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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  September 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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fall begins. then we bring in more clouds friday. a front coming in friday night could bring in showers and behind that we have coolest air we have seen. feeling like fall this weekend. breaking down your forecast as the eyeopener continues. >> demonstrators shutting down a north carolina highway, hurting police officers. the shooting death starting this. >> a toddler hit by a car in brockton. e happened and new information we're learning. >> new details on the man accused of planting bombs in new york and new jersey recently. the chilling journal entries found by investigators on the eye for this wednesday morning. >> you're watching wcvb. good morning. >> also on the eye this morning, a boston police officer cleared of wrongdoing in a confrontation and it's because of what the
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morning. good morning. i'm emily riemer. >> i'm randy price. a humid start, but cindy says things will improve as we go. >> you need a little patience today. but it will feel better by this afternoon. 69 degrees in boston, but still sticky with dew point temperatures in the 60s, allowing form to form, the cape t islands. -- the islands. not a big issue like it was in boston yesterday. notice i have reduced visibility. temperatures mild, starting in the mid 60s on the north shore, south shore. upper 60s on the cape. we have a lot of clouds, but the clouds are shifting southward. a front to the west is the leading edge of less humid air. the greens, blues are -- it's going to feel much more pleasant. temperature by 9:00 a.m. in the lower 70s.
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80. 83 our high in boston. a warm wednesday. let's get you to the road. not quite as wet as it was yesterday. >> visibility definitely better. a live look 939 in sommerville side. construction is still in place for a few more minutes. we have road work on the expressway by the o'neil no problems on 95 from sharon up to 128. pike eastbound is quiet and construction clearing on 128 by highland avenue. your last construction zone 128 southbound. this project is in place by route 2 to trappelo road. . >> protests turn violent in charlotte, north carolina after a deadly shooting of a black man by police officers.
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>> the eyeopener's erika tarantal is tracking the latest developments coming into our newsroom. >> one of the officers hurt was hit in the face with a rock. it was a short time ago protesters disbursed from a highway after shutting down the charlotte road for hour, police using tear gas to break up the crowd angry over the fatal police shooting of a black man yesterday. some set fires, destroyed the contents of stopped trucks and marked police cruisers. police are were looted. it was around 4:00 in the afternoon when police shot and killed keith lamont-scott. the officers were looking for a suspect with an outstanding warrant when they saw a man get out of the car with a gun, get back in and exit once more. that's when one officer fired. >> destroying city vehicles, i don't condone that by no means. but as far as my child, my nephew, i am concerned, i'm
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something has to be done. >> the officer who shot scott is an administrative leave. this comes after the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man in tulsa friday. the justice department is investigating that shooting. >> a toddler is fighting for his life in brockton after he was hit by a car. antoinette antonio with new information on his condition. >> randy, it was a horrible scene out here. what's being called a tragic accident. that from life-threatening injuries after he was hit by a car. the little boy, neyden tavares, is being treated at mass general this morning. investigators telling our partners at the enterprise the 2-year-old likely suffered a brain hemorrhage. it was around 7:00 last night when the toddler was struck here in front of his family's house on market street. his frantic parents rushing to his side as witnesses stood in shock. >> she was screaming at first,
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back, then the dad -- i don't know if it was the dad. it was one of the guys came and picked up the baby. >> he had his hand on his head, shaking it. >> he was looking at the baby to see if it was ok. what can you really do point? >> can't do anything. >> neighbors say the driver was clearly distraught. police talked with him and looked through his cell phone. they say there's no evidence the man was texting while driving. he told police that he never saw the toddler, impact. so far, no charges have been filed. we're live in brockton, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> [cheers and applause] >> a big show of support for one of the officers shot by bombing suspect ahmad khan rahami. the officer was released from the hospital yesterday. there are new charges and revelations in the terror bombings in new york city and new jersey. the criminal complaint just
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rahami had been planning the weekend attack for months. in his journal he allegedly wrote, quote, you the u.s.a. government continue your slaughter against mujahidean, be it afghanistan, iraq, syria, palestine. the words "pipe bombs" and "pressure cooker bomb" were in the journal. authorities say the ingredients were bought in june. rahami's fingerprints were found on the devices in new york and new jersey. a woman it happened before 10:00 last night. the woman was walking with her boyfriend when both of them were hit. witnesses describe the vehicle as a tan or brown car or minivan. >> boston police officer has been cleared of using excessive force that was claimed after a confrontation while he was off-duty. the officer, edward barrett, is here with a knee on top of 64-year-old milton gurin. barrett chased gurin down the
