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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  September 29, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EDT

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it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight -- armie hammer, from ?notorious?, piper perabo, this week in unnecessary censorship, and music from damian ?jr. gong? marley and now, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you very coming. i am jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. thanks for everything, really. for those of you visiting,
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california. this is where it all happens. did you know we have a new state law in california that could affect your hair style. starting january 1st, beauty salons and barbershops will be allowed to serve drinks. for real. because when you combine alcohol with scissors, what could possibly go wrong? obviously the drinks are for the customers. i guess the stylists would be allowed to drink. and drink, can bartenders cut hair? maybe highlights. do you like that plan, guillermo? >> guillermo: i love that. >> jimmy: i had a feeling. before the political news, let's go to donald trump in council bluffs, iowa for tonight's edition of drunk donald trump.
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iphone or phone with a hammer? anybody in the room? huh? [ applause ] >> jimmy: you know what? maybe we should be smashing our phones. according to fbi, foreign hackers have made several attempts to breach voter registration websites in the united states with intent to influence the outcome of the election or steal personal information. bad actors have been hack us. it could be a number of suspects, russia, matt damon. there are a lot of pbad actors out there. the directors of the fbi are warning individual states to make sure their dead bolts are thrown and locks are on. they're using dead bolts and locks? those are for bicycles.
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the reason why. meanwhile, donald trump has a new new scandal to deal with today. according to news week in 1998 he spent $68,000 on a business venture in cuba. it was illegal because of the embargo. trump denied the allegations. he said there's no such place as cuba, but his campaign manager this morning, his own campaign manager clarified. she said trump did not invest money in investigate whether to invest which turns out is also illegal. you can't that. but thanks for clearing that up. good thing she's not his lawyer. your honor, my client didn't break in to rob it. he broke in to see if he wanted to rob it. and he didn't. if the allegations prove to be true, this will absolutely not change a single mind of anyone that's watching.
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if only they immediate the titanic of what he's made of, it would still be floating. leonardo dicaprio might not have a film career. remember when mitt romney almost had to drop out of the race because he put his dog on the top of the car. they were simpler times. and president obama is up to this? >> this is oneth helmets i have during the season. i brought it to you for a gift. that's a real one there. >> i really like that helmet. >> yeah? >> tell i'm going to use it. tell me the truth, what are you pumping in through here? >> some really good stuff. >> reporter: he is so over this presidency. that's why they put m and ms on it.
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look on in amazement about what's going on with our politicians, but we have a long way to go to catch up with the likes of georgia, the country, not the state. this is what a debate looks like. [ speaking foreign language ] >> that's our future right there. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's what we have to look forward. this is kind of annoying. christmas is three months away. someone did a survey and learned that 1 million americans have
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jewish. i don't know what one. they are v no more shopping. either way, if you finish your christmas shopping before the end of september, you're not organized, you're a lunatic. you should be wrapped in paper and locked in a mental institution. when i'm vice president, no one can buy a christmas present before halloween. that's right. with one exception. except for this. this you the k buy any little boy or girl in your life. >> new, it's torch, my blazing dragon. it's magical. ? >> it's torch. he's full of surprises just like you. >> jimmy: what the hell is going on? the kids are going to eat so many lunchables. we got to get one of those for damian marley, right?
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and hillary clinton. they're not the only horses. there are third party candidates in fact most notably gary johnson. he's the former governor of new mexico. he's the guy who had no idea that aleppo is the epicenter of the syrian refugee crisis. it may have been topped. they had a town hall meeting last night on msnbc. question that was difficult to answer? >> who's your favorite foreign leader that you respect, anybody? >> mine was shimonperes. >> has to be alive. >> anywhere. name a foreign leader that you respect. >> i guess i'm having an aleppo
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>> i know. >> anybody in the world you like, anybody, pick any leader in. >> the former president of mexico. >> which one? >> i'm having a brain -- >> name anybody. >> fox. >> jimmy: fox. that's bad. even dennis rodman could name his favorite foreign leader. and i worry this could jeopardize the chance of winning the presidency. you have to wonder what was going through his mind during that while he was -- let's go into his min >> what's your favorite foreign leader? >> don't say hitler. don't say hitler. don't say hitler. >> jimmy: all right. he didn't say hitler. that's good. while gary johnson might not know the names of foreign leaders, very few people know the name gary johnson. this afternoon we conducted an unscientific but satisfying poll. we asked people who is gary johnson out on the streets.
