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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 13, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> breaking news off the top. two boston police officers are fighting for their lives after a shootout in the city. >> we know the suspect is dead. this incident stemming from a domestic situation in boston. >> eyeopener reporter bringing you the story from the scene and from the hospital where the officers have been undergoing surgery. thank you for joining us. i'm randy price. >> i'm emily riemer. we'll have the breaking details for you ahead. first, cindy, it's foggy in some places. >> it is. but not nearly as chilly as it has been the past several mornings. 50 in worcester and suburbs.
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expected to become more prevalent. you can see low clouds have moved in. not seeing anything in terms of drizzle. but that is a possibility in patches as well. we've got moisture from the south, a cold front to the west. this will give us a chance of showers toward the evening hours. this morning, i think we'll see brightening midday, temperatures into the 60s. we could make a run towards 70 degrees as we get into the af low clouds, drizzle threat this morning, brightening skies midday. showers between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. and likely closer to boston between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. we'll talk about what's ahead coming up. talk about the roads now. >> a check of the pike. it's a quiet start in both
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expressway northbound clearing by the o'neill tunnel. looking good on 24 and route 3. as you travel southbound approaching trapello road, last construction zone by route 3. we're expecting trains and buses on schedule. >> breaking news we're following at this hour -- new details in the overnight hours after two police officers were shot in east boston. >> our coverage. she's at the scene with what we know at this hour. >> a lot of that information coming in to us haven't. we know the police officers who were shot are in what the police commissioner describes as extremely critical condition. the suspect accused of opening fire on them is dead. let's go ahead and take a look at some of that video that we got just after all of this went down here on gladstone street just before 11:00 last night.
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roommates got into some type of fight. officers responded to the scene, and that is when one of those men opened fire on police officers. police say the suspect was armed with an assault rifle and was wearing a ballistics vest. people who live in this neighborhood were told to shelter-in-place. those caught up in this described a hail of gunfire. >> police came street, speeding as any could hear the engines and it was vibrating. it was pop, pop, pop, pop. >> right now, we don't know much about the suspect involved in this. police commissioner bill evans says he's a 33-year-old man and right now they are working to determine if he has a criminal history. the police commissioner also pointed out that east boston is not part of the police department's body camera pilot program, so it is highly
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were wearing one of those cameras. overnight we also learned about the heroic efforts that may have saved the officers' lives. let's send it out to mass general hospital. sera congi is there live with that part of the story. >> both of the police officers are being treated here. we were told they were understood going surgery overnight after what police commissioner evans described as a fire fight. it sound scene. after the officers were shot, more police officers raced inside that home. commissioner evans said they exchanged gunfire with the suspects, dragging the two wounded officers to safety and then firing more shots, killing the suspect. in the meantime, other officers applied a tourniquet, one putting his hands in the wound to try to save the lives of the officers before ambulances
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enough to praise their actions. >> a fight here -- able to pull their officers out safely. as for the wounded officers, they have not been identified. but here's what we know about them. one has 28 years on the force. the other 12 years. both are men. again, we' t undergoing surgery overnight. they are described as being in extremely critical condition. we should mention there are nine police officers at tufts medical center as well. the commissioner saying they suffered minor injuries, mostly stress-related. as we get more information and any other updates, we will pass them along. live at the hospital this morning, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thank you for that update.