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broke his windshield with an umbrella. boston police say this video shows gurin fall to the ground on his own and it never shows barrett smashing his head or tackling him, as one witness claimed. all other witnesses said otherwise. gurin was let go after the officer realized his window was intact. gurin now being represented by the aclu. >> is older, started to get chased down the street and was running because a person was chasing him and fell because a injured because a person was chasing him. >> the police commissioner says the officer will face discipline because he should have contacted the supervisor after the confrontation. >> hillary clinton focusing on the nation's economy today. she'll deliver an economic speech this afternoon in orlando. the remarks will include how the u.s. can create an economy that values people with disabilities. donald trump focusing on the battleground state of ohio. trump says to talk to voters at
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this is his second event in that city since winning the republican nomination back in july. that's as trump fairs back against a report that he used his foundation to settle business lawsuits t "washington post" reports trump used $120,000 of his foundation's money to settle a dispute over a large flagpole. another case involving one of his golf course was settled in a similar manner. trump's campaign says the account is full of the foundation did not make improper payments. the chief of the i.r.s. plans to apologize to congress today. john koskinen is facing an impeachment effort by house conservatives. he's expected to apologize for inaccurate statements he made during a congressional investigation of i.r.s. treatment of tea party and conservative groups. >> fatal overdoses are declining a bit and health experts credit
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change. in boston opioids contributed to 39 deaths, down from 47 last year. that's according to the herald. narcan was used more than 1,100 times this year. boston's public health commission board will review the trend at a meeting today. an investigation is under way after tribal police shoot a man at foxwoods casino in connecticut. it's unclear if the man died from a gunshot or falling off the fourth garage. the officers say they were trying to serve the man with a warrant when he pulled a gun. >> lizzy was raped and killed four years ago. now her killer wants to use her prior sex life as grounds for his appeal. attempts to raise details about the sex life were ruled
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apply to appeals. senator elizabeth warren rips into the c.e.o. of wells fargo. her sharp response to his apology for unfair practices. and new this morning, help paying off student loans. three ways to make the process easier. and a woman calls police to report a car crash. the very valid reason, though, why they were not able to help her. erika? >> emily, breaking overnight. 12 police officers after overnight demonstrations in north carolina. protesters blocking the highway after police shot and killed a 43-year-old man in charlotte yesterday. cindy? >> we're starting out with fog in patches this morning, but it's humid once again this morning. more comfortable air will move in. the timeline on that and when a big cooldown moves in. first look at the temperatures. it is a warm, muggy start. 69 degrees as you're heading out
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>> good morning, eyeopener! we are the union hill school. we are the shining stars. [cheers and applause]. >> all right. a great message there from our friends at union hill school in worcester. good morning to all of you. >> great energy there. wake-up call. record one like they did. upload it to u local using our wcvb app. we can show it on the show. >> don't do it outside because you'll have bad [laughter] >> this morning. this afternoon you're ok. >> hair will look >> >> maybe. [laughter] >> fall begins officially tomorrow. >> impossible with these
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time of year. it's near 70 now in boston. 80s today, even through friday we're above average by the -- it's going to cool down this upcoming weekend. visibility about a quarter of a mile through the connecticut river valley and the south coast and the cape, patches of fog. not a big issue around greater boston like it was at this time yesterday. lots of 60s right 65 beverly, 68 in marshfield. boston 69 right now. we've got upper 60s in the cape where we have that fog. that will be burning off and the skies will brighten. along the south coast and the cape, we'll keep temperatures in the 70s through the afternoon. that's the exception, not the rule. i think the rest of us about 80, 85 degrees, looking for a high of 83 in boston. it is going to be a warm wednesday. still looking at lingering
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southward. it's going to squash the moisture to our south. high pressure nosing in from the west is going to feed some of this less humid air in here. you can see yellow in southern new england, indicating it's sticky. the blues, greens, pleasant refreshing air working in. you'll feel a difference as the day wears on. dew points will drop into the 50s in that pleasant range as we get into the afternoon. tonight with drier air in place, the temperatures will be lower. 50s in the downtown. look at orange. could be in the upper 40s by tomorrow morning. overnight, skies staying mainly clear. high pressure sitting on top of us tomorrow. that means loads of sunshine for the first day of fall. but look at these temperatures running in the 80s. sea breeze might knock us into the 70s.
