola virus is taking o today dr. rick sacra is starting a 160-mile bike ride to raise money to fight aids in west africa. he contracted ebola two years ago while working as a missionary physician at a hospital in liberia. he's been back to west africa several times and noted the spike in deaths from aids.
6:53 am
the crowd giving emotional assistance here. >> the opening ceremony for the paralympics begins in rio. the true spirit of the games came out during the final leg of the torch relay. fans cheering on that athlete as she gets back up and finished her march. randy: ryan lochte has learned his punishment for that drunken run-in at a rio gas station. cnn reports that a ten-month suspension was handed out by the usa swimming and the u.s. olympic committ from the 2017 world championships. lochte admits to making up a story about being robbed at a gas station. emily: the washington spirit managed to avoid a silent protest by the seattle reign's megan rapinoe. she took a knee during her last march in chicago, making the move in solidarity with colin kaepernick.
6:54 am
anthem for the past several games. a lot of people are talking about this on our facebook page right now. you can go there to join the discussion. randy: the ice arena is set to open in hours, the warrior ice arena, over the allston-brighton during construction. the governor charlie baker and mayor marty walsh will help kick off the grand opening tonight at 6:30. >> the red sox take the lead in the a.l. east. to lead them past the padres. slaw hit his 16th homeowner in the second and ramirez, a long ball in the eighth followed by a pinch hit homer by brock holt in the ninth. randy: and the roads. olessa: lots of delays and volume. a live look at the expressway. here's a check by the mall, and you can see the northbound delays -- delays in place. let's check out the travel times
6:55 am
travel to route 129 where we have a crash blocking a lane, and another accident cleared by 128, and then as you travel the pike 20 to 25, 495 to 128. south of town a slow ride on 24 out of brockton. 95 from sharon and delays on route 3 from 228 up to the braintree split. once you get there it's a half-hour from braintree to boston and the train out of middleborough that leaves at 5:58 is canceled this morning, so the next train is the one you will have to catch. the rest of running on schedule. cindy, not cindy: that fog is going to slow you down, olessa. we have got the dense fog advisory up along the coastline. this goes until 9:00 this morning. we're talking about a visibility of a quarter of a mile or less. we're seeing that right now in the city of boston so use caution out there. and also some patches of mist or drizzle, so you may want the rain gear, and the radar is going over the tops of these but there has been a few showers, and we could see pockets of mist, drizzle, and a lot of
6:56 am
afternoon, the skies are going to brighten so patience required today but it will brighten up. the temperatures starting out in the 60s, and we'll jump into the 70s in boston, a northeasterly wind so the coast is cooler. 80 to 85 inland and sticky out there this morning. it will be humid. finally we'll push the remnants on hermine and focus on this frontal boundary. it will bring a lot of heat in so tonight it is sticky, temperatures not far from 70, and there could be a passing shower or a rumble of thunder as that front passes through b in the wake of that front the skies will brighten up in the afternoon, and it will turn less humid but it is going to be a hot day here, too, and the week. temperatures tomorrow are up near 90 degrees and as we work through the weekend a bit cooler. maybe a spot shower or a thunderstorm on sunday, and probably won't get down to the cape. so a nice weekend on the cape, and if you are traveling up north on saturday night is when you could see the showers or thunderstorms but look at that. still in the 80s this weekend here locally, and we'll take the
6:57 am
seasonal. a little less humidity next week but it's sticky out there this morning. >> all right. >> enjoy. >> and a reminder if you are on the go you can watch us on the mobile app. >> have that with you, and have a great day.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. national security showdown. hillary clinton and donald trump going at it overnight. >> we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again. >> clashing over the military, isis and experience. >> the generals have been reduced to rubble. >> now questions about those classified intelligence did trump reveal too much? and hillary clinton defends herself over her e-mails. flash floods and funnel cloud, a massive storm hovers over arizona as remnants from hurricane newton floods wisconsin. the east braces for a heat wave. temperatures that feel like 100 degrees. a stunning shoot-out caught on surveillance camera. a 71-year-old man shot while watering his lawn in chicago.


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