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boston. sera standing by at the hospital. we'll bring new information as it comes in. stay tuned on air, online, and with our mobile app. that is the latest live in east boston, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> it was a real shock when all of a sudden his hands were all over me. he was like an octopus. it was like he had six arms. >> breaking overnight, a growing scandal for presidential candidate donald trump. several women have saying the candidate assaulted them. this allegedly happened years ago. erika is tracking the new fallout from this. >> these are damaging allegations against the gop presidential nominee. at least five women coming forward in the last 24 hours accusing him of assault. the woman saying that attack happened 30 years ago. jessica leeds telling the "new york times" trump assaulted her on an airlines flight. she said he tried to put his hand up her skirt. leeds said she began to tell her
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for president. former miss utah says trump kissed her in the 90s. >> i remember being shocked and -- because i would have thought to just shake somebody's hand. that was his first response with me. >> temple taggart said she felt unsettled friday when the tape surfaced of trump making lewd comments. another woman claims he kissed her on the mouth in an elevator in trump tour in attorneys representing donald trump demand "the times" retract the article and apologize. >> hillary clinton dealing with controversy. another batch of e-mails dumped by wikileaks. the campaign blakes the leak of chairman john podesta's e-mails on russian hackers. in one, hillary clinton calls three latino politicians "needy"
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in, quote, one easy call. clinton turned it back to trump saying, right now, she is the only thing standing between the u.s. and the apocalypse. 4:38 this morning. a convicted sex offender released by mistake. >> human error landed him back on the street. a growing concern. the safety issues on the green line, may be the worst in the patchy fog, a patch or two of drizzle. my timeline on when that burns off. warmer temperatures ahead today and a big cooldown for the weekend. erika? >> cindy, we continue to follow the breaking news out of east boston. two police officers shot as they responded to a domestic disturbance call. both officers are in extremely critical condition, undergoing surgery. police say the suspect is dead. new details as soon as we get
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>> we're tracking breaking news on the eye this morning. boston police are asking for prayers after two police officers were shot in east boston last night on gladstone street. this is just before 11:00 domestic call there. right now the police officers are in extremely critical condition at mass general hospital. the suspect is dead. we'll have updates here and on mobile all morning. >> right now, human error is blamed for release of a convicted level three sex offender. richard gardner served his time 30 years in prison for raping children in the 1980s. but the district attorney is calling his release after that a
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that because of the level 3 status, he needed to be civilly committed and treated at a mental health institution. legal analyst martha coakley says it could have been an option. after his release, gardner returned to his family's home in weymouth. >> a deadly plane crash in connecticut. the fight that happened just before the crash landing. breaking news in east boston this surgery now after they were shot by a suspect who is dead. this happened just before 11:00
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>> we continue to follow breaking news on the eyeopener. two boston police officers are in extremely critical condition after they were shot in east boston during the night. the suspect in the shooting last night on gladstone street is dead. we will have updates throughout the program, on our mobile app, and on
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mess. >> so vulnerable sitting out there in the atlantic. tiny country. you can see now category 4 hurricane nicole bearing down on them. that makes the third major hurricane. it is rare to have a hurricane of this strength impact berma. you can go back to the late 1800s. since that time, only seven major hurricanes have come within 50 miles of bermuda. they get hurricanes frequently, but not this strong. there is that eye toward bermuda, already feeling the effects. right now, the center of this is about 100 miles away from bermuda. a landfall is expected this morning. it is going just over or to the
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as it moves through. they are expecting a significant storm surge. there will be a lot of problems coming out of bermuda. it's not going to bother us on the eastern seaboard. we have a little bit of fog. still a possibility that gets going here in the next couple of hours. just a heads-up on that. 54 degrees in town. 53 in worces a lot of 40s in the suburbs. we have a lot of low clouds. can't rule out a patch or two of mist or drizzle. off to the west we're watching this frontal boundary. this front is going to bring in milder temperatures today. we're going to make a run towards 70. look what is on the other side of the front.
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will be here towards the end of the week. we're talking about temperatures toward 70 degrees this afternoon, low 70s through the merrimack valley, tauton. mid 60s through the worcester area. it is murky this morning. can't rule out a patch or two of mist or drizzle. toward early this afternoon, clouds break a little bit. i think some midday brightening. toward the evening ur could see a passing shower. getting into boston about 7:00, 8:00 p.m. there may be just a brief sprinkle by the time this gets to the coast. the temperatures will drop tonight. rainfall not all that impressive. about a tenth of an inch or less. but we're in the 30s and 40s tonight and tomorrow is a much cooler day. high temperatures won't get out of the 50s, even though the sun
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could be talking about winds gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. and the winds will be settling back a bit. friday night into saturday morning there are freeze watches for parts of our area. it looks great on sunday for tom brady. >> very important game. the roads are quiet. construction led get to the maps. construction picked up early by the o'neill tunnel. 24 looks good. 95 as well. road work still clearing on 128 great plain avenue to highland avenue and as you travel by route 2 and trapello road, construction on 128 south by route 3. so far, no problems. we're expecting trains and buses