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morning. we've got football. looks like clear, mild, no issues if you're heading to that game. on friday we're watching a cold front that drops southward late in the day. limited moisture with this, but it could induce showers by friday evening into saturday morning. behind that front, wow, a big change. look at those highs in the 60s saturday, sunday, monday, in the 30s on monday morning. not out of the question that a of frost. >> so far the roads quiet, not seeing problems on the pike. let's go to the maps. so far no complaints as you travel into boston. construction picks up on the expressway by the o'neil tunnel. the road work along 128 also gone. 24 looks good. route 3 is quiet and there's that clear on 128 by highland avenue.
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also cleared away. so far, trains and buses not seeing any problems. they are on schedule. if you have a question about your commute or something that's been bugging you, something you'd like to know, you can ask olessa. i'll get answers and show them on the eyeopener. >> massachusetts senator elizabeth warren taking on wells fargo c.e.o. senator warren accusing john koskinen o in the wake of the revelation that workers were creating fake accounts to help meet sales goals. >> you should resign. you should give back the money that you took while this scam was going on and you should be criminally investigated. >> the department of justice is investigating wells fargo and has issueds connected to this scandal. samsung says new galaxy note 7 phones will be available in the u.s. starting today. the company says it will replace
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recalled because of battery fires that reportedly led to explosions. there are at least 26 reports of people being burned by the phones. a check of the markets. asian shares were mostly unchanged overnight as investors await the outcome of a u.s. federal reserve policy meeting today. they do not expect the fed to raise interest rates. right now stock futures here are higher. >> paying off student loans can seem overwhelming for college graduas, to dig you out of a deep hole. consider an income driven repayment plan, based on a formula that includes a borrowed income among other factors. check to see if your employer contributes to student loan repayment. several companies do offer to pay off the college debt of employees. set up automatic payments. missing a payment could push
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>> a woman in england calls police to report a reckless driver driver. >> the call came in to a town over 3,000 miles away. >> you called massachusetts. >> massachusetts? >> yes, massachusetts. >> there's no way you can help me. misunderstood her voice command. she greeted officer mark mcwilliams, who dispatched the call, and says the two plan to stay in touch. >> very cute >> interesting addition to wedding photos. >> a bombshell ruling from the state's highest court. the decision based on racial profiling.
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information coming in from dorchester. this is video of police using tear gas to disburse protesters who gathered on a highway overnight.
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>> it is still sticky out there. but look at the trend as we get into lunme it's going to turn much more comfortable as the day wears on. we've got fog this morning, visibility running about a half a mile parts of the cape, the western part of the state as well. fog burns off, it's a mixture of sun and clouds and very warm this afternoon. low 80s around boston. low-to-mid 80s metro west, the merrimack valley. the fog should be burning off. we've got fall beginning tomorrow.