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is? >> no. >> do you know who gary johnson is? [ laughter ] >> do you know who dpaer johnson is? >> no. >> do you know who gary johnson is? >> no idea. >> no. >> do you know who gary johnson is? >> no, i do not. >> do you know who gary johnson is? >> i'm sorry, i can't speak english. >> you just did. do you know who gary johnson is? >> do i know who gary johnson >> no. >> never heard of him. ? do you know who gary johnson is? >> leave him alone. you will be saved. only jesus is the way, the truth -- >> i'm sorry? >> do you know who gary johnson is? >> who? >> gary johnson? >> i don't know. i do not know. i'm sorry. >> god bless you. >> excuse me, freddie, do you know who gary johnson is? >> who?
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is? >> it's like a mix between gary coleman and magic johnson. >> do you know who gary johnson is? >> i don't. >> he's the libertarian candidate for president. >> congratulations. you did it. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> just google gary johnson and find out. >> all right. we have to take a break. when we come back, facebook is up to no good again. we bid a blackberry in "unnecessary censorship" this week. we'll be right back. [ distorted voice ] progressive claims to show people their competitors' rates alongside their direct rate to save you money. but what's really going on? when played backwards at 1/8th speed you can clearly hear... what could that mean?
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special interests that oppose question 2 claim district schools lose money to charter schools. that's "absurd," says the boston herald. "outright lies," reports the lowell sun. charter schools "don't siphon off state dollars" from traditional schools, says the boston globe. in fact, public schools get more money. the truth is question 2 will give parents more choices and result in more funding for public education. please vote yes on question 2. for stronger public schools.
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show. facebook next month is going to release something called facebook at work. it's a new version of facebook designed for businesses and their employees, so finally we'll be able to go on facebook at work. [ laughter ] . >> jimmy: i think it's called facebook. remember the blackberry? stop making blackberry devices. it's hard to believe they couldn't outlast pink berry. i used to have a blackberry. i liked it. they didn't keep up with other phones. >> jimmy kimmel. >> jimmy: hello, blackberry. what are you doing here? >> did you forget me? did you forget what we had together?
11:51 pm
>> i can change. i just need a software update. >> jimmy: listen, i know this is a hard thing. >> i brought you something j jimmy. >> jimmy: oh. flowers. oh, that's -- look, blackberry, that's very nice, but i'm with a smart phone now. >> you just like that smart phone because it's thin. i guess i'm too fat and bulky. tiers, crying, where are crying. >> jimmy: don't cry. sometimes you have to move on. what we had was great. it was amazing. you introduced me to texting, mobile web games the. >> remember snake? >> jimmy: yeah, i remember snake. see? that's what i mean. people grow, and sometimes snake just doesn't do it for you anymore. sometimes you get scrabble and candy crush and words with
11:52 pm
come on, black berry. >> dot, dot, dot. i understand. it's time to move on. >> jimmy: it is. it is time to move on. >> good-bye, jimmy. >> jimmy: bye, blackberry. now i feel bad, but he's going to be okay. it's just mod earn timern timesl be fine. >> good-bye, world. screaming. more screaming.>> guillermo, will you go out and clean that blackberry up? thank you. i appreciate it. [ applause ] >> jimmy: damian marley and his band are like what just happened? someone go explain that to them, will you? on sunday there's a new hbo show called "west world".