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the moments before a fiery plane crash in connecticut. the flight instructor who survived, adrian prevalla, is talking to the f.b.i. about tuesday's crash in east hartford. the student who died has been identified as feras freitekh. the hartford courant reporting he was upset and feeling stressed over performing badly at flight school. it has not been determined who was in control of the plane. investigators spent last night searching the apartment of feras roommate. >> new this morning a safety problem appears to be getting worse. according to the globe, seven green line trails derailed in 2015. that's the highest number of such accidents on light-rail trains in the country. so far this year, five have derailed, including this incident in may that forced riders to walk through a tunnel. the globe reports a study audit found the was not maintaining
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manager says they are doing everything they can to address these issues. >> asian markets are in a slump. down again overnight after an unexpected drop in exports from china. u.s. stock futures are lower at this hour. investors are looking for a new report on weekly jobless claims that is due out this morning. your trending stories today, more evidence that running could prolong your life. canadian researchers find running can repair certain types of brain damage. the study was done on the researchers found running can trigger a molecule that can help repair the damage. but the research also shows once the mice stopped exercising, they became debilitated again. >> scores in the first nfl game. he makes his first and second ever professional shot and he
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the game ends. despite that, his team lost. >> fans travel from indiana. juniper french was born at 23 weeks and weighed barely a pound. during her treatment, her pants wound a best way to connect with her was through musician. she loves the boss. so >> starting fans early. >> the key player that won't join them on the ice. ashes stolen from a brockton woman's car. >> two police officers are in extremely critical condition after they were shot in east
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ht] >> we are staying on top of
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>> two police officers -- boston police officers fighting for their lives after a shooting. they are at massachusetts general hospital in what's described as extremely critical condition. suspect in the shooting last night on gladstone street in east boston is dead. police say it stemmed from a domestic situation. they were called there. we will have updates from the scene and from the hospital ahead this morning on the eye. >> two people charged in the murder of an elderly man brittany smith and joshua hart were arrested in virginia earlier this week. they are accused of killing 95-year-old thomas harty in his home and badly injuring his 77-year-old wife. she is still in the hospital. the crime is said to be random and the pair is expected to face a judge tomorrow. >> no bail for the man charged in a home invasion and sexual assault in boston's south end. ronald brown hid his face during his arraignment. police say he broke into a clarendon street apartment. he tied up and sexually
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brown accused of threatening to kill the victims and telling them he hates chinese people. >> osha is citing a quincy construction company in connection with a lapse -- collapse that injured two workers. jamie mcguinness & sons is is paying fines for violation. the contractor was talking down the landmark wollaston theater when the final brick wall fell down, trapping one worker. the owner declined to comment on the the patriot ledger. >> a boston civil rights group is accusing amazon of discriminating against black and latino delivery drivers. one contractor in sharon told the boston business journal that amazon told the company to fire up to 40 drivers based on its background check policy. the lawyers committee for civil right and economic justice has sent a letter to amazon for more information.
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race, ethnicity, or religion. >> the boston bruins will hit the ice without their captain. he was hurt at the end of the practice on tuesday. the puck drops tonight at 7:00 p.m. it looks like we will wish them luck for that. good thing they don't deal with the weather. they are inside. >> never any forecast except the winter classic that happens every now and then around january. we have fog, clouds, focusing in on what is bearing down on bermuda. this is category 4. hurricane nicole. it is moving towards the north-northeast at 15 miles per hour. they are already feeling some tropical storm and hurricane-force winds and some rain. this is headed right for them. the center of this is about 85
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morning. by 2:00 this afternoon it is weakening and moving away from bermuda, but quite a storm surge. about six to 8 feet above normal high tide. we're talking about conditions with rain, probably five to 6 inches of rain. this will be a direct hit on bermuda. then this thing moves away, so it's never going to impact us. it's kind of a murky start this morning. there's a front to the west giving an opportunity for in between, the skies will brighten. i think it's going to be a warm day. we'll be around 70 degrees. on other side of the front, not out of the 50s buffalo to chicago, north dakota. that's the air mass building in with sunshine here for the end of the week and weekend. looks like a nice fall weekend. just a heads-up, friday night into saturday morning, western suburbs, freeze watch in effect.
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that go down if you don't protect them. >> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener. >> breaking overnight, two police officers shot while responding to a call in east boston. their conditions this morning and how other officers put their lives on the line to save them. >> also breaking, several women are out with new accusations against donald trump. their claims as hillary clinton faces her own >> new this morning, safety issues at the mbta. the green line's problems that seem to be getting worse. it's on the eye for this thursday morning. >> i asked the public to pray for them. the officers exhibited extreme courage. >> breaking overnight, two


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