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could be a shower and that will bring in cooler air for the weekend. randy? >> a comfortable lead with a win in baltimore. jackie bradley, jr., putting the sox up 2-0 with a home run in the fourth. and big papi knocking in three runs with this shot in the seventh. put a heckler to rest who gave him a hard time about a fly-out the at-bat before. quiet in the stands. sox win 5-2. they are ahead of the blue jays. >> it's time for your morning eye poppers. >> more baseball. check this out. texas rangers' pitcher nick martinez makes an impressive grabbing a line drive behind the back. take another look. he makes it look effortless. rangers beat the angels 5-4. pretty cool. something straight out of the the movie bridesmaids, a bridle
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when this litter came in days before the wedding, she couldn't let the opportunity go back. the puppies are now named after all those bridesmaids right-hand going up for adoption. isn't that so cute? i hope they are all female puppies, because if they are named after the bridesmaids. [laughter] >> what officials hope people won't do in the voting booth and police officer wants to honor him and all first responders. the suggestion they have for congress. that's ahead. looking at traffic moving on the
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>> an officer-involved shooting triggering being reported this morning. >> boston police investigating a deadly shooting in dorchester. the questions right now. >> a toddler hit by a car in brockton. >> the new details we're learning this morning. >> remembering officer sean collier. his family's mission to honor all first responders on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb boston's news leader.
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looking across the skyline this morning. nice start to the day. thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. >> i'm emily riemer along with cindy and olessa. it's still sticky out there. still feels like summer. >> remember yesterday morning? >> yeah. >> fog not a big issue. the cape or the south coast, you've got fog. visibility is down wherever you see it are going to see brightening skies and sunshine in the forecast today. look at these temperatures. this is the warm and sticky air we were talking about. look at the temperature near 70 right now in boston. upper 60s on the cape as well. 63 worcester, 65 in beverly this morning. temperatures climb quickly. by 11:00 a.m. we're in the mid 70s. 80 degrees at lunchtime.
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the northwesterly wind will bring drier, more comfortable air. less humid air works in afternoon. it's much more comfortable in terms of humidity by this afternoon. 83 in boston. 84 in bedford. low-to-mid 80s in worcester county as well. 85 brockton down to taunton. we've got fog, less humid, upper let's get you to the roads. >> we're in good shape. a check by the gas tank northbound 5 starting to build more volume as you travel into boston. let's get to the maps. so far, quiet. the construction is gone. looking good on route 3. no problems on 24, 95 out of sharon. the pike eastbound only 15 minutes. 495 to 128.
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>> we're on top of breaking news on the eyeopener. >> erika is here with the overnight developments for you. >> the breaking news coming out of charlotte, north carolina where protests turned violent. demonstrators blocking a highway, they stopped trucks and looted the trucks, cargo set on fire. at least 12 police officers were hurt. the protests happening hours after the fatal shooting of a black man by police. a brockton he was hit by a car. it happened last night near his home. the 2-year-old was flown to mass general for treatment. no charges filed at this time. the driver did stay at the scene. we're five days away from the first presidential debate. candidates hot on the campaign trail today. hillary clinton will give an economic speech in florida this afternoon. donald trump will host a rally in ohio. randy? >> boston police are investigating a deadly shooting. >> the eyeopener's sera congi is
5:33 am
this morning. >> emily and randy, there's not a lot of information or details at this hour, but here is what we know. the shooting happened around 8:00 last night on downer avenue in dorchester. residents reporting hearing a handful of shots ring out. a man believed to be in his 20s was shot, taken to boston medical center. we understand this is now being treated as a homicide. investigators remained on scene until about 9:30 lastig whether any arrests have been made or any potential motive in this shooting. again, a man killed last night in dorchester on downer avenue. once we learn more information, we'll pass it on, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. >> boston's police commissioner is responding to a bombshell ruling from the state's highest court. the justices are throwing out a man's conviction because of racial profiling. the case began in 2011 as police
5:34 am
they attempted to stop jimmy warren when warren ran off. he was arrested after police found an unlicensed gun. now the court rules running from police does not necessarily make someone a suspect. the police commissioner says the justices used what he calls a biassed aclu report in their decision. >> i'm a little disappointed that they relied heavily on a report that didn't take into context >> police say they do not use racial profiling, but target problem neighborhoods. the reports the suffolk county district attorney plans to request a rehearing. >> a plan to honor first responders. the national recognition a local family is pushing after personal tragedy for them. and that fight in a high school hallway is not between two students. the issue starting this fight with a teacher.