11:53 pm
series about a futuristic theme park. and the reason they call it "west world "well, look at this. >> do you know where you are? in my dream, i designed every part of this place. it's not a theme park. it's an entire world. >> wait a second, there's no one around here in this space that looks like me. i'm like a machine. i'm a robot. >> i think there may be something wrong with this world? >> it's been that way for many times. everybody says who does he think he is? i just told you who i thought i was, a god. >> no, i wouldn't say that at all. >> i'm sorry for the realness. >> jimmy: don't you dare
11:54 pm
forge ahead. it's time to bleep and plur the big tv moments of the week whether they need it or not. it's this week in "unnecessary censorship." >> believe me when i tell you i [ bleep ] you far more than you [ bleep ] me. >> by the way, my [ bleep ] is the biggest since ronald reagan. >> the newest viral video sensation that's called the just -- >> i will see you here tomorrow morning and have good strong black p[ bleep ] for both of us. >> if people from washington are [ bleep ] me with a [ bleep ] that doesn't bother me. >> we're going to need your help. we're going to need you [ bleep ] up. >> how much did he come in and [ bleep ] you? >> say that one more time. >> i'm so happy to [ bleep ]
11:55 pm
>> did anybody [ bleep ] last night? >> jimmy: tonight on the show - music from damian ?jr. gong? marley - piper perabo is here - and we'll be right back with armie hammer. >> announcer: portions of ?jimmy kimmel live? are brought to you by rinnai tankless hot water heaters and home heating solutions. they travel a lot. every four years when we got re-stationed you think it's going to be the biggest change in your life but there's always more changes to come. the first thing that we would do when we would get into our new place was set up the beds. and when i go to t.j.maxx i buy good quality things that are going to last a long time. everything i get there, i get at a lower price. shopping at t.j.maxx is always like a bonding experience. discover real value worth sharing. i just think that home, it's wherever your family is. maxx life at t.j.maxx.
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>> jimmy: tonight, from the new abc show ?notorious,? piper perabo is here. then, his latest single is called ?nail pon cross,? damian ?jr. gong? marley from the samsung outdoor stage. next week, we'll be joined by billy bob thornton, martin lawrence, kristin chenoweth, zach galifianakis, and we will have music from gary clark jr., idina menzel, and dolly parton will be here to chat and sing
12:01 am
on saturday we have a big event for those of you in our neighborhood. we're having a yard sale in our parking lot we're selling props and costumes, lots of stuff that's been on our show, the uncle frank helping hand foundation is organizing this to benefit ?my friend's place? which helps homeless young people here in hollywood. the yard sale goes from 8 am until 4 pm. we will be there. guillermo, you'll be right? glo >> guillermo: yeah. >> jimmy: i'll need your help. people like to haggle. i'll be in charge and people will say they'll have a price, and i'll look at you and you'll go like this. let's practice it one time. this is how it'll go. cleto, ask me, would you take $5 for this? >> would you take $5 for this? >> jimmy: we'll work on it and
12:02 am
>> jimmy: don't try to haggle. when our first guest walks into a room, any time is hammertime. his new movie is the critically-acclaimed historical drama ?the birth of a nation. it opens in theaters a week from tomorrow. please welcome armie hammer. ? >> jimmy: how you doing? >> i'm good. >> jimmy: i heard you got back from a big trip to australia. >> i did. >> jimmy: where were you? >> we were in adelaide. >> jimmy: i don't know anything about adelaide. >> nobody does. it's like third largest city in australia that nobody knows anything about. it's down on the bottom of australia by itself, isolated. i think it allows it to be the serial killer capital of
12:03 am
>> they do, and they grow a lot of them in adelaide. it's a bizarre place. but it's really nice. >> jimmy: what a tourist destination. >> that's not the tourist sale, but it's great. it's a fantastic city. it's surrounded by the wine region of australia. they have some of the best restaurants and food and wine. it's impressive. >> jimmy: that's nice. you turned 30 while you were there. happy birthday. >> i did. thank you very much. yeah. >> jimmy: and so did you have a big thing for it? >> we didn't do a big thing. my wife was there and my daughter, and she was like let's go to dinner and have a date night, the two of us. i was like this sounds great. we'll get a babysitter. i love the idea. we go to a restaurant we love, an indian restaurant, and they take us to the back of the restaurant. and we come around the corner and it's everybody. it's everybody from the cast and the crew. she threw a huge surprise
12:04 am
>> it was fantastic. >> jimmy: people i saw all day are here. >> i thought i was going to get laid. now -- like what the hell is going on here. but it was good. it was good fun. maybe too much fun. i don't know. >> jimmy: did you go out after? was it a whole evening? >> we did. we went out -- we were at the restaurant for as long as they would let us until they were like get out of the restaurant. so we left and went to a bar bar. we made the mistake of walking up to the bar and the bartender said what can we get you to drink. we said we'll take 30 shots. it was a group of us, maybe 15 people. two shots a person. it's not too crazy. we go 30 shots. they go great. you're kicked out of the bar. just like that. we're like well, forget you. we go to the next bar, and they
12:05 am
out. >> jimmy: getting kicked out of a par bar in australia is a maj accomplishment. were you unruly? >> no. that's the thing. we felt really sober. >> jimmy: sure. >> we were like we're fine. what do you mean you're not giving us a drink. >> jimmy: did you find a place to get a drink? >> we ended up all convincing the director should go back to his house, and we went along with the idea. but then in the process of getting to his house, it's like three, four in the morning at this point, and there's an elevator. it comes down and we're going to his apartment and some people wait outside, and drunk army is like we all stay together. so i grab everybody and pull them into the elevator. it's loaded and the elevator moves and i think wouldn't it be funny if i started jumping and
12:06 am
>> jimmy: i see why you got thrown out of the bar, by the way. >> i thought i was really sober. i start jumping in the elevator and it just grinds to a halt, and now my wife is pregnant. >> jimmy: from being in the elevator? >> yeah. remember, i thought i was going to get laid. so she's pregnant, and sober surrounded by all drunk people at 4:00 in the morning stuck in an elevator, and i see the look on her face a i'm going to murder you. so i was like, you know what? i got this. don't even worry about it. i pry open the door. i'm pulling on wires. it's like looking back, it's the dumbest thing. i pull on one wire and i hear click, and ?i go that's t. the doors open and we step out of the elevator, and i was the hero, but no one appreciated the fact that i got us out of this elevator. [ applause ] >> jimmy: let's see.
12:07 am
can you technically be the hero if you are the only reason everyone wound up in the predicament? >> i maintain that you can. >> jimmy: you do? okay. we'll go with can. armie hammer is here. the birth of a nation is the movie. we'll be right back. ? ? ? lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $349 a month.
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>> baptizing a man on my property. you better say something and quick. >> take yes to yourselves and unto all the flock to feed the purchased with his own blood. >> jimmy: armie hammer! ?the birth of a nation? opens in theaters october 7th. this is a heavy movie. people are saying maybe oscar mom nations. does that make you nervous? >> yes and no. i've been busy. you kind of forget about it and then it comes around and it's like we did that. that was a great movie.
12:14 am
set like that where the material is really depressing and heavy, as i said before? >> yeah. it's obviously not the feel good movie of the summer, but it's something that while you're doing it you know it's important. you know the reason you're there is bigger than you. there's a real feeling of deference and respect more than anything else. it's a movie. we're not saving lives. we're not going anything like digging ditches. >> jimmy: why won't what's wrong with you? >> i tried. it went really wrong. >> jimmy: why are you trapping people inside of an elevator instead? >> i can't even handle an elevator. >> jimmy: i missed the moment to say congratulations. you said your wife got pregnant in the elevator. you have one child already. a son or daughter? >> a daughter. another child is on the way. >> jimmy: when is the baby -- you don't have to say, but soon, i would assume.
12:15 am
you don't have to say what sex the baby is, but do you know? >> i do know. and you can find out now at nine weeks. they do a blood test. it's crazy. they test if there's hormones and they say it's testosterone, so you either have balls or you're having a boy. >> jimmy: and they check to make sure it's not balls? >> i checked in the process of making the baby. >> jimmy: i see. okay. okay. this is all very educational. >> science hour. >> jimmy: is your daughter aware the baby is coming? >> oh, yeah. she loves it. she seems to love it now. if you go where's the baby, she'll rub the belly and kiss her stomach. >> jimmy: that's cute. do you think she really has a sense of what's -- >> no. not at all. and i think when the new baby comes out, it's going to be a serious adjustment period. >> jimmy: do you have a plan? has anyone advised you on what
12:16 am
the right way, but we've not had much of a plan and it's going all right. i guess the only reason we're all here is because raising babies works. >> jimmy: i have had that moment where i go it worked. all the stories we heard, and it really worked. >> i think new parents under estimate the human survivalism. it's going to survive. >> jimmy: and they have all half months. they have the whole thing, it's formed and everything. >> now she has an opinion. you put shoes on her and she'll go no. you're like you're one and a half. >> jimmy: you're daughter? i was talking about the fetus. this kid is a genius. when your last name is hammer, you have a wide variety of options when it comes to a name. >> we're thinking jack. >> jimmy: jack would be a
12:17 am
>> jimmy: and mc. >> michael charles, and he can go by mc. >> jimmy: definitely. are you really thinking about that? >> i think i just gave away the baby name. i am in so much trouble. >> jimmy: oh, okay. it could be a girl name, michael. not michael charles, but maybe a michael. >> it's a her and she's named michael. >> jimmy: michael learned is a woman's name. go with that. we'll cover you're in a lot of trouble. you told me your mother is not going to be happy about the elevator story. >> yeah. i'm going to get several phone calls from several people about this. >> jimmy: i'm glad we could complicate your life. >> i'm glad this is the only talk show with an open bar in the back. >> jimmy: the marleys are backstage. it could be worse. thanks for coming. congratulations. it's great to see you. "the birth of a nation" opens
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>> jimmy: our next guest is a golden globe-nominated actress who may or may not pick pickled peppers in her free time. she plays tv news producer julia george in the new show ?notorious,? it airs thursdays at 9 on abc, please welcome piper perabo. ? wow, that would have been a real youtube moment right there. >> disaster. >> jimmy: did you slip in the shoes? >> i guess so. >> jimmy: are they new? >> i think maybe they lint rolled your carpet so much it's smooth. >> jimmy: i don't want to tell you what happened to the couch while you were backstage. i hope that's a rental suit you're wearing. >> it's a rental. >> jimmy: how are you? >> i'm good.