5:35 am
breaking news this morning in charlotte, north carolina, where overnight protests turned violent. this is video of a fire after trucks were looted.
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every time a new charter school opens in massachusetts, it takes funding away from regular public schools in that area. this year alone, charter schools will take more than 400 million dollars away from neighborhood public schools. that's not right.
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let's devote public resources to all of our students... not just a select few. don't lift the cap on charter schools.
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>> a live look outside. a busy expressway. you can see the northbound 5 building that volume. there's a crash by columbia expect the volume back to the braintree split. the rest of the ride is quiet and much better visibility this morning. >> just a little bit of patchy fog along the coast, the cape, and the islands. temperatures in the 60s. we're going into the 80s today. you'll notice the humidity dropping as the day wears on. so it turns less humid today. fall begins tomorrow. turning much cooler and feeling like fall this weekend. randy?
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first responders -- honoring first responders in massachusetts who have died in the line of duty. among those recognized, state trooper thomas clardy and auburn police officer ron tarentino. trooper clardy was killed in march after a driver slammed into his police cruiser. officer ron tarentino was shot to death during a traffic stop in may. they will be recognized in the ceremony and added to the memorial in maria stephanos will join community leaders in the event today. >> honoring the legacy of the mit police officer killed by the marathon bomber. the family of sean collier is on a mission to recognize him and all first responders. collier was on duty as an mit officer days after the bombings when he was killed by the attackers. his family is now appealing to congress to create a national first responders day. boston emt ashley wrenn believes that recognition is long
5:40 am
nights, we work birthdays, we miss birthdays. we do put ourselves in harm's way for everyone. >> collier's younger brother works for nascar and together with hooters, the companies are promoting the effort coast to coast. last night the restaurant in saugus offered first responders free meals. >> in north carolina this morning, the overnight demonstrations following a deadly police-involved shooting. plus, a change to a dating app. a new feature profiles. and george clooney -- surprised by his friends' divorce. what he did when he heard the brangelina news.
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>> the eyeopener team ready to go with news to go, including breaking news this morning. a violent protest shooting in north carolina. >> we'll have more on that in a moment. first, we continue to watch the drought situation in new england. there are concerns about people who rely on wells in new hampshire. experts say as long as you have 3 feet of water in a well, you are in better shape than others. they still advise you to use water conservatively. despite the rain last week, we're way below average. >> we would need a couple of weeks of rain like we got sunday into monday.
5:44 am
>> wow. >> it's incredible. we did have one to two across southern new hampshire sunday into monday around boston. every drop helps. we're tracking the tropics right now. we've got two systems we're watching. tropical storm lisa is going to stay out in the atlantic. karl has weakened. on friday night, it's going to make a close pass by bermuda with winds at 70es atlantic. could strengthen into a hurricane once it goes by bermuda. we're going to keep a close eye on karl. you're going to notice this morning it is still sticky out there, but the temperatures warm way up this afternoon. the humidity drops. so it's going to turn much more comfortable as the day wears on. we've got less humid air to our west. right now still some cloud cover too in southeastern
5:45 am