12:24 am
show. the show for those who haven't seen, and correct me if i get anything wrong, is based on behind the scenes at larry king live. what a sexy premise that is. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: how did that pitch that? >> i never really thought about it like that before. larry had a female news producer for 18 years. she had behind the scenes relationships with famous able to use the relationships to get people on larry king live. about her leadershrelationships people on the show. >> jimmy: she could get people in trouble with law by being friendly with their lawyers. i hosted larry king's show once, and he was one of the guests on the show. i didn't realize -- >> you hosted larry king once?
12:25 am
i wore suspenders and everything. >> i'd like to see a click. >> jimmy: larry even called in during the show one time. i was like why are you at home? >> maybe he should give you the night off one night. >> jimmy: i'm sure he would be happy to do in a. the show is based on real things that happened. the show has been off the air for a while. did you go to a news channel and study? >> i went to cnn in atlanta to the h and sat with the news producers and watched how you create live news. >> jimmy: were they excited you were there? >> they were kind of excited. i wasn't there to see the anchor. i have there to see them. so producers never really get the limelight. and it was -- you know, when news breaks, it's really exciting. it's fun to watch them kind of -- >> jimmy: you're telling me. i wait in front of my computer for it to him.
12:26 am
was in the morning meeting and obama named his supreme court nominee, garland. and they weren't really prepared for it. all of a sudden -- >> jimmy: why? >> he wasn't in the top five they thought, and they weren't thinking the nomination would happen that morning. >> jimmy: so they learn about the people? >> they learn about the top ten, maybe. so they were prepared for that in case it happens. bu t him, and so you see all the people go running and they're all googling him and reading their phones. they didn't know the announcement was coming. when you're in the control room, there's televisions and you can see guys running to their post outside the rose garden doing their makeup and getting ready to go on camera. >> jimmy: the guys do their own makeup? >> yeah, and at short notice you run over and put on your own powder and straighten your tie and go. >> jimmy: that has to be a funny thing to watch.
12:27 am
>> they said sometimes he has to run over there. >> jimmy: he's a wolf. that's a fun thing. that inspired you. did you make that part of the show? >> yeah. a lot of the show is about breaking news and how you handle -- sort of like how you handle guests and how you sort of manage the whole backstage world. >> jimmy: p diddy sean combs is playing hyimself. >> jimmy: did you know him? >> i did not. >> jimmy: i did. he came on the show and we vacation together. >> what do you call him? >> jimmy: i call him p. >> you do? >> jimmy: i don't know. what do i call him? i try to avoid it, really. because i don't know what to call him. >> i was like -- i can say sir. but then i was like maybe he prefers when he's acting to be mr. combs or maybe he wants to
12:28 am
>> jimmy: when he's acting he's sean combs. >> is that the rule? >> jimmy: i think so. >> i asked him what to call him. >> jimmy: what did he say? >> he said, girl, you can call me puff. i was like okay. >> jimmy: and then you did? >> yeah. pretty cool. so you know for the future, you can call him puff. >> jimmy: it might not apply to me. i'll just stick with you're a dallas cowboys fan. are you from dallas originally? >> i am. who is your team? >> jimmy: i like tony roromo. who is your flaifavorite player? >> we have a new quarterback. he's pretty impressive for a
12:29 am
are on the east coast. we tweet at the coy boys tweeted at me this sunday. >> jimmy: the team itself? >> yeah. the blue check thing that says dallas cowboys. >> jimmy: the verified tweet. what did you say to them? >> i was using an emoji. there was a cowboys emoji. i didn't know how to get it on my tweet, so i asked them. >> jimmy: this is a very sad thing. what did they say, just call puff? [ laughter ] did they reply? >> they tweeted me back. they were like just do this. >> jimmy: have you been to see them? >> no. i've never seen a live game. >> jimmy: oh, my god. >> i know they have an amazing stadium that opens. >> jimmy: it's crazy. >> have you been there? >> jimmy: yeah. >> i heard the bbq is really good. >> jimmy: i didn't have the bbq. >> weird.