temperatures running in the upper 60s. we're 69 in boston. 63 worcester. 65 in beverly this morning. temperatures jump up into the 70s this morning. and then by lunchtime, it's around 80 degrees. but it's less humid as the temperatures get up to 80 to 85 this afternoon. the exception to that on the cape where we hold mostly in the 70s this afternoon. tonight we'll fall back more comfortable. mostly in the 50s in the suburbs. low 60s down begins. it's not going to feel like it, though. high pressure on top of us. a sea breeze in the afternoon. 85 degrees tomorrow and then we'll head into friday with the possibility of showers coming friday night. that will cool us down by the weekend. we'll feel like fall this weekend. but it officially arrives tomorrow at 10:21. let's get you to the roads. >> busy along the expressway. an early morning, an accident on
5:46 am
everyone is stopping to see what's going on. we've got that backup. let's get to the maps. that crash blocking a lane heading south by columbia road. you've got delays back to the braintree split heading north. south of there, pretty good shape on 24. route 3 quiet. 95 not seeing problems. along the pike, 15 minutes eastbound 495 to 128. 93 south stop and go into andover. trains and buses on protests in the streets of charlotte, north carolina, after a police officer shot a man with a gun. >> the eye's erika tarantal tracking developments. >> 12 officers were hurt in the protests, including one hit in the face with a rock. demonstrators were disbursed with tear gas after they shut down a highway, looting stopped trucks, setting fire to their contents, destroying police cars, stores were looted. the unrest following the
5:47 am
officers say therapy looking for a suspect when they saw scott get out of a car with a gun and get back in. they say an officer fired on scott when he got out of the car again, still holding the gun as they approached. the officer is now on administrative leave pending an investigation. antoinette? >> erika, thank you. a brockton toddler is fighting for his life after he was hit by a car. what's called a tragic accident, 2-year-old neyden tavares was flown to mass general report that the toddler suffered a brain hemorrhage. this happened last night around 7:00 near his home here on market street in brockton. the driver did stay at the scene. police say there's no evidence he was texting while he was driving. he told police that he never saw the toddler and he only heard the impact of the crash. so far, no charges have been filed. we're live in brockton, antoinette antonio, wcvb
5:48 am
deadly shooting in dorchester. this happened around 8:00 last night on downer avenue. residents there reporting hearing a handful of shots. a man believed to be in his 20s was taken to boston medical center where he died. investigators called this a homicide investigation. at this point, no word on arrests or motive for the shooting. live at boston police newscenter 5. >> federal prosecutors file terrorism charges against a man suspected of setting off explosives in new york and new jersey. according to court documents, ahmad khan rahami wrote in a journal that the u.s. government slaughtered muslim holy warriors. he praised extremists, including osama bin laden. the naturalized u.s. citizen faces state charges in new jersey in connection with the police shootout. >> secretary of state john kerry says that he and officials from
5:49 am
syria. that statement comes despite the bombing of a convoy loaded with humanitarian aid. pentagon leaders say it was likely a result of a russian air strike. russia says that none of it planes or syria's planes were responsible. at least 20 civilians were killed. >> police are trying to track down a man they say exposed himself to girls in goffstown, new hampshire. the girls were riding to an athletic event when they them exposing himself. they recorded him and the car and gave the video to police. >> two women from salem new hampshire are accused of being drunk while holding their infant children in a parking lot. this happened at the rockingham mall where police say the women admitted they had been drinking. police say one was lying in a puddle holding her baby above her head when they arrived. the babies are one month and four months old.
5:50 am
grandparents. animal control looking for the owner of these two dogs found tied to a tree in the arnold arboretum. the dogs were named. the dogs are healthy, but one does have a paw problem. you can call boston 311 hot line if you have information. >> right now, one air force pilot is dead and another is hurt after a spy plane crashed northern california. the plane went down 15 minutes after taking off from an air base north of sacramento. both pilots ejected from the plane. investigators will look into whether their parachutes failed and why the plane went down. >> a new study suggests smoking may permanently damage your dna. researchers say some of the damage fades after about five years. genetic damage is responsible for cancer and heart disease. >> today the head of the company
5:51 am
device. mylan's c.e.o., heather bresch, will give testimony to a house oversight committee. epipens have jumped to $608 a pair, a 500% increase from 2010. heather bresch says the price is necessary, citing changes in the healthcare system. >> a video of a high school student in philadelphia violently fighting with his english teacher has gone viral. you can see them punching each other. police say student was late for class. the 16-year-old faces aggravated assault charges. teacher tried to call security, but the student confronted him in the hallway. police are not filing charges against the teacher. >> i feel very sorry. it's an unfortunate story about a family. i feel very sorry to hear that. >> george clooney caught offguard over word that his
5:52 am
jolie are calling it quits. clooney was attending a meet on the refugee crisis when he was asked about the couple's break-up. >> tinder is teaming up with spotify to possibly help users identify potential dates who share a taste in music. >> jackie bradley, jr., puts the sox up 2-0 big papi knocks in three runs with this shot in the seventh. that gave a heckler to rest who gave ortiz trouble after a fly-out. there's no word as to who will start this thursday night for the patriots. it looks as if jacoby will be
5:53 am
>> jake and -- >> jenna johnson, the first couple to get voted off the dance floor. the actor tied for the second-lowest score. you can watch season 23, dancing with the stars, on channel 5. >> when you vote this november, don't take a selfie in the voting booth. the state says it is illegal. secretary of state william gal discourage, he can't do much to stop it. a similar law in new hampshire will carry a $1,000 fine. it's current by being challenged in court. so much to think about in the ballot. >> blocking the way for other people to get in. >> move it on. >> november is going to be here. >> right around the corner. >> running about three degrees
5:54 am
temperatures. we've been in the 70s the past couple of days. the 80s are making a comeback. a typical high this time of year is 71 degrees. fall officially arrives tomorrow. look at the high temperature. 85, way above average. by the weekend it will feel like fall. big temperature change by then. right now, it's running mostly in the 60s. worcester 63. boston 69. upper 60s in the cape where we have fog right now. vili a little bit of fog from orange to the western part of the state, we definitely have fog. it's going to burn off. a summer feel with temperatures between 80 and 85. upper 70s on cape cod. you can see cloud cover here, but it is pushing southward with the moisture that's never going to get here. we've got less humid air from the north and west. although it's sticky this morning, by this afternoon the
5:55 am
going to feel nice by this afternoon. tonight you can open up the windows, let the fresh air in. 60s most of the suburbs, low 60s downtown. tomorrow looks like a beautiful day for the first day of fall. sunshine, but it is warm. that means if you're headed to gillette for the patriots game, it's going to be clear, mild, 70 degrees. kickoff at 8:25. on friday we'll start to increase the clouds in the afternoon. there's going to be a front dropping southward. this may have a few showers to work friday evening lingering to maybe early saturday morning. behind the front a huge change with the temperatures dropping into the 60s for highs as we head towards the weekend. look at that. by monday morning, could be down in the 30s in some spots. let's get you to the roads right now. olessa, a trouble spot you're watching. >> a crash on the southbound side of the expressway near columbia road.
5:56 am
everyone stopping to see what's going on. delays at braintree split approaching the crash. there's the backup. also now slow on route 3 into braintree and 24 heavy out of brockton. pike eastbound 15 minutes. 495 to 128. heading north, 93 southbound slow down to 495. more delays approaching. so far no problems with the trains and buses. >> we're updating breaking news out of n c >> the overnight clashes following a deadly police-involved shooting. and helping pay student loan debt. that's ahead. gorgeous start to the day. >> a half hour before sunrise. it's going to be a nice
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one in eight women will face breast cancer. difference death.n life ande planned parenthood gives new hampshire women access to life saving cancer screenings. but ayotte voted to defund planned parenthood six times. why? because ayotte opposes a woman's right to choose. in her relentless effort to overturn roe v. wade, hurting new hampshire women. kelly ayotte: putting her personal interests ahead of your health care. independence usa pac is responsible
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randy: breaking news overnight, demonstrators shutting down a highway in north carolina hurting police officers. the shooting death starting this. emily: a toddler hit by a car in brockton. the witness' accounts of what happened and the new information we're learning. randy: new details on the man accused of planting bombs in new york and new jersey the chilling journal found by investigates on the eye for this wednesday morning. emily: also a boston police officer cleared of wrongdoing in a confrontation, and it's because of what this video here does not show. we will explain, i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price. another humid start but a


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