12:30 am
>> massive, right? >> jimmy: it's like what people around the world imagine america is. if costco had a team, that's what it would be. >> for the dallas cowboys? >> jimmy: it's amazing. i will tell you one thing, you're there and you are expecting to watch the players on the field, but the tv is so big you can't stop watching the tv. >> i know. you can see the coaches. when they're looking at a play to see what the refs call, they all go like this. you watch >> jimmy: the whole stadium -- why would you show a tv on tv? >> it must be amazing. >> jimmy: if you point a tv at a tv, it's an infinity hole. >> did you watch the tv when you were there. >> jimmy: the whole time. i need to watch the field, i'm here, but there's no reason to go to the game. you can just watch it on tv. >> it's just as well.
12:31 am
congratulations on the show. watch it thursday nights on abc. we'll be right back with damian marley. i just want what's best for my kids. when i hear arguments that massachusetts needs more charter schools, i think: what about the students in all of our schools? every new charter takes away more money
12:32 am
we can't afford to drain even more money from our kids' schools because they're already losing so much. i'm not just standing up for my own kids; i'm fighting for yours, too.
12:33 am
cc1 test message >> announcer: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by samsung. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank armie hammer, piper perabo and apologize to matt damon we ran out of time. nightline is next but first, here with the song ?nail pon cross,? damian ?jr. gong? marley! ? world must understand yo a man is just a man don't you judge him for his ways and flaws no ? ? speak of love tomorrow you'll be doing good my brother ? ? you're working for the greatest cause ? ? he without sin may he throw the first stone and not even a pebble
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? pharisees and scribes crucified the son of god be careful who you nail pon cross ? ? be careful who you nail pon cra wa wa woss be careful who unnu nail pon cross ? ? be careful who you nail pon cra wa wa woss be careful who unnu nail pon cross ? ? things is getting rougher and some can't find no supper much less a good breakfast no ? ? what a lucky thing say rasta yute nuh wanga gut say natty dreadlocks gotta hold steadfast ? forgive to be forgiven when another man trespass woah ? ? heckle vex with jeckle and the pot a cuss the kettle yo be careful who you nail pon cross ? ? be careful who you nail pon cra wa wa woss be careful who unnu nail pon cross ? ? be careful who you nail pon cra wa wa woss be careful who unnu
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? today might be for you but jah might give me tomorrow ? ? so don't count you're eggs too fast ? ? you might talk too soon then yuh pride haffi swollow come down off your big high horse ? ? some preaching religion when inside dem hollow when inside dem hollow ? ? and pure judgment them pass wo ? ? and a gwan like dem a god when that's a hard act to follow ? ? be careful who you nail pon cross ? ? be careful who you nail pon cra wa wa woss be careful who unnu nail pon cross ? ? be careful who you nail pon cra wa wa woss be careful who unnu nail pon cross ? nail pon cra wa wa woss be careful who unnu nail pon cross ? ? don't throw no word i beg yuh don't throw no stone ?
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this is "nightline." tonight rush hour horror. a deadly commuter train crash. >> it went over the bumper block. basically through the air. >> causing chaos in new jersey. >> come people couldn't walk. some people were debris. >> passengers escaping it. could it have been prevented. plus extreme vetting. inside the life and death situations of veterinarian student operating a large and kpexotic pooes to earn their stripes, showing it takes more than a love of animals to save their lives